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Subtitles for Acid House The (1998).

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Acid House The (1998)

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Based on stories of "The Acid House" of Irvine Welsh
Translated & Synced by hA
I hope that these showers of excrement they work.
To me it does not matter to me, equal would not shower to me with you, you could infect something to me.
I will say something, Boab to you, you you would have ducharte with wing of them..
you could not contagiarte nothing, not even it dresses it.
- In this time it unemployment. - You must give him yet..
that one is the unique one it forms to stop it.
It is only a party, I did not want to break the legs to him.
If not them beams excrement they take us by boludos, Boab.
- You are right. - Inn, dame the ball.
Good, boys, vámonos!
We go, Boab, we go!
What carajo beams?
- it is Only a party. - Only party? - Yes, an excrement party!
To play, boys, we go!
Hello, To, cómo.estás? Two balls, Pat.
- How it was to them? - We gained 2 to 1, and..
who speaks to you, the captain, he made the goal of the triumph.
The truth is that no we played well, but they..
they did not know to play the ball when they had it, it can..
to always have the ball, but if you do not take advantage of it..
- Now they go by more, eh? - Thus it is, we want to ascend
and to play the glass Tom Logan, by the emotion to play in City Park.
That is to play in serious, you understand?
Those stupid idiot ones they did not let to us arrive at the arc.
It is certain. Without network it is not the same. Three more, Pat.
The ball must beat in a network, that one is the essence of the game.
The others are to pelotear.
- an orange juice with lemon, Pat. There are changes? - Of course, Inn.
It is necessary to make all the changes that they are necessary for..
that the Granton Star continue progressing.
- You are going to throw to Boab Coyle? - Listening, Inn, I am going away it to say.
I am the captain, and for me first it is the club, later the friends.
Boab will understand it.
Listening, is not easy for me decirte this, but you are outside the equipment.
It is that you are not playing well.
Now the equipment has to Inn and to Grantie, it is progressing.
Progressing? Progressing? We are in third division..
we are of wood, fanfarrón of excrement, wood!
- I understand that you are disappointed. - Disappointed?
Clear that I am disappointed! Who it washes the t-shirts every week?
- Cálmate, tómate another ball. - Métete the ball in the ass!
Flower of companions! Váyanse to the excrement!
That excrement Inn, naranjada with lemon! It finishes entering the club.
Naranjada with lemon, naranjada with lemon. They are already going to see those boludos.
I look for another club and the excrement with all. Not even it was goal.
It happened to a kilometer, that referee is blind.
Children of puta. Flower of friend turned out to be Kev.
Brilliant, it watches that, Doe.
It already arrived, Boab.
Yes, Doe, now I am going to speak to him.
Hello, son.
I want to speak with you.
- Yes? - it is not thathow to say it? we want to get rid of you, son.
- Déjame to speak to me, Doreen. - What is what happens?
The question, son, are that it is hour of which you go away.
Already you are 23 years old, you cannot follow living with mother and papa.
I entered Navy a the 17, to the 17, Bobby.
You will not love that your friends they create that you are average rare.
As she is, your mother and I we are putting ourselves old.
We are entering to a strange stage of the life.
Some say that she is dangerous.
Your mother and I needed time, time to analyze our lives.
Time for.. to accommodate, you understand to us?
You have your fiancèe, you already knowyour problem is..
- No, I- it is not what we spoke. - Déjame to speak, Doreen!
This is a simple conversation.. of father to son, he is everything.
What I mean, Boab, is that you cannot handle all letters.
Because, who payment? Your mother and I.
We know that it is not easy to find a place..
but your mother and I we will give two weeks you.
- there is no problem if you go away in 15 days. - Yes, I understand.
It is not that we want to undo to us of you..
but your father and I let us think that the best thing..
for both parts it is that find your own place.
- Yes, the best thing for both parts, I like that. - Good.
You do not have irte, son now, quédate to watch.
Déjalo, Doreen, will want to be with its friends, or with Evelyn..
not to remain to watch tele. In addition I have my new toy.
Clear. We see ourselves, then.
Evelyn, thank heavens who I have you to you, carajo.
We must look for a place.
It is going to him to enchant.
To take all the nights..
all mornings one absorbed.
When it has another club, to wash the t-shirt.
- Eve, I am Boab, all good? - Yes.
- You are going to come for here? - No.
- Why? - I do not want. - But why?
- Because no. - I was badly, I need hablarte.
- Speech with your friends. - you are not thus, I say to you that I was badly.
- What I did to you now? - You know.
- Ev? - it is not what you did, it is what you did not do. - But, Ev..
I want to that make things by me, Boab.
That it really does to him the love to a woman.
Not to an excrement fat person that only soccer speech and..
it takes beer with his friends. A man really, Boab.
A sensual man. I am 20 years old and..
I am not going to tie itself to a stupid idiot one. - and now what happens to you?
We go, Ev, before to know eras me a boludita..
not even you knew to take. - Good, all that changed.
Because I knew somebody, Boab. And more man is very many than you.
What? Who is that son of puta?
- Averígualo if it interests to you. - Evelyn, how you could do this to me?
We were so well, we were going to commit and everything.
