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A-1 Headline

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Hey man, when did you change your number?
Think we're triads,
loan sharks or something?
Wanna get away with your debt by avoiding us?
It's not that easy!
I have no money now.
Gimme your cell phone.
If you want no trouble at work,
play no more tricks.
Do as you're told.
You're a cop, aren't you?
Poor boy! Look at yourself!
It's about the next client.
Girls these days are mindless.
With their credit cards,
they just have no idea of how much they're spending.
She's a reporter.
A shot from this angle.
You bought another phone again?
I had a 10% discount It's out of stock already.
Want one?
No, thanks. I've got this.
Sell it for me in a second hand store.
All right.
Get a good price.
A good price.
Hi. Hello.
Have you finished?
Yeah. Can I borrow it?
Make sure you'll return it.
Sure. Don't forget to get me the next issue.
Elaine. Yes?
Any recommendation for a MP3?
Get an iPod, or the latest mini iPod.
That's too fancy for me.
Want something less fancy?
Well... go ahead and take one.
I'm not sure... How much is it?
Just take it. It's an old model, not worth a penny.
I won't use it anyway.
It's for you, Elaine.
Don't make this hard for me. Come on.
It has nothing to do with Kevin.
It's me who don't want to talk to you.
I don't need any explanation.
I don't care what story you're after.
Congratulations for your headline story... Bye.
Don't be so fussy, Peter.
Are you okay?
Peter looks really upset lately.
I've made up my mind already and that's it.
Thank you very much.
No problem.
I'm fine, really.
Didn't you know who the man... the picture was?
Yes, we did.
I thought you all went blind.
It's our boss!
He's with this starlet from television.
We thought it'd make a headline in the Entertainment section.
Are you making fun of the boss or me?
You told us to make them big news stories even if it's the Pope.
This is not funny.
Get out! Take this piece of editorial with you,
and these photos to Old Chau.
Relax, Chief.
Elaine, I'm going to Japan with my wife next week.
Any traveling tips?
I'll get all you need for food, shopping, and hotels, alright?
No need for hotels. It's a package deal.
Thank you.
What's up?
I want to quit.
Just because you broke up with Peter?
How do you know?
And you're going to get some traveling tips on Japan for Ken as well.
I know everything that's going on in this office.
You found a new job?
Not yet.
Be serious, Elaine.
Do you expect me to find a substitute for you just like that?
I don't want to work with him in the same office.
You won't see him here anyway.
He's always out for breaking news, and you're doing the fashion page...
What is it?
The boss and Mr. Cheung are coming over.
That's all I have to say.
Think it over.
Grow up!
These days girls simply don't bother the consequences of their act.
Peter will be restricted from dating girls in this office.
They all quit after breaking up with him!
Boss? Terrence.
This is Mr. Cheung.
How are you, Mr. Cheung? I'm Terence Tsang.
Terence is the brain of our newspaper.
Brilliant. Nice to meet you. Me, too.
This is my son, Sean.
Hello, Mr. Cheung.
How do you do? How do you do?
My office is small.
Let's talk in the conference room.
Elaine. What's up?
It's... about Peter.
Drunk Reporter Killed in Car Crash
Let me walk you inside.
No. I'm fine.
I'll pick you up tomorrow morning.
No. I'm fine.
Hey, lady. Hello.
Hold it. Come on.
Don't bite!
Call the police!
Fei, you'd better check into the hospital.
God knows if that crazy girl is infected with rabies.
I'm okay.
Listen, officer.
We'll drop the charges.
Tell the girl we'll drop the charges.
Let's forget everything.
We didn't realise a friend of hers just passed away.
Forget it.
It's not over yet.
We don't know who brought charges against who yet.
Look who's talking!
It's us who called the police, and we were attacked!
I don't care. You are not allowed to leave.
Don't mess with me.
You're wasting my precious time!
You sure it's a mistake?
Did they threaten you or something?
Here's my number.
I'll be transferred to a downtown precinct later.
Call me if you need any help.
I know that guy.
He's a debt collector, but he still has to abide by the law.
You wanna drop the charges?
Yes. Thanks for your help.
She's decided to drop the charges.
You may go now.
See, this officer is much smarter.
We called the police and we were accused? Ridiculous!
Cut the crap.
Thank you, Tony.
We were old colleagues. Don't make things complicated for me.
I'm sorry.
Let's go.
Learn something, bugger?
Do you know him, Fei?
I used to be his team leader when I was with the police.
What a crappy cop. Don't even know what's right and wrong!
