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Against The Ropes CD2

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Every piece of garbage l float to the top
gets in his head he can tell me what to do. That's a mistake.
You fight who l say, when l say.
Now go away before l get upset.
Hey, Jackie. What's up?
Brunch. Oh, l didn't know you had a...
Renee. There's just enough for two.
- lt's OK, l already ate. - Well, here's an idea.
You take this. You're not hungry now, save it for later.
- You sure? - Yeah. l gotta go home anyways.
l've got a lot of stuff to do.
Let's go. Let's go, let's go, let's go.
- Good evening, sir. - How are you doing tonight?
- Thank you very much. - Thank you.
Luther, listen.
All right, now, this is our shot. Stay calm.
Act natural and let me handle it.
Look, Jackie, look, l'm down with you, OK?
But l only get one day off. Shit, l could've been kicking it.
Kicking it with who, Renee?
Now, look, Luther, Renee is my friend. l love her.
But she has school to finish. You have everything ahead of you.
The last thing either of you want is to get in each other's way.
lf l want what's best for her and she wants what's best for me,
how can we get in each other's way?
You look great in that suit.
You know what l'm saying, half-pint? Let bygones go by.
Life's too damn short. Right, Lou?
Name's Luther.
We want a shot at Pedro, Sam.
l know that.
Look, why don't you close your mouth,
drink a drink and relax.
l gotta tell you, l like the way Luther here listens.
A win in Tampa could put him on the undercard the next time Pedro fights.
After that, down the line, maybe a shot at the title.
Of course, that would mean
you would start to do some very serious pro-Pedro press.
Like what an honor it is for you to be fighting him, shit like that.
And the expiration date on shit like that is fight night.
- Of course. - Sure.
Sounds like we got a deal.
So if you'll excuse me, l gotta go, but l'll be back.
l'd watch half-pint if l was you.
Believe me, man, l already know how she walks.
Well, she'll walk all over you.
Why do you think it's her name on everybody's lips? Her name, not yours.
Oh, that don't bother me, man.
Keep up the good work. She'll be famous. You'll be...
Fine. You understand that?
l'll be just fine.
lt's the tenth round, understand? Don't leave it to the judges.
Go ahead, baby. Henry Armstrong his ass.
All right? Henry Armstrong. Nonstop punches.
OK, guys.
lt's the last round. Touch them up.
Break. Stand back.
All right. Let go. Break. Step back.
Tear him up, Luther, tear him up.
All right, guys, let go. Step back.
Come on, step back. All right, box.
- Stay at him, Luther, stay at him. - Let go, step back, now, come on.
All right.
Four, five, six.
- Abe Jacobs, Boxing Monthly. - Hi, Abe.
You said this fight was important.
Now that you've won, can you say what that means to your career?
- Hey, there's nowhere to go but up. - Actually, that was for Jackie.
We've wanted a fight in our own back yard, and with this win, we can.
You're one of the few women having any success in this, what's it take?
- Hard work and thick skin. - A great boxer don't hurt either.
USA Today. Jackie, any truth to the rumor you're posing for Playboy?
- l don't know. You think l should? - Oh, yes, absolutely, absolutely.
Marsha Gary, Detroit Times. This is for you, Luther.
You've had a real meteoric rise,
but we all know that sometimes meteors crash and burn.
- Any chance of that happening? - Are you kidding? No way.
- Hey, look, it happens to everybody. - Eventually.
l'm teaching Luther the dictionary. We haven't gotten to the E's yet.
All right, show-and-tell's over. Come on.
- Can we have one more? - What are you gonna do after Miami?
- Are you calling me stupid? - What?
Tell them you're teaching me the alphabet.
Come on, Luther, it was a joke. That's why they laughed.
All right, ready? Picture, press, professional.
So you didn't return my phone call about Luther.
- How come? - l've been busy.
There cannot be another crisis next week. My schedule is already full.
Don't give me the talk-show answer, Jackie.
lt's not a talk-show answer, Renee.
l haven't had time to breathe since Tampa.
Tampa. Yeah, l heard about Tampa.
We won. What else did you hear?
- You don't know? - No.
The press conference. Maybe you don't realize how you came off.
l came off fine.
lt's fine to act like Luther's schoolteacher?
To humiliate him in front of everybody?
Press conferences are so out-of-body. You say what you say.
- ls Luther still bitching about that? - No, l'm bitching about it.
Oh, so you speak for him now?