I feel it, Boab. I know you from the 16 years..
then nothing of the love knew, but- now Revolting of excrement!
You are a daughter of puta!
We finished, Boab.
- What you are saying? - That we finished.
One finished, this one is the end of the story.
It does not go more, affection.
But, Ev..
I want to you.
You are one puta of excrement!
Conchuda of excrement!
Rotten cow!
Puta of excrement!
Our time is past, my love..
we ruined everything.
Thousand kisses, thousand moans to the light of the moon..
they cannot sweeten this bitter drink.
My desire by you does not have aim and I landed on water to you until both we fall.
But I do not want to you with me.
And that one is the hug more candy of all.
- What new features we have, Brian? - Good, he is the rapist..
the type that the boy stabbed and this graceful one here.
I was speaking with the rapist. It seemed to me a good type.
It said to me that puta requested it. Thus it walks the world, Brian.
As far as that it stabbed to the boy, she is an unfortunate poor man.
And good.. youth is thus.
- What happened to him to this one? - we fished It breaking a telephone cabin.
I want decirte something, unfortunate.
It lays down your arms then in your hands they do not serve for anything.
And if you want to retain to me, good, then retenme.
I am not going to ruin your plans.
It is revenge which you want, acéptalo, wanted.
The door is open, you can irte when you want..
to me it does not matter to me.
The errors are always such.
This is for demostrarte the effectiveness of the policy of privatizations.
Escúchame, like shareholder of the telephone company..
I have an extra interest, and I do not want that they lumpen..
proletarian insatisfecho..
he harms my investments.
Michael Or Neil go towards the left and the strip to Jackson.
It lets it run and then it appears Harper who moves away it of the arquero.
- You must it have seen. - I had that excrement wedding.
I had gone, but she had party. We gained 2 to 1.
- it touched wing to Me very fast.. - Stupid.
Boab, the head wants hablarte.
- Rafferty? - Yes.
- it said to You why? - Nor carajo, why it would have to say something to me to me?
Fat person puto.
- and you do not have work? - Calm.
- Mr. Rafferty. - Siéntate, Boab. I will go direct to the grain.
Nowadays the problem is the costs. The great companies..
they are underneath us, Boab. - What tries to say to me?
I must lower the costs, how I can do it?
I must lower costs in manual labor.
The position in the market, Boab, we must find our space.
We are a company of changes of category for the high class.
- Then it throws to me? - No, no! It happens that your position exceeds.
Recuérdalo, you are not, what exceeds is your position.
I must dispatch the great truck.
Also it exceeds a driver position.
It is not easy. But, you entered last and salts first.
Welcome here, to our unfortunate home.
I cannot ayudarte now.
My God, I cannot ayudarte now.
This is saddest that it has never heard.
How it was that you did something so stupid?
Something so stupid. Something so stupid.
- Flower of cagadas you were sent. - What?
You, Boab Coyle, do not have house, neither work, nor small, nor friends.
A handbook, doloridas ribs..
- Pretty. - How excrement you know all that of me? What carajo concerns you to you?
It is my work to know it.
- I am God. - Déjate of joder!
Devils! Other that is created ready. Robert Coyle, born..
23 of July, son of Robert and Doreen, smaller brother of Cathleen..
that is married with James Shaw, lives in Park Lane 21..
Gilmerton and has son also called James.
You have a mark of birth in the thigh.
You worked in a company of changes, your fiancèe was Evelyn.
You are not good lover, you played soccer in the Granton Star.
And rather badly. Little effort in order to still play and less talent.
If you are God, what you do losing the time with a stupid idiot one like I?
Good question, Boab. Good question.
There are babies who they starve.
If you were good you would be fixing the things and not drinking here with me.
It waits for a momentito, Boab, we are going to clarify something..
whenever under some it says to me what would have or would not have to do.
Or some stupid student takes hold to me for a philosophical discussion..
on my nature, the reaches of my omnipotencia and all that excrement.
I am being satiated with to have to justify to me.
You. They cannot to criticize me to me.
I gave a place them, I did them to my image and similarity.
They must do something good.
That Nietzsche missed it fierce when saying that he was dead.
I am alive.
- it concerns carajo to Me. - You are one excrement, if I had your powers..
You would do just like beams now, carajo.
You have the power to take less beer, no?
- Yes, but- Nothing of peros. You have the power of entrenarte more..
and to help that the Granton come out ahead.
You had the power stops to take care of more your girl.
She was precious. You could have done much more.
Perhaps good, perhaps I could and no. But to you what carajo matters to you?
You had the power to leave underneath the wing of your parents..
but the egoist of excrement of Coyle said no.
For its frustration, you remained to watch tele.
- That is not subject yours. - Everything issubject mine!
That excrement of Rafferty, nor you said to him that the position in the ass put.
- and what? What carajo concerns you to you? - You had the powers!
But you did not bother yourself in using them.
For that reason you interest to me, Boab. You are equal to me.
An apathetic conchudo, neglected and haragán.
Hatred to be thus!
But being inmortal, I cannot be punished to same me.
But I can castigarte to you. And it is exactly what I think to do.
