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Subtitles for Evangelion ep 22.

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Evangelion ep 22

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The fiction has become the reality.
How ironic, that the experiment's advocate became its victim.
So, you believe that the Contact Experiment was the direct cause?
Her mental breakdown was a result of the contact.
Even so, this is too cruel,
committing suicide and leaving such a young girl behind.
Perhaps, but I believe there may have been additional causes.
Asuka darling, Mama cooked your favorite for you.
Oh, no, you have to eat this, or that girl will laugh at you.
She's like that every day.
She sits there talking to that doll as if it were her real daughter.
I think it's because of the guilt she must feel.
She devoted her life to research, not to taking care of her daughter.
I sympathize with your grief.
But it's like looking at porcelain figures of a mother and her child.
Perhaps not much is different between humans and dolls.
Man creates dolls in his own image.
If God exists, it's possible that we're all just dolls to him.
That doesn't make you sound like much of a modern physician.
I may be a doctor, but I'm a human being and a woman first.
The medical staff meeting on the E Incident will be held as planned.
All senior staff should report to Conference Room 2.
You're a strong girl, Asuka, but it's all right if you want to cry.
I'm okay. I won't cry.
I can think for myself.
Can you hear me, Asuka?
Your synch ratio has dropped an entire eight points.
Don't think of anything else, just concentrate the way you used to.
I'm trying!
Asuka's synch ratio is getting lower and lower.
This is extremely troublesome. We don't have a spare now.
Maybe we'd better make repairing Rei's Unit 00 top priority.
We can't afford to repair them both at the same time.
Mitosis in Unit 02's left arm has cleared the numerical requirement.
Necrosis development is currently under point zero five percent.
Apotheosis process is in nominal status.
Unit 00's regeneration process is currently stable.
Connecting receptors to the secondary terminals.
The Eva series was born from Adam.
Now we're using the force which caused the Second Impact
to defeat the Angels.
Attempting to harness the engine of our own destruction.
Only humans are so foolish.
After all, I myself hate the Evas.
Revenge for my father?
Major Katsuragi!
They've started construction on Evas up through Unit 13?
At seven different locations around the world?
This is information that came via Shanghai. The source is reliable.
Why are they speeding up the construction process now?
Well, we've lost two Evas recently,
and two more Evas are currently severely damaged.
So I'd assume that they're accelerating
to create a reserve force for their contingency plans.
But we've been receiving spare parts from Germany
that were originally intended for Eva Units 05 and 07.
They've been spending a lot of cash lately.
They just doubled the budget.
I think the brass are being driven by something.
Yeah, I can feel the Committee's impatience.
Well, could they be doing this in anticipation
of intercepting multiple Angels at once?
Could be.
Except there's no reason for them to do it outside official channels.
There must be some other reason.
This is the first time we've gotten together in a while,
so what's with the gloomy atmosphere?
I'm finished.
I'm not getting it. After all, it's probably Kaji calling for you.
I'm not getting it. After all, it's probably Kaji calling for you.
You should get it.
Never again.
Oh no, I'm sorry that our mighty invincible Shinji
should have to be bothered with such a thing.
Yes, hello?
I can't stand the way he's so aloof!
It's a call from Germany for Asuka.
It's your mother.
For me? My mama?
Give me that!
Hello, Mother?
When she speaks in a language I can't understand,
Asuka seems to be a different person.
Her mother...
You were on the phone quite a while.
Well, it was just a routine periodic communication.
I wish I could talk with my family.
Well, it's just for show. She's not my real mother.
But it's not like I hate her or anything.
I just feel uncomfortable talking with her.
Why am I telling you this?!
I know I've hit rock bottom when I get sympathy from you!
Synchrograph, minus 12.8. It's barely over the starting indicator.
That's pathetic. It's a worse score than yesterday.
Asuka's not feeling well, it's the second day of her period.
Synch ratio scores aren't influenced by physical disorders.
The problem's in her subconscious.
We may have to replace Unit 02's pilot.
Asuka, you're finished now.
Maintenance of Power Grid 8 will begin this evening at 18:00 hours.
Maintenance of Power Grid 8 will begin this evening at 18:00 hours.
It's hard to blame her after she was defeated so badly.
It's hard to blame her after she was defeated so badly.
Even worse, she feels Shinji beat her.
