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Subtitles for Afraid to Die (Yasuzo Masumura 1960).

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Afraid to Die (Yasuzo Masumura 1960)

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Produced by Masaichi Nagata
Screenplay by Ryuzo Kikushima & Hideo Ando
Photographed by Hiroshi Murai
Yukio Mishima Ayako Wakao
Eiji Funakoshi Keizo Kawasaki
Directed by Yasuzo Masumura
Tokyo Prison
Don't get it wrong!
Prisoner 111! Visitor.
We're winning. Wait a minute.
I'll go in your place.
Prisoner 111, Asahina, is it?
You needn't worry. Call the cops.
My name is Handa.
I've got a contract from my gang to rub out Asahina.
I'll take his place in here.
This isn't him at all.
Not Asahina?
No. Let me go!
Chief, we're sending him down for an autopsy.
Poor bastard. For a gangster, he was a good one.
Sorry sir, we were too careless.
No, he's crazy. Couldn't be helped.
It's past 5 o'clock. Get ready to leave, Asahina.
You get out at 7 pm. Here's the money you've earned.
A total of 475 yen. Sign here on the dotted line.
What's wrong? What are you doing?
I'm not leaving.
Let me stay for another week or ten days.
In prison?
They'll kill me.
Don't be stupid.
I'm not. He came here to kill me.
He's from the Sagara Gang.
Aren't you in for maiming their underboss?
You served 2 years 7 months for it.
You've paid your debt.
Maybe in your world, but not in mine.
Please let me stay on for a couple of days at least, Chief.
Not a chance.
Doesn't matter what they do, you can't exceed your sentence.
We jail criminals, not shelter them.
But Chief!
Are you scared, Asahina?
Then give up crime.
Just because your dad was a boss, you don't have to be.
"So what shall I do?" You say.
I've been doing this for 30 years, I know how you think.
You listen to me.
Damn it. For you, I'll leave.
You watch your mouth.
Under one condition.
Just for tonight, make out like I got hit.
Until I get to safety.
Alright. I'll assign you a guard.
I can't have them killing you.
A guard? My boys would laugh at me.
You put on an act.
But you leave at 7, anyway.
So you said.
Sagara Trading here.
Where is he?
Give this 100,000 to Handa's wife.
- Okay. - You sure he's dead?
I heard two shots myself.
Handa's a pro. The job's done.
It's a bit too early to pay him yet.
But Boss...
There was nothing about it on the news just now.
Isn't that strange? A big hit like that?
Yes, but...
I never trust anyone, that's why I'm boss.
So what do we do?
Watch his uncle and his brother.
If he's alive, they'll go get him.
Yeah, right!
Once he's in his territory, we've lost him.
It's a matter of time till he dies.
He's Boss, but he's got no class.
I'm a Yakuza gangster, I have my pride.
He stabbed me. He'll pay.
Peace Markets
Hey, stupid! You can't drive that in here.
Good day.
Hello there, Mr. Aikawa.
Sorry. I'm in a bit of a hurry.
Wait at the bridge.
The protection money?
Good day.
Go and buy some tofu.
Hello there.
The car's here. Are you really going out?
Yes, I'm getting ready.
Are you sure it's okay?
He's been in for 3 years. I have to go see him.
Seven o'clock, was it?
I'm looking forward to seeing my son.
That'll fix my kidneys!
Here he comes.
They're going to get him.
Yeah, maybe they're not.
Maybe going for his body.
Anyway, follow them.
To survive, you have to deceive your own Family first.
You've gone pale.
No way!
See? I was right. He didn't get him after all.
Now he's going to be after me.
Like when he stabbed me.
He's too stupid.
That's what makes him dangerous.
Shall we watch the bridge?
No point.
So what do we do?
You've been in jail, haven't you?
What was the first thing you wanted?
A woman. So, we watch his woman.
That's all he wants.
It's long and round, the banana
Throw it, or eat it, with the skin on
One day a little girl she ate a banana
But all it did was give her a pain in the belly
Wow, yeah! How I love them bananas!
Yeah, yeah, wow, wow! Ain't it just the slipperiest thing?
So many bananas down in the port
The girls run away, oh, they're scared!
But one girl was too slow
Had to eat all the bananas
Black, slippery, round, long and thick
And they give you a pain in the belly
Who are you to bust in here?
You've forgotten? I still remember you.