They know shit about everything!
You tell me what's right!
Four in the morning and two big guys...
got attacked by a skinny girl like her?
Who on earth would believe that?
Some story, really! How many years in jail do you fancy?
But we were attacked!
By the way, were there any reporters?
If our pictures were taken,
we'd be going nowhere...
Don't tell anyone about it.
Want some mosquito repellent?
Miss Tse?
We're collecting an outstanding debt of...
$93,000 on behalf of First Bank.
I'm sorry about last night.
Can you give me a few more days?
But we do need your contact number.
Sorry. Are you all right?
Excuse me.
I have to go now.
How come she's so tame today? Weirdo.
Miss Tse, where are you going?
We can give you a ride.
It's okay. I'll take a cab.
Come on. Let us give you a ride.
Where to?
Will it be much trouble?
No problem.
We actually have nothing special to do.
Come on in.
I'd like to buy some incense.
Perfect. I know a shop that sells funeral stuff.
I'm an expert in these.
You've asked the right guy.
You want this?
The package you had for Chan last time looked better.
No tricks, I warn you.
Brother Ma, this one is for free.
Of course it's for free!
I want that paper car as well.
What? $30?
That's $75 in total. Okay.
Here's the change.
Thank you. All right.
Let me. It's okay.
It's much cheaper now.
It'd have cost you a lot more without me...
Get in.
I'll take a cab.
Get in. Keep your cab fare.
I'm afraid I've kept your friend waiting.
I've got time. Get in.
Your debt is long overdue, Fei. When'll you pay?
I have many debts overdue. Who do you represent?
What a loud mouth!
I'll ask once more. Who do you represent?
I'm with big brother Hung.
Quit playing the fool!
What do you want?
Be careful!
Get the knife! Hands off!
Call him.
Hello, big brother...
Hung? This is Fei.
Your men are a pain in the ass.
You can have my word.
I'll pay your debt in 40 installments in every 15 days.
Send someone to collect it 15 days later.
Remember: Send someone with manners.
Did you hear? It's settled.
I'll drive you to the office.
It's okay. My friends will drive me.
See you there then.
Thanks for the ride.
Was something bothering your boyfriend lately?
Didn't look like an accident to me.
Maybe you should check with the police.
I may be bullshitting. Forget it.
But he never drinks...
Okay, thank you very much.
The police are sure it was an accident.
Take a leave and get some rest.
The accident took place after our separation.
Do you think Peter killed himself?
You think too much.
You think he'd die for girls?
He got loads of girlfriends.
Don't forget that he was raised in an orphanage...
and had gone through everything.
I'll go collect his stuff.
Chief has done that.
Playing the nice guy, I guess.
I was looking for you too.
I wanted to collect Peter's stuff.
I've done that.
The police just called and said we can collect Peter's property.
When would you like to go?
I'll drive you.
Terence, wanna check the draft of the editorial?
Why don't you take over the writing today? I'll edit it later.
Let's go.
That's all... Your I.D. Card, please.
Check and sign here.
Chief. Yes?
Did Peter go to Shenzhen to cover a story?
What did he tell you?
He said on the day he died that he was following...
a possible headline story...
That's impossible.
He was on vacation.
It's impossible he'd sacrifice his holidays for work.
Did he call you?
He was on leave.
Why'd he want to call his superior?
I'm fine... Everything is fine... See you.
Hello, Miss Tse?
Hold on a sec...
It's for you, Fei.
Fei? This is Elaine Tse.
You said the other day it might not be an accident...
Can you be more specific?
I was just bullshitting...
I'm nobody but a debt collector.
I suspect...
Peter was murdered.
Hello... are you all right?
Here's the sharp bend from which his car sprinted.
Looks like he didn't make the turn in time.
I'd say he didn't even try to.
There's no trail of hard braking on the road,
that meant he didn't brake at all!
There're two possibilities.
Either he was heavily drunk,
or he was trying to kill himself.
The police said he was drunk.
But he's allergic to alcohol...
and never touched a drop.
Well, that'd be beside the point if it was a suicide.
What if it really wasn't a suicide?
A contract killer?
What's the current price to hire one?
80K with guns, 60 to do without,
and 30 for a straight wipeout.
Why a straight wipeout costs the least?
Because it's performed by amateurs,
that is, with unwanted consequences.
The same goes for cheap hookers, kid.
It's easy to kill.
All it takes is courage.
But not so without leaving any clues.
If Peter indeed was murdered,
he must've learned something he shouldn't have...
