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About Schmidt CD1

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Sous-Titres : French TeAm|
Well, for my part.
I would just like to say, Warren,|that as the new guy taking over for you -
- I hope I can fill your shoes.
Because from the looks|of the people here, -
- and what they think about you,|they sure seem awfully big.
Well, as the most|of you know, -
- I've just moved here|recently from Demoin.
With my wife, Patty here.
And Kimberly are|14 months old, and...
You all have just made|us feel so welcome.
And...ah, Warren I want you|to feel just as welcome to... -
- drop by the office|to visit anytime you want.
In fact, as we've been discussing|the last couple of weeks -
- I might have some questions -
- to ask you about|our various products.
Like the new universal life policy|we're launching next month.
Well anyway here's to you, Warren.
Hey, Warren.
How do you feel about these|young punks taking over our jobs?
Seems like some kind|of conspiracy to me.
Now I've known Warren here.
Probably longer than most of|you people who've been alive.
Warren and I go way back.
Way back...|to the horse and buggy days -
- at Woodman,|but that's ancient history.
Anyway I know something|about retirement.
And what I wanna say... -
- to you out loud, Warren,|for all of these young hotshots can hear.
Is that all those|gifts over there... -
- don't mean a goddamn thing.
And this dinner|doesn't mean a goddamn thing.
And the social security in pension,|don't mean a goddamn thing.
None of these superficialities|mean a goddamn thing.
What mean something.
What really mean something,|Warren.
Is the knowledge that you devoted|your life to something meaningful.
To being productive.
And working for|a fine company, hell... -
- one of the top rated insurance|carriers in the nation.
To raising a fine family.
To building a fine home.|To being respective by your community.
To having...|wonderful lasting friendships.
At the end of his career the man,|can look back and say -
- "I did it. I did my job".
Then he can retire in glory, -
- and enjoy riches|far beyond the monitory kind.
So...all of you|young people here.
Take a good look...|at a very rich man.
I love you, buddy.
Be right back.
Good evening.
- Vodka Gimlet, please.|- Coming right up.
Ah...Hi honey.
Yeah, we've just got in.|We've just walked in the door.
Yeah, he is.|Just a minute.
Warren, it's Jeannie.
Jeannie?|How are you doing?
It went just fine, yeah.|Nice event.
I know, but...don't give it another|though, you've got bigger fish to fry.
I know but...|we'll see out there real soon anyway.
Ah...yeah, did I get the rope?|Yes.
That was quite an item,|you know.
You sure went overboard.
From you and Randall?
I see.
Well...thank you both, it... -
- sure gonna come|in handy now.
You bet you.
Yeah, yeah...bye now.
Did you thank Randall?
- I did.|- Then what did he say?
- I just told Jeannie.|- You didn't thank him personally?
- No.|- Why not?
- He didn't come to the phone.|- Why not?
I don't know.|He didn't come to the phone.
You should have|asked for him.
You should|make an effort.
He's gonna be your son-in-law|and you hardly know him.
I know him well enough.
Then you should try|to be more positive.
She's lucky to have him.
You know...
My father didn't think|so much of you at first.
Where to, mister?|Looks like you need a ride.
Well...I though it would be|fun to have breakfast in here today.
You know see|what it would be like.
Isn't this fun?
Well...sort of gives the
We're gonna have a lot of|good times in here, Warren.
Here's to our whole chapter.
{Y:i}...And we need people|who want to help.
{Y:i}- there is a wonderful organization|called Child Reach, -
{Y:i}- that is making|a profound difference -
{Y:i}- in the lifes of children|just like these.
{Y:i}For just $22/month,|just 72 cents/day, -
{Y:i}- you can become|a Child Reach sponsor -
{Y:i}- and not only personally|touch the life -
{Y:i}- of a needy|boy or girl overseas.
{Y:i}But also help the|child's family and community.
{Y:i}Think of it,|just $22/month, -
{Y:i}- and a little girl|like this, -
{Y:i}- will never feel the agony|of dysentery from dirty water.
{Y:i}A child like this|will be able to go to school, -
{Y:i}- to learn and grow.
{Y:i}I'm so glad|you've watched, -
{Y:i}- but now that you've have.|What are you going to do?
{Y:i}No.|Pity and guild won't help.
{Y:i}The answer|is Child Reach.
{Y:i}For a needy child, family|and community overseas.
Well, I'm glad|that you are glad.
