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Subtitles for Evangelion ep 12.

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Evangelion ep 12

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Thanks, Shinji, you really saved us from that rainstorm.
Where's Misato?
I guess she must still be asleep.
She's been working all night recently.
That's right, she has a tough job.
We've got to be quiet. Don't wake her up.
What are you doing in here?!
Taking shelter from the rain.
You guys are after me, aren't you?
Well, I'm changing and if you peep, I'll kill you!
Shut up, idiot!
Who would want to see you changing clothes?!
She's way too self-conscious.
Sorry for disturbing you!
Hi, how's it going?
Shinji, don't be late tonight, we're having a harmonics test.
Did you hear that, Asuka?
Yes, Ma'am!
Congratulations on your promotion!
Thank you.
You're most welcome.
See you later.
See you!
What's up? Did something happen to Misato?
Didn't you see her badge?
The number of lines increased to two.
That means that she's been promoted from Captain to Major.
Really? I didn't notice that.
Yeah, I wonder when...
Are you serious? What a bunch of dweebs!
Haven't you got any sympathy?
Don't you know how hard it is to foster two jr. high kids at her age?
We're the only ones who have some human compassion.
Units 00 and 02 are both on the edge of the contamination zone.
They've reached their limit.
Unit 01 can still tolerate a little more though, can't he?
Lower the graph depth another 0.3.
He's almost reached the contamination zone.
And he's still getting these readings? He's wonderful.
His harmonics and sync ratio are rapidly catching up with Asuka's.
It is a talent, isn't it?
He was born to pilot an Eva, wasn't he?
Not that he wants to.
I know he's not happy.
Test completed. Good work.
Excellent work, Shinji.
What do you mean?
Your harmonics value increased by eight points since the last test.
That's very good.
But still it's fifty points lower than mine!
Yes, but he increased it by eight points in only ten days.
That's really something.
It's not so great!
Are you happy with your little praise?
I'm going home now! ldiot!
Congratulations on your promotion.
But I'm not really all that thrilled.
I understand.
I'm not happy when I get praised either, like earlier.
All it does is make Asuka angry.
I don't know why she gets so mad.
That bothers you?
That's because you always watch everyone else's faces.
Thanks, guys!
Thank you, Mister Suzuhara.
No, no. This wasn't my brainchild, it was this guy right here.
That's right! l, Kensuke Aida was the planner!
Thank you, Mister Aida.
Oh, you're welcome! But it's not such a big deal, really.
By the way, why is the class rep here?
Because I invited her.
Rei too?
Yes, I invited her,
but that girl is one strange customer.
Darn, why is Mister Kaji so late?
Oh, is Mister Kaji that really cool guy?
Oh, yeah!
He's so much better than these dweebs that it's like night and day.
It's an insult to compare him to them.
What did you say?!
How dare you?
Is it still difficult for you to be here
in this kind of situation?
I'm okay.
I'm just not used to being with
so many people.
Why do they have to
make so much noise like that?
Your promotion...
That means someone noticed the work you've been doing, right?
Yeah, I suppose.
That's why they're happy.
But you don't look very happy at all.
Oh, I'm happy. I am.
But that's not the reason I work here.
Then why did you join NERV?
Well, I don't remember. It's been a long time since then.
That's got to be Kaji!
I came directly from HQ. We just happened to meet on the way.
That's rather suspicious.
Hey, are you jealous?
Absolutely not.
Anyhow, I'd like to give you my fondest regards, Major Katsuragi.
I suppose I'll have to be polite to you from now on.
What are you trying to say, you jerk?
It's unprecedented for both the Commander and Vice-Commander
to leave Japan together.
I guess they must really count on old Katsuragi here.
My father's not here?
Commander lkari is at the South Pole at the moment.
Nothing living can exist in the world of death we call Antarctica.
Or should I simply call it Hell?
Nevertheless, we, Mankind, are here.
We're living things, and we're alive.
That's because we're under the protection of science.
Science is the power of Man.
That arrogance is what caused the tragedy of fifteen years ago,
the Second lmpact.
And here is the end result.
This is a greater punishment than we deserve.
