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Subtitles for Evangelion ep 19.

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Evangelion ep 19

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Unit 01's interlocking circuit has been cut.
What about the force eject signal?
It's being blocked from the plug side. It's not being accepted.
But, Shinji, if we hadn't done that you would have been killed.
That's not the point.
But it is a fact.
Don't push me anymore.
Unit 01 has 185 seconds of power left in its reserves.
That's enough to destroy at least half of Headquarters.
The way he is right now, he'll do it too.
Shinji, listen to us!
If Commander Ikari hadn't made that decision,
everyone could have been killed!
I said that's not the point!
My father...
My father tried to kill Toji using my hands!
That bastard!
Father, you're there, aren't you? Say something! Answer me!
Increase the pressure of the LCL to maximum.
We have no time to waste on a petulant child.
I've still got a direct control circuit...
Damn! Damn!
The right breast has been completely dissolved.
We'll begin cleansing the bodily fluids from Unit 03 on schedule.
Have you recovered?
Have you recovered?
I can work.
I couldn't just lie in bed during an emergency like this.
So what happened to Shinji?
I understand that they opened the escape hatch with a laser cutter,
and removed him forcibly.
This sucks.
This time...
He's really finished.
That idiot won't find a way out this time.
How is Ikari?
He wasn't injured, so he ought to be okay.
He's probably dreaming away.
Yeah. Don't tell me you don't dream?
Yeah. Don't tell me you don't dream?
Why is he lying here next to me?
Where am l?
In the same hospital where my sister is, maybe?
Hey, isn't that Shinji and Ayanami?
Ikari, why did you do that?
Because I couldn't forgive my father.
He betrayed me.
Even though I was finally able to talk to him,
he doesn't understand me at all!!
Did you try to understand your father's feelings?
I did.
Why don't you try to understand him?
I said I did!
You're running away from unpleasant truths.
Why not?!
What's wrong with running away from reality if it sucks?!
What are those two arguing about?
This is an exception. You've got five minutes.
Thank you very much.
If it isn't the Class Rep...
Suzuhara, are you okay?
Well, I'm still alive.
I thought Shinji was here though. Was that just a dream?
Ikari was let out yesterday.
You've slept for three days, Suzuhara.
I did? For three whole days?
Class Rep, did you...
No, I came here as the class representative!
It's an official duty!
Yeah, I know that.
You don't know anything.
I'm sorry that I didn't get to eat the lunch you made.
Don't worry about it.
But I am sorry that I can't bring you a lunch here, it's not allowed.
Class rep?
Would you do me a favor?
Would you do me a favor?
Would you tell my sister that there's nothing wrong with me?
Get out, Shinji Ikari. The Commander wants to see you.
Disobeying orders, personal occupation of an Eva,
childish intimidation...
These are all criminal offenses.
Do you have anything to say?
Yes, I don't want to pilot an Eva anymore.
I don't want to stay here anymore.
Well then, leave.
Yes, I'll go back to my teacher's place.
So you're running away again?
You disappoint me. I assume that we'll never meet again.
Yes, that's my intent.
It's me.
Erase the Third Child.
Rei will be Unit 01's designated pilot,
with the dummy plug as back up.
Are you there, Shinji?
Is it true that you're leaving?
It's true, isn't it?
But why? Why are you running away again?
I admired you.
I envied you. You're different from us.
Damn! Even Toji became an Eva pilot, while l...
This line is monitored.
For security reasons we have terminated this call.
We appreciate your cooperation.
I assume that Asuka is disgusted with me.
Yes, she didn't even ask me to say goodbye to you.
That sounds like her. That's good.
It's going to be hard if you keep hiding your anger like that.
That's your philosophy, Misato. I can't live like you.
As I'm sure you know,
there will be a lot of restrictions placed on your activities.
Let me ask you one thing.
Why was Toji chosen to be the Fourth Child?
All your classmates are Fourth Level candidates.
I just found out myself that it was yet another set-up.
All of them?
All of my classmates...
Suzuhara was a mistake that can't be mended with words alone.
But, Shinji, to be honest,
I was projecting all of my dreams, hopes and purpose onto you.
I know that it's been a huge burden for you.
But we, everyone at NERV,
had no choice except to entrust our future to you.
I want you to remember that.
It's a selfish cause, isn't it?
I admit that.
I'll leave your pass code to HQ and your room as they are.
What's the point? Get rid of them please.
I won't pilot an Eva again.
That's the real Shinji talking.
I've never heard him so positive before.
A special state of emergency is declared for the Tokai region.
All citizens must evacuate to their designated shelters immediately.
An Angel!
All personnel go to first stage battle stations.
Prepare for ground-to-air intercept.
Target status?
It's moving into our perimeter.
It's moving into our perimeter.
The Komagatake Defense Line has been breached.
The first eighteen layers of armor have been shattered.
