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AD2000 CD2

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Thank you.
Be careful! Let me help you.
What's this? A key!
lt's Greg's key, the key to a safety deposit box.
- Call the police. - No!
We don't know what's inside.
lf there is something that might incriminate Greg,
then we can burn it..
Yes, we can check what's inside.
Maybe we can sell it.
But we need Greg's l.D. to open his box.
l have his l.D. card.
How about his signature?
Practice forging it.
This is illegal! You shouldn't do it.
Your l.D. card, please.
l love you.
Mr. Li, please sign here.
l'll get the key.
Mr. Li, this way please.
- lt's locked. - Let's try and open it later.
Get down!
Relax. Just pretend we're playing a videogame.
But, if we lose, we can't put in some coins for another round. Be careful!
Where is Salina? Have you seen her?
You'd better take care.
Salina is a mystery.
l couldn't find out anything about her past.
Don't worry, l've called for back-up.
They're on the way.
We just wait.
This is business as usual for a civil servant.
Officer Ng!
Officer Ng!
Officer Ng!
Wake up! Wake up!
Get in!
What's inside?
The key to a deposit box at the Singapore National Bank.
Which one?
Where is it?
lt's in Singapore.
Janet, listen.
Salina and l need to fly to Singapore.
Bring my passport and meet me at the airport.
And bring me some clothes.
There's no time to explain. Just hurry!
They won't kill you for a birth certificate or a graduation document.
What was Greg involved in?
What did he leave in Singapore?
Janet and l are coming with you.
We're not going there to play around!
l know, l just want to back you up.
You, okay, but what about Janet?
lf you can convince her, go ahead.
Have you bought the tickets?
What's up?
lt's too dangerous. You'd better not go.
What about you?
l can handle it myself.
This cheque is for you.
Why are you giving me so much money?
l know you need it.
lf l find anything valuable,
l'll bring it back to you.
Why are you taking this risk?
He was my fiance.
He was my brother.
My only brother.
l must find out the truth.
One whole GSU unit was wiped out.
Who did it?
They were ambushed by Kelvin's men.
l think they wanted something from Peter.
- ls it the program? - l'm not sure.
l don't think Peter knows either.
Are you sure this guy's not involved?
Peter is clean, sir.
So where is he now?
He got away.
A whole G.S.U. team wiped out, and he escaped? How?
Well, that girl Salina.
She... she drove him.
And you... what did you do?
- l fired a few shots, sir... - You fired a few shots?
l had no choice, sir!
You are right, that is not a choice.
l can't have a Singapore agent starting a war with the ClA.
Sir, sir, just a tiny one.
Look, l don't care, all right.
You were supposed to keep this thing low profile,
And now you are making headlines over there!
You better come back to Singapore now.
- Sir... - And one more thing,
Where did you get the weapon?
l don't think you want to know sir...
Does it fit?
Yes, thank you.
Are you going to forge your brother's name again tomorrow?
Why won't you listen to me? Call the police!
Call Eric.
Didn't you say he saved your life at the car park?
What do you think?
lt's up to you. Do what you want.
l just don't want to share a room with Janet.
There's only one bed, l'm not used to it.
There are two beds in Benny's room.
That's fine by me!
What's your problem?
Ever since the ambush in the car park,
You've looked at me like l'm your enemy. Why?
l really want to know something.
Why weren't you hurt in the car park?
How did you drive my car without my key?
How come you carry a set of skeleton keys?
Officer Ng told me that you have no past.
Just who the hell are you?
How did you meet my brother?
l wasn't called Salina then.
When l first knew your brother,
l was a club girl in a Singapore nightclub.
l was a hooker before, okay?
l know how to steal cars.
l met your brother at the nightclub.
He asked me to go to the USA with him.
So l became his secretary.
He wanted me to forget my past.
Salina is the name he liked most.
Let's call the police tomorrow morning.
Let's convince Peter together.
