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Adventures of Felix

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Sailors of Dieppe live up to your rep!
Help keep the ferries alive!
Hey guys.
What's up Jean-Pierre?
-Trouble? -I'll say!
P&O is selling out to Hoverspeed.
And they won't hire French sailors.
-Too bad. -We'll all be out of work.
I already am. Today's my last day.
We tried Felix.
Don't apologize. We're all in the same boat now.
Can you help give out pamphlets?
Tomorrow even if I'll have finished.
P&O is shutting down.
Soon there'll be no more ferries. It's sad.
They could have fought back sooner and saved your job.
No way. They'd never have filled in the Chunnel.
-Are you feeling blue? -You bet!
But it's nice being at home.
It's no big deal for you.
Teachers have it easy.
Tuna fish.
Strawberry Danish.
You already said it.
Potato knish.
Shit it started!
Irony doesn't suit you. You asked to marry me here.
I hate her guts.
-I know you still love me. -Don't tell me how I feel!
If she takes him back I'll die.
-Who? -That dumb bitch Barbara.
She can't go back with Reggie. Gross me out.
What are you watching?
"Lap of Luxury." I watch it every day.
It starts when the ferry casts off.
The customers at the bar like it. I got hooked.
No way! You want to inflict it on me now?
What's the problem?
I hate TV in the morning and it's crap! Aren't you ashamed?
Make the most of things and sleep!
I can't.
You can't even get an after-school job.
You're too old.
She stole my son and then she went after you.
Her husband's father!
-If she's carrying my child... -She's not!
What are you drawing?
My foot.
You have nothing better to do?
I'm going with the flow.
I'm not used to having you here. I can't concentrate.
I'll go straighten up things.
Good idea.
I'll sell my mom's apartment. If I can.
So I'm officially unemployed?
That's one way of looking at it.
Thanks. So long.
Excuse me! To find work...
get in touch with the job center.
To find work? Of course.
Are you doing a bi-therapy too?
No I'm doing a tri.
But "Combivir" is two-in-one. It's new.
It's really great.
That must be practical.
I'm sorry to ask but...
my doctor asked me to start a tri-therapy. I can't decide.
It seems like pain.
I'll be with you in a minute.
After two years I'm just getting used to my bi-therapy.
I like knowing that after the bi there's always a tri.
How about you?
My tri is working wonders. Really.
Are you doing a tri?
Pardon my asking but...
I'm already up to a penta.
How many are in a penta?
I take five different medicines.
It's a lot of pills to swallow.
I had no T4s left. They had to up the dose.
None at all?
None at all. But I'm doing fine.
Do I look like a dying man?
Their cocktail hasn't increased my T4s yet.
But I tell myself I mustn't get discouraged.
Before starting my penta I tried everything possible.
It's been a long haul.
Penta... I didn't know it was possible.
It's reassuring. I'm still doing a bi. It gives me leeway.
Does it go higher? What comes next?
Are you crazy or what?
Learn to fly it first!
Sorry it's the first time.
That's what I said. Learn to fly it first!
I didn't hit you!
What about if this hits you?
Sorry. Don't get all worked up!
-Thank the nice man. -Thank you.
I'm going to take a trip Daniel.
All alone?
To Marseilles.
What a strange idea.
I found letters my father wrote to my mom.
There's an address in Marseilles.
It may not be good anymore.
If he abandoned you all he must not be too stable.
Hold on.
I called information to check.
He's still in Marseilles.
For the past twenty years. Imagine!
Don't mention it.
Does he talk about you?
Not once.
He says where he is and that he has a job.
His letters aren't long.
He doesn't write French well.
Sorry but "Give Felix my love" isn't hard to write.
You're such an ass.
I tell you I found my father's trace...
and all you can do...
is bad-mouth him.
Just don't get carried away.
Mine was such a pain. Why run into the lion's den?
To know what the lion looks like.
Like you most likely.
But with a darker mane.
If you picked a better time I'd have dropped you off.