- Please, you hardly know him. - l know him well enough.
Biblically. Don't confuse that with intimately, Renee.
lt's an entirely different testament. Thank you.
You enjoy your lunch, Jackie.
Here you go, girls. Thanks for coming by.
- Hi, what's your name? - Janey.
- Hi, Janey. What's your sport? - Track and field.
- Will you sign my sneakers? - Sure.
All right, now, listen up, Janey. Here's some advice from Jackie Kallen.
Run with the big dogs. Don't just sit on the porch and bark.
- Oh, and don't forget your free socks. - Thank you.
Here he is. Paul, come with us and make sure you have plenty of film.
Here's my gym. There's Luther. He's something.
lt's 2:00. Aren't you supposed to be sparring?
Friday's Africa's day off.
Oh, that's right.
- My bad, Africa... - Wrong!
Africa's gone! l've had a new man for almost a week.
Megan Moore. Self magazine. l'm writing a cover story on Jackie.
This is Paul, staff photographer.
Hey, hey, hey. What's the matter?
l don't know where you've been. You're my manager.
The most important fight of my career's coming.
You're off doing a goddamn talk show.
When's the last time you were in here?
l've been doing publicity. Publicity for me is exposure for you.
- lt's part of... - Foot Locker?
Handing out socks ain't got shit to do with me!
OK, OK, l won't do it.
l don't want nosy reporters in the gym while l work out.
All right, l'll send them away.
Look, Luther, l just want what's best for you.
l'm kind of nervous about this fight. Sands ain't nothing to play with.
l need you to pay better attention to me.
Hey, after this, l am absolutely all yours until after the fight.
OK? lt's a deal.
l promise, Luther. OK?
Kallen's Gym.
Yeah, hold on.
Hey, Jackie. Doug-somebody from HBO.
- Hello? - You know who l am?
Doug Doherty. Of course l know who you are.
Who forgets the unforgettable?
Listen, HBO wants pre and post with Shaw and Sands.
Well, there's a reason it's not in the contract.
We promised our first dance in Cleveland to a native son.
Native? As in local?
- You're kidding me. - Luther knows this reporter.
- He's comfortable with him. - Jackie, come on.
This is HBO, the major-domo of boxing, we're talking about.
Not some over-the-air, commercial network.
Look, Doug, we agreed to a post. That's the best l can do.
This local guy has been too terrific to me.
Can he guarantee a double-digit rating?
Make you queen for a day? Longer if Luther wins?
l'm holding the keys to the kingdom, Jackie.
All you gotta do is reach out and grab them.
lf you're man enough.
- Are you man enough, Jackie? - That's highly sexist.
- And wouldn't you like to know? - l certainly would.
You know what you need? lt just came to me.
A personal profile.
We get some great tape on fight night.
Mix it up, post and pre.
Think about it, Jackie.
...on HBO...
...mano a mano...
...with me.
lt's a cliché, but l'm living proof dreams do come true.
This is the best day, the best time and really exciting.
Just one step away from champion of the world.
- What about a whoop? - A whoop?
You know, real exciting, then whoop, like a cheer.
Walk toward us. Give that a try.
This is the best day, the best time and really exciting.
Just one step away from champion of the world.
Hey, pal, you mind stepping out of my shot?
Oh, this is your shot?
- Hi. - Low. Very low, Jackie!
- Doug, can we take five? - Who is this?
l need five minutes. l'll meet you at the dressing room. Outside the room.
- l can explain... - Oh, really?
Well, go ahead. Explain.
Explain to me how my deal and my exclusive rights to your story
wind up in the lap of that idiot savant?
He's a smart idiot, Gavin. And it's a long story, so l...
Let me give the abridged version.
Once upon a time, there was HBO!
You know what, Jackie? For all of your hustle and bustle and bullshit,
the one thing that you always were was honorable, in a very real way.
lf you said something, you meant it. And if you didn't say it,
well, you meant that too.
That's quite an attribute. Not a lot of people have that.
And now neither do you.
- Wait, what is the problem? - A little pre was the deal.
No, pre with me. Post with Luther. That was the deal, Doug.
lf it was, it's not now.
We got great stuff with you, Jackie.
But if we don't get Luther, my audience won't bite.
You become the latest waste of tape.
That's nice, man.
Hey, guys. Doug Doherty, HBO, as if you didn't know.
And this is his crew, Steven and Nick and Beth.
They're here to observe, not to interact or interfere, so act natural.
