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Subtitles for Afrika (2002).

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Afrika (2002)

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Produced by Shin Sung Soo Productions
Presented by IM Pictures
I got a lefter from Mom
She's got a boy friend a 51-old engineer
Lee Yo-Won
Kim Min-Sun
Lee Young-Jin
Jo Eun-Ji
Shim Eun-ha, Jung Woo-sung Choi Jin-shil
They're stars they didn't go to college
So why doesn't it work for me?
The bastard traded me in for the daughter of a rich doctor
Forget about him I'll find someone better
Son of a Bitch!
I don't teach for my benefit
I failed two auditions this week 36 times, all together
I'm a failure, a total loser!
Original Play by Ha Sung-ran Screenplay by Song Min-ho
Edited by Koh Im-Pyo
Music by Ahn Sung-Joon
Look don't screw around Just give the CDs back
You shouldn't frown You're too pretty to work here
What are you doing?
What's this about?
This bitch is calling me a thief Is this how you treat customers?
- College sophomore? - Yeah?
You remind me of my own daughter
How much do you get paid for this?
- How do they feel? - You look really cute
Directed by Shin Sung Soo
See you, raise you 2
I fold
Don't misunderstand this but if you need money call me
Just like my daughter
Good bye, sir
Old pervert
Five and ten more
- How about a car? - Don't worry, everything's fine
Just make sure everything's ok
Stop worrying you sound like my mom!
All right, relax
We're getting the hell out of here tomorrow, right?
You talk like you want to run away from home
I'll confirm the car anyway
Hello? Sure, it's ready, dear
Can I go with you this time?
No, not this time I'm picking up grandma
- You don't trust me, huh? - What kind is it?
You know what I like, right?
It's the sedan my brother used to drive. He's a diplomat
Just say 'call' if you're out of money
Damn it! Lend me some cash
OK. I'll call it
I'll throw this in
I'll get it back tomorrow. I'm in
What the hell?
Alright! I'm going all the way
- O.K., go get it! - Yes, sir
Here you are
I bet the gun and I'll throw in a magazine!
What the fuck? You son of a bitch!
Where the hell did you get a gun? You want a piece of me?
I bet my service badge, and call!
- I'm out - I'll take it
Show your cards
Where did you get the gun? It looked new
It was present to our president from our Japanese partner
You call it a company with just a few gangsters?
Guns aren't even allowed Even you gangsters got guns?
Globalization, buddy we need to be with the times
Watch out! Or you'll get in trouble
Make sure you pay me back for the gun tomorrow
or my boss'll cut off my pinky and I'll pick my nose like this
Greedy bastard. He should've have given the gun back
Go round up 2 million for us
We need to get our guns back
- Cat got your tongue? - Alright
Go to hell, you bastard!
Suck in your gut!
Thank you
Oh yeah, she'll like that car
Give me the key to 3016
Well... you look new to me
Don't you know? I'm his road manager
Why do you always do this every time I'm here?
Give me the keys I'm in a hurry
It's Friday. What a great fucking day
We're on our way to the beach for a little R&R
I'm promising actress, So-hyun
Ji-won, my manger and coordinator is driving now
Say hello
I know why you failed the audition
Oh, she is really upsetting me
I think I'll fire her, anyway
Let's take a look at the car
Plush seats...Power steering
Automatic transmission
CD player, of course. What else?
Oh, is this a briefcase full of money? Is it yours?
And we got a Dunhil bag for free It's great!
- What's this? - What? Is it an imitation?
It's a gun!
Isn't the owner of a car like this a little old for kids' toys?
So, what's in this one then?
Wow, it's another gun
Maybe one was lonely
Thank Young-bae for the car and the toys
Pretty girls like me are always exposed to danger
We had a blow out
What's that weird smell?
Oh God, that's a real gun!
What? A gun? What are you talking about?
Tell me why there's a gun in the car
Oh that, it's a toy for my nephew
No, it's real
The same kind that cops carry and there's two
Stop messing around I'm busy writing my thesis
The rear window is shaftered What are we going to do?
Hello, So-hyun!
Young-bae? Young-bae?
The piece of shit baftery died
- Hello - What's up?
