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Subtitles for Gone with the Wind CD2.

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Gone with the Wind CD2

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Casualty lists!
Casualty lists!
Please! Please!
Here you is. They was fighting for them so, it got tore in half.
Scarlett, you look.
The W's at the end.
Wellman, Wendel, White, Whitman, Wilkens, Williams, Woolsey, Wortman...
Scarlett, you've passed him!
He isn't there! He isn't there!
Ashley's safe, he isn't listed!
Oh, he's safe. He's safe!
Scarlett, you're so sweet to worry about Ashley like this for me.
I must go to her.
Don't, my dear. Not here.
Let's go home.
Dr. Meade, not...?
Yes, our boy Darcy.
I was making these mittens for him.
He won't need them now.
Well, I'm gonna enlist.
I'll show them! I'll kill those Yankees!
You hush your mouth.
You think it'll help your mother to have you shot too? It's silly!
It's a black day, Scarlett.
Haven't had bad news, have you?
- Ashley's safe. - I'm glad, for Mrs. Wilkes' sake.
There are so many others.
- Any of your friends? - About every family in the county.
The Tarleton boys, both of them.
Look at them. All these poor tragic people.
The South's sinking to its knees. It'll never rise again.
The Cause.
The cause of living in the past is dying right in front of us.
I never heard you talk like that.
I'm angry. Waste always makes me angry and that's what this is, sheer waste!
But don't you be downcast.
Ashley's still alive to come home to the women who love him.
Both of them.
You're here!
You're here! You're really here at last!
Oh, my dear, I've waited so long!
Melanie, my dear, my darling wife!
But we're forgetting Scarlett.
Scarlett, dear.
Why, is this any way to greet a returning warrior?
Ashley, I...
Merry Christmas, Ashley.
Come on, old gentleman, come on. We's ate all your wives.
We's ate all your little chicks.
You got nobody to worry your head about leaving.
Come on. Now you just stand still so you...
...can be Christmas for the white folks.
Now, hold on!
Hold on!
Don't go getting so uppity.
Even if you is the last chicken in Atlanta.
Let's not talk about the war.
Let's talk Twelve Oaks and Tara and times before there was a war.
Could we have the wine?
Why did you say there wasn't enough?
There's plenty. It's the very last of my father's fine Madeira.
He got it from his uncle Admiral Will Hamilton of Savannah...
...who married his cousin Jessica Carroll of Carrolton...
...who was his second cousin and akin to the Wilkeses too.
I saved it to wish Ashley a merry Christmas.
But you mustn't drink it all at once, because it is the last.
I meant it, my dear. It was a lovely Christmas gift.
Only generals have tunics like this.
I'm so happy you like it.
Where did you get the cloth?
It was sent by a Charleston lady.
I nursed her son while he was in the hospital before he died and...
You will take good care of it, won't you?
You won't let it get torn. Promise me.
You mustn't worry.
I'll bring it back to you without any holes in it. I promise.
Good night, my dear.
Good night, Scarlett, darling.
Uncle Peter, is it time for Mr. Ashley to leave?
Pretty quick now, Miss Scarlett.
Melanie isn't going to the depot? She hasn't changed her mind?
She's laying down.
She's so upset, Mr. Wilkes told her she can't even come downstairs.
Ashley, let me go to the depot with you.
Scarlett, I'd rather remember you as you are now.
Not shivering at the depot.
All right.
I've got a present for you too!
Why, Scarlett, it's beautiful!
Tie it on me, my dear.
While Melly was making a new tunic, I made this to go with it.
You made it yourself?
Well, then I shall value it all the more.
You know there's nothing I wouldn't do for you.
There's something you can do for me.
What is it?
Will you look after Melanie for me?
She's so frail and gentle, and she loves you so much.
- If I were killed... - You mustn't say that! It's bad luck.
Say a prayer, quickly.
You say one for me.
We shall need all our prayers. Now the end is coming.
The end?
The end of the war...
...and the end of our world, Scarlett.
But you don't think the Yankees are beating us?
My men are barefooted now!
And the snow in Virginia's deep.
When I see them, and I see the Yankees coming and coming...
...always more and more!
When the end does come, I shall be far away.
It'll be a comfort to me to know that she has you.