- But- Cállate! I am even the ears of repentances!
I am going to take revenge itself of my own one haragana and egoistic nature.
Of the species that I created and of its representative..
of you.
You are exactly as it imagined to you.
That is because you do not have imagination, boludito.
You see me.. and you hear to me..
as you imagine to me.
- You are well cagado! - I am not the worse one. And the assassins, dictators, torturadores,
the politicians, those that close factories not to lose gains..
the rich children of puta, and they?
He could occupy to me of them. Or no. That is subject mine.
You are recagado, stupid idiot! You are an excrement, Coyle, an insect.
That is, an insect.
I will cause that your appearance is the one of one dirty and vague insect, which you are.
I am going away to house to sleep. What day of excrement!
- I feel the one of the other day, old. - the one of the other day concerns carajo to Me.
Just as soccer, just as the club.
I passed it like the ass. I finish knowing God.
- the type thinks to turn to me in an insect. -, Yes clear.
It must be easier that convertirte in good player.
- I am not jodiendo, old. - No, you are saying boludeces.
Crazy person.
That is, an insect. I am going to do that your appearance is..
the one of a dirty insect and vague, which you are.
The wind of the summer it arrived blowing..
from the other side of the sea.
It remained there to touch your hair..
and to walk with me.
Throughout all the summer we sang our song..
and we walked by the golden sand.
Two enamored and the wind of the summer..
Like painted small barrels those days and those nights..
they happened flying.
In serious are you?
Great puta!
He wasHow he says himself? was God the one that it did that to you?
What carajo you are going to make, old?
I feel it, Boab, I feel it.
This cannot be truth.
Listening, you can quedarte here,
but that does not take hold Julie to you. She hates the flies.
Quédate behind the curtain of the quarter of guests.
And it is not happened to you to spy to us when we make the love, pervert. Understood?
Dame more.
Cógeme more, Inn.
Thus, carajo, thus!
It enchants to take to me.
- Yes, dale. - How good!
- What happens to you, it is contiguous? - the salts. - Yes!
This is brilliant! Express! Please!
- It continues taking to me, Inn. - You are taking me!
Taken what.
They see here.
You are not real. I am gift red balls.
You had the powers.
But you did not bother yourself in using them.
You had to be able for to take care of your girl. She was precious.
- Yes, Mrs. Mindle. - That excrement of Rafferty. You could not say to him..
that put its position in the ass.
You are equal to me.
An excrement, haragán dirty and neglected.
You had to be able for librarte of your parents and to leave they did..
the love calm, but no.
- Eras too egoistic. - It continues pushing. It continues pushing.
I hold more. I need more.
Herriot. Brownlie. Schedler.
It is almost until the handle. You are frightful, Boab Coyle.
Stanton. Black. Blackley.
The questions, Doe. It continues asking to me.
It tell me where it is. It tell me, damn jodón son of puta.
I am not going to speak. Edwards.
Or Rourke. Gordon.
You are well, Boab? Your asthma remembers.
The questions, Doe. The nipples.
Hazme to hurt, Doreen.
It speaks, Boab. It tell me with whom you left.
- Dolly Parton. - Who? I do not hear to you.
- Dolly Parton! - That puta of excrement! - it knew It! Who more?
Ana, Ana Ford.
And that Madonna, but.. only once.
Sweepings! Son of puta! Grandísimo son of puta!
You know what means that, Boab.
No, no, Doreen, no.
No, Doreen. The excrement no, Doreen.
The excrement no. I cannot.. I cannoteat your excrement.
I go to cagarte in the mouth, Boab Doyle. Both we want that. You do not deny it.
Nonot me cagues in the mouth. Not me cagues in the mouth.
Caga, cágame in the mouth. Cágame in the mouth!
Excrement! That revolting fly!
I must take care of, Boab. It must be Cathy. I answer, thus does not call more.
- you do not go away. - Doreen!
Hello, Cathy. Cómo.estás, love?
Either, or. Yes, very well. The one of always, yes.
You already know us. Your father is well, yes.
How he is the baby? My corderito.
And Jimmy? What good. Listening, love, just we were about to to take the tea.
I call to you in half an hour and we chatted, it seems to you well?
Yes. It is well, my love. Yes. Good, we were spoken soon. Good bye.
Excrement fly!
I gave you, revolting!
Well, Doe. That fly jodía more than Boab.
The questions, Doreen. The questions.
- the nipples. The questions. The nipples. - Clear.
For when I arrive at Phoenix..
it will be rising..
and she will find this note that I left hanging of the door.
And she will ***reflx mng herself..
when she reads the part that she says that I go away..
because I have left that girl..
so many times before.
And for when it arrives to Alburquerque..
she will be working..
and its time will be taken..
to only dedicate to me a memory.
Thus it is the life..
and I cannot deny it.
Often I thought about going to me but my heart did not want it.
I do not know if it is cowardice, truely I do not know it.
I am going to do one to me enormous ball..
and I am going to die.
It adds your name.
Yes, how no.
Always taking fruit, Johnny.
Yes, thus it seems, no?
You are not going to pay a drink to me?
I see that you are hoping family, eh, Catriona?
- note? - It hears, friend..
your turn. - I go.