What a bitch! She barked at me and hung up
What did he say?
He doesn't know what I'm talking about, What do we do?
What the hell were you thinking leaving them in the car?
How are you going to get them back?
I'll call the police they can help us find them
The police, are you on drugs?
If you don't find them you'll be crippled forever
It must be his dad's
No, he said, it's his brother's
Man, he's one ugly old cat
Perhaps they're brothers
He said his brother is a diplomat I think he's lying
Anyway, I feel good...
How about just drowning in the sea?
Let's go!
Make your wish to the king of the sea
Let me live a fucking passionate life!
I'm dying to get a scholarship!
I'm just want to have a good audition
Just let us live how we want!
Raw fish and whiskey is good for your skin
- This is a week's pay! - Whatever!
- Anything left, you're dead. Never - What's this?
This looks suspicious
Looks like a gun has been fired
What's going on? What are those cops doing?
I'll check it out
Stay here. Something's wrong
Something's wrong with the car We got all our stuff out?
No, my camcorder's in there
What should we do?
You know how much that camcorder was?
What do we do with the guns? I'm scared
- Say something! - Stop whining
Let's just get them to the police or dump them in the sea
No, there must be an owner
If we do something wrong it could be worse
The car window costs a lot
That's not the problem
I was insane to borrow the car!
Hey where you girls going? Want a ride?
Don't pay attention to them
Where are you going? You from Seoul?
Male chauvinist pigs!
Hey, they're rescue members
Are you college students?
Why? Do we look old enough to be in college?
I thought you're high school girls
That's not the first time we heard that
Is this the right way?
You're going to the bus terminal, right?
We're taking a shortcut Don't worry
Stay calm
Get out
- Where are we? - Terminal of Love
Don't pretend to be shy Get out and I'll stop hitting you
Get out. Come on!
- Please, help me - Get inside
Take off your clothes you don't want to piss us off
- Sott one for me - Tough one for me
Wait! ... Just behave yourself Let's do this the right way
Oh yeah! They're really professional
Don't move! So-hyun, come here
What the fuck? Are you nuts?
Don't come any closer
You like this?
Fuck you!
- Who's that? - They're calling
- What do l...? - Just answer
- I can't - Answer it!
Hello! Hello! You bitches, return my car right now!
I'll call the police It's not mine
- Are you there? - Yeah, I'm here
Hold the phone Fasten your seat belt
- What are you...? - Just do it!
If you return the car I'll forgive you, huh?
Why should we be forgiven by you?
Listen carefully your car just crashed
I'm scared Are you sure this is safe?
You want to sleep on the ground?
Damn you
Wait for me, I'm coming
Hold on, slow down
Ji-won, where are you Stop goofing off
Come out. Come on, I'm scared
Oh, please
I feel like this is all a dream
- How about you? - Me, too
What happened to us?
Will they believe us when we tell our friends?
You shooting the gun like Angelina Jolli
Are you sleeping?
I got a lefter from Mom
She has a new guy. Poor mom!
Just be happy for her
It's better for her to be with someone than to be by herself
You think so?... It seems like it's women's fate
You got them?
- 1 1:40 - 1 1:40?
- Still an hour left - It's the earliest one
I'm afraid they called the police
Probably not we didn't try to rape them
When we get back to Seoul we'll bring the guns back
- Then it's over? - Yep, that's it
Did they live in the car?
Why not at their home?
All these clothes are really sexy
Just one bet and my 20 year police career is gone!
It looks like a college girls and what's this?
A camcorder A really nice one
This city feels weird It's so empty
Can we get some water
Hey. What the...
Want some water? I'm good at watering
Water? Just tell me and I'll do anything
You know, there's two of you and two of us
What are you doing to my customers? Get away!
How annoying!
You dirty pig
I just want to have a good time with them
Don't back talk me!
I hate this
Delivery? Come here
You should try again!
Now it's your turn
I knew you'd come around
You perverts piss me off!
Hey, get in the car!
Holy shit, that was cool!
How did you got the gun? How much was it?
Why don't you guys say anything
Shut your mouth and stop the car
No! I'm your hostage! You need me
Hey, we're not hijackers we don't need a hostage
I'm really tired of this town Please take me with you
I'm not cut for this kind of town
I'm hungry
What about you?
