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Subtitles for Evangelion ep 09.

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Evangelion ep 09

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Hey, have you seen her yet?
Oh, yeah! Yeah!
Seen who?
You dork, you haven't seen the foreign girl yet?
Foreign girl?
Yeah, she's in 8th grade, Class A.
She just transferred here last week.
She's hot!
Her name's Asuka Langley Sohryu, did you know that?
Yeah, she's so cute.
Since she was raised over there but born here,
do you think she already has a boyfriend?
Don't be stupid!
I bet she broke up in Germany, and she's here in a foreign land
with a heart that can't be mended.
Oh my gosh...
Did you hear all the cat talk?
Asuka! Asuka!
They're just ignorant.
Thank you, come again.
At least the pictures don't reveal her personality.
Guten Morgen!
Guten Morgen.
Hey, why so gloomy? This is the gorgeous Asuka greeting you!
You should appreciate your good fortune!
I'm the most popular girl in school!
Hey, the other one's here too, isn't she?
Other one?
What are you, stupid? I'm talking about the First Child, of course!
Oh, Ayanami...
You must be Rei Ayanami, the pilot of the prototype.
I'm Asuka! Asuka Langley Sohryu.
I'm the designated pilot of Eva Unit 02. Let's be good friends!
Because it'd be convenient. You know what I mean?
If I'm ordered to, I will.
Talk about odd.
I'll say. Are only weirdos chosen to be pilots?
You've lost some weight.
Is that so?
You must be enduring an unrequited love.
How did you know?
"A woman with a mole in the pathway of her tears
is destined to a life full of them."
If you're trying to put a move on me, I'm afraid you can't.
There's a very ugly face observing us.
Long time no see, Kaji.
It's been a while.
You're a little less discreet than I expected.
He hasn't ever been discreet in his life!
You've handed over Unit 02, right? You should be leaving now!
I just received orders this morning that I'll be staying here on loan.
So we can hang around again,
just like we used to.
You've got to be kidding!
Enemy attack?!
We just got this report from the battle cruiser Haruna.
"Huge submerged object detected off Ki'i peninsula. Sending data."
The data has been collated and examined.
Wavelength pattern Blue. Confirmed to be an Angel.
All personnel, go to first stage alert.
The recent battle severely damaged the intercept system.
Only twenty-six percent of our defense capability is available.
And our operational capability for actual combat is virtually nil.
Therefore, we're going to have to intercept the target
at the water's edge, right before it makes landfall!
Units 01 and 02 will mount an attack in a series of waves.
In other words, close in and take turns.
This sucks. My Japanese debut, and she won't let me solo.
Why do I have to bring you?!
It can't be helped. Procedures, you know?
Well, let me tell you something, just don't get in my way!
His selection as a pilot must have been a joke, right?
Two against one is not what I call a fair fight. It's not fair.
We don't get a choice.
Survival takes priority.
Commence attack!
I'll handle this Angel! You cover me!
Cover you?
Ladies first!
Damn it, don't give me orders, you dumb rookie!
That wasn't bad.
What did you think of that, Third Child?!
A fight should be clean, elegant and without waste.
What's this crap?
Today, at 10:58:15 AM,
Unit 01 was attacked by Target Alpha,
which separated from the target submerged 2 km off Suruga Bay.
At the same time, plus 20 seconds, Unit 02 was halted by Target Beta.
We have a comment from E-Project chairperson.
This is pathetic.
This is all your fault! You totally screwed up my debut battle!
What are you talking about?
You're the one who charged in there acting like an idiot!
ldiot?! How dare you call me that? Pathetic excuse for a combat pilot!
You're just a jerk!
Look in the mirror!
In your rush to show off, you completely ignored procedures!
In your rush to show off, you completely ignored procedures!
What was that? You look like a drowned rat!
At 11:03 AM, NERV abandoned the operation
At 11:03 AM, NERV abandoned the operation
You can't say that kind of thing to me!
and transferred command to the UN Secondary Force.
We've been humiliated.
At 11:05 AM, the UN forces made an attack with an N2 mine.
We'll have to re-draw the map again.
They succeeded in burning off 28% of target's structural substance.
They succeeded in burning off 28% of target's structural substance.
This is merely temporary relief. A second attack is a matter of time.
This is merely temporary relief. A second attack is a matter of time.
At least we have time to regroup. You can't ask for more than that.
Listen up, you two.
Do you know what your job is?
Piloting Eva.
No! Your job is to defeat the Angels.
NERV does not exist to make grotesque displays like this.
Therefore, you two must cooperate.
Why should we?!
Enough already.
Why does everyone get so angry here?
It's because adults are much too aware of their credibility.
Where's Misato?
Clearing things up. The person in charge must take responsibility.
Here are the internal protests and damage reports.
This is a bill from the UN,
and here you have complaints from the PR department as well.
Read them all.
I can tell what they say without looking.
"lf you're going to fight, don't do it here," right?
Good guess.
I'll do it as soon as we take care of this Angel.
I swear I will destroy that Angel.
The Vice Commander is pretty angry.
You'll almost certainly be demoted if you embarrass him again.
It was good luck within bad luck that Commander lkari wasn't here.
If he'd been here, you'd have been fired before he ever saw these.
So, have you brought me an idea to help save my job?
