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Subtitles for Aap Ki Kasam.

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Aap Ki Kasam

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See you after college
Who knows who will win this jackpot
Don't be silly
l'm speaking to you
Aren't you ashamed of teasing girls like this?
What do you mean
Don't act
This flower is the proof of your mischief
What do you want to say
ln future if you throw flowers you'll get stones
l don't have the time or habit to throw flowers at girls
There are many fools in the college
Go try them
l'll complain to the principal about you
My name is Bhatnagar MSC Final
You can also tell him l slapped you
Will you slap me?
Of course, you are disturbing my studies
Go away or l'll hit you
So it's you
You let the most beautiful
and richest girl in college go
So you were being naughty
l threw flower at her worshipped her
You should have worshipped openly
Why did you trap me ?
Because l don't stand a chance with you
You are the college hero
You are top in studies and sports
But there is one thing missing
You don't trap anyone and don't trap yourself
l don't like such jokes
College may be a play ground for you
lt is the foundation of life for me
You are angry unnecessarily
What's the idiot written in this
l'm talking of that idiot Kamal
Forget him
l can never forget him
What are you saying ?
You are very lucky
lt's no ordinary thing to talk with Kamal
He doesn't even look at girls
One day he'll look at my shoes
He may be a hero
But l'll teach him a lesson
l'm changing your name right now
Mrs Sunita Bhatnagar
She is a Miss
l'll take time to be Mrs
The electricity is cut off again
We'll complain to the superintendent
The fatso is here
The light went off again
Why don't you do something ?
What should l do
l've complained several times
We are afraid to stay in darkness
We can neither write or read
Light a candle in every room
Tonight make do with a candle
Tomorrow we'll speak to the principal
Make do with a candle
lf today l say
This flower is proof of your mischief ?
You have come till here
How dare you enter the girls' hostel?
Misunderstood again
l'm not chasing you, you are not worth it
l've come here with the permission-
- of the principal
The man who threw flowers at you is Suresh
Who is this Suresh ?
The romeo of our college
He always teases girls
That means l was mistaken
Of course
Did you find anything ?
l've found loose wires
That's why there are sparks
Did you find anything ?
We'll have to change your line
l mean we'll have to change the wiring -
- all through to the room
You go bring the wires
l'm finished, l'm ruined
What enmity did you have with me ?
What happened ?
My Lallu is under your car
And your car is on top of my Lallu
My dear Cock is killed
You are shouting for the sake of a cock ?
You are calling it ordinary
40 of my hens have become widows
What is it you want
Give him back his life
l cannot do that
You can take, you must also give
Or l'll see you in court
There is no 302 in case of animals
Take out 100 from it
Take it 202. Come on give it
As if father has come
Be ashamed
You take the money
Why didn't you tell me before
That you're the captain of the cricket team ?
Go and take the cock with you
But this time l've brought the full amount
125 rupees and pack it
lt's 17 5 rupees this time
Tax increases in one night
You talk of 15 days
Keep it and pay me later
He's jealous
Don't waste time someone will come
Yes. Your master. What were you doing ?
l had seen a movie
You are always thinking of films
Did you bring my clothes from the laundry
Did you wash my pants and check the pockets?
There was a handkerchief l washes it as well
Here is one rupee
Keep this coin
l will see a movie
Rascal. Bring a hot cup of tea
l'll just bring it
One man had come
Why did you send this ?
Because you needed it
How did you know ?
l was in the shop when you were buying it
But you didn't see me
Why are you making fun of me
By doing me this favour
l heard
You are the daughter of a rich father
Do you have a habit of buying -
- people's helplessness ?
You've misunderstood me
l treated you badly twice before
l wanted to beg pardon but didn't dare
l wanted to give you something to please you
But didn't know l'll have to hear so many taunts
l didn't mean to hurt you
No, you really mean it
lf you really don't want to hurt me -
- then accept my gift
There are some things a man -
- can never forget
This is one of them
lt will be an obligation upon me
l had to take a ticket
For what movie ?
Not movie, but train
Father wrote that there is trouble about the land
Which village is that ?