Good night, friends. Now Catriona and Johnny..
they will leave to dance his first piece. The fiancèe and the fiancè.
- Luck that to Johnny hooked it. - By? - Therefore it is dedicated to make children.
- I turned around it. - When he was that? - In that celebration.
- In the celebration of Doughie. - What happened? - I was with Sonia.
- I changed Them. - No, you are jodiendo to me.
No, in serious. You see dirty cow, Catriona?
- Yes, it began to take of youngster. - Cállate.
- Cállate, man. Cállate. It shuts up. - What excrement you said?
Yes, you, what excrement you finish saying?
I did not say anything, Alec. I did not say carajo.
- What? - It is that I am drunk.
- it only spoke stupidities with the boys. - What?
It was saying..
What you were saying? You were sayingthis.
- Déjalo! - and this!
- Déjalo peacefully! - and this! - Déjalo, animal!
This is what I say, carajo. And well, what was what you were saying?
Well fact!
The celebration is not nothing bad..
but it lacked something. A marriage it needs a good fight..
so that it works. - Clear. - It is the tradition. The tradition.
Olvídalo, Johnny. In agreement? Alec is thus, is thus.
John, you needed the respect to you and my sister.
Listening, now you are of the family.
The one that you jode to you, also me jode to me, recuérdalo.
And also nobody stupid idiot of long language.
Yes. It is well.
We go, is contiguous, we go to see your grandma.
We go, eh?
- You are well? - Yes.
You changed yourself to the one of Mrs. Robinson?
- Yes. And to you what matters to you? - I am your neighbor, your neighbor of down.
I give a hand you?
- a pleasure, friend. I am called Larry. - Johnny. - Johnny. Enchanted, John.
- Catriona. - What?
I gave 20 pounds you, no? So that you rested of the baby.
- you I do not throw it in face. - Johnny!
- I only want to know where you go. - Outside.
- Yes, but where? - Outside. You said to me that it was to me.
So I go away, in agreement?
- God, I finish making up itself! - You do not go nowhere thus.
Dressed like one puta cheap.
Good bye!
You do not understand anything, no?
That is your mother, Chantel. That!
- Buthow is everything? - Nothing badly. - You are the woman of Johnny?
- Yes. You are the new renter? - Yes, I am Larry. They said to you that you are divine?
If you were my girl no it would let to you leave thus dressed.
- Unless you left with me. - In serious?
Yes. I am going to speak with Johnny in order to clarify some things to him.
- Later you and I could chat. - Yes, he can be.
What woman.
To you I occur it yet in a minute.
- All good? -, Yes clear.
I saw your woman when she was leaving. I thought about doing company to him.
- We took a beer? - No, I cannot, I have the baby.
Then you are jodido.
Thus it is.
- Quédate, we took a tin. -, Yes sure man.
Sometimes I think about you, baby when I amsingle.
Perhaps it could fix them to me single.
- Excrement! - At the most..
it frees you leave me..
more attractive you are for me.
And my baby..
my precious baby..
you are my baby, my only baby.
Some times I feel something in all my being.
Nothing is what it seems to be.
Johnny! He opens the door, carajo!
- You are going to wake up to the baby! - I want to go bathroom! - Where excrement you were?
You are my baby..
my only baby.
You are my baby..
my precious baby.
What, is this? Forty pounds. I gave 20 you and you return with 40, eh?
Who you it gave it? Speech that I kill to you!
Me it gave another person them, not you, piece of pelotudo!
- Déjame, animal! - I go to palparte the shell! - Déjame!
Puta of excrement!
If you touch my brothers to me they will kill to you right here, son of puta!
They are going to see that I also I have friends!
- What you mean? - That I also have friends.
What, friends you have you, eh, what friends?
- Friends who you do not know! - Yes, clear. Who, that stupid Larry?
That excrement that lives above?
Think that that one is going to help to you?
You are not going to touch to me, I I go to tocarte to you! I go to tocarte, carajo!
And I am going to say something more to you, tonight you are not going to sleep with me!
- You can sleep in the armchair! - No problem!
Because I do not sleep with none puta!
She is my gold woman and she is not very old.
She is my gold woman and she is not very old.
I do not want to be bold but I can take your hand.
She is not a witch and I like as she gestures.
She is not a witch and I like as she gestures.
I am its work of love with my Persian gloves.
She is faster than almost all and it lives in the coast.
She is faster than almost all and it lives in the coast.
I am its small prince and I give ardent love him.
Compruébalo, wanted.
You have fire?
Oh, arrived the man.
What happens with the workers, then? They see the celebration, man.
Where it is Chantel?
- Where it is? - It is with your mother.
With my mother, my mother. When you are going to go to look for it?
It did not wait for this of a neighboring friend. It is necessary to be more sociable.
It is necessary to be more sociable? It is sociable.
All the day went with the ass in the armchair..
and the very small one in the one of my mother.
It left it there.
It concerns carajo to him the very small one, matters to him?
- What you said? - Yes. - Ah, yes? - Yes. - Yes?
- I have a test for hacerte. - Good.
What color it is dressed? Eh?
- You know of what color is.. - Cherry.