You guys just back up a little bit. l'll be back.
Get your goddamn hands off of me! And get them the hell out of here!
OK? Please.
''Please'', shit! l'll throw them out!
No need to be alarmed or take notes. He's venting. lt's tactical.
- But we do need the room. - Everybody out, come on, guys.
They weren't gonna stay.
All they wanted was ten minutes of your time.
- l don't have that kind of time! - You could have made it!
Jesus, l do. l work my ass off to get you everything you want.
No, everything you want!
You still think you own me? That l owe you?
You do owe me.
Where do you think this world you're living in came from? lt came from me.
Putting my life on the line, having faith in you, Luther.
- Giving you faith in yourself. - You bitch!
l gave your ass a damn chance!
Everything you did for me, l did the same goddamn thing for you!
That's how you got the world you're living in.
HBO's in the ring after the fight.
- We are doing that interview. - No, you do it!
Our shit is permanently disconnected!
You stay away from me! And you stay the hell away from my corner!
Do you understand that English?
The only English l understand is in our contract.
You fight for me, or you don't fight at all.
Break! Break! Step back!
We're in the middle of the eighth.
l don't know what's holding Sands up. He is taking a lot of punishment.
- Hard shots to the body. - Take it to him! Get him!
Shaw's conditioning is just superb. He really came to fight.
Moving well, crisp combinations. He's showing me a lot of finesse.
That's it! That's it! Sands is down, and he's not getting up.
- Fight's over! - That's what l'm talking about.
That's what l'm talking about.
l got you. lt's all right, man.
Excuse me, coming through.
Y'all see that?
You ain't got shit!
You ain't got shit!
You talking to me, sucker?
- Great fight. Great fight. - Great fight.
- Give me that belt! - Chump!
Come on.
Excuse me. Luther!
- Good fight, good fight. - Thanks.
l'll get him to talk with you. Luther!
l'll get him.
- Congratulations, Luther, great fight. - Luther.
We'll just give Luther a minute to celebrate with his friends,
and then we're gonna look at the instant replay.
Anyway, terrific performance from Luther Shaw.
Stunning left-cross, right-hook combination that put Sands down.
Jackie, you've gotta be very, very happy with his performance tonight.
Did you read this?
You're glued to Kallen for the next 24 months.
l ain't fighting for her and that's all there is to it.
You don't have a choice unless you choose not to fight at all.
Buy me out like you did Hernandez.
Hernandez was a bargain. You're a gamble who won't come cheap.
Half-pint will hold me up like a bank.
Why the hell do you think l'm here? l wanna fight for you.
You're here because you're mad. Because you made a bad deal.
You throw tantrums in your room instead of parties.
l don't minus points for that. Hell, l like mad on my boxers.
l don't think you can hold that thought
or keep your shit together sitting it out for the next two years.
The guy with the two left feet looks good.
l like the one with the two left eyes.
Yeah, l try to make a champ, l wind up with a monster.
So screw Luther, l'll get somebody else the damn belt.
l wouldn't count on that.
Champ material is just like any other special thing: rare.
What are you doing for dinner tonight? My HBO thing's coming on.
l'd appreciate it if you watched it with me.
Yeah, yeah. Yeah, l'll watch it with you.
lt's a cliché, but l'm living proof dreams do come true.
Just one step away from champion of the world.
Jackie Kallen. Even if you don't follow boxing,
chances are you still recognize the name.
Kallen didn't just claw her way inside the boxing arena,
she captured center ring.
Kallen's a snake-in-the-grass charmer. l gave her a start
and took a lot of heat for it.
She thought she was something special. l didn't. Still don't.
- Back off, fool. - No comment.
That's all, so get the camera out of my face.
Why do you think you've done well in,
for lack of a better term, a boys' club?
Where women are notoriously non grata.
Well, l didn't ingratiate myself, Doug. l went toe-to-toe with the guys.
l made them deal with me.
They never saw ferocious in high heels before.
ln dealing with you, some of the guys seem to have got pretty prickly.
Oh, prickly.
lnteresting choice of words, Doug.
Look, l'm really good at what l do. l'm not gonna disappear
just because l make some people uncomfortable. lt's not gonna happen.
Just ask her, and she'll quickly remind you that Luther Shaw,
her middleweight wannabe of the world, wouldn't be where he is
if she weren't where she is, which is all over the place,
talking about herself.
Her impact on boxing is irrefutable, but it's still a man's world.