Chandanpur. You may have heard of it
lt's a 3 hour journey by train
And 2 hours 30 minutes by bus
So it must be about 200 miles away
lt might be more than that
lf the train is late
The bus leaves
Then one has to wait 2 hours 30 minutes
What's the use of wasting time
lf l take you in 3 hours -
- by car. And listen before you refuse
l've seen every big city in lndia
l would like to see a village
lt's an excuse for another favour
l'm very fond of touring villages
Why doesn't it start ?
No. The tank is full
Something else must be wrong
l found the defect
The stone pierced the tank
What will happen now ?
Close up the car and we'll walk
Walk ? How Long ?
Six to eight miles
lt may be ten
lt's a question of the machine
You wait in the car. Close the windows
l'll arrange for fuel and a mechanic
Don't go leaving me
You are a coward
Take, wipe your head
Why is there a ''G''
lt should have been an ''S'' l didn't notice
You have sharp eyes
O.K. l'll take the G for God
The rain is increasing
You weren't scared this time
l wasn't alone this time
l was frightened that time
But l know ''App'' means distance
Which is better
Distance or closeness
What do you want ?
You cannot give me what l want
Should l tell you the truth
A hot cup of tea
Drink it
Why don't you drink ?
Go ask the lawyer
The date of the law suit
May you live long
You were to come yesterday
The car broke down on the way
Who is she?
Sunita, my class mate
So she came along with me
You are shouting as if
Dhondu has gone to Kathmandu
Where is he ?
l am as l was
But you've become two
She is our guest. Hurry up and take the luggage
ls Sunita in your class ?
No. She's in her first year Very junior to me
We study in the same college
l thought it was something else
That you liked her and brought her to show me
There is nothing like that
But the girl is very nice
l want a daughter-in-law like her
Then forget Sunita
She is the daughter of a millionaire
ln marriage a family comes -
- before money
He may be a millionaire
But he only wants his daughter
To have a good husband
Whose marriage are you discussing ?
l was telling Kamal
The sooner one gets married, the better
After your studies
Your father too will be worried about this
What are you thinking of ?
l've come to the village for the first time
l wish to stay here forever
You haven't seen anything yet
Our village is a little heaven
ln the morning when the sun rises
Behind the hill, across the river
Where are you going -
- all alone ?
She wants to go to Bombay
Stay for a few more days
She has to take her car on the way
Then reach college in time
Or her studies will suffer
But you must come again
ls there anything special
Between us, l don't know why
The girl became so close in one meeting -
- your letter is finished
But it won't reach there
A 5 paisa stamp is not available
Have you got it ?
l have to post this letter by morning
Where will l get a stamp ?
Gita's writing table is like -
- a post office
She writes letters to Dharmender all night
Mr. Kamal Bhatanagar
You must meet Guruvar Sahib
You must ask about his health
Sunita's letter has come
But she has written this -
- to her own father -
- whose address is on the envelope
The address is mine
lt means the letters have been mixed up
The letter to you must have gone to her father
lt's all useless
Nothing worth reading
Let me see it
Dear Daddy, Today l've a special thing
l met his father too a very good man
l'm sure you both will like Kamal
You said this was useless
A daughter-in-law like the moon -
- will come to my house
What are you staring at ?
We'll white wash the whole house
And put curtains on doors and windows
Also repair and polish the chairs
ls a minister coming to this house
Not a minister, but a daughter-in-law
May l say something ?
You are making a castle in the air
This letter didn't reach her father
But the letter which has gone to her father
That will bear fruit
Daddy, you sent a cable
''Come at once.'' So l came
Don't talk to him
You have been brought here
So that when he sees a young daughter -
- he might feel ashamed
lt's my misfortune after 25 years -
- of marriage l know your father
What happened ?
At this age, your father got a love letter
lt's good the letter came to me
Or he would have fooled me all his life
lt cannot be so
Then read it yourself
What is all this
So the boy's name is Kamal
The name is nice
What do you think ?
l knew this matter will make you laugh
What are you saying ?
We have only one daughter
We always wanted her to be happy
And what she has written in her love letter
l did not know that this letter has come here
The letter l wrote to you
You must have written that there
ls a boy in college whom you like very much
And you want to marry him
You told me you will explain to her
What is there to explain ?
