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Subtitles for Sherlock Holmes Returns.

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Sherlock Holmes Returns

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Paper, paper.
What do you make of it Watson?
I believe you got eyes in the back of your head Holmes.
Well I have a well-polished coffee pot in front of me.
Mrs. Hudson said it was left last night
while you were out.
What do you make of it?
his name at least we know.
I think Dr. Mortimer
is a successful,
elderly medical man,
well esteemed,
since those who know him
gave him this mark of their appreciation.
I think he's a country practitioner,
does a good deal of his visiting on foot.
'Friends of the C.C.H.'
I should guess that to be the local hunt.
Oh bravo, bravo Watson.
You know I am bound to say
you habitually underrate your abilities.
It may be that you are not yourself luminous,
but you are a conductor of light.
Some people without possessing genius
have remarkable power for stimulating it.
I confess, my dear fellow,
that I am very much in your debt.
Thank you.
But I'm afraid that
most of your conclusions were erroneous.
Surely hospital.
'C.C.' suggests Charing Cross.
I mean if so I would postulate a young man
under thirty, amiable,
and the possessor of a dog.
Can I see the stick?
Thank you.
Larger than a terrier,
smaller than a mastiff.
I was right,
a curly haired spaniel.
Dr. Mortimer?
Thank you sir.
Thank you.
I wasn't sure whether I left it here
or at the shipping office.
The S. S. Gibraltar
you see docks today at Tewberry.
You interest me very much, Mr. Holmes.
I had hardly expected so dolichocephalic a skull
or such well-marked supra-orbital development.
Would you have any objection to my running
my finger along your parietal fissure?
Please Dr. Mortimer.
A cast of your skull, sir,
until the original becomes available.
It is not my intention to be fulsome,
but I confess that I covet your skull.
Behave and sit down Dr. Mortimer.
Good boy.
Well I presume that it was not
your phrenological passion,
which drew you to Baker Street?
Unfortunately it was not sir.
I have here...
I have here the statement of a certain legend,
which runs in the Baskerville family.
Yeah, I'm an executor
of Sir Charles Baskerville's will
and found it amongst his papers.
It concerns Hugo Baskerville;
he was Lord of the manor, Grimpen on Dartmoor.
Some 200 years ago.
The document is somewhat later.
"Learn then from this story
to be circumspect in the future,
that those foul passions whereby
our family has suffered may not be loosed
again to our comparable ruin,
8th of November 1742," was it?
Intriguing preamble.
I've read of Sir Charles Baskerville's death.
From a medical point of view
it was a poorly informed article.
No thank you.
He died of dyspnea and cardiac exhaustion.
Were the conditions linked
or were they parallel?
Oh they were linked in my opinion.
There was some, some facial distortion.
Caused by the cardiac pain presumably?
You sound doubtful.
It was not merely facial distortion.
Well here in 1692
Hugo Baskerville abducted a young girl
but she escaped across the moor
at night cursing.
He unkenneled his pack of hounds
and hunted her down like a wild animal.
When his 3 drunken companions followed,
they found the girl in a deep dip or goyal
dead from fear and fatigue.
And it also confronted the cause of her death,
a huge, demonic hound.
Even as they looked
the hound tore the throat out of Hugo Baskerville.
One companion died that very night
of what he saw,
and the other twain were broken men
for the rest of their days.
The sound is supposed to have haunted the family since then
to the general misfortune of the line.
Well this may appeal
to your lurid taste in fiction Watson.
It's a fairy tale sir.
Of course Mr. Holmes
but fairy tales would not survive
without a kernel of truth.
On the night Sir Charles died
I arrived at Baskerville Hall at first light.
I shall tell you what I found.
No more or less.
This way please sir?
I had been concerned about him for some time.
He had become obsessed
with the Legend of the Hound.
It's by the summerhouse.
He believed he had heard
the hound itself upon the moors,
he even believed he had seen it.
At the time I took such morbid fancies
to be part and parcel
of Sir Charles' pathological condition.
And now?
I no longer believe that to be the case.
There sir.
We didn't like to move him sir.
Once we knew.
Yes, Yes quite Barrymore.
A sad occasion Mrs. Barrymore
an unhappy vigil for you.
He was our hope doctor.
Hope for the country here about's.
He brought the world to us.
He was our hope.
Before Sir Charles ran up the alley
he had eloquently stood at the gate
for at least ten minutes.
How do you know that?
The ash had dropped twice from his cigar
and there were also 3 spent matches.
I'm impressed by Dr. Mortimer.
