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About Schmidt CD2

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I guess I never really appreciated|how exclusively crafty they are.
And each one comes with its own|certificate of authenticity.
Helen loved hummels.
Hoy there !
Yes ?
I said "hoy".
Hoy yourself.
John Brasco, Clare, Wisconsin.
Warren Schmidt, Omaha.
I hope I am not|disturbing you, but,
I couldn't help noticing|you got the new Adventurer.
- That's right.|- 35 footer, right ?
That's right.
What a beauty,|ah, man oh man...
Yeah... I'm pretty happy with it.
I wish I made a step aboard, captain.
How's that ?
Can I take a look inside ?
Oh sure, help yourself.
Thank you.
Aw, yeah, Jesus.
Look at all this room.
These puppa make the difference,|don't they ?
You keep a mighty|clean gally, Mister.
Oh I've only been|on the road a week.
You're kidding,|this is your made the voyage ?
- You've been traveling "solo" ?|- That's right.
Holy crash, you've got to come over for dinner.|We got to celebrate.
My Vicky's one egg of a cook.|I mean, if you are free of course.
Well, I have to check|my schedule?
Hoy there.
Get yourself up here.
- I am Vicky Brasco.|- Warren Schmidt.
John was so|excited to meet you.
Oh God,|you shouldn't have.
Smells delicious.
- I hope you like the stew.|- Oh ya.
Hey there he is !
- How are you ?|- Good, good, can I take your jacket ?
Here we go.
Something burning ?
Oh No, no, no. I've just burnt|a couple of matches out there.
Shall we join to the living room ?|While Vicky...'re almost, aren't you ?|Oh just about.
- John, Warren brought us beer.|- Aw thank you Warren.
Have a seat
Right here, you take that.
So, uh... what do you do|back in Auclair ?
Well, my brother and I,|we have a shoe store.
Ya, it's a famous footwear.
And uh...
Well, people will always|need shoes.
Vicky, she's now a|professional therapist.
So, that's her day job,|we might say.
How about yourself ?
Oh uh,|I was in the insurance game but, -
- I am retired now.
Okay boys,|dinner is served.
No these, this is a couple we met|in Kansas
- remember I was telling you about|the guy with a wooden leg ?
But we loved them, -
- we spent a whole week end|with them in Kansas.
And this is Roger and Denise,|and their daughters.
Now, Denise is your oldest ?
She is the middle one,|they lived out in Delaware.
And these little cuties are|Kitty and Slaun.
A girl named Slaun,|I've never heard that name before.
Neither have we.
Do you have any pictures|of your daughter with you ?
Not on me,|I don't...
Nothing in your wallet ?
I might have one|of George Washington right now, -
- or even a Lincoln.
Who ?
Easy... we are...|low on truth serum here.
lf I go get us another 6|pack, you guys will be okay ?
- Yes.|- Oh yes.
I leave you.|I'll be back when I've left.
Here's a little... here's a little car we got|them for Christmas, isn't that cute ?
- Oh it's Adorable|- The little adorable dresses, -
- and these are christening dresses.
That's a quiet family you got there,
- you and John are very lucky|- Oh I know we really are.
We are.
would you mind if l|made an observation ?
Well, you put a|pretty good face on things, -
- considering everything|you've been through lately.
And I know,|I've just met you, -
- but, I have good instinct|about people and, -
- the feeling that|I get from you is that, -
- despite your good attitude,|and your...
your positive outlook, -
- i think inside,|you're a sad man.
It does take quite an adjustment there,|when you lose a spouse.
Oh ya but there's|something more than that, -
- I see something more than|grief and loss and use...
something deeper.
Like what ?
I just met you but, -
- my guess is anger.
Yeah,|anger and...
I don't know maybe...
fear, -
- loneliness.
I am kind of lonely.
See there,|I knew it.
Can I tell you something ?
I am listening.
I've only know you|for... an hour or so, -
- and yet, I feel like|you understand me, -
- better than my wife|Helen ever did.
Even after|42 years of marriage.
42 years.
Maybe if I had|met someone like you earlier...
Oh you sad man...
You sad, sad man.
You sad man.
Get off me, are you insane ?