Cherry? Cherry. It is dressed rose, carajo.
- and? - Johnny, was watching that. - He pardons.
- he was dressed rose. - Yes, I know the pink color. - noncherry, rose. Well.
- Who is cherry? Who is cherry? - he is not nobody, is a color.
- He is a pink one. - It is a color. - Yes.
- Well, if you are not going to look for it I go I. - It is well, you go you.
- you Go if you want. - Clear that I am going to look for it.
- Pink. You dress pink a baby? -, Yes sure what has of bad?
- Nothing, if to you you like, John. - Good, I am going to prepare the tea.
- you remain to take the tea? - Yes, like no.
It brings more tins, man, they are dried in a moment.
- I like to be left me for the tea. It is well? -, Yes clear.
- I can traerte a video. - Which? - The one that you want.
Bruce Willis. "Hard to kill".
It leaves!
Johnny, Johnny, see.
- He brings "Hardest to kill". -, Yes clear.
- the teapot. - "Typhoon" Is tea. - "Typhoon"?
Bruce The Willis, Hardest to kill. Haragana Puta.
Suéltame. Piérdete.
The doctor wants that leave the cigarette.
I watched it and I said to him: "Sáquemelos and envuélvame in a plastic stock market."
I work to cigarettes.
That and that to my boy he goes to him well make me work.
- puta married with one, I said to him. A vulgar person. - Yes, yes.
You, John, are a person sensible, John. All they notice it.
- In the school eras Johnny the sensible one. - No, they did not call to me thus.
Clear that yes, acuérdate. Weak, like your father.
- I do not walk well! - As well as I say to you.
Julie was good in the school, you no.
- Later puta appeared that. - Good, already it is enough!
But later Chantel came. You see? It was not lost time.
If it had not married to me with Catriona we would not have it.
- Is a princesita, right? - Yes.
Míralo of that form.
, yes good, perhaps.
It does not matter what I think..
what I say that I must do.
I end up calling.
I remain in house to defrost the refrigerator.
Now the boy went to the bed..
and he feels fear.
At least when it is close the problem this there.
He is worse to awake because everything has fallen
She listens, Johnny, you are like a mother..
for the girl with that you fell in love.
And you continue yourself enamoring.
It listens, Johnny, you are like a mother..
for the girl of whom you you enamored. And you continue yourself enamoring.
- they never culearon to you thus, eh? - Not so hard.
- everything Could comerte. - Yes, thus I am. Like chocolatín.
Mother was right.
She says that her family, the Doyle, is a nastiness.
Eh, Chantel?
We are not a nastiness, is contiguous.
We no, we no. They yes, they yes, those of above!
Not so hard, Larry.
He opens plus the ass, is contiguous. The wood well is lubricated.
They put here, took tele and the video.
I cannot leave nothing here.
Not even I can mostrarte your video.
It continues taking to me, Larry. Cógeme, cógeme, cógeme.
I am going to make see to you silver places setting.
You are my princess.
, yes precious, you are my princesita.
The princesita of papa. Not like that puta.
You are not like that puta.
My beloved. They see here, see here with papa.
All good?
Listening, I need a favor.
Those children of puta they cut the light to us.
They jodieron to us. I have an extension, I need current.
Nor crazy, man, the light is mine.
If headresses the card or the key, you are died man, Johnny. You I notice it.
Listening, Johnny, you and I we continued being friends.
I see it I took root. He forgets what happened. We are friends and neither one more a word.
Payment half of the account and all neat one.
What means that?
- Nothing. - Nothing. Better if it does not mean nothing.
She is not bad to mount. Perdóname to put to me, usually happens.
It waited for it.
Until me she absorbed it.
You occurred it by the ass?
The message I was sent it that way.
I do not want to leave it pregnant. She is in favor boluda of the babies.
Them full the belly and they take hold you by the wallet.
That is not for me, you I say it. My silver is mine.
I will say something to you. I hope that you do not have SID To, because if I already am not infected.
To me I do not like the linings, never them use. They do not go with me.
I prefer to do the straw to me.
- No, I do not have that. -, Well better thus, boludito of excrement.
Something more, John..
thanks to me still you have the baby. It wants it, I I say to him that no.
I know that a baby would have to be with its mother.
But I remove it from the subject because I do not love babies in house.
That is that you have the baby thanks to me.
Piénsalo the next time before doing accusations to me.
The same mouth of the mother.
Good to absorb things.
- the drawing Dresses stops the quarterfinals? - No.
Johnstone plays against Kilmarnock.
Another thing, John, if you want to give it again to it..
avísame. It is going to you to cost 10 pounds. It arrives the spirit.
It knows where..
It can do..
that you kneel down.
that expression of sufficiency in its disagreeable face..
it made wish me that she was ill.
Still I am strange to you
I still.. I am strange to you.
Come with the grandma.
So you are using preservative.
I ask to you because it seems that you were taking the tablet.
Today I knew that you lay down with him when still you left with me.
But I still it would hope by you.
I would hope to you.
Still I am strange to you.
AI carajo! AI carajo!
AI carajo with both!
To carajo.
You walk well, Johnny?
