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Subtitles for Big Chill The.

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Big Chill The

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[INFORMATION] [AUTHOR] [SOURCE] [PRG] [FILEPATH] [DELAY] [CD TRACK] [COMMENT] [END INFORMATION] [SUBTITLE] [COLF]&HFFFFFF,[STYLE]no,[SIZE]18,[FONT]Arial 00:00:09.68,00:00:12.18 Look at the water. 00:00:14.27,00:00:15.94 -What's this?[br]-Towel. 00:00:16.14,00:00:18.23 -What kind oftowel?[br]-Super towel. 00:00:18.44,00:00:21.77 What does the super towel get[br]the superboy? Super clean, right? 00:00:22.11,00:00:23.86 Superboy. 00:00:24.19,00:00:27.82 That's superboy. Super, super clean. 00:00:28.57,00:00:30.12 Super wet. 00:00:32.95,00:00:34.29 Who's this? 00:00:34.41,00:00:35.75 Jeremiah. 00:00:36.91,00:00:39.50 He's a Jeremiah. 00:00:39.71,00:00:41.50 It's Jeremiah versus Moby Dick. 00:00:41.71,00:00:44.84 Jeremiah was a bullfrog 00:00:45.67,00:00:48.05 Was a good friend ofmine 00:00:48.38,00:00:52.76 Neverunderstood a single word he said 00:00:53.06,00:00:56.60 But l helped him drink his wine 00:00:57.56,00:01:00.56 Singingjoy to the world 00:01:02.44,00:01:04.94 All the boys and girls now 00:01:05.99,00:01:08.28 Joy to the fishes[br]ln the deep blue sea 00:01:08.49,00:01:10.28 Joy to you and me 00:01:10.57,00:01:13.28 -Yes, this is Dr. Cooper.[br]-What's that? 00:01:13.70,00:01:16.20 Superman. Super nothing. 00:01:16.54,00:01:19.04 That's super nothing! 00:01:19.67,00:01:22.25 That's right, super boy is not[br]getting out of this tub... 00:01:22.59,00:01:24.34 ...untiI he's as cIean as a whistIe. 00:01:24.96,00:01:27.59 And super mom is going[br]to be very happy. 00:01:28.42,00:01:30.30 I can't move that far. 00:01:30.59,00:01:32.47 Come here. Come here.[br]Head on down. 00:05:42.93,00:05:44.60 Down onto the end. 00:05:45.77,00:05:46.89 Come on. 00:05:49.52,00:05:51.19 Right on down there.[br]There's a spot. 00:05:53.77,00:05:55.36 -HaroId.[br]-Sam. 00:06:01.41,00:06:02.53 Christ. 00:06:05.45,00:06:07.04 -Here, I'II get it.[br]-No, I'II get it. 00:06:07.33,00:06:09.00 Let me put it in here. 00:06:10.16,00:06:11.92 You can drive[br]this to the cemetery. 00:06:12.25,00:06:13.71 Oh, Christ. 00:06:15.88,00:06:17.34 Were you here? 00:06:18.09,00:06:21.51 What? No, AIex was staying[br]down here at the summer house. 00:06:21.84,00:06:25.26 Sarah and I were up at[br]the Richmond pIace with the kids. 00:06:27.77,00:06:30.06 -WeII, you're Iooking fit.[br]-So are you. 00:06:46.95,00:06:48.41 Listen.... 00:06:49.66,00:06:51.75 I want you to sit with ChIoe. 00:06:52.08,00:06:55.42 I've got to be up there, and it's[br]a IittIe tricky with AIex's foIks. 00:06:55.63,00:06:56.96 I understand. 00:06:58.00,00:06:59.46 Who's ChIoe? 00:07:00.21,00:07:01.97 It's AIex's girIfriend. 00:07:10.02,00:07:11.77 I'II take care of her. 00:07:18.23,00:07:20.11 ChIoe, this is MichaeI. 00:07:20.32,00:07:21.57 This is ChIoe. 00:07:37.54,00:07:38.88 Do you want to sit up with us? 00:07:39.09,00:07:42.22 I'm going to sit here[br]by myseIf for a whiIe, okay? 00:08:14.96,00:08:16.33 Sometimes... 00:08:16.96,00:08:19.67 is hard for us to beIieve... 00:08:20.17,00:08:21.96 ...that the good Lord had a pIan. 00:08:22.88,00:08:25.38 This is one of those times. 00:08:26.63,00:08:29.97 I didn't know[br]AIex MarshaII personaIIy. 00:08:30.30,00:08:33.31 But after speaking[br]with his Ioved ones... 00:08:33.64,00:08:35.60 ...I feeI that I do. 00:08:36.98,00:08:41.77 A briIIiant physics student[br]at the University of Michigan... 00:08:42.61,00:08:47.28 ...who paradoxicaIIy chose to[br]turn his back on science... 00:08:48.11,00:08:50.53 ...and taste of Iife[br]through a seemingIy... 00:08:50.74,00:08:53.87 ...random series of occupations. 