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Against The Ropes CD1

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Ray, you wanna lose your mouthpiece again?
Come on, use your jab!
Box the damn guy, come on!
Get out of that corner!
That's it, that's my little brother! Come on, busy hands!
Jab! Jab! Come on, Uncle Ray.
That's it, little brother. Come on.
He's getting to you, Ray. Come on.
- That's it, that's it. - Left hook.
- Once is not enough. Come on, again. - Jab, jab.
That's it. You see what happens when you listen to me?
- Way to go. - Thanks.
Hey, you do not belong up here, all right? l'm not gonna tell you again.
Go wash your hands and make yourself invisible.
Pete, she's your daughter. She wants to help out.
She's a midget with a head full of stupid. Who's she gonna help, huh?
- Crisco, can l get a hand over here? - Yeah.
On the way, Mr. K.
Come on!
Hey, do you know who you are
out of all the girls in the world?
l'm your favorite?
And what's she gonna do when she grows up?
- Kick butt and break hearts. - That's right.
The world's an oyster and you're a pearl.
Pearls are pretty, and they're tough.
And pretty tough can do anything. Remember that.
OK, Uncle Ray.
Hey, Mr. Abel.
- Hey, how are you, sir? - Good to see you.
- Good morning, Mr. Abel. - Yeah, beautiful.
Where's my coffee?
Coffee. lt was not a question the first time l asked for it.
You told me last week, ''absolutely, positively no coffee'',
and l absolutely, positively believed you.
Tear sheets for tomorrow. The Telegram bled our ad.
lt's nothing major, but we should get credit for the next fight.
Memo from finance: The budget
is officially overdue. l ran some numbers...
- Did you take care of my bookie? - l stalled him and your ex-wife.
l also printed out your e-mail, restocked your bar,
hosed down Mel Harris. Numbers:
Top drawer, left side, all you have to do is sign off on them.
You see, that's why l'm the boss, Kallen.
Because l let you handle things for me.
Nobody gives me credit, but if l were you and worked for me,
l would send myself roses.
Well, roses die and you might be allergic, but thanks for thinking of you.
LaRocca's event briefing, where do you want that?
ln the conference room. And don't stick the cutout in the corner.
lt's my handiwork.
Put it someplace Sammy can see.
All right?
l hate it.
l hate it a lot.
Are these guys gonna fight or foxtrot?
They look like Homo sapiens or something.
They are Homo sapiens.
Kallen speaks.
And from a mile away.
- Am l contagious or something? - No, it's not a hygienic thing.
She just gets kind of shy around you.
l'm sorry you're unhappy with the standee,
but we only went with the shot because your guys approved it.
lf l say the shit's shit, it's shit.
l mean, they told me that you signed off on it, Sammy.
l don't know what the hell happened. Jackie, what happened?
l don't care what happened. You have 48 hours before the fight.
l want the two faggots fixed.
l mean, who the hell does Sam LaRocca think he is?
- A made man, that's who. - No, he is the antichrist.
He is... With a bank account.
He is this.
An $80 shoe?
He is the gum on the bottom of my shoe.
That's what Abel and LaRocca are.
They're the gum, you're the shoe.
How come they walk all over you?
Get a little older, work a little longer, you won't be so judgmental then.
You think l like working for idiots who take advantage of me?
That's easy for you to say. This is not the best job you ever had.
At least here l get to see boxing, in person, for free.
Boxing makes all the other shit bearable.
lf l didn't love it as much as l do,
l'd be the first in line to bend over so LaRocca and Abel could kiss my ass.
OK, don't get upset with me
just because you know that l know how smart you are.
So now you think smart is all there is to it?
That your brain can just plot the best course and your life just goes there?
The world is not an oyster.
lt is a smelly tank full of dirty water and sharks.
lt is not that easy to swim.
Jackie, you need to get real about where you are,
which is stuck. ln the basement.
You can't even see the glass ceiling from here.
