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Subtitles for Evangelion ep 13.

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Evangelion ep 13

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Apotheosis for the three Evas will be performed
as soon as the MAGl system is reactivated.
Operation confirmed. Steps 450 through 670 are omitted.
Command has granted approval.
You're fast, Maya, that's what makes you you!
Of course, I am. You trained me.
Wait a second, A-8 would be faster there.
Let me do that.
Well, she was my teacher.
How's it going? Are you finished giving the MAGl their check-up?
Almost done. As promised, it'll be over before today's test begins.
You're something else, Ritsuko.
You have three impossible tasks, yet you still beat the schedule.
That one's cold.
All three MAGl systems have entered self-diagnostic mode.
The 127th routine maintenance has been completed.
Confirmed. Well done, guys.
Take a break until the test begins.
Everything checked out.
As usual, mother's in good shape, but...
Is it just me getting older?
You want me to take off my clothes again?
The next chamber is an ultra-clean room environment.
Just taking a shower and changing your undergarments is insufficient.
Why do I have to go through all this for a simple autopilot test?
With the advance of time, Eva technology also needs to advance.
To do so, we need a constant influx of new data.
All right, I'm here, just the way you wanted.
Butt-naked and run through the wash cycle seventeen times.
Now, I want all three of you to stay that way
as you walk through the room and board the entry plug.
Don't worry. The video recorders have been shut off.
We do respect your privacy.
That isn't the point! This is a very personal thing!
This test's purpose is to remove interference from your plug suits,
and monitor the harmonics directly from your bodies.
Asuka, that's an order.
All right! But I don't want anybody peeking, okay?
All pilots are ready for entry.
Start the test.
Beginning the test. lnitiate autopilot recording.
lnserting simulation plug.
Connecting simulation bodies to the system.
The simulation plugs are now under the MAGl's control.
Wow, that was really fast! The MAGl are magnificent!
It's hard to believe that the first experiment took a whole week.
According to the schedule, the test will end in three hours.
How do you feel?
It feels odd.
Yes, it's different from the other times.
Something's wrong with my senses.
My right arm is all I can feel clearly. Everything else is fuzzy.
Rei, imagine moving your right hand.
Yes, Ma'am.
Data collection is proceeding nicely.
Everything seems good so far.
Return the MAGl to their normal state.
A dilemma...
You can sure feel the creator's personality, can't you?
What are you talking about? You created them, didn't you?
You don't know anything, do you?
That's because you never talk about yourself like I do, Ritsuko!
That's true. I just created the system uplinks.
The one who developed the basic theorems and the main frame
was my mother.
Are you double checking this?
Yes, I am.
These are the parts that were brought in three days ago.
These are the parts that are showing signs of deterioration.
The 87th protein wall.
With magnification, you can see some of the spots.
Can you tell me what it is?
It's got to be corrosion.
It's got to be corrosion.
There are slight variations in the temperature and conduction rates.
Deterioration of sterilized rooms happens a lot, an awful lot lately.
The construction schedule was cut by about sixty days.
It's possible that some air bubbles may have gotten inside.
There are a lot of flaws in the construction of B Wing.
This building was built after the Angels appeared, remember?
You can't blame anyone. Everybody was so exhausted then.
Take care of it by tomorrow.
Otherwise, lkari will be jumping all over our asses for it.
Another water leak?
No, it's some kind of corrosion in the protein wall above this floor.
Could it have any effect on this test?
No, not at the moment.
Then, let's continue.
We can't abort experiments due to minor technical problems.
Otherwise, Commander lkari will be jumping all over our asses.
Synchronization position is correct.
Connecting the simulation plugs to the Evas via the simulation bodies.
Contact with Eva Unit 00 has been confirmed.
AT Field will be generated on two.
What's happening?!
We've got a contamination alert in the Sigma unit on A Floor.
We've got a contamination alert in the Sigma unit on A Floor.
The 87th protein wall is corroding and releasing heat.
We've detected an abnormality in the 6th pipe as well.
Corrosion of the protein wall is increasing at an incredible rate!
Abort the experiment. Shut off the 6th pipe.
Numbers 60, 38 and 39 are all closed.
Corrosion has occurred in 6-42.
No effect! Corrosion is spreading along the walls.
Prepare the polysomes.
Set laser power at maximum. Shoot the invasive particles.
Corrosion has reached 6-58. It's here!
Rei's simulation body is moving.
The corrosion is still spreading.
It's invading the simulation bodies' active water system.
How's Rei?!
She's all right.
Eject all plugs immediately.