You will promise, won't you?
Is that all, Ashley?
All except... goodbye.
I can't let you go!
You must be brave. You must!
How else can I bear going?
Oh, Scarlett! You're so fine and strong and beautiful.
Not just your sweet face, my dear...
...but you.
Ashley, kiss me. Kiss me goodbye.
No, Scarlett. No!
Ashley, I love you.
I've always loved you. I've never loved anyone else.
I only married Charles just to hurt you.
Ashley, tell me you love me.
I'll live on it the rest of my life!
When the war's over, Ashley.
When the war's over.
- And there's a place back home...
...where a wild plum tree comes to flower in the springtime...
...down by the creek, you know.
Yes, I know, I know.
When we were little, my brother Jeff and I used to...
I told you about my brother Jeff, didn't I, ma'am?
I know I did. He...
We don't know where Jeff is now, ma'am.
Since Bull Run, we haven't heard anything and...
Please, we must have your temperature now.
Just take this in your mouth and not talk anymore. Not just now.
Melanie, I'm so tired. I've got to go home.
Aren't you tired, Melanie?
No, I'm not tired, Scarlett.
This might be Ashley...
...and only strangers here to comfort him.
No, I'm not tired, Scarlett.
They could all be...
I've been waiting one solid hour to speak to you, Mrs. Wilkes.
Go on, you trash. Don't be pestering these ladies.
- Don't talk to her. - It's all right.
Who are you?
I'm Belle Watling.
But that don't matter. You think I got no business here.
Tell me what you want to see me about.
First time I come here, I says, "Belle, you're a nurse."
They didn't want my kind of nursing. They was more than likely right.
Then I tried giving them money. My money wasn't good enough either!
The old peahens!
I know a gentleman who says you're a human being.
If you are, which they ain't, you'll take my money for the hospital.
What are you doing here? Haven't you been told twice?
I'm conversing with Mrs. Wilkes!
You might as well take my money. It's good money, even if it is mine.
- I'm sure you're very generous. - I'm a Confederate, like everybody else.
Of course you are!
Some folks here wouldn't feel that way.
But maybe they ain't as good Christians as you.
Look, Mrs. Meade, it's a great deal of money.
10, 20, 30, 50!
And it's not our paper money, it's gold!
Let me see that handkerchief.
And she's driving away in Rhett Butler's carriage!
If I just wasn't a lady, what wouldn't I tell that varmint!
"The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want."
"He maketh me to lie down in green pastures."
"He restoreth my soul."
"He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for His name's sake."
"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death...
...I will fear no evil, for Thou art with me."
"Thy rod and Thy staff, they comfort me."
The Yankees!
Yankees! Dr. Meade, they're getting closer.
They'll never get into Atlanta. Never get through old Peg Leg Hood.
Give me something for the pain!
Give me something for the pain!
Sorry, son, we haven't got anything to give you.
These animals is driving me crazy!
What luck! You got my jack.
Give me an ace and I'll start another war.
And I'll bid the moon.
- That I never see you and my Pa again.
This leg's got to come off.
No, don't! Leave me alone!
I'm sorry, soldier.
- We're all out of chloroform. - We'll operate without it.
No, no, you won't! You can't do it.
I won't let you do it!
Tell Dr. Wilson to take this leg off. It's gangrene.
I haven't seen my family in three days.
I'm going home for half an hour.
Orderly, give me a lift!
Nurse, you can free this bed.
Miss Scarlett!
Why, Frank Kennedy.
Miss Suellen. Is she well?
When did they bring you in? Are you bad hurt?
- Suellen. Is she...? - She's all right.
Dr. Wilson needs you in the operating room. He's gonna take off that leg.
I'll be back.
No! You leave me alone! Don't!
I can't stand it!
Don't cut! Don't cut!
Don't! Don't! Please!
Where's the nurse?
Dr. Wilson's waiting.
Let him wait! I'm going home!
I don't want any more men dying and screaming. I don't want any more!
Big Sam!
Big Sam!
Almighty Moses! It's Miss Scarlett!
Sam, Elijah, Prophet, Apostle. I'm so glad to see you.
Tell me about my mother. She didn't write me.
- She gone got sick. - Sick?