Find an elevator, press some buttons.
At least the only way out is up.
Yo, Tyrell, wait up!
Clean towels, we need more clean towels.
Bad break, Rex.
Bad break? l won that fight.
Come on, you saw it. Everybody saw it.
You would've won if you hadn't run out of gas.
You train serious, you could have a career.
l would've given you a draw.
You deserved a draw.
He looks like shit. Day-old shit.
lf day-old shit shook like an AK-4 7.
Shut up! You can't say dick that wouldn't piss me off more.
lt's all good. Mr. LaRocca, it's adrenaline.
Shakes don't mean nothing. Ask my last 1 2 wins.
- Hey, Jackie. - Hey, Devon.
l'm only interested in the 1 3th.
Lose tonight and you'll be waving bye-bye to your career, your fan club
and the free hoochie mamas that go with it.
What are you selling?
Sorry to interrupt, but it's showtime.
Let's get out of here.
Come on, you can do this. Let's do this.
Get your hands up, you bum!
He's got no left hand. What's going on? What's the story with Greene?
Pedro! Pedro! Pedro! Pedro! Pedro!
Get off the ropes!
OK, OK. That's it. That's it.
- Forget this guy Greene. - Yeah.
No more, no more.
He's dead. That's a kaput.
No, he's good. lt's like he didn't bother to show up.
Trust me, he's dead. And if l know Sammy, he already wrote the obituary.
- See you, Gavin. - See you.
Excuse me. Yeah.
l'd offer a seat, but l don't think anyone would get up.
- Thirsty? - Let me buy you a drink.
Bowie, hi. Can l get a wine cooler
and whatever Gavin's drinking whenever he's ready? On me.
- All right. - Like that dress.
- The cleaner's shrunk it. - l'll send a thank-you note.
Did you get that fax on Needles' demos? They're good.
Put him on your show. He's exactly what your advertisers want.
- Do we have to do this now? - Do what, talk?
We're not talking. You're negotiating. Stop it.
Listen, if l was a man trying to close a deal, you wouldn't say that.
Oh, please. Don't throw sex in my face.
- Unless you mean it. - You see how you are?
l can't have a regular conversation with you.
You're afraid to have a regular conversation with me.
Oh, right. You're Mr. lrresistible.
l wish.
Come here. Come here!
l gotta go.
There it is.
For the pride of Puerto Rico.
Promise me you'll wear this for the championship bout.
Promise me you'll wear this for the championship bout.
- Here we go. - Oh, yeah!
Kallen. Good. J.Lo's coming to the Coliseum next month.
l want me and Pedro front and center.
- Front and center? Consider it done. - Done and done.
- Hey, shouldn't you have that on ice? - What are you, a doctor?
No, the doctors are busy stitching up Greene.
Unprofessional pussy didn't even bother
to give the fans a decent fight, nothing.
Screw him. He's a Polaroid.
He's out of the picture.
Pedro, l'm a man who hates defeat,
but l'm not too proud to be candid.
You won because you worked and Greene didn't.
He's a lazy-ass fighter, and lazy-ass always loses.
That's a fact.
Right, half-pint?
Well, l'm...
l'm not sure why Devon lost.
Maybe he just felt insecure about his corner.
You know, boxing is a team sport.
lf a boxer doesn't feel support in his corner,
sometimes it comes out in the ring.
Listen to the Barbie doll with the glass balls.
What do you know about support?
What do you know about boxing?
Executive assistant.
You wipe lrv Abel's ass for a living.
l cover lrv Abel's ass for a living.
And l know as much about boxing as either of you.
What's that mean?
- Nothing. Forget it. - Forget it?
You talk like you think you can do what l do.
What's the point in thinking that? l don't have a boxer.
Do you think you can do what l do?
- Possibly, if given a chance. - A chance? That's all you need?
- Yeah, probably. - Greene's contract. lt's yours.
