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Subtitles for Evangelion ep 06.

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Evangelion ep 06

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We're detecting a high energy reaction from inside the target!
We're detecting a high energy reaction from inside the target!
It's accelerating, and massing in upon itself!
It's accelerating, and massing in upon itself!
Is it possible?
No, dodge it!
Retrieve him, hurry!
The target has gone silent!
How's Shinji?
He's alive!
Unit 01 has been recovered. Send it to the 7th cage.
I'm going to the cage. Take over for me, please!
Unit 01 secured!
The pilot's brain waves are extremely erratic!
His cardiac readings are very weak.
lncrease power to life support. Give him a heart massage.
Pulse confirmed!
Force eject the entry plug! Hurry!
Emergency LCL discharge!
Come on, open the hatch! Hurry!
The enemy's accelerated particle beam cannon has hit the balloon!
The decoy has been vaporized!
The Type 12 Mortar has been vaporized!
I see.
From the data we've collected, we're assuming that the Angel
automatically attacks any opponent within a certain range.
Anything entering that range will be targeted.
It's too risky for close range combat in an Eva, isn't it?
What's the status of its AT field?
It's still active.
It's strong enough that the spatial changes in phase are visible.
Using conventional attacks, guided missiles, artillery, bombs,
will inflict more damage on us than on the Angel!
Offensively and defensively it's almost perfect. A flying fortress.
What's the status on its drill?
At this moment the target is directly above us,
penetrating the Tokyo 3 Null Zone.
A giant shielded drill with a diameter of 17.5 meters
is boring towards NERV HQ.
The enemy is going to attack NERV Headquarters directly.
Sassy bastard!
What's its ETA?
06:54 AM, just after midnight.
By that time, it will breach all twenty-two levels of armor,
and compromise NERV Headquarters itself.
Less than ten hours...
The drill has contacted the first armor plate.
What's the condition of Unit 01?
The defensive armor was melted down to the third layer.
The good news is that the central control unit sustained no damage.
Three more seconds, and it would have burned right through the Eva.
It will take three hours to install replacement parts.
What's the status of Unit 00?
Re-activation itself should prove no problem,
but there's still a feedback error.
So it wouldn't...
...survive combat.
What's the condition of Unit 01's pilot?
No physical damage.
However, his nerve pulses are up by 0.8.
Still within acceptable limits.
Enemy arrival: 9 hours, 55 minutes.
Talk about you high pressure situations!
Why don't we just raise a white flag?
Before we resort to that,
there's one little thing I'd like to try.
You want a sniper to shoot the target from outside its firing zone?
Yes, Sir.
Instead of trying to neutralize the target's AT field,
I believe a pinpoint shot with a high-energy beam is the only way.
What do the Magi say?
The responses from the Magi Super Computers
were two affirmative and one conditional affirmative.
Our probability of success is 8.7 percent.
It's the highest value we could get.
I see no reason to reject the plan. You may proceed, Captain.
Yes, Sir.
You know how crazy this whole operation is, don't you,
Operations Director Katsuragi?
Don't be rude. It's not crazy!
It can be executed within the nine hours we have left,
and has the highest chance of success.
It does? Really?
But our positron rifle can't handle such high output.
What are you going to do about that?
We'll borrow one of course.
Borrow one? You don't mean...
Yeah! The Strategic Self Defense Force Lab's new prototype!
NERV is hereby requisitioning this Self Propelled Positron Cannon
as of 15:00 today.
But this is ridiculous!
We'll try to return this in as close to its original condition as we can.
Thank you for your cooperation!
Okay, Rei! Take it away!
Be careful. That's a piece of precision machinery!
Ma'am? Our calculations show that it will take
at least 180 million kilowatts to penetrate that AT field.
Where in Japan are you going to to get that much electricity?
From all of Japan. We'll take it all!
We apologize for interrupting
our regular programming for this Emergency Bulletin.
From 11:30 PM tonight until tomorrow morning,
there will be a large scale power blackout
throughout most of Japan.
We appreciate your cooperation.
Repeat, from 11:30 PM tonight until tomorrow morning
there will be a large scale power blackout throughout Japan.
We appreciate your cooperation.
The drill has just broken through the seventh defensive layer.
What's the status on our energy supply?
3.2% behind schedule, but we should be finished by 23:10.
And the positron rifle?
For the honor of Technology Development Department 3,
we're betting that we'll have it built in three hours.
And how's our defense coming?
Well, using a shield is about all we can do.
So, this is the shield?
Yes. It was part of a single stage trans-orbital rocket.
It may look ugly, but it's got an electromagnetic base coating that
Section 2 guarantees will stand up to the enemy's particle beam
for at least seventeen seconds.
Good. Have you determined the sniper position?
Given the location ofthe target, taking geographical features and
power access into consideration, this would be our best choice.
Right. Looking good.
Our sniper will attack from the top of Mount Futago!
The Operation will commence, at 00:00 tomorrow morning!
From this point on, this operation will be called "Operation Yashima".
Now, the only remaining problem is the pilot.
