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Agent Cody Bank 2

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Cody Banks wins again for Dorm Seven.
Sorry about the boot-kick, Frank.
No problem.
You don't apologize to your enemy!
But Frank's my friend.
Friends, enemies, everybody, they're all the same.
Remember, trust equals death.
Now you go write that on your lunch box, Banks.
You dropped your ball.
Remember, kid...
trust nobody.
Including me.
Bomb disposal time
Prepare for satellite launch.
Hey, Cody.
Can I get you anything?
Covert op? Recon mission?
Juice box?
No. No, I'm fine.
Well, we're right here if you need anything.
You know us, U.S.A. first, Cody Banks second...
then Mom and apple pie tied for third.
Commence satellite launch.
T-minus ten, nine...
eighth, seven, six...
five, four--
Code forty-two! Abort! Abort!
Attention all campers. Code forty-two.
Code forty-two.
Code forty-two. This is it.
Go time! Go time!
Guys, code forty-two is Parents' Day.
Take your positions.
Bring 'em on.
Code forty-two. This is not a drill.
Initiate concealment sequence!
Quick! Quick!
Just hurry!
Park over there, hon.
I was gonna park here.
In this space?
Yes, What's wrong with it? Is this all right?
Well, you're too close to the lake.
You drive next time.
I'm hungry.
So where do you think he is?
Well, I don't know.
If he, like, drowned in a lake or something...
can I have his computer?
Be nice. He's your brother.
He's a whack job.
Isn't there some sort of exchange program...
we could trade him in for, like, a hot chick...
or a pack of gum?
Honey, will you stop calling your brother a whack job?
He thinks he's in the ClA.
Yeah, Right.
He thinks he's in the ClA.
I think somebody needs a little more attention.
So down here in the office?
Is this the office?
Honey, I don't know.
I've never been here before.
I don't know, I can't see him anywhere.
I don't know. We gotta be able--
Hey! Honey!
Hey, buddy. How you doin'?
Nice to see ya.
Good news about Wall Street, huh?
I've been following the stock market like a hawk...
and I guess things are looking rosy again on the Nasdaq.
What are you talking about, Cody?
Stock market?
Are you sixteen or sixty?
Alex, little rascal.
Hey, is that my Video Now?
How'd that get in my pocket?
You can have it.
Yeah. Yo, we have a few hours before the bonfire starts...
so I'll go get you guys a beverage.
A beverage?
Do you know how long this is going on for?
I don't know.
A couple hours. Maybe two, three--
Thank you, everybody, and welcome to Kamp Woody.
Now, I am the Commander-in-chief here--
I mean, head counselor.
My name is Victor Diaz.
Captain Squishy! Captain Squishy!
A.K.A. Captain Squishy, Captain Squishy.
That's funny.
That's cute.
Parents, you should know...
that your kids are having a great summer here.
In the very first week of debriefing--
I mean, getting to know, getting to know...
getting to know each other.
Right through to learning about America...
and her so-called friends...
who smile at your face while stabbing you in the back.
I just wanted him to learn how to swim.
And canoeing.
We do a lot of canoeing here.
Now, I'm pretty sure that you're anxious...
to get on the road, so why don't we follow camp protocol...
and end Parents' Day by singing the camp song?
One, two, three.
Oh, lovely Kamp Woody
With your trees full of bark
Ruff! Ruff! Ruff! Ruff!
That's nice.
Oh, pretty Kamp Woody
It's our country park
Our country park
We love you, Kamp Woody
We're not what we seem
We're all undercover
And, oh, what a team
Kamp Woody!
Oh, we miss you, pumpkin.
Do you miss us?
Of course, I miss you guys.
So, drive carefully.
What's this?
Just, you know, nail clippers.
Oh, honey.
I don't feel right about you having a weapon.
A weapon?
It looks so sharp. Let me have it.
Come on, just give it to her.
We've got a three-hour drive.
Come on.
I love you, sweetie.
Take it easy, buddy.
See ya, Alex.
Bye, Cody!
Bye, honey.
I just love the smell of summer camp in the evening.
We're going in. Over.
Ryan, get up! Come on!
-Get up! -What is it?
Initiating troop drop.
Good luck, guys.
Preparing for landing. Standby. Over.
Sir, what's going on?