God,|what is wrong with you ?
Oh, what kind of issues you've got mister,|but you better go right now.
- I'm sorry.|- No, no, go !
- I didn't... no i'm sorry...|- I don't care about sorry ! Go !
- I didn't mean this...|- Go !
- Can I have my jacket ?|- Christ.
Go !
Ray ?
It's Warren.
I Know we separated on a...|bit of a sour note.
But I just... thought I should|call and tell you that, -
I've been doing some thinking and,|some soul-searching.
I just... want to... tell you that|I am willing to talk about this, -
- because whole the things...
{Y:i}If you are satisfied with|your message press one, -
{Y:i}- to listen to your message press two|to erase and re-record press three, -
{Y:i}- To continue recording...
{Y:i}Message erased.
{Y:i}At the tone please re-record the message|at the end of your message press one.
Helen ?
What did you really|think of me ?
Deep in your heart.
Was I... really the man|you want to be with ?
Was I ?
Or will you disappointed...|too nice to show it.
I forgive you for Ray.
I forgive you.
That was a long time ago|and...
I know I wasn't always|the... king of kings.
I let you down.
I'm sorry, Helen.
Can you forgive me ?
Can you forgive me ?
{Y:i}And so, Ndugu.
{Y:i}I must say it's been|a very rewarding trip.
{Y:i}And this morning, -
{Y:i}- I woke from my night in the wildernest|completely transformed.
{Y:i}I am like a new man.
{Y:i}For the first time|in years I feel clear.
{Y:i}I know what I want.
{Y:i}I know what|I have got to do, -
{Y:i}- and nothing is going|to stop me ever again.
{Y:i}Meanwhile along|with usual check, -
{Y:i}- I'm enclosing a little something|extra to spende as you please.
{Y:i}Yours very truly.
{Y:i}Warren... Schmidt.
Warren, how grand|to see you again.
Well, I hope I am|not intruding.
Not at all I was happy|to get your call, -
- and learn that you were|finally in town.
I bet that trip did you a lot of|good after all you been through.
I sent you a card|did you get my card ?
Oh yes !
Lovely card, thank you.
But I want to say|to you in person.
I am so sorry|about Helen.
I only met her than once, -
- but we talk often on the|phone after the engagement.
She was a fine|fine woman.
A fine fine human being.
Thank you.
So... what can I get you to drink,|I bet could use a cocktail ?
No, I am fine.
I'll just wait till|the kids get here.
Well I'm having|a Manhattan.
Well, what the|heck, make it 2.
That's better.
This last week|has been so stressful.
The only way that|Helen is lucky, -
and I do mean the|only way, -
- is that she didn't have to go through|this week with Jeannie and me, -
- The florist, the dress, the relatives,|the travel arrangements, -
- the motels, the bridesmaids,|the groom's man, the gowns.
And you realize how many|people still have not RSVPed ?
Warren, it simply|does not stop, -
- by the way, -
- we do still need that|check for the church.
Did Ginny mention|it to you ? (fo se mettre d'accord sur Ginny :D ntdr)
Because we've need it|for some time now, -
- and actually it's been|a bit of a problem.
Roberta ?
Roberta ?
What ?
I can't make this|godamn thing work, -
- somebody, really screwed it up !
Would you|excuse me ?
What is your fucking problem ?
Don't you get enough with children ?
Well that's why I offered|to come over and help.
You know, I am|trying to help.
This is no count I|think, look at it.
What are you expecting|to do now ?
I'll.. I'll fix it, but you have to tell me|how you want it. I'm not a mindreader.
I'll do it myself, fuckin have to found someone else around here just get out!
I'm not a mindreader, ok ?|I'm not a mindreader !
Do you understand english ?|Get out !
I am sorry.
Have you met Larry|last time?
Just briefly, yeah.
He's like a little boy.
I ever since our divorce|he thinks the only way, -
- he can get my attention|is by causing a fuss.
I understand that|I do, it just...
I feel sorry for him.
My first husband was|exactly the same way, -
- he turned out to|be a real asshole.
Now Randall... he knows|how to treat a woman.
Honestly don't you think|he's something special ?