Oh shit, she's crazy
Oh, this is great Hey lady, this is a real gun
Where's the money?
Get out! We're not armed robbers You can't do shit like that
I was hungry
- Give it back to me - What?
The gun
Well...can't I keep it a little longer?
You finished talking, yet?
Let's just get rid of this car
We should get further away
When we get rid of the car let's get rid of her, too
Oh, let me go me with you
I don't have any place to go and look at this...
These women are crazy
Let's take a look at the car
Plush seats
Power steering
...bag What's this? It's a gun
What's in here? Another gun!
Maybe one was lonely
Thank Young-bae for the car and the...
Stop, rewind it
Stop, forward
Thank Young-bae for the car and the...
Right there
What did she say, Young-bae?
Thank Young-bae for the car and the...
That fucker stole the car
Give me her diary
What is all this shit?
Girls these days
Print out the photos of the fucking girls
- You find Young-bae! - Alright
We're dead if the police get them first
What do we do? No money, no car
One more useless mouth!
Oh, this is really good
You going to eat those noodles?
You ate the bread, and now this?
Give me more soup!
- You got any money? - No
You going to rob this place, too?
Well... I'll think about it after dinner
Eve-card, they don't give this to anybody
This card is not registered
This card is not registered
What the fuck? I've money in my account
This card is not registered
This is pissing me off!
I've 1.6 million won in my account
- Really? - Just be quiet
Nothing works for me!
Are you crazy? That was insane
I did the right thing It's my money
The card didn't work and I got my money
We've to get out of here The cops will be here any second
Kang-rung is all messed up!
Because of the car you stole everything's fucked up!
Which one? Who stole the car?
Your answer determines whether we live or die
I've always wanted to stay in a place like this
This is great... I love this
Let's make a crown
Hello, everyone It's a beautiful night
They were going to pick up their grandma seems to be a lie
Tell me all you've found
One is from Tae-jon her mom's a hair dresser
She is a sophomore majoring in poly-sci
The other is the daughter of the president of ABC boiler company
Her parents are in America visiting their son for 10 days
What am I doing? I'm shitting!
Shit, I put in for a vacation
Meet me in Kang-rung
His shouting isn't going to help me get the gun
What the hell did I have for lunch yesterday?
Two-girls, posing as customers entered the coffee shop of the Kang-rung
Suddenly pulling gun they fired several shots
and took the waitress as hostage
They robbed the bakery and a nearby ATM as they fled
The police are reviewing the CCTV footage
They should be considered armed and dangerous
I cleared all the fingerprints off the car
Did I forget something? What's going to happen to us?
- Are we going to jail? - Shut your mouth
Young-mi, please come back
I won't force you to prostitute
I can't believe she just said that!
I said, shut up
That mouthy bitch
The Police announced an emergency warning today
and are still investigating the casings left on the site
Police are still puzzled as to how they got the guns
and where they seem to be going
Tickets found show they may be headed for Seoul
Main roads into Seoul are being strictly controlled
Can I help you?
This is pretty This is good, too
Anything bigger than this?
You take just this
Ji-won, something's strange
- TV lies - Excuse me?
You look more cute than now than on TV
What are you talking about? We're college girls from Seoul
You're the waitress hostage?
I'm not a hostage I'm not a waitress, either
- She's weird. Let's go - Then you get busted
You need me, if you wanna get out of here safely
Why should we need you?
You can't get out of this area by yourselves
This town is so small that we even know everyone's dog...
Just stop fucking around and give me the key
I'll add some more gifts
Take whatever clothes you want
Then these girls pulled out the gun
I thought it was a toy, first
Is it true that they're from North Korea?
The other two seemed to force her to shoot
The moment I heard firing
I thought we were at war
The bullets were flying
Please bring the hostage back to me
I paid 4 million won for her
Do you know how hard it is to hire another girl?
What's going on? This is dangerous
We've got to go back
This is the end of the road
Two more hours there is a shelter. It's safe
What do we do with the car?
I'll call my friend to take it
Oh, no. I don't want to go without a car
It's cold
Who are you? You don't look like tourists
You girls look familiar
TV says there are only three
He knows who we are
Who are you, anyway?
