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Subtitles for Evangelion ep 08.

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Evangelion ep 08

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Correct, I have already arranged it with the committee.
The cargo left from Sasebo Port yesterday,
and is now making its way here across the Pacific ocean.
A MlG-55 D transport helicopter!
I'd never have believed l'd get chance to fly in one.
Thank God I have a buddy like you, Shinji!
I thought you guys must be sick of being cramped up,
so I just invited you on a date!
What?! Today is really a date?
I bought this cap for today, Misato!
Where are we headed?
We'll take a little jaunt across the Pacific on that gorgeous cruiser.
Wow! Five aircraft carriers and four battleships! What a fleet!
I'm absolutely sure the best thing in life is having a great buddy!
That's your "gorgeous cruiser"?
Yeah, she sure is gorgeous!
That's the pride of the U.N., the glorious regular carrier
"Over the Rainbow"!
It's huge.
I'm surprised that such a relic is still afloat.
Naw, it's not so bad.
It's a vintage model from just before the Second lmpact.
Damn, give me a break!
That shrew's gone and brought a socket for that kid's toy,
so the little gophers can run amuck!
Oh! Cool! Awesome!
Cool! lncredible!
Cool! Mega-cool! Wow!
This is way too cool!
This kind of thing brings a tear to the heart of a real man!
Cool! Awesome! Neat! Wow! Wow!
Hey, wait! Wait!
Damn it!
Stop! Stop, now!
Hello, Misato.
How have you been?
Fine. How 'bout you? You've grown some, haven't you?
And how!
I'm not just taller, my figure's filled out as well.
Let me introduce you.
This is the pilot of Evangelion Unit 02, the Second Child,
Asuka Langley Sohryu.
What did you do that for?!
That's the viewing fee. Quite a bargain, don't you think?
What? You think it's worth that?! Here, take a look at mine!
You insolent dork!
So, which one is the famous Third Child?
Don't tell me it's him.
Don't worry, here he is.
Well, he looks kind of dull.
I thought you were the leader of this gang of Boy Scouts,
but I was obviously mistaken.
Thank you for your understanding, Captain.
Oh no, thank you for giving me the opportunity to baby-sit more kids.
We appreciate your assistance in the marine transport of Unit 02.
Here are the specs for the emergency power supply socket.
In the first place, I'd never approve any request
to activate that toy while at sea.
Why don't you just think of this as being prepared for an emergency?
That's why the Pacific Fleet is guarding it.
When did the U.N. transform us into a bloody cargo service?
It was just after a certain organization was established.
Guarding a toy! What a grandiose assignment for the Pacific Fleet!
It's still not enough considering the importance of the Eva.
Would you sign this document?
Not yet. Eva Unit 02 and its pilot have been entrusted to us
by the Third Branch in Germany.
I won't let you just waltz in, and do as you please!
Then, when will you transfer them to us?
Once we've unloaded in New Yokosuka.
The ocean is our jurisdiction.
You will follow our orders here.
I understand.
However, I should remind you that, in the case of an emergency,
our, NERV's, authority overrides yours.
She's cool!
She looks like Ritsuko.
Well, you're as gallant as always.
Mr. Kaji, I must insist that you not invite yourself onto the bridge.
Oh, sorry about that.
Well, excuse us. Transport us to New Yokosuka as ordered.
Well, excuse us. Transport us to New Yokosuka as ordered.
Well, excuse us. Transport us to New Yokosuka as ordered.
Those kids are really going to save the Earth?
Times have changed.
I understand that Congress has pinned its hopes on that robot.
On that toy? ldiots!
lf they've got money to blow, they ought to give us a little more.
What are you doing here?!
Accompanying her.
I'm on a business trip from Germany.
Man, was I careless. I should have anticipated this.
Hey! Don't touch me!
I can't help it!
Squadron 3 will sortie as scheduled.
Squadron 3 will sortie as scheduled.
Do you have a boyfriend now?
Do you have a boyfriend now?
That's none of your business, is it?
How can you be so mean?
How can you be so mean?
I understand that you're living with Katsuragi here, aren't you?
I understand that you're living with Katsuragi here, aren't you?
So tell me, is she still wild in bed?
So tell me, is she still wild in bed?
Wha... wha...
Wha... wha...