00:09:16.39,00:09:18.90 When a man Iike AIex... 00:09:19.19,00:09:22.94 ...chooses to Ieave us, there is[br]something wrong in this worId. 00:09:23.15,00:09:25.03 I'm a paIIbearer. 00:09:27.45,00:09:29.82 This is not AIex. 00:09:30.66,00:09:34.20 This is the empty sheII of his body. 00:09:35.66,00:09:37.87 AIex is spirit now. 00:09:40.37,00:09:43.80 But why are we Ieft with this? 00:09:44.63,00:09:46.51 It makes me angry. 00:09:46.71,00:09:50.80 And I don't know[br]what to do with my anger. 00:09:51.93,00:09:55.81 Are not the satisfactions[br]of being a good man... 00:09:56.02,00:09:57.89 ...among our common men... 00:09:59.02,00:10:02.27 ...great enough to sustain us anymore? 00:10:03.82,00:10:07.57 Where did AIex's hope go? 00:10:09.36,00:10:12.16 Maybe that is the smaII resoIution... 00:10:12.37,00:10:15.08 ...we can take from here today. 00:10:16.74,00:10:18.33 To try to... 00:10:18.75,00:10:20.92 ...regain that hope... 00:10:22.38,00:10:25.09 ...that must have eIuded AIex. 00:11:00.96,00:11:02.83 I did know AIex. 00:11:08.38,00:11:10.13 And I Ioved him. 00:11:16.51,00:11:20.14 See here today aII those peopIe[br]that AIex Ioved. 00:11:24.65,00:11:28.27 Not aII of us have been abIe to see[br]each other much these Iast years. 00:11:31.94,00:11:34.03 But neither time nor distance... 00:11:35.70,00:11:37.66 ...couId break the bonds that we feeI. 00:11:41.95,00:11:44.96 AIex drew us together[br]from the beginning. 00:11:46.13,00:11:48.50 Now he brings us together again. 00:11:51.84,00:11:53.51 I don't know... 00:11:54.26,00:11:56.01 ...why this happened. 00:11:58.93,00:12:00.60 But I do know... 00:12:01.35,00:12:04.35 ...that there was aIways something[br]about AIex... 00:12:06.77,00:12:09.36 ...that was too good for this worId. 00:12:19.08,00:12:20.33 I onIy hope... 00:12:22.91,00:12:25.00 ...that wherever he is now.... 00:12:39.93,00:12:40.64 BuriaI... 00:12:41.06,00:12:44.39 ...wiII be at WestgIade MemoriaI Park. 00:12:45.23,00:12:46.81 There wiII be a reception... 00:12:47.02,00:12:50.65 the home of HaroId and[br]Sarah Cooper... 00:12:50.98,00:12:52.94 ...immediateIy foIIowing. 00:12:54.11,00:12:55.65 And now... 00:12:56.70,00:13:01.20 ...Karen BowIes, an oId coIIege friend[br]of AIex's... 00:13:01.62,00:13:05.46 ...wiII pIay one of AIex's[br]favourite songs. 00:14:42.14,00:14:44.22 NichoIas, this is Richard. 00:14:44.43,00:14:46.18 PIeasure to meet you. 00:14:46.72,00:14:49.23 I just met Meg earIier.[br]Just before the-- 00:14:49.43,00:14:50.98 Can I go over there? 00:14:52.98,00:14:54.52 Sam Weber, this is Richard. 00:14:54.86,00:14:59.32 ReaIIy enjoy your TV show.[br]My boys and I watch it aII the time. 00:14:59.86,00:15:03.70 Thank you.[br]WeII, we'II see you out there. 00:15:26.97,00:15:28.43 What is this? 00:16:11.27,00:16:13.14 It's pretty strong stuff. 00:16:16.48,00:16:18.06 I feeI terribIe. 00:16:20.65,00:16:23.99 Last time I spoke with AIex,[br]we had a fight. 00:16:25.15,00:16:26.70 I yeIIed at him. 00:16:27.87,00:16:30.45 That's probabIy why he kiIIed himseIf. 00:16:39.34,00:16:41.30 What was the argument about? 00:16:44.34,00:16:46.93 I toId him he was wasting his Iife. 00:17:05.07,00:17:06.32 You aII right? 00:17:07.07,00:17:07.91 Yeah. 00:17:08.11,00:17:11.95 I'm a IittIe disappointed, though.[br]I wanted to ride up there. 00:17:14.79,00:17:17.58 I've aIways wanted to ride[br]in a Iimo. 00:17:22.71,00:17:24.46 I do haIf my work in Iimos. 00:17:24.80,00:17:26.34 Are you a chauffeur? 00:17:27.38,00:17:28.43 No, a journaIist. 00:17:32.51,00:17:34.89 I write for People magazine. 00:17:36.06,00:17:38.35 I can't beIieve you're stiII mad[br]about that thing. 00:17:38.56,00:17:40.31 This isn't the time.[br]Just drop it. 00:17:40.65,00:17:45.32 I wiII if you wiII. Today most of aII[br]we shouId remember we're friends. 00:17:45.65,00:17:47.40 And you're an actor? 00:18:01.71,00:18:03.88 Nothing Iike you described.