You've come a long way since those cheap bars.
This place is fabulous.
- What do you want? - You want me to say it?
Your fella, he's been released.
I'm due on stage.
That'll be him.
Take it.
Hello? No, wrong number.
What? Two bowls of noodles? Wrong number, asshole!
A call for you.
How are you? It's me.
We'll talk later. Meet me at our cinema.
That means they're there, aren't they?
I want them to hear.
I'll be right over. Be out back.
At the little alley.
What's up?
He's out of jail.
Will you see him?
I have to. If I want to keep living.
Don't mention me. I want to keep living.
- Goodbye! - Good night.
Excuse me.
Where are you going?
And who are you?
She's waiting, isn't she?
You just can't go up. I'll get into trouble.
I'll tell the Asahina boys about you.
You do that, sweetheart.
Three long years.
It makes you much more gentle.
You've gotten sexy.
I've grown up since then. I had to.
You've got a man?
Silly. You're the only man for me.
It was a long wait but now it seems like yesterday.
Don't ever leave me again.
These'll fetch 50 or 60 grand.
Where'd you get 'em?
Does it matter?
I'll take 'em. I just got out, I'm broke.
Go on.
Think of it as a farewell gift.
A farewell gift?
With this, we're finished.
Why? Have you got it wrong?
Get dressed.
You told me to wait for you, didn't you?
You sick of livin'?
If you are, leave now.
Why so suddenly?
Sagara's boys are looking to bust up our Asahina gang.
So what's new?
Obviously they'll use you to get at me.
Would you die for me?
Yes, why not?
Don't waste it, I'd dump you to save me.
My first loyalty is to myself, women are just toys.
You call yourself a man?
Me? Nah, I'm a Yakuza.
If there's any trouble, say we've split up.
Work hard at your career.
You'll catch cold.
Why don't you go home?
You were still here, I couldn't lock up.
Where's the manager?
He called to say he won't return.
Probably drinking. He's hopeless.
Sorry about earlier.
So you're the underboss? You own this cinema?
That's me, honey.
What's so funny?
You don't look like a Boss.
Why's that?
You're not very frightening.
Don't say that.
Can I get a raise? I barely survive on 5,000 a month.
Why not get a decent job?
You'd make a great bar girl.
I want a serious job.
That's stupid. Have this.
I earned it in jail, it's clean money.
I don't want it.
Why not?
No reason to.
You really are stupid. Go on, take this.
Thanks. Lock up behind you.
Don't let anyone know I'm here.
Good night.
- What's that you've got? - My brother's lunch.
Your sister's here.
Yoshie, I'm up here.
Dumplings, you need the energy.
Thanks, sis.
They're here!
How long do you intend to play this silly strike game?
Break the law and you'll get arrested.
- Get lost! - No Yakuza strikebreakers!
You asked for it! Now!
Working with the cops, were you?
It was really weird!
Not at all. You were working for the law.
You'll get a bloody medal!
Hello, sir.
Hello, sir.
They've done a good day's work today.
We got on this truck...
Yeah, I heard.
Here's your payment.
Thanks, Boss.
Not just for you, it's for everyone.
I don't want any, but he does.
What about Asahina?
Shall we pick up his broad?
Masako? That singer?
Yeah, she still sings at the club.
I bet he dumped her.
That broad is no use to us.
Boss, I've got something lined up.
A hit man from Hokkaido.
No one here knows him. He'll be perfect for us.
That's good news. Where is he?
He's upstairs.
- My bag? - At the bar.
You asshole! Go and get it!
- What's his name? - "Masa the Asthmatic."
He's got asthma, but he's good.
Masa, show some manners!
Hi there.
He's a bold one, ain't he?
As long as he can do the job.
How much is it?
You don't fool me.
How much?
Show me your gun.
They can't get me so easily.
Sagara will be pissed.
The day you got out, you even fooled us.
Right, Godfather?
What do you want, Uncle?
I want to talk to both of you today.
What about?
The thing is, I don't like what you're doing.
Like what?
Your father would be turning in his grave.
Your dad had guts.
So what?
You scared of Sagara?
Get lost!
So why do you run away?
You shut up.
Takeo, why don't you go after him?
In our world, if you run away they'll bite your ass.
Sagara is young and he doesn't deserve to be Boss.
You plan to fight him?
Of course, that's why I dumped Masako.
All we have left is the cinema.