Just a little bit sick, that's all.
Your pa went wild when they wouldn't let him fight.
He had fits when they took us to dig the ditch for the soldiers.
Your ma said the Confederacy needs it. We's digging for the South.
- Was there a doctor? - We've got to march.
Don't worry, we'll stop them Yankees.
Goodbye, Big Sam.
If you get sick or hurt, let me know.
Goodbye, Miss Scarlett.
Climb into this buggy. This is no day for walking. You'll get run over!
Drive me to Aunt Pitty's, please.
Panic's a pretty sight, isn't it?
Just another of Sherman's calling cards. He'll pay us a visit soon.
I gotta get out of here before the Yankees come!
Leave your hospital work?
Or have you had enough of death and lice and men chopped up?
I suppose you weren't meant for sick men.
Don't talk like that. I'm so scared! I wish I could get out of here.
Let's get out together.
No use letting the South come down around your ears.
There are too many nice places to go and visit.
- Mexico, London, Paris... - With you?
Yes, ma'am.
With a man who understands and admires you for what you are.
I figure we belong together, being the same sort.
I've been waiting for you to grow up and get Ashley out of your heart.
Well, I hear Mrs. Wilkes is going to have a baby in another month or so.
It'll be hard loving a man with a wife and baby clinging to him.
Well, here we are. Are you going with me or are you getting out?
I hate and despise you.
I'll hate and despise you till I die!
Oh, no, you won't, Scarlett. Not that long.
Miss Scarlett!
Folks is all going to Macon, and folks is running away!
I can't bear those cannonballs right in my ears!
I faint every time I hear one.
Uncle Peter, look out for that trunk.
- You aren't leaving? - I may be a coward...
...but oh, dear! Yankees in Georgia! How did they ever get in?
I'm going too. Prissy, go pack my things.
Wait, I won't be a minute.
Do you really think you ought to?
What is this? You ain't planning on running away?
Don't try to stop me. I'm never going back to that hospital.
I've had enough of smelling death, of rot and death.
I'm going home! I want my mother. My mother needs me.
Listen to me! You must stay here.
Without a chaperon? It simply isn't...
Good heavens, this is war, not a garden party!
- Melanie needs you. - Oh, bother Melanie!
She's ill already. She shouldn't even be having a baby.
Can't we take her along?
Want her to be jounced over rough roads and have the baby ahead of time?
It isn't my baby. You take care of her!
We haven't enough doctors to look after a sick woman.
You've got to stay.
I don't know anything about babies being born.
I knows! I knows! I knows how to do it.
I's done it lots and lots. Let me, doctor. Let me.
- I can do everything. - Good. I'll rely on you to help us.
Ashley's fighting in the field. Fighting for the Cause.
He may never come back. He may die.
Scarlett, we owe him a well-born child.
If you're coming, Scarlett, hurry!
I promised Ashley something...
Then you'll stay?
Good. Go along, Miss Pittypat. Scarlett's staying.
Go on, Uncle Peter.
I don't know what to do.
It's like the end of the world!
Uncle Peter, my smelling salt!
Melanie, Melanie! It's all your fault!
I hate you! I hate you!
And I hate your baby!
If only I hadn't promised Ashley. If only I hadn't promised him!
Stop! Stop! Please, stop.
Are the Yankees coming?
The army's pulling out.
Pulling out and leaving us to the Yankees?
Not leaving, evacuating. Before Sherman cuts the McDonough road.
It can't be true!
What'll I do?
Better refugee south, right quick. If you'll excuse me.
Prissy! Go pack my things and Melanie's too. We're going to Tara.
The Yankees are coming!
Melly, we're going to...
I'm sorry to be such a bother, Scarlett.
It began at daybreak.
But the Yankees are coming.
Poor Scarlett.
You'd be at Tara now with your mother, wouldn't you?
If it weren't for me.
Oh, Scarlett, darling. You've been so good to me.
No sister could have been sweeter.
I've been lying here thinking...
...if I should die...
...will you take my baby?
Fiddle-dee-dee, Melly.
Aren't things bad enough without you talking about dying?
- I'll send for Dr. Meade. - Not yet, Scarlett.
I couldn't let Dr. Meade sit here for hours...
...while all those poor, wounded boys...