No,'re|butting me up now.
Well, I can't take|all the credit for that.
No, no I...
I...I did use a calculator.
That's...|that's my motto.
Alrighty. Bye bye.
Hey!|There he is!
- What do you sing, partner?|- Pretty good. Pretty good.
- How are you doing?|- Not too shabby.
- Well, I see you're all moved in.|- Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.
So what brings you by?
Oh, I was just driving by.
I thought I'd pop up and see what|kind of trouble you'd been getting into.
Oh, you know, keeping busy.|Keeping busy.
And I'd wanna make sure|that you didn't have questions about -
- those preteen mortality|risk models that I was working on.
You know, I know they|seem pretty straightforward at first, but...
No, no, I think I've got|a pretty good handle on things.
You did a super job of handing|everything over, just super.
Smooth sailing all the way.
Because, I have been concerned|about some of those items -
- that I walked you through|slipping through the cracks.
You know,|it's kind of been nagging at me.
Heck, the business degree|from Drake gotta be worth something.
- Yeah.|- Oh, boy.
Well, you know, if anything bubbles to the|surface, Warren, I'll be sure to give you a call.
You can bet on that!
I gotta get to a meeting.
You wanna take|the elevator down with me?
- Okay, sure.|- Great. Great to see you.
- Looking good.|- Thank you.
You've been working out?
How'd it go|at the office?
Oh, fine.
Good thing|I stopped by.
Turns out that he needed by|help with a couple of loose ends.
That's wonderful.
{Y:i}Dear Ndugu,
{Y:i}My name is|Warren R. Schmidt.
{Y:i}And I'm your|new foster father.
...personal information.
All right.
{Y:i}I live in|Omaha, Nebraska.
{Y:i}My older brother Harry lives in|Roanoke, Virginia with his wife Estelle.
{Y:i}Harry lost a leg two years ago|to diabetes.
{Y:i}I am 66 years old|and recently retired, -
{Y:i}- as assistant|vice-president -
{Y:i}- Woodman of the World|insurance company.
{Y:i}And goddamnit if they didn't|replace me some kid who...all right.
{Y:i}So maybe he's got|a little theory under his belt, -
{Y:i}- and can plug a|few numbers into a computer.
{Y:i}But I can tell right off,|that he doesn't know a damn thing -
{Y:i}- about genuine real-world|risk assessment, -
{Y:i}- or managing a department|for that matter. Cocky bastard!
{Y:i}66 must sound pretty old|to a young fellow like yourself.
{Y:i}The truth is...|it sounds pretty old to me too.
{Y:i}Because when I look in the mirror|and see the wrinkles around my eyes -
{Y:i}- and the saggy|skin on my neck -
{Y:i}- and the hair in my ears|and the veins on my ancles, -
{Y:i}- I...I can't belive|it's really me.
{Y:i}When I was a kid.
{Y:i}I used to think|that maybe I was special, -
{Y:i}- that somehow destiny|tagged me to be a great man.
{Y:i}Not like...Henry Ford or Walt Disney|or somebody like that, -
{Y:i}- but...somebody,|you know...semi-important.
{Y:i}I got a degree in|business and statistics -
{Y:i}- and was planning to|start my business someday, -
{Y:i}- build it up|into a big corporation.
{Y:i}Watch it go public,|you know, -
{Y:i}- maybe make|the Fortune 500.
{Y:i}I was gonna be one of|those guys you read about.
{Y:i}But, somehow... -
{Y:i}- it just didn't...|work out that way.
{Y:i}You gotta remember|I had a topnotch job at Woodman, -
{Y:i}- and...a family to support.
{Y:i}I couldn't exactly|put their security and risk.
{Y:i}Helen...that's my wife.
{Y:i}She wouldn't have allowed it.
{Y:i}But what about my family,|you might ask.
{Y:i}What about my wife,|and daughter?
{Y:i}Don't they give all the pride|and satisfaction I could ever want?
{Y:i}Helen and I|have been married 42 years.
{Y:i}Lately...every night.
{Y:i}I find myself asking|the same question:
{Y:i}Who is this old woman|who lives in my house?
{Y:i}Why is it that every little thing|she does irritates me?
{Y:i}Like the way she gets|the keys out of her purse -
{Y:i}- long before|we reach the car.
{Y:i}And how she throws our money|away on her ridiculous little collections.