All General Affairs personnel are to report to Conference Room 2.
All General Affairs personnel are to report to Conference Room 2.
All General Affairs personnel are to report to Conference Room 2.
Maybe it's time for us to stop living together.
So, you've hit your breaking point?
Are you fed up with your nice imitation family?
That from someone who uses cats to fill the holes in her own life.
I'm sorry. I'm just a little upset.
Why do I suffer through this just because I'm a girl?
I don't want to have children anyway.
Route 7 Loop is currently closed due to an accident.
Please use Route 12 as a detour.
If you don't open your mind to her, your Eva will not move.
Are you saying that I'm shutting myself out?!
Yes, because your Eva has her own mind.
The robot does?
You're aware of it, aren't you?
I don't know what happened to make you start talking to me.
It must be an omen of a disaster or something!
What?! Are you happy that I can't pilot my Eva?!
Don't worry! When an Angel comes,
our invincible Shinji will destroy it anyway!
We don't have to fight! They only need Shinji!
When a wind-up doll like you starts being sympathetic to me,
I've really hit rock bottom.
I am not a doll.
Shut up! You do anything you're ordered to, don't you?!
You'd kill yourself if Commander Ikari told you to, wouldn't you?!
Yes, I would.
Then you're a toy, just like I thought!
You're an unthinking, emotionless doll, and I hate you!
Everyone! I hate everyone!
Shinji's absent again today.
It's nothing unusual for Ayanami not to show up, but...
Asuka's missing too.
And Suzuhara can't leave the hospital yet.
I guess it's gotten so serious they can't come to school anymore.
Eva Unit 02's signals all read nominal.
Connection and fusion of EVA's are within normal limits.
The field of proliferation is within the expected range.
You're my doll, so move like l tell you to, and don't argue!
Why does a weapon need a mind? It just gives you trouble.
Anyway, you must obey my orders!
This is stupid.
All personnel, go to first stage alert! Prepare for aerial assault!
An Angel? They're still coming?
Visual confirmation of Angel. This is maximum magnification.
It's not moving from its orbit.
It's maintaining a constant distance from our position.
So, does that mean that it's looking for a place to land?
Or that it's going to destroy us from up there?
We can't attack it easily from this position.
Unless it comes into our range, there's nothing we can do.
The Evas can't destroy an enemy that's in orbit.
What's Rei's status?
She and Unit 00 are both in good condition.
She and Unit 00 are both in good condition.
Sortie Unit 00. Prepare for extreme long range firing.
Unit 02, Asuka, be ready to sortie as her backup.
Backup? Me? For Unit 00?!
That's right, take the rear guard position.
You can't be serious.
Eva Unit 02 launch!
It's okay. Let her take the point if that's what she wants.
Major Katsuragi?!
If she fails this time, Asuka won't be allowed to pilot anymore.
You mean this is her last chance?
Let's start preparing to replace Unit 02's pilot, just in case.
Yes, Ma'am.
Excuse me, but aren't you going to sortie Unit 01?
Excuse me, but aren't you going to sortie Unit 01?
It's to remain frozen. Those are Commander Ikari's orders.
After what happened, it's a good idea.
If I fail this time, they're not going to let me pilot anymore.
You can't make any mistakes this time, Asuka.
The target is still out of range.
Why in the hell are you so slow?! Come on down, you lazy Angel!
The Angel has a particle beam weapon?!
No, there are no thermal emissions being detected.
We've got abnormal readings in her psychograph!
Mental contamination is about to begin!
The Angel's making a psychic attack?
The Angels can't understand our minds that well!
God damn it!
Positrons dissipated!
It's not working! It's too far out of range!
Unit 02's rifle is out of ammunition.
What's the result of the beam analysis?
It's an energy oscillation pattern on a visible wavelength.
It's similar to an AT Field, but we don't know much more.
How's Asuka?
It's bad! The mental contamination is crossing her ego borderline!
It's bad! The mental contamination is crossing her ego borderline!
Don't! Don't come into me!
Get out of my mind!
Please! Don't rape my mind!
Psychograph shows she can't take anymore!
Psychograph shows she can't take anymore!
Yes, her mental circuits are being destroyed.
This is too dangerous for her.
Asuka! Retreat!
Asuka! Retreat!
That was an order! Asuka, I'm ordering you to retreat!