We're Ssirum wrestlers on a training course
The sun is setting Come with us!
Dinner is ready
We've been searching all over the country for you
It's amazing how different all the mafia families are
Let's use the guns
Yeah, good idea
Don't shoot anyone
- Don't move an inch - Or we'll shoot you
Get everyone into the room
- Take them away! - Yes, sir
We're being chased, too
We owe you
All evidence says they are still nearby
How do you suppose they got the gun?
Highly trained anti-governmentalists or thieves
We suspect they're one of the two
Are they really from the North?
Police are stationed within 20 km of the crime scene to protect our citizens
Is it true that they're already in Seoul?
We're convinced we'll get them
Wow, some shade
- It's so hot - I'm so tired
What is this grass poison or something?
It's making my skin look terrible I need a shower
Oh shut up, beauty queen
I envy you. You don't have to worry about your skin
Oh, I want to have pizza
- Sushi - ramen
- Sausage - Snickers
- Ice cream - spaghetti
- Baked potato - steak
- Hamburger, coke - French fries, milkshake
Oh, no!
Tell me what made you come with us
Me? Didn't I tell you?
She looks too proud
She's irritating
Why? I like her
I felt something good was going to happen
According to the car found they haven't gone far
Just 4 days have passed
However fast they walk they're still within 2 km of B
and the south-west is roadblocked
Let's get to Sampo before them
Good, we're ahead of them
Why there? Why not there?
Detective work comes from instinct
True detective work is done by instinct not by technology
You're in prison long enough and you become like a detective
You could give a lecture at the police academy
- Destroy the evidence - Yes, sir
How loyal your dog is
Yes, sir
What a relief
Ji-won, you ok?
- Hurry - Feel great. Stay there
Aren't you a little far from home?
Doesn't matter I wouldn't call home a home
Some day, you'll want to
- How about you? - Well...
I don't have a home to return for a while
Don't go anywhere
You're not sleeping?
How come I can sleep here?
I'll be honest, listen
You're with them just because of the guns
How do you know that?
What will you do with them?
It's none of your business
I'd like to get my hands on them You, too?
Hell yeah, they're easily worth 30 million won
Jin-ah seems strange Her eyes look weird
Let's not judge her so quickly
But she's lied to us A waitress? Come on she's a hooker
They're from different worlds than us
We need the guns more than them
Besides, that one bitch hit me
I'm pissed They're just lazy college chicks
Poker? I won't do it again
I just wanted to buy a rolex for my wife!
Hey man, you've done well before It was just bad luck
- Keep driving - Alright, my brother
Shit, don't flatter yourself You'll never be a cop's brother
Wake your fat ass up
Where the hell are those bitches?
Get out!
Come on
How many times do I have to tell you not to sleep?
You think it's your job to sleep after meals?
Stand still
You're a disgraceful fat slob An embarrassment
Get up!
Get up!
Stand still
Who the fuck do you think I am?
Those two gangsters disgust me
Fat fuck
How many times? More than 178 times
What do you got, shit for brains?
Start doing you job, boner breath
Get up!
Time feels like it's stopped It's so calm here
I like this
Where are you from?
Taejon, my parents run a brewery
Successful parents and you're a hooker in a coffee shop?
Who the hell would believe that?
My mom is only a mistress
Besides, who would believe two college girls have guns?
What crime did we commit?
Just having the gun
They're not ours
We don't even know whose they are
Those girls look like shit
They used the hostage's ID photo for the poster
Is this the only one they could find?
I don't have any business because of them
What do you think?
Let me think
Pissed off chicks whose pimp ain't paying them
"We're pissed off, too, so what?"
There must be a story
Are they mafia or something?
Armed robbery. Not often chicks have guns in Korea
Can you keep secret? About our national security?
I've been to North Korea on secret army missions
Come on, do we look that stupid?
They're spies from the North I know this kind of stuff
The police are such fuck offs!
How come they can't catch a couple of girls
And the hostage the hostess with the ugly nose
she's definitely one of them
Who would pay to have sex with her anyway?
Hey! Your nose is round like hers, too!
You got a fucking problem with my nose?