I never know when you're working.
No need for a teary good-bye at the station.
Anyway I'll see you on Sunday.
I bought you a ticket. Your train's at 8:19.
That's pretty early!
I'll come pick you up.
That gives me five days. Then I'll stop bothering you.
It's my first day of vacation.
Hurry up or you'll be late.
I love you.
Do you have anything less conspicuous?
No. Why?
Perfect for strong winds.
OK. How much?
It's a deal.
What's up?
What does this asshole want?
Are you crazy?
It's closing time.
I'm closing. Where are you going?
Laurent! What now? Cut the shit!
Not in my bar.
He beat someone up. I saw.
No way. He's full of shit.
Remy was drunk. He fell and hit his head.
He beat someone up. Call the cops.
He's a good kid. You're hallucinating.
What'll it be?
-A beer. -You're drunk. Beat it.
Talk about hospitality!
What'll it be?
They beat someone up! I ran for cover!
I've heard enough!
-I'll go tell the cops. -Take a left.
You didn't see a thing.
No one will believe an Arab anyway.
So just mind your own business.
We didn't hurt your friend.
Tomorrow it'll be old news. Get lost!
This way.
I hope they're not antidepressants.
You sleep enough.
They're not. They're for my headache.
I had a bad night.
You shouldn't drink so much.
Drinking didn't give me a headache.
I never pick up guys alone. I'm wary.
I don't mind girls though. I felt like company...
so I made an exception.
But if you just sleep...
I'll drop you off here. It's where we part.
my little brother
Got a cigarette?
Sorry I don't smoke.
Too bad. Drawing makes me nervous.
Let's see.
It's not that great.
There isn't much light. Isn't it late?
I have class tomorrow.
Want a hand?
Can you draw?
I'm no Michelangelo but I get by.
You have any paper?
Which one is he?
See the columns?
The first one up.
On the left.
-Who is he? -Aristotle.
What's he doing on a cathedral?
I don't know. I wanted to avoid saints and martyrs.
I'm sick of having to draw this cathedral.
The one thing in this rat hole.
It's a nice cathedral.
I should go see the windows. I just got here.
My name is Felix.
I'm Jules.
You're on a trip?
Where are you from?
You're too curious.
Where are you going?
None of your business.
How's this?
I couldn't have done better.
I can see you home... but by foot.
Don't bother.
I'm a big boy.
I'll see you home anyway like it or not.
It's not a problem.
We'll go in through my bedroom window.
Be careful.
Hurry up.
Go on.
What an entrance!
The floor's not that comfortable.
It's fine.
You can sleep in my bed.
Good night Jules.
Jules! We're leaving honey!
Are you getting up?
Class is canceled. Our professor's depressed.
Sorry I woke you. See you tonight.
See you tonight Mom.
I'm too tired to kiss you good-bye.
Unworthy son!
What time is it?
9:00. That's when they leave.
-May l? -Sure.
You better leave her Dad.
It started.
What's this crap?
Don't you start too.
It's personal Jules.
It's dumb. For grandmothers.
Want to see the stained-glass windows?
Yeah I'd like to.
I like the colors... but I've seen better.
They're the best in the world.
It's like I've been saying.
Get out of this rat hole. See the world. Travel.
These are delicious.
Look. She left her keys!
She left her keys!
Let's get out of here!
Take this! Dumb shit.
Felix look!
-Fuck! -What do we do?
We'll give it back.
They'll nab us!
-No they won't. It's up to you. -Me?
My baby!
My baby!
Do it or stay in this rat hole!
-Hey you! -Hello.
We pulled a prank on that woman.
It's over now. Can you help us?
She's my teacher! Yeah I'd love to help!
It's easy. Take this and bring it to her.
When she laughs I'll come.
That's easy!
Don't drop him. Be careful.
I'm used to it. I have one too.
-So? -Drive!
I like this music a lot.
-Do you? -You bet.
Can I ask a question?