Our daughter is educated
She knows good and bad
lf l say something
What do you want to say
You chose this boy and he must be good
l and your mother are worried
You have never been wanting anything
You have everything
One or two thousand is your monthly expenditure
lf you married me to a millionaire -
- who would be poor after marriage
The matter is closed
When l married l was not a millionaire
One should have love
They are farmers and l met them
Now we will meet him
When did you come ?
You were busy playing
So l sat quietly
Man must do something
But what brings you here
You arranged for a job in your company
That is fixed
But accommodation is given after one year -
- of service
But you are alone. Stay with me
There is a small problem
l'm getting married
What ? Congratulations
Therefore l need a house
The house in front is empty
l want your company
l'll get a good friend and a good neighbour
Come. l'll show you the house
The key is with Kanhaiya Lala
The foreman in our company
l'll introduce you to him. He also lives here
l'm your father
See what l do
Who is it ?
This is Kamal
Now he works in our company
He'll live in the bungalow
The sun hasn't set yet
And you began drinking ?
What else can l do ?
lt's Sunday. l don't know when the sun rises
That means you've been drinking since morning
Morning or night
This is life
O.K. You enjoy yourself Where is the key ?
She has gone out
l meant the key of the house
l thought you meant my key
You should have cabled
l would have come to the station
lt would have just been an inconvenience
This is Mohan
The house and the job thanks to him
lf you need anything
Telephone for you
There must be an urgent call
lt's said the lock of a new house -
- should be opened by the wife
What is the matter ?
Master has brought a new wife
Another one trapped
Aren't we also a handsome couple ?
l've told you not to drink so much
But you just won't listen
Your heart is beating so fast
Mine or yours ?
What is the matter
Do you remember the time you married
l'm cursing the day in which
So many years have passed since then
We couldn't become parents
Come on get up
l'll tell you just now. Get up
l'm up. Now tell me
When l was coming back l saw
What did you see
The master who is newly married
What were they doing ?
He and his wife
To his wife
l won't tell
He caught his wife like this
Then what happened ?
l'll go ask him
Where are you going ?
ls this a thing to ask about ?
Ask your heart
My heart is saying -
- a child will soon come to this house
Won't you drink any more today ?
l feel like drinking you
See, someone is outside
Who's this so early in the morning
ls Kamal there ?
Go tell him l'm not well
l have a headache, say something
How can l go like this ?
Go on
Has Kamal got up yet ?
Yes, but he's lying down
He's got up but still lying down ?
He's got a headache
Does he have fever ? Let me see
Not feeling well
l have a severe headache
l'll have some medicine and be alright
Why not see a doctor ?
You have to go to the office on Monday
Yes, l have to
The Company doctor lives here. l'll fetch him
l'm dying
lf the doctor comes then
You made the excuse now you suffer
Doctor will give you an injection
You will wait for him, l'll bring tea
Will he give me a big injection ?
Where is the patient ?
He is here
Sit down. l understand your problem
Did you drink last night ?
No. l don't drink
How is the pain ?
Blood pressure is low
Are you a doctor for dogs ?
Not at all
What is it, Doctor
Everything normal
Bring it this side
What disease do l have ?
l'll tell you
lt's too bad to go to extremes
When did get you married ?
Seven days ago
What do you want to say ?
For your health, eat 3 days -
- and fast 3 days
What do you mean ?
Living with your wife, you've to be reasonable
How can this be ?
Very simple. There are 6 days in a week
Thursday, Friday and Saturday
For your enjoyment
The rest you'll have to fast
You forgot Sunday
That is a holiday
Complete rest
Remember my advice
How are you ?
ldiot. He gave me a big injection
Do you know what he said ?
Today is Saturday. My life is made
What is this madness ? Let me go
The doctor told me
Has my wife left the key with you ?
Are you going out ?
As it's a holiday, let's have our meal out
What will you do at home the whole day ?
Come with us
l would have come but l -
- have to go to a meeting in my club
What happened ?
The programme was for us only
Why did you invite Mohan ?
We wouldn't have been disturbed
He didn't have the key to his house
So l called him
But l don't like it
l won't do such a thing again
Please bring 2 ice creams
And have one yourself
We'll sit here
What will you do here ?
Don't you remember what the doctor said ?
Today is Sunday
Then the ice cream is cancelled
Aren't you going to the office ?
lt's still early
Why are you bothering my sleep ?
l was dozing off, you played the sitar
l'll throw it out one day
l have only one sitar left
Let it remain mine
lf the sitar is yours -
- why did you marry me ?