A heartless, egocentric, self-centered boys' club.
And Jackie Kallen is its newest member.
Funny thing is, she'll probably think that was a compliment.
l'm Doug Doherty for HBO Sports. Thanks for watching.
l'm not like that.
l mean, come on. Do you think l'm like that, Felix?
Not to me.
See you tomorrow.
- Excuse me. - Sure.
OK, Joanne.
l'd call, but l was afraid you wouldn't see me.
There's a lot of that going around.
Well, you're right, l wouldn't have.
But you're here now, so, what do you want, Jackie?
Listen, l'm sorry.
l am, l'm sorry. l knew a million people, but l only had a couple of friends.
l grabbed a chance for myself, and l took a great opportunity from you.
You did. l was counting on it, and l was counting on you.
You know, for the first time in my life, people heard what l had to say.
They had to listen because l was too important to ignore.
That is not an excuse, but it is an explanation.
l thought l could handle it, had control.
But with guys like Sam LaRocca, l'm just way overmatched.
Well, you changed the face of boxing, Jackie.
You cracked some pretty hard cement.
You can be proud of that.
Well, l can't be proud of what l did to Luther.
We're finished. l accept that.
Listen, Gavin.
l don't expect you to forgive me, but l just don't want you to hate me.
Jackie Kallen for Sam LaRocca.
Sir, Jackie Kallen's here to see you.
He wants to know what it's about.
Just tell him l have something he wants.
You're here to make this deal?
Luther deserves a shot at the title.
lt's the right thing to do, so l'm doing it.
l'm here to negotiate myself so l know he won't get screwed by you.
Well, l'm happy to amuse you, Sam, but this is how it's gonna be.
He gets a shot at Hernandez within a year.
He wins the title, he gives you two years.
He loses, close or good, you give him three additional fights.
And if he wins those fights, you guarantee a rematch for the title.
l don't want him that bad.
...Luther's the next middleweight champ. You know it, l know it.
This is one-stop shopping. lt's a one-time deal.
l go down the street, l get a manicure.
l come back, the papers are drawn up.
The terms are clear.
Once this deal is done...'re done with Shaw.
You disappear.
No wiping his ass between rounds.
You understand?
l don't wanna see you.
At last...
...the feeling is mutual.
Too smart by half.
l thought the agency was kidding when they faxed your résumé.
l read it twice just to be sure.
l mean, insurance is about as far away from boxing as a girl can get.
l'm counting on it.
You won't have trouble at Dee-Dee's desk. lt's very organized.
And Mr. Sloan doesn't expect much, just answer his phones, get his coffee,
don't take it personally if he doesn't talk to you.
Mr. Sloan never bonds with the temps.
OK, Kim, what about these?
Those are client files.
Do you think you can put them in alphabetical order?
Sure. ls there anything else l should know?
Dee-Dee would appreciate it if you water her plant.
Hey, Felix.
What? What's the problem?
You're downstairs? Yeah, OK.
Hey. What's wrong?
- What? - LaRocca's putting Luther in the ring
with Hernandez in three weeks.
That's too soon. That's crazy.
The guy Pedro was scheduled to fight,
they're saying he cracked a rib, so he's subbing Luther instead.
- ''They're saying''? - There's nothing wrong with his ribs...
- l know, Felix. - That's why l hate this game.
We wanted a shot at the title. We wanted an honest shot.
Why should he give us an honest shot?
So he can watch the fighter you found walk away with the belt?
l mean, he knows there ain't no way l can get that boy ready in time.
What am l supposed to do, huh?
l can't take this to Luther, Jackie. l can't do it. l can't.
l wanna see LaRocca. Did you hear me?
Did you hear me?
Mr. LaRocca's in a meeting.
Look, he can't screw my fighter like this.
He is setting him up to lose, goddamn it.
lf he is in a meeting, you go in there,
and you tell him to get the hell out right now.
He said to tell you he's in a meeting for the rest of your life.
Ain't no way l can train for Hernandez in three weeks, Felix.
Ain't no way. What's the point?
Point is, you still got a shot, son.
lt ain't the fairest shot, but you still gotta take it.
l ain't ready.
Oh, you think you the first boxer to have a bad time, huh?
A raw deal.
Luther, you gotta take the shot.
Right here. Y'all put your hands in the air!
Put your hands in the air!
That's what we're doing! Luther Shaw!
Well, tonight, Luther Shaw's dream has become bona fide real life.
