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Subtitles for Evangelion ep 18.

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Evangelion ep 18

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Where's Asuka?
She's already left. It would seem that she doesn't want to face me.
But why?
Shinji, sometimes a woman's heart is too difficult to understand.
By the way...
Go ahead.
Is the rumor that Unit 04 disappeared true?
I heard that there was some kind of accident, and it exploded.
Yes, it's true.
Unit 04 is gone, along with the Second Branch of NERV.
It happened while they were testing the S2 engine.
But don't worry, we'll be all right.
All three of our Evas are functioning properly.
And our pilots and staff are in good shape too.
I heard that Unit 03 is being brought here from America.
You're performing the activation tests at Matsushiro, aren't you?
I'll be out for four days or so,
but Kaji will be taking care of you two, so don't worry.
But what about the test?
Ritsuko will be supervising everything.
There won't be any problems.
And what about the pilot?!
Well, about the pilot...
Good morning!
I've come to ask you for your help, Major Katsuragi!
Please! Make me the pilot for Evangelion Unit 03!
So, Shinji still doesn't know yet?
I just couldn't find a chance to tell him.
I'm worried.
I just can't figure out what he's thinking about.
Pull yourself together.
You're the one who wanted to be his guardian.
I know you're right, but...
When will you be acquiring the pilot?
Well, tomorrow. There are still some things to be arranged.
Still, the new pilot might tell Shinji himself.
I don't think so.
He wasn't enthused enough to be bragging about it.
He was only willing to accept under the condition that his sister
be transferred to our hospital here at Headquarters.
How can Misato be this cruel?
I'm eager to be a pilot so she could at least use me as a backup.
Right, Toji?
What's up? You left before me, but you're late.
What, no fight between the newlyweds today?
I just didn't want to see your ugly faces!
You three damn stooges!
Ah, the precious moment of lunch time! Hey, where's Toji?
He's gone.
Gone? Without his lunch? Him?
That's impossible!
He's been acting odd lately.
Oh, Ayanami, if you're looking for Shinji, he isn't here.
You know about it, don't you?
And Sohryu knows about it too, doesn't she?
So Shinji's the only one who doesn't know.
It's pretty rare for you to be concerned about someone else.
Really? I'm not sure I understand.
You care about Shinji.
Do l?
Maybe that's true.
Yeah, you do.
Let's have lunch together!
Two hours late, and then, finally, he arrives.
He's the first guy to ever make me wait this long.
Yeah, because you never waited for the guy when you were dating.
This was the so called Second Impact.
At that time I was living in a place called Nebukawa,
but the rising water levels caused by the melting of Antarctica
have buried it beneath the sea.
Sorry, newcomer, but I had to clobber you!
I had to hit you, or I wouldn't have been satisfied.
I'm sorry, Asuka. You always walk home with Ikari.
Forget it. The only reason I'm with Shinji is because of my work.
And right now I don't feel like looking at him.
This is about Suzuhara, isn't it?
Yes, how did you know?
It's pretty obvious.
The three stooges are the only ones who can't see it.
Ikari seems naive.
Actually, he's just a dolt.
He's an idiot too.
He hasn't got any idea as to how to relate to others.
I think Suzuhara might like Ayanami.
Suzuhara?! He likes that smart ass?!
Well, they seemed to be very sociable during lunch.
Don't worry. It'll never happen.
She's 10,000 times denser than Shinji is about communication!
Can I ask you one thing?
What do you see in a simple minded stooge like that?
His compassion...
It was a mistake to get back together with you!
How can you say that now?
I can still change my life.
Kaji sure spends a lot of time in the tub.
Kaji sure spends a lot of time in the tub.
There are lots of pitfalls in life,
but you just have to dig your way out.
but you just have to dig your way out.
I wonder who's going to pilot Unit 03?
I wonder who's going to pilot Unit 03?
I don't have to live in sorrow.
You mean you haven't heard yet?
There is always hope after depression.
There is always hope after depression.
There is always hope after depression.
And I'm the pronoun for your depression?
Yes, the only reason I came back was so we could break up again.