{Y:i}And tossing out|perfectly good food, -
{Y:i}- just because|the expiration date is past.
{Y:i}And her obsession...her obsession|with trying new restaurants.
Seafood Buffet.|Let's go there sunday.
{Y:i}And the way she cuts me off|when I try to speak.
And she goes ahead and seats|the people that came in behind us.
- Well, the thing...|- But normally I wouldn't mind if...
{Y:i}And I hate|the ways she sits.
{Y:i}And the way|she smells.
{Y:i}For years now. She has insisted|that I sit when I urinate.
{Y:i}My promise to lift the seat, and wipe the rim|and put the seat back down -
{Y:i}- wasn't good enough|for her.
{Y:i}But then there is...
{Y:i}She's our only.
{Y:i}I'll bet she'd like you, she gets|a big kick out of different languages, -
{Y:i}- and cultures and soforth.
{Y:i}She used to get|by pretty good in German.
{Y:i}She'll always|be my little girl.
{Y:i}She lives out in Denver, so...|we don't get to see her much anymore.
{Y:i}Oh, sure we stay in touch by phone|every couple of weeks. And...
{Y:i}She comes out for|the holidays sometimes, but...
{Y:i}Not as often|as we'd like.
{Y:i}She has a position|and some responsibility out there -
{Y:i}- with a high tech|computer-outfit, so it's -
{Y:i}- very hard|for her to break away.
{Y:i}Recently...|she got engaged, so I...
{Y:i}I suppose we'll be seeing|even less of her now.
{Y:i}The fellow's name is...|Randall Hertzel.
{Y:i}He's got a salesjob|of some sort.
{Y:i}Maybe Jeannie|is a little past of prime, -
{Y:i}- but I still think she could|have done a heck of a lot better.
{Y:i}How are you guys doing?|I mean this guy is not up to snuff, -
{Y:i}- if you ask me I mean|not for my little girl.
{Y:i}I'll close now|and get this in the mail.
{Y:i}Here I am|rambling on and on -
{Y:i}- and you probably wanna hurry|on down cash that cheque, -
{Y:i}- and get yourself|something to eat.
{Y:i}So...take it easy and... -
{Y:i}- best of luck|with all your endeavours.
{Y:i}Yours Very Truly,|Warren Schmidt.
I'm going out to mail a letter,|do you need anything?
No.|Don't dilly-dally.
What can I get for ya?
I'll have a...|blizzard with vanilla ice cream.
What would|you like in it?
Um...I'll have some...
Reese's Pieces and some...
Cookie Dough.
- And what size?|- Um...medium.
What's the matter.|Honey?
{Y:i}Before we go any further, Warren, -
{Y:i}- I want to just go over|some of the expenses with you.
What we do is we atomize all of our charges,|and break them down to different categories.
Our professional services, embalming|and other preparations of bodies.
Those figures will total|up to about $1550.
{Y:i}And for the use of|our facilities and equipment, -
{Y:i}- staff for the visitations|at the funeral-service.
{Y:i}In addition we have some other|expenses out at the cementary...
{Y:i}...A total about 1500...
{Y:i}...In addition to that we also have|the a total up to 2700...
{Y:i}...Finally for use for automobiles|and adressing services...$430.
Any questions|or anything about that?
What if I drive myself?
I wanna tell you about anger.|That anger is okay.
God can handle it,|if we're angry at him.
And I'll tell you why...
{Y:i}Nine years ago...
{Y:i}We're gonna|miss Helen so much.
She was the greatest, just|the sweetest, warmest, most wonderful...
I know. I know.
We're praying|for you Warren.
If there's anything you need,|you call us, okay?
- Okay.|- Okay?
- Okay.|- Okay, really now?
- Yeah.|- All right.
I can't belive it, Warren,|I still can't believe it.
I know, Ray. I know.
She was just...
She was too young.
She was just so...
Yeah, I know, Ray.|I...thank you.
You're good friend, Ray.
- You take care of yourself, Warren.|- You too, Ray.
Thanks for everything.
I'll see you real soon.
Nice of people|to bring all this food.
All these coldcuts.
There gonna|be a lot of left-overs.
Oh, daddy.
Oh, Jeannie.
She was a...|very special lady.
I'm really gonna miss her.|I miss her already.
I know we all do.
Let's drink to her.
Here's to Helen.
They broke the mold.
They broke the mold.
We love you.|We miss you.
We always will.
How are you doing?