What are you implying?!
What are you implying?!
So, she hasn't changed, has she, Mister Shinji lkari?
So, she hasn't changed, has she, Mister Shinji lkari?
How do you know my name?
Well, I ought to know you.
Well, I ought to know you.
You're pretty famous in our business.
You're pretty famous in our business.
The Third Child, who piloted an Eva in battle with no training.
The Third Child, who piloted an Eva in battle with no training.
It was just luck.
It was just luck.
Luck is a part of your destiny. It's your talent.
Luck is a part of your destiny. It's your talent.
Well, I'll see you later.
See you.
This has got to be a bad joke. No, a nightmare.
So, what do you think about Mister Shinji lkari?
He's boring. That's the great Third Child? What a disappointment.
Yet his sync ratio was well over 40% in combat with no training.
That can't be!
That captain's attitude gets on my nerves.
He's got a lot of pride.
Too much pride's bound to make him cynical about us.
That Mr. Kaji is pretty lively.
He hasn't changed at all, that jerk.
Hey, Third Child!
Come with me!
Red? I didn't know that Unit 02 was red.
The color isn't the only difference.
After all, Units 00 and 01 were created
as part of a developing process, prototype and test type.
The fact that it synchronized with an untrained pilot like you
is proof of that.
However, Unit 02 is a little different.
Created for actual combat conditions,
this is the world's first true Evangelion.
This is the final model!
What was that?
An undersea shock wave!
Something exploded nearby!
What's that?
Is that an Angel?!
Is that a real one?
Oh, my gosh! We've got to go back, and find Misato.
This is my chance!
All ships maintain formation, and take evasive action!
Status report!
The Cymbeline's gone silent. Titus Andronicus can't locate the target!
Damn it! What in the hell is going on here?!
Hello, NERV delivery.
Would you like to order information on this enemy
and countermeasures to use against it?
This is a combat situation! No unauthorized personnel allowed!
This is just my opinion, but I'd say this must be an Angel attack.
All ships, fire at will!
It's pointless.
An AT field can't be penetrated with this kind of firepower.
But why is an Angel here?
My God, is it after Unit 02?
Where are you taking me?
Just wait there a second.
I can't believe this.
Don't peep, you pervert!
Don't peep, you pervert!
Don't peep, you pervert!
Why are all boys such perverted jerks?
Here we go, Asuka.
Why won't it sink?!
I knew it. Only an Eva can beat it!
Let's go.
Come with me!
Hey, what are these entry-plug suits for?
Are you dense?
We're going to beat it with my Unit 02!
No way! Do you have approval from Misato?
I'll get permission after I've beaten it.
Now, I'll show you how magnificent my piloting is!
Just don't disturb me.
This is odd. It seems to be looking for something.
I didn't expect to see an Angel here.
This isn't how it's supposed to be, is it?
This is what Unit 02 is for,
and I've generously provided a second pilot as a reserve.
If worse comes to worst, you can escape by yourself.
I know.
Program error? What happened?
Thought noise! I told you not to disturb me.
What do you mean?
You're thinking in Japanese, aren't you? Think in German.
Oh, okay. Baumkuchen...
Fine, stop trying. Switch the language to basic Japanese.
Evangelion Unit 02, activate.
Telex from the Othello! Unit 02 is in the process of activation.
What the...
Nice going, Asuka!
No! Abort the activation sequence! Reset it!
I don't care! Asuka! Go for it!
What are you doing?! Eva and its pilot are under our control!
You're violating my command authority!
What are you talking about? This is an emergency!
Who gives a damn about your procedures?
You and your procedures!
You and your procedures!
You do know that Unit 02 is still using the type-B equipment?
If we fall in the sea, we're done for!
And if we don't, we'll be fine, all right?
Shinji, are you in there too?
(Kids! Two kids!) Yes.
(Kids! Two kids!)
This is a good opportunity...
Asuka, launch!
It's coming!
Where is it?
That way!
We've only got 58 seconds left!
I am well aware of that! Misato!
Get the external power supply socket onto the flight deck.
I've got it.
What is she going to do?
Here we go! Jump!
The power socket is in place!
Reactor connection completed!
The deck is ready for Eva landing!
All hands, prepare for impact!
I can't believe this!
I can't believe this!