Forget it. I don't like questions.
You really like that soap opera?
Stop brooding.
I can't tell you everything.
The less you know the better.
Can anyone enjoy watching such crap?
Think. If you're smart you'll understand.
Finally. I was getting cold.
-Go back to the car! -You locked it.
Mercury is Hermes. He's the god of travelers.
He led people to Hades too.
You know your mythology.
Not really but he's a god I like.
He's also the god of merchants and thieves.
I always thought that was funny.
He protects people at odds with each other.
As if their interests were the same.
Why is this temple here?
To protect thieves.
Wayward travelers like us.
Or because he's the thermometer god.
They must need them with this weather.
-Still cold? -Sort of.
Keep on rubbing.
Let's go to the car.
-There. -Leave the keys!
It'll get stolen.
Put them in the trunk.
Don't be a pain. She has a duplicate!
Wait for me.
-They won't let me in. -Yes they will. Act cool.
-What if I get carded? -You look older than you are.
-Do l? -Sure. You're a real man.
Come on.
Go ahead.
An apricot juice.
A white vermouth.
What a number! A sweet bird of youth.
Tell me about it!
It's his first time in a club.
He can still enjoy himself.
How cute.
How old is he?
Beat it! I have enough trouble.
You're all so uptight!
I don't want to be shut down.
This is yours. Give me that.
Go on get moving.
-I wonder how they found out. -You wonder?
Take a look at yourself!
Real men don't have peach fuzz. Move your ass!
You piss me off.
You told them didn't you?
You're a pain.
I don't understand what you want from me.
You suck! Get lost!
You're acting up a storm because I won't sleep with you.
It won't be the last time.
But it doesn't mean I don't love you.
You're like a little brother to me.
What an idiotic thing to say!
-Let's go! -Don't give me orders!
You're not my father too!
I'll get the car and come pick you up.
Will you wait for me?
Kid brother.
Got a cigarette?
What an asshole!
Go pilgrim boy
Make way with joy
Cast doubts aside
Keep up your stride
Lift up your eyes
To the blue skies
The sun will display the way to Marseilles
Go to the sea
Father awaits thee...
Go to the sea
Father awaits thee...
my grandmother
Young man!
Why are you hitting me?
I'm not. I'm waking you up.
But I wasn't even asleep!
Good because I need you.
Make yourself useful instead of lounging around.
Help me with my groceries.
I'm an old lady!
You seem pretty stalwart!
Spare me your flattery. What do you think?
This way. Follow me!
Your bag is light.
For you maybe. It almost dislocated my shoulder.
You've got some nerve!
Just remember I was a real hot tomato!
What's your name?
Happy Felix.
I'm Mrs. Firmin. You can call me Mathilde.
Here it is. Come in.
Can I leave this here?
You don't expect me to carry it to the kitchen? the fridge?
Not there...on the right.
Fruit on the left.
Leave the chicken out.
Coffee sugar.
The coffee goes in the pantry...
on the left. But not the sugar.
The sugar goes next door.
-On top. -Here?
Strawberries at this time of year?
I know where they go.
Not in the fridge. They'll spoil!
Leave them out with the chicken.
Cheese doesn't go in the fridge.
No the other pantry on top.
Last but not least...
The soap.
The bathroom near the stairs.
Admit it.
You're better here than on your bench.
Yeah yeah.
You don't seem too sure.
I wasn't really looking for company.
-So I'm a bore! -Not at all. I like it here.
I like it a lot. But I won't stay for long.
Yes I am.
Where if you don't mind my asking?
To see my father.
That's saying a lot.
We've never met.
All I have is an address.
I want to know what he looks like.
I decided to get to know him. He may be nice.
I'm going to check it out.
I don't believe a word of this.
That I'm seeing my father?
I believe that because you say so.
But I don't think you want to meet him.
It's just a pretext.
You couldn't care less about him.
At your age what purpose could a father serve?
Believe me... Look deep inside yourself.