Come here, quick!
Go get Dr. Meade. Run! Quick!
The baby.
Don't stand there like a scared goat. Run!
Hurry, hurry! I'll sell you south, I will.
I swear I will!
Where's that Prissy?
This room's like an oven already and it isn't noon yet.
Don't worry, Melly.
Mother says it always seems like the doctor will never come.
If I don't take a strap to that Prissy!
Know what I heard about Maybelle Merriwether?
You remember her funny-looking beau?
The one with the uniform like ladies' red flannels?
You don't have to keep on talking for my sake.
I know how worried you are.
For to tote the weary load
No matter, 't will never...
I'll just go and fetch you some cooler water.
You're slow as molasses in January. Where's Dr. Meade?
- I never seen him, Miss Scarlett. - What?
He ain't at the hospital.
A man told me that the doctor's down at the car shed...
...with the wounded soldiers...
Well, why didn't you go after him?
Miss Scarlett, I's scared to go down there at the car shed.
There's folks dying down there. And I's scared of dead folks!
Go sit by Miss Melly.
And don't you be upsetting her or I'll whip the hide off you.
Just a few more days
For to tote the weary load
- Have you seen...? - Move aside, lady, please.
Dr. Meade?
Dr. Meade, at last!
Thank heaven you're here. I need every pair of hands.
Now, come, child, wake up. We got work to do.
But Melly's having her baby. You've got to come with me!
Are you crazy? I can't leave these men for a baby.
They're dying! Hundreds! Get a woman to help.
But there isn't anybody. Dr. Meade, she might die.
Die? Look at them, bleeding to death in front of my eyes!
No chloroform. No bandages. Nothing!
Nothing to ease their pain.
Run along and don't bother me.
Don't worry, child. There's nothing to bringing a baby.
- Bring the stretchers in here. - Dr. Meade?
Yeah, I'm coming.
Is the doctor come?
No, he can't come.
Miss Scarlett, Miss Melly bad off.
He can't come. There's nobody to come.
You've got to manage without the doctor. I'll help you.
Oh, Lordy, Miss Scarlett!
Well, what is it?
Lordy, we's got to have a doctor!
I don't know nothing about birthing babies!
- What do you mean? - I don't know...
You told me you knew everything!
I don't know why I lied!
Ma ain't never let me around when folks was having them.
Miss Scarlett!
Stop it!
Light a fire on the stove. Boil water in the kettle.
Get me a ball of twine, clean towels and the scissors.
Don't tell me you can't find them! Go get them and get them quick!
Coming, Melly.
You better go before the Yankees get here.
You know I won't leave you.
It's no use. I'm gonna die.
Don't be a goose, Melly. Hold on to me.
- Hold on to me! - Talk to me, Scarlett.
Please, talk to me.
Don't try to be brave. Yell! There's nobody to hear.
Ma says that if you puts a knife under the bed, it cuts the pain in two.
Captain Butler!
Captain Butler!
- Who do you want? - Captain Butler.
He's upstairs. Belle Watling's giving a party.
Yes, sir.
Thank you.
Captain Butler!
What's all the rumpus about?
I's got a message for Captain Butler, Mrs. Watling.
Captain Butler, you come out here in the streets to me!
- What is it, Prissy? - Miss Scarlett done sent me for you.
Miss Melly, she done had her baby today.
A fine baby boy.
And Miss Scarlett and me, we brung it.
Are you telling me Scarlett...?
It was mostly me, Captain Butler.
Only Miss Scarlett, she helped me a little.
But I don't expect no doctor could have done no better.
Only, Miss Melly, she feel kind of poorly now it's all over.
Yes, I can believe that.
And the Yankees is coming. And Miss Scarlett, she says...
Captain Butler, the Yankees is here!
Please come and bring your carriage for us right away!
I'm sorry, but the army took my horse and carriage.
You better come upstairs.
No, Captain Butler.
Ma would wear me out with a cornstalk if I was to go into Mrs. Watling's.
Any of you beauties know where I can steal a horse for a good cause?
- Is that you, Rhett? - We's here, Miss Scarlett!
I knew you'd come.
Nice weather we're having. Prissy tells me you're...
If you make any jokes now, I'll kill you!