Yes, the only reason I came back was so we could break up again.
Yes, the only reason I came back was so we could break up again.
This is too mean.
That was refreshing!
Now that I consider it, a man who sucks at kissing never works out!
Now that I consider it, a man who sucks at kissing never works out!
What? Are you two fighting again?
My kissing sucks?
Not just your kissing!
Are you two always like this when Katsuragi's gone?
Are you two always like this when Katsuragi's gone?
Are you two always like this when Katsuragi's gone?
I knew it!
I want to be happy because you're spending the night here.
I want to be happy because you're spending the night here.
Why did I repeat the same mistake?
Why did I repeat the same mistake?
Yes, this mistake must be corrected!
Yes, this mistake must be corrected!
I must start a new life free of regret!
I must start a new life free of regret!
I understand. Let's go to bed.
why don't you put your clothes on and make the bed?
why don't you put your clothes on and make the bed?
Are you asleep yet, Kaji?
No, not yet.
What's my father like?
Well, there's a surprise question.
I thought you'd ask about Katsuragi.
It seems like you're always with my father.
Commander Fuyutsuki is the one who's always with him.
Have you been asking around about your father?
I haven't been around him much.
So, you don't really know him?
But I've learned a lot about him lately.
About his work, about my mother, so...
No, you're wrong. You only believe that you've learned.
The fact is that people really don't understand themselves,
much less each other.
Understanding one hundred percent of anything is impossible.
That's why we spend so much time trying to understand
our own motivations and those of others.
That's what makes life so interesting.
Does that mean that you don't understand Misato either?
The kanji we use for the word "she" literally means "woman far away".
Women will always be on the distant shore
of a great gulf of misunderstanding.
The current dividing men and women is deeper than the ocean.
I don't understand what being an adult must be like.
T-minus 300 minutes to Unit 03 activation test.
Main power supply, no problems.
Second apotheosis is nominal.
Coolant systems are normal.
Repairs to left arm crimp lock completed.
Roger. Team B, commence operation.
No problems detected in the data link to Unit 01.
It's ready enough for combat duty now.
Well, how nice for you.
Now that was a half-hearted reply.
Are you aware that this unit
will be assigned to you once it's passed its tests?
The exclusive control off our Evas...
If you wanted to, you could destroy the world.
Have you told Shinji yet?
I'll tell him when this test is over.
The Fourth Child has arrived.
Second squad, begin readying the entry vehicle immediately.
He's not here yet, Asuka.
He may not come today.
I thought we might eat together today.
Do you want this?
Unit 03's already in Japan, isn't it?
Yeah, it got here yesterday.
I knew it. Who's going to pilot it?
Toji maybe? He's absent today, so maybe it's him.
No way!
Entry plug repairs completed.
Initiating first connection.
Transmitting pulse.
Graph readout is normal.
All checklists up to 1350 have been cleared.
No problems found in initial contact phase.
Roger. Shift the operation to phase two.
All nerve links are normal.
All checklists up to 2550 have been cleared.
Harmonics are normal.
We are now exceeding the absolute border.
Abort the test! Break the circuit!
No good! Mission failure! High energy readings detected in body!
An Angel?!
An explosion has occurred in Matsushiro.
Damage level unknown.
Send the rescue squad and the Third Troop.
Take care of it before the SSDF gets involved.
Movement of an unidentified object detected at the site.
Movement of an unidentified object detected at the site.
Wavelength pattern is orange. It's not confirmed as an Angel.
Go to first stage alert.
All personnel go to first stage alert.
Prepare for ground combat.
Launch all Evas!
Disperse in the maximum intercept zone.
Air transport is scheduled to go in twenty.
An accident in Matsushiro?!
No way! What happened to Misato?
Contact hasn't been restored yet.
But, then, what will we do?
Stop whining! There's nothing else we can do now!
But how can we fight the Angel by ourselves?
Commander Ikari will take command now.
My father will...
The target's image has been captured at Mt. Nobe.
Transferring to main monitor.
As I thought...
Transmit the abort signal.
Force eject the entry plug.
