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Subtitles for Evangelion ep 10.

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Evangelion ep 10

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I'm so lucky that I can go shopping with you today, Kaji!
What the?! lsn't this the swimsuit section?
Hey! Hey! How do you like this?
Hey! Hey! How do you like this?
Slow down, school girl. You're a little young for that!
You're just being an old fuddy-duddy, Kaji.
This is what's in fashion these days.
This is what's in fashion these days.
Oh, really?
I'm anxious about this school trip. I just know we'll have a great time.
And where are you going for the trip?
We're even scheduled to go scuba diving!
Scuba diving...
It's been three years since I've gone diving.
Say, where did you go for your school trip?
Well, we didn't have one.
Why not?
Because of the Second lmpact.
I can't go on the trip?!
Why not?!
Why not?!
Because you're on stand-by for combat duty.
You never told me anything about that!
I just told you.
Who in the hell decided that?!
Me, the Operations Planning Manager.
Hey, why don't you stop slurping that tea, and say something!
Be a man!
Actually, I kind of anticipated it would be like this.
And you've already given up?
How pathetic. Nothing's more useless than a housebroken male.
Please don't talk about me like that.
I know how you must feel,
but there's no other way.
There's always the possibility of an Angel attack while you're gone.
It's always stand-by! Stand-by, stand-by, stand-by!
We've always got to be ready to defend against an enemy who may not even come!
Why don't you try to find out where they are, and attack first?!
If we could do that, we'd have already done it.
Look, think of this as an opportunity to catch up.
While the rest of your class is on the trip,
the two of you can study.
Or do you think I don't know about these?
If you thought you had to tell me what your test scores were,
you made a big mistake. Finding out what your grades are
is quite simple for me.
It's ridiculous. This school's grades are meaningless!
The old fashioned grading system used here means nothing to me.
When in Rome, do as the Romans do.
You could at least try to adjust to Japanese school life.
No way!
Asuka, I'll bring you some souvenirs!
Well, it's just too bad for you guys!
Don't feel bad, I'll have enough fun for both of you!
Post the survey data on Mt. Asama
from Balthasar to Melchior as soon as possible.
A school trip?
That's pretty casual behavior for times like these.
Well, it's because the times are so hard
that they want to have a little fun while they can.
What are you up to?
Studying physics.
You're such an obedient student, Mr. Big Shot.
Well, I'd have to anyway.
Ta da!
Since I can't go scuba diving in Okinawa, I'm going to do it here!
What're you working on?
Let me see.
You can't solve an easy problem like this?
There! Here you go!
It's so easy.
How can you solve a difficult problem like this,
and not make good grades on your tests?
Because I couldn't figure out what the questions said.
You mean you couldn't read the questions in Japanese?
Right, I haven't learned all of the Kanji yet.
I didn't have to study it in college.
Yeah, I graduated last year.
What does this one say?
It's about thermal expansion.
Thermal expansion? That's kid stuff!
To put it simply,
things expand when they get hot, and shrink when they get cold.
Well, it sounds easy enough in theory.
If I were to warm up my breasts, do you think they'd grow bigger?
How would I know such things?!
You're such a boring little boy.
Watch this, Shinji!
Back roll entry!
This just isn't clear enough.
But the report from Mt. Asama Earthquake Research indicates
that we should take a closer look at this shadow.
Of course, we can't ignore this.
What's Magi's judgment?
Is someone there yet?
Captain Katsuragi's already on site.
You've gone too deep.
Not yet. Descend another 500, please.
Depth 1200. The pressure resistant partition is cracking.
Ms. Katsuragi!
If it breaks, we'll pay for the damage. 200 more, please.
We're monitoring a reaction!
Begin analysis!
Begin analysis!
The probe has imploded due to the extreme pressure.
Did you get a result?
Just barely. The pattern is blue.
Then there's no doubt. It's an Angel.
From now on, this laboratory will be completely sealed off.