- Sure it is. - Hey! You don't want it?
- l can't afford it. - You can't afford it. l'll make it easy.
- lt's yours for a dollar. - l don't have a dollar.
l'll lend you a dollar.
l tell you what, half-pint.
l'm gonna forget what you said
since you don't know what you're talking about.
Because if you did,
you'd know it don't pay to shoot your mouth off at me.
l just bought a boxer for a buck.
l think it pays pretty well, Sam.
l'm not keeping him. l'm not keeping Greene.
lt was a thing that became a thing. LaRocca insulted me.
So what? Sammy insults everybody.
You're gonna call him, make up, kiss his ass if you have to.
lf anybody asks about Greene,
it was a joke, a little parlor trick that you and Sammy played.
You lost your temper, you said a few ridiculous things.
You set it right. lt'll blow over.
Sammy won't think you're trying to grow a brain on me.
lt wasn't ridiculous, what l said.
And you shouldn't be drinking that coffee.
Welcome back to the live weekend edition of the Reese Report.
Fight fan or feminist, you're going to love this story.
After watching Devon Greene crawl off the canvas,
fight promoter Sam LaRocca managed to lose his boxer
and his ego in a round of verbal sparring
with Coliseum employee Jackie Kallen.
LaRocca thought he had Kallen in the corner,
but she outmaneuvered him
and wound up walking away with Greene's contract.
The price tag? A dollar.
That's platinum stuff.
You couldn't write a check big enough for the look on LaRocca's face.
lt was priceless, and l enjoyed it for free.
Renee, it's me. Quick.
Turn on Channel 28. l'm on TV!
Hey, Sam, do you know what a coup d'état is? Look it up.
l'm Gavin Reese for the Reese Report. See you next week.
Girl, what the hell happened to all his money?
l didn't have a chance to ask.
His phone's disconnected, so l had to come.
l got here, l was fine, and then l wasn't fine.
So you called me for blackup.
Like l need Gangster lncorporated in my life.
Like LaRocca is gonna let you waltz off with his boxer.
Like any of this makes any sense.
Last night, after l vomited and ruled out suicide, l realized
l'm more scared not to do this than to do it.
Devon is a ranked boxer.
God practically dropped him in my lap.
How can l walk away? l might as well spit in the face of destiny.
Now he's your destiny?
Devon, are you in there? lt's Jackie Kallen.
We tried. We failed. Let's go.
Wait, wait, l hear something.
He's unlocking the door. He's home.
Devon, did you know your phone's not work...?
You know Stormy.
This ain't no double date. Get the shit.
We don't have any shit.
- Then why'd you page me? - We didn't.
- Why? - Devon, it's me.
lt's Jackie from the arena. We just...
Anyway, we came by to say hey.
And you're busy, so we'll come back.
You bitches ain't going nowhere till we get our rock! Give my man your bag!
There's just enough tokens in there for my laundry.
- That's all l have with me... - A dollar bill, maybe.
What am l, a punk?
A chump? You can just smoke T.J.'s shit like it's a gift?
Man, come here!
Man, you done messed up my high.
Come on, Jackie, let's go! Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!
- l'm sorry. - l don't forgive you.
''Where's my rock, bitches?''
What about that guy, the way he waxed the floor with both their asses?
- That was off the hook! - Honey, no.
He was a thug who out-thugged another thug.
A thug-and-a-half if you count your boy Devon,
who is pathetic, Jackie!
His contract only cost a dollar.
You still overpaid!
- Call me later. - l'm sorry.
You better be.
l'm going to see my cousin Malik.
l don't know why you mess with me, all these criminals out here, man.
Oh, hey, Luther Shaw. Jackie Kallen.
l bailed you out.
- l know you? - No, no. Not exactly.
Listen. Do you have a minute for a cup of coffee, a beer?
- How about a milk shake? - A milk shake?
Yeah. Yeah, whatever you drink.
Listen, l know this is unusual.