Well, hum...
I know Jeannie seems to|be very taken with him.
Well, that always|help doesn't it ?
When I had my|hysterectomy, -
- that boy did not leave|my side for one minute.
Not one minute !
People used to|raise their eyebrows, -
- because I breast fed him|till he was almost 5.
And I say, well... you just|look at the results.
I've raised a sensitive|devoted boy, -
who has turn into a|sensitive devoted man.
And he's also quite easy|on the eye.
I do say so myself.
Don't you agree ?
Oh, look who's here.
Dad, how's it hanging ?
Fine, fine.
You're finally here,|I'm stoked.
Hi Mum.
Ho God, how was your trip ?|I was a little worried.
Oh well, just great yeah.
But... I did run into a lot of traffic|in the town this afternoon.
I ended up and after 25 and the 70
I wasn't any better.
I guess it must have been, -
- construction or an|accident or something.
Oh that's Denver for you.
No you won't catch me|driving on the interstate.
What you want to do next|time is get off 25 at Spear, -
and take a left that will turn|in the first ?? directly
- to Gaylord|- Gaylord.
That's good to know.
Here Randall, bring that|to the kitchen.
Jeannie, I need to talk|to you about something.
Sure, Dad, hum|can it wait?
It's very important.
I need some time|alone with you.
Definitely, maybe|after dinner.
Say, Randall ?
How that investment|situation work out for you ?
You never call me.
Don't bring that up.
You mean that pyramid scheme ?
No, it wasn't.
All I know is|I lost 800 bucks.
Well, if you'd stuck with|a little longer, -
- you would've seen|the results.
You abandon too soon.
Can we change|the subject please ?
See you just didn't find enough|quality resps of your own, -
- and you screwed the all|thing up for me too.
You didn't take time|to understand, -
- how the power|system works :
"principle, ownership, wealth"
As a father of the groom, -
- I'd like to welcome our guest.
- Soustitre non traduit -
you're going to have|plenty of chance tomorrow
Would you let me finish please ?
Can't we just enjoy|our food ?
Okay, enjoy your food, -
- but I have something,|I want to say
Anyway, I just want to acknowledge that -
- we are gathered together,|around this table -
- as a family,|for the very first time.
On behalf of Sandra|and myself, -
- I want to welcome Warren, -
- who has journeyed a very long|way to be with us here tonight.
And Warren...
We really really love|Ginny very very much.
I also want to say|how proud I am...
Larry, Larry... -
- you are embarrassing yourself.
You are embarrassing me.
- You are embarrassing Sandra|- No, he's not
Sandra, please ?
Anyway, I am done.
You are interrupting me,|I am already done.
Why do you have to spoil|a perfectly enjoyable evening?
Why do you always do this ?
Why do you have to be|so negative ?
I am not negative.
You just try to grab|all the attention.
I'm not negative...that's not negative ?
All I was doing... was welcoming|somebody into the family.
Larry, we've been|welcomed by you, -
- thank you so much.
Now would you please drink your fucking milk, |and shut the fuck up?
Get some rest.
- See you tomorrow.|- See you tomorrow.
- Warren.|- Larry.
Have a nice sleep.
Very Nice to meet you.
- Ginny.|- Yeah ?
I still want to|talk to you.
Oh, yeah, right
Well can it wait?
Because we've got a|really big day (ou) date tomorrow.
No, it can't.
Take your time,|I'll get the car further.
- Good night Warren.|- Good night.
What's up ?
You are making|a big mistake.
Don't marry this guy.|Don't do it.
What are you talking about ?
The other night,|I had a dream and -
- It was very real,|your mother was there, -
-and you were there|and your aunt Estelle.
And there was a... it wasn't |really a spacehip, -
- it was more like a blimp |or an orb of some kind.
- and then a bunch of weird|creatures came out, -
- and sort to trying to take you away.
And you wanna know what ?
They all look like Randall.
Do you understand ?
And I was jumping up trying to save you...
Ok... dad, it's okay.
You're just wigging out|a little and...
Mom is not here|to calm you down so...
No, this isn't like that.
I am begging you|not to marry Randall !
This guy is not up to snuf.|He's not in your league.
