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Subtitles for Evangelion ep 01.

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Evangelion ep 01

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As of 01:12:30 PM today, a special state of emergency has been declared
for the Kanto and Chubu regions surrounding the Tokai district.
All residents must evacuate to their designated shelters immediately.
Repeating: As of 01:12:30 PM today,
the Kanto and Chubu regions surrounding the Tokai district
have been declared to be under a state of emergency.
All residents must evacuate to their designated shelters immediately.
Why did I have to lose him now?
Christ, why at a time like this?
Due to the special emergency,
all lines are currently unavailable.
It's no use.
I shouldn't have come here after all.
Well, I guess we won't be meeting here.
I'll have to go to a shelter.
The unidentified object is coming toward us.
We've got it on visual. I'm putting it on the main screen.
It's been fifteen years, hasn't it?
Yes. Well, now we're sure.
It's the Angels.
Every missile hit the target!
I'm sorry! Were you waiting long?
The target is still operational. It's still heading towards Tokyo 3.
The Air Defense Force doesn't have the firepower to stop it!
Hit it with everything we've got!
Mobilize all the units from Atsugi and scramble the squadrons from lruma!
Forget about the budget! Destroy the target at any cost!
Why?! That was a direct hit!
The tank battalion's been annihilated.
Guided missiles and artillery have no effect either.
Damn it! We gave it everything we've got and we're not even touching it!
Is it protected by an AT field?
Yes. Conventional weapons are no match for the Angels.
Yes Sir, I understand. We'll execute the plan at once.
Hey, wait a second.
They're going to use an N2-mine? !
Get down!
We did it!
Sorry, but it looks like you won't be getting a shot at it.
Shock wave approaching.
Are you all right?
Yeah, but my mouth is full of dirt.
Yeah, but my mouth is full of dirt.
That's okay. Now then, let's go!
Thanks for the hand. l really appreciate it.
Thank you too, Miss Katsuragi.
Just Misato is fine.
I'm glad we've met at last, Shinji lkari.
What's the target's status?
We're unable to confirm due to all the EMP interference.
It must have been finished. You saw the size of that explosion.
Sensors restored.
We've got an energy reading at the explosion's epicenter!
It can't be!
Visual display restored.
Visual display restored.
That was our last resort.
No effect, I can't believe it!
It's a God-damned demon!
Yes. Don't worry about it.
His safety is my top priority, so could you get a car train ready for us?
The express one.
Right. Well, I volunteered to pick him up,
so it's my duty to make sure he gets there. See ya!
Damn it! I just had my car restored and it's a total wreck already!
33 more loan payments to go, plus the cost of repairs.
And look! My only decent dress has been ruined!
Miss Misato...
And I was looking and feeling so nice.
And I was looking and feeling so nice.
Excuse me, Misato?
Excuse me, Misato?
Are you sure you can just take those?
Never mind about that!
It's an emergency, and we need a working car right now, right?
And I am a government official, after all,
so everything's going to be perfectly fine, okay?
I don't think anyone will buy that.
Don't get so snotty. You're not as cute as I thought you were.
You think so?
Oh, did I upset you?
Oh, did I upset you?
Sorry, sorry! You're just a kid, after all.
So are you. You're not as mature as I thought you were.
As we predicted, it's regenerating itself.
If it couldn't, it wouldn't be a practical autonomous invasion weapon.
lmpressive. It appears it can even upgrade its own operational functions.
And it's also getting smarter.
It will renew its assault any minute now.
The gates are now closing. Please stand clear.
The gates are now closing. Please stand clear.
Yes, it's a secret organization under the control of the United Nations.
Yes, it's a secret organization under the control of the United Nations.
Yes, it's a secret organization under the control of the United Nations.
This is a B-22 Special Express departing for G33-1.
This is a B-22 Special Express departing for G33-1.
This train will bypass all other stations. Please stand back.
My teachers told me it was important to the safety of the human race.
From this point on, command of the operation will be entrusted to you.
Show us that you're capable.
Yes, Sir.
Mr. lkari, we must admit that our weapons have no effect on the target.
Mr. lkari, we must admit that our weapons have no effect on the target.
But are you sure you can beat these things?
It's what NERV was created for.
We're all praying that you're correct.
The target is still stationary.
Our current ability to intercept is only 7.5%.
Even the UN forces are exhausted.
What are you going to do?
I intend to activate Unit 01.
Unit 01? But we have no pilot.
That's not a problem. Another spare will be delivered soon.
Are you taking me to my father?
Yes. Yes, I think so.
Oh, yes. Didn't you get an lD card from your dad?
This is it.
Here, read this.
My father's agency.
Am I going to work for him?
Of course.
He wouldn't have sent me a letter unless he needed me for something.
It looks like you don't get along with your dad.
It's the same with me.
It's a real Geo-Front!
That's right. This is our secret base: NERV Headquarters.
This is the key to rebuilding our world.
A fortress for all Mankind.
What on Earth? lsn't this the right way?
Central Dogma's closed passages remain sealed.
This is why I hate wearing skirts here.
Opening block B-26 in sequence.
Opening block B-26 in sequence.
And where in the heck is Ritsuko?
I'm sorry. I'm just not used to this place yet.
We passed this spot just a little while ago.
Don't worry about it.
And anyway, they make these systems to be used, you know.
Would the chairperson of E Project, Technical Department Division 1,
Dr. Ritsuko Akagi, Dr. Ritsuko Akagi,
contact Captain Misato Katsuragi of Operations, Division 1, immediately.