Our only army is the three of us.
But I will win.
But how?
Money. We gotta raise money.
With money we can get men.
Then Sagara is...
You little fool! First you go after him.
Yeah, but how?
Kill Sagara, the rest falls into place.
Go do it tonight.
Three years ago you missed.
Shoulda killed him then.
Take over his territory and we get to ride in cars.
He's been waiting for you to kill you.
In our world the only thing that counts is who dies first.
But Uncle, I just got out after three years.
Don't worry.
I've got a substitute, if you can't go.
I know, Godfather. I'll take care of it.
You will? You're a good man, Aikawa.
Sending you to college was his dad's best move.
Not just that, I like Takeo.
I want you to take good care of Takeo for me.
If there's time to be served, I'll serve it.
I planned it that way.
I'm not going to recover. I'll be dead soon, anyway.
You pervert!
Boss, to celebrate your release.
It's great to be out.
Hey Brainwave, let's drink.
Boss, can you really do it?
Yeah, sure.
- Aikawa. - What is it?
I'll see you later.
Who's she?
She has a drugstore across from our place.
I see, two Brainwaves are better than one.
I don't like glasses.
She's single, sometimes I give her business advice.
Not a girlfriend?
No way.
Good, broads cause problems.
You ever thought of leaving the gangs?
As kids we used to tell everything, can you do that now?
But we ain't kids.
Don't even ask.
You graduated from law school, you have options.
I stopped at grade school, this is all I can do.
You want me to be a laborer?
No, I'm not saying that.
The reason your dad put me through school,
was because he was tired of a life of crime.
He wanted us to live normal lives.
Are you saying this because
you want to get out?
I sure am.
So why not do it?
I worry about you.
Forget about me.
I may not be as smart as you but I'm no fool.
I can get by on my own.
But if I die, arrange my funeral.
This is damn heavy.
Move, asshole.
You came, after all?
Where's Mi-chan?
She's gone home.
What did she leave you here for?
Cute, isn't it, that monkey?
Poor thing, it dances for nothing, just like me.
What do you mean?
Forget it.
Hello, sir.
Ephedrine, adrenaline and a 2 cc hypodermic.
Your asthma sounds bad.
Too much of this is bad for you.
My change.
Thank you.
He's a weird one, isn't he?
Never seen him before, but he's bent.
You wanted to see me?
Yes, I had a strange visitor.
A scar under his chin, a Yakuza for sure.
No offense.
What about him?
He was selling this.
A sample, a good company, too.
This is that new cancer medicine.
Some overseas patent. So what?
It's a secret but they've pulled it off the market.
Too expensive?
No, three company testers died from it.
It showed great results with animals, though.
They're paying a fortune to keep the news hidden.
Soon after that, they lost a shipment of samples.
Lost? It's like a thriller.
I have a friend who works there.
They can't go public because they've too much to hide.
So they'll pay heaps to get the samples back?
Is that why you bought them?
Of course not.
It's new so I thought I'd have it analyzed.
But now I'm getting worried.
I'll look into it.
That's wonderful.
There was one more thing.
Will you come to Osaka?
My uncle has offered me a shop down there.
You'll quit here?
Yes, it'll be much bigger than this cupboard.
And no protection money to pay.
Will you come?
It's all very sudden.
You said you'd quit when Takeo came back.
Well, yes...
Show some bravery, marry me!
I'll think about it. Good night.
Look, imported whiskey.
Oh, it's you.
I get the shakes without a regular drop.
Watch it, you've got a big mouth.
Don't worry, I'm not going to tell a soul that you're here.
Where's that usher?
Don't worry about her, she can keep her mouth shut.
Is she off work?
The thing is, she and her brother got themselves arrested.
How come?
He's a leader of the strike at the factory there.
I reckon they're both a pair of commies.
Jail is their badge of honor.
Those commies aren't much different from us Yakuza, are they?
Even the politicians have been to jail.
All the big shots in any field have spent time in the can.
I'll see you.
Did you forget something?
Oh, it's you, Uncle.
Lock the damn door!
They're after you.
Isn't this good timing?
Supreme Godfather
What's he want from us?
It's a summons to a ceremony.
You know why?
Sure, he's summoned Sagara too, hasn't he?
So you'll both be alone.
Good luck.
Takeo will go.
He's the Asahina heir.
Kumotori Family Memorial Service
Offer incense to his spirit.