What do you think? It's a drill.
I'm puttin' you in charge. Run the op.
Come on, Banks, You're in charge.
Run the operation.
What's the enemy's objective?
Let's say I'm the target.
What do you do?
Protect the target at all costs!
Just get me out of here, Banks.
Bender, it's a simulation.
Cool. What's the mission?
Protect Captain Squishy.
We need a plan to hold these guys off...
until I get him out of here.
Hey, Bender, are you scared?
-No. -Me, neither.
You're doing good, Banks.
Any sign of Diaz, Oscar three-zero?
Come on!
The enemy's been contained, sir.
You're out of here.
What about the other chopper?
I'll take care of it.
Good work, Banks!
Looks like Diaz has taken tiger five-seven, sir.
Stop Diaz from getting away.
Yes, sir.
I'm going up after him.
Diaz is getting away!
I repeat, Diaz is getting away!
I've got a problem here, sir.
Way to go, Cody!
Ryan, get out of there!
Thanks, Cody.
Target away. Repeat, target away.
Come on, let's go!
So, Banks...
you let him get away.
Diaz? By now he's a long way from here.
And by the look of things,
I'd say I just beat your little getaway simulation.
Getaway simulation?
That was no simulation.
That was the real deal!
Follow me.
Wait. I don't understand--
Follow me.
It was just--
This is crazy.
What's Diaz have to do with this?
Look, the ClA maintains a secret storage facility...
underneath the camp.
That's impossible.
Kids have been snooping around this place for years.
Somebody would've found the entrance by now.
That's why we put it...
where no one wants to spend too much time.
Sir, I really am sorry...
for letting Diaz get away like that.
What is all this stuff?
Stolen technology, weapons, obsolete inventions.
Wait a second.
Are you telling me that the ClA was behind Beanie Babies?
Be careful!
These are no ordinary Beanie Babies.
Maybe they are ordinary Beanie Babies. Come on.
So what does Diaz have to do with all this stuff?
Run program.
Ten months ago, Victor Diaz was in charge...
of a ClA mind control program...
designed to help with human learning.
Diaz, however, was more interested in developing it...
to control people's minds in a bad way...
and we decided to abort the program.
Diaz took the decision pretty bad...
and it looks like he just struck back at the organization.
Now freeze image.
Diaz just stole the mind control software.
The global implications of this theft are enormous...
and our government wants these disks back in safe hands.
You gotta let me bring him back.
I knew you wouldn't let me down, Banks.
Be ready to leave by 0600.
What happened to you?
I don't wanna talk about it.
Anyway, listen.
Your mission cover will involve you...
attending a summer music academy.
More school?
Just once in my life...
I'd like a mission that doesn't involve homework.
Wait. Did you say music?
It's a good thing you play the clarinet.
Yeah. Wait! I don't play the clarinet.
Your file says you were in the school band for three years.
I faked playing the clarinet to meet girls.
You joined the marching band to meet girls?
Well, you faked it for three years.
You can handle it for another couple of weeks.
You'll be part of an international youth orchestra.
An international youth orchestra?
Destination London
Destination London
Secret agent on a deadly mission
Girls are in town
And he doesn't wanna miss 'em
London, London
The dog's on the run
Lurking undercover
He'll get the job done
What the heck do you think you're doing?
Hey, man.
It's called the double-bluff.
No way in the world somebody's gonna think...
a kid like you works for the ClA.
You're fourteen!
I'm sixteen!
Well, act your age and loosen up a little bit, all right, man?
Who are you?
Derek Bowman. I'm your handler.
OK. Double cheeseburger, hold the pickle...
easy on the mustard, no mayo, ayo, ayo.
Are you kidding?
Come on, just say the code.
Chicken sandwich with everything...
a-ling, a-ling, a-ling.
Thank you, but I don't need a handler.
Hey, I don't need a white Mini-me, but here we are.
Cody Banks.
All right. Here we go.
State of the art field unit.
Designed it myself.
Gucci interior, plasma flatscreen...
DVD, surround sound...
G.P.S., wireless ethernet.
Check it out.
And riding shotgun, my right-hand man Kumar.
All right, Mr. Banks?
He is a bit young, isn't he, sir?
And to top it off--
I got the baddest system in all of London.
Turn it down!