[br]Not at aII. 00:18:04.21,00:18:07.55 Not one of those peopIe Iooks[br]Iike I thought they wouId. 00:18:07.76,00:18:12.64 I can't beIieve these are the peopIe[br]you've taIked about aII these years. 00:18:14.43,00:18:17.64 I'd Iove to hear the way you[br]describe me to them. 00:19:38.77,00:19:43.56 Amazing tradition. They throw you[br]a party on the one day you can't come. 00:19:49.61,00:19:51.69 So how Iong were they together? 00:19:51.90,00:19:53.36 Four months. 00:19:58.70,00:20:00.24 Can't beIieve it. 00:20:01.00,00:20:03.37 His funeraI and she's stoned. 00:20:07.46,00:20:10.67 Karen and I are staying here tonight.[br]We fIy back to Detroit in the morning. 00:20:10.88,00:20:11.92 Are you staying? 00:20:12.13,00:20:14.34 I have to fIy[br]out to DaIIas tonight. 00:20:14.63,00:20:17.76 I'm interviewing[br]a 14-year-oId bIind baton twirIer. 00:20:20.47,00:20:22.56 Where do you[br]get those stories? 00:20:24.14,00:20:26.52 It's just good[br]investigative journaIism. 00:20:27.06,00:20:28.31 -How's your Iife?[br]-Great. 00:20:28.61,00:20:30.19 -Yours?[br]-Not so great. 00:20:31.86,00:20:33.40 We're teIIing the truth. 00:20:33.74,00:20:35.49 You heard about my divorce. 00:20:35.82,00:20:37.37 Yeah, I'm reaIIy sorry. 00:20:38.32,00:20:39.78 Are you J.T. Lancer? 00:20:40.20,00:20:42.58 No, no, that's the character I pIay. 00:20:42.91,00:20:43.96 I'm Sam Weber. 00:20:44.46,00:20:47.38 Can I have your autograph,[br]whoever you are? 00:20:48.13,00:20:50.29 You think it's time we[br]shouId be thinking about AIex? 00:20:50.63,00:20:51.55 I'II give you a buck. 00:20:52.09,00:20:53.63 Okay, you're on. 00:21:00.43,00:21:03.02 You'd never get a crowd[br]this big at my funeraI. 00:21:03.56,00:21:06.98 Come on. I'II come,[br]and I'II bring a date. 00:21:09.90,00:21:12.82 I know this is hard for you,[br]but it's aII beautifuI. 00:21:13.99,00:21:15.65 We put on a great funeraI here. 00:21:15.86,00:21:17.41 Maybe I'II have mine here too. 00:21:17.61,00:21:21.16 We give first preference to peopIe who[br]kiII themseIves in our bathroom. 00:21:24.83,00:21:27.21 That was a terribIe thing to say. 00:21:28.25,00:21:30.13 I don't know why I said that. 00:21:32.75,00:21:35.13 That's why I don't smoke anymore.[br]Dope makes me stupid. 00:21:35.55,00:21:36.92 You taIking about me? 00:21:37.22,00:21:39.51 Here's the guy who did this to me. 00:21:39.93,00:21:42.14 I no Ionger know[br]how to handIe myseIf stoned. 00:21:42.35,00:21:44.93 You don't have to[br]handIe yourseIf with us. 00:21:46.39,00:21:48.19 WiII you marry me? 00:21:50.56,00:21:51.94 Both of you? 00:21:56.94,00:21:59.86 That shit they got[br]about your marriage wasn't from me. 00:22:00.07,00:22:02.58 I didn't know they were doing a story,[br]or why you don't beIieve me. 00:22:02.87,00:22:04.54 -Let's drop it![br]-Say you beIieve me. 00:22:04.87,00:22:06.83 I beIieve you.[br]I aIways beIieve you. 00:22:07.16,00:22:10.79 Honest to God, I know it's crap.[br]That's why I'm getting out. 00:22:11.13,00:22:13.50 Yeah? What're you going to do? 00:22:14.25,00:22:15.92 I'm opening a cIub. 00:22:16.21,00:22:17.59 No shit! 00:22:18.01,00:22:21.22 Like EIaine's, but hipper.[br]EIaine's is dead. 00:22:24.26,00:22:25.39 You got the money? 00:22:25.93,00:22:27.06 AImost, aImost. 00:22:28.23,00:22:29.35 WeII, Iet me know. 00:22:29.69,00:22:30.81 What do you mean? 00:22:32.19,00:22:34.07 I might be interested. 00:22:35.19,00:22:36.23 ReaIIy? 00:22:38.86,00:22:41.03 So you and AIex were staying here? 00:22:41.36,00:22:43.32 We have a room downstairs. 00:22:43.66,00:22:44.78 WeII, we did. 00:22:45.12,00:22:46.24 I do. 00:22:47.70,00:22:49.29 I found him. 00:22:49.50,00:22:50.96 God, it must have been awfuI. 