You don't miss your father any more than I miss my husband.
There's room ! Plenty of room !
Yeah but I don't know where you want it.
Against the wall.
Push the armchair...
put the desk by the window and it'll be perfect.
Whatever you say!
I'm lucky to have met you.
I keep asking my son to move that bed.
He's always busy. Or too tired.
He wants his father's house kept intact.
Seriously Felix...
this living room is hideous!
My bedroom is the worst of all.
I can't bear it anymore.
I married my husband in a silly banal way...
after a very unhappy love affair.
I was very young.
One night at a dance in Fere-Champenoise...
I'm from Champagne.
Do you know it?
There's no reason you should. It's a tiny village.
One night at a ball...
I met a man older than me.
He'd come to the region. For his job.
This is so ugly.
So damn ugly!
So typical of my daughter-in-law.
After the dance we saw a lot of each other.
He said he loved me.
So I gave in.
A few weeks later he left for Paris.
He told me he'd write that he'd come back soon...
that he'd tell my parents...
Of course he never came back.
It's broken.
Let's try gluing it.
Not on your life. We'll throw it away.
Where was I?
I was so sad that I got sick.
I wasn't pregnant. Thank God.
So out of spite...
It really was out of spite...
I decided to marry the first man who proposed.
His name was Gabriel Firmin.
I wasn't very happy with him.
I wasn't too sad either.
He wasn't...
he wasn't a very tender person.
But I've often thought I could have done worse.
Maybe you should have waited.
You'd have met a man you really loved.
It's perfect!
I like it.
I like it but...
you forgot the night table.
Come out sun...
There we go!
Come out sun...
What are you doing?
Calling the sun.
I used to do it as a kid. It always worked. I have a gift.
I've never done it this far south.
Let's see.
Not too convincing.
Hold on.
You'll spend the night here.
I've already prepared your room.
The victim was discovered unconscious by a bus driver.
He died soon after without regaining consciousness.
The hypothesis of a gangland killing has been ruled out.
It is now thought to be an act of racism.
They killed him !
That's what he just said.
But I know who did it!
-Mental telepathy? -No I was there!
In Rouen?
I was there. I saw the guys who killed him !
You didn't stop them?
I couldn't. They started running after me.
Jesus Christ!
Are you washing or drying?
I'll do the washing.
If you saw them you have to tell the police.
You should have already.
Not the cops.
You can't protect those bastards!
I can't go to the cops. They'll manage without me.
Why are you scared? Did you do something stupid?
I borrowed a car.
I stole it but I gave it back afterwards.
Do you do that often?
It was the first time. To impress a kid.
A kid?
He was in love with me.
He thought I was a gangster.
In love with you? A boy?
I'm gay.
Not you...
What do you mean? I'm gay.
I've known gay guys but not you!
I said I'm gay! How can I prove it?
You seem so sure of yourself I believe you.
Mathilde? Is that you?
You're not asleep?
I made you an herbal tea.
That's nice but it makes me have to get up at night.
With all you drink it can't make things worse.
And the bathroom's next door.
Leaving tomorrow?
I have to get to Marseilles. Get a load off my chest.
tomorrow I have to go shopping in Le Puy.
We can go together. We'll take the train.
No trains and no big cities. It's what I planned.
Le Puy isn't a big city.
And it's just a railcar.
I have to get to Marseilles.
I'll go see the cops there.
It can wait a couple of days.
Let your conscience decide.
Seeing your father isn't really that important.
No something.
Before you came in...
I thought you were spying on me. It's these old houses...
I wasn't spying on you.
I was staring at you.
I haven't seen a naked man in ages.
And you're charming.
Don't mention it. Good night.
-You're insane! -I've never been saner!
Get ready for battle Carter. But if you ask me...
neither of you will win.
You've got it all wrong Alexandra.
Carter is free to choose. His duty as a father will guide him.
You watch this soap?
It keeps me company.
Who says he's the father of your child?
I know what your type is after!