You doing okay?
- Fine.|- Sure?
Must be really tough.
I remember|when my aunt died.
It was so unreal,|it was the 4th of july.
I'll never forget it.
So, listen, Warren.
I know now is definitely|not the time to talk about it, but...
Before we leave,|you wanna take a few minutes?
Take you mind off all this...|crazyness?
There's something real important|I wanna talk to you about.
What's that?
It is an investment opportunity,|it's really exciting -
- and I wanna get you in|on the ground floor with me.
And it's not a pyramid scheme.|Alot of people thinks it is a pyramid scheme.
But it's not.
It's almost guaranteed|you can double your money, -
- maybe even triple it|in the first year alone.
The thing is, Warren.
I'm not gonna be|selling waterbeds forever.
I've got plans.
We haven't had much chance|to talk about it you and I, but...
{Y:i}I've got a pretty good|business-head on me.
{Y:i}You know, I've been going to|alot of seminaries lately and listen to...
- Mayonnaise or mustard?|- I like both.
And don't toast the bread too much,|I don't like my bread very toasted.
And I'll have some of those|barbecue potato chips, -
- not the plain ones.
Those are your mother's,|the barbecue ones are mine.
In and Randall|can take those plain ones, -
- they'll just go to waste here,|I won't eat 'em.
Maybe you can|eat them on the plane.
So good to see ya.
I sure wish you didn't have|to get back so soon.
Can't you take|a few days more?
Couldn't you just to 'em at work?|I mean...they'd understand.
Who's gonna|take care of me?
- Here's your sandwich.|- Ah, wonderful. Just wonderful.
You know, dad.
You're gonna have to get used|to taking care of yourself now.
I know. I know.
You might have|to hire a maid.
A maid?
Oh, no. I'll be your aid,|I don't need the extra expense.
At least for a few weeks.|While your dealing with this.
Well, that's why I'm asking you|to stay and help me out.
Dad, I told you.
I wish I could.|But I can't.
I've got too much going on.
And even if|I could get more time off.
I've got the wedding,|that's a full time job.
Now that you|mention it, honey, I... -
- think you should...|consider postponing it.
Postpone the wedding?
We can't do that,|it's all set.
I'm just saying you might wanna|take this opportunity things.
That's all.
But...everyone's invited,|and RSVP'd and everything.
They'd understand,|I mean...
Out of respect|for your mother.
She would|have approved.
Mom wouldn't want us|to change anything.
The thing is, Jeannie...
Your mother and I...spoke a number of times|very seriously about you and Randall.
And what did she say?
Just that she loved you and she|wanted you to be very happy, and... -
Maybe this thing|with Randall, well...
She just...wanted to be sure you|weren't gonna have any regrets, that's all.
So you might wanna...|keep your options open.
But she helped us|pick the date.
And I was on the phone|with her almost every day, -
- planning it,|and ordering things.
I really don't know|what you are talking about.
I don't think mom would|want us to change...
All right. All right. Okay, have it your way,|you know best, you and your mother.
Good sandwich.
Why did you get|such a cheap casket?
I could tell you got|the cheapest casket.
Everybody could.
That is not true.
That is not true!
I specifically did not choose as you say,|the cheapest casket.
There was one less expensive,|which they showed me and I refused it.
You mean a pinebox?
I don't remember|what it was.
She waited|on your hand and foot.
Couldn't you have splurged|on her just once?
- Hey, hey, hey!|- Once?
What are you|talking about?
What about the windowed bagel out there ?|What do you call that ?
That is an expensive vehicle.
I didn't want to get it,|but I did.
That was completely|your mother's idea.
She told me, she had|to pay for like half of it !
She said she had to sell some of her|stock or something to pay for it.
That was her decision !
I was willing to go as far as the mini weny|but no, she had to have the Adventurer.
She wanted the whole shebang
What was I supposed to do ?
Tell her she couldn't ?
It was her money.
No, no, no. You can't call me|to task on that one.
ln here, Randall.
- Where?|- In here, in here
Oh there you are.
13 minutes wrong.|You better get packed.
Hey Randall did you tell|dad about that book?
That's right, I forgot.
Heu say Warren, have you read -
{Y:i}- When Bad Things|Happen to Good People?
It's really amazing, it reallly|help me out when my aunt die.
You should read it.
When we and jeannie get back to Denver,|I'll send you my copy.
