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Subtitles for Evangelion ep 21.

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Evangelion ep 21

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Hi! I'm not in right now, so leave your message after the beep!
This may be my last assignment.
This looks like blood.
The Vice-Commander was abducted?
Two hours ago. He was last seen in the 8th District.
That's inside our installation.
What in the hell were you idiots in Intelligence doing?
The whole thing was set up by someone inside our operation.
We were taken by surprise.
Someone who could outwit Section 2? It couldn't be him?!
Ryoji Kaji is suspected of being the mastermind behind this plot.
Then, that's why you came for me.
We believe that you can be of use to us, yes.
As your colleagues,
we regret having to consider the Director of Operations a suspect,
but that is the nature of our profession.
Considering our relationship, it's a natural precaution.
I appreciate your cooperation.
Take her away.
It's been a while, Chairman Keel. This is a rather rough reception.
I will not apologize for necessary discourtesies.
This was necessary for us to speak without the Commander present.
You haven't changed.
You still have no concern for the circumstances of others.
The subject to be addressed has become an immediate concern.
Thus, these measures were unavoidable.
Please understand our situation.
What a surprise. Not the committee, but SEELE itself!
We have no intention of creating a new god.
We hope that we will have your cooperation, Professor Fuyutsuki.
Professor Fuyutsuki, is it?
Professor! Professor Fuyutsuki!
Hello, boys.
Why don't you join us for a beer by the Kamo River?
What, again?
Ryoko and the other girls said they'll come if you come.
The professor said that you shouldn't be so unsociable.
All right, I'll be there.
It's nice to have a drink outside for a change.
You're very competent,
but you tend to underestimate the value of relationships with others.
I'm sorry, Sir.
Speaking of which, Fuyutsuki...
There's a student who wrote a very interesting research paper
for the bio-engineering class.
Her name is Ikari. Do you know her?
Ikari? No, Sir.
I've told her about you, and she says she'd like to meet you.
She'll be calling you soon, and I'd like you to take her on.
And her name is Ikari? I understand.
I've read your paper.
There are a few things I disagree with, but it's very interesting.
Thank you, Sir.
Your name is Yui Ikari, right?
What are your career plans? Corporate research?
Or joining the school research facility?
I haven't really thought about it.
And there may be a third option.
I'm also thinking about getting married,
assuming that I meet the right person.
By incorporating the S2 unit into itself,
it has achieved its ultimate form.
Evangelion Unit 01 !
A supreme being which we created. What blasphemy!
The creation of a god is unacceptable.
Man must not create gods. He can't possess such power!
Can we trust Gendo Ikari?
Gendo Rokubungi? Well, I have heard the name.
No, I've never met him.
However, he does seem to be at the center of many rumors.
He wants to be released in my custody?
Yes, I'll come visit him. What time should I come?
I've been hearing some interesting things about you.
I've been wanting to meet you.
You were drunk and got into a fight. How pathetic.
I didn't even have a chance to say anything before they jumped me.
I'm not used to being liked.
Being hated, on the other hand, is quite familiar.
That's not my concern.
Professor Fuyutsuki,
you are exactly the kind of person I expected you to be.
My first impression of him was that he was a total son of a bitch.
Back then, there were still seasons in this country. It was autumn.
Are you serious?
Yes, I'm dating Mr. Rokubungi.
Yes, I'm dating Mr. Rokubungi.
When she told me that, l couldn't hide my shock.
It's hard to imagine you seeing him.
Now, Professor Fuyutsuki...
He's actually a very sweet person.
It's just that nobody really knows him.
Sometimes ignorance can be bliss.
I'm the one who first mentioned you to him. Does that bother you?
Well, I'll admit that he's an interesting fellow,
but I just don't like him.
It was generally believed that the real object of his overtures to Yui
was her talent and the support of the organization backing her.
According to the rumors, that organization was called SEELE.
Second Impact...
It was in the last year of the 20th century that this tragedy occurred.
Then, in the first year of the 21st century there was nothing but hell.
I can't find any other words to describe that year.
This used to be a continent of ice?
There's no sign left of it!
Professor Fuyutsuki...
Is that you? You survived?
I'd heard that you were with the Katsuragi research team.
Fortunately, I returned to Japan the day before the incident.
You don't say?
Mr. Rokubungi, you...
Excuse me, but I've changed my surname.