Oh! It's half past two.
Of course, every time you turn that on...
you risk blowing your cover...
and putting yourself and all your men in danger.
You know what your problem is, Banks?
You're too darned old, man.
Act like a kid.
That's why they recruited you.
And besides, it's more fun anyway.
That's the Concorde right there.
There it is, over there.
There's the Houses of Parliament.
That's Big Ben.
Check this out.
You don't have anyone checking up on you?
So, basically, you just roam around London...
as completely free agents?
That's right.
Sounds to me like you've been dropped off the map.
All right, look, man.
I screwed up on another mission...
and they sent me to this little backwater...
to teach me a lesson, all right?
Here, what are you calling a little backwater?
Stick with me, Bowman.
I might be able to get you back home.
Check it out.
"G7 world leaders summit to be held at Buckingham Palace"?
What does this have to do--
Next page.
"Lord Duncan Kenworth to expand Research Program."
File the kid up, Kumar.
Your entry target is Lord Duncan Kenworth...
brilliant scientist, and greedy as a rat.
You think Diaz and this Kenworth dude are working together?
One of the only scientists able to make...
the mind control software work: Lord Kenworth.
I'll bet that Diaz is already in London...
and it's no coincidence that he's here...
the same week as all these world leaders.
You put these two zip-a-dee-doo-dahs together...
and we have a nightmare waiting to happen.
Mind control is reality, and God help us all.
Kenworth's married to Lady Josephine Kenworth...
who runs a summer music program...
at the Westminster Music Academy.
You'll be staying with eleven other...
international musical geniuses at their posh estate.
Musical geniuses?
I think I'm gonna be sick.
I don't mean to throw a wrench into things here...
but we may have a problem.
Hey, your problem is our problem, man.
What's up?
I don't really play the clarinet.
But that's not a big deal, right?
Man, those musical geeks, they're gonna eat you alive.
No pressure.
Get your tickets here!
What are we doing here?
I got somebody I want you to meet.
Follow me.
All aboard the Ripper Ride!
Don't be scared, Cody.
All aboard the Ripper Ride!
Hey, you get in the back, Kumar.
OK, Guv.
You sure this thing can take your weight, Bowman?
All aboard the Ripper Ride.
This place is like Disneyworld, except for serial killers.
Hey, check it out. Jack the Ripper? Please.
Freddy Krueger, now that's what I call a killer.
We're going in there.
Are we on a mission here or a vacation?
Hey, look here.
All work and no play makes Jack a very dull boy.
My name's Cody, not Jack.
Aw, Cool.
Oh, no, it's perfectly all right.
Not to worry, it was broken already.
Well, I'm afraid not quite to that extent.
Cody Banks, Neville Trubshaw.
How ya doin'?
He works here.
Actually, it's just a front.
He's one of us.
Hey, Nev, got a goodie bag for my man here?
Well, let me see.
I think I have a few items could prove useful.
Yes. A minty-based breath snack candy...
which doubles as a small explosive device.
Just lick, stick...
It'll do the trick.
Unfortunately, if you accidentally eat one...
you'll be sipping your dinner through a straw...
at the very least.
Pay attention, Banks. What's that?
It's a standard issue travel bag?
Or is it?
Oh, cool!
Recognize this?
We've turned your retainer into a personal listening device...
with acute directional capabilities.
Now, you manipulate the range, volume...
and intensity using your tongue.
Good. It seems to be working.
Well, I never.
It's a normal ballpoint pen.
Except I've embedded a high-tension microcable...
within its body.
So simply pop the highly recognizable...
designer logo, aim, and--
No, No. I mean fire.
Pretty colors! Pretty colors!
I already have a clarinet.
This is your new clarinet then, isn't it?
Kumar's gonna take you to the Kenworth estate, OK?
So I guess this is good-bye.
A little hot still. It's OK. Don't worry.
You're not gonna be able to get rid of me that easy.
I'll be around.
Agent Banks?
Don't forget your yo-yo.
How come I get a retainer and a clarinet...
and James Bond gets an Aston Martin?
All in good time, Double-0 Junior.
Carry on, my little doves.
Hey, Cody, don't forget your clarinet.
Good luck, mate.
Our American protégé has finally arrived.
Cody Banks, I presume. Welcome to England.