The workbook too,|I did most of the exercises, -
- but you can write|yours answers next to mine.
So long, Randall.
You'll be in our prayers,|and i call you about that thing, ok ?
Okay, thank you.
Oh, Ginny.
Take care of yourself, Dad
That's a good one,|it's going to be really a great shot.
Bye Dad.
So long, Ginny.
See you in a few weeks.
Bye, Warren, you take care.
{Y:i}Dear N'dugu,
{Y:i}I hope you're sitting down,|because...
{Y:i}- I'm afraid l|got some bad news.
{Y:i}Since I last wrote to you, -
{Y:i}- my wife, Helen|your foster mother, -
{Y:i}- passed away very suddenly from|a blood clod in her brain.
{Y:i}The services were lovely and|very well attended...
{Y:i}- Ginny came in from Denver|with her friend, -
{Y:i}- folks drove up from as far|away as Desmoines in Wichita, -
{Y:i}- a very moving tribute any|way you look at it. I...
{Y:i}I wish you've could|have been there.
{Y:i}but now that all this|excitement is over, -
{Y:i}- and the smoke|is clear, it's...
{Y:i}- just me and my thoughts|knocking around...
{Y:i}- in this big old house.
{Y:i}I believe I mentioned|in my previous letter -
{Y:i}- that I was an actuary.
{Y:i}- a woodman of the|world insurance company.
{Y:i}lf I'm given a man's age|race, profession, -
{Y:i}- place of residence, -
{Y:i}- marital status and|medical history.
{Y:i}I can calculate|with great probability, -
{Y:i}- how long that man|will live.
{Y:i}In my own case|now that my wife has died, -
{Y:i}- there is a 73% chance,|that I will die within 9 years, -
{Y:i}- provided that|I do not remarry.
{Y:i}All I know is, -
{Y:i}- I've got to make best of|whatever time I have left.
{Y:i}Life is short, Ndugu.
{Y:i}I can't afford|to waste another minute.
Two weeks later
{Y:i}Now, i don't want to|inquiet you but...
{Y:i}- adjusting a life without Helen,|has been quite a challenge, -
{Y:i}- but I think you'll be|proud of me
{Y:i}Yeah, this house is|under new management, -
{Y:i}- but you never know|the difference
{Y:i}Sure sometimes I can be|a tight forgetful, -
{Y:i}- missing a meal or two, -
{Y:i}I guess that's hardly worth mentioning it -
{Y:i}- to someone in your situation.
{Y:i}Helen wouldn't want me|sitting around wallowing in self-pity, -
{Y:i}- no sorry, bob, -
{Y:i}- but she'd tell me|to shape up or ship out !
{Y:i}So I try to get out as much i can.
{Y:i}You know, try to stay active,|stick to my routine.
{Y:i}That's very important in|phase of big changes in life.
{Y:i}Sure I am not quite|the cook Helen was, -
{Y:i}- but I remember a trick or too|from my bachelor days.
{Y:i}It's a lot of work|keeping household together.
{Y:i}I supposed enventually I'll sell the place|and move to a little condo, -
{Y:i}-you know less upkeep and so far.
{Y:i}But for now, I am|getting by just fine.
{Y:i}It occured to me that in my last letter,|I might have misspoken, -
{Y:i}- used some negative language|in reference to my late wife, -
{Y:i}- but you have to understand that
{Y:i}I was under a lot of pressure,|following my retirement.
{Y:i}I'm not going to lie|to you, Ndugu.
{Y:i}It's been a rough few weeks.
{Y:i}I've been pretty, you know...|broken up from time to time.
{Y:i}I miss her.
{Y:i}I miss my Helen.
{Y:i}I guess I just didn't know|how lucky I was, -
{Y:i}- to have a wife like Helen, -
{Y:i}- until she was... gone.
{Y:i}Remember that,|young man, -
{Y:i}- you've got to appreciate|what you have, -
{Y:i}- while you still have it.
Jesus Warren, you scare me,|what are you doing?
I thought you might|want these back ?
That was so long ago|25, 30 years... I mean...
I never thought...|she kept these.
I can't believe|she kept these.
- Let's talk about this !|- You were my friend.
It was a big mistake.
I mean you went up to San Francisco,|and things started up...
I am sorry !
{Y:i}You have reached Moon Dog Electronics...
{Y:i}Shipping and receiving,|this is Ginny.
Ginny ? It's Dad|How are you ?