A postcard? Not a business card?
Ikari! Gendo Ikari!
My wife's been asking me to send this to you. She's a fan of yours.
What an honor.
How is Yui doing? She's not participating in this expedition?
Yui wanted to come too, but we have a child now.
Your organization, SEELE or whatever it's called,
is at the base of many ugly rumors.
I don't like the way it manipulates the committee by force.
You're still too scrupulous.
No completely chaste organization can survive in this day and age.
If this official investigation of the Second Impact
was composed solely of SEELE personnel,
there would have been trouble.
So, are we just here for political convenience?
I still hate the darkness.
All it does is bring back the most horrible memories.
Who is she?
The only survivor of the research team.
The only survivor of the research team.
Her name is Misato Katsuragi.
Katsuragi? Is she Doctor Katsuragi's daughter?
Yes, she hasn't said a word in two years.
How terrible.
She saw hell firsthand.
Her physical wounds are healed,
but repairing the damage to her mind will take time.
That's true.
The results of our investigation aren't easy to analyze.
This Giant of Light's origin is but one of many unsolved mysteries.
The Second Impact was caused by a massive meteorite strike,
or so the United Nations officially declared later.
However, from my point of view,
the announcement was obviously a fabrication.
The organization known as SEELE
and a man named Keel were behind this artifice.
It became my goal to find out the truth about the incident,
even though I discovered that Yui Ikari was involved.
Why did you conceal the existence of the Giant?
You knew that the Second Impact was going to happen, didn't you?
You say it's just luck you returned the day before it happened,
but explain why you brought back copies of all the documentation?!
I'm surprised that those weren't destroyed.
I've checked into your finances as well.
Bringing up a child and educating him is expensive,
but isn't this a bit much?
Very impressive, Professor Fuyutsuki.
Perhaps you should be teaching economics.
I'm going public with the real truth about the Second Impact,
about you, SEELE and the Dead Sea Scrolls.
I can't forgive anyone who would have caused something like that.
As you wish.
However, before you do, there's something I'd like to show you.
We're getting rather far down, aren't we?
Are you worried?
A little.
What is this?
We didn't create it, someone else excavated this cavity.
We didn't create it, someone else excavated this cavity.
Eighty-nine percent of its total volume is buried.
Was this originally a giant sphere?
This facility has been consuming all mankind's resources.
Hi, Professor Fuyutsuki!
Doctor Akagi, you're here, too?
Yes, this is the ideal place for our research
into creating a functioning bio-computer system.
I'm going to name them the MAGI.
MAGI? The three wise men of the East?
Is this what you wanted to show me?
No, it's over this way.
Ritsuko, I'll be back soon.
Is this...
This can't be THE Giant?
No, here in Gehirn, we refer to that giant as Adam,
but this isn't the original one.
Then, this...
Was created from Adam by Man, Eva.
Was created from Adam by Man, Eva.
Our operation to revive Adam is referred to as Project E.
This is Eva Unit 00, our system prototype.
This is a prototype of a god!
Fuyutsuki, let us create a new genesis for Mankind, together.
Hey, boss.
I'm sorry. Let's proceed with Rei's re-test.
Where is Major Katsuragi today?
I don't know.
Miss Katsuragi?
Yeah, Misato Katsuragi, pleased to meet you.
Mother, I've just met a girl named Katsuragi.
People tend to keep their distance once they find out who I am,
which forces me to remember how important your name is here.
However, Misato's different. She's open and honest, even with me.
I've heard she is the only survivor of the original research team,
and that she was once mute.
She talks quite a lot now, as if she's making up for lost time.
Dear Ritsuko, I'm always underground these days,
and I'm getting sick of living on the box lunches they provide here.
On the surface, they've started construction ofTokyo-3,
as directed by the Second Capitol Transfer Directive.
Misato missed classes the last few days, and I finally found out why.
Talk about stupid!
She'd spent the whole week in her apartment
having non-stop sex with her new boyfriend!
I think there's another side to her I haven't seen before.
She introduced me to him today.
He's handsome, but his unkempt manner bothers me.
You've always been a little boy-shy, Ritsuko dear.
I think it's because you only had a mother.
And I'm afraid I didn't take care of you properly.
I'm ashamed to admit I acted like a mother only when it suited me.
Like a mother...
Why is there a child in here?!
That's Commander Ikari's son.