Yes, Mr. Sagara is here.
He's here?
No, he sent a substitute.
Number 17.
Number 7.
It's just a scratch.
You don't need a doctor for this.
I was sitting there with a Royal Flush.
I missed out on a fortune because of you.
That'll do. Just needs a bandage.
I hate injections.
It's not for you, it's for me!
Take care now.
He's lucky. Aikawa, give him three big ones.
I'll go to the races.
Got any babes needing an appendectomy?
You shoulda got him.
How's Uncle?
He didn't say anything. He almost went to see the cops.
Is he angry?
At least you didn't kill him.
Get off my back.
I'm serious. You're not the type to be a Godfather.
You run from danger.
Get off my back.
Have you ever thought of leaving?
I couldn't. All I know is a life of crime.
If you had a real job?
Like what?
This. It's worth 50 to 60 million yen.
I don't care if your wife is sick!
Don't deal this shit!
This belongs to the Sagara Gang.
Steal from us and you pay.
Spread your fingers.
You've pissed yourself!
You're lucky we don't kill you.
It won't hurt.
Money's everything to a Yakuza.
No time for us to earn it.
It means more than life.
One of Sagara's boys, you say?
A chin scar? That'd be Nozawa.
After the three guinea pigs died, Sagara grabbed a shipment.
- He wants to blackmail them. - I see.
- My chemist friend told me. - With the glasses?
Why don't we steal it?
Better revenge than killing Sagara.
But how?
Once they make their move, it's over.
Just leave it to me.
This is your chance to impress me.
I'll do it on one condition.
What's that?
Once it's over, let's both of us go straight.
We don't have to do this for a living.
Sure, I know.
I'll be back for the bandage.
A bandage and some painkillers.
I have to give my uncle in Osaka an answer very soon.
He has a buyer.
So go there.
I will!
What about you?
I thought you loved me, don't you?
Don't be stupid.
You hate me.
I love you.
So why not come?
You can't give up the life?
You enjoy it.
Poor little thing.
If you do change your mind, come down to Osaka.
Who is it?
It's me, Yoshie Koizumi.
What do you want?
I have to talk to you.
Go see the manager.
They've all gone out drinking.
Get in.
This'll do fine.
- Not for me, it won't! - But...
I won't hurt you, but I'm vulnerable.
Been in a fight?
What do you want?
I want my job back. You've no right to fire me.
You're complaining?
It wasn't my fault that I took some time off.
I was just bringing him his lunch.
So I heard. But your job's been filled.
That's in violation of the Labor Law.
Shut up. Take this and get lost.
- I didn't come for money. - Then what?
My brother's still in the lockup.
We'll both be out of work.
Please give me my job back.
If that's not possible, I'll work at the market office.
Persistent, aren't you?
Alright, I'll tell them you're here.
- Tell who? - Anyone at all!
You just try.
Then shoot me.
I don't shoot women.
All you do is shoot!
Everybody's saying what a slinking coward you are.
Including you?
I thought you were better. But they're right.
Do you love me?
Not a chance!
Don't be shy.
Let me go!
What are you doing?
Where you headed?
Just up here.
Sorry, kid. Forgive me.
It's just that I really like you.
How dare you?
I'm serious. I've had plenty of women.
But they've all been after my money.
But you're not, you're different. That's what I like about you.
That's a bald-faced lie.
You were right about me being a jerk.
But I'm not evil.
After paying so much and not even finding one sample,
means the Yakuza have got it.
Now I regret we didn't go public when those three first died.
Too much collateral damage.
First thing is to protect the company name.
The board agrees to pay any amount of hush money.
Our shares would take a dive.
It doesn't matter who they are, speed is of the essence.
Shouldn't we move quickly?
Are you ordering me?
The longer it takes, the more money we get.
You couldn't pull this off.
Who's there?
That you, Masa? Don't come in yet.
Learn anything?
C'mon, spit it out!
You're supposed to be a killer.
I know where he's hiding.
If I told you, it wouldn't be worth anything.
Then go and kill him.
I need an advance, I want to go to the movies.
You're that broke?
The cinema, eh? I never thought of that.
A visitor for 19.
Hello there!
Who are you?
I'm the one who arrested you.
Are you okay?
I'm fine. It's a good place to relax.
I bought you a boxed lunch, eel on rice.
You shouldn't. Something's different about you.