That was an order! Asuka, I'm ordering you to retreat!
No! Never!
I'd rather die than retreat now!
Accelerator synchronization initiated.
Voltage is increasing. Approaching pressure zone.
Compulsory focus convergence, activated.
Correction for the Earth's rotation and gravity, point zero three.
Pressure in the chamber is at maximum.
Release the final safety lock. All personnel, prepare for firing.
No effect! There wasn't enough energy
to penetrate its AT Field from this distance.
We're at maximum power output! We can't get any more power!
Unit 02's psychograph is getting weak!
What about the LCL mind barrier?
Negative! We can't even hope for a buffering effect.
Switch top priority to life support. Don't allow any feedback.
Yes, Ma'am!
That ray scanned her mental wavelength, and adapted to it.
Impossible! Is the Angel trying to analyze a human mind?
Why am I crying? I swore that I wouldn't cry anymore.
What's wrong, Asuka?
This is a present from your new mother. Don't you like it?
But why not?
Because I'm not a child!
I'll grow up faster than other people.
I don't need a stuffed toy.
Please, look at me! Mama! I beg you, don't stop being my mama!
Come to Heaven with me.
Mama! Mama! Please, don't kill me!
No! I'm not Mama's doll!
I'll think for myself, and I'll live for myself!
I don't need a papa or mama, I'll live on my own.
No! Don't make me remember that!
I want to forget those things! Don't dig them up from my mind!
I don't want those terrible memories anymore!
Please, stop this! Stop this!
My mind's being contaminated.
Kaji! My mind's being raped!
What will I do? It's defiling my mind!
Unit 02 has ceased activation!
The life support system has crashed!
Pilot's mind is entering danger zone.
Target position is constant. Relative distance unchanged.
Possibility of the target coming into Unit 00's range is 0.02%.
Could we airlift Unit 00 and try shooting from the sky?
No, we can't do that.
If the Angel attacked during the approach, we couldn't protect it.
I'll go out in Unit 01 !
No! This target has the ability to attack the pilot's mind.
We cannot allow an invasion of Unit 01.
But that can't happen as long as I'm not defeated, right?
There is no guarantee that you will succeed.
But if we don't, Asuka will...
I don't care. Rei, go to Dogma and get the Lance.
The Lance of Longinus?! You can't do that, Ikari!
It's the only way to kill a target beyond the reach of our AT Fields.
But if Adam and the Eva come into contact,
it might cause the Third Impact!
It's too dangerous! Commander Ikari, please don't do this!
So, that story was fraudulent too?
The Second Impact wasn't caused by contact between two Angels.
Opening Central Dogma barriers 10 through 15.
Unit 00 has passed the 7th Malvoisie.
Now opening barriers 17 through 20.
If something like this won't cause the Third Impact, then...
What really happened to cause the Second Impact?
Ikari, I still think it's too early to use this.
The committee has already started to mass produce Evas.
This is our chance, Fuyutsuki.
We cannot make time run backwards,
but we can spur its course forward with our own hands.
The old men won't allow this.
Therefore, we must finish this before SEELE has time to act.
It is not acceptable to lose Unit 02 at this time.
But you can't use the Lance without SEELE's approval.
The need is the justification.
There are no other factors to consider.
Justification? No, what you're looking for is an excuse.
Unit 02's pilot's EKG has dropped to point zero six.
We're past the limits of the life support system.
Unit 00 is passing through Vent 2. She's approaching the surface!
That's the Lance of Longinus?
Unit 00 is in position to throw.
Target sighted. Error corrections have been made.
Starting countdown. Going from ten.
Target annihilated.
Eva Unit 02 is free.
What about the Lance of Longinus?
It passed escape velocity. It's moving into a lunar orbit.
It's impossible to recover it now.
Yes, Sir.
We have no method to recover an object of that much mass.
Unit 02's psychograph is returning to normal.
Return the Evangelion to the second cage.
Please use Route 77.
How's Asuka?
We've confirmed that the pilot is alive,
We've confirmed that the pilot is alive,
and we've established quarantine for the contamination.
I see.
I'm glad you're okay, Asuka.
Shut up! Who the hell is okay?! How could it get any worse?
That little bitch rescued me. That little bitch rescued ME.
I'd rather have died!
I hate you! I hate you! I hate everyone!
I hate you all!
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