It's dumb isn't it?
Dumb? It's totally idiotic.
But they're so mean it's fascinating.
-Bread and butter? -Please.
Pour yourself some coffee.
You're new to Glorious Valley.
I know about you Barbara. So do my friends.
Things are getting better.
That thing is practical.
You bet! This way I don't forget.
Where did you find it?
A discount store. Cheaper than a drugstore.
I could use one. It would come in handy.
I'd leave you mine but I really need it.
I can buy it myself.
They're enormous.
Yours aren't exactly tiny.
You're right.
Hello Veronique.
You're married?
This is Felix. My son.
He doesn't look like you.
Say hello.
Hello sir.
Are you my daddy?
You shouldn't have.
It's just a little souvenir.
So long.
No good-bye. You won't ever come back.
Send me a postcard from Marseilles.
It made me...
Meeting you made me very happy.
So long.
You're a little bit of a coward.
My basket.
my cousin
You know a lot about kites.
Sort of. My father liked them. He taught me.
My father hated kites.
Today's kites are nothing like when we were kids.
They're incredible now.
There's a festival in Dieppe every two years.
They have kites from all over. Have you been?
To Dieppe?
I've heard about it.
It's far.
-By train... -It's expensive.
I don't pay. I'm a railroad man.
Are you crazy?
That's littering!
We'll find a trashcan.
You pushed me in the poison ivy.
I wasn't thinking about botany.
At least it wasn't brambles.
It'll go away.
You can pour some vinegar on it. Or some piss...
You won't piss on me too!
I'll have to come back with Daniel.
It's beautiful here.
He's my boyfriend. I'm sure he'll love it.
He has to work. That's why I'm alone.
I have some stuff to take care of.
In Marseilles?
Marseilles must be great for kites.
Careful. If the wind's too strong you'll lose it.
I'll be careful.
Can I drop you off in Montelimar?
I can buy some nougat.
It's been a madhouse here today.
Take off your shirt.
It's ice cold!
That feels better.
It smells a little weird.
Shallot vinegar. It's all she had left.
Rub here.
my sister
Can I help you?
-Where did you come from? -There.
-Where's your car? -No car.
-Out walking? -Yeah or hitching. It depends.
Can I give you a hand?
I can get by alone.
But you're nice. I accept.
I'm no expert either...
but together we'll manage.
Then you can give me a ride. Fifty-fifty.
That's what I call self-service!
-Where are you going? -Marseilles.
I'm going as far as Salon. It's pretty close.
What a piece of shit!
I agree.
Let's see the user's manual.
Who are they?
They're my kids. Let me introduce you...
Antoine Nicolas Louise.
I'm Felix.
And I'm lsabelle.
I hope you're not in a rush.
I have to drop them off at their fathers'.
Sunday is Father's Day. And I have work to do.
It'll take a while.
They're nice and quiet.
You intimidate them. But it won't last long.
-Where does their dad live? -Do dads.
What's "doodads"?
Nothing. It's the plural: "do" "dads."
Where "do" their "dads" live?
Three fathers make it the plural.
I get it. I can conjugate.
I'm explaining. They each have a different father.
Each one wanted a kid but it ended there.
But I'll spare you the details.
So where do they live?
They're all on the way: Bollene Mornas and Chateauneuf.
They're children of the Rhone and Route 7!
I prefer country roads to highways.
Look up there. Sycamore trees.
They cut lots of them down to widen the road.
They used to line both sides.
You could bike from Lyon to Marseilles in the summer.
Enough! Stop screaming!
Help me! I'm driving!
I can't slap them !
Make up a game. Calm down kids. Felix has a game.
A game for kids? I don't know any.
We'll play "Zoo."
How do you play?
There's a zoo. You tell me what words belong in it.
What words go in a zoo?
Words that rhyme with zoo. Like "bamboo."
I'll start. What goes in my zoo Louise?
A kangaroo?
-Isabelle? -A Sioux.
-An igloo. Antoine? -A bear.