You think your a fucking model?
You see? We're the 4 girl gangsters
You've got a mirror Look at your face!
Now who looks like shit, cabbie?
Oh, look! The marine needs a diaper
Once a pisser, forever a pisser
Run, you stupid son of a bitch
Again? Come on don't hit me, again
I told you not to keep quiet
He made fun of my nose
She fired the gun we better get out of here!
He can get to the police in half an hour
Police? Within half an hour?
Oh Jesus. Give me the gun
We're leaving
If it were up to me I'd kick your ass
Hey, wait! Don't leave me out here!
I'll be quiet! Stop!
May I see your ID?
- I'm a police officer - Thank sir
- They have to pass through here - How can you be so sure?
Geographically, this area is surrounded by mountains
with only six small towns All the roads lead to this one
This checkpoint is the only way to get to Seoul
- It's the only way for... - Oh, you're very good
What are you doing?
I said, stop!
I said, stop!
Did you see the movie "Shilla Night?"
It's about gangsters like you, right?
No, they're businessmen
The film was a big hit
You probably won't believe it but it's my story
"Shilla Night"
When I was given control of my area I told a director
if it could be made into a movie it would be a hit
You always say all the movies are your story?
"Female Gangster" is about your sister-in-law?
She is a legendary woman
She works in a quiet restaurant somewhere now
Man, it was great to see her using all those weapons
I told the director about her and look what a big hit she was
What's wrong?
How about going into the film making business?
You wanna announce you're insane?
- Over there... - What? Tell me
In the funeral bus, the girls...
They are dead, all four of them?
They weren't dead they were sitting on the bus
- Really? - Yeah
Get in front of the bus
You want to drive?
Sorry to bother you. We're police
We'd like to inspect this bus for a moment
Where're they?
They were over...l don't see them!
You said you saw them
Maybe they're hiding in the coffins
So what you want to go and open all the coffins?
We apologize for the inconvenience
Sorry and I pray for the soul of the departed
Where are the hell are they?
An now more developments on the criminals on the run
Only a few hours ago, they threatened a taxi driver stealing his money and his car
According to the driver who risked his life to escape
There are now four members and the original hostage
is apparently assisting them on her own free will
As the driver was forced to go in the direction of Seoul
the police are assuming that's where they're
What? Am I dying soon?
No, it's about your finances You don't have any
Your parents are divorced
you've been aimlessly floating around since then
- Shit, exactly - Read mine
When will I find someone to love?
You were in love with a married man...
You can see that?
Poor girl
Deceived by a man recently...
The guy who lent you the car
- You're amazing! - Tell us about you
We don't know anything about you
You know my name...
I have a clothing shop...
My figure and appearance is better than you all of yours...
I bet her shit don't stink either
After high school I worked at a bank
and then got sent to the big house for a while
- The big house?
Nothing outrageous
I met a man, and was betrayed
The stereotypical story
I wanna go home
I miss Mom
Who are you?
We don't need any part time workers
- Don't move - Freeze
What's going on here?
Haven't you heard of the 4-girl-gang?
You... you look familiar to me
You worked here before, right?
- Never - No?
Are you going to keep asking questions?
I'm sure
Shut your trap for Christ's sake and give me the cash
My wife has all the money
Search. I've got nothing
Believe you? Search!
You're not going to hurt me, right?
Look inside the freezer, there is a box
Please don't point the gun at me It makes me nervous
I've found it!
OK. take it all
Why don't you take the whole gas station, too?
You feel bad? Try singing a happy song
Sing a fucking so... Please excuse my language...
but think about it could you sing if you were me?
Not for you, for our enjoyment!
Why did you destroy the phone?
- Hurry - Alright. I'll sing
Robbers never leave me without destroying my phone
And why do they always make me sing!
Sing. Sing
Boring. Heard it a million times
You've heard that? I'll try another one
What song is that?
I rarely sing this song
Fill it up
It's free today
Has the owner lost his marbles?
You are dirty, I've seen cleaner pigs
Yours are bigger than I thought
I'm a woman, too
This works as a mobile phone and radio?
The newest model
We are like spies, right?
They disappeared into the mountains like ghosts
- Really? - Sure
The stupid taxi driver is still in shock
You ever logged into 4-girl-gangster fan website?
