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Subtitles for Evangelion ep 16.

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Evangelion ep 16

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Hey, Shinji, did you change the soup stock?
Yeah, to dried fish flavor. It's a gift from Ritsuko.
Too hot!
I'm sorry.
You're always apologizing! Do you always think you're to blame?
You're always apologizing! Do you always think you're to blame?
Shinji, apologies are your conditioned reflex
to any kind of confrontation!
I'm sorry.
Exactly like that. You're too self-deprecating!
Exactly like that. You're too self-deprecating!
Now, now, that's just his way.
It's so easy to just accept his pathetic habits, isn't it?!
But haven't you been a little too easy on Shinji lately?
Have l?
Maybe you and Kaji have hooked up again,
Maybe you and Kaji have hooked up again,
but the fact that you're happy doesn't mean you can ignore us.
There's nothing between Kaji and me.
Hey, Katsuragi, I've found a bar that serves a decent drink.
How about tonight? Bye!
I've never seen anyone involved in such an indecent relationship!
You're supposed to be our guardian! You hypocrite!
It's disgusting!
B-type harmonics test, all green.
Projected adjustment values have been cleared.
You look tired, Misato.
Yeah, for a lot of private reasons.
Shut up!
Shut up!
Well, how's the Third Child doing?
Take a look.
Let me see.
Let me see.
I hope that knowing this will boost his confidence.
Can you hear me, Shinji?
Misato, how were my test scores?
Yes! You are Number One!
I lost! He beat us easily.
He beat us so easily that it's pissing me off!
He's great, wonderful, awesome, too awesome!
The invincible Shinji!
So that makes our job a little easier, right?
But it also means we'll have to do our best to not be left behind.
Next stop is Seisho Kabuse.
Convenient to the Bashar, used books and video game stores...
Five minutes until evacuation of the Western District is completed.
Target is advancing slowly at two point five kilometers per hour.
You're late.
You're late.
I'm sorry.
What's going on? The observation center in Fuji...
Didn't detect it. It just suddenly appeared directly above us.
Pattern Orange. No AT Field detected.
What is this?
A new kind of Angel?
A new kind of Angel?
The MAGl are withholding judgment.
Damn! A situation like this and Commander lkari's not here.
Can you all hear me?
I've sent you all of the target's data.
This is all we know right now.
Approach it carefully and observe its reactions,
and, if possible, lure it outside of the city limits.
Two of you will back up the other, got that?
All right, Ma'am, but I think Shinji ought to take the point.
Well, this is a job for the highest rated, bravest,
Number One synchro-ratio holder, right?
Or don't you feel up to it, Shinji?
No, I can do it.
I'll show you how it ought to be done, Asuka.
What was that?!
Hey, you two cut it out.
lsn't that what you said, Misato? "You are Number One!"
Well, that was...
Combat is a man's job, after all.
Talk about out of date!
Unit 02 will back him up.
Unit 00 will back him up as well.
I can't believe those kids are doing this without my orders.
Shinji's getting more manly, isn't he?
No, I'm going to have to chew him out when he gets back.
You might just be a good teacher.
Ayanami, Asuka, are you in position yet?
Not yet.
You know an Eva can't move that fast.
You know an Eva can't move that fast.
Not there yet?
I'll have to stop it myself.
It disappeared!
Pattern Blue! Angel confirmed! Directly beneath Unit 01!
Pattern Blue! Angel confirmed! Directly beneath Unit 01!
A shadow?!
What is this?! I can't believe it!
Shinji, get out of there! Shinji?!
You idiot, what are you doing?!
You idiot, what are you doing?!
Misato, what's going on?!
Misato? Asuka! Ayanami! Help me!
Misato?! Can you hear me, Misato?! Misato!
Misato?! Can you hear me, Misato?! Misato!
No response! It's not working!
Misato! Misato!
Asuka! Rei! Rescue Unit 01! Hurry!
That idiot. He can get an A on a test but not in the real world.
It disappeared again.
It disappeared again.
Asuka, be careful.
A shadow?
The city is sinking!
Asuka, Rei, pull back.
Asuka, Rei, pull back.
Unit 01 and lkari are still in there.
This is an order. Retreat.
Major Katsuragi must feel awful.
They reeled the umbilical cable back in,
but the other end was missing.
Without power...
There's not much energy in the internal batteries.
If Shinji doesn't waste it groping blindly in the dark,
if he stays in the most minimal life-support mode,
then he can survive for sixteen hours.
Second Tank Battalion deployed.
Roger. Hold your current positions and stand-by.
Sub laser circuit has been opened. Transmitting data now.
Confirmed. New line transmitting data.
The UN forces have completely surrounded it.
Shadow status?
It hasn't moved.
It hasn't moved.
It stopped spreading once it reached a diameter of 600 meters.
By the way, is there a use for those ground troops?
They're supposed to allow us to apply pressure.
Oh, well.
Taking matters into his own hands, defying Operations.
He got what he was asking for.
Just because he got a little better score than mine,
he had to go and show me how it ought to be done.
What a Dummkopf!
What? Are my comments about Shinji pissing you off?
Do you pilot Eva just for the praise of others?
No, I don't need anybody's approval but my own!
Cut it out, you two!
Yes, he acted arbitrarily and without consultation.
So, I'll just have to punish him when he comes back.
I never thought sleeping could be this exhausting.
Still nothing but white noise.
No radar or sonar reflections at all. This space must be too big.
It's been twelve hours since I switched to life-support mode.
My life will end in four or five hours.
I'm hungry.
So, that shadow is actually the Angel's body?