Just one.
I thank you, Dr. Ritsuko Akagi.
It's good to have a friend one can count on.
However, I'm not the one who'll be saving my old friend.
This is Kaji's idea.
I'm home! Not that anyone's here, of course, but...
What is this?!
Don't be so rude!
Those are my personal belongings!
You! What in the blazes are you doing in my house?
Why are you still here?
Still here?
You've been dumped for the new model!
Misato will be living with me.
That's a more logical choice when you consider my superior abilities.
Although honestly, l'd rather live with Kaji.
Say, just why are Japanese houses so small anyway?
Not even half of my stuff fits!
And the Japanese sure don't have any sense of privacy.
How can they live in a room without locks? Unbelievable!
It's because the Japanese way
is to consider the priorities and needs of others before one's own.
How are you? You two are going to get along real well, right?
What do you mean?
This is all preparation for the next operation.
Say what?
There is only one way to destroy the seventh Angel!
A simultaneous two-point attack on each target's core
while its components are separated.
In other words, an attack by two Evas with synchronized timing.
Cooperation and coordination between you will be paramount.
Therefore, I want the two of you to live together.
No way!
A boy and girl should never sleep together after the age of seven!
A boy and girl should never sleep together after the age of seven!
The Angel is currently restoring itself.
It will begin its second assault in six days, so there's no time.
But it's impossible.
Now, we have a way to make it possible!
The master attack pattern will be choreographed using this music.
In six days, as soon as possible.
I'm worried about Shinji.
He's been gone three days, right?
Hey, there's the class rep.
Two of the three stooges.
Why are you here?
To offer condolences to Miss Sohryu. What about you two?
To offer condolences to lkari.
Why did you stop here?
You've betrayed us!
You look like two peas in a pod.
I can't believe this!
Neither can we. It's all Misato's fault!
We have to eat, breathe and sleep together!
You're living in sin! How awful!
No, it's not like that!
Then, just what is it like?
Hi, welcome everybody!
Why don't you explain all this to us?
You should have told us that first.
How is the coordination coming?
Well, as you can see.
Well, so much for synchronization!
I could never sink to the pathetic level this animated turnip lives at!
If you ask me, this whole idea is impossible!
Then you give up?
But you don't have anyone else, do you?
Yes, Ma'am.
Why don't you try?
Why don't you try?
Why don't you try?
Yes, Ma'am.
It looks like I should alter the operation to pair Shinji and Rei.
No! I can't stand this! I can't take it anymore!
Even the Devil cries sometimes.
Even the Devil cries sometimes.
You've got to follow her!
You made her cry! It's your fault!
Don't say anything.
Don't say anything.
I know.
I have to pilot the Eva. I've got no choice.
I'll do it.
No matter what, I'll put Rei and Misato to shame!
You don't have to squash them.
You're being too simplistic, even if you are a man!
I must avenge myself.
My pride...
It's a matter of honor now, you see?
Where's Misato?
At work. She called earlier. She'll be there all night.
So that means we're all alone tonight.
This is the impenetrable "Wall of Jericho", Third Child.
Take one step over this wall and you'll be a dead man.
And now, it's time for children to go to bed!
Why do the Japanese sleep on the floor? This is so stupid.
You're just a child yourself.
No, somebody will see us.
Who's watching?
Who's watching?
No! There's nothing between us anymore.
Don't do that again.
But your lips didn't say no.
Which one should I trust?
Your lips or your words?
There you go.
You're unusually sober today.
Yeah, a little.
Work? Or a man?
A lot of things.
Still in love?
Don't be ridiculous!
Who'd want that idiot?!
I was young, and it's still the biggest blemish on my whole life.
I meant that he may still like you. Did I scare you?
Why you lousy...
You're only proving my hypothesis.
Why don't you go with your feelings?
It's not like it's still eight years ago.
It hasn't changed. Not a bit. He's still immature.
Well, I've got to get to work. Tomorrow is D-day.
Target has broken through the final defense line at Gora.
Here it comes!
We won't fail this time!
Spread your AT fields as soon as the music starts.
Then follow the operation choreography.
Are you two ready?
The target has entered the mountains.
Just remember Shinji, full power, maximum performance.
I know that. We'll finish in sixty-two seconds.
Target entering Ground Zero.
Detach external power cables.
Confirmation. Both Evas are operational.
This is pathetic.
You jerk! What are you doing on my Unit 02?!
What are you talking about? You're the one who fell on me!
You're the one who lost his timing first!
You're always so slow!
What were you doing, staying up so late last night?!
lmage training for today's battle!
Liar! I know you tried to kiss me while I was sleeping!
You cheat! You were awake?
Oh, my gosh! I was just kidding! Did you really kiss me?!
No, I didn't! I stopped!
Pervert! Fiend! ldiot! I can't believe this!
You caused it by calling for your mother and sleepwalking!
Those kids are embarrassing us again.
The crater of Mount Asama where an unhatched Angel lies.
Misato immediately requests the announcement of an A-1 7.
NERV personnel attempt the first capture of an Angel
under top priority circumstances.
An Eva with special equipment challenges the fires of Hell!
It's an extreme environment of high heat and pressure.
What did Asuka see there?
It's the next episode: "Magma Diver"
And I'll give you more service!
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