- What you want? - to only speak with you.
To speak? To speak?
- On what? - Here no.
They see.
All good, John? How me jodiste. To me not me jode no boludito!
Bush to that son of puta! Bush to that conchudo of excrement!
You are a boludo poor man!
It removed the electrical current to us!
It has to me baby! Puta of excrement of its mother..
it has my baby! It returns with your mother!
It returns to absorb the shell to him to puta of your mother!
Hatred the form in that you took..
- the food for cats, please. - I go.
This way.
And the form in which always you say..
that does not have anything to do with me.
Different versions of many men.
Very graceful.
- They see. - What?
What seems to you this?
I am going to obtain a car to me perhaps a Jaguar..
or perhaps an old airplane.
I am going to be millionaire so that you are to my side..
and the life is not so sad.
When I make the love with your girl never use condón.
Thus I am. And you use it? You use condón when him beams the love?
Veto to carajo! You can cogerte a that puta, to me concerns carajo to me!
And you what carajo you watch? What? What?
Veto to carajo, fat person of excrement! Revolting bristle!
Not even I know if the baby is mine.
He hears, I want to rest a little. We go?
- How is everything? - Sight, is Johnny. - Hello.
And wellwhere she walks Larry now?
I do not know. It must walk with some puta.
- Yes? It is not what accustoms. - Hardly it knew that she was pregnant woman, went away.
You do not want to go to take something?
To the center.
To a bar.
We walked well, Johnny.
All they said it.
- You remember the juice machine? - Yes, I decide to me.
It was a good machine.
You want to go, Johnny?
We go.
It is well.
Still you are falling in love.
It listens, Johnny, you are like a mother..
for the girl with that you fell in love.
Still you are falling in love and if they come tonight..
you will prepare yourself and accept what he touches to you, boy.
Long ago cold.
They see here!
Susan said to me that they do the celebration in the Easter Road.
- I requested to Him that it did not say to you nothing to you. - Very well.
I prefer Resurrection. There was a great celebration last night.
Yes. They say there that 300 people fit.
In Resurrection 12.000 fit. He is very great.
- I spoke of the halls. -, Yes clear. - the Coco!
- Resurrectionthe boy of the low one it was good- It has..
halls for marriages and all that. The place is not paid.
But it is necessary to take the buffet. And there is a bar.
You already know me, to me does not interest to me that sweepings farmer..
it is for another place, where there is nothing no to do.
There is one who it likes that excrement. I am of city, swells of the Hibernian!
A boy soul. That I say to him to Skanko.
- Although I must admit that Resurrection he was brilliant. - Yes, he was not bad.
Now it is taken place, eh?
- Míranos, Jen. - Two serious cases of sperm overdose.
Sometimes I think that that night of winter must to it have absorbed it.
- Hello, Ema. - Hello, Rory. - Hello.
You are well?
A lump or two?
We see ourselves soon, I have to make a call telephone..
- How it is taking it Rory? - Just as it takes everything.
It comments out adapted, gives returns, irritate to me, but it does not do anything.
It would not concern so much to me if it did not think mainly.
It watches that very small one.
- How allow babies here? - I create that she is well, people can leave.
They could leave better without the babies. I would not hold it. I do not love babies.
I feel like..
If all thought thus no the human race would exist.
Equal already she is well jodida. It is thus, you live and you die, aim of history..
- without excrement babies! Excrement bar! - you do not shout, the Coco.
Why I cannot shout? I am not a conformista.
That one is, no? to marry to us? Nor I think!
- Skanko and Leanne are going to marry. - Skanko is Skanko! Leanne is Leanne!
- I am the Coco and you are Kristy. - you do not say that Skanko is conformista.
I say what I think to you, déjame the head peacefully!
I must go to me, I said to him to Davy that would see it, but..
- Yes, but- It listens, wrist, I must leave.
- I was sent a tablet and it is beating to me strong. - the Coco!
I can control myself with drugs. We go, I need fresh air.
I leave you by the way. We see ourselves tomorrow.
I must go to me of here.
- Aid! Damn it is, aid!
- Yes, either I go, is contiguous, or I go. - stock-market was broken to me! Apúrate!
- Aid! - I go. - Ayúdame, curse! - Yes, already I go.
Calm, already it comes the ambulance.
It hurts much to me!
- I am dying, Rory! - Calm, everything will come out well. That is, breathes.
The Coco Bryce. Bryce, of Pilton.
He swells of the Hibernian. A boy of the best thing. The Coco Bryce, carajo!
Damn it is!
- God! - There it comes!
It cannot have it here!
- It breathes. - Calm, it breathes. - We spoke on nitrous oxide.
- It bids up! - to Only it is annoying you, it does not calm the pain..
it is a method of social control. - Excrement!
Oh, God!
The excrement Coco!
The Coco Bryce, excrement!
We go, Jen, we did not need that. It is not necessary, is not necessary.
Revolting thing. Excrement thing.
You listen to me?
The Coco Bryce of excrement, carajo.
Your great man. The Coco, carajo.
The Coco, carajo! The Coco, carajo.
Bryce, carajo!
The excrement Coco!
The Coco Bryce, carajo.