Correct. It's six hundred eighty meters in diameter
with a thickness of three nanometers.
Sustained within that ultra-thin space is an inverted AT Field.
Abstract mathematics defines the region within as a Sea of Dirac.
It could be connected to another universe.
What about the sphere?
It disappears when the imaginary circuit of the body closes.
The object in the sky is only a shadow.
So the black shadow that swallowed Unit 01 is the target.
Then there's no way that we can fight it.
The water is getting cloudy!
The purification system is breaking down.
It smells in here.
Blood! This place smells like blood!
No, I hate this place!
Why can't I open this lock?
Open up! Let me out!
Misato, tell me what's going on!
Misato! Asuka! Ayanami!
Dr. Ritsuko!
Please, someone help me.
A forced Eva salvage?
It's the only possibility that might work.
We would drop all 992 existing N2 mines into its center,
while simultaneously activating the AT Fields of the other Evas
disrupting the circuit enclosing the Angel's pocket interior.
If we concentrate enough power into the same microsecond,
we might destroy the Angel and the Dirac Sea that makes it up.
But the damage to the Eva would be... Shinji wouldn't...
What kind of rescue operation is this?
This operation's priority is to recover the Eva itself.
That the body may be damaged or destroyed has no bearing.
Now wait a second!
The pilot's life is not our concern.
If Shinji's lost, it's your fault. Just remember that!
Why are you and Commander lkari so worried about Unit 01?
What in the hell is an Eva?
I've given you all the information.
You're lying!
Misato, trust me.
I'm taking command of this entire operation.
Forward all flights to Kansai lnternational Airport.
Contact Air Traffic Control and the JADF's Air Transport divisions.
The Second lmpact, the lnstrumentality Project, Adam...
There are so many secrets that I'm in the dark about.
Who's that?
Shinji lkari.
That's me.
I am you. This self incorporates another self.
The self has always been composed of two selves.
Yes, the self which is observed and the self which observes itself.
To expound, the Shinji lkari that exists in your mind
is only one Shinji lkari.
There's also the Shinji lkari in Misato Katsuragi's mind,
the Shinji lkari in Asuka Sohryu's mind,
the Shinji lkari in Rei Ayanami's mind,
and the Shinji lkari in Gendou lkari's mind.
All are different Shinji lkari's,
but each of them is a true Shinji lkari.
Your fear is of the Shinji lkari's who exist in the minds of others.
I'm just afraid of being hated.
You're afraid of being hurt.
Who is bad?
Father is.
The father who deserted us.
No, I'm the one who's bad.
You're always apologizing! Do you always think you're to blame?
I'm worthless.
No, you just believe that you're worthless.
Don't you trust your father?
I thought I hated my father, but now I'm not sure.
Good work, Shinji.
My father called me by my name. I was praised by my father!
Will you spend your life regurgitating
and re-digesting those few pleasant memories?
If I trust their words, it's enough to keep me alive.
Even though you know you're deceiving yourself?
Everybody does it! That's how everyone survives.
If you will not believe that you can change yourself,
you will be unable to continue.
This world is filled with too much pain and suffering to keep going.
For example, you can't swim?
Humans aren't made to float!
That is self-deception.
I don't care what you want to call it!
You've been shutting your eyes to that which you wished to avoid.
His sister was injured during the incident.
Who cares what the others say?!
Go away!
No, I don't want to hear this!
See? You're running from reality again.
No one can justify life by linking happy moments into a rosary.
In particular, I cannot.
I've found something I can do to feel good. Something I want to do!
What's wrong with that?!
In theory, the entry plug's energy reserves
should be reaching their expiration point.
The plug suit's life support system will be getting close to redline.
Advance the schedule by twelve minutes.
Let's do it while there's a chance that Shinji's still alive.
Father, am I unwanted?
It was really yourself that you ran away from.
That's right! He may be guilty of killing his own wife.
He killed his own wife.
No! Mother was...
You did a good job.
Shinji, you must not run away.
Do your best.
I hate this place.
I hate this loneliness.
The heating and the oxygen circulation are already out.
I'm cold.
It's useless, the suit is giving out too.
This is the end.
I'm tired of...
Is this enough?
Well, that's good for you.
Evas are in position and standing by.
AT Fields are ready to generate.
T-minus sixty seconds to mine drop.
T-minus sixty seconds to mine drop.
What's going on?!
Status report!
Status report!
All meters and gauges are going off the scale.
But we haven't done anything yet.
No way, Shinji?!
It's impossible!
It's impossible!
Unit 01 's power level has to be at zero.
l... Am I piloting a thing like that?
My God, what kind of monster have we copied from?
I know that the Evas aren't just copies of the first Angel.
But what is NERV going to do with them
once all the Angels have been destroyed?
Shinji?! Shinji?! Shinji?!
Shinji?! Are you all right, Shinji?!
I just wanted to see them again.
Didn't you say you were going to punish him?
I've never seen the Eva looking as horrible as it did today.
Are the Evas really on our side?
They may hate us.
I think that Major Katsuragi may have noticed something.
I see. Let her be for now.
If Rei or Shinji were to find out the Eva's secrets,
they'd never forgive us.
You can just rest today. We'll take care of everything.
But I'm fine now.
Well, that's good for you.
It still smells like blood.
Eva Unit 04, which was being built in America,
vanished with NERV's 2nd Branch during its activation experiment.
Commander lkari remains silent about this unexpected incident.
Seele's old men try to adjust the script,
and the Fourth Child is selected on the basis of a vague feeling.
It's the next episode: "The Fourth Child"
I'll give you more fan service too!
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