Eject all plugs immediately.
Hurry up with that laser!
An AT Field?!
What is it?
The pattern analysis is blue.
There's no question. It's an Angel.
An Angel?! You let an Angel get inside?
I'm sorry, Sir.
This isn't the time for excuses.
I want a physical shut down of Central Dogma.
lsolate it from Sigma Unit.
lnitiating physical shut down of Central Dogma.
lsolating from Sigma Unit.
Abandon this unit! Evacuate immediately!
Abandon this unit! Evacuate immediately!
What the hell are you doing? Hurry!
lsolating Sigma Unit from B Floor.
Closing all partitions. All area personnel must evacuate.
I know. Please take care of it.
Stop the alarm.
Stopping the alarm, Sir.
Stopping the alarm, Sir.
This is a malfunction, an error in the alarm system.
Report that to both the Japanese government and the committee.
Yes, Sir!
The contaminated area is still descending.
It's spreading all over Sigma Unit from the Pribnow Box!
That's a critical area.
Yes, it's too close to Adam.
Yes, it's too close to Adam.
Stop the corrosion within Sigma Unit!
If necessary, sacrifice the Geo Front. What's the Evas' status?
Ready in seventh cage.
We can launch them as soon as the pilots are recovered.
There's no need to wait for the pilots. Launch them immediately.
Launch Unit 01 first. Sacrifice the other two if necessary.
Unit 01 has top priority?
But Sir, we can't destroy the Angel without the Evas.
If the Evas are contaminated first, we'll be finished. Hurry!
All of Central Dogma under Sigma Unit
will be shut down in sixty seconds.
So that's the Angel.
Time to take a break.
Central Dogma has been completely sealed.
Mega-depth facilities are entirely occupied by the intruder.
Well now, how will we fight off an Angel without an Eva?
Look, this is the border between the normal and heavy water.
There's a higher level of oxygen here.
Their preference is pretty obvious.
The place where ozone is vented in
to maintain aseptic conditions isn't contaminated.
So does that mean that its weakness is ozone?
It would seem so.
lnjecting ozone. Ozone concentration is increasing.
It's working, all right.
Will this work?
Zero A and Zero B seem to be recovering.
The area around the pipes is getting back to normal.
The central portion is proving a little more difficult.
All right, inject more ozone.
This isn't right.
What? It's increasing?
Something is wrong. Heat levels are increasing.
The contaminated area is spreading again.
The ozone is no longer having any effect.
Now it's absorbing the ozone.
Stop the ozone injection!
It's evolving.
What's wrong?
Something's hacking into the sub-computer.
Something's hacking into the sub-computer.
The intruder hasn't been identified.
Not now! Dealing with C-mode.
Unfreeze the barrier. Open a decoy entry.
Decoy entry has been avoided.
T-minus eighteen seconds to completion of trace.
T-minus eighteen seconds to completion of trace.
Spreading barrier.
Barrier has been penetrated.
Open another false entry.
No human being could do this.
Trace complete. The hacker is inside this facility!
It's in B-Wing, in the Pribnow Box!
Optical pattern is changing.
Those glowing lines look like electronic circuits.
This is just like a computer.
Opening decoy entry.
It failed. There's interference.
Cut off the main cable.
Negative, it refuses to accept the command.
Fire the laser.
It's generating an AT Field. No effect.
It's generating an AT Field. No effect.
It is accessing the main security bank. It's cracking the pass code.
Twelfth digit... sixteenth digit... D word has been cleared!
It's broken into the main banks!
It's reading the main bank. We can't stop it.
What does it want?
Scanning the main directories.
This code is... my God!
It's going after the MAGl!
Shut down l/O system.
Three... Two...
We can't shut it down!
The Angel is intruding further into the computers.
It's made contact with Melchior.
It's no good! The Angel is taking over Melchior.
Melchior is being re-programmed by the Angel.
Melchior's self-destruct has been initiated.
Overruled. Overruled. Overruled. Overruled.
Overruled. Overruled. Overruled. Overruled.
Melchior is hacking into Balthasar!
Damn, it's too fast!
What calculation speed!
Change the logic mode.
Change synchronization code to every fifteen seconds.
How much time did we buy?
At least two hours, I think.
The MAGl have become our enemy.
This Angel must be composed of a group of micro-machines,
each the size of a virus.
These micro-machines group together to form colonies.
In a very short period of time, they have exponentially evolved
to form a sophisticated intelligence circuit.
They're continuously changing themselves
to form the best system to cope with any environment.
That's their survival mechanism as a life form.