Thus it is far better.
That is better.
The Coco Bryce, carajo.
They listen to me?
What carajo was that?
You are not scared, son. Your mother returned with papa.
Regal Cigarettes. Regal Cigarettes.
Regal Cigarettes. Regal Cigarettes.
- Papa returns with us. - Regal Cigarettes.
Papapapa.. he returns with us.
- Regal Cigarettes. - Twenty Regal cigarettes.
Papa returns with us.
Beam case to which you they say, Colin. Boludo.
I want twenty cigarettes Regal. Muévete!
You are not scared son. I will not return to you to hurt.
If it had not changed not it it would have let return, son.
When the day arrives..
The body of Christ.
Welcome to the family.
They see here with that, carajo! I go to matarte, son of puta!
Veto of here! Veto of here!
Welcome to the family.
KristyI like much.
I like much.
- I like much, Kristy. - Yes, also I like you.
I do not serve to say these things, but..
you understand to me, no?
Yes, I also want to you.
Also I want to you. Also I want to you.
I want to you. I want to you.
Also I want to you. Also I want to you. Also I want to you.
Also I want to you. Also I want to you. Also I want to you. Also I want to you.
Also I want to you. Also I want to you. Also I want to you.
How carajo..?
What? Where I am?
Bid up! Bid up!
Where excrement I am? Where I am?
- it already comes! - Carajo! Pardon.
How is called this?
How carajo is called this?
Great puta!
It concerns carajo to me!
Something is going to change here, conchudos!
He is divine.
Sosténle the head. Thus. You see?
This it is a very difficult case.
All good, Colin?
This yes that is a trip, man.
Where carajo I am?
- It is that excrement acid. - it took hold It ray, and their friends say that he took LSD.
I doubt that it is a case of psychosis by drug.
But if he is it.. it is the worse case than he has seen.
- What carajo is happening? - He is divine.
- he already lets touch to me. - the preciosura of mamita.
- you are not bad for cabalgarte. - How he is Thomas?
- How she is the small Tom? - Cállate the mouth, anteojudo of excrement.
Say, lady, I give a hand him?
Boluda of excrement. Good what pair of teats that you have, baby.
I believe that it is trying to communicate. It cannot do nothing by itself..
so when it wants to eat or to go bathroom, shouts more. - Yes.
Like a baby.
Today has hunger, right?
What good rubbers.
It seems that it is enjoying it much. Míralo, is obscene.
It closes the mouth, anteojudo of excrement, and hazte smoke.
- You are jealous? - you are not idiot. - Dame the teat.
I suppose yes that. The books have reason, the father feels excluído..
of the relation mother-son. It is a good one subject to treat today in the group.
- it does not matter to you that it goes, no? - Lárgate. - No, you go if you want.
- Brilliant, brilliant. We see ourselves. - We are going to amuse ourselves.
- Truth, Tom? - Sure amorcito.
Low the mouth a little more. Beam that feels to you, bomboncito.
He is jodido.
- it is ed ***reflx mng like a baby. - It tell me that this one is not the Coco Bryce.
We go, The Coco.
Háblenle of the things that did together. Of that it interests to him.
They already know..
those things. -, Yes clear. -, Of course old.
We surprised the other day to you. In the semifinals, you know?
We hoped to those of Aberdeen, and the cagamos..
The Coco, man! You are a boludo.
What happens to you?
The cagamos to kicks.
- No, Stevie? It was not good? - Yes, he was extraordinary.
They arrested to us to both.
And you went to the Resurrection, the Coco. And I was angered, is not truth?
Everything was very good, but that type only..
a flight wanted to be sent and to sleep. - it does not serve, man.
It cannot oírnos.
Extinguish the light!
Very well.
What here we have?
Damn revolting conchudos.
We go, begin. What carajo are hoping?
- They are boludos. - you tickle to Me.
That is a true one loathsomeness, man!
One is taken stupid.
Now yes.
Métete, man, dale, métete. Métesela, métesela.
It advanced, boy, you hit the target.
Style small dog and everything.
Why you watch to me thus? The Vista in the work!
- What happens? - What delays? - What carajo happens to you?
- What delays? - the baby. He was stopped in his cradle, watching to us.
You are not stupid, dale, cógeme.
I cannot. Not with the baby in the quarter.
By love of God!
I feel it, Jen. It is that..
you and the baby they are so together that I feel that I am others.
- I know that it is normal.. - Cállate and duérmete.
Discútelo in your stupid one group of boludos.
- All good, the Coco? - the Coco.
Yes, The Coco Bryce.
Skanko and Leanne fixed date. They were committed, you remember?
They were had it jeopardize.
It jeopardize. Memory.
You remember it?
You remember that we were going to commit itself?
We were going to commit itself. You were going to buy the ring.
- To jeopardize to us. - Thus it is. Colin and Kristy..
it jeopardize. - Colins and Kristy jeopardize.
Déjame, here no, now no!
It is well, Colin.
Listening, you must remember that your fiancè has become young.
But he accumulates knowledge so quickly..
that is possible that very soon he returns to normality.
The only problem is that, of some way..
it will be different from the Colin Bryce who you knew. - How?