- Fantastic - How?
They have admirers from all over
I hope they don't get caught
Never! Even the tough marine pissed his pants
Copycat crimes have begun occurring all over the country
There's a home page dedicated to them
AFRIKA is the initials of the four girls
and the site is experiencing so many hits it's not working
- They're having fun - So we're popular?
- This is getting out of control - It really is!
Crimes have been reported in six cities
The guns are very realistic
They are still within the Kyungbook area
- Cyber police are... - in charge of home page
Jesus Christ!
Who invented the fucking internet, anyway?
Afrika, a group of admirers for the 4 revolutionary idols
That's cool
A little overstated
Right, tell them the truth
You're fucking Africa? Right Whatever, don't waste our time
They don't believe us
Let me take care of that
I'll show them Young-mi and tell the truth
Let's find a computer with a web cam
Over there
Got it? Look sexy
- Kick some ass - My first time on air
Let's move so they can't see us
- Hi, guys - Hi
Thank you very much for your love
I'm Young-mi, the hostage Nice to meet you
- Afrika! - Really?
There're so many fans
Just say what I say
Everything reported is a lie
The news reports are lies
I'm not a hostage, we're all friends
They were just going to Kang-rung for vacation
There was a mix up and now we're being chased by police
What about the taxi driver?
I saw him on TV he is a fucking liar
You guys kick much ass
- Please don't get caught - Yeah
- Enough - It just started
We're being chased and we've got to go
Remember us, Afrika We'll log in soon
They just showed up in Pohang
Notity Pohang authorities
Pohang? They're already in Pohang?
Are you sure? Shit!
Let's get to Pohang
Those bitches are making it so hard to catch them
Oh-bong, what do they have in Pohang
- A steel factory - I'm talking about food
They've got good meat but it's fucking expensive
Give the map to me
A map for foreign tourists? I can't read this shit
- Seems that we're late - What the...?
We're late, again
Fucking girls!
I'm going to kill them!
Where are you, you bitches?
What is he doing?
Don't you see? He's lost his shit
What if we don't find them?
We three just stay together forever
Be careful what you wish for Let's hope they go home some day
I'm seeing their photos so much I'm starting to like them
Really? Me, too
How about joining their fan club?
Good idea You pay the membership fee
Other expenses are on us
Shut the hell up!
You're experts at making me mad
I've got a shooting test next week
Unless I get the gun back..
I'll be in big trouble
I'm sure, me, too
The 4-girl-gangsters, having evaded the police in Pohang
are now nowhere to be found in spite of roadblocks
Kim Young-Shik has more on this from the police
There're no new clues in this investigation
Could you show us your ID's ?
Here you are
How did I look?
Let's just stop doing this fucking thing and buy guns
As far as I know it's not that expensive
It isn't? Can we replace them with black market stuff?
You think the police are that easy to deceive?
Fill it up
I don't like saying this, but...
I've paid more than 1 million for gas and...
got five speed tickets which means 300,000 won
Grow up and stop whining!
You, get some coffee for me
He is old enough to be treated politely
Get the fucking coffee for me, too
Why'd you buy a big car?
You bluffers always drive a big car
What do you care?
Shit, I've still got 35 payments You pay for the gas
You don't know how poorly we're paid?
What are you doing?
I know where you keep your secret money
You're a burglar, give it back to me
- Why do I pay all the time? - It's what I have to pay back
- You pay something - Pay what?
- I don't have any money - No, I've got to use that
Those two are always insulting me and hurting my feelings
Here's your change
You are fucking guy
What's this slimy stuff?
Oh, it's royal jelly It's a new kind of coffee
Tastes really good
The color is great? How much is it?
Nobody move
One twitch, I'll blow out your brains
We're Afrika!
- No credit cards! - Cash only please
You trained a lot but...
You look like amateurs
What the... you four Sit there
I told you, sit on the floor!
- When an original and - a fake meet...
Y-Y-You really are Afrika!
We're your number 1 fans
You're really Afrika? Oh, my god
Hands up
What? They're boys!
We don't have enough for the room
That's all we have? We spent it already?