Trival? Oh, do hurry up, Trival.
We've got company.
I would've picked you up from the airport myself...
but I forgot.
I took some cold medicine an hour ago...
and I'm completely pickled.
May I take your bags, young sir?
Oh. Oh, sure.
Thank you, sir.
No, Trival. This way.
Of course, ma'am. How silly of me.
Inside to the house. Inside.
Now I'm sure you're just dying to meet...
the rest of the students.
Just dying.
Inside to the house. Inside.
Darling, meet our new arrival.
Charmed, I'm sure.
This is my husband Duncan.
Cody. Clarinet.
You don't look like a clarinet.
See you later.
All right, everyone.
Let me introduce you to your fellow virtuoso.
All the way from the United States of America...
Cody Banks.
Now, I'm sure you've got a lot you wanna chat about...
so I'll leave you to just mingle.
Don't be shy.
Emily Sommers, flute.
What do you play?
Basketball. A little baseball.
Yes, but what instrument do you play?
Oh! Oh. The clarinet.
You are clarinet! I am bassoon!
We are woodwind buddies.
Clarinet? Good.
Lots of money in the clarinet.
Johan Berkhamp, double bass. Peace.
All right. Don't mind me.
You can carry on with your rehearsal.
Just pretend I'm not here.
Would you like a Mentos?
I mean--
Fire in the hole!
Just pretend he isn't here.
Hey, woodwind buddy! Come sit next to me!
Britney Spears.
She's the bomb, is she not?
I guess.
So, Cody, tell us when your musical talents...
were first discovered.
Pretty recently, actually.
Now, children, I have some wonderful news for you.
The lnternational Summit on Children's Rights...
will conclude on Saturday at Buckingham Palace.
And guess what youth orchestra...
will be playing for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth?
Our orchestra.
Did you hear the good news, darling?
We're playing at the palace.
How marvelous. What's for dinner?
I went to the trouble of hiring a virtuoso chef...
to cook for our musical creme de la creme.
Uh, now, where were we?
I think Cody was about to tell us...
about his fear of mint candy.
No, I wasn't.
There you go.
This food looks absolutely revolting.
What's wrong with it?
What's wrong with it? What the blue blazes is it?
It's catfish and grits the way my mama makes it.
And over there, we got some corn bread.
And, mmm, it's good.
I say, do I detect another American accent?
Well, yes, you do, ma'am.
I just recently graduated from the pastry program...
at Compton Community College.
What are you doing?
Because in America, if a dish is particularly delicious...
we like to say that it's straight out of Compton.
It's mine.
I've decided to bring our meeting forward.
What do you mean?
You're where?
Well, how did you--
Don't touch anything. I'm coming.
Excuse me.
What's for pudding?
What's for what?
Well, pudding.
I think he means dessert.
I need to get a clean knife.
Excuse me.
Chocolate surprise?
How the heck am I gonna do this?
Chocolate surprise.
Derek, what are you doing?!
And what's chocolate surprise?!
I need more chocolate.
My personal supplies!
I think Diaz could be here.
I need you to cover for me.
Rule numero uno--
be careful.
Ooh, this is gonna be good.
Mmm! This look good.
Ladies and gentlemen, chocolate surprise.
Mmm. Look at that.
That's colorful.
What's in that, exactly?
Lovely jubbly.
This really is straight out of Compton.
Thank you.
Where did Cody disappear to?
Oh. He said he had to go rehearse.
Oh, that is such dedication.
What was that?
I thought I told you not to come here.
It's too risky.
twenty years in the ClA...
nobody gets to see me unless I wanna be seen.
Are you out of your mind?
It's very dangerous for me.
All right, you're here.
Now, what do you want?
What do I want?
I wanna know what's going on.
I wanna know why I haven't heard a peep out of you...
since I sent you the first prototype.
Please. That's over three thousand years old.
So you couldn't afford a new one?
Look, let me put this in terms you'll understand.
Your software is worthless without me...
and until you give me the second disk...
I can go no further with my research.
Doctor, let me put it in terms you can understand.
I want proof that it works now!
Oh, Victor, such fire.
Your impatience will be your undoing one of these days.
Is that a threat?
Threat? Good grief, no.
Now, would you care for a little drinky-winky, Victor?
Thirsty dog.
That's amazing.