- You're frightened? - I'm scared to death!
If you had sense, you'd be scared too.
- The Yankees! - No, not yet.
That's what's left of our army blowing up the ammunition.
We gotta get out of here!
At your service. Where are you going?
- Home, to Tara. - They've been fighting around Tara.
You're going to parade through there with a sick woman, a baby and a darkie?
Do you intend leaving them?
They're going with me, and you can't stop me!
It's dangerous jouncing Mrs. Wilkes over open country.
I want my mother!
I want to go home to Tara!
Tara's probably been burned. The woods are full of stragglers.
The least they'll do is take the horse.
It's not much, but I had trouble stealing it.
I'm going home if I have to walk every step of the way!
I'll kill you if you try to stop me! I will, I will!
All right, darling, all right. Now you shall go home.
I guess anybody who did what you've done today can take care of Sherman.
Stop crying.
Now blow your nose like a good little girl. There.
- What's going on? - I'm packing!
Well, stop it and come and get the baby!
- We're taking you to Tara. - Tara?
It's the only way.
They'll burn the house over our heads if we stay.
It's all right, Melly.
My baby.
My poor baby.
- Can you put your arms around my neck? - I think so.
Never mind.
Ashley, Charles!
What's she want?
Ashley's picture and Charles' sword.
Get them.
What's that?
Our gallant lads set fire to the warehouses.
Enough ammunition in boxcars to blow us to Tara.
- We have to get across the tracks. - Not that way!
We have to. McDonough road's the only one the Yankees haven't cut yet.
Wait, I forgot to lock the front door!
- What are you laughing at? - At you, locking the Yankees out.
Oh, dear! I wish they'd hurry.
I wouldn't be in such a hurry to see them go.
With them goes the last semblance of law and order.
Scavengers aren't wasting any time.
Better get out of here fast.
There's a horse! Get it!
Give us that horse!
Down the alley! Cut him off!
Pull that horse!
I'll get him!
Give me that horse!
Haven't left much to take.
We'll make a dash for it before the fire reaches that ammunition.
Come on!
Throw me your shawl.
You'll like it better if you don't see anything.
Take a good look, my dear. It's a historic moment.
Tell your grandchildren how you watched the Old South disappear one night.
They were gonna lick the Yankees in a month. The poor gallant fools.
They make me sick.
Getting us all into this by swaggering and boasting.
That's the way I felt once about their "swaggering and boasting".
I'm so glad you aren't with the army.
You can be proud. Proud that you've been smarter than all of them.
I'm not so proud.
Why did you stop?
This is the turn to Tara. Let the horse breathe a bit.
Miss Melly done fainted way back, Captain Butler.
She's better off. She couldn't stand the pain if she were conscious.
Scarlett, are you still determined to do this crazy thing?
I know we can get through, Rhett.
Not we, my dear, you. I'm leaving you here.
You're what? Rhett, where are you going?
- I'm going to join the army. - You're joking.
- I could kill you for scaring me so. - I'm very serious.
I'm going to join up with our brave lads in gray.
But they're running away.
They'll turn and make a last stand. When they do, I'll be with them.
- I'm a little late, but better late... - You must be joking!
Selfish to the end, aren't you?
Thinking of your own hide, never a thought for the Cause.
How could you do this to me?
And why should you go now that it's all over, and I need you? Why?
I've always had a weakness for lost causes, once they're really lost.
Or maybe...
...maybe I'm ashamed of myself.
Who knows?
You should die of shame to leave me alone and helpless!
You? Helpless?
Heaven help the Yankees if they capture you.
Now climb down here.
I want to say goodbye.
Climb down!
Rhett, please don't go!
You can't leave me, please. I'll never forgive you!
I'm not asking you to forgive me. I'll never forgive myself.
If a bullet gets me, I'll laugh at myself for being an idiot.
There's one thing I do know, and that is I love you, Scarlett.
In spite of you and me and the world going to pieces, I love you.
Because we're alike. Bad lots, both of us.
Selfish and shrewd, but able to look things in the eye and call them by name.
Don't hold me like that!
Look at me.
I love you more than I've loved any woman.
And I've waited longer for you than any woman.
Let me alone!
A soldier of the South loves you. Wants your arms around him.