I can't let this happen.|I will not allow it.
I mean look at these people...
All of a sudden you're|taking interest in what I do?
You have opinion about|my life now?
Okay, you listen to me.
I am getting married,|the day after tomorrow and...
You are going to|come to my wedding, -
- and you are going to sit there, |and enjoy it, and support me, -
- or else you can just turn right around right now, -
- and go back to Omaha.
You come right back here !
I am talking to you|young lady !
Good morning,|Mr Sleepy Head...
Warren, what's the matter?
Oh, I'm fine, -
- just a little stiff|in my neck.
I'm okay.
Did you fall out of bed?
- Let me help you.|- No, no.
I think I'm better off on|hard surface.
I don't know
It just seems pretty weird for this to |be happening today, off all days.
I'm sorry, Ginny.
I'm sure I just need a couple of hours, |the Advil is kicking me pretty good.
You know it's just a... we've been really|stressed out here the last two weeks
While you were... you know, out on|your little trip.
We've been kind of just barely holding|this thing together.
And so now for you to just |crap out on us.
I think it's the bed.
No way.
That's an 'aquabed' Z 9000|It's top of the line.
- It's definitely not the bed.|- I don't know.
I think I need|something firmer.
Alright, fine, let's just deal|with this, ok ?
Dad, where is that|receipt that I gave you ?
Receipt ?
Yeah, for the programs at the printers |you were going to pick up.
- It's over there.|- Where ?
- On the chair, in my jacket... |- Fine, allright... -
- Well I guess now Randall you're|gonna have to pick'em up.
What do you mean ?|I don't think so, -
- I got to go get Bryan and dave|at the airport...
I can't do everything,|Randall.
I cannot do everything !
I know.
Get off me !
I'll do it...|Thanks for everything, Dad.
- Ginny ?|- Fuck you !
Anybody hungry ?
I could eat a horse.
How about some chicken|noodle soup ?
Anything for me in|bedpan ?
Ginny told us all about your|little panic attack last night.
And I don't blame you.
It's a perfectly natural reaction.
In the beginning I had my|own reservations.
You know, as the veteran of 2|failed marriages
I have learned a lot about|what works, -
- and does not work between 2 people
And I can tell you, these|kids are in very good shape.
They have a very|healthy relationship, -
- spiritually, emotionally|and physically.
You already know how... famously|they get along as friends, but...
Did you know, that their|sex life is positively wild hot ?
The main reason both my|marriage has failed, was sexual.
And I am an extremely sexual person.|I can't help it.
I just know I'm wired. I mean... you kwow|even when I was little girl, -
- I had my first orgasm when I was six...
- in ballet class.
Anyway the point is...That I have always been very|easily aroused and very orgasmic.
Ginny and I, have a|lot in common that way.
Clifford and Larry,|you know are nice guys but...
They just could not keep up with me.
Anyway, I don't wanna... betray|Ginny's confidence.
But... let me just assure you, -
- that whatever problems those 2|Kids may running to along the way, -
- they will always be able to count on|what happens between the sheets.
To keep them together.
More soup ?
Hem... No
I think I am fine now.
How are we doing ?
Just handy. A couple more Advil,|and i'll do it.
No, you look like you|need something stronger. Give me a second
I have these left over from|my hysterectomy.
They have expired, -
- but I think it's okay.
What is it ?
I guarantee you that In half an hour|you'll be on cloud nine.
Ok folks following the procession
I'm gonna have the... the bride and the groom,|accompany me, -
- and I like the... euh best man and the maid|of honor to follow closely all right ?
But hem... Don't forget to leave the bride|and groom hem... space.
They need room to maneuver|you know...
And the Father of bride,|Mr Schmidt, -
- will have seat in the|front row right there.
All right ?
Mr Schmidt ?
Mr Schmidt ?
You wanna go ahead and take|your seat in front row right there ? Please ?
If I could be provided a personal note...
I... I learned about love|from my parents.
Two extraordinary people|who were married 62 years...
and They're here... right here in this|room tonight.
I can feel them.
Hello Mom, hi Pap.
I miss you. And I... I love you...
and... I know every time I look|at Randall and Ginnie...