We wasted it on clothes and useless stuff, and food...
We can't pay for the room
Less than 100,000won What should we do?
How about robbing a bank?
Not robbing some small store
Just one bank and that's the end
You're insane?
I've never robbed a bank
Rob a bank? You think we're that good?
Why hit her? Just say, "no!"
It's all because of you
If you hadn't followed us none of this would've happened
Listen, So-hyun and I are not thieves
Funny! So we are?
If I hadn't helped you you two would be in jail now
Don't put the two of us in danger I won't let you
I wanna be alone
We've been together too long we need to separate
I know we should say good bye now
We came to Pusan because you willed us to?
Yes, but...
When I saw you on TV I was dying to get the gun
When I saw you in my shop by chance I made my mind
I would do anything for a gun
I'm not afraid of risking my life
Why did you do that? You got us into this mess
and next we were armed robbers
Anyway, you're the owner of the guns
Without the guns we wouldn't be with you
This dangerous stuff doesn't go with you college girls
I could've stolen the gun but I wanted to be honest
The gun could make only some stories for you
but I need this gun desperately risking my life
Are you crazy?
Don't fight. I'm scared
It's because of me? I will go, if you say so
Just let me be your hostage
You two are the same
You two always look unhappy and miserable
We're just over 20 too young to be pessimists
Are you too proud to see eye to eye?
Ji-won, always looking dissatisfied And you?
Are you with us just... because of the gun?
Is that the only reason you've been with us all this way?
I got a job at a bank just after high school
It was at the bank that I met him
Ironically, he needed a lot of money and...
I was arrested for stealing the money for him
I was in love with him
Bank teller arrested for siphoning 300 million won over 2 months
I was sentenced to 3 years
I was alone and he stopped keeping in touch
Five years have passed since I was betrayed
It's not just your problem but the problem of all women
I can take care of myself
No, you can't. Let's do it We've got a fan club
It wasn't very hard to find you
You've done well for yourself! Bastard!
The 4-girl gangsters... on TV?
Why... are you doing this?
Sit down
Pay the money you embezzled back
Transfer it to the bank you embezzled it from, hurry!
The amount to be transferred 360,000,000 won
Then, they're going to know from which account it came
That's not what you should be worried about
I'll pay back Give me some time
Bullshit, send it now!
Think about our great times together
There weren't any. Do it!
Do it
The money is being transferred
Transfer completed
Shoot him!
Even if he's gone forever, no one's going to miss the bastard
Take off your pants, too. Hurry!
If you try anything stupid you'll get a bullet
Run to the stage
Look run!
To the left, to the right!
Don't stop!
Down in front, you asshole
What the hell are you doing up there?
They'll kill me
Just watch the movie I don't wanna die
Forget everything about him. It's over
Isn't it funny? The whole world is shaking because of a gun?
I... wanna stop doing this
Wait, what about me?
I want to go to America study to be a singer
Why you have to go to America?
You don't know? All the good music comes from the U.S
Don't you watch TV?
Shut up
You think going to America is as easy as getting on the plane?
Really? I know
Look I want to get a plastic surgery
You pretty girls don't understand me
You know how I feel?
I can't make that kind of money as a waitress
All I need is this gun
I thought it'd be better to be with you and with the gun
30 million is what I want
we can't get 30 million?
What should I do?
What am l?
I can't leave you like this
Me, either
O.K. We make money for the surgery
Shut up and open the safe
What? You need something exciting?
You want this?
Open the safe in the count of 3 or your brain'll be splattered
Why no shooting? Some trouble with your fingers?
I've been driven crazy because of you
I'm not kidding
Not kidding? Then what?
You're the third group this morning
You know what? You're the worst imitation, yet
When I see you kids I feel my head steaming
Others come in with at least four in a group
You don't notice her? She was on TV
What? You were on TV?
You know what?
You didn't see the montage all over town?
Son of bitch, I changed my hairstyle, that's why!
That's a good one
I failed the police exam 7 times
If I capture you, I'll be admitted into the police academy
Hey you believe me now?
Yes, ok
Get the fucking money
It's open. Take all the money
And you wanted to be a cop? Yeah, right
- Hands up! - Give me the cash
The 4-girl-gangsters broke into several place in a row...