Wow. It works.
It works?
But will it work on humans?
Very tricky.
The human brain, present company excepted...
is much more sophisticated.
If you want the American President...
following your orders like that performing dog...
you'll hand over the other disk.
Take it.
But remember, Doctor, if you ever cross me...
I'll break a lot more than that vase.
Carry on, Trival.
May I just say, Cody Banks...
your dedication has been noted. Bravo.
Oh, thank you.
As a former operatic protégé myself...
I am fully aware of what it takes to make it to the top.
I was a soprano, don't you know?
Yes, I know I'm a little rusty.
Anyway, carry on.
Oh, you know what? I need a new reed.
Derek, wake up.
I'm up, I'm up, I'm up. Hey.
Hey, man, I been waiting up half the night for you.
Where have you been?
It's hard to get around without being seen.
Listen, Diaz was just here.
Is that a blanky?
You sleep with a blanky?
It's not a blanky. It's a handkerchief.
Never mind. I saw Diaz.
We were right. Kenworth's involved.
And the mind-control thing, it's definitely a thing.
It works? How do you know?
His dog was playing the piano.
Well, is he any good?
Not bad for a dog, man.
I'm not gonna rush out and buy the CD, but, you know, hey--
All right, look, I'll get that info back to headquarters...
and you get you some shut-eye.
You got a rehearsal in the morning.
Oh, I can't wait.
How's the room you're staying in?
About the same.
All right.
Blanky. Yeah, right.
You snore.
Justin Timberlake snores.
I do not snore.
Oh, yes, you do.
You're a very strange girl.
Oh, the cook said you would probably try to skip class.
So I was to make sure you caught the bus...
and didn't forget your clarinet.
Thanks, woodwind buddy.
You mind?
This lobster has to be put in the lukewarm water.
It sort of lulls it to sleep.
And then, of course, it will die.
Shrimps are done this way.
Everything like that is done this way...
Hello, sir?
Diaz has definitely made contact.
Are you sure?
Absolutely, sir.
There's something big going on in that lab.
Hold on.
Uh, hello, sir?
What the heck's going on over there?
Nothing's going on, sir. It's just...
bugs. These big castles got big bugs, sir.
Look, Bowman, Cody has got to get into that lab.
Way ahead of you, sir. Way ahead of you.
No problem whatsoever.
Bowman, what's that alarm?
Alarm? What alarm, sir? I don't hear nothin'.
You must be talking on that cheap cell-phone plan.
Sir, this goes well...
you think maybe I can get back in the game?
It's me. I spoke with the Director.
Is there a reason you risked blowing my cover?
Look here, inch-high private eye...
relax, man, all right?
Let's just say I did some snooping around and found...
Diaz and Kenworth are running a mind-control test at the lab.
When are we going in?
We have to be in and out during lunch.
So you gotta find a way to get out of there.
One o'clock and don't be late.
See you at one.
So what's happening at one?
Eye doctor.
What do you think about Duncan Kenworth?
Weird guy, huh?
Yeah, he is a little bit odd.
Ever notice anything weird around the house...
people coming and going at strange hours?
The dog mowing the lawn?
Can't say I have.
So who's your favorite composer?
My favorite?
I mean, who's been your most influential?
Well, uh...
Heinz. Yeah, Heinz.
He's definitely been my biggest influ-ence.
Heinz? I don't think I've heard of him.
What's his most notable work?
That's so hard. He's written, like, fifty-seven varieties.
I mean symphonies.
Fifty-seven symphonies? That is an incredible output.
He was especially busy during his "red" period.
Hey there, doggie. Sit up.
Hey, sit.
Now tell me, man.
Where does your evil daddy keep the mind device?
Where does the evil doctor keep it?
Oh, you gonna lay down? Oh, I can do that.
Come play with me. Come on.
Tell me. Ooh, don't pee on me.
What the devil are you doing?
Nothing. Just have a little R&R with the dog, man.
I love the animals. I grew up with 'em.
Now leave my dog alone and get back to work.
And take your bum off my Bentley.
Oh, sure. Yes, sir.
What did you say?
Oh, I just said I have asthma.
You know, there's a lot of pollen in this London air.
You, boy, come here!
Aren't you one of Lady Kenworth's foreign Johnnies?