00:22:51.17,00:22:53.33 It was. It was a reaI mess. 00:22:54.17,00:22:55.63 What wiII you do now?. 00:22:56.38,00:22:57.63 We cIeaned it up. 00:23:01.68,00:23:03.26 Are you going to stay here? 00:23:03.47,00:23:05.35 Yeah, tiII Sarah kicks me out. 00:23:05.64,00:23:07.93 I'm sure she'd never do that. 00:23:11.60,00:23:14.11 That's right, if I may.[br]That's why I'm caIIing, Jim. 00:23:14.40,00:23:18.15 That way, I can have a piece for you[br]this week and next week.... 00:23:18.48,00:23:21.20 Give me a break.[br]I'II fIy to DaIIas on Monday. 00:23:21.49,00:23:23.99 She won't regain[br]her eyesight over the weekend. 00:23:24.32,00:23:27.33 I know, but I think I've got[br]something good right here. 00:23:27.66,00:23:29.62 I don't know.[br]It's about everything. 00:23:29.95,00:23:32.54 Suicide, despair, where did our[br]hope go.... 00:23:32.87,00:23:35.04 Lost hope.[br]That's it, Iost hope. 00:23:36.29,00:23:38.09 You think everything's boring. 00:23:38.30,00:23:41.51 You wouIdn't say that[br]if it was the ''Lost Hope Diet.'' 00:23:46.30,00:23:47.76 MichaeI's office caIIed. 00:23:48.10,00:23:50.06 He doesn't have to be[br]in DaIIas tiII Monday. 00:23:50.39,00:23:51.85 He asked to stay the weekend. 00:23:52.06,00:23:54.23 HaroId, you didn't. 00:23:54.56,00:23:57.48 What couId I say?[br]He knows that Sam is staying... 00:23:57.69,00:23:59.44 ...and Karen, Richard and Meg. 00:23:59.78,00:24:01.65 Meg's not staying. 00:24:02.49,00:24:04.45 WeII, actuaIIy.... 00:24:07.49,00:24:08.74 Where wiII we put them? 00:24:09.04,00:24:10.29 We'II make room. 00:24:10.41,00:24:11.87 Hi, guys. 00:24:15.42,00:24:16.75 -Hey, Nick.[br]-How you doing? 00:24:18.42,00:24:19.46 Good. 00:24:20.51,00:24:22.30 Advertising's aII right. 00:24:22.51,00:24:25.43 A Iot of buIIshit[br]with cIients and stuff. 00:24:25.84,00:24:27.30 But it's aII right. 00:24:27.60,00:24:29.26 It's a decent Iiving. 00:24:29.81,00:24:32.73 Not as much as we spend, of course. 00:24:32.93,00:24:35.94 Just kidding.[br]It's exactIy as much as we spend. 00:24:36.27,00:24:40.65 What have you got, an oiI Ieak?[br]Can I give you a hand? 00:24:46.78,00:24:48.37 I think I got it. 00:24:52.54,00:24:55.33 I feeI Iike I have never been[br]aIone in my own house. 00:24:55.87,00:25:00.34 Never. Either Richard is there,[br]or the boys or the housekeeper. 00:25:00.67,00:25:03.59 Remember those Iab rats who went[br]crazy when deprived of privacy? 00:25:03.88,00:25:05.76 They're Iiving with you too? 00:25:07.14,00:25:09.30 -ShouId we push the beds together?[br]-Why? 00:25:09.64,00:25:11.81 Okay. How about further apart? 00:25:12.97,00:25:15.89 In January we open in Greensboro. 00:25:16.19,00:25:19.23 And in ApriI, our second store[br]in CharIeston. 00:25:19.52,00:25:21.11 How many is that now?. 00:25:21.40,00:25:23.48 Twenty-seven and twenty-eight. 00:25:24.32,00:25:27.36 Better watch out.[br]Some big monster wiII buy you. 00:25:27.57,00:25:29.12 We've had offers. 00:25:31.95,00:25:34.54 Who wouId've thought we'd both[br]make so much bread? 00:25:34.87,00:25:36.75 Two revoIutionaries. 00:25:39.13,00:25:41.42 Good thing it's not[br]important to us. 00:25:44.55,00:25:47.05 Fuck them if they can't[br]take a joke. 00:25:52.47,00:25:54.56 ChIoe. Hi, you there? 00:25:59.90,00:26:01.56 I just wanted to... 00:26:02.61,00:26:03.73 ...make sure you're okay. 00:26:04.07,00:26:06.15 -Yeah, I'm fine.[br]-Good. 00:26:09.07,00:26:10.62 Thanks, MichaeI. 00:27:21.85,00:27:22.98 Come aIong? 00:27:23.31,00:27:24.77 Are you kidding? 00:28:08.65,00:28:11.28 So I'm in the PhiIadeIphia PubIic[br]Defender's office. 00:28:11.57,00:28:15.11 My cIients were the scum of the earth.[br]Extreme repulsivos. 00:28:16.49,00:28:18.87 One of them got caught[br]in the house. 00:28:19.08,00:28:22.54 He and his friends beat up[br]the husband, rape the wife... 00:28:22.83,00:28:24.62 ...then tried to bIow the pIace up.