You are angry in the morning
You sleep, l'm going to the office
l'm your wife just by name
Why don't you divorce me ?
For fear of being disgraced
You have everything here
Even as a wife you have complete freedom
lf you keep away from me
l have a right to amuse myself
For amusing yourself you have -
- disgraced yourself before marriage
That's why your father did not -
- find any boy except me
What is this nonsense
Your father would have been ruined
lf my father had not helped
lf he has only bargained
To save me father l had to marry you
But you are like a disease -
- with which a man can neither live or die
How is it
ln the morning when a wife -
- makes breakfast for her husband
lt's a happy life, good wife
What else can one want ?
How is Mohan's wife ?
Very bad temper
l just went to the garden
Absolutely lost in himself
She came and started shouting at him
lt is one's fate
Mohan is a nice man
Seeing him playing the sitar
l think he has an artistic mind
The wife of such a man
Should be lovely and cheerful
ln the days of our honeymoon
Where did this Mohan come in ?
Bring tea
You'll get tea in the morning
Milk with breakfast
Children drink milk
You are as naughty as children
Why ? What did l do ?
You tease me a lot. Come on, drink it
l won't drink it
Will you drink it or not ?
l will, but not like this
Then how will you drink ?
The way a baby drinks from a bottle
Let me go
You can only think of one thing
Some car has come
l have asked for it
lt will be with us the whole day
We'll roam from morning to evening
Hurry and get dressed
l'll hit you
You are looking lovely
Do you know what l want ?
l want to hide you in my eyes
And close the lids
So no one else can see you
lf someone snatched you away, then
lt won't be so
Where did this cigarette come from?
You have left it
Some came and went quietly
Keep this door and the back door closed
What did you ask God for ?
A daughter
Why didn't you ask for a son?
Sons are all rascals
lt means you too
A son forgets his parents when he grows up
But a daughter also loves and remembers
May your prayers come true
Today is Shivatri
Take the offering
lt's time to go
Slavery begins this day
Have some sweets and go
What happened
l forgot something important
What is that
Shall l bring betal leaves ?
Didn't you understand ?
Go away
You've become very naughty
You are very stubborn
ls Mohan's set ready
lt will take 10 minutes
Rascal, what are you doing here ?
l work in the sales department
Since 6 months
l joined it just now
l'm very angry with you and Sunita
You both forgot your college friend
You got married but didn't inform me
We got married in a hurry
And l didn't have your address
But now l know everything
You cannot escape
When are you giving a party ?
On this Sunday
O.K. Come on Sunday
What do you mean
You must call the whole staff
Are you all free on Sunday evening ?
Mr. Kamal is giving a party
Tea and soft drinks won't do
You must serve whisky
Where will l get whisky from ?
Don't worry. l'll bring it
lt's all pure orange
lt's Black and White
Give me some from the White
Don't mention the name of the wine
What do you want? White or black ?
Neither. l'm just looking at your moustache
Do you like it very much ?
Yes. l like it very much
Come here. Take it
Keep it safely
What do you mean ?
You are afraid of your wife
Please give him permission to drink
Or the whole party will be spoiled
When they want you, you may -
- forget them. What do you say ?
No need for formalities
lt's just a small gift
One doesn't always get the chance
To present gifts
You are right
Take your sitar and let us listen -
- to something beautiful
But l only play the sitar
Who will sing ?
l'll arrange for that
We only have to request sister-in-law
No. l cannot sing
Don't refuse
l'm telling the truth. l've left singing
When everyone asks then sing
Sing for me
l'm telling you, l'm not in the mood
For my sake
Music is the gift of God
lt is to give to others
l will not request from you
lf there is magic in the tune of my sitar -
- you will definitely sing
Stop it. People will laugh
People are applauding my Sunita
Why shouldn't l ?
What is this ?
Suresh, don't go. Let's have a drink
What was the need to drink so much ?
Shall l tell you ?
l was lonely in the party
You were lost in the song
People were lost in listening
Sitting far away l was watching people
Who were watching you
Don't ever touch whisky again
How is your prevailing mood ?