Not working. Neither abort signal nor plug ejection code accepted.
What about the pilot?
He's still breathing and his heart's beating, but probably...
Abandon Evangelion Unit 03 at this time.
List it as the Thirteenth Angel.
Disperse the battle line at Mt. Nobe as planned.
Destroy the target.
Target is approaching.
All units prepare for ground combat.
No way!
An angel? Is this an Angel?!
Correct, this is the target.
You said that this is the target,
but this is an Eva, isn't it?!
But that's...
How could it have been possessed by an Angel?
Is it piloted by a human too, a child like us?
You still don't know?! The pilot of Unit 03 is...
Eva Unit 02 has gone silent!
The pilot has ejected. Recovery squad is heading for retrieval.
Target is moving towards Unit 00!
Rei, avoid close range combat and stop the target.
I'm sending Unit 01 in now.
He's the pilot.
The Angel is invading Unit 00's left arm.
The nerve systems are being corrupted.
Cut off the left arm. Immediately!
But you've got to sever the neural connection first!
Cut it off.
Yes, Sir.
Unit 00 is severely damaged. The pilot is wounded.
No way...
The target is approaching you.
It will contact you in T-minus 20. You must destroy it.
But this target is...
Operated by a person, isn't it?
Another child my own age.
An entry plug!
There is a person in there, just as I thought.
Life support is breaking down.
The pilot's life is in danger.
No! Cut the synch ratio to 60%!
But Ikari, the pilot could be killed.
But Ikari, the pilot could be killed.
Shinji, why don't you fight?
There's a person in there, Father!
Irrelevant! It is an Angel! Our enemy!
But... but I can't!
I must help him! I can't kill!
If you don't, you will die.
I'd rather die!
Cut all synchronization between the pilot and Unit 01. Do it now.
Cut it?
Correct. Switch the control circuit to the dummy plug.
But the dummy plug still isn't functioning properly.
Without Dr. Akagi's approval...
It's still better than the pilot. Do it!
Yes, Sir.
What is this?
What in the hell are you doing, Father?!
Signal acknowledgment, confirmed.
Control system switching is complete.
All nerves linked to the dummy system.
32.8% of Emotional Elements are unclear. It can't be monitored.
Irrelevant. Open the system. Begin the attack.
Is this the power of the dummy plug?
System status nominal.
Gain still increasing.
Stop this!
Father, no! Stop doing this now!
Damn! Stop!
Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!
Eva Unit 03, no, I mean,
the target is completely silent.
How about if I cook this?
Kodama, Nozomi and l... this recipe is for four.
I sure hope he's going to eat tomorrow.
We've found a survivor here too!
We've found a survivor here too!
Third squad, erase 807 data.
Yes, the recorder's graph is...
Second squad, remove liner block.
Second squad, remove liner block.
Am I still alive?
Blockade all of Highway 20!
Blockade all of Highway 20!
Run it from Shinanosakai through Kobuchizawa.
Run it from Shinanosakai through Kobuchizawa.
Run it from Shinanosakai through Kobuchizawa.
The public relations department is handling this.
The public relations department is handling this.
Where's Ritsuko?
Two survivors found in the eighth shaft.
Two survivors found in the eighth shaft.
She's wasn't hurt as bad as you.
Roger, rescue squad.
Roger, rescue squad.
The fire in the temporary cage is...
The fire in the temporary cage is...
The fire in the temporary cage is...
The fire in the temporary cage is...
It was destroyed, as an Angel, by Unit 01.
It was destroyed, as an Angel, by Unit 01.
Roger, after reconfirmation...
Abandon the Roadway 23!
Yes, Sir. Under 800 meters...
Yes, Sir. Under 800 meters...
l... I haven't told Shinji anything.
Misato, so you're safe?
I'm sorry.
I had something important to tell you, but... I'm sorry.
Misato, l...
I killed...
My father forced me to...
I begged him, but...
Shinji, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Report from the entry plug recovery team.
The pilot's life signs are confirmed.
He's alive?!
Unit 03's pilot is...
The Fourth Child is...
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