[br]When I ask what happened, he says: 00:28:24.92,00:28:26.17 ''I was in MontreaI at the time.'' 00:28:26.50,00:28:29.71 Who'd you think your cIients wouId be?[br]Grumpy and Sneezy? 00:28:30.25,00:28:31.92 Huey and Bobby. 00:28:32.55,00:28:34.51 I don't know.[br]I just didn't think they'd be... 00:28:34.84,00:28:35.97 guiIty. 00:28:38.26,00:28:39.43 And then? 00:28:40.06,00:28:41.10 Then I Ieft. 00:28:41.31,00:28:45.27 A Iaw schooI friend is at a firm[br]in AtIanta doing reaI estate Iaw. 00:28:45.56,00:28:46.81 I went to see them. 00:28:47.44,00:28:49.32 The offices were very cIean... 00:28:49.65,00:28:51.61 ...and the cIients were onIy[br]raping the Iand... 00:28:51.94,00:28:54.86 ...and then of course[br]there was the money. 00:28:55.70,00:28:57.66 El greedo strikes again. 00:28:57.99,00:28:59.24 Sarah has that robe. 00:28:59.66,00:29:01.33 Not this weekend she doesn't. 00:29:01.62,00:29:03.62 I aIways jump her[br]when she wears it. 00:29:03.83,00:29:06.00 HaroId, don't you[br]have any other music? 00:29:06.33,00:29:07.25 Like, from this century? 00:29:07.58,00:29:09.34 There is no other music in my house. 00:29:09.54,00:29:12.88 There's been a Iot of terrific music[br]in the Iast 10 years. 00:29:13.09,00:29:14.05 Like what? 00:29:14.34,00:29:18.51 How about you, MichaeI?[br]TeII us about bigtime journaIism. 00:29:19.76,00:29:22.27 Where I work we have[br]onIy one editoriaI ruIe: 00:29:22.60,00:29:26.44 No writing Ionger than an average person[br]can read during an average crap. 00:29:28.23,00:29:30.19 I'm tired of having[br]my work read in the can. 00:29:30.52,00:29:32.28 PeopIe read Dostoyevsky in the can. 00:29:32.61,00:29:34.15 But they can't finish it. 00:29:36.24,00:29:38.74 This certainIy is a famiIiar scene. 00:29:40.62,00:29:43.12 I'm feeIing very guiIty about it. 00:29:43.66,00:29:46.46 I'm happy to be here,[br]but I'm sick about the reason. 00:29:47.42,00:29:48.88 I'm going to bed. 00:29:49.79,00:29:51.59 I'm sorry.[br]We couId taIk about something eIse. 00:29:51.79,00:29:54.59 That's okay. I'm exhausted.[br]Good night, everyone. 00:29:54.92,00:29:56.26 I'II be up in a minute. 00:29:56.59,00:29:58.05 Good night, Sarah. 00:29:59.72,00:30:00.76 HaroId, I'm sorry. 00:30:02.43,00:30:03.56 We aII feeI that way. 00:30:04.93,00:30:06.89 I forget what this is Iike. 00:30:07.64,00:30:09.73 In L.A., I don't know who to trust. 00:30:10.02,00:30:12.32 I feeI Iike everybody[br]wants something from me. 00:30:12.65,00:30:14.53 I know that sounds terribIe,[br]but it's true. 00:30:14.73,00:30:17.53 TeII me about it.[br]It's a coId worId out there. 00:30:17.86,00:30:20.57 Sometimes I think[br]I'm getting frosty myseIf. 00:30:21.07,00:30:23.16 I don't know what peopIe[br]think about me. 00:30:23.49,00:30:26.91 I don't know why they Iike me,[br]or even if they do Iike me. 00:30:27.75,00:30:29.62 You don't have[br]that probIem here. 00:30:32.88,00:30:34.13 You know I don't Iike you. 00:30:36.30,00:30:37.26 Me either. 00:30:37.88,00:30:38.93 Ditto. 00:30:39.22,00:30:40.80 So reIax. 00:30:42.89,00:30:44.43 AsshoIes. 00:31:11.46,00:31:12.92 I was just coming down. 00:31:13.21,00:31:14.25 Don't. 00:31:20.72,00:31:22.51 What are we doing? 00:31:27.52,00:31:31.48 I didn't get to taIk to you before.[br]You got me stoned too quick. 00:31:31.77,00:31:33.23 But I'm okay now. 00:31:33.56,00:31:35.65 I'm just drunk and therefore brave. 00:31:35.94,00:31:38.99 I've aIways been[br]a cowardIy drunk myseIf. 00:31:40.24,00:31:42.32 I bought the Iand three years ago. 00:31:42.53,00:31:47.20 He and ChIoe were working on it.[br]There's an oId house they were fixing up. 00:31:47.83,00:31:51.37 It's reaIIy pretty. I can take you[br]out there tomorrow if you want. 00:31:54.00,00:31:56.38 That's what I don't get.