I don't believe it. Has she gotten lost again?
Hiya, Ritsuko.
Why are you wasting my time, Captain Katsuragi?
Aren't you aware that we're short on both time and manpower?
Is this the boy?
Right. According to the Marduk report, he's the Third Child.
I'm glad to meet you.
I'm glad to meet you.
He's just like his dad. The unfriendly part, that is.
Handle the rest of this.
Their first meeting in over three years.
Vice Commander, the target has started moving again.
Right. Assume battle stations, Level One.
Repeat. Battle stations, Level One. Prepare for ground-unit interception.
Here we go.
It sounds pretty serious.
It sounds pretty serious.
So, how's Unit 01 doing?
It's currently undergoing refrigeration, using the B-type equipment.
Does it really work? It's never worked before, has it?
The possibility of activation is 0.000000001%.
We call it, pathetically enough, the O-9 System.
Does that mean it doesn't work?
Oh, don't be insulting. It's "O," not "zero."
Well, it's just a number.
Anyway, it's a bit too late to be saying, "Sorry, it didn't work".
It's so dark.
A face? A giant robot?
You won't find this in the manual.
This is Man's ultimate humanoid fighting machine,
the first model of the synthetic life form Evangelion, Unit 01.
Built here in secret, it is Mankind's last hope.
Is this part of what my father's been doing?
It's been a while.
We're moving out.
Moving out? ! Unit 00's still in cryo-stasis, isn't it?
Moving out? ! Unit 00's still in cryo-stasis, isn't it?
Wait a second. You're going to use Unit 01?
There's no other way.
Now wait, Rei can't do it yet, can she?
We've got no pilot!
One's just been delivered.
Are you serious?
Shinji lkari...
Shinji lkari...
You will pilot it.
You will pilot it.
But even Rei Ayanami took seven months to synchronize with her Eva.
It's impossible for him to do it! He just got here!
He just has to sit in the seat. We don't expect more than that.
Repelling that Angel is our ultimate priority.
Repelling that Angel is our ultimate priority.
If putting someone who has a chance of synchronizing into an Eva unit
gives us even the slightest chance, then we have to do it.
You do understand that, don't you, Captain Katsuragi?
I suppose...
Father, why did you send for me?
You know exactly why.
So, you're asking me to take this thing and go out there and fight?
No way! How can you do something like this to me?
No way! How can you do something like this to me?
I knew you didn't want me!
I called you because I have a need for you.
Why me?
Because no one else can.
No, I can't...
I've never even seen anything like this before! I can't do this!
You will be instructed.
But there's no way!
I can't pilot it!
If you're going to pilot it, do it now and quickly. If not, then leave!
It must have detected our location.
Shinji, we don't have any time.
Get into it.
No! I didn't come for this! This is all wrong!
Shinji, just why did you come here?
You must confront your father and you must confront yourself.
I know it! But I just can't!
Wake up Rei.
Can we use her?
Can we use her?
She isn't dead.
I understand.
Our spare is unusable. You will do it again.
Our spare is unusable. You will do it again.
Yes, Sir.
Reconfigure Unit 01's system to Rei, then re-activate!
Roger. Call off the present work, and begin re-activation.
I knew it. I'm not needed after all.
Watch out!
The Eva moved!
How could it? !
How could it? !
It broke off the right arm-restraint!
It broke off the right arm-restraint!
No, that's impossible!
It didn't have an entry plug inserted!
It's not possible!
It reacted without any interface? !
Or was it protecting something?
It protected him?
We can do it.
I mustn't run away. I mustn't run away. I mustn't run away. I mustn't run away.
Let me do it. I'll pilot it.
Cooling process, completed.
Right arm repairs, completed.
Right arm repairs, completed.
Cage now in position for docking.
Signal plug terminator has been ejected.
Roger. lnserting entry plug.
Plug fixed in place.
Connecting Unit 01.
Filling the entry plug.
What is this stuff?
Don't worry. Once your lungs are filled with LCL,
your blood will be oxygenated directly.
You'll get used to it.
I feel nauseous.
Stop whining! You're a boy, aren't you? !
Connecting main power.
All circuits transmitting power.
All circuits transmitting power.
Connecting secondary contacts.
A-10 nerve connection, normal.
Configure the language logic interface for Japanese.
All preliminary contacts established. Performance nominal.
Bi-directional circuits are open.
Synchronization ratio at 41.3%
Harmonics are all normal. No disturbances identified.
Harmonics are all normal. No disturbances identified.
We can do it.
Prepare to launch!
Prepare to launch!
Disengage primary lock bolts!
Disengage confirmed. Disengaging the umbilical bridge.
Disengage secondary lock bolts.
Disengage primary restraints.
Disengage secondary restraints.
Release safety locks numbers one through fifteen.
lnternal batteries fully charged.
External battery outlet, normal.
Roger. Move Eva Unit 01 to the ejector pad.
Launch path is clear. All systems green.
Ready for launch.
Can we really do this?
Can we really do this?
Of course.
Unless we defeat the Angels, we have no future.
lkari, are you sure about this?
Shinji, don't get killed out there.
Eva triumphs over the Angel!
However, this is just the beginning.
Misato decided to save Shinji who ran away from his father's place,
insisting that he not be left alone.
But that was simply arrogance.
That night, Shinji closed his mind.
Next Evangelion: "Unfamiliar Ceiling"
I'll make you a bargain next time, too!
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