I just think... Randall's hands and mine are a lot alike and, Ginny's hands are...
Well you've seem to have come|around pretty good there Warren.
That stuff you gave me, waow !
You've got to write the name of that damn for me.|It really does the trick.
I Know what really get you|out of woods.
As soon as we get home,|I'm gonna fire up the hot tub.
And You're gonna take|a long soak before bed.
And sleep like a baby.
Tomorrow you'll|be good as new.
How does it feel ?
This is incredible.
I had no idea. It's indescribable
Didn't I tell you ?|Didn't I tell you ?
Mind if I join you ?
Oh, That's better
Oh what a night.|I was very moved
I mean I've been so stressed these|Last few weeks that I...
kind of lost of sight at the fact that|my little boy's getting married, -
- so as your little girl.
When you think about it from the day|they're born and... now it's here.
It's a miracle.
Just think, after tomorrow|we all be one big family.
And I'm going to insist that you consider|this is your 2nd home.
I'll set up place few with the table for ThanKsgiving and for Christmas
Oh and we don't give traditional|gifts at Christmas.
We make them. We are|a very creative family.
lt can be a painting, or a|poem, or a song.
Whatever inspires you.
And of course it goes without saying you'd come|with us to a time share at the Braken Ranch.
It'll just be you and me when all|the kids are out on the sloaps.
Here we are... a divorcee|and widower.
Sounds like a perfect match|to me.
What's the matter ?
I have to go to bed now.
Just like that ?
Come on we were having|such nice talk.
l'm all on talked out.|Thank you, Roberta.
Good night.
Let us pray.
Dear heavenly father,|our hearts are fill with -
- great happiness for the union|of Randall and Ginny.
Love is patient,|love is kind.
Love is not envious or boastful|or arrogant or rude.
It does not insist|on its own way...
...I shall love you|everyday of my life.
And when I say everyday|I mean every day.
When I say day|I mean all 24 hours, -
- all 1 440 minutes,
- all 86400 seconds.
{Y:i}When a man shall leave his mother|and a woman leave her home,
{Y:i}they should travel long to...
Do you Randall Meat Hertzel, -
taKe Ginny Bordwine Schmidt as|your lawful wedded wife ?
I do.
And do you Ginny Bordwine Schmidt, -
taKe Randall Meat Hertzel to be|your lawful wedded husband ?
I do.
I now pronounce you|husband and wife.
I can tell there's|some difference in his voice...
and remember Randy you|call me up...
and...he says, hum... Dennis
I met this girl|last night and hum...
this might sounds a little weird come from me
but hum...
- this is one chick, -
- I might actually want to see|again.
And he told me about your other stuff, which i am not|really the liberty to go into... right now.
What was in his voice|2 years ago, -
- was confirmed here today.
I mean you guys are just a|great couple... and...
you both really helped me through|that thing, couple months ago.
And I'll never forget.
I love you guys.|I love you guys.
Randall and Jeannie forever.
Oysters, let's go.
Come on a little smooch,|come on a little smooch.
Come on, these people|paid good money.
Oh, there is children here.
Now I like to|turn things over, -
- to you want us|to leave or...
I like to|turn things over, -
- to the proud father|of the bride.
Mr Warren Schmidt.
I didn't get much sleep|last night so, -
- forgive me if I am|a little foggy.
But you know....|today is a special day.
We are here to mark a|crossroad in lives of 2 people.
A crossroad where they come together|and now walk along a new road, -
- not same road they|were on before, -
- it's new road...|a road that...
As many of you know, I lost|my wife recently...
and Jeannie lost her mother.
Helen and I were|married 42 years.
She died very suddenly.
I know we owe she could be|with us today.
And i think it would be appropriate to|acknowledge just how...
pleased she was that Jeannie had found|someone to share her life with...
a companion,|a partner.
I recall the day, when Jeannie first told us|that she's been proposed to.
We hadn't yet met this Randall|fellows, -
- so we were understandly,|a little suspicious.
Later she brought him home|for Christmas, -
- so we can get|a look at him.
I remember there was|a big snow storm, -
- and Randall, here, helped me|shovel off the front walkie, pitch straight in.