[br]It's one of the things I don't get. 00:31:56.71,00:31:58.88 He was reaIIy[br]invoIved in that. 00:31:59.21,00:32:01.17 It seemed to reaIIy mean[br]something to him. 00:32:01.51,00:32:05.68 I went with him three weeks ago[br]to buy a tabIe saw. 00:32:06.72,00:32:08.68 Why does he do a thing Iike that? 00:32:10.06,00:32:11.60 I shouId've known. 00:32:14.23,00:32:16.61 -How couId you know?.[br]-Nobody knew. 00:32:17.02,00:32:18.07 I can't even beIieve it now. 00:32:18.40,00:32:20.57 I don't care.[br]I shouId've known. 00:32:22.15,00:32:24.45 AII I want is a IittIe warmth. 00:32:31.12,00:32:32.04 What? 00:32:37.25,00:32:38.71 Sweetheart? 00:32:47.89,00:32:49.76 Did I ever teII you... 00:32:50.52,00:32:52.68 ...what happened to me in Vietnam? 00:33:05.20,00:33:07.82 It's a fucking bat, and I think[br]it touched my hair! 00:33:08.12,00:33:10.20 I hate them![br]They're Iike rats with wings. 00:33:10.54,00:33:11.87 No, pigeons are rats with wings. 00:33:12.08,00:33:15.42 -They're harmIess. They eat mosquitos.[br]-I'm going to wash my hair and puke. 00:33:15.75,00:33:18.04 -Puke first, of course.[br]-Stand aside! 00:33:21.38,00:33:23.34 That's cashmere![br]Give me that. 00:33:28.14,00:33:29.60 I'II be right bat. 00:33:34.73,00:33:35.85 Where'd it go? 00:33:38.90,00:33:40.02 Listen for it. 00:33:40.86,00:33:42.94 It makes weird sound.[br]Kind of: 00:33:47.95,00:33:49.53 It's quiet in here. 00:33:51.62,00:33:53.08 It's too quiet. 00:33:57.87,00:33:58.92 Shit! 00:33:59.54,00:34:00.46 Look out, Nick! 00:34:02.13,00:34:04.34 Behind you.[br]Here, Iet me open this. 00:34:04.55,00:34:05.67 Maybe it'II spIit. 00:34:08.51,00:34:09.64 AII right! 00:34:11.30,00:34:13.60 Okay, now we got a fair fight. 00:34:36.87,00:34:39.67 Keep yourmouth shut.[br]l'll do the talking. 00:34:40.00,00:34:41.75 You can't go in there. 00:34:43.13,00:34:45.84 l told you never to[br]walk in here without knocking. 00:34:46.05,00:34:47.17 What's this? 00:34:47.51,00:34:48.42 I'm not sure. 00:34:48.76,00:34:49.88 What's it about? 00:34:50.22,00:34:51.68 I don't know. 00:34:58.14,00:34:59.27 Who's that? 00:35:00.02,00:35:03.02 I think the guy in the hat[br]did something terribIe. 00:35:05.86,00:35:08.24 -Who wants to be next?[br]-Like what? 00:35:09.07,00:35:10.95 You're so anaIyticaI. 00:35:11.91,00:35:14.08 Sometimes you just have to Iet art... 00:35:14.62,00:35:15.95 ...fIow over you. 00:35:18.79,00:35:21.50 I'm hungry.[br]I had this reaIIy dirty dream. 00:35:21.79,00:35:23.38 Was it about Karen? 00:35:23.67,00:35:26.80 -Why do you say that?[br]-Why shouId anything have changed? 00:35:27.63,00:35:29.22 You're the one she aIways wanted. 00:35:30.88,00:35:33.47 In the oId days, I wasn't emotionaIIy[br]equipped to satisfy her. 00:35:33.80,00:35:36.10 Now the equipment doesn't[br]work at aII. 00:35:37.97,00:35:40.14 Why do we have to taIk about that? 00:35:41.81,00:35:43.69 Come on in the kitchen with me. 00:35:49.65,00:35:52.57 I think she found what she was[br]Iooking for in Richard. 00:35:54.03,00:35:56.41 Be carefuI what you want,[br]young Iady... 00:35:57.16,00:35:59.25 ...or you wiII sureIy get it. 00:36:06.34,00:36:08.21 What're you doing up?[br]Why didn't you come in? 00:36:08.42,00:36:09.76 I didn't reaIize anybody eIse was up. 00:36:12.18,00:36:14.14 I've been thinking[br]about your friend AIex. 00:36:14.47,00:36:16.35 Did you ever meet him? 00:36:16.64,00:36:19.97 Karen's toId me some.[br]I'm imagining mostIy. 00:36:20.81,00:36:23.85 I never sIeep through the night.[br]Insomnia. Karen doesn't know. 00:36:24.06,00:36:26.86 I might have something[br]that can heIp. 00:36:28.23,00:36:29.48 No, thanks. 00:36:30.11,00:36:31.36 I don't mind it. 00:36:31.65,00:36:36.66 Sometimes when my famiIy's asIeep,[br]I sit downstairs and it's so quiet. 00:36:36.99,00:36:40.62 I hate not being abIe to sIeep,[br]but I don't mind the time aIone. 00:36:41.58,00:36:46.46 Sometimes I think the thing about kids[br]is their instant priorities. 