...something as costly as his life.
Right. It's an uncommon setup...
totally unlike the style of a triad's.
Triads kill with a bang! Just like that.
Do you think you can help?
My job is to collect your debt.
I'll pay in 40 installments in every 15 days.
Come collect it 15 days later.
So what they say is true:
A good memory is the prerequisite for reporters!
You remembered every single word of Fei's.
Now that my debt has been settled,
will you do me a favour?
Here's your iced black coffee.
How can I help?
I want to find out if my boyfriend was murdered.
It appears my Chief is hiding something from me.
What story was Peter covering before he died?
Chief said there wasn't any.
Did they find anything on his body?
Nothing special.
What about his place?
Did you live together?
How long have you been seeing each other?
Two years.
You have his home keys?
Someone's in there.
Stay back.
Go downstairs in case he escapes from the window.
Stand by.
It's you!
Why are you here, Chief?
Come on in.
To tidy up the place.
Where did you get the keys?
Peter and I rented this flat together.
I almost never came over.
I only used it to store my books.
I don't recall him ever mentioning that.
Where do you think all these books came from?
Peter was only into horseracing magazines.
What do they want?
I asked them for my company.
Do you know who they are?
They are debt collectors.
Not just that.
The beard one's been to jail three times.
Twice for burglary and once for blackmail.
Fei was an ex-cop fired...
for concealing his heavy debts to the triads...
and close connection with them.
You checked up on them?
I saw you with them.
I was afraid they might cheat you.
Looks like it's you who's cheating me.
Peter wasn't on leave during his last days.
He was covering a big story,
and he called you. Right?
But it's too complicated to be disclosed.
I have to know.
Let's go talk in the office,
not in front of these men.
Would you rather believe them?
Sorry. I have to go back to the office with Chief.
So we're not needed?
Let's go to horse racing, Fei.
It's nothing. Call me if things go wrong.
Fei, what about the debts I asked you to collect?
Almost done.
Work harder!
Look. I've been nice to you, offering you a place to stay.
Shouldn't you be nice to me, too?
Boss, you're simply adorable.
I wanna see my cash, okay?
See you.
That stone-face is what I'd call cool.
What's that?
I forgot to return the keys to Elaine.
The key ring looks funny.
It's a USB drive.
What's that for?
You're a frequent visitor to those cyber cafe, aren't you?
Sure, for my happy hours.
This is a device for computers.
Are you kidding?
Who'd care about computers in cyber cafes?
Here's a highly secretive story...
and it concerns Sean Cheung.
Three weeks ago,
almost every single newspaper missed this story...
A fashion model killed herself at home.
Dunno who she is.
How come it didn't make the headline?
A top gangster was arrested by the SDU the same evening.
All breaking news teams were sent to cover that.
What had the girl to do with Sean?
Sexy babe from Shanghai!
Peter told me
he had proof that Sean was there...
...the night the model died...
...and that Sean was her boyfriend.
Is it true? Sean Cheung?
How come nobody ever heard of this chick before?
Besides, the police was there handling the case.
Peter said,
Sean committed murder and bribed some cops.
He had an informant who possessed the tape of the surveillance camera in the building.
It showed Sean accompanied the girl home earlier that evening.
Where's the tape?
He said it'd cost 50K to get hold of the tape. I gave him the money.
He wasn't seen for a week thereafter.
He was in Macau.
The day before he died.
I thought he was in Shenzhen?
No. It's Macau. I checked.
I rang him that day.
He was reluctant to say where he was,
He only said that he was on the way back with the tape.
But as you can see,
there was no trace of any tape.
We wish we could believe him
If what he said was true...
it would be hot news.
"Tycoon's Prodigal Son Bribed Police!" How does that sound?
Elaine, was Peter in financial trouble?
What do you mean?
Are you accusing him of cheating the company?
He's dead anyway.
It's a closed case for the company.
If Mr. Cheung finds out we're checking on Sean,
he'll drop buying our company's shares.
End of the story.
From now on I don't want to hear anymore about it
Peter's death was not an accident!
Fei, we could make a big fortune if we get hold of the tape.
Do you want to get killed?
I won't say no to a fortune.
Fei suggested if Peter was murdered,
there must be a big story behind his death.
He is not to be trusted.
I wish I could believe Peter for once.
Please let me look into the case.
One week.
You can take one week's leave.
No allowance, no pay.
Report to the office one week later if you don't have anything.
can I also take a week off?
I'm new here. I know nothing.
What about the doorman before you?