Yes, sir. Johnny Foreigner on my way.
Now listen here, Yankee Doodle Dandy.
Musical genius or no musical genius...
we will not tolerate slacking in this academy.
Are you receiving me loud and clear?
Yes, sir, receiving you loud and clear.
And don't answer me back, boy.
You just asked me--
As you say in America.
Now haul some ass and get to your class...
before I have you expelled.
Summer students.
I'll have them all expelled.
St. Paul's Cathedral, Kumar.
OK, Cody, come in. 1, 2, 1, 2. Testing.
I got it.
OK, Kumar, we're heading to the east-side security entrance.
I've got you.
Not a bad view, eh?
But it can be improved.
When this is over...
I intend to replace stuffy, old St. Paul's...
with a statue of myself.
Rather marvelous, don't you think?
What about you, Victor?
I worked for the ClA for twenty years.
And when the time came to reward my efforts...
I was humiliated, put in charge of children...
and a lesser man was given my rightful job as Director.
If this project of yours works, Duncan...
I'm gonna use it to bring the entire organization...
to its knees.
Dr. Kenworth, sir.
I think we're ready.
We're just here to get information...
so don't blow your cover.
OK, Agent Blanky.
It was not a blanky.
It was a big, red, fluffy blanket.
It wasn't.
Excuse me. Is this where I drop off my fluids?
My doctor--he told me that I was supposed to...
bring in my pee today. So I just filled these up.
What do you mean, doctor?
My doctor. He said, "Go on and bring your pee up--"
I'm eating a sandwich. Get those off my desk now.
Sure. No problem. I got it.
I'm sorry about that. My bad, man. It's just pee.
I wouldn't touch that.
My doctor said it could be highly contaminated.
Wait a minute.
Ain't this the hospital?
No, this is not the hospital. Now get out.
Oh, brother, I'm sorry, man.
I didn't mean to spill my pee all over your jacket.
I got a lot more where that came from.
Keep the beakers, too, man. They make good drinking glasses.
He's in.
Headed west towards the boiler room on level one.
Service elevator to the left.
You got your chewing gum?
Everything's cool.
Finger-scan entry, and you're home and dry.
I'm in.
Would Professor Black...
please make his way to the psychiatric laboratory.
I am so excited.
OK, I'm in position.
10-4, good buddy.
10-4, good buddy?
Man, that is so "Convoy."
Hey, guys, cut it out.
There's something going on in the lower lab.
Thank you, Santiago. Begin the test.
The blackout gas...
Iasts long enough to clamp the jaw...
and insert the microchip into a cavity of my choice.
What if the guy doesn't have a cavity?
Then I make one.
High five!
It looks like they're working on...
some sort of mental-dental microchip thing.
Basically, there's enough transmitted data...
in the microchip to relay complex information...
back from the brain...
and into a simple mobile operating system.
Rather marvelous, don't you think?
Rather marvelous.
See for yourself.
If you planted one of these microchips...
in your President, for instance...
you could make him do whatever you please.
You could use him to create absolute mayhem back home.
Diaz, this could cause total chaos.
I need to get a closer look.
What the devil?
We got a code red. I'm out of here.
Kumar, the boy needs a back door, man.
What we got?
I got it.
I need you in at the number three elevator.
That sounds easy.
Shut down all elevators.
Two floors up you've got an air duct.
Cool yo-yo.
OK, this could work.
Reactivate elevator three.
Cody? We've got a twelve second ETA on that elevator car.
-eight... -Man, almost there.
Pull yourself through!
I'm in.
You're the man, Cody!
You're the man, baby. We're on our way.
Give it up, baby.
Come on, my son!
Bloomin' fire alarm.
Slow down, you idiot!
Cody, have you made it to the loading bay yet?
We're almost there.
White Kenworth truck, do you see it?
I've got it.
Move, you nutter!
You oughta get your eyes tested, mate.
Want my eyes tested, sunshine?
Go on, shift!
-Stupid idiot! -On your way, go on!
Not bad, huh? Mess with Derek Bowman?
Not today, not today...
not today!
They were experimenting with the mind control prototype.
Have they got it to work yet?
I don't know.
Kumar, will you slow down?
Are we being chased or something?
No. Worse.
You're late for class.
Number four, sir.
Wait a minute.