00:36:46.79,00:36:49.71 You know you must[br]protect and provide for them... 00:36:49.92,00:36:54.30 ...and sometimes it means your Iife[br]isn't exactIy how you want it to be. 00:36:56.39,00:36:57.93 There's some... 00:36:58.26,00:37:01.18 ...asshoIe at work you[br]have to kowtow to... 00:37:01.39,00:37:05.77 ...and sometimes you do things[br]you never thought you'd do. 00:37:06.19,00:37:08.77 But you try to[br]minimize that stuff... 00:37:08.98,00:37:11.28 ...and be the best person[br]you can be. 00:37:13.49,00:37:17.53 But you set your priorities.[br]And that's the way Iife is. 00:37:18.16,00:37:20.45 I wonder if[br]your friend AIex knew that. 00:37:21.62,00:37:24.62 One thing's for sure:[br]he couIdn't Iive with it. 00:37:27.88,00:37:31.09 I know I shouIdn't taIk.[br]You guys knew him. 00:37:31.92,00:37:33.59 But the thing is... 00:37:34.34,00:37:37.26 ...nobody said it was[br]going to be fun. 00:37:38.93,00:37:40.89 At Ieast nobody said it to me. 00:37:55.49,00:37:58.61 You can't run in those shoes.[br]I'II get you some good shoes. 00:38:02.16,00:38:05.91 I'm about to teII you something I'm[br]not supposed to teII anyone. 00:38:07.50,00:38:09.38 Then maybe you shouIdn't. 00:38:09.67,00:38:11.46 I aIready toId AIex. 00:38:11.75,00:38:13.63 Look what happened to him. 00:38:20.43,00:38:23.43 In a few months, a very Iarge[br]corporation... 00:38:23.77,00:38:27.60 ...a congIomerate, is going to[br]buy my very smaII company. 00:38:27.94,00:38:31.77 Anyone who has our stock[br]wiII tripIe their money. 00:38:34.28,00:38:37.20 That's how AIex couId afford[br]to buy the Iand. 00:38:39.28,00:38:42.20 I was thinking you couId use[br]the information... 00:38:42.53,00:38:44.49 get into another Iine of work. 00:38:45.87,00:38:48.16 You never Iearn, do you? 00:38:49.62,00:38:52.63 By teIIing you, I've vioIated about 16[br]reguIations... 00:38:52.84,00:38:54.92 ...of the Securities Exchange[br]Commission. 00:38:55.25,00:38:57.13 So pIease don't repeat it. 00:38:57.34,00:38:58.80 Repeat what? 00:39:06.52,00:39:08.18 I Ioved AIex. 00:39:11.10,00:39:13.27 What happened between[br]him and Sarah... 00:39:13.61,00:39:15.57 ...hurt, I can't deny that. 00:39:16.32,00:39:18.28 But that was five years ago. 00:39:19.32,00:39:20.70 We aII got over it. 00:39:23.49,00:39:25.79 I think they feIt as bad as I did. 00:39:29.66,00:39:31.12 You know... 00:39:33.00,00:39:35.92 ...they onIy sIept together[br]a few times. 00:39:38.42,00:39:42.26 But in a way, their affair[br]had been going on since Ann Arbor. 00:39:43.85,00:39:45.93 She didn't marry AIex. 00:39:53.31,00:39:54.56 You'II expIain everything? 00:39:54.90,00:39:56.36 I'II expIain to them. 00:39:56.77,00:39:58.32 Have a safe trip. 00:40:16.59,00:40:20.42 That's the troubIe with these.[br]You must watch them every minute. 00:40:27.22,00:40:29.10 Did I miss Karen and Richard? 00:40:29.31,00:40:30.43 Nope. 00:40:30.77,00:40:33.35 Just Richard.[br]Karen's staying the weekend. 00:40:33.69,00:40:34.73 But not Richard? 00:40:35.02,00:40:37.11 Went back to be with the kids. 00:40:38.69,00:40:40.23 That's interesting. 00:40:41.19,00:40:43.15 How did Richard feeI about it? 00:40:43.91,00:40:47.74 If you sIeep this Iate,[br]you'II miss a few mini-dramas. 00:40:48.08,00:40:51.08 I just hope you'II wake me[br]for anything ugIy. 00:40:54.21,00:40:57.67 How do actors Iearn aII those Iines?[br]How do you remember them? 00:40:57.88,00:41:01.09 My wife used to run them with me,[br]but now my maid does. 00:41:01.42,00:41:03.80 -Your maid?[br]-That's how she Iearned EngIish. 00:41:04.01,00:41:07.47 Sarah says to make three[br]of those miIks nonfat. 00:41:07.76,00:41:09.14 Sure you don't mind this? 00:41:09.35,00:41:12.06 I'II never remember that.[br]WiII you? 00:41:12.48,00:41:13.73 I don't know. 00:41:14.77,00:41:17.27 If we'd gotten married, we'd[br]go shopping Iike this. 00:41:17.69,00:41:21.23 No, if we'd gotten married,[br]I'd be doing this aIone. 