He quitted.
What's his name?
Wong Fu.
Do you have his address?
Do you keep the tapes of the surveillance camera?
Yes, but they're recycled every three days.
Why didn't you keep them for longer?
Just a few households round here. What's the point?
Video tapes cost a lot.
Hey, you have no right to question me!
Just curiosity. No need to be rude.
See? We're not the first.
Go ask him. Okay.
Brother Seven. Brother Ma.
How did it go?
No problem at all. I've sent them away.
I told them to go find Wong Fu.
But it's actually Cheng Fu.
So Cheng Fu is the guy?
Right. Are you serious?
Of course I am.
My words are worth every cent of your money.
I hate that newspaper anyway.
They're all bullshit.
You can tell good from bad?
Very intelligent.
Gotta go now. Thanks and see you.
All right. Bye.
It's done.
He gave them a wrong name alright.
Peter got all the information.
But why wasn't the doorman's address on Peter's notebook?
Perhaps they knew each other... well that it wasn't necessary.
Would you keep a record of your buddy's address?
Anyway, the address may not even be valid.
Let's give it a try, though.
Now that really sounds like a cop!
A little higher. I need a good shot of it.
May I ask you something?
I'm Elaine Tse from Citizen Daily.
Did Helen Lee work here?
Don't write anything bad about her. She's a good girl.
Was she Sean Cheung's girlfriend?
Bull. If that was the case, she wouldn't have to work so hard.
What do you mean?
She always accepted whatever job that was offered,
even if it's tough and the pay was low.
I'd say she's a bit slutty.
Not exactly a sweet darling.
Are you suggesting that she has those mistress' looks?
What makes you think that?
Look at her eyes...
I mean, the suggestiveness...
Is that why you can't take your eyes off her?
No way...
It's hard to explain.
You see? There are girls...
you'd dislike at a mere sight...
...and some girls...
you'd simply like to sleep with them.
But just for one night.
And there's a third kind
When you look into her eyes,
you'd want to spend your life forever with her.
But not have sex?
Let's say, plus sex.
Who would that be?
Who's the lucky one?
...Rene Liu.
Rene Liu? Yes.
Now I can see why you don't have a girlfriend.
Girls like Rene Liu don't exist in the real world.
There are. I'm sure.
Who is she?
Any idea?
Peter's ex.
What about this one?
Another ex...
I mean Peter's.
And this?
This I haven't seen before. Sorry.
You never told me anything.
I don't big-mouth people.
I can only say that you're the first girl to dump Peter,
and not the other way round.
I had no choice.
We lived on different planets.
We'd been together for two years...
and he wouldn't even allow me to have his home keys.
Your prediction is correct: The guy isn't here.
What should we do?
Have your passport ready.
Bill? Can you do me a favour...
by checking if this guy is in HK...
or Mainland?
The name's Cheng Fu...
No, no I.D. Card number.
Around sixty...
and a certified concierge.
Let me know... Thanks.
Am I going alone?
I've got things to do.
What are you doing?
I need paper for investigation.
Where's your pen?
I'll go buy one.
You bet on the horses yesterday?
It was a total loss.
I'm no better. You too?
Hi, Fei.
Fei, my office.
40 installments? Is she out of her mind?
What about the interests?
You must be kidding me, Fei.
We can talk.
How about 30 installments, plus interests?
Or monthly payments...
with interests until everything is cleared.
She won't get away. She's got a regular job.
Is she related to anyone?
Just a skinny chick.
I see... so you have a taste for skinny chicks?
Cut the crap. Yes or no?
Whatever you say!
By the way, boss,
how much do I owe you?
Clear your old debts first.
Just asking.
Mr. Cheung? I'm from Citizen Daily.
Can I have an interview with you?
You're from the Fashion page?
Make an appointment with my secretary.
She's just turned me down.
Nothing I can do then.
Mr. Cheung?
Do you know Helen Lee? Mr. Cheung?
Mr. Cheung!
I'm damn sure he knew Helen Lee.
His face twitched...
when I mentioned her name.
Did you take the pictures?
What pictures?
Pictures of him, of course!
You didn't say so...
I took display pictures.
Maybe next time.
All right. Next time.
Hello... speaking.
Sure. But I'm working on something now.
Can you come over?
Be seeing you...
Who's that?
Mind your own business.
Iced black coffee, please.
How is it?
I've given it some thoughts. Two plans. Pick one.
Which is the better one?
With Plan A, you'll have to pay more each month, but with less interest.