Wants to carry the memory of your kisses into battle.
Never mind about loving me.
You're a woman sending a soldier to his death with a beautiful memory.
Scarlett, kiss me.
Kiss me once.
You low-down, cowardly, nasty thing, you!
They were right. Everybody was right. You aren't a gentleman.
A minor point at such a moment.
Here. If anyone lays a hand on that nag, shoot him.
Don't shoot the nag by mistake.
Go on! I want you to go.
I hope a cannonball blows you into a million pieces...!
Never mind the rest. I follow your general idea.
And when I'm dead on the altar of my country, I hope your conscience irks you.
Goodbye, Scarlett.
Come on, you. We're going home.
Oh, my poor baby.
Don't worry. Mother will take care of him when we get home.
Miss Scarlett, I's powerful hungry.
- We's got to have something to eat. - Hush up!
We're nearly at Twelve Oaks. We'll stop there.
Go on!
Oh, Ashley.
Ashley, I'm glad you're not here to see this.
The Yankees. The dirty Yankees!
Come tie up this cow.
We don't need no cow, Miss Scarlett.
We'll be home soon, and I's scared of cows.
Tie her onto the back of the wagon with your petticoat.
We need milk for the baby, and we don't know what we'll find at home.
Melly, we're home!
We're at Tara. Hurry! Move, you brute!
It's dead!
I can't see the house. Is it there?
Have they burned it?
It's all right! It's all right! They haven't burned it.
It's still there!
Mother! Mother, I'm home!
Mother! Mother, I'm home!
Mother, let me in. It's me. Scarlett!
Oh, Pa!
I'm home.
I'm home.
Katie Scarlett!
Oh, darlin'!
Mammy, I'm home.
Honey child...
Mammy, I'm so...
Where's mother?
...Miss Suellen, Miss Carreen, they was sick with the typhoid.
They had it bad, but they's doing all right now.
- Just weak, like little kittens. - But where's mother?
Miss Ellen. She went down to nurse that Emmie Slattery...
...that white trash, and she took down with it too.
Then last night, she...
Miss Scarlett, honey.
If there's anything I can do, Miss Scarlett...
- What did you do with Melly? - Don't worry your pretty head.
I done slapped her in bed, along with the baby.
You better put that cow into the barn.
There ain't no barn no more.
- The Yankees burned it for firewood. - The house was their headquarters.
They camped all around.
Yankees in Tara?
They stole most everything they didn't burn.
All the clothes and all the rugs, and even Miss Ellen's rosaries.
I'm starving. Get me something to eat.
There ain't nothing to eat, honey. They took it all.
All the chickens? Everything?
They took them first.
What they didn't eat, they carried off.
Don't tell me any more about what "they" did!
What's this, Pa?
- Whiskey? - Yes, daughter.
Katie Scarlett, that's enough.
Your not knowing spirits, you'll make yourself tipsy.
I hope it makes me drunk.
I'd like to be drunk.
What are those papers?
They're all we've saved, all we have left.
But what kind of bonds, Pa?
Why, Confederate bonds, of course.
Confederate bonds.
What good are they to anybody?
I'll not have you talking like that.
Oh, Pa, what are we going to do with no money...
...and nothing to eat?
We must ask your mother.
That's it. We must ask Mrs. O'Hara.
Ask Mother?
Mrs. O'Hara will know what's to be done.
Now don't be bothering me. Go out for a ride.
I'm busy.
Don't worry about anything.
Katie Scarlett's home.
You needn't worry.
What are we going to do with nothing to feed those sick folks and that child?
I don't know, Mammy.
I don't know.
We ain't got nothing but radishes in the garden.
Miss Scarlett, Miss Suellen and Miss Carreen...
...they's fussing to be sponged off.
- Where are the other servants? - Only just me and Pork left.
The others went to war or runned away.
I can't take care of that baby and sick folkses too!
I's only got two hands.
Who's gonna milk that cow, Miss Scarlett? We's houseworkers.
As God is my witness... God is my witness, they're not going to lick me.
I'm going to live through this, and when it's over...
...I'll never be hungry again. No, nor any of my folk.
If I have to lie, steal, cheat, or kill... God is my witness, I'll never be hungry again!
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