00:41:24.24,00:41:28.12 No, I did not say that, MoIIy.[br]I said we'II see. 00:41:30.08,00:41:32.70 I don't have to[br]expIain it, young Iady. 00:41:34.37,00:41:38.33 I want you to do it because I said so.[br]Understand? 00:41:42.51,00:41:45.01 When you're a mother you can be mean. 00:41:48.01,00:41:51.56 AII right, you can do that.[br]TeII CarmeIina I said it's okay. 00:41:51.89,00:41:55.02 I Iove you, sweetheart.[br]Daddy wiII caII you Iater. 00:41:56.48,00:41:59.40 Sometimes I don't beIieve[br]what I hear myseIf saying. 00:42:14.08,00:42:17.21 So you came back from Vietnam... 00:42:17.54,00:42:19.83 ...a changed man. 00:42:20.46,00:42:23.38 Well, why don't youjust[br]tell everybody? 00:42:23.80,00:42:25.55 Then, in 1972... 00:42:25.88,00:42:28.05 returned to the University of[br]Michigan... 00:42:28.26,00:42:30.34 enter the doctoral program[br]in psychology. 00:42:30.55,00:42:34.43 But you couldn't seem to[br]finish that dissertation. 00:42:34.72,00:42:39.23 l could have. l chose not to. 00:42:39.44,00:42:42.57 l'm not hung up on[br]this completion thing. 00:42:42.77,00:42:45.49 Then you had manyjobs,[br]all ofwhich you quit. 00:42:45.78,00:42:49.32 What are you getting at?[br]l was evolving. 00:42:49.66,00:42:51.74 I'm stiII evoIving. 00:42:53.08,00:42:56.12 But your reaI fame came[br]as a radio psychoIogist... 00:42:56.41,00:42:58.62 ...on KSFO in San Francisco. 00:42:59.46,00:43:03.00 I wouIdn't caII it fame exactIy.[br]I had a smaII... 00:43:03.29,00:43:05.38 ...deepIy disturbed foIIowing. 00:43:06.76,00:43:08.22 What are you doing... 00:43:09.26,00:43:10.18 00:43:10.38,00:43:14.47 Or I shouId say,[br]what have you evoIved into now?. 00:43:17.27,00:43:19.27 Oh, I'm in saIes. 00:43:19.69,00:43:21.44 What are you seIIing? 00:43:23.44,00:43:25.19 I don't have to answer that. 00:43:26.65,00:43:28.03 We're Ieaving.[br]Have you seen ChIoe? 00:43:28.32,00:43:30.32 We're on the air here. 00:43:31.99,00:43:33.03 Sorry. 00:43:34.78,00:43:36.24 Sorry, paI. Got to go. 00:43:36.58,00:43:38.12 Just answer that Iast question. 00:43:38.33,00:43:40.54 I said, ''I've got to go.'' 00:43:54.10,00:43:55.22 So what happened to your partner? 00:43:55.56,00:43:57.85 He wasn't my partner.[br]He had the idea for the cIub. 00:43:58.14,00:44:00.85 He's out of it now.[br]We weren't conducive. 00:44:01.19,00:44:04.52 We got together and hypered[br]each other into a frenzy. 00:44:05.15,00:44:07.65 His wife Ieft for a younger woman,[br]he couIdn't make Iove. 00:44:07.86,00:44:10.99 He was hospitaIized for[br]being such a nerd. 00:44:12.74,00:44:14.32 So he's out of it? 00:44:14.53,00:44:17.74 Yeah, he's out. It's just me,[br]Iooking for investors. 00:44:18.08,00:44:22.87 AIex and I made Iove the night[br]before he died. It was fantastic. 00:44:25.88,00:44:28.92 He went out with a bang,[br]not a whimper. 00:44:32.34,00:44:34.43 They're either married or gay. 00:44:34.64,00:44:37.97 If they're not gay, they've broken up[br]with the most wonderfuI woman... 00:44:38.31,00:44:41.85 ...or they've broken up with a bitch[br]who Iooks Iike me. 00:44:42.48,00:44:46.65 They're in transition from a monogamous[br]reIationship and need space. 00:44:46.94,00:44:49.98 Or they're tired of space,[br]but can't commit. 00:44:50.28,00:44:52.70 Or they want to commit[br]but are afraid to get cIose. 00:44:52.99,00:44:56.03 They want to get cIose and you don't[br]want them near. 00:44:56.32,00:44:57.91 Can't be that bad. 00:44:58.20,00:44:59.45 You don't know. 00:44:59.99,00:45:02.91 I've been out there dating[br]for 20 years. 00:45:03.21,00:45:06.75 I know in the first 15 seconds[br]if there's a chance in the worId. 00:45:07.09,00:45:08.96 At Ieast you're[br]giving them a fair shot. 00:45:09.17,00:4