Is this sum affordable?
$7,000 per month? Well, guess I can manage.
Just have to spend less on fancy items.
Where should I sign?
Make up your own mind. Don't believe everything I said.
I trust you.
You look a lot like my dad.
Are you on a job? Yup.
Concerning your boyfriend's case...
Sorry, I'm not supposed to talk about that.
Have to go now.
Can I call you if I need your further help?
I may have to charge you.
You won't.
Let me take your picture.
What for?
So that next time you call, I can see your face.
Bye. Bye.
What took you so long?
I said what took you so long?
It's none of your business.
Bill, check out a car
with plate BZ7372 for me.
Hello? ...Speaking.
What they're investigating is none of your business.
They've got guns.
How can I believe you?
One of your reporters is dead already.
Do you want more bodies?
Remember to call me even if you can't find any information.
Don't keep me waiting.
All right...
Kim. Yes.
Did Elaine call back?
Have you any idea where she is or what she's doing?
She's supposed to be on leave.
I heard they were both being stalked.
You are kidding.
Call her. All right.
Oh, here they come.
Someone called and claimed to have possessed the tape we wanted.
50K again?
The guy in the phone said so.
How did he know your phone number?
I have no idea.
As Kevin and I were waiting outside Sean's apartment,
...hoping that we might get hold of him for further questions,
the phone rang.
That's weird.
But he knew what was inside the tape.
How would he like the exchange to be done?
He told us to wait outside JP Cinema...
at 9p.m., with the money.
I suggest that we call the police.
What's the point?
Tell them that we're afraid and need protection?
This is a deal, not blackmail.
They just want 50K.
Let us go, please.
It's not about money. What I care is your safety.
Okay, you go with Kevin.
When he calls,
ask him to meet Chau at Starbucks on the street across.
Kim, you go with them just in case.
I'll get the money.
What if he doesn't follow suit?
Call off the deal!
He wants money, doesn't he?
Remember, you're a reporter,
not a detective.
Beat it.
You've spent over the credit limit.
Have you got any?
You've asked the wrong guy.
Where can I get the money for the deal?
Chief maybe right.
Do you think they'll change location?
They can easily sell it to others if we don't buy it.
Get me that bag.
Which one? Hurry! That one!
That one? Yes.
I can't find buyers for these two.
Did you tell them they're brand new?
Don't worry. I sold my watch.
Why did you do that?
We need money, don't we?
How about these two?
Pawn them.
No way. How embarrassing!
I'll do it.
Fei? It's Elaine.
I have a favour to ask.
I need some money.
What do you need $30,000 for?
Where are you?
You wanna borrow from loan sharks?
Where are you?
Ma, I will not come, you take care.
Million thanks. I'll pay you back as soon as possible.
Wait. Is this for the tape?
How do you know?
This will serve them right.
What do you mean?
Come on.
Nobody is so stupid as to pay in cash.
What if they count the money?
I'll be around.
Keep this,
so that I can trace you.
You have my trust.
Move on.
Stay alert.
Run if things go wrong. She has no sense of danger.
Got it.
Chau? All is in place here. How are things on your side?
Don't drink too much coffee.
And you know...
Chief has just deposited the money. Save your energy.
They want you to drop your mobile in the garbage bin.
It's almost brand new!
Please. I'll buy you a new one later.
I thought we're to do it here...
Fine. I won't hang up.
They're changing location. Let's move.
What's up?
We're going to Kowloon.
Where are they going?
I don't know.
Call her! Call her right now!
Chief, they're gone, Elaine and Kevin.
The line's busy.
Keep calling.
Bill, stand by for action.
The yellow shack?
...Okay, we'll wait for you inside.
I won't hang up.
Bill, never use this kind of bug again.
Why isn't Fei here yet?
Hello? Where are you, Fei?
Something went wrong.
Fei! Fei!
Have you located the doorman?
Okay, I will.
Leave it. I'm telling you for the last time: Leave it!
There must be something fishy going on.
You almost got yourselves killed!
It's just a warning.
We nearly died!
I don't care. You're out of the case from now on.
Where're you?
Kevin and I are both safe.
Stay away from that triad.
He'll only bring you more trouble.
There's nothing we can do for you guys if things go wrong.
We'll drop it.
Go home, get some clothes and move to my place for a while.
At a time like this!
You'll be all right if you stop the investigation.
I don't want to give up.
Answer me:
What do you actually know? And how?
It's entirely accidental on my part.
Tell me what you think?
What do you think?