He's about to face Pedro Hernandez
for the WBC Middleweight World Championship.
And he comes into this fight a big underdog.
- How do you see it? - ''Underdog'' is the word.
This is a big question mark. l like Shaw.
He's got lots of courage, heart, but he's green.
To put him in the ring, with only 1 6 professional matches,
against Hernandez, that's the deciding factor.
You know, Hernandez has made it abundantly clear
he has no love lost whatsoever for young Shaw.
Here comes Shaw now.
Luther was not the originally scheduled opponent tonight.
That was meant to be Cecil Young,
who suffered an injury in training, creating the opening for Shaw.
Pedro! Pedro! Pedro!
Ladies and gentlemen, Pedro Hernandez,
the WBC Middleweight Champion of the World, is entering the ring.
And what a hand he's getting from the crowd.
lt's overwhelming here. He is lighting this place up.
This is the one you wanted. Don't feel him out.
- Smoke this sucker! Let's go. - He's nothing.
- He has got a mission to accomplish. - Hernandez is a fast starter.
ln the early rounds, it's necessary
for Shaw to use his legs, stay on the outside, remain elusive.
- Look at me, man! - He doesn't want a slugfest early on.
There's no question about that.
And we'll see what kind of fight Hernandez brings too.
Hernandez, of course, has tremendous power.
He's undefeated in 30 professional bouts.
And he really brings a complete package into the ring.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is the moment we've all been waiting for.
Twelve rounds of boxing
for the WBC Middleweight Championship of the World.
And now, for the thousands in attendance
and the millions watching around the world,
let's get ready to rumble!
- lt's sold out. - Sorry, lady.
Sold out.
Here is the pride of Cleveland, Ohio.
The undefeated challenger, Lethal Luther Shaw!
Luther! Luther! Luther!
And fighting out of the red corner...
Listen to me.
You stay relaxed.
Keep your hands up and circle him, you understand?
All right, keep him turning. Every now and then, touch him with a jab.
All right? Now, don't worry about his head.
Hit him in the chest, shoulders, arm, anywhere.
That's all l want this first round. Understand what l'm saying?
Pedro ''El Tigre'' Hernandez!
Referee in charge of the action, Ray Marsh,
will give instructions at ring center.
Gentlemen, you both had the rules explained in the dressing room.
l wanna see a good, clean fight.
Good luck to the both of you. Touch gloves. Let's do it.
You're nothing.
He looks a little scared.
lt's nothing but another fight, that's all it is.
Second's up!
Remember, stay relaxed. Keep your hands up.
- Come on! - We're set for round one.
Hernandez has a look of fury in his eyes.
Hernandez comes charging out!
Oh, a big right hand lands for Hernandez.
Come on, Luther. Punch out, punch out.
Come on, turn him. Turn him, Luther. Off the ropes.
Shaw is taking punch after punch. Can't throw his own.
Clearly, Hernandez wants to finish in the first round.
No feeling-out process here.
He must be double-parked because he's in a hearse.
- Oh, look at that. - An intentional foul.
- That was very, very, low. - Referee Ray Marsh is all over him.
Luther can take up to five minutes if he wants to.
lf Shaw retaliates with the same, this will be a dirty fight.
Surprisingly, Hernandez is the one letting his emotions
- get the better of him. - Fight clean!
Punch out and move. Turn him. That's it.
Keep that jab in there, keep that jab in there.
All night long, all night long, that's it! Keep him missing!
Shaw's starting to dance... Oh, Pedro leaps in with a left hook!
- A huge shot! - Follows with a right-left combination.
Oh, a great shot to the jaw! And you know what?
Luther's hurt. He's gotta feel hurt.
Come on, Luther! Come on, baby! Come on!
There's the bell to end round one. What a furious pace!
Come on, Ray! How much rough stuff
you gonna let him get away with? l'm gonna turn my boy loose next!
l'd pay to see the look on Kallen's face right now.
Oh, really. Name your price, lrv.
Listen to me, Luther. Listen.
The only chance you got of winning this fight,
you gotta do what l tell you, now.
He's charging in there wide open,
- and you ain't making him pay. - He's hitting me low.
Luther, there comes a point in every boxing match
where a fight's gotta start, understand?
He hits you low, hit him back. Get rough with him.
Deep breath.
lf you use your skill, you can beat this boy.
Just give yourself some punching room, now.
Stand up off him and box the damn man.
Box him. Use your skill. Now, come on.