You're blooming.
Don't say that!
Got a boyfriend, eh?
Not a boyfriend, it's quite sad, really.
What's that mean?
He's a bit of a prodigal son.
I'm sure I can make him go straight.
Forget it. Change is difficult.
I think it's my fate to spend my life with him.
Who is he?
Does it matter?
Thank you.
Welcome, sir.
Why meet here? We're the only adults.
I don't want to be noticed.
You're strange. Have you done something wrong?
Don't get too close.
My brother said I've changed. But I didn't let on.
Famous for your discretion.
I wish you'd use my name.
What is it about you women?
You don't frighten me.
Your bark's worse than your bite. Let's get married.
My pal's got a job lined up.
- For who? - For you. You'll be a cashier.
Down in Kanda, you'll make more money there.
No! That's too far away.
Okay, so we break up.
Wait, Takeo.
So you accept?
People can see us!
C'mon, let's go.
Leaving already?
Let's go to the inn, have a bath.
What's wrong?
Sagara speaking? What? Found a lost child?
It's unfair! It's not right!
It's only unfair if you lose, not if you win.
I didn't know you had such a sweet kid.
You're good. You kept her very well hidden.
What's your demand? The drug?
That's exactly what I want.
Let's do a swap.
I don't know what you mean.
You'll do what?
It's you who found her,
so do as you please.
Alright then, I will. Watch the headlines tomorrow.
"Child's Body Found in River."
I'll do you a favor, you can speak to her.
It's your papa.
Daddy? It's me, Miyuki.
I'll give you this number, you've got five minutes to think.
If you don't, she's dead.
4-6-9-0-0-8-5. 4-6-9-0-0-8-5.
Okay, let's go.
You like that?
Phone for you.
Isn't this dangerous?
Leave it to me.
It's you, eh? You catch on fast.
We do the swap later tonight.
The lobby at Tokyo Station?
Tonight at eight?
Strange location.
I feel safer when there's people around.
One thing. Don't you shortchange me.
I'll soon find out if any are missing.
Yaesu Gate
Look, it's Papa.
Make it quick.
Open it up, show me.
I guarantee that it's all there.
Supreme Godfather!
I know it's out of my territory, but Sagara insisted I come.
Leave everything to me.
But Godfather...
You don't agree?
I'd like to know what the conditions are.
I guess you would. Okay, we split the take 50-50.
I'll contact the company, that way we'll make more.
You agree?
One more thing.
Once this is all over, you two bury the hatchet.
Tell Sagara that!
Sagara, don't you dare interfere with Asahina.
Make an oath.
Yes, of course.
Good, it's settled.
I don't suppose you'd want a celebration.
So I want you two to shake on it.
You're under oath!
Go for it, Boss.
Take her.
Thank you, Godfather.
Listen good, Sagara.
What, sir?
Here's what's going to happen.
I know, sir.
No you don't. How much is my cut?
How about 100,000?
An insult!
That's a pittance!
Just so there's no misunderstanding,
I want half of what you make from this, you got that?
But Boss...
Bill him for your trouble.
Damn it!
Hello there!
- It looks nice now. - Yes, it does.
- Good day. - Good day.
For Lease
Good day.
Good booze, this.
Time flies. It's been a month since he died.
Far more donations than we expected.
It's a barometer.
It all comes down to money.
With money, you get men.
The Godfather has smoothed out that trouble.
Now he can rest in peace.
I don't believe in burying hatchets.
You can't take Sagara's word?
He even came to the funeral.
He had to.
If I were him, I wouldn't let it rest here.
Hey, Boss.
Excuse me.
How's the massage parlor business going?
Great location.
We've been open 10 days and business is booming.
Looks like a winner.
That's because you're smart. Money isn't everything.
There's more money in legit businesses.
I said not to come.
I had to see you.
Yeah? You know why I put you in Kanda?
My brother's furious.
How come?
He doesn't like you.
'Cos I'm a Yakuza?
He lost his job, it's eating away at him.
It ain't my fault.
You just don't get it.
Get what?
You see, I'm...
You're what?
I'm having a baby.
Are you pleased? I'm so happy.
Really? A baby? Did you see a doctor?
I'm three months.
Have an abortion. The sooner, the better.
Don't you want a baby?
Yeah, I do.
What is it then? Don't you love me?
Yeah, but you can't have it.
Why not?