That brings me to|what I really want to say.
What I want to say,|what i really want to say is...
thank you, to you Randall, -
- for taking such good care|of my daughter, -
- especially recently, with her loss.
Ever since I arrived here|couple of days ago, -
- I have so enjoy getting to know|Jeannie's new family...
Thank you for|your generousity...
for opening your home, -
- your talent in the Kitchen is...
Larry, your|wonderful eloquence.
Sandra, your skill|with handicraft -
- is truly remarKable, -
- that item that you showed me,|was so very artistic.
Duncan, I haven't got to know|you very well, -
- but i cant tell from our|brieve conversation, -
- that you are a very thoughtful|young man.
Everybody else,|terrific people.
In conclusion, -
I just want to say on this special day,|on this very special day, -
- that I am very... pleased.
You are here !
{Y:i}Dear Ndugu,
{Y:i}- you'll be glad to know that Jeannie's|wedding came off without a hitch.
{Y:i}Right now, she and Randall are on|their way to sunny Orlando, -
{Y:i}- on my nickle, of course.
{Y:i} As for me,|I'm headed back to Omaha.
{Y:i}I'm driving straight through this time,|and I've made only one stop.
{Y:i}The impressive new archer over the|interstate in Corney, Nebraska.
{Y:i}An arch that commemorates|the courage and determination of -
{Y:i}- the pionneers who cross the state|on their way west.
{Y:i}You've really got to see|it to believe it.
{Y:i}And it... kind of got me thinking, -
{Y:i}- looking at all that history and,|reflecting on the achievement -
{Y:i}- of people long ago kind of...
{Y:i}put things into perspective
{Y:i}My trip to Denver, for instance is|so insignificant compared to -
{Y:i}- the journeys that others|have taken, -
{Y:i}- the bravery that|they have shown, -
{Y:i}- the hardships they've endured.
{Y:i}I know we are all pretty small in|the big scheme of things.
{Y:i}And I supposed the most you|can hope for -
{Y:i}- is to make some kind|of difference.
{Y:i}What... what kind of difference|have I made ?
{Y:i}What in the world is better|because of me ?
{Y:i}When I was out in Denver,|I tried to do the right thing, -
{Y:i}- tried to convince Jeannie,|she was...
{Y:i}making a big mistake but...
{Y:i}I failed.
{Y:i}Now she is married to that ??(demeuré)|and there is nothing I can do about it.
{Y:i}I am... weak.
{Y:i}And I am a failure.
{Y:i}There is just no getting around it.
{Y:i}Relatively soon,|I will die.
{Y:i}Maybe in 20 years...|maybe tomorrow...
{Y:i}It doesn't matter.
{Y:i}Once I am dead, and everyone|who knew me dies too, a little -
{Y:i}- be as though I never even existed
{Y:i}What difference is my life|made to anyone ?
{Y:i}None that I can think of.
{Y:i}None... at all.
{Y:i}hope things are fine with you.
{Y:i}Yours truly...|Warren Schmidt.
{Y:i}Dear Mister Warren Schmidt, -
{Y:i}- my name is sister Nadine Gautier,|of the order of the sisters of "the secret heart".
{Y:i}I work in a small village near the town|of Embeya in Tanzania.
{Y:i}One of the children I care for is|little Ndugu Umbu, -
{Y:i}- the boy you sponsor.
{Y:i}Ndugu is a very intelligent boy, -
{Y:i}- and very loving.
{Y:i}He is an orphan.
{Y:i}Recently he needed medical attention|for an infection of the eye.
{Y:i}But he is better now.
{Y:i}He loves to eat melon and|he loves to paint.
{Y:i}Ndugu and I, want you to know|that he receives all of your letters.
{Y:i}He hopes that you are happy in|your life and healthy.
{Y:i}He thinks of you everyday.
{Y:i}And he wants very much|your happiness.
{Y:i}Ndugu is only 6 years old and|cannot read or write.
{Y:i}But, he has made for you|a painting.
{Y:i}He hopes that you will like|his painting.
{Y:i}Yours sincerely...|sister Nadine Gautier.
Sous-Titres : French TeAm|
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