Freeze it.
My word.
That's one of the musician kids staying on the estate.
Banks. You know him?
I know he's no musician.
See you later.
Oh, yes, Mr. Banks.
Our American clarinetist.
We were just about to send out a search party for you.
Sir Jerkalot, I'm sorry...
And you're honored to be in my presence.
Indeed, thank you.
Wasn't exactly where I was going, but sure.
Take your place. Hmm?
So, back to the Mozart.
Oh, no.
"Oh, no" what?
My instrument.
I think it's been stolen.
Hey, woodwind buddy...
Iook what I found in the trash can outside.
It would seem that your musical career...
has been miraculously revived.
Now, please take your place and we shall go from the top.
A tempo, allegro molto.
Sir Jerkalot?
Would you indulge me for one moment, please?
Young Cody Banks is the only member...
of my talented brood I've yet to hear play a solo.
Come to think of it...
none of us have heard him play a solo.
Hey, I'd hate to take up valuable rehearsal time.
Did you know you have spinach in your teeth?
Yes, I did, and I'm saving it for later.
Now, please, play.
OK, I have to remember something.
Something had to sink in.
Dude...that did not at all suck.
In fact, it was really rather good.
Well, It's like a bicycle.
You never really forget.
Yes, thank you very much.
You've made your point.
Now if we may continue?
Sorry, mate. I'm off-duty.
What do you mean, off-duty?
Hey, Grandpa, you invented the language.
You'd think you'd understand.
Bloody taxis.
You go on without me.
I'll get a cab back to the house later.
Where are you going?
I just remembered I have to have tea with my grandmother.
Your grandmother?
Yeah. My great-grandmother.
Great-granny Smith.
Like the apple.
Yeah. And I'm the apple of her eye.
You won't be the apple of Lady Kenworth's eye...
if you're not back at the house for dinner.
All right. See you later.
We've got company.
I see him.
Walk around the block. He'll follow you.
We'll come in from the back and box him in, OK?
I got it.
Hit it, Kumar!
Hey! What's the rush?
You idiot!
Get out of my way!
Wait! Hold on! Hold! Hold!
Hey, stop the moped!
-Agent Bowman, ClA. -Jolly good.
I need to commandeer this moped.
Tough tiddly!
Tough tiddly? Gimme the bike, man!
Here's fifty p. Naff off and buy yourself a doughnut!
Look, man, I'll bring it back with a full tank of gas!
He stole my moped!
Get outta the way!
Come on, get on!
Oh, Shoot!
Darn, that's some flashlight!
You could have grown up to be a fine agent, Banks!
Hey, Diaz! You're never gonna get away with this.
Far from it, kid.
The best they could send after me is a boy...
and an overweight agent who's on probation?
Hey! Who you calling overweight, chrome dome?
I am not...bald.
That's a nice flashlight you got there...
Cody, one of us has to be a decoy.
I volunteer.
We need a plan!
-Not bad. -I had a good teacher.
Too bad he was insane!
You should have run when you had the chance.
You still got a lot to learn, kid.
Armed police! Stay still!
Do not move!
Repeat: do not move!
Tuck your shirt in.
You know who I am?
I'm your worst nightmare.
A limey with a badge.
What with a badge?
Who are you, Question Boy?
Who's Question Boy?
I'll do the questions, Question Boy.
Question one--where did you get this stolen credit card?
It's my dad's. He gave it to me in case of emergencies.
Likely story.
Your dad. What's that count for, then?
My father?
this can go one of two ways, you little Wally.
Look, any second, that phone is gonna ring.
Oh, Right. You're psychic now, are you?
Yeah. That's it. I'm psychic.
Any second now, that phone's gonna ring...
you're gonna pick it up, someone's gonna yell at you...
and then you're gonna apologize and let me go.
Right. Well, I'm feeling a little bit psychic today...
and I say that that phone's...
not gonna ring.
I say you--
I think that's for you.
Crescent. Yes.
I'm interrogating him now.
But it's going very well.
He's about to crack.
I can tell!
Right away. Of course.
How did you do that?
Aren't you forgetting something?
Mr. Banks for you, Miss.
Thank you, Crescent.
You must have some friends in very high places.
I, uh, guess I should thank you.
You probably should.
You Americans!
You always think you're one step ahead