With Sagara, it's too dangerous.
You saw me kidnap his kid.
He'll want revenge.
So quit the life.
I'm sick of running and hiding.
Let's do it now.
You either get the abortion, or we're finished.
It's all over.
I don't care, I'll have my baby to comfort me.
How will you manage? Become a whore?
No, I can get a job.
I don't want you to leave. You know I love you.
Please, just do as I tell you.
Go to the hospital, just do it, I beg you.
Alright, then.
Finally you understand.
Yes, you're a very cold person.
I'm what?
It's not about you. Yakuza can never become human beings.
Well, I was born and raised in this life.
There's no one to blame.
How was it?
Are you kidding? Look, she clawed me.
Clawed you?
She refuses to have an abortion. Better forget it.
Little bitch.
They're all like that at first. The quiet types are the worst.
But she loves you, you're a lucky man.
So what about the deposit I paid?
Give this to her later.
What is it?
To abort the baby. Tell her it's something else.
It's German, expensive but effective.
It's up to you now, I'm hungry.
We'll go to your place.
I want the baby.
How can I rely on you? You could die tomorrow. I want it.
Don't hex me!
Well, look who it is!
She's that usher. She pregnant?
What's wrong with you?
I got married.
I have to come here to have a baby.
You always were a good liar.
I'm glad we split.
Three months, you say? Come inside.
I hope you don't claw me.
Where's your brother?
He's out looking for work. You want tea?
No thanks. I wanted him to help us.
Help us what?
- Move out of here. - What?
Remember that woman we ran into at the hospital?
That talkative doctor will tell her all about us.
So much backstabbing. I hate the Yakuza.
I must protect you both.
But do we have somewhere to go to?
Let's go to Kanda, your workplace.
I'll call and get him to loan us the apartment.
Why the sudden rush? What's that?
This? It's medicine from that doctor.
It's for... what do you call it when you get sick?
Morning sickness?
That's it. This medicine helps prevent it.
That's strange.
The other doctor said that I didn't have a bad case.
Well, it was expensive so you'd better take it.
Yes, but...
You said you'd take it, so why keep putting it off?
Drink it all down.
I'll go call him.
I'm getting old.
What's that?
That makes sense.
I guess you'll want to get paid for this.
What did you do that for?
I hate him.
No, you still love him.
Take care of me first. You can hardly sing, you need me.
What's wrong?
It's the anesthetic.
Women can be frightening.
- Like who? - Takeo's old girl.
What about her?
Takeo has got that usher pregnant.
Hang on, at the time of that strike...
Sorry, I've been busy.
Did you find work?
Not at all.
I can't even go to Kyushu and work on Uncle's boat.
Takeo will help you.
That's a great help!
Are you being sarcastic?
I'm not that brave.
Then what?
I'm so disappointed that you're mixed up with him.
I don't think for a moment that he loves you.
Who cares about that, anyway?
You're free to go with whomever you like.
But does it have to be a Yakuza?
But he's not really bad, I know he isn't.
It's just the world he lives in.
You're too naive. All Yakuza have something wrong.
They kill people.
How can he make you happy?
Yoshie, leave him now. Listen to what I'm saying.
You're my only family, I'm doing it for you.
Come with me. Let's go back to Kyushu together.
Before you get stuck in the mud of his life.
No! I'll do what I want.
You refuse to listen to me?
He's not a bad man.
Fool! It's not that simple.
All I want is for you to find happiness.
I chose this road, I won't regret it.
You're such a fool.
Do as you please!
Hi there.
It's you.
- I saw your brother. - Did you?
- I don't think he likes me. - Well...
I don't like his type, either.
He's a good man, but stubborn.
He's just like you.
We had a fight.
He hasn't got a job.
Give this to him next time.
Thanks, I appreciate it.
I'll look for a better place, in the meantime, bear it here.
I don't want to be alone. Stay here tonight.
How do you feel now?
No change. Why?
Nothing really, I'm just concerned.
Concerned? Why?
Did you feel better after taking that medicine?
Morning sickness? No change at all.
Is that right?
Why keep on about that medicine?
It's my first experience.
What's so funny?
I vomited it up.
You vomited?
Yes. I put my finger down my throat.
You idiot!
You liar. That was never for morning sickness!
What's that?
Then why did you hit me?
If it were really medicine, there'd be more than one dose.
Shut up!
You don't care about me or the baby.