It's under NERV's jurisdiction now!
Any and all access to the outside world is prohibited.
All records of the events of the past six hours are classified.
I need an A-17 from Commander lkari, top priority!
Watch what you're saying. This is an open line.
I know. Switch to the scrambled line.
An offensive attack?
Unacceptable, it's too dangerous.
Have you forgotten what happened fifteen years ago?
This is our chance
to move from a defensive posture to an offensive one.
The risk is enormous.
However, I'm sure you're aware how important it is
to obtain a living Angel as a sample, aren't you?
We will not tolerate failure.
If we fail, it will result in the extinction of the human race.
Are you really going to do it?
This is an Angel?
Yes, it's something like a chrysalis prior to reaching the adult stage.
This operation's prime objective is to capture this Angel.
We must capture it alive, as close to its original state as possible.
And if we fail?
Then you must destroy it immediately. Do you understand?
The designated pilot for the actual operation is...
The designated pilot for the actual operation is...
Hey, let me! I dive!
I know it's going to be me.
You will carry out the mission using Unit 02.
Sure! lt'll be easy.
And me?
Unit 00 does not confrom to the special equipment we'll be using.
Rei and Unit 00 will remain at headquarters on stand-by.
Oh, too bad.
Oh, too bad.
You don't get to go to the hot springs.
Now an A-17 has been ordered, we must scramble immediately.
Get ready.
Get ready.
This heat resistant plug suit doesn't seem any different.
Press the switch on your right wrist.
Oh, no!
What is this?
Unit 02 is also ready.
No! What is this?
The suit is designed to protect you from heat, pressure and radiation.
This is Type-D equipment, for combat under extreme environmental duress.
Is that my Unit 02?
No way! I quit!
I don't want to appear in public in this dorky outfit!
This is the sort of thing Shinji's for!
I'm so disappointed.
I was anticipating seeing Asuka's gallant figure!
Really, I can't let Kaji see me in this awful looking thing.
We're having problems?
We're having problems?
Well, yes.
Excuse me, but I can...
I'll go in Unit 02.
No, I don't want you touching my Unit 02!
I'd rather do it than let her take my place.
I'm sorry about the look. Please, forgive me.
Eva Units 01 and 02 have arrived.
Have both units stand-by in position.
Move in the laser bore, and ready the crane.
Hey, isn't Kaji here yet?
That male buffoon won't be here. It's not any of his business.
Damn! I wanted him to see how great I am.
An A-1 7 has been ordered.
That includes the freeze of all current assets.
I assume that means some people will be getting into a bit of trouble.
Why didn't you stop them?
I had no excuse for stopping it. This order is an official one.
Surely you must know that if NERV fails, the whole world will perish.
They're not that arrogant.
What are those?
The U.N. and the Air Force will be on stand-by alert...
...until this mission has been completed.
Will they help us?
No, they're here to clean up... case we fail.
What do you mean?
They will use N2 depth charges to destroy the Angel, and us with it.
That's dreadful!
Who would order something like that?
Commander lkari.
Laser operation, complete.
The bore path has been secured.
The Type D equipment is functioning normally.
Unit 02 is in position to dispatch.
Asuka, are you ready?
Anytime you are.
It looks hot!
Unit 02 is entering the lava.
Watch this, Shinji!
Giant Stroke Entry!
Current depth: 170. Speed of descent: 20.
No problems detected.
Visibility is zero. I can't see a thing.
Switching to CT monitor.
Even with this, the range of clarity is no more than 120.
Depth is 400...
We're over the maximum safety depth.
Depth is 1300. Unit 02 has reached estimated target level.
Asuka? Can you see anything?
No reactions detected. It's not here.
The lava circulation is faster than we thought.
The target's velocity doesn't match our predictions.
Hurry up and re-calculate.
Continue the operation. Maintain descent.
Depth is 1350.
A crack has occurred in the second coolant pipe.