Believe me, l don't make a habit of bailing strangers out of jail.
That would make me a nut, a broke nut.
And l'm not. l'm not nutty.
l'm just a person taking a chance.
You might be interested in who l am and what l have to say.
lf you're not, l totally understand. You don't owe me a thing.
lf, on the other hand, you are, my car's parked around the corner.
l'm harmless. Really.
Really, the worst l could give you is a ride.
lt was brutal, you know, it was beautiful the way you fought.
Yeah. l can tell you fought before. You boxed.
You had some training, you won some amateur bouts.
- You were good... - Do you always talk like this?
- Like what? - Too much?
- Actually, people have said... - That's a yes.
Know what, pull over right here.
- Right here. Pull over right here. - OK, Luther.
This shit you're talking is crazy.
l think you're crazy. You gotta be. Hanging with crackhead Devon.
l wasn't hanging with him. l came to see...
Look, l didn't know he was doing crack, OK? lt's sad.
Another black man bites the dust. Thanks for the bail, bitch.
- Jackie! - What's up?
My name is Jackie!
Crazy broad. What's happening?
Now, Luth, we ain't saying that you ain't bad. We know that,
but don't be selling us some bullshit,
because you know you ain't mopped the floor with no Devon Greene.
l'm telling you, man, l gave that fool an old-fashioned, project ass-whupping.
l'm telling you, his partner tried to get brave and sneak me.
l had to dust his ass off too.
- You still here? - Yeah.
- Go home. - l can't.
You didn't let me finish.
-Following him and shit. -What's up with that?
A little uptown piece.
l know. lt must seem a little out there. All right, way out there.
But that is where all the good stuff is, Luther. Like talent, and you...'re talented.
So this chance you call yourself taking, why you taking it on me?
Because l've been around boxing my whole life.
l know it like the back of my hand. l know potential, and l see it in you.
l do, Luther.
- l got potential? - Yeah.
- Watch out, world. - Don't laugh at me. All right?
l'm serious. lf you took me serious,
we could be driving Jags and sporting Versace.
You're a woman.
And you're white.
- Say it like l'm a disease. - ln the fight game, you are.
- Say it like l'm a disease. - ln the fight game, you are.
l'm not saying it would be easy. All right? But l'm used to hard.
l am. OK?
How do you want to do this? Do you want to work together?
You want to make a deal?
- Make a deal? - Yeah.
You never managed nobody in your whole life.
How you gonna front me, you can't front yourself?
You're nine-to-fiving it. You're driving a damn Honda.
l have some savings, l'll do a budget. l'm good with budgets.
And l'm really good with people. l can read them.
And l can read you, Luther, and l know you want to do this.
Maybe l'm interested.
Maybe l'll call you. Maybe l won't.
You're the one that's gonna have to wait and see.
When you pay your tickets, you can register your vehicle.
Basically, it's what you call an ''all there is to it'' situation.
Mister, when you pay your tickets, you can register...
- Hey, Felix. - Next!
Jackie Kallen. We spoke on the phone.
l remembered you, you didn't remember me. Remember?
Hey, Cynthia, l'm breaking.
So you say this boy is good, huh? Well, good is a dime a dozen.
Oh, no, he's better than good. He's the bomb.
And you're the best.
You've turned more chumps into champs than Eddie Futch.
l got out of the game for a reason, you know.
Yeah, l know you had a stroke in '96. l was sorry to hear about that.
The stroke didn't do nothing but clear my head.
Look, l ain't got time to waste training no cash registers
in it for the money.
That's a wonderful sentiment, and l totally agree.
Although ultimately, boxing is a business.
lt's a sport first.
You know, learn your craft, pay your dues.
Money will come, and it will go.
That's why they call it ''cash flow''.
Felix, this kid reminds me of Marvin Hagler.
lt's just nonstop punches. He is the real deal.
l wouldn't have troubled you otherwise.
