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Subtitles for Evangelion ep 05.

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Evangelion ep 05

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Commence activation.
Connecting main power to all circuits.
Power supply connected. Commencing activation system.
Activation voltage is approaching critical level. 0.5, 0.2...
Begin the second phase of the activation system.
Begin the second phase of the activation system.
Pilot has begun link-up.
Start system Phase 2.
Synapses inserted. Junctions connecting.
Transmitting pulse.
All circuits are operational.
No problems with initial contact.
Power supplied to Brachial muscles in both arms.
All nerve links checking out normal.
Check list satisfactory up to 2550.
Prepare for third stage connection.
Clear up to 2580.
Counting down to the absolute borderline.
The pulses are flowing backward!
Something's going wrong in the third stage!
Rejection occurring in the nerve center elements!
Cease contact! Break all circuits through number six!
Negative! The signal's not being received!
Unit 00 is out of control!
Abort the experiment. Shut off the power supply.
Yes, Sir!
Unit 00 has switched to standby power!
Thirty-five seconds until it comes to a complete stop.
It's dangerous! Stay back!
Auto ejection system activating!
Damn it!
Complete shutdown in ten seconds. 9...
Use the special Bakelite! Hurry!
Use the special Bakelite! Hurry!
Rei, are you all right?
I see.
Rei Ayanami, age fourteen.
The first test subject chosen by following the Marduk Report.
The First Child.
She is the designated pilot for Evangelion Unit 00.
Her past has been eradicated. All her personal records were erased.
So, what caused the accident during the last experiment?
We still don't know.
However, we believe that mental instability
on the part of the pilot was a primary cause.
Mental instability? In Rei?
Yes, her mind became much more disturbed than we had anticipated.
So, what did happen?
I don't know.
But she could have...
Did something occur to you?
No, that can't be it.
The demolition of block B-3 has been completed.
All technical department personnel
are to submit their data to the analysis group.
So this is our enemy.
I see. Everything except the core remains intact.
This is a perfect sample.
Thank you, this will help us a lot.
So, did you find anything new?
What the heck is this?
That's the code number for "cannot be analyzed".
You mean, you don't know what this is?
Correct. We do know the Angel is composed of a type of matter
characterized by both particulate and wave properties, like light.
But you've at least found its power source, haven't you?
Something like that anyway.
But we haven't been able to figure out any of its operating principles.
We've found something completely outside our experience.
The world is filled with mysteries.
For example, take a look at this.
This is the Angel's inherent wave pattern.
What? Let me see.
Could this be...
Yes. Although they are composed of a different form of matter,
their actual composition, in terms of the arrangement
and spacing of the pattern, falls within a 99.89% match of humans.
Unbelievable, 99.89%.
We must acknowledge our limited level of understanding once again.
We must acknowledge our limited level of understanding once again.
We must acknowledge our limited level of understanding once again.
Keep going. Stop.
This is the core?
How's the rest of it?
It's pretty deteriorated. We can't expect to use it as a reference.
That's not a problem. Dispose of the remnants.
Yes, Sir.
What's wrong?
Well, nothing's wrong.
Are you aware that when you say "nothing" that way,
it's the same as asking others to pay attention to you?
Well, it's just that my father seems to have burned his hands.
I was just wondering how it happened.
Burns? Do you know anything about those burns?
It was before you arrived at NERV.
Unit 00 went berserk during the activation experiments.
You've heard about that, right?
The pilot was trapped inside.
Ayanami was the pilot, wasn't she?
It was Commander lkari who rescued her.
He opened the super-heated hatch with his bare hands.
My father did that?
That's how he burned his hands.
Go, Hideko!
You lose!
You've got to treat us to pizza if you lose!
There, go for it!
You won't make it!
Now, let's sink a shot!
Oh my gosh! Those guys are looking at us!
Oh my gosh! Those guys are looking at us!
Man, they've all got such incredible breasts.
Suzuhara's ogling us! Gross!
Suzuhara's ogling us! Gross!
Hi, Shinji!
Hey, Big Shot!
What're you looking at so intently?
I think you're looking at Ayanami! Right?
Oh, come on, dude. Am I stupid?
Ayanami's boobs...
Ayanami's thighs...
I told you, it's nothing like that.
Then, what were you looking at?
You can't fool me.
I was just wondering why she's always alone.
Come to think of it,
she hasn't had any friends since she started here in the 7th grade.
There's just something about her that makes her hard to talk to.
She's probably just got a lousy personality.
You're both Eva pilots, right? You should know her better than us.
He's right.
Well, I've hardly spoken to her.
Eva Unit 01 is now entering the third stage cooling process.
Lower all systems to Phase 3 in Cage 6.
The earlier harmonics and synchronization tests were good.
All numerical conditions have been satisfied.
Roger. Transmit the results to Balthazar.
Transmit the full range of the entry plug's personal data to Melchior.
Data transmitting.