Some rich man committed a murder,
then bribed the cops to cover things up.
Peter got hold of the evidence...
and was killed subsequently.
That's your guess?
What's your guess?
Peter got hold of some information which might upset some hot shots,
...which in turn cost him his life.
The killer might have something to do with the police...
or Sean Cheung.
I don't see any difference between the two versions.
Hers is a statement,
while mine simply raises some doubts and possibilities.
Looking into a case is different from writing stories.
You don't jump to conclusions just because you think that's the way it is.
In Hong Kong, it's never a simple thing...
to bribe the police into concealing a murder.
We checked. The case is being in charge of by the Beacon Hill Police Station.
A small station. What's that...?
Beacon Hill!
Now what?
What an asshole.
Were you a brilliant detective?
Is flattering people your strategy in asking for a favour?
I don't flatter people easily.
My wife used to say the same.
You're married?
Not anymore.
She's a senior Sergeant now.
Would you kill yourself...
if you were Peter?
That'd depend on the cause.
What if it's for my sake?
You don't really have to help me.
Have you fallen for her?
Have you fallen for her?
I'm not her cup of tea.
I was asking if you've fallen for her?
Then have you fallen for her?
This is exclusive material! It wasn't easy to come by.
How about I send somebody else to do it?
We can keep digging into it even if Elaine gave it up.
You have to give me a reason.
I don't want to repeat myself.
we've got a new lead.
What's the story?
It's gonna be shocking. Take a look at these.
Take a look.
When were they taken?
Last night, at Tycoon Restaurant.
You do it.
Magnesium powder... the CSI was here.
Don't throw it.
What's next?
Check the rooms...
and see if there's any male belongings.
Someone go watch the stairway.
Police! Freeze!
What're you doing here?
No pictures!
What're you doing? I said freeze!
You can't beat people up like that! Stop beating him!
Tony, Tony...
Don't move!
Asshole, I said no pictures! Who's taking pictures?
Cops are beating people up!
We suspected a burglary... these people resisted during the action!
They are journalists covering a story! Why the beating?!
He is no journalist.
It's an offence to beat people up.
Don't argue. No beating! Let go!
I'm fine, and I won't press charges.
What's going on, Fei?
Take a statement for him.
No, wait until his attorney gets here.
Britt, contact the house owner and see if he'd bring any charges.
Fei, it's no big deal.
Just ask their Chief Editor to apologize and let things die down.
Tony, take good care of Fei.
Take the handcuffs off him.
Stop being so irritable.
If it's not Fei, you would have been penalized.
Did you call Mr. Big to come over?
No. He asked about it.
Take them in.
There's plenty of room in the main office.
Do as I say.
Take them in first.
The cell.
Thank you.
Are you okay?
And you?
I'm fine if you're fine.
Do you know them very well?
I was based in this station.
If Cheung was arrested the other night,
these cops would have been handling the case.
They are all good cops.
Believe me.
What about the one who beat you up?
He's the best among them all.
He failed to get a promotion because of me.
I deserve to be beaten.
You saw the picture.
That girl was Cheung's girlfriend.
Don't worry. The company's attorney is on his way.
He wouldn't say a word in front of the attorney.
You want to know the truth?
Fei, you have the right to wait until the attorney gets here.
It's okay. We were not stealing anything.
We just went looking for something.
We wanted to find out if Helen Lee had been murdered.
A source from their newspaper said there might be another story.
She killed herself. I'm in charge of that case.
Who called the police?
That doorman again?
How could you get in without forcing the door open?
We have our ways. We owe you no explanation.
Are you hiding anything from the public?
Someone stalked and threatened me.
Stop babbling if you have no proof, missy.
You know exactly what we're talking about.
Get the stuff that we collected from the apartment
and we'll show you.
You go, Chiu.
I'll go.
Something's missing.
Where're the photos? And the con?
What con?
The condom. A used condom.
Sit down!
Sit down!
All the evidence is here,
untouched by no one.
Some of the items are missing.
Sergeant Fok?
Fei, I have to trust my subordinates.
King... Now all the proof is gone!
Check if there is any bag on the scene.
Plastic bag for holding evidence. Quick!
Good news. The house owner will drop the charges.
You're all free to go now.
We're not going until everything is clarified.
We mustn't leave.
We've uncovered evidence that the fashion model...
was in an affair with Cheung.
She had had sex just before she died.
There was someone on the scene.
We suspected bribery might have been involved during the investigation.
Part of the evidence was destroyed with an attempt to conceal the truth.