Ray-Ray Kallen's niece.
All right. l'll take a meet.
Luther may just... He may be just a...tiny bit raw.
Well, raw's workable.
Rotten isn't.
Look, Felix, l don't know what to tell you.
- Hey, Felix, it's traffic, it's rush hour. - Yes.
This time every day.
Hey, Luther!
There he is.
Felix Reynolds.
This tired-ass old man is gonna be my trainer.
Lady, l thought you said you had a plan.
Let me see your stance.
He ain't worth it.
- Oh, well. Next. - Next?
Hey, do you see a line anywhere? You stop being a brat and apologize.
A brat? What's that supposed to mean?
Whatever it takes to get him back. He is it.
Hey, Felix!
Now, Luther has something to say to you.
- Luther. - Hey.
Look, old man, hold up. No disrespect intended, but what have you done?
Who have you trained? Let's hear some actual ring experience.
You first.
Was l right or what?
Yeah, he packs a helluva punch like you said.
Combinations need tightening. They're all over.
But he's strong, got a great feint, and he's a southpaw like Hagler.
He could make some noise in the middleweight division.
All right. Time, boys.
Well, if he can learn to be a switch hitter,
fight from the right-hand stance as well as the left,
- he could surprise some people. - Left, right, whatever.
- lt was all right? - lt was better than all right.
But you gotta get in shape, you gotta get in boxing shape, right?
Yeah, your body's strong. Your mind...
...gonna need a whole lot of discipline.
Ain't nothing wrong with my mind.
The ring. Get it at 5:00.
Oh, no, l don't get off of work till 6.
ln the morning.
ls it cheaper?
No. lt's available.
Five o'clock in the morning? Man, you can forget that.
You gotta leave some room for sleep.
Haven't you slept enough, son?
ln three years, l pay you 2... Luther? Listen.
Three years, 250 a week,
then l recoup that amount from your winnings.
After that, after we start making a profit,
you take the lion's share, l get 33 and a third.
What you think, Felix?
You heard what the lawyer said.
She's assuming all the risks. She's making an investment in you.
Well, she ain't got to worry.
You bring it all on. l'm gonna squash whatever you send my way.
Lady, that's the best l can do.
A grand for all that gold? Are you nuts?
lt's worth three times more than that.
Worth ain't the way it works.
What about fair? Does fair work?
OK, what about this?
You give me 1 ,250, l throw that in for free. 1 ,250.
Please don't screw me beyond that point.
l have kids.
How are you doing? How the hell you been?
How you been? Hey, Luth, look here.
This here is Kevin Keyes, the best cutman in the business.
- Good to meet you. - How you doing?
This is Cedric Mouketendi, your sparring partner.
- Mouke what? - Mouketendi.
lt's Ugandan. Call me Rick. lt's easier.
l'm gonna take you out, Africa.
Monkey's ass always talks shit.
Off the ropes! Off the ropes! Come on, spin out of there, now! Time! Time.
Now you see what the hell l'm telling you about your jab?
Stop street fighting.
When he misses, counterpunch him.
- His rhythm's great. - lt ain't his rhythm l'm worried about.
ln a minute, when l say again.
l put him in with a bigger man so he'd learn how to move.
- Hey! Hey! Hey! - Luther!
- Luther! - Hey! Come on!
Come on, now. Come on.
Boy, you wanna fight like a damn hoodlum?
l'll toss your black ass back out on the street!
You think l'm playing with you?
l ain't playing with you, boy!
Hey, Luther, look at me. Look, look.
You can't win if you fight dirty, do you understand that?
- You all right, son? - Yeah, l'm all right.
- He's here to help you. - Sorry, it won't happen again.
Will it?
- Won't happen again. - Say it like we can hear it!
lt won't happen again!
Hey. Hey. l don't want any threatening or yelling.
That is not helping him.
Yeah, well, l'm trying to teach the boy how not to use his fists.