Unit 01's designated pilot is conscious now.
His examination results look normal.
Good. Then, the operation will proceed as planned.
But I wonder if he'll pilot it again.
Let's get to Mt. Futago now!
I'm here to brief you on the Operation Yashima timetable.
The operation will begin at midnight, 00:00 hours.
Pilots lkari and Ayanami will arrive at the cage by 17:30.
At 18:00, Units 01 and 00 will activate.
At 18:05, both units must be deployed.
They will arrive at the temporary base on Mount Futago at 18:30.
There, they will await further orders.
The Operation will begin promptly at midnight.
This is the new one.
Don't show up looking like that.
I've been apologizing since yesterday.
Your meal.
I don't want to eat anything.
We'll be departing in sixty minutes.
Do I really have to pilot the Eva again?
Yes, you do.
I don't want to.
Maybe you can be so cool about it,
because you haven't had the kind of experiences I've had yet.
I don't want to go through it again.
Then, you can stay here in bed.
What do you mean by that?
I'll pilot Unit 01.
Dr. Akagi is already prepared to rewrite the personal data files.
Ritsuko is...
I'm leaving. Captain Katsuragi and Dr. Akagi are waiting for me.
They're really late. We ought to evacuate to the shelter.
I hacked into my dad's data files.
I'm sure this is the time.
Why aren't they here then?
The mountain is moving.
The Evangelions!
Go for it, Evangelions! We believe in you! Beat the Angel!
The drill has penetrated through the 17th layer of armor.
It will reach headquarters in 3 hours 55 minutes.
Power supply transfer from Shikoku and Kyushu is completed.
Beginning tests of each cooling system.
This is a very delicate piece of machinery! Handle it carefully.
This thing wasn't built for field operations. Will it really work?
There's no choice. This is the most expedient way of gaining our goal.
Are you sure it's safe to use?
Theoretically, yes.
However, we're not sure if the cannon barrel and accelerator
will be able to handle the stress or not.
This is the first time it's been fired with such a high power output.
Here are the battle plans for the operation.
Your Unit 01 will be the gunner.
Your Unit 01 will be the gunner.
Rei, you will cover him with Unit 00.
This is because Shinji has a higher sync ratio with Unit 01,
and this operation will require exceptional precision.
Since the positron beam will be influenced by the Earth's gravity,
magnetic fields and rotation, it will not fire in a straight line.
You must remember to make adjustments for these deviations.
You must penetrate the core precisely.
But I've never practiced this!
Don't worry.
Just do what the manual says.
When the indicators converge in the center, pull the trigger.
The computers will handle the rest.
Also, be aware that before you can fire the rifle a second time,
you'll have to wait for the unit to cool, replace the fuses and reload.
And if I miss? Or if the enemy shoots back?
Don't think like that.
You must destroy it with your first shot.
So I have no choice.
I'm just to defend Unit 01, correct?
It's time. Get geared up.
...this is our last day alive.
Why do you say that?
You won't die.
I'll protect you.
Why do you pilot this?
Because I'm bonded to it.
Yes, it's a bond.
You mean to my father?
To all people.
You're very strong, Ayanami.
I have nothing else.
What do you mean, "you have nothing else"?
It's time. Let's go.
The time is now 00:00.
Commencing operation.
Shinji, we're entrusting you with all the energy of Japan.
I'm counting on you.
I'm counting on you.
lnitiate primary connection.
lnitiating powertransmission from Districts number 1 through 803.
Voltage is rising. Water exchange unit reaching pressure zone.
All cooling systems operating at full power!
Temperature stable. No problems detected.
Positron charge is nominal.
lnitiate second connection!
All accelerators engaging.
Activate convergence unit.
Transmitting all power to Mount Futago temporary substation.
No problems reported with third connection.
Release final safety systems.
Pull sear up!
Error correction for Earth rotation and gravity is 0.0009.
Voltage is 0.2 short of critical.
Seventh and tenth connections engaged!
Transmitting all energy to the positron rifle!
High energy output detected inside the target!
High energy output detected inside the target!
High energy output detected inside the target!
It can't be!
Did we miss?
The enemy drill has broken into the GeoFront!
Hurry! Line up a second shot!
Replacing fuses! lnitiating recharge!
Barrel cooling in progress!
We've got another high energy reading building inside the target!
No, not now!
That shield can't last long!
Are we ready yet? !
Ten more seconds.
Hurry up!
Hurry up!
We got it!
Are you all right? !
Don't say... Don't say that you have nothing else.
Don't say goodbye when you leave on a mission. It's too sad.
Why are you crying?
I'm sorry. I don't know what to do or feel at a time like this.
Why don't you try smiling?
NERV isn't the only agency trying to combat the Angels.
When the giant humanoid robot created by a civilian corporation
goes out of control during its official trial run,
it's up to Eva Unit 01 to catch the rampaging Jet alone.
Can Misato stop its nuclear reactor from melting down?
It's the next episode: "The Human Creation".
And of course, I'll give you lots of fan service too!
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