All right.
What's wrong with the memory?
Trying to mess with me?
l'll show you who's boss!
Okay, l'll fix you tomorrow.
l'm going to bed now.
This is the first time l've experienced such feelings...
What feelings?
l think l'm in love.
Where is Salina?
She's changing.
You know, women take a long time to get changed.
l've been waiting for an hour.
Miss, where are the safety deposit boxes?
Over there, sir, down the stairs.
You got to help us! Help us!
Go... get the red car. Go... go...
There is a car jack on Battery Road, all units respond.
Car jacking proceeding on Battery Road,
heading for North Bridge Road is driving a police car.
Want some candy?
l want to talk to you.
Do you want to arrest us?
My orders are to get you back to Hong Kong as soon as possible.
The HK police need you to help with their investigation
of the gun battle in the car park.
l want your help.
Don't tell them l was there.
Otherwise, l'll be in deep shit.
Thank you for saving me.
Sorry l couldn't save your brother.
Do you know who wanted him dead?
Knowing too much isn't good for you.
But l can tell you one thing.
l believe your brother was innocent.
How about Salina?
l've already said too much.
Just forget it.
You've got no choice.
You can't afford to play this game.
l really have no choice.
Officer Ng was right.
l can't quit this game and start another one.
Now l've begun, l have to play it to the end.
Tell me, please!
l'm sorry.
Yes sir!
- Take them back to the hotel. - Yes sir!
And then send them straight to the airport.
Remember, they are our guests, not prisoners.
Yes sir!
We have to do something sir.
The bad guys are just running around.
We need proof, we can't accuse people without evidence.
This is not right.
l know.
He had no choice.
You forgot?
Today is your birthday.
l've been so busy!
l don't have any date tonight. Let's eat out, okay?
l'll call you.
Oh... That's it? That's the Caller Program?
No. Just some goddamned love letter.
He really loved you so much.
He kept all the e-mails that you sent him.
Jewellery ring from Tiffany, and love letters, too. So romantic.
- Bobby, it's yours! - Thank you!
That's mine. lt belonged to my grandma.
A lover's gift? So corny!
Remember, you are my woman.
Sorry, you were my client before.
Now, you are my boss.
Was he your lover?
Don't forget, you're the one who stole the design and the program.
lf l kill you now,
there'll be no evidence to incriminate me.
But l won't do this.
Because l'd miss the way you moan when we have sex.
Don't make me change my mind.
Let's go.
Alex says he will finish the Caller Program today.
Take it easy. He's a jerk.
Why do you stay with them?
Don't worry, l'll leave after l get my money.
Bon voyage!
Bon voyage!
Hey, don't worry.
l've never seen you lose at any game.
Playing games is all l know.
Aren't you afraid?
Yes, l am. lf you don't work hard, l'll leave you!
You'll really leave me?
Sure! l'll run as fast as l can.
Peter, Peter, come here!
What's the matter?
l've found an extra program in my computer.
l think Greg loaded it.
l don't know what it is. Look!
l'm going to be rich.
Everybody's going to be rich.
OK, let's get into the National Bank.
National Bank!
Yeah, what's the problem?
Well, the first part's not finished yet.
What do you mean it's not finished?
You have to understand, the sleeper program has two functions, yeah?
And there's destroy and one function and the control.
And, so far we've only got the destroy function going.
OK, then how long does it take you to do the second part?
- About a month. - A month, huh?
After what we did to the stock exchange market,
the whole world will be checking the sleeper lC,
And you need a month?
Why didn't you tell me the program is not finished?
You've got to cut me some slack here, cowboy.
You said you want to see something, otherwise.
Yeah, otherwise, l'll damn well kill you.
So what now?
l thought we'd struck it rich!
You promised me 10 million US dollars from this deal.
Let's sell the damn thing.
Right, the Russians will love this.
- They won't have money. - l'm not talking about the government.
l'm talking about the Mafia. They're rich.