Today you have come early
The time is over
Then your watch is wrong
Who knows right and wrong
l'll be a bit late this evening
Some students have called me for tennis
They'll say he has become the
slave of his wife, if l don't go -
- will you mind ?
Friends have some claim on you
You can go to the club daily
Alright. l will
Have you forgotten
You kiss
l'm getting late. l must go
Let's have another game
What is it ? You look worried
lt's nothing
You haven't played well today
What is the matter ?
Mohan didn't come to play tennis
Till today he never failed to come
He left the office early
The girl said l forgot to tell you something
This is my husband
Oh. He's come
He just told me a joke
l nearly died laughing
Tell it once more
A joke is not funny if repeated
Today you did not come to play tennis
Everyone was waiting for you
l had to go to a party
l came home early, my wife was out
The house was locked
This house is also yours
So l came here
lt's good you were at home
Or l would have been very bored
l'll bring coffee
You are spoiling my habits
l just had two cups
Then one more won't harm
One coffee for Mohan and one tea for me
ls it still early for your party ?
Shall l go and change ?
Mohan has gone. His wife has come
lt's so beautiful
lt's surely my Sonu's choice
No. lt's Mohan's choice
He presented it to me
The choice of artists are strange
Do you like it ?
Do you like it ?
Very much
Other people have given me presents
But l like this the best
l've got milk on the stove
lt might boil over
You have come home so early
Didn't you go to play ?
What were you doing ?
l was just cleaning the house
Why is the door open
To throw out the dirt
You should shut it before night fall
You seem worried
What is the matter
Why are you checking every room
Had someone come to see me ?
No. Yes. Mohan had come
He had to go out
He wanted a bag so l gave him yours
lt's good our things are useful -
- to our neighbour
Who broke this glass ?
May l come in ?
Where is Kamal
l have to talk with him
His friend's condition is very serious
He's gone to see him
He'll be back tomorrow
That's why in the office -
- he seemed a little worried
Am l disturbing you ?
No. l was getting bored
l was just reading
What will you drink
l'm in a hurry
There's a programme of Ravishankar
The committee sent 2 tickets
As usual she's gone to the movies
She's busy in her world
Come with me
We'll be back by 10 o'clock
Wait, l'll get dressed
Who is behind the curtain ?
Who are you ?
You were at your friend's
How come you are here ?
What is the meaning of keeping an eye on -
- me at midnight
What do you have to do with Mohan ?
You have so much sympathy in your heart
l know you both meet in my absence
The world knows, Mohan's wife -
- does not love him
And you are making up for that
This evening you went with him
Where did you go ?
Now l know the reason for your frigidity
l could never think that you would doubt me
l'm feeling ashamed of myself
What did l see in you ?
Why did l love and marry you ?
You did not answer my question
What relationship do you have with Mohan ?
Do you want to know ?
l won't tell you
But from today l have no -
- relationship with you
lf you leave the house like this -
- my suspicion will prove correct
lt doesn't matter
l'm going away from your life forever
ln my absence there is none to welcome you
l came to meet you both
Knowing that l'm not at home
Sunita told me you went out somewhere
lt would be better if l had gone
You two would have freedom
What do you mean ?
l would never have got a friend like you
You did so much for me
You got me a job and a house
lt's a friend's duty to help a friend
To play with his honour To burn his house
What is this nonsense
Today you slapped me
l forgive you -
- because l'm your friend
Suspicion has made you lose your senses
But the day you come to your senses
You'll regret this
What happened, daughter ?
Now l will never go there
You've quarrelled with our son-in-law
You ? That means your daughter reached home
You should be ashamed of -
- treating Sunita in this way
Not me but your daughter
who took advantage of my love
You are blaming her falsely
lf this is false, why did she leave the house?
Why didn't she answer my question ?
You misunderstood
That's why l've come to make you understand
l don't have any time
My father is ill. l have to go to the village
What would you have done -
- if you were in my place
l would face it
l'd remove this misunderstanding
But l'd never leave my house
You are innocent. Why are you afraid ?