Stupid idiot!
Antoine it has to end in "oo."
Winnie the Pooh.
He's not for real!
You're such a dummy. It's so easy.
A tattoo a Manitou canoe...
They don't belong in zoos!
What a dunce! What a dunce!
I'm no dunce!
Stop shouting! What a great game.
They've sent me to my hanging my neck they'll be a-wringing
A-hanging and a-wringing and from a tree a-swinging
Swinging from a tree and nowhere I can flee
I know I stand no chance I look out at my France
I see all of my friends there where the road bends
I see all of my friends before my life ends
Oh friends in misery my mother go and see
She'll ne'er see me again it's time to say amen
Her life tumbled and tossed and her child lost
I want to stay here!
You're going to your father's now!
It's boring there.
If they come along all hell will break loose.
Don't worry. We'll be fine.
What does your mom do?
-She's a cop. -A cop?
Yeah a cop.
What'll it be?
A Pernod.
A Pernod.
Are you crazy? Three peppermint sodas please.
I don't want to see my dad. I want to go to Daddy Emile's.
Who's Emile?
My daddy. He makes wine. He has a garden and we can play...
with the tractors.
It's no fun at my dad's.
I'm all alone. I want to go with Antoine.
Can you ask Mommy?
No. You each see your own father. It's the law.
Who cares about the law?
Stop or I'll throw you in jail.
-Do I look like a cop? -Looks don't mean anything.
Only cops take looks seriously.
Do I look like I'm from Normandy?
Not really.
-Are you? -You bet!
On my mother's side. From Dieppe.
I'm glad you're not a cop.
Did you do something wrong?
Do I look like I did something wrong?
I don't know.
Do I look like a thief?
Or a murderer?
If so you shouldn't have left me with the kids.
Felix looks like a nice guy.
Nicolas isn't too happy to see his dad.
I don't want to see mine either.
Really? Aren't your fathers nice?
We get bored. They're grown-ups. They're no fun.
It's more fun being at home with Daddy George.
Who's he?
The daddy who lives with Mommy.
You call him Daddy but he's no one's father.
He's Mom's boyfriend so that makes him our dad.
Not exactly. He's a fake dad.
-I don't get it. -It's easy.
Emile's your father so he's a real dad.
Louise and Nicolas' fathers are stepdads.
George is no one's father. He's a fake dad.
No. Daddy Jean-Pierre...
Who's Jean-Pierre?
Nicolas' dad. Daddy Jean-Pierre is like Daddy Alain.
Who's Alain?
Louise's dad. Stop it! Let me finish!
Nicolas is my brother. So Daddy Jean-Pierre is my father.
Louise is my sister so Daddy Alain is my father.
And George lives with Mom so he's our father too.
No way!
Nicolas is your half-brother...
because you have different fathers.
His dad is your stepdad!
The same goes for Alain!
But George is no one's father. He's a fake dad!
Having fun?
He's been crying!
What's wrong Tonio?
He's overtired. And hot.
It's because of the steps!
What steps?
You pushed him down the stairs?
A stupid game we've been playing. I'm lousy with kids.
We're going through Orange?
We don't have a choice.
No way. They elected the extreme right. We're boycotting.
We'll just pass through.
Let me out on the double!
You're crazy! Close that door at once!
Change roads or I'll jump!
Where should I go?
Anywhere. Take the first right.
This is the wrong way. It's your fault.
Not at all.
You may know politics but you can't read a map.
Let me see.
Watch out!
Dammit! Where's your head? Watch where you're going!
I'm sorry. We'll fill out the forms.
And say what? How stupid you are?
You can be polite! No one died!
Say what little twit?
What was that? Little twit?
Shut up faggot!
Faggot? Why not call me a dirty Arab?
What an asshole!
Feeling better?
-Where is he? -He's gone.
You should have called the cops! He hit me!
We worked something out.
Guys like him belong in prison!
-The accident was my fault. -It's no reason.