Eighteen layers of special armor at once! Incredible!
The Eva won't make there in time for a ground level intercept.
Position Unit 02 for combat inside the Geo-Front,
directly in front of Headquarters.
Asuka will engage the target as soon as it breaches the Geo-Front.
What about Unit 00?
It's been placed in the AT Field Neutralization Zone.
However, the left arm hasn't been regenerated yet.
Then, it's not ready for combat.
Sortie Rei in Unit 01.
Prepare a dummy plug as the backup system.
Yes, Sir.
Start entry.
Charge LCL.
Commence A10 nerve connection.
It's not going to work this time.
Pulse flow is reversing!
Unit 01 is refusing the neural connection!
Is that possible?
Yes, it's refusing me.
Abort activation. Sortie Rei in Unit 00.
Re-activate Unit 01 with the dummy plug.
But Unit 00 isn't ready!
It's not a problem. I can go.
If I die, I can be replaced.
If I die, I can be replaced.
I decided. I swore I'd never pilot it again.
Hey, you! What're you doing? Get into the shelter, quickly.
It's no use.
One more hit, and the armor will be completely destroyed.
I'm counting on you, Asuka.
Here it comes. Even without Shinji, I can beat it easily.
I'm neutralizing its AT Field, aren't l?
Why doesn't it collapse?
I can't lose again!
No way!
You damn bastard!
Asuka, cut all the nerve connections now!
Evacuation training? What are you, stupid?
That stuff's not for us pilots.
Direct hit on the Eighth Block!
Abandon the Sixth Shelter! All survivors, go to the Third Shelter!
Unit 02 is severely damaged. It can't continue combat.
How's Asuka?
She's safe. Alive!
She's safe. Alive!
The Angel has started moving.
What's Unit 01's status?
Dummy plug upload, complete.
Probe insertion, complete.
Start contact.
The pulses have vanished. It's refusing the dummy plug.
It's no use. Eva Unit 01 will not activate.
The dummy, Rei...
Are we being refused?
I'm leaving you in charge of this.
Take casualties to the Sixth Block.
Uninjured, go to the Third Shelter!
This way!
This way!
Hey, you! What're you doing? Do you want to die?!
Hey, you! What're you doing? Do you want to die?!
Is that you, Shinji?
What are you doing here?
That's my line.
What are you doing here, Shinji?
I decided that I'll never pilot an Eva again.
And since I decided that...
Is that so?
Well, since my other job became public knowledge,
I'm off the combat roster.
So, here I am, sprinkling.
At a time like this?
What better time?
Although I'd rather be between Misato's breasts,
I wouldn't mind being here when I die.
That's right.
It's said if an Angel makes contact with Adam, who lies below here,
humanity will be eradicated.
The Third Impact.
The only thing that can stop it
is the one thing with power equal to an Angel's, the Evangelion.
With no rifle?!
Is she trying to blow herself up?
AT Field, full power.
What happened to Unit 00?
What has she done?
Shinji, the only thing I can do is stand here and water.
But you, you have something that you can do. That only you can do.
Nobody is forcing you.
Think for yourself, and make the decision by yourself.
Think about what you have to do now.
Think about no longer having any regrets.
Direct hit on the third foundation.
The final armor plate has melted.
Damn! The Main Shaft is completely open!
Isn't Unit 01 ready yet?
It's refusing the dummy plug.
It failed. No response detected.
Keep trying. Repeat the process from step 108.
Let me pilot it!
l... l...
Let me pilot Unit 01, please!
Why are you here?
l... l...
I am the pilot of Evangelion Unit 01 !
I am Shinji Ikari!
The target has entered the Main Shaft.
It's descending.
Where is it heading?
It's advancing directly towards Central Dogma.
It's coming here?
All personnel evacuate. Hurry!
All personnel evacuate! Repeat, all personnel evacuate!
Eva Unit 01?!
Launch the fifth catapult! Hurry!
Out of energy?
Unit 01 has drained its reserves.
The backup power supply isn't working.
Move! Move! Move! Move! Come on, move!
Move now or there's no point to this!
Move! Move! Move!
Move! Move! Move! Move! Move! Move!
Move! Move! Come on, move!
You've got to move! Move now! Or everyone will be killed!
I'm sick of it already! So...
Eva has re-activated!
No way, this is unbelievable. Unit 01's synch ratio is over 400%!
Does that means she's been awakened?
It's eating the Angel?
She's taking the S2 engine into herself?
Eva Unit 01 is...
The bindings!
That's right. It's not really armor.
Those are restraints that allow us to control the Eva's power.
But now the Eva is removing the web that binds it to our will.
We can no longer control the Eva.
Unit 01's been awakened and set free.
SEELE won't stay quiet for this.
Did you say this was part of your scenario, Commander Ikari?
It's begun, hasn't it?
Yes, this is the beginning.
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