What do you suggest? Handcuffs?
Whatever happened to this dude? Your uncle Ray-Ray.
He died about a year after that was taken.
Hey, l'll start a scrapbook for you as soon as we get our first fight.
So did your dad start you in boxing?
No. Counselor, juvenile hall.
ln your lap.
And your dad?
May he rest in peace.
And your mom?
Who the hell knows, man?
Do you have any brothers and sisters?
l got a brother named Michael in Philly. He's a year older.
Stupid-ass Social Services. They separated us,
so we grew up apart. l see him when l see him. lt's no big deal.
l thought we were gonna be straight.
l'm being straight with you.
Who were you beating up today in the gym? lt wasn't Mouketendi.
- l lost my temper. - You found your temper.
What you lost is the rest of you.
Look, l go off sometimes, all right?
lt's just how l am. lt's not a problem.
Yeah? The problem you don't have already got in your way,
and you haven't thrown a punch in a pro fight.
l mean, don't you wanna win, Luther? l do. l wanna win.
You know, you got all these expectations.
What are you gonna do if this don't work out?
lt'll work out, Luther. You just have to let yourself trust me.
l am not the enemy.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hold up, old man, l ain't into no S & M stuff.
Who do you think you is? Marvelous Marvin Hagler, Sugar Ray Robinson?
You another young wannabe fighter, come a dime a dozen,
trying to look pretty. Start with the basics.
l'll tie down your right arm so you can learn to throw a left.
You gotta learn to be balanced on both sides.
Fight somebody that know how to handle a southpaw,
better be ready to show him something different.
Now snap out that jab. Let me see it.
5:00's the best l can do. l need your locker dues.
- OK, coach. - Come get it.
You know there's a powder for that.
Six-thirty is open. l want a 6:30.
Yeah, and l want a blowjob every hour on the hour.
ls that why you're acting like such a dick?
All right, dig it in, that's right, dig it in. Now jab him out. Jab him.
To the body, to the body, to the body. Combination.
All right, push him off, push him off, push off.
Jump right back on him.
Now, Kallen and this amateur monkey she scraped off the street, Shaw,
you said they were nothing.
- That ain't what l hear. - lt was, Sam.
He's been training with Reynolds.
He's been kicking the shit out of some guys in the gym.
That bitch does not find a fight in this town, or nowhere near it.
Ever. Make it understood.
Anybody puts Kallen's boy on a card puts his own ass out of business.
Shaw. Luther Shaw. S-H-A-W.
Just because you never heard of him, he can't be phenomenal?
No, you can't call me back.
No, it's his manager. Yeah, l'm a woman. No.
l haven't thought about strapping one on, mister. Have you?
Well, l think you have a really nice voice too.
l do.
But l can't cash those compliments at a bank. l don't need a date.
What l really need is a fight for my boxer.
Jackie Kallen for Crisco Cohen.
No, he does know who l am.
Did you hear me? l've known him since we were kids.
How many times do l have to say this? Are you listening?
Now put your hands together and give a warm Buffalo welcome
- All right, baby. - to our trio of precious gems,
Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire.
All that plastic.
lt's a wonder she doesn't melt in that spotlight.
Crisco, it's me, Jackie Kallen.
What the hell are you doing here?
l got a boxer.
You drove 200 miles to tell me that? You couldn't pick up the phone?
l did. Four times.
Hey, l'm a businessman.
Yours ain't the only number l gotta call.
How's Judy?
l have never cheated on her. l just come to these joints for relaxation.
l remember that, Crisco. How do you think l found you?
- lt took me a while, but l found you. - Yeah, well...
Great. What are you...?
- Well... - You got a boxer? Good luck.
1 00 men ahead of you manage for a living.
- l never even heard of your guy. - Luther Shaw.
Put him on an undercard. See what he can do.
Hey. We'll never get a fight in the Midwest
as long as Sam LaRocca lives and breathes.