Go back to Kamal
Never. Sunita will never go there
Nowadays men and women are equal
Whoever makes the mistake should suffer
But in our society -
- no one sees the mistake of the man
The wife is always blamed and punished
Sunita has lost Kamal's faith
She'll never be happy with him
Every couple quarrels
But they make up afterwards
You are right to be angry with Kamal
But don't let this go further
lt's the question of our daughter
A father cannot see the -
- destruction of his own daughter
Then go and see Kamal -
- make him understand
l have already met with him
He insulted me and went to his village
He doesn't care for Sunita
l've decided that if he does not apologize -
- she won't return to him
Someone is here to see you
Who are you ?
Kamal's friend and neighbour
What is your name ?
Sunita must have told me about you
Like her l am too -
- a victim of this misunderstanding
Why don't you try -
- to explain to your friend ?
l didn't get the chance
When l met Kamal after Sunita left
He slapped me
Did Kamal slap you ?
He is not in his senses
He's a very good friend
So l didn't take offence
Then why did you come here ?
To request Sunita to tie -
- the Rakhie on my hand -
- so Kamal can remove his doubt forever
The man who doubts -
- his wife and his best friend -
- can also insult.
Anyhow they should be reconciled
There is no hope for that
Sunita cannot prove her innocence
Thinking carefully l've come to the -
- conclusion that confrontation is necessary
Tomorrow l'm sending him a notice
That is the only way
So he must be forced to come here
From this notice it's clear -
- your wealthy father-in-law -
- wants a divorce for his daughter
Putting the blame on you
What should l do ?
ln my opinion we should fight -
- demand an answer to your question -
- right in the court
Or there is only one way
Apologize to your wife
Never. l haven't done anything -
- l'm fed up with all of this
l'll proceed with the matter
What happened ? Why didn't you have tea ?
Kamal's lawyer's notice has come
What is it ?
l just threatened him
The matter is going to the court
After receiving the summons
Sunita is absent -
- and has not sent anyone
lt's clear that there is no answer -
- to Kamal's summons
l can give such an answer
That Kamal and his lawyer will remember always
Then do something
What can l do ?
lt's an insult to go to the court
l curse the day when Sunita chose Kamal
Sunita has not come to court
lt proves that she has no answer -
- to the lawyer's evidence -
- the court accepts the statement -
- of the lawyer -
- and decides that a divorce should take place
lt's a lie, a lie
For which sin is God -
- punishing me so cruelly
Now what is left for me in this world
God knows what would have happened -
- if l had not come
l would have got my freedom
Forget whatever happened
How can l forget
My love, my lost life
How can l forget
l have examined Sunita very carefully
Her condition is very serious
What do you mean ?
lf she cannot bear the shock she received -
- What do you mean ?
lt's possible she'll become insane
We leave our daughter in your hands
You know we have only one child
Cure her in any way
l'll do my very best
l'll consult a specialist
The rest is in Gods hands
Save Sunita somehow
Can l see her ?
How are you daughter ?
Won't you talk with your mother ?
Do you know, mother
Love and death are alike
Now you've begun smoking
Why is your hand trembling ?
There are always ups and downs in life
But man should continue working
This is your employment report
Last month you did nothing
lf this continues
l'll try in the future
A complaint is of no use
l just called you for that
Be patient and work carefully
l thought today l'm caught
How did you come into my house ?
From Mohan's house
l couldn't come from the front door
So l had to do so
Why do you go quietly -
- in the darkness like a thief
What is the use of keeping this from you
l go to meet Mohan's wife
He who lit a fire in my house -
- his house is not safe
Think what you like
But you yourself lit the fire
l know Sunita and Mohan
Their relationship is like brother and sister
l'm telling you the truth
Think what you like
But you yourself lit the fire
l know Sunita and Mohan
Their relationship is like brother and sister
l never thought you will doubt me
l'm ashamed of myself
Today you slapped my face
l forgive you because you are my friend
Suspicion has made you lose your senses
What is the matter ?
Forgive me, Mohan
l misjudged you
l insulted friendship
A mistake between friends -
- is like a gift
l know you are so big-hearted
That's why l came to you
Today l discovered what l lost
How did you remove the misunderstanding
Due to Suresh
There is no need to say anything further
Everyone has his misery
Some get it without asking like me
And some ask for it like you
Why are you here ?
l'm here to repent
To apologize for my mistake
To Sunita
l've been very unjust to her
You have come to late
Where is she
ln her house
- with her husband
And she is very happy
But how can this be
You lost the right to ask this -
- the day you divorced her
My daughter's heart was broken
And she tried to commit suicide
lt affected her mind
There was a possibility of insanity
Specialists saved her
But she needed a husband's love
lt was fortunate for her -
- to find a good man for her -
- who knew everything and accepted her
Do you know what she said -
- when she heard of the second marriage ?
lt's better to die
Her mother also was against it
But it was the question of a young daughter
l don't want her to suffer -
- her whole life for your mistake
Such a cruel punishment
For my mistake
lf instead of my daughter -
- it was your daughter or sister -
- what would you do ?