This is the real Dead Sea.
Yet this is a world that has been purified, purged of the original sin.
I'd rather live in a world where people can live,
no matter how stained with sin.
Report from the bridge.
Telegram received from NERV Headquarters.
An Angel has been detected in orbit above the lndian Ocean.
The Angel appeared suddenly, two minutes ago.
Send Search Satellite Number 6 to that orbit.
T-minus two minutes to contact.
The target has been sighted.
That's impressive.
I don't believe it.
Satellite Number 6 is closing for contact with the target.
Start data search.
Data transmission commencing.
Reception confirmed.
Was that an AT Field?
It's a new way of using it.
What incredibly destructive power.
That's an AT Field!
It uses kinetic energy too.
This Angel is, itself, like a huge bomb.
In any case, the first blast missed its target and hit the Pacific.
Two hours later, the second shot struck there.
Since then, it has been steadily correcting the error ratio.
That means it's learning.
An N2 air bomb had no effect on it.
The Angel has been missing since then.
It's probably coming here.
Yes, and next time it may drop itself.
So, that will give us a third Ashinoko lake?
All five Fuji lakes will be fused into a single body linked to the Pacific,
destroying this Headquarters in the process.
Can we reach the Commander?
It's impossible due to the Angel's powerful jamming.
What is the Magi's judgment?
They unanimously agree in recommending evacuation.
What will you do?
You're the one who's in charge of all this now.
Notify all of the ministries concerned
of this D-17 Declaration as provided for by NERV's authority.
All residents within radius of 50km are to evacuate immediately.
Also, ask Matsushiro to backup the Magi.
Are we going to evacuate as well?
No, but it's not necessary to place everyone at risk.
A D-17 Special Declaration has been made by the government.
All residents must evacuate to their designated locations.
Beginning with the 6th and 7th blocks,
move according to your district chief's direction immediately.
The evacuation of the city is complete.
The evacuation of noncombatant and D Class personnel
by Alarm C has been completed.
Are you serious?
Yes, I am.
You'll risk all three Evas with your irresponsible selfishness?
The chance of success is only 0.00001 %!
That's not even one in ten thousand!
It's not zero. I just trust the Evas.
Major Katsuragi!
I'm in charge.
I have to do what I have to do,
and destroying Angels is my duty.
Your duty? You must be kidding.
This is for your own sake, isn't it?
This is just your revenge against the Angels!
Catch it in our hands?
That's right. We'll position the Evas in the estimated drop zone.
You'll catch it while maintaining your AT Fields at full strength.
What if the Angel doesn't come down where you expect it to?
We'll be a little put out.
What if the Evas aren't able to withstand the shock?
We'll be put out in that case too.
What's our probability of success?
God only knows. I have no idea.
If we succeed, it'll be a miracle.
It's not until we've done all we can to cause a miracle that it becomes viable.
You mean, we've got to be willing to sacrifice ourselves?
I'm sorry, but we have no other options for this operation.
How can you call this an operation?!
No, you can't really call it that.
You can refuse to do it, if you wish.
So, are you okay with this?
Regulations say you're supposed to write a will. Have you done so?
I don't need to. I'm not going to die just yet.
Neither do l. There is no use for it.
Not me, either.
Again, I'm sorry.
But once this is over, I'll treat you all to a steak dinner.
What? Really?
What? Really?
I promise.
I promise.
Don't forget!
Don't forget!
You can count on it.
I guess she thinks a steak dinner is supposed to impress us.
Does she really think a steak dinner will impress us?
The Second lmpact generation has really cheap standards.
She can't help it.
What was with that fake cheer you made?
I just wanted to make her feel a little easier about it.
Now, since she's going to treat us,
I'd better figure out where to go.
You've got to join us this time.
No, I won't.
Why not?
I dislike meat.
Because of the Angel's ECM jamming, we've lost track of it.
Since it's impossible to calculate the collision point exactly,
the Magi's estimated a drop zone based on the data
that had been collected before it was lost.
This is it.
The range is this wide?
The range is this wide?
The distance from one side to the other is enormous.