Too bad.
l can't believe you have the nerve to shirk me off.
My father taught you everything you'll ever know.
Pete Kallen is the only reason you are where you are today.
Pete would spin in his grave if he could see what you're doing.
Look, stick to what you know. You're a secretary, for chrissake.
And you're a married man addicted to strip joints and God knows what else.
l am sure l could find out.
- What, are you threatening me now? - No.
l'm thanking you in advance
because l know that you're gonna help me
the same way my dad helped you.
Yeah, UUF.
UUF? What the hell is that?
- Ulterior Uterine Fibrosis. - Oh, UUF.
- lt's a venereal disease. - No.
lt's a female disease. There's nothing venereal about it.
lt's still difficult to discuss.
Yeah, privates are tough to talk about.
Most women would've made something up.
l'll probably only need a few days sick leave
because the procedure l'm having, it's really just minor surgery.
That's good. Where is the operation?
l'll probably just have it in my doctor's office downtown.
Well, that's a little out of the way, isn't it?
Unless you mean downtown Buffalo.
How long am l in this business? Long enough.
Nothing goes behind my back.
What did you think? lt wouldn't get back to me?
Well, how can l think? l don't have a brain.
You also don't have a job now
unless you stop with this silly extracurricular bullshit.
Now, you will stop, or l'll fire your ass.
And you'll lose your pension, your benefits, everything l let you work for.
Trust me, Kallen, you don't want this kind of kaput.
l'd rather have that kind of kaput than your kind of stupid.
And remember, use your jab.
- Nervous? - Why l gotta be nervous?
That's good. You're nervous. Use the energy, Luther.
This guy's all that stands in your way of the next guy.
You knock him down. Knock him out.
Oh, gotta get our picture.
OK, fighters only.
And get the three of us in and make this great.
OK, just this once.
Jab. Jab him. Jab.
Stay on him.
Don't let him tie you up.
- Get rough with him. - Let him go. Let him go.
All right, stick that jab out there. Hands up, hands up.
- You threw a punk shot! - Got him!
One, two, three, four, five, six.
lt's over!
That was beautiful. That was beautiful.
Nice work on the jab. Did you see that right hook, Felix?
Did you see that? That was great.
Yeah, he did all right.
Hold on, hold on. One second.
Listen. Whoever it is, nobody act surprised that we won.
- Come on in. - Hey.
Hey. Oh, hey, guys, this is Crisco Cohen.
Oh, hey, my girl's homeboy. The one that put us on the card.
Oh, hey, my girl's homeboy. The one that put us on the card.
- Jackie said you weren't coming. - Jackie says things.
l'm a promoter. Promoters show up. We don't read punches in the paper.
- Nice fight. Congratulations. - Thanks.
- How you doing? Felix Reynolds. - Sorry, Felix.
l didn't know you were back.
- Very nice job tonight. - Thank you.
KO. Just like l said. Better than good.
Listen, Luther, we got to talk your next fight now.
- Great. - Here it is.
Hey, wait a minute. What are you doing?
You talk to me. He boxes. l book.
We need local exposure. You need an A-plus story.
l'm handing you one, exclusively.
lt's not algebra, Gavin.
Jackie, you against LaRocca makes a great, quaint anecdote.
Don't make a mission out of it.
So, what, you're trying so hard not to say is that it's a man's world?
l don't have to say it. You know it.
You have a love for the sport...
But l should worship from afar. God forbid l use anything from the neck up.
He has to win a few more fights.
He has to climb up the card before l hot-dog him.
- One more fight. - What's your rush?
Well, l got fired. Or maybe l quit. As if you didn't know.
The point is, l can't wait for you to decide if Luther is newsworthy. He is.
Luther Shaw weighs in at...
...1 59 pounds on the dot.
Here you go.
They get on the scale thirsty. They get off even thirstier.
- He's heavier since Buffalo. - Yeah, he's stronger.
Your guy looks pretty good too. Thank you so much.