The 4-girl-gangsters!
- Don't move! - Stay there!
Speed up!
Get us out of here
I'm supposed to pick up the president
Are we going to get caught?
Faster, speed up
- I've a question - What's that?
You're Afrika, right?
Yes, we are Afrika
Why? You got a problem with us?
I'm honored to meet you I'm a member of the fan club
You look fucking pretty
Who's the boss? Who's the supplier of the bullets?
Have you ever killed a person?
Shut up and just drive
So-hyun, give them the money
You two get off the car and we'll take care of the rest
You said beauty is a woman's weapon
Get the surgery and use your beauty
There's about 30 million won
Young-mi, we want you to have confidence in yourself
No, I wanna go with you
No. The cards didn't say that
Don't be frightened just speed up
I am crazy about driving
One more cop car
I don't want this money I don't need surgery
I have you
It worked
That was fucking great
I don't feel so bad
It's not our money, anyway
Don't worry, I won't say we should rob
You really impressed me
Don't intrude, just stop the car
Stop the car!
You never saw us. O.K.?
Don't get caught. Take care
It's dangerous The road is blocked
Let's go downtown we'll be safe in he crowd
Four please
What should we do?
We just watch the movie?
Let's think of something
We have the fans
What do you think?
It's all over
This is the end
I, Korean Rambo, am going to end it all now
And it's all because of the young kids!
Don't you think I am too young to die
You're with us don't betray us now
We do it cleanly Bottoms up and we're gone
Completely dead
- Why mine is more? - You're the boss
Let's have a moment to say our last words
I don't see why I got more
I am sad
Why did I cancel my insurance?
I wish I' d have gone out with the girl I had in mind
It's really too bad
My wife didn't push me to buy her a rolex!
Answer the phone before we die
- Should l? - No hurry to die
Right, we've a lot of time to die
You're right
Detective Kim?
I'm fucking detective Kim Who the fuck are you?
We thought you're expecting us to show up
We wanna go home now
You, you...
You logged in?
Wait! They'll help us
What did they say?
They'll make the deal
At last
- How have you been? - Camcorder and my diary
Where is the gun?
It goes to the fucking owner
You really shouldn't say the 'f' word
Don't turn around
Shut the hell up we're trying to watch the move
Do you know what you did?
The whole country is in big fuss because
We didn't take the gun it just came to us
Did you enjoyed shooting and wasting my bullets?
Please, be quiet
Listen to me
I'm the only one who can help you, right?
You're a real cop, huh?
Yes, I am
The gun you played the game with is a cop's gun
If anyone finds out I will be dead, too
Give the gun to me and run away before cops come
I'll take care of the rest
You expect us to trust a cop?
None of us tries to find out about the other
There is a way This is a win-win situation
We'll let you know where it's in 5 minutes by phone
It's not fair
You're not in the fucking position to argue
You used the 'f' word again Hurry up and call!
They're here as they promised
- Let's go - Where?
To join their parade
The birds' nest should be kept!
Let's preserve mother nature
They make trouble for us 'til the end
I can't believe we have to search this smelly bathroom
And they used the 'f' word
Destroy nature, destroy the future
Ok they're gone
We have to make this look good
Hit me
Make it a mess
The guns!
This is the only...
I'll never forget that day
It looked like they had bombs in their bags
They were ready to bomb the theater
I had to protect the innocent citizens!
Their safety was above all
That's all I was thinking
He'll be promoted for his bravery
And some awards will follow it
He is on his way to success
He is really a lucky guy
You should've been a cop
We admire your bravery
I can't say who is behind them...
Shut your fucking mouth
Where do you suppose they'll be running?
They must be out of Korea
I heard there's a ship waiting on the eastern coast
Radio transmissions were intercepted that indicated...
the behind group is organized and very powerful
all my chips
and this, too
Stop doing that
Let's go to the end
I fold
I bet this
Add it to the pot!
You son of a bitch that's beyond globalization?
Show your cards
- You were bluffing? - What are you doing now?
You had just one pair?
Don't put it in the car
Please carry it with you, huh?
Don't lose it, right?
How come every time I bet a gun I lose it?
I can't go through this again
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