Watch your mouth...
and stop accusing me!
Did I mention your name?
Any proof to support your suspicion?
There was. But not anymore.
You were a cop yourself.
Now you're on the reporters' side to slander us cops.
What an asshole!
How much more harm are you bringing us?
Sit down.
Fei, you were sacked for your own misconduct.
Don't put the blame on us.
He has nothing to do with this.
Our paper is looking into the case.
He was just lending a helping hand.
This is a warning.
Don't write anything not based on evidence!
Then tell me...
who called the police the day Lee died?
The witness' identity is confidential.
I dare you!
It can hit the headline with just such a response!
Over here.
Do you think there'll be fingerprints on the remaining items?
They'd have wiped them away.
These items are useless.
So that's it? We risked our lives to get all these stuff.
Ever realized why we got those evidence so easily?
What do you mean?
If they had wanted to conceal the murder,
why didn't they destroy all the evidence?
How come they were there for us to uncover?
Are you switching side again?
I think we'd better go.
Are we allowed to leave now?
You need not send us home.
Sergeant Fok asked me to send you guys home.
What do you want?
You must stop them.
I can disclose the full story for you to make your own judgment.
Fok called me that evening...
and said something happened in the apartment.
I got there. Cheung told me...
he had sex with the chick, but when he woke up...
...she was found lying in the tub, dead.
End of the story.
Why was there no record of any emergency call?
He made only one call for his dad.
Sergeant Fok also came.
We all reckoned it was a suicide.
Why were you so certain?
There was no sign of struggle...
nor other injuries.
Just an empty bottle of sleeping pills and a letter.
A letter? What did it say?
The girl was told Cheung's dad objected to their marriage.
She didn't want to add pressure to him.
Just that simple?
How complicated do you expect?
Fok wouldn't like his presence noted in the report.
And he ordered the report to be rewritten?
Why would he want to do that?
He received an instruction from above,
stating that Cheung didn't want his name on the papers.
You believed that?
I believe nothing but the evidence.
The girl did kill herself.
You weren't sure about that.
What if you found out he was the murderer later?
I'll arrest him.
I'm no rookie.
Did anybody accept bribes?
I don't know.
But I never did,
not even a penny.
I wouldn't become a cop if I want to get rich.
I will never get promoted.
You know it very well.
What about the reporter who got killed?
What reporter?
A reporter on the case was killed in a crash.
It didn't look like an accident.
It had nothing to do with us.
Someone stalked those two reporters,
opened fire and hit my car,
...even attempting to burn them to death.
Nothing to do with you?
If things were this complicated,
why didn't you report to the police?
Do us a favour,
We're afraid
they'll take disciplinary action against us if things got leaked out.
You have just to tell the truth.
Then Mr. Big would be in deep shit.
I understand.
They may not believe me.
They won't write anything without supporting evidence, will they?
So it's you who conceal some of those evidence?
I'll see what I can do.
Why the hurry?
Let me show you something.
I took a picture.
We'd better leave now. Please excuse us for interrupting.
All right.
Elaine, Sean Cheung is our new boss now.
We don't have to worry about our salaries from now on.
Look at that!
You'd better stop the investigation.
We've got proof.
Proof? Show us...
Where is it?
You have returned? What?
Come to Citizen Daily right now.
Yes, right now... See you.
Give me a call anytime when you need help.
I promised Uncle Eight that I will not interfere with editorial affairs.
I asked the officers who called the police that night.
They refused to tell us!
We got plenty of proof.
But the cops took them all.
This is impossible!
No kidding.
Fei can be our witness.
What're you doing here in my office?
He came here to help.
He knows everything.
Into the room, all of you.
Am I still the Chief Editor or not?
I was never informed that my staff would be breaking into an apartment.
And you even sent the whole team there behind my back?
We just learnt about it from the police wireless.
Tell me what you've found?
Why asked?
What do you mean?
He's now our new boss.
Do you dare publish the truth?
Who do you think I am?
We have a murder here.
Everyone in the trade was asking me about your high-profile investigation!
Truth will come out soon.
With all the materials in hand,
I'll be considered a bastard if I don't publish it.
I might as well shut down the paper.
Chau said we have sufficient materials
a photo of Cheung and Lee together...
...police's refusal to clarify suspicions...
...and Fei being the witness along the whole process of leads being stolen.
Can you skip the latter part?
Hello, Mr. New Chief Editor?
Are you telling me what to and what not to publish, Mr. Lam?
With a reporter of ours died...
and the way police handled the case... will I not publish it?!