Depth is 1480.
We're over the maximum allowed depth.
It hasn't contacted the target yet?
Go on.
How's it going, Asuka?
I'm okay. I just want to finish this and take a shower, ASAP.
There's a nice hot springs near here. We'll hit it once we're done.
Just hang in there just a little longer.
Maximum allowed depth plus 120.
Eva Unit 02 has lost its progressive knife.
Maximum allowed depth plus 200.
Captain Katsuragi, we've got to stop!
Have you forgotten that there's a human being in there?
I am in charge of this operation.
Proceed, please.
Misato's right. I'm okay. I can go on.
Depth 1780.
Unit 02 has reached the corrected target depth.
There it is!
Target in sight.
Prepare to capture.
Due to the motion of the currents moving you and the target,
you'll have just one chance to make contact.
I know. Just leave it to me.
30 to contact.
Relative velocity 2.2 on the axis.
Electromagnetic cage spread. No problems detected.
The target has been captured.
Nice, Asuka.
Operation completed.
I'm coming up now.
Are you all right, Asuka?
Who do you think you're asking? Fear is worse than danger itself.
It was an easy assignment.
But this isn't a plug suit. It's a sauna suit!
I want to take a bath.
The tension let loose all at once.
You were scared about this operation too, weren't you?
You were scared about this operation too, weren't you?
Yes, if it'd gone wrong, there might have been another disaster.
Right, Second lmpact.
Nobody would want to repeat that again.
What's going on?!
Oh no! It's started to hatch!
It's much earlier than we predicted!
Status of the cage?!
There's no way it can withstand this!
Abort the capture! Jettison the cage!
We're changing the operation!
Destroying the Angel is now top priority!
Unit 02, withdraw, and prepare for combat!
This is what I've waited for!
Damn, I forgot I dropped the knife!
It's right in front of me!
Releasing ballast!
It's fast!
This is no good. I've lost it.
In addition to that, I've got lousy visibility, I'm too hot,
and this disgusting suit's stuck to my body with sweat.
This really sucks.
We'll drop you Unit 01's knife. Catch it!
Oh, no! Have you dropped it, Shinji?
Contact with knife, 40 seconds.
The Angel is approaching rapidly!
No! Go away!
Hurry up with it!
Come on!
What the hell?!
Unbelievable! How could it open its mouth in such an environment?
lts construction must be incredible!
The left leg is damaged!
The heat shields!
Damn you!
If it can withstand such a high heat, high pressure environment,
then the progressive knife will be useless against it!
Then what's the solution?
I know! Like the one earlier!
Eat this!
I understand! Thermal expansion!
Transfer all coolant pressure to cable three! Hurry!
I've done it, but...
Is this the end? Looks like that's that.
ldiot! What a show off!
Are the NERV personnel here?
I need your signature here.
Thanks so much.
From Kaji?
What is this?
The bath is over there, to the left.
This feels like heaven.
I never thought a bath could feel this good.
Shinji, can you hear me?
Yes, Ma'am!
Would you throw me the body shampoo?
We ran out of ours.
Here it comes.
Here it comes.
You idiot! You dork, watch where you're throwing!
He hit me in my most essential part!
Let me take a look.
Wow, your skin is so soft and smooth, Asuka!
Don't! You're tickling me!
How about right here?
Don't touch that!
Come on, what gives?
It expanded.
How embarrassing!
Oh, this? I got this in the Second Impact.
You know all about my past, don't you?
Well, yeah. It's a part of my job.
It's all ancient history now.
We should just forget.
The Angels aren't Commander lkari's only enemies.
When those displeased with NERV cut off Tokyo-3's power supply,
an Angel arrives at NERV HQ to find it completely locked up,
with nothing operational.
Can three kids wandering around the underground labyrinth
make it to headquarters in time to intercept the Angel?
It's the next episode: "ln the Still Darkness"
You can expect more service next time too!
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