Eva 02, landing on deck!
No! What a waste!
Target is approaching rapidly!
It's coming! 9 o'clock!
Switching to external power!
Switch completed.
But we don't have any weapons.
The progressive knife should be good enough.
It's bigger than I thought.
That's what I figured!
What are they going to do?!
Hand-to-hand combat is the best way to defeat Angels.
Good work, Asuka!
This isn't a game! Look at the mess you've made of the deck!
See?! It's sinking!
It's impossible to fight under water with the type-B equipment!
You never know,
unless you try!
What a waste!
How much cable is left?
Another 1,200 meters!
What are you going to do?
We can deal with it somehow.
I've got to do something.
The cable's going to run out! Brace for the shock!
Damn it!
Eva missed the target!
I've got time to change the disk.
My God! A Yak 38 Custom!
Hey, Katsuragi!
I've got something to deliver, so I'll be taking off now.
Take care of the rest of this, Captain Katsuragi.
He ran away. I don't believe it!
The target is approaching Eva again!
It's coming again!
I'll finish it off this time.
What?! It's not working!
That's because this is B-type equipment.
What're you going to do?!
What am I going to do?
You're the Third Child, aren't you? Do something!
Here it comes!
A mouth?!
That's because it's an Angel.
Eva 02 has entered the target's body.
Does that mean that the Eva's been eaten?
This is like fishing!
Fishing? Yes, fishing!
From a bad situation to a worse one.
Shut up!
Hey, get off me already, you pervert!
But we've got to free ourselves.
Asuka, do you read me?
Don't let go of it!
I'm requesting your cooperation.
A point-blank assault by two of the surviving battleships?!
We'll scuttle two of the evacuated battleships
on top of the umbilical cable to set a trap.
When the Eva opens the target's mouth, both ships will rush in.
They will fire all of their bow turret cannons,
and then self-destruct, destroying the target.
That's absurd!
Absurd, perhaps, but not impossible.
I understand.
All hands abandon ship! Repeat, all hands, abandon ship!
The frigates will rescue the lifeboats!
But what about the Eva?
Not to worry. They'll be fine.
Hey! Don't use Unit 02 without my permission!
Do the two of you understand the operation?
I'll do my best.
I'm counting on you.
All ships, open the Kingston valve! Scuttle at point Z.
Cable reverse!
Eva has started to surface!
T-minus 70 to contact!
Hey, you're touching my... get off!
But we've got to open its mouth, or we'll be killed!
T-minus 60 to contact.
Status on the Angel's mouth?
(It's still not open!) Status on the Angel's mouth?
(It's still not open!)
Both battleships are sinking towards the target.
Eva is continuing to surface, T-minus 50 to contact.
No, it won't open!
No time left!
Target has passed beneath the Tempest!
Hurry! Or you won't make it!
Don't get any strange ideas.
Anyway, just concentrate on your thoughts.
You can say that again!
T-minus 20 to contact!
T-minus 15 to contact!
Open! Open! Open! Open!
Open! Open! Open! Open!
Christ! That was rather spectacular!
I had to improvise. I should have anticipated underwater combat.
It's rare for you to regret anything. Is this some kind of self-analysis?
Cut it out. We've collected a lot ofvaluable data.
This really is something special.
A pair of... Look!
I don't believe this!
They broke their synchronization ratio records, didn't they?
For only seven seconds. It must have been due to the danger.
Hey, where's Kaji?
He ran off. That idiot's got to be back at headquarters by now!
It was a pretty eventful trip.
Was it caused by this, I wonder?
It's already restored itself this far.
It's frozen inside dura-bakelite, but it's still alive.
This is the keystone of the Human lnstrumentality Project, isn't it?
This is the first human being.
She may have looked cute, but she was a real bitch.
Well, we won't have to see her again.
Yeah, old Mister Big Shot has to see her at work though.
I really feel sorry for you.
My name is Asuka Langley Sohryu.
I'm very pleased to meet you.
Deployed on a large scale ocean side interception,
Asuka and Shinji's first teamwork results in their being roughed up
due to their conflicting personalities.
Misato formulates a plan to achieve their perfect unison.
A six day long drama for human destiny begins.
The next episode: "With One Accord in a Flash".
Well, I'll give you lots more fan service!
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