Peter did kill himself.
What are you talking about?
I can prove that.
I think I know the truth.
Both cases are suicide.
No smoking is allowed here.
Sorry to interrupt, Mr. Tsang. These gentlemen wanted to see you.
Who is this now?
He's the doorman. He has something to say.
Where should we begin?
Ma, you go ahead.
Is there a deal? All right.
Allow me to introduce him.
He's the doorman of the building, who, under our instruction...
...deliberately misled you to a wrong guy named Wong Fu.
I told him that.
What's the name of the doorman?
Cheng Fu is, in fact, the name, right?
Yes my ass.
Cheng Fu quitted the job five years ago.
I'd have been fooled if I wasn't smart enough.
How do you know?
I was looking for a piece of paper.
The calendar at Cheng's place was for 1999...
...meaning he had been away from the city for more than 5 years.
The doorman who saw Cheung and Lee was indeed him.
The one who told Peter all about it was also him.
Am I right?
Right. Yes.
Where's the tape now?
There was no tape.
I'd told Peter about that.
The cops came and took everything.
Did you take those $50,000?
Of course not.
I even lent Peter $30,000?
Why would you be so generous?
We grew up together in the orphanage.
He said he was in heavy debts from his gambling.
Her girlfriend had broken up with him as she also got into debts.
He decided to go to Macau for a last bet,
only to fall even deeper into debt.
So he killed himself. It had nothing to do with the police.
Peter killed himself.
How would you explain the police officers?
You have to believe me.
We don't talk about belief.
Belief is a word for churchgoers only.
Mass media plays a role to supervise, justify, challenge,
and take charge at times...
...but never about belief.
It's up to the readers to believe it or not.
If nobody comes up and confirms what you have said,
no article on that will be published.
If the police want to end all the speculations evolved,
they'll have to tell the truth.
Elaine, you'll be responsible for today's front-page story.
Focus on how you got the picture...
and how the police responded to it.
Where's Chau?
He's preparing the photo for the front-page story.
He's afraid you may reject it.
Am I still treated as Chief Editor?
come and take a picture for the interview.
Can I leave now?
Photo-taking? You must first quote me a price.
I am his manager.
I think...
I know how Peter would have written about this.
We can't suppress it...
I understand.
Are you trying to tell me what to write again?
Of course not!
I hope you'd be less critical of the police in your article.
You're still sympathetic for the cops?
There aren't that many villains in this world as you may think.
I'll try my best.
Thank you.
I do believe...
that you're a good guy.
Don't cover your face! Let them...
No pictures, please. Let them take your photo...
Nobody will recognize you with the mosaics! It's alright.
You need help?...
I'll be right there.
The cops are going to tell everything.
Don't let her know
What's up?
They won't believe you. Let me do the talking.
You're a journalist, aren't you?
A photographer.
What's in your mind?
I'll turn myself in after the talking.
Tell them the girl killed herself.
It wasn't murder...
and it was me who let the suspect go.
We have to make sure we won't contradict each other.
You mustn't take all the blame...?
What is this?
This'll be obstruction of justice!
Sergeant Fok!
What's the point?
Why the lie that I wasn't on the scene?
Things will only get worse when lies come one after another.
Fei, what's the headline for tomorrow?
Police Playing Mute to a Mysterious Murder
Call your Chief Editor. I need to talk to him.
Chief? Someone wanted to talk to you.
Mr. Tsang, this is senior Sgt.
Manfred Fok from Beacon Hill Police Station.
It's about the suicide of Cheung's girlfriend...
Thank you very much.
Do take a good-looking picture of me later on, buddy.
Come on. Sergeant Fok, we'll go with you.
It's no big deal. I can manage alone.
I'll go with you.
I had a bad history.
Plus I'll never get promoted anyway.
Tony, Fei, let's go.
So the truth is out now.
They've got a stunning headline story to tell.
Sir, I would like to ask something.
Tony said someone above has called.
Who exactly did he mean?
It's good for all of us.
The printing's under way.
You can't make it?
Just go ahead.
Sergeant Admitted Abuse of Authority; Sean Cheung Involved in Model's Suicide.
The headline is changed.
If you're capable of hard work, why not join our department?
You're still here?
Want some night snack?
As a celebration?
Why not? We've done some good deed.
The truth is revealed at last.
It's the truth up till this minute.
Still a long way to go.
Where are you, Fei?
Nothing special. I still owe you a treat.
How about breakfast?
Sure. See you later... Bye.
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