We make a deal with the Mafia, we'll be dead meat!
Shut up! Shut the hell up!
All right men, l got no time for this bullshit.
No more killing!
Cowboy, cut me some slack. Huh?
Who's this? Peter?
Yes, this is Greg's brother.
l'm in Singapore. l need your help.
What's going on?
l've found a program loaded by Greg.
l don't understand it. l want you to take a look.
Did you let anyone see it?
No, l don't trust anyone else.
All right, see you later.
- What's going on? - Let's go.
Water, please.
We suspected that he stole this program.
Besides this program, he left some e-mail messages.
He told his boss that someone stole his data.
Let me take a look.
Who is Salina?
l don't think my brother stole the program.
l think Salina did.
Those e-mails can prove that my brother is innocent.
Fine, give me the computer.
And l'll use it to prove your brother's innocence.
l won't trust anyone else.
So what do you want to do?
Sir, your water.
Thank you.
We don't need anything, thank you.
Who is Salina?
Who killed my brother?
l think you know.
lf you don't tell me,
l'll reveal everything to the press.
Don't cheat me.
This program can be used to destroy a computer system.
You're really smart. l don't want to cheat you.
But this is not the right place to talk about it.
Let's go.
You should let me go up there.
l think you'll only cause more trouble.
Let's go.
You killed my brother.
As l said, you're really smart.
Watch the door.
What's the matter?
l am going to tail him, turn on your phone.
Are you okay?
They got the computer.
- l thought you were dead. - Me, too.
Hello, Peter? Yes, it's Benny.
Yes, l'm tailing them.
One of them is dressed like a cowboy.
And one of them is carrying my computer.
Where am l? l don't know.
Excuse me, what's this building?
- This is the Convention Centre. - Thank you.
This is the Convention Centre, come here right away.
Good technique!
Sir, they're over there.
- Everyone here? - Yes.
Sir, the Colonel's on the phone.
Sir, Eric.
Ah, l've been trying to call you for hours, why didn't you answer?
Sorry sir, l...
l've got your orders for you!
- Sir, please listen to me... - No... you listen to me.
l've already complained to the Americans
that their agents are acting outside of their jurisdiction.
They have confirmed that this operation is not approved by their government.
So? So arrest them. All of them!
But you always told me not to get involved.
Yes. But now this is our turf,
The info is all in the data bank already.
You move in now.
Got it!
OK, listen up! The order is immediate arrest.
The suspects are armed, they are very dangerous.
When you go into action, stay aware of any by-standers.
- You understand? - Yes sir!
Big boy, we got it,
We did it, we blow this sucker up.
The C drive's ready?
lt's in there, six pack ready to go there. Big guy.
Let's see, let's see. Just like we said, we pulled it off. Case closed.
Nobody move!
Benny, take the computer, hurry!
Take the box away too.
Hurry up!
Watch all the exits.
Tom, you stay here,
Make sure they don't get out.
All right, guys. Let's go get them.
See anything?
No, sir!
- Peter! - Where are you?
- Concourse, on the third floor. - Concourse on the third floor?
All units, go to the concourse.
Hey, up there!
Down there, can you see that?
Down there.
Send the people out!
Sit down, sit down!
- Don't panic. - Set it up.
You'll be okay!
Hurry up!
You can't escape.
lf l still see these cops in one minute's time,
l'll destroy all the computer systems at once.
Don't try and bluff me.
l don't need to bluff.
Check the First General Hospital, okay?
Don't make things worse for yourself!
You still have fifty seconds.
Everybody step back! Back...
You'll let so many people die...
No, Peter!
- Are you all right? - l'm okay.
lf the gun hadn't jammed,
you'd be a murderer now.
He wasn't worth it.
Want some candy?
See you later.
You always do the opposite of what l tell you!
You're so bad!
The doctor said you'll be fine.
You're very brave!
l know!
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