Given the size of the target's AT Field,
it could totally annihilate HQ by hitting any of these locations.
Given that, we'll disperse the Evas at each of these three points.
And on what grounds is this dispersal based?
Yes, a woman's intuition.
How sloppy! Our miracle is getting farther and farther away.
Misato has never won the lottery.
Asuka, why do you pilot an Eva?
To exhibit my talent to the world, of course.
You mean to prove that you exist?
Yeah, more or less.
You're not going to ask her?
I've asked Ayanami before.
My, how intimate the two of you are.
It's not like that.
Now, what about you, Shinji?
I don't know.
You don't know? What are you, stupid?
Maybe I am.
I suppose you really are.
Twenty minutes to estimated time of impact.
You must all evacuate now.
I can take care of this myself.
No, this is our job as well.
That's right. We can't let the kids risk their lives by themselves.
They'll be fine.
No matter how badly the Evas might be damaged,
their AT Fields will protect them.
lnside an Eva is the safest place to be.
Shinji, yesterday you asked me why I joined NERV.
My father was a man who lived for his research,
for his dreams, to the exclusion of all else.
I could never forgive him for that.
In fact, I even hated him.
Just like my father.
He never took care of me, my mother or the family.
His friends always said he was very sensitive and delicate.
But the truth was that he was just a weak person
who didn't want to face reality, the reality called his family.
He was like a kid.
So I agreed with my mother when she decided to divorce him,
because she was always crying.
He was depressed about it,
but I laughed at him because he deserved what he got.
But he sacrificed himself
to save my life during the Second lmpact.
Then, I didn't know whether I hated him or loved him.
The only thing that was clear to me
was I wanted to destroy the Angels who caused the Second lmpact.
So, in order to do that, I joined NERV.
It might be that I still hate him, and just want to avenge my father,
so that I can free myself of him.
I mustn't run away. I mustn't run away. I mustn't run away.
I must NOT run away.
The Target has been sighted at maximum magnification.
Distance is approximately 25,000.
Here it is.
All Evas, start your engines.
All we have is a rough estimated trajectory from optical sightings.
So the Magi will guide you until the distance is 10,000 meters.
After that, you'll have to use your own judgment.
I'm placing my trust in you.
The Angel is approaching, distance 20,000.
Commence operation.
Here we go!
Distance 12,000!
AT Field, full spread!
Unit 02! Spread your field!
I'm doing it!
Do it now!
Our wireless communications have been restored.
We're receiving a message from Commander lkari in Antarctica.
Connect him here.
Connect him here.
Yes, Ma'am.
I'm very sorry, Sir.
My irresponsible judgment, has caused Unit 01 to incur damage.
It was completely my fault.
That is not a problem. Destroying Angels is the Evas' purpose.
It was fortunate that the amount of damage was minimal.
Excellent work, Major Katsuragi.
Thank you, Sir.
And on that subject, is the pilot of Unit 01 there?
I've received the report. Good work, Shinji.
Now, Major Katsuragi, I'll leave the rest of this in your hands.
Yes, Sir.
Next station is New Miyanoshita, New Miyanoshita.
The exit will switch to the left side at the next station.
Now, you're going to have to fulfill your promise.
Of course!
I've withdrawn enough I can even pay for a full French dinner.
Although, before payday comes along again...
Take it easy, we know how poor you are.
This'll be fine.
And even Wonder Girl says she'll join us for ramen noodles.
I'll have a garlic ramen with no roast pork.
I'll have shark-fin soup ramen with roast pork. Large!
There you go!
Say, Misato?
When I heard my father's words today,
I think I finally understood
the good part of being praised by someone.
And I also realized
that the reason I pilot my Eva is to hear those words from him.
That's why you're a pilot?
You really are an idiot.
The Magi are a trio of super computers that command all of NERV Headquarters.
They're ordinarily inspected by Technical Division 1
following each simulated plug activation.
But then trouble occurs, and all of the underground facilities,
and even Central Dogma itself, are invaded.
Finally, NERV is forced to accept a course of self-destruction.
It's the next episode: "Angel Invasion"
And expect service and more fan service!
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