Was there anything else?
A man or a woman's?
Mr. Holmes,
they were the footprints of a gigantic hound.
Several people have seen a creature upon the moor,
a huge creature, ghastly, and spectral.
I've crossed examined 2 of them.
Hardheaded countrymen both
and their stories tally.
I want you to advise me what I should do
with Sir Henry Baskerville.
Henry Baskerville has spent his life in America.
He has come over on the S. S. Gibraltar
Been a pleasure having you aboard Sir Henry.
Sir Henry,
I still haven't gotten used to that title.
Was there any other claim upon Sir Charles' estate?
His youngest brother, Roger,
died in Central America of yellow fever
some 30 years ago.
Sir Henry is the last of the Baskerville's.
Why did you not consult me immediately?
There's a realm in which the most accomplished
detective is helpless sir.
There are certain things here,
which are impossible to reconcile
to the settled order of nature.
If you believe this to be supernatural
you'll find more help from a priest.
No, No, No, No, No.
How can I assist?
And I'll have an answer damn it.
He's in a stir sir about his boot.
By thunder if that fellow can't find my old black boot.
Surely it was a new brown boot.
No last night they took one of the brown ones.
Today they've sneaked one of the black.
I'm sorry Mortimer
I'm sorry to trouble you with this nonsense
but this is a first class hotel damn it!
Oh hello.
Mr. Sherlock Holmes at your service.
I think it is worth troubling about
as a matter of fact.
You do why?
Because it's inexplicable.
That's good.
My God.
Have you got a cold Watson?
Why it's this poisonous atmosphere.
This is a big thick I suppose.
It's intolerable.
You've been at your club all day.
How'd you know that?
Where do you think I've been?
Well here clearly.
I've been at Devonshire.
In spirit?
Quite so.
I sent out for a map from Stamford's.
Now see here?
Baskerville Hall.
Grimpen, just a clutter of cottages.
2 moorland houses,
Lafter Hall,
Merripit House and that is all.
Oh this represents marshland
and these barrows,
some prehistoric settlement
or burial ground.
10 mile?
Disused is it
and all the rest is waste
as far as the great convict,
the prison of Princeton.
It is a worthy setting if the devil did decide
to dabble in the affairs of man.
Then you yourself are inclined
towards a supernatural explanation?
You'd better send word to Dr. Mortimer,
we'll eat breakfast with him tomorrow.
It arrived by post this morning.
So you think of little puzzles Mr. Holmes?
This one wants more thinking
than I'm able to give it.
Posted yesterday?
A joke, as like it's not.
Tell me Sir Henry
has anything interesting happened to you
since you've been in London?
No I don't think so.
Ever been followed?
I seemed to have walked right into a dime novel.
Why should anyone follow me?
That letter was delivered to the hotel.
You are being followed Sir Henry.
"If you value your life or your reason
keep away from the moor. "
The issue I suggest is whether it constitutes
a friendly or an unfriendly warning.
That is surely impossible to determine.
However has features that may help,
the envelope for example.
If somewhat trampled is presentable.
It's contents mostly are not.
The letter has been torn
neatly enough along a fold
and the leader article in the Times
the Leaded Bourgeois printers,
unmistakable has been chosen
from which to cut the message
but the message is all quickly cut
with an appropriate short bladed scissors
and the gluing of the print of the paper
is smudged and misaligned.
May I see it?
Only half a sheet of paper
and yet the watermark is clear.
Hudson whale.
You will find that paper
in a hundred middle grade hotels
but not from here.
A first class hotel
would have a paper of a greater weight.
The ink is institutional.
I would also suggest a hotel.
Yet what can we determine from this?
Pocket fluff.
I infer that the person who wrote this message
is staying at a nearby hotel.
He's neat of habit.
And studied the task methodically.
But then he began to fear discovery.
He rushed it through
and put the result in his pocket
until such time as he posted it.
It is true that fearful people threaten
but my interpretation is
that this is a friendly warning.
Because it seems a risk was incurred
in its execution.
Bravo Mr. Holmes
you fulfill your reputation sir no mistake,
but if you're right and this fellow's afraid
then he's afraid not only for his own skin
but what might happen to me.
Quite so.
Dr. Mortimer I think it is time that you explain.
Well now you know the facts Sir Henry.
The question is whether or not
you should go to Dartmoor.
There's no devil in hell
nor no man on this earth
that's going to prevent me from going to the home
of my own people.
Then we'll see how we can mitigate the danger.
You really believe there is danger?
I think that if it is, that it is considerable.