This is Melchior, roger. Circuits connected.
lnitiating third stage cooling process.
CBL circulation has begun.
Vent liquid wastes to the second purification system.
The protein walls are in good condition. No problems detected.
T-Minus 1,050 minutes until the Unit 00 re-activation experiment.
What is this? !
It's curry.
So you're still eating this instant stuff.
Look, you're a guest, so you've got no right to complain.
Here, Misato...
Oh, here.
Here, put all of that into this!
Are you serious?
Oh, don't you know how good this is?
Ordinary curry flavored instant ramen can't compare to this!
Let's eat!
The trick is to put less hot water in the soup.
Misato cooked this, didn't she?
Misato cooked this, didn't she?
Oh, can you tell?
Oh, can you tell?
Yes, by its taste.
How can she make something ready-to-eat taste so awful?
Next time, invite me when it's Shinji's turn to cook.
Shinji, you really ought to move.
You shouldn't let one bad roommate ruin your life.
I'm used to it now.
He's right, Ritsuko.
Never underestimate the ability of the human animal
to adapt to its environment.
And anyway, if he does move...
Shinji, why don't you bring me another one, please?
Shinji, why don't you bring me another one, please?
He's going to have to go through a lot oftrouble and red tape.
He's going to have to go through a lot of trouble and red tape.
He just got his permanent security card, you know.
Oh, I almost forgot!
Shinji, would you do me a favor?
What is it?
Rei Ayanami's renewal card.
I keep forgetting to give this to her.
Would you mind delivering it before you go to headquarters?
What's the matter? You're staring at Rei's picture, aren't you?
Oh, I think you are, Shinji.
Oh, come on! You're embarrassed, aren't you?
Well, you've got an official excuse to go to Rei's place now.
This is your chance, isn't it?
Stop teasing me!
But I love teasing you. You always go ballistic!
Just like Misato.
I just find it strange that I know so little about Ayanami,
even though we're both Eva pilots.
She's a very nice girl, but she's like your father.
She's not very adept at...
Not adept at what?
Excuse me?
Excuse me, it's Shinji lkari.
I'm coming in, Miss Ayanami!
Are these hers?
I didn't mean...
Will you get off?
What is it?
Well, I mean, I was...
I was asked to, so...
What was it? The card, your card...
It's been renewed!
So I was asked to deliver it.
I didn't mean for any of this to happen.
Ritsuko said she forgot to give it to you.
It's true. I rang your bell, but there was no reply,
and the door was unlocked. So...
Central Dogma is currently open to the public.
Group 3 should proceed directly to the fourth gate.
This is your new card. Ritsuko asked me to deliver it to you.
I'm sorry.
About what?
Aren't you going to have a re-activation experiment today?
Say, aren't you scared?
Aren't you afraid of piloting Unit 00?
I heard that you were hurt pretty badly in an earlier experiment,
so I thought you might be...
Aren't you Commander lkari's son?
Don't you have faith in your own father's work?
Of course not! How could I trust him?
Rei, are you all right?
The pilot was trapped inside.
It was Commander lkari who rescued her.
He opened the super-heated hatch with his bare hands.
That's how he burned his hands.
Can you hear me?
We will now commence the Unit 00 re-activation experiment.
Commence first connection.
Connecting main power supply.
Activation voltage has passed the critical point.
Shift format to Phase 2.
Connecting pilot to Unit 00.
Open circuits.
Pulse and harmonics are normal.
No problems detected.
In sync. All links completed.
Central Nerve System elements are nominal.
Re-calculating, no error corrections.
Checklist is satisfactory up to 2590.
Approaching the critical mark.
2.5 more.
0.1, and rising.
Borderline cleared.
Unit 00 has been activated.
Beginning interlock test.
Unidentified object approaching. It may be the fifth Angel.
Stop the test. Go to first stage alert.
You're not going to use Unit 00?
She's not ready to fight yet. What's the status on Unit 01?
lt'll be ready in 380 seconds.
Yes, Sir.
Yes, Sir.
Re-activation was successfully completed. Return now.
The target is passing over Tonosawa.
Unit 01 is beginning launch preparation.
Releasing primary lock bolts.
Release confirmed.
Release confirmed.
Removing secondary restraints.
Removing secondary restraints.
The target is now intruding into Lake Ashino airspace.
Eva Unit 01 is ready for launch.
We're detecting a high energy reaction from inside the target!
What? !
It's accelerating, and massing upon itself!
Is it possible?
No, dodge it!
Shinji is saved, but after being injured, he deteriorates rapidly.
Rei is forced to defend Shinji in the heat of battle!
Meanwhile, Misato desperately tries to pin-point
the Angel's weak spot with the ultimate in heavy artillery.
Will Shinji's prayers and all of Japan's energy
be enough to penetrate the Angel's shields?
Unit 00 is fused by the molten impact!
It's the next episode: "Showdown In Tokyo 3!"
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