Ikari, this isn't a daycare center. This is a very important day!
I'm sorry, Professor. I brought him here.
Yui, this is your experiment today.
That's why I brought him.
I want to show him how bright the future will be.
Those words would be Yui's last.
A freak accident wiped her from this existence.
Just as I had hoped it would.
What a disgusting woman I am.
After that day, Commander Ikari completely changed.
Where have you been all week?
I understand your grief,
but you must be aware of your own importance!
I know. Fuyutsuki, as of today we will begin the new project.
I have already made the proposal to Chairman Keel.
You're really going to do it?!
Yes, what has never been done, the path to becoming a god!
The Human Instrumentality Project.
Mother, congratulations on completing your MAGI theorems.
I have good news which I think will please you too.
I have been officially accepted by Gehirn!
I'll start working on Project E next month.
Who are you?
Technology Development Section, Ritsuko Akagi. Here's my ID.
I heard the command center was complete, so I came to see it.
But it's a real maze down here, isn't it?
The Commander and Doctor Akagi will see you in Command.
Are you really all right?
Yes, I have no regrets about my work.
You're lying! You still can't forget about Yui, can you?!
But that's acceptable to me.
That's Gehirn Headquarters.
Good Morning, Commander.
Did you bring your child?
Oh, I thought you had a son.
This isn't Shinji.
I've decided to take care of an acquaintance's child.
Her name is Rei Ayanami.
How are you, Rei?
She resembles someone...
All of the records concerning Rei Ayanami have been deleted?
They're all blank!
What's going on here?
Magi Casper...
Magi Balthasar...
Magi Melchior...
The MAGI are the three aspects of me.
Myself as a scientist, myself as a mother and myself as a woman.
Those three aspects are in constant conflict with one another.
Three mothers...
The only thing left to do is to switch the power on.
I'll be taking off early today. Misato just got back.
Yeah, I heard that she joined Gehirn.
In Germany, if l remember correctly?
Yeah, she's stationed with the 3rd Branch.
So, she's having a long distance relationship.
They broke up.
But they seemed like such a perfect couple.
The things that happen between men and women are hard to comprehend.
They're not logical.
You're always so cold about these things.
You may lose your chance at happiness.
The definition of happiness is even harder to fathom.
Well, I can't wait to see her.
Have a good time.
A good time it is.
What's the matter, Rei?
I'm lost.
Is that so? Do you want to come with me then?
But how will you get home by yourself?
But how will you get home by yourself?
That's none of your business, old hag.
I can get home by myself. Leave me alone, old hag.
I can get home by myself. Leave me alone, old hag.
You shouldn't call someone a hag.
But you are an old hag, aren't you?
I'm getting angry. Commander Ikari will spank you.
The Commander is the one who calls you that.
That old hag is annoying. That old hag is no use anymore.
That old hag is annoying. That old hag is no use anymore.
That old hag is annoying. That old hag is no use anymore.
...old hag... old hag...
That old hag is annoying. That old hag is no use anymore.
The Commander said...
...that old hag is annoying. use... no use...
You little bitch! Did you know you're replaceable too, Rei?
Replaceable just like me!
Keel Lorenz, Chairman of the Instrumentality Committee,
dissolved the Gehirn Research Organization immediately.
In order to complete the project,
the special organization NERV was formed.
We all transferred to NERV, except for one person.
The one who had rendered such great service to the MAGI System,
Dr. Akagi.
Oh, it's you.
Yes, it is.
It's been awhile. The guards are sleeping.
This action could result in your death.
All I want is to get closer to the truth.
To have it in my grasp.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Is it over?
Yes, the problem has been solved.
I see.
Where is he?
I have no idea.
I have no idea.
Oh, hi! You're a little late.
I'm back.
Katsuragi, it's me.
I'm sure you're listening to this message,
especially after I caused you so much trouble.
Please tell Ritsuko I'm sorry too.
Oh, and there's one more thing. I've been growing watermelons.
I'd appreciate it if you could water them for me.
Shinji knows where they are.
Katsuragi, the truth is with you.
Don't hesitate, move ahead!
If I ever see you again,
I'll say the words that I couldn't say eight years ago.
This message was recorded at 12:02 PM.
You fool...
You were always such a fool.
All I could do was run away from the tragedy Misato was facing.
There was nothing I could say.
I was just a child.
But I understood.
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