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Subtitles for Evangelion ep 11.

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Evangelion ep 11

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Cool! I won a free ice cream bar!
Boy, the cost of doing laundry has been killing me lately.
I just wish I had the time to wash my clothes for myself.
You should appreciate the fact you can at least sleep at home.
Hello, Vice Commander.
Good morning, Sir.
Good morning, Sir!
Good morning.
You're quite early today.
Well, I have to go uptown as lkari's representative.
I see. lsn't today the City Council's regular meeting?
It's a boring job.
He always forces the most tedious work on me.
Without the Magi's help, I couldn't do it.
Speaking of which, election day is coming up, isn't it?
The City Council has no authority at all.
Actually, the Magi run everything now.
The Magi? You mean the three super computers?
Government by majority decision of three different computers.
It's a sort of democratic system.
And the council just obeys their decisions?
It's a most effective form of government.
This truly is a City of Science.
We are fortunate to live in an era when Science reigns supreme.
Talk about old fashioned viewpoints.
Come to think of it, don't you have an experiment to run on Unit 00?
Yes, we're going to run the second prolonged activation test at 10:30.
I'm expecting good news.
Abort experiment! Cut the circuit!
Switching circuits.
Power supply restored.
This component is the problem again.
Yes. I think the problem is that the conversion efficiency
is 0.008 lower than our theoretical calculations.
It's within the tolerance though, barely.
What are we going to do?
Let's try it again using the same configuration,
but lower the reciprocal conversion rate by 0.01.
Now, let's recommence the reactivation experiment.
Now, let's recommence the reactivation experiment.
Hey, hold up!
Man, I've never had to run this much!
So, what's with the black expression?
It's from seeing your loathsome face first thing in the morning.
Yes, hold just a moment please.
Well, Father...
What? Hurry up.
I'm supposed to
tell my parent that an interview
for Advanced Vocational Education is going to be held at school.
I've delegated things like that to Captain Katsuragi.
Don't bother me with such nonsense.
Don't forward any more of these calls to...
A black out?
A black out?
No, it can't be. It's not possible.
No, it can't be. It's not possible.
Something's strange. An accident?
Perhaps Dr. Akagi made a mistake?
The main power supply has been interrupted.
Voltage level is zero!
It's not my fault.
What do you think?
lt'll switch to the backup power supply soon.
No, the backup circuits aren't working.
That can't be.
Which circuits are functioning?
Only one point two percent! Only nine circuits out of 2,567!
Connect all remaining live circuits to the Magi and Central Dogma.
But that could interfere with life support systems.
Do it! That's our top priority!
This is Nozomu Takahashi, who wants a happier government.
This is Nozomu Takahashi, who wants a happier government.
We need your support for this righteous and honest candidate.
We need your support for this righteous and honest candidate.
Thank you!
Maybe Commander lkari was just really busy?
I doubt it.
It wasn't like he hung up. It was more like a mechanical failure.
Hey, are you a man or what?
Stop letting every little incident bother you!
What do you think you're doing? Here, let me try that!
Damn! It must be broken!
We'd better head for the command station.
It's been seven minutes and the power hasn't been restored. This... very unusual.
What's the backup power system here?
There are three circuits, main, sub and reserve.
It's virtually impossible for all of those to fail at once.
Then that means...
...the circuit breakers didn't go on their own.
Someone must have blown them intentionally.
Regardless of the cause,
it would be disastrous if an Angel were to attack right now.
Radar has detected an unidentified object.
Projected landing point is in the former Atami region.
It must be number eight.
I agree, it must be an Angel.
What are we going to do?
Go to alert status. That's the procedure, anyway.
This one's destination has to be Tokyo-3.
I agree. Well, this is no job for us.
The Angel has landed.
It's still advancing.
What about Tokyo-3?
It's still silent.
What in the hell are those NERV guys doing?
I never thought I'd actually have to use one of these trap exits.
I thought they were just holdovers kept for our peace of mind.
To provide is to prevent.
This one doesn't work either!
None of the facilities work. This is odd.
Could this mean that something's happened down in the Geo-Front?
It is natural to assume that.
In any case, let's try to make contact with NERV Headquarters.
No, the emergency phones aren't getting through either.
No, there's no answer on Line 77.
No, no response.
Not here either. So the main and emergency cables are both down.
What do we do now?
What're you doing?
What are you, stupid? I'm looking for my emergency manual.
Anyway, let's go to NERV Headquarters.
Yeah, but first we'll need to decide who will be group leader.
And naturally, I am the leader.
Any objections?
Now, let's go.
We can proceed through Route 07, right here.
But the doors don't work.
We can open it manually.
There you go, Shinji. That's your job.
I don't believe it! You want to control everything,
but you always defer to me at times like this.
Damn those Joint Staff bastards! Always defer to us at times like this.
What does the government say?
Those Tokyo-2 buttheads? They're getting ready to run.
The Angel is still advancing.
In any case, we must contact NERV.
But how?
By going there yourself.
This is the 3rd District ASDF!
An unidentified object is moving toward this area.
All residents must evacuate to their designated shelters.
Big trouble! I've got to report this to Headquarters!
But how?
Remember Takahashi remains calm even in situations like this!
Please support candidate Takahashi!
It's too hot.
Yeah, the air conditioners are out.
Katsuragi, if you're so hot, why don't you take off your shirt?
There's no reason for shyness between you and me.
Don't even think about trying to take advantage of this situation.
Okay, okay!
It's getting even worse. Now, the air is getting stagnant.
Hard to believe this facility represents the most advanced technology on Earth.
But look at the Commander and Vice Commander.
Even in this much heat, they're cool and in command.
It's getting warmer.
...along with the declaration of emergency in this district.