He forgot about the accident if I didn't call the cops.
-My rates won't go up. -I was traded for low rates!
Nothing's broken! It's just a scratch!
Why do you have to get involved?
It's all your fault anyway. Here finish for me.
If I got murdered you'd hide my corpse to keep your rates low.
Don't be a drama queen!
You're alive and my rates are low!
Now you know how to deal with Southerners.
Thanks I'm fine now.
Where are we? This isn't a road.
It's this or the highway. Check the map.
You're totally crazy. This is ridiculous!
I'm a man of principles.
Your principles suck! Who cares if we pass through Orange?
We should have gone there and made ourselves at home.
Scared of getting lynched like in Rouen?
-Why Rouen? -Because of what happened.
What happened?
You don't know about the lynching?
Why should I?
Everyone does! It's in all the papers!
I don't read the papers and I don't give a damn!
You're from Normandy. You should care!
I don't.
The bartender turned them in.
The cops arrested one of them there.
The other one's on the run but not for long.
What's fishy is the witness. How could he vanish?
Very strange.
He stumbles upon the murderers dumping the body.
They panic and abandon it on the bridge.
The witness makes a scene tells the bartender...
and disappears.
He should have gone to the cops.
Yeah yeah he should have.
Easier said than done.
I was getting worried.
He's Daddy Felix.
What about George?
What about him? Felix kept me company in the car.
You talk nonsense Antoine.
The kids can't stand being separated.
Don't worry. It's all been taken care of.
Jean-Pierre and Alain are coming on Sunday.
It's cheap but I prefer to spend my money on the kids.
Your colleagues got there first. They're throwing you a party.
That's not funny Felix.
What the hell is this?
Where are you going?
-Can we go inside? -No ma'am.
Move on out.
Come here!
What's got into you?
I don't like seeing this stuff.
Me neither.
He may even be a murderer.
Crazy! I almost slept in a hotel with a murderer!
Are you OK? You're so pale.
It's just the neon lights.
It's a real shock. I'm freaking out too.
Come on.
We'll find a nicer place.
Get up.
Just imagine! On his way here...
he could have picked you up hitchhiking!
They were looking for one guy. You'd have made two.
Let go of me!
Let go!
I'm sorry.
Why are you shouting?
I was having a nightmare.
I have them often.
I'll be fine. I'm sorry.
You can sleep now.
Good night.
You want me to tell you a story?
Once upon a time...
deep in the heart of a mysterious forest...
there was a vicious wolf who ate anyone who ventured by.
Crouched in the shadows of the great big trees...
he'd look out for people passing through and eat them alive.
Stop it.
You don't like it?
It doesn't really put me at ease.
The kids still ask for it.
Kids are sadists. I'm a big boy now.
I'd prefer a schmaltzy one.
I don't know any.
Don't worry.
Turn out the lights.
Why didn't you go to the cops?
You're the missing witness.
Why didn't you go to the cops?
Did you today after that guy hit me?
It's different. No one died.
I didn't know they'd killed him.
One of them ran after me.
He hit me.
When I went to the cops...
In fact I did go...
But I couldn't.
I was scared of everyone.
I was so scared...
of those guys of the cops of everyone.
I don't know how to explain it.
I couldn't imagine myself...
explaining to them...
that some guy hit me because I look like an Arab.
I was...
I was ashamed.
I have to go.
You're really bruised!
I'll get up.
Keep sleeping. I wanted to thank you for yesterday.
I should thank you.
You'll find a ride easily.
I left you my address. Send me a postcard from Marseilles.
So long.
Kiss the kids for me.
Don't stop me. I've made up my mind.
I love you and our son.
He can't live here. Not with those lies your mother spreads.
-The truth will be known. -Your mother is too powerful.
He mustn't be humiliated the way I was.
They're not lies.
They're youthful indiscretions. Learn to forgive.
I do forgive her!
I just don't want my family tainted by her dubious past.
Let her marry Tom ! He's the perfect husband for her!