Good, it will have forgotten all its experiences of life.
The good things and bad that formed it.
Of some way, Colin it is a paper in target..
hoping to be colored by that they surround it.
Good, I will maintain it far from those friends and of drugs.
- Correct. - Before he happened this we were going to commit itself.
I was not prepared, but being he like..
I can make improve it.
Equal I want to marry with the Coco.
One for me..
one for you.
They see.
- It vetoes! - Taking, so that you go away of here.
- Stupid idiot! - Cállate, idiot cow!
It does not pass anything.
He is not early for that?
Why we must live structured?
That obsession to do everything when it corresponds.
You noticed that we have a baby?
- I feel It. I am confused, last night.. - We must speak of that?
Yes, we must speak. I could not maintain an erection..
because he was jealous of my son.
I believe that it is a subject of that we must speak.
Why you do not publish a warning saying that it was not stopped?
The shouts woke up to you of your papa, amorcito? Calm, Tom.
They see, Colin. They see of this side.
Very well. Now dame the hand.
- Yes. - Always you must to give the hand me.
- There it is. - It is The Coco, Andy. The Coco, cómo.estás? - What so, the Coco?
- It is well. - It follows jodido? You are jodido, the Coco? - We go.
- Déjalo, Skanko. - Dile that calls when it improves. - it will make speak Him well.
- We go. - He is lost.
We did not take axes, we did not take chains..
we only took sherbets in order to take lemonade.
That wine was strong.
How is everything?
I cannot take as much as before.
God mine!
This is fault of Rory!
- Cálmate. - Papa is the guilty of this, no?
- I will not leave anybody does damage to him to my small Tom. - Stupid conchuda.
We go away. We go away a house of the mother mother..
to house of grandma in Cheadle to Manchester. - To Cheadle?
Veto to the excrement! I do not go anything!
- I am not your baby. it will enchant to see to him us.
I am the Coco Bryce, fan of Hibs. A boy of Edimburgo, of first.
I must clarify the things to him. It watches, Jenny..
To the excrement, what stupid you are.
Calm. You do not make scandal.
Tom, you spoke.
- Yes, I spoke. Siéntate. - You spoke.
Siéntate, excrement. I mean, siéntate.
What does?
Better you do not say it to anybody.
That is to say, they will not understand it. They will say that I am a phenomenon..
that I have superior intelligence, they will want to separate to us.
- it would never let them take to my Tom. - Thanks, carajo.
He is incredible.
- My Tom a superior baby. - Of first.
Why? Why we?
- Why you? - Thus it is the thing. Nobody knows it.
I mean, is my destiny, mother.
- Sight, has numbers. - Yes, it says thousand ninety and five pounds.
No, again to the park no. Why always to the park?
What cagada! Escúchame, mother, Jenny, that morfi is an excrement.
- What? - the food, is bad. I want food of great..
not that vegetable paste.
- Good, Rory and I create.. - he concerns carajo to Me what they create.
You. They cannot prevail to me to choose freely.
You are right. You have intelligence like in order to know what you need.
- and we must respetarte. But, Tom.. - Oh, watches that, is Boab Coyle.
why you speak thus? With that accent.
I have the eyes and the opened ears affluent.
Very intelligent, Tom, but you would not have to speak thus.
- I believe that you would have to be a model positive. - Like the boludo of Rory?
- Good, perhaps no. - Therefore I like.
It is giving hunger me.
Good, I take to house and I prepare another thing to you.
It was thinking.. in a little more..
of teat.
We go, Colin, you are not idiot.
The Coco, levántate!
Quédate there. Here.
Good, boys..
I do not know why we came to the center a Saturday.
- We could have gone to the park. - To the excrement with the park!
The anteojudo walks always drunk, also you have right to divertirte.
- You are right, if Rory does.. - Correct.
- To carajo. - To where you go?
We go, enters here.
What sights, boludo peladito?
Magic, my boys!
- Kristy, what make the boys here? - They go to the soccer match.
I want to go to the party.
I do not know why we had that to enter here.
One begins in the bar, planning the strategy.
Tom, of what you speak?
Listening, Colin, soccer is for the idiots who never grow.
You however are big man, right?
They are my boys, I know, will arrive at the end.
- one begins fighting, deceiving to the police. - Fighting?
It is not necessary to let itself take hold before, the fight is later.
- Here the muñequito comes. - the Coco!
Who is this boludo?
Precious Bebito. Precious Bebito.
He is precious.
- How long has? - Sometimes I ask myself the same.
- Váyanse. - 8 months. - Sácame the hands of above, boludo.
- Beautiful baby. - It is certain. He is really beautiful.
That type is lookedlike me.
A boy of Hibs! A boy soul.
I, The Coco. A boy soul.
You do not say to me that I am that one. A baby.
Who you are? The bebito precious of mother.
The Coco Bryce. A boy of the city.
A boy of Hibs. The Coco Bryce.
- a boy soul. - Who is a preciosura?
You I am going it to give!
I am not your baby. I am The Coco Bryce! I am one of the Hibs!
The Coco Bryce, a boy of first, boludos!
The Coco Bryce!
Who you are?
Thus it is well!
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