Against an enemy that evolves to overcome its weaknesses
the only effective counter measure is to eliminate the host
and let the parasite die with it.
The only option is to order the MAGl to commit suicide.
I propose the physical elimination of the MAGl.
That's impossible.
Destroying the MAGl means destroying headquarters itself.
Then I officially request it on behalf of the Operations Division.
I reject it.
This is a matter for the Technology Department.
Why are you being so mule-headed?!
This situation is a result of my carelessness.
Why do you always have to be like this?
You always take the responsibility on your own shoulders
and avoiding depending on anyone.
As long as this Angel keeps evolving, we have a chance.
Expedite its evolution?
The end of evolution is self-destruction. Death itself.
Thus, we just need to accelerate its evolution.
If the Angel considers it the only practical means of survival,
it may choose to co-exist with the MAGl system.
But how?
If the Angel is a computer itself,
we can counter-hack it by connecting Casper to the Angel
and uploading a self-destruct program, but...
At the same time, we'll be turning off the barrier to the Angel.
So either Casper or the Angel, whichever is faster, will win.
Will the program be ready in time?
Will the program be ready in time?
If Casper is taken over first, it'll all be over.
I keep my promises.
Red alert! Red alert!
An emergency has occurred in NERV Headquarters.
All D-class personnel must evacuate.
What are those?
These are notes left by the developer.
My gosh! These are access codes! MAGl's access codes!
It's like a special map to all of the MAGl's back doors.
Am I allowed to see these?
I can't believe it! This is lNT-C!
With these we can program much faster than we thought!
Thank you, Mom. We can make it.
Give me the wrench.
Doesn't this remind you of our college days?
Now, board number twenty-five.
Hey, how about telling me about the MAGl? Just a little?
It's a long story.
A long, boring story.
Do you know about personality transplant OS?
Yes, it's for implanting an individual's personality
into a seventh generation computer so it can think.
The same technology is used for operating the Evas.
I've heard MAGl's programming used one of the first test subjects.
My mother developed the technology.
So, it was her personality that was transplanted?
In a very real sense, these brains are my mother.
Is that why you wanted to protect the MAGl?
I don't think so. I didn't really like my mom.
This was a decision as a scientist.
It's starting!
Balthasar is being taken over!
The self-destruct sequence has been initiated by the computer.
Has it begun yet?!
Destruct will be triggered twenty seconds after all three Al consent.
Destruct will be triggered twenty seconds after all three Al consent.
Destruction will encompass Geoid Depth -280, -1 40 and Floor 0.
Special Command 582 requires the consent
Special Command 582 requires the consent
Balthasar is now invading Casper!
of two computers to cancel the action.
What speed!
T-minus twenty to self-destruct.
My God!
Casper will be taken over in eighteen seconds.
Casper will be taken over in eighteen seconds.
T-minus fifteen to self-destruct.
Ritsuko, hurry!
No problem. I've got almost one whole second to spare.
Only one?!
Only one?!
At least it's not a zero or a minus.
At least it's not a zero or a minus.
We can do it!
Hit it!
Self-destruct has been canceled by the computer.
All right!
Special Command 582 is also canceled.
Special Command 582 is also canceled.
The MAGl are returning to normal mode.
The red alert has been canceled. The red alert has been canceled.
All hands return to first stage alert.
All hands return to first stage alert.
Jeez, I can't get out with no clothes on!
Somebody, help me fast!
Sigma Unit released. T-minus zero three to MAGl reactivation.
I'm getting old. Staying up for these all-nighters is rough.
You kept your promise again.
Good job.
Thank you.
This is the first time I've ever really appreciated your coffee.
The night before she died, my mother told me
that the MAGl are three aspects of herself.
Herself as a scientist.
Herself as a mother.
Herself as a woman.
The three aspects of her struggle for dominance inside the MAGl.
She intentionally implanted the dilemmas of human experience.
Actually, each of the three programs are slightly different.
I don't think I'll ever be a mother,
and I don't really understand her as a mother.
I respected her as a scientist.
However, as a woman, I hated her.
You're rather talkative today.
Only sometimes.
Casper contains the program of her as a woman.
She stayed a woman to the last. How totally like my mother.
SEELE is the secret organization that manipulates
both NERV and the Human lnstrumentality Project.
With lkari, they verify the events of both the past and present.
Are the Angel attacks and lkari's behavior
actually reenactments of the Dead Sea Scrolls?
Is every phenomenon simply following a prescribed scenario?
Is human hope even projected?
It's the next episode: "SEELE, Throne of Souls"
And there'll be more fan service next time too!
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