Emergency vehicle! Passing through!
Oh, my! Excuse me, it's blocked!
It's okay! Charge!
This is an emergency! Everything is permitted!
Aye, Sir!
No! Let me off!
This Geo-Front was designed to be a self-sufficient colony,
even when isolated from the outside.
Theoretically, it's impossible for all of the power sources
to be shut down at once.
You mean that someone caused it to happen?
Their purpose would be to map this facility.
So they could determine HQ's structure through the restoration?
Disrespectful bastards.
I'll run a dummy program through the Magi.
That will make it harder for them to get a complete picture.
I'll leave it to you.
I'll leave it to you.
Yes, Sir.
I can't believe the first havoc wreaked upon our headquarters
wasn't caused by an Angel, but by another member of our species.
One of Mankind's greatest enemies is Man himself.
But it usually only takes two minutes.
Are you sure this is the right way?
Yes, I'm sure! If we can get past this point we'll be there.
Haven't I heard that four times already?
Picky! You always focus on the most insubstantial little tidbits.
Silence, please.
What now, Wonder Girl?
What now, Wonder Girl?
A man's voice.
That's Hyuga!
Hey! Hey! Hey!
An Angel is approaching! Repeat, an Angel is approaching!
An Angel?!
We can't waste any more time. Let's take a short cut.
Hey, I'm the leader! Don't take any initiatives without my permission!
Now then, where is this short cut?
This may be the quickest way, but we look really stupid.
Say, just what do you think the Angels are?
Why are you talking about that at a time like this?
Angels are messengers of God but our enemies are named after them.
So, why are we fighting them?
What are you, stupid? Strange beings started attacking us.
When someone's attacking you, you can't just sit and do nothing.
To the right!
I think the correct path is to the left.
I think the correct path is to the left.
Stop bothering me!
What do you think, Shinji?
I'm not sure.
Damn, I'm the leader, so just shut up, and follow me!
I expected that this would be a little odd. The path is going up.
What do you mean, "expected"? You always nit-pick and worry!
Look, this has got to be it this time!
Well, we've visually confirmed the Angel's presence.
Now, we know we have to hurry.
Angel is approaching! lmmediate Eva dispatch will be necessary!
Oh, my gosh!
Fuyutsuki, take care of the rest of this.
I will help prepare for the launch in the cage.
Are you serious?
You mean by hand?
We have a diesel generator for such emergencies.
We have no pilots!
Not again!
This way.
I've heard that you're the Commander's favorite, aren't you?
You're a favored smart ass who's treated differently than us.
Stop it! This isn't the time for that!
You've always got that smug look on your face.
Do you think you can act superior just because you're treated better?
I don't act superior.
And I'm not treated better either.
I know that quite well.
Roger. Ejection of the termination plug is complete.
Good, prepare to insert the entry plug.
But the pilots aren't here yet.
Don't worry, they'll come.
There's no way I can open this with my hands.
It can't be helped. We'll have to break into a duct to get through.
This First Child isn't someone to mess with.
She'll do anything to accomplish her objectives.
She's a real self-righteous bitch.
The plug is fixed and ready.
Now, we just have to wait for the kids.
If you dare look forward, I'll kill you!
You jerk! lgnoramus! Nincompoop!
I told you not to look!
I have to see to go forward!
Ah, there you are.
Prepare for entry!
Roger, open the hatches manually.
How are the Evas?
They're in standby.
How? Nothing's working.
It was all done by hand.
It was the Commander's idea.
My father's?
Commander lkari believed in you three, and prepared everything.
Plugs inserted.
All units activated using backup power supply.
Remove primary lock bolts.
Hydraulic locks numbers 2 through 32, released.
Zero pressure.
The situation is free.
Go ahead and remove the restraints.
Begin the attack!
The target has stopped right above us.
Get ready! Hurry up!
The emergency batteries have been installed!
Well, we're ready.
Geez! I look so pathetic!
We're approaching a vertical shaft.
This is still pathetic.
Watch out! Dodge!
It appears the target is going to invade HQ using liquid solvent.
What'll we do?
We're going to beat it, of course.
Sure, but how?
We dropped our rifles, and the battery packs are running out.
They won't last more than another three minutes.
I have a plan.
One of us will take the defensive position, and stay here.
Their job is to neutralize the Angel's AT Field,
and to protect the offensive player from that acid.
The backup player
will go down, pick up the rifles, and hand them to the offense.
The offense will then fire a volley to destroy the target.
How does that sound?
I see, I will take the defense.
Sorry, but it's not you.
It's me.
It's too dangerous!
That's why.
I'll feel bad if I don't repay you for the one I owe you from last time.
Shinji will be the offense. Wonder Girl is the backup.
Got it?
Here we go!
Asuka, get out of the way!
Now, we're even.
Oh, damn it! Why doesn't it open?!
This is a desperate situation! I've got to go to the bathroom!
Hey, I told you not to look up!
Okay! Yes, Ma'am!
It's ironic.
Without electricity and artificial light, the sky looks so beautiful.
But without the lights, it's as if there were no humans there.
See? I feel much more comfortable this way.
Man has always feared the Darkness, so he scrapes away at its edges with fire.
He creates life by diminishing the Darkness.
A philosopher!
Is that what makes Mankind a special species?
Is that why the Angels keep attacking us?
What are you, stupid?
Who knows what they think?
Misato's results are evaluated, and she is promoted to Major.
However, her career has been a crusade to exterminate the Angels.
When Misato tells Shinji of her past,
he finds a similar sentiment within himself.
The largest Angel yet comes flying though the stratosphere,
making many people abandon all hope.
It's the next episode: "The Value of a Miracle is..."
Again, watch it with your friends.
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