Get up, get up.
There's the bell for round two.
Hernandez applies pressure, now from behind the jab.
Somebody's opened a can of Puerto Rican whup-ass out here.
Hernandez is just mauling him out there.
And now Hernandez is taunting Shaw.
Come on, Pedro! Come on! Break!
What the...? You know something?
lf he continues this, he's gonna lose his title on disqualification.
This could get ugly real fast. l'm telling you now.
Pedro Hernandez is very heavy-handed.
He has knockout power and slow fists.
- Keep them up! - Yeah, baby!
That's the way to make a hit! That's it!
Go right back at him!
Get up!
Go on, there, Pedro! Neutral corner!
One, two...
- Get up, come on! - ...three!
- Pedro! Pedro! Pedro! - Four, five, six...
- You OK, Luther? - Yeah.
- Where are you? - Cleveland Coliseum.
- What round is it? - Second.
- The towel's coming out. - l don't think he'll make this round.
- OK, let's go. - Hernandez is a great finisher.
Shaw's on rubber legs...
- Hernandez is back at him again! - Don't.
Can he go for five rounds of that?
Break, break! Come on, guys! Break, listen to me here!
Look at that! Shaw comes back and lands a combination!
Luther Shaw's doing tremendous harm. And a big left hand!
Head-butt. The head-butt, Dougie!
Come on, now! Watch the head.
- You OK, Luther? - Yeah.
OK, let's go. Come on!
Want some of this?
Send him back to the ghetto!
There's the bell to end round two. An unbelievable rout.
Four fouls from Hernandez, and no point deducted.
Who paid for your vacation break?
l don't believe this. Jackie Kallen just entered the ring.
- What the...? - Damn it, back him up!
- Don't let him back you up. - Let me talk.
- l'll be damned. - Luther, l've got one minute.
l'm sorry. l screwed up. l screwed up bigtime.
But you have got to get up.
You can do this. You can handle it. You are in shape.
You can go 1 2 rounds. You are a champion, damn it.
Hernandez is fighting dirty because he knows
that's the only way he can beat you.
Listen to me. Listen.
You have a chance to make boxing history tonight.
You have potential for that kind of greatness.
You don't need me.
You already have it. Always did.
l want you to get in there,
and you knock this guy's ass off the champ map.
Come on, Luther. Come on. Back him up. Back him up.
Switch up on him. Go right-handed.
Nail his ass when he's charging in.
Now go handle your business.
The Middleweight Championship of the World, baby. Come on!
What do you think about everything tonight?
As we get set for round three, Hernandez rushes out!
He's on fire again! Shaw is moving better now.
Shaw is moving a little better, swinging out of the corner.
Whatever Kallen said to him woke him up.
- He's pumping that jab now too. - Double that jab up, baby!
What the hell is he waiting for?
Come on! Come on!
Come on, fight! Come on, fight me!
- Power box his ass! - What's he waiting for? Come on!
Shaw is not fighting Pedro's fight.
Hernandez is physically enraged!
- Yes! - A big right hand by Shaw!
And back comes Hernandez!
They're throwing nuclear weapons in there!
Beautiful shot! Yes!
Hey, quick! Get out of there!
That last body shot inside wobbled Hernandez.
- l think he's cut! - Break! Come on, guys!
Break. No holding!
Hernandez's trying to jab his way in,
but there's nothing on those punches!
Break! Break!
A little bit the tables have turned! Dancing Shaw is the bully now!
Switch up on him, Luther! Take it to him now, Luther!
Shaw switches from southpaw and lands a big right hand!
You got him! You got him!
- Yes! - Yes!
- He's cut, he's cut, he's cut! - Come on!
Come on!
Break! Break!
- Break clean! - Let me see, Pedro.
- Let me see! - No, no.
- l'm all right. - Let me look.
- That's a bad cut. - You got him!
- No, no, no. Come on! - He's gonna let it continue.
Hernandez still wants to fight, but he is doing the same exact move.
And Hernandez moves! He's out on his feet!
- Yes, yes! - One, two...
- Get up! - Get up! Come on!
Oh, my God!
l told you! l told you! l told you!
Luther! Luther! Luther!
What? What?
Let's take him home!
Jackie! Jackie!
Where she at? Where's Jackie?
Jackie! Jackie!
Luther! Luther! Luther!
Hey, Felix. Always good to see you, my friend.
And a guest.
Hey, Felix.
Put your goddamn hands up!
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