A golf pro. He's almost a bit too chic!
She deserves a used-car salesman!
Where are you going?
Martigues isn't really on the way.
It doesn't matter. As long as we avoid Vitrolles.
my father
Do you mind if I sit here? I like watching people fish.
Do as you please.
Catch a lot?
Around here? No.
So why do you fish?
You don't necessarily fish to catch fish.
Why then?
To fish.
That's why. I fish to fish.
To pass the time.
For love of fishing.
So I don't have to stay at home.
You don't get on with your wife?
It's myself I don't get on with.
I used to be there a lot both as husband and father.
Not anymore.
What's the connection with fishing?
There is no one.
That's the way it is.
I've become a loner like a monk.
You're contemplative.
When things go bad I fish.
When I have to lay down the law I fish.
You have to resist when you've been resisted.
Instead of being trampled on I come and fish.
-And you catch nothing. -Yeah sometimes.
But I can't eat the fish from here.
It's pretty polluted isn't it?
Where are you from?
You came for the sun.
-By foot? -Yes.
From Normandy?
I hitchhiked too.
No one's picked me up for a while.
It's normal with a face like that.
Where are you going?
-Beautiful city. Know it? -Not at all.
I'm going to get to know it.
Not just Marseilles.
What do you mean?
It's a long story that won't interest you.
All this way for a long uninteresting story?
Uninteresting to you.
I'm going to see my father.
I agree. That's not too fascinating.
It's a little unusual though.
I don't know him.
Better but not all that original.
It doesn't happen every day of the week.
You don't watch TV.
It's full of such stories as if it fascinated everyone.
So you don't know your father.
My parents never lived together.
They broke up before I was born.
All my father did was write my mom the occasional letter.
So your father never wanted to see you.
So why are you going to see him?
To beat him up?
Not at all.
Why would I hit him?
Because you resent that he abandoned you.
I don't think so.
So why go see him?
I'd understand beating him up.
He's my father isn't he?
If he doesn't want to see you why impose yourself on him?
To annoy him?
It's just like beating him up.
My intentions aren't bad at all.
So leave him alone.
Maybe he didn't want a kid.
It's none of your business. Why bother him now?
He may have another life.
I can drive you to Marseilles.
-I don't want to be a bother. -No bother.
But I won't take you to your father's.
I won't get involved in that.
Anywhere in Marseilles would be great.
Kites aren't bad either.
-Sort of like fishing. -Yeah sort of.
It's relaxing.
And you never go home empty-handed.
I should buy one. It'd be a nice change.
You can have mine if you want it.
No it's yours.
Keep it. I'd like that.
For kids of all ages.
I won't waste your time. I'm boring you.
We should get going.
I'm not in such a rush.
-Look. -What happened?
-Your goatee. -Your eye.
-You shaved. -You fought.
What have you been up to? I was right to worry!
And you're late! Five days without a phone call!
I was worried sick. I thought maybe you got killed.
Or you got in an accident.
-You can't be left alone. -Neither can you.
-Why? -You shaved your goatee.
So what? Was that a mistake?
You don't like it?
It felt weird kissing you.
Not bad. Just a surprise that's all.
It's almost summer in Corsica. We can swim.
I thought you'd like a ferryboat ride. Wouldn't you?
Of course I would.
We're not meeting my father-in-law are we?
Meeting him? Not exactly.
You didn't just go and say:
"Hi Dad. I'm your son. I live with a guy."
That's not how it happened.
So tell me! I wasn't all for this but I'm still interested!
-We're in a rush. -What does he look like?
I want to buy some postcards first.
Does he look like you?
I hope you don't...
I don't mind at all.
This was a great idea. We'll have a wonderful time.
Why do you look so gloomy?
Why are you so quiet?
I thought you'd have things to tell me.
If you don't want to talk...
I'm not gloomy.
I'm quiet because I'm looking at you.
That's all.
I've never seen your chin before.
What a chin!
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