You don't want a baby.
Isn't that right? Admit it!
How could you force me to take it?
Shut up!
You can't fool me, I'm no stupid Yakuza.
- And I hate born liars! - You bitch!
Go on, keep it up.
Damn you!
Hit me again!
Damn bitch!
Whatever you say or do, I'll have the baby.
You'll have to kill me.
Go on, do it.
I want to have your baby.
You're insane, you're twisted inside.
But I still love you, that's why I'll have it.
I'll raise it to be a good, honest child.
I give up.
I've never met a woman like you before.
You understand?
You do, don't you?
Number four and five in the fifth race.
Just a minute.
Not now!
Hey, Boss. There's a call for you.
Hi Boss. It's me, Aikawa.
Sagara has got a hold of Yoshie's brother.
He's waiting for you to call.
Asahina? I thought so.
I've found myself a lost man.
Don't say that, I'm just imitating you.
Here's the score.
I want the massage parlor you bought with drug money.
The Land Registration Office tomorrow at 10 am.
Bring the paperwork.
Hate to disappoint you, but he means nothing to me.
You're really tough, but listen to this.
What was all that?
None of your business, shut up.
What's wrong with you?
Shut up. I knew this would happen.
What's got you so upset?
You mentioned an uncle in Kyushu.
Go stay there until it's born, I'll send you money.
Why so suddenly?
When I say go, you go!
No, I don't want to be apart.
You don't get it!
They could come here at any moment.
Who called just now?
It's dangerous here, we'll sleep somewhere else.
You leave tomorrow.
Is this another attempt to trick me?
You idiot!
Don't hit me!
You're so stubborn. Do as I tell you to.
I'll consult my brother.
No, I forbid it.
You leave now.
Wait there for me.
You got that?
He's a stubborn one, alright.
He hasn't called, he's planning an attack on us.
Prepare for it.
Let him try!
Good evening.
- Good timing, Masa. - How come?
We need you to ward off Asahina.
No way!
I didn't sign up for that.
You still haven't done anything, why should I pay you?
When will you kill him?
You still haven't paid in full.
The title deed? No way.
Letter of Attorney, too.
You refuse me?
Look, you should know.
Most of all, Yakuza are after money.
Money to blow.
And they'll do anything to get money.
They'll kill for money.
This massage parlor is the only asset we've got.
I'm not giving it away.
You want her brother to die?
My, how gentle you have become.
Listen to me.
Yakuza will even sell out their own Godfather.
Yoshie's brother means nothing to us.
I'll let you in on a secret.
Yoshie is pregnant.
So what? Dump her, act like a Yakuza.
Say that again!
Women are toys to us, have fun then dump 'em.
Love is for citizens, not us.
You'll never understand.
Understand what?
She's a good woman.
If you're so in love with her why don't you
gallop off and rescue him?
Or will you run and hide again?
I'll go!
I ain't going. When it comes to private affairs, count me out.
I wouldn't ask you. Give me that gun.
It's in the office.
Listen, Boss...
Be careful, you can't beat them.
I needed that.
This is the end of us, Aikawa.
It's freezing.
Hello, Boss.
Take this.
What now?
What the hell?
Have the massage parlor.
Don't want it!
You bastard!
Stop dreaming, open your eyes.
Shut up!
We've been together since we were young boys.
It's the first time I've seen you in love.
- You take good care of her. - What do you mean?
Why don't you get away from the life?
They'll beat you to death tonight.
How would I survive?
I can't do anything. It'd be a death sentence.
I've solved all our problems.
Sell off the markets and go down to Osaka.
Don't worry, I'll be with you.
Office of Land Registry
Here he is. My regards to Takeo.
Your sister's waiting at the station.
Your lunch and something for your uncle.
That suits you.
You reckon?
Soon as I get settled in Osaka, I'll send for you.
Can I believe you?
I'm a father to be, count on me.
I want you and the baby.
I'll go buy some baby clothes.
I can get them anywhere.
My kid wants something special.
Something from Tokyo.
I leave in 30 minutes.
Leave it to me.
You're all crazy.
Sorry to get you involved.
Takeo has decided to quit the life, give him some slack.
I don't believe it.
By next month we'll both be down in Osaka.
Make it snappy.
Just a moment.
How's this?
Too expensive.
I prefer this one.
Thank you, sir.
Start walking.
I never expected this...
The End
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