The same which you do ?
Now you have no claim to Sunita
You shouldn't even take her name
But it will be in my heart
But tell her of my desire to -
- beg her for forgiveness -
- will remain till my last breath
Hurry up. They must be coming
Where is Kanhaiyalal ?
He's lighting the candles
1 2 3 4 5
Fifth is burning correctly
l'll put you on
Who are you ?
Should l tell you ?
How can this burn ? There is no oil
There is wine in it
lt's not my fault
Both bottles are alike
Take him home
What is the matter ?
He's not in his senses
He's pouring wine instead of oil in the lamps
Now nothing can be done
You've come ? Where is sister-in-law ?
What happened ? Why are you silent ?
She's gone far away
She's gone forever leaving me
lf you should see this advertisement -
- then come to me immediately
Someone is thinking of you, Mohan
What happened
l'm not a thief
No ? l'll teach you a lesson
You dared enter my house to steal
l'll teach you a lesson
What happened ?
What is the matter, Mr. Joshi ?
This thief entered my house
lt's good that my wife saw him -
- or he would have stolen everything
His face is like an angel
But his work is of a thief
Hold him, l'll call the police
What are you looking at ?
Where had you gone ?
Do you know him, Mohan ?
He's my friend -
- whom l sought for a long time
He used to work in our factory -
- and lived in this house
l made a mistake
l forget everything but remembered now
l had advertised in all the newspapers -
- for you to come
You came at the right time
Tomorrow would have been too late
Do you trust your fate ?
l don't trust myself
l'm of no use to anyone
Why did you call me ?
To give you good news
Ekta is getting married on 7th February
My husband insisted l write to you
You will be surprised to know
When l left Kamal's house l was pregnant
- he would have doubted his own child
No one knows this except father and my husband
Today l have to tell you
Because Ekta wants her father's blessing -
- on the occasion of her marriage
So you must bring Kamal
Let him read this letter
l hope he'll give Ekta his blessing
Yours, Sunita
Today is 7th February
That's why l said tomorrow would be too late
lt would be better
There is little time, come with me
No, l promised her father
l would never enter her life again
You must come to bless Ekta
Maybe my blessing -
- would be a curse on her
The man who gave an unknown child his name
l won't show him my face
You have been punished enough
You'll never get such a chance -
- for repentance
Don't let it go
So you have come
Sunita and Harish asked so many times
Sorry, l'm a little late
Come in, Excuse me
l couldn't reach in time
Meet Ekta's Uncle
Congratulations Congratulations
Mohan, are you alone ?
l met Kamal. He is coming
That is very good
Now you come
l've been waiting for you
At least be serious today -
- because you are a bride
And every bride must be shy
Those are all old customs
What present did you bring for me ?
l've brought you such a present -
- with which other presents are incomparable
Have you brought the moon and sun ?
They are nothing compared -
- to what l brought
What is it ?
You have no claim on Sunita
You shouldn't even take her name
Why did you come here ?
To show in front of the world -
- that Ekta is your daughter
So the man who gave her his name
Who fed her
Should be disgraced
Today is Ekta's marriage
Do you want to disgrace her in front -
- of everyone ?
You ruined Sunita's life
Now do you want to spoil her daughter's life ?
Go away from here
Bless her
May you live long
Always be happy
Congratulations Congratulations
My child. ls she alive
Mummy, this man saved me
l thought him someone else
But he saved my life
Touch his feet and take his blessing
He is your father
No. Don't touch my feet
l'm not worthy to be your father
l have no relationship with you
May you live long
May you always be happy
Hugging you l forget my miseries
My soul is at peace
Now l have just one desire
You came to repent -
- by blessing your daughter
ls this your repentance ?
What the eyes see -
- is only a mirage
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