{Y:i}Hey, I am totally swamped out|What's up?
Well I have a big surprise for you.
{Y:i}- Guess what?|- What?
I am on the road, i'm on|my way out to see you !
Right now I am just|outside Grand Island.
{Y:i}Dad, what do you|talking about?
Ginny, I've been thinking|about things
How much you mean to me...
- and how little time you and I have spent|together these last few years,
- all of a sudden, I realized|what the heck am I doing in Omaha -
- when you are out there, and|i could be with you !
We should be together.
{Y:i}You are coming now?
If I drive straight through, -
- I'll be there in time for supper.
{Y:i}Gosh, I don't think so dad,|this is not a good idea.
Sure it is.
Don't tell me you couldn't use a little|extra help with all those wedding arrangements.
I'll help to take the burden off.
{Y:i}The thing is that, Roberta and I and Jill|we've pretty much got everything under control.
{Y:i}It's such a nice offer,|but let's stick to plan.
{Y:i}you get here a day or two|before the wedding -
{Y:i}- like we said.
I assume you won't|object me -
- sending any more of|those checks.
{Y:i}Dad, I do not|have time for this.
{Y:i}you call me when you|get home, okay?
{Y:i}- Bye, Ginny|- Bye, Dad
{Y:i}Dear Ndugu,
{Y:i}How are you ?
{Y:i}I am fine.
{Y:i}A week or so ago, I decided to|take a little road trip on my way to Ginny's -
{Y:i}- wedding out in Denver.
{Y:i}Ginny begged me|to come out early, -
{Y:i}- to help her with|wedding arrangements, but...
{Y:i}I told her I needed|some time to myself.
{Y:i}I've decided to visits some places,|l haven't been to in a long time.
{Y:i}So much has happened to my life,|that I can't remember.
{Y:i}Whole sections of my life|that they're just... gone.
{Y:i}So you might say I've been trying to|clear a few cobwebs for my memory.
{Y:i}My first stop was none|other than Holdrege, Nebraska.
{Y:i}I thought it would be in delighting to visit the house,|where i was born 67 years ago.
{Y:i}We moved away from Holdrege,|when i was not much older than you and...
{Y:i}I often wonder what our old|house would be like today.
{Y:i}Funny, -
{Y:i}- i never forget the address.
{Y:i}12 Logus Avenue... -
{Y:i}- yes sir, 12 Logus Avenue.
Can I help you, sir ?
No thanks,|I am just looking around.
I used to live here.
Here in the store ?
My childhood home's,|right on the spot.
The bedroom would be|right about here, -
- living room over here,|and the dining...
that was long time ago,|before you were born.
You're not going to|believe this, -
- we used to have tire swing,|right out front here.
{Y:i}Awful lot had change|since my day but...
{Y:i}It was still good to|be home again, -
{Y:i}- very good indeed
{Y:i}Next stop, Florence|Kansas.
{Y:i}Where I pay the visit|to my old mother KU.
{Y:i}I haven't been there|in years and years.
{Y:i}Now it's seems like|the perfect time to stop by.
{Y:i}I even manage to hook up with some|kids in my old fraternity.
Beta Sigma Epsilon
... as the Woodman clears the way...
{Y:i}Well, Ndugu.
{Y:i}I highly recommended you|pledge a fraternity, -
{Y:i}- when you go to college.
{Y:i}After that little walk down|Memory Lane, -
{Y:i}- it was tourist time,|for yours truly.
{Y:i}I made my way back|to Nebraska.
{Y:i}- and stop in the custody historical|museum in Brokenbow, -
{Y:i}- to see their fine collection|of arrowheads.
{Y:i}Later that same day, -
{Y:i}- i happend to met a real lndian,|or "Native American" -
{Y:i}- as they like to be called in|nowadays.
{Y:i}We had nice chat about|history of the area.
{Y:i}He really opened my eyes.
{Y:i}These people got a rough deal,|just a rough deal.
{Y:i}Next stop, Buffalo Bill's|cody house in North Plate.
{Y:i}What a remarkable man, -
{Y:i}- you can read about him|in enclosed pamphlet.
{Y:i}I pull the adventurer over, -
{Y:i}whenever I feel like|stretching my legs -
{Y:i}- taking a local sight or|purchasing for antics.
{Y:i}The other day for example,|at an antique store in Cosade.
{Y:i}I came across a fine|collection of rare hummels.
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