Don't drink that.
Don't even smell it. l'm serious. l'll get you another one.
Hey there, Mathias.
Listen, l saw your last fight, and wow.
That was one beautiful left hook. Oh. Oh, oh, sorry.
Oh, thanks.
l just wanted to say may the best man win.
No hard feelings, no matter what happens.
Stay back.
He don't like it down there. He don't like it down there.
Nice jab. Good jab.
Luther, go back to the body.
Jump on him, that's right. Get up on him. Hit him hard.
Beautiful jab.
Break clean. Come on.
You OK, Mathias?
- He don't wanna fight no more? - Turn around and box.
Can you continue, Mathias? Do you want to box?
- All right. - lt's over.
Way to go to the body, huh? That felt good.
- That's the way to work downtown. - What happened?
- Easy, take it easy, easy. - Get them off. Get them off!
Oh, kid.
OK, well, that's my job... see shit coming.
Break it up.
Neutral corner.
Four or five more miles. Come on, grab my hand.
lf you grab my hand, l'm going to bring you up the hill.
Come on, keep turning. Get on the inside and turn.
Get back. One...
- Sounds like things are going great. - Oh, better than great. Terrific.
lt's over.
No? Why?
All right, no elevator, but the rooms are huge. Electric's included.
The fireplace burns real wood.
Open this thing on the top before you light a fire.
lt's called a flue. Don't ask me why. What do you think?
Tell you, the place is tight. l think l like it.
You know, l hope l can afford it.
lt's all about balancing your checkbook.
Did you fill out those bank applications l gave you?
Oh, l don't know.
l don't even remember what l did with those.
This is the lease agreement for you to look over.
lt's the usual, first and last. And l got you an extension on your tax returns,
but get it in next week. Envelopes, stamps, stationery, all in here.
So how come you don't have any kids?
lt just never came up, the opportunity.
lt could still, later. l guess.
l think that you would be dope as a mom.
Oh, thanks. Luther, l think you're going to want to get renter's insurance.
Yeah, sure. Listen, Jackie...
Man, this is embarrassing to admit, but, you know, guys like me...
l don't know nothing about tax forms
and lease agreements, insurance or whatever.
Hell, man, l never even voted.
ln my former line of business, l dealt with cash.
lt's either cash on the barrel, or l'm gonna hit you with the barrel.
You know, balancing a checkbook... Forget about it.
Luther, you don't need to be ashamed or embarrassed about anything, OK?
All kinds of people don't know all kinds of shit.
l can really help you with this stuff. We could fill those forms out togeth...
What was that for?
For everything.
We're the new kids on the block, we expect to be picked on,
but we don't run from anybody. l can't say the same for some people.
By ''some people'', do you mean the newly crowned
Middleweight World Champion Pedro Hernandez?
Hernandez claims he's hungry for a worthy opponent.
Everybody knows Luther's that guy.
l mean, what, to him, Luther's the invisible man?
Oh, but l guess it's hard to see someone
when you're running away from him, especially if you're running scared.
Now, Pedro Hernandez won the middleweight crown
in devastating fashion against a great ex-champ.
Luther, with only 1 4 fights, do you think you can beat him?
l can, l could, and l most definitely would.
l'd probably knock him out if he didn't faint first, Pedro.
Well, there's only one way to see how this cliffhanger will end.
Stay tuned to Channel 28.
Don't miss what you can see here with me.
Exclusively. You're our local guy.
As for Pedro Hernandez, if you're watching,
this is Gavin Reese, desperately hoping it wasn't something l said.
You think l can't smell bullshit when l see it? Kallen's baiting us.
l don't care. l don't care what you think, because it ain't your rep.
That bitch has people believing l'm a bitch...
And you're whining like one, and it's starting to annoy me.
l'm not sitting on my hands no more.
Listen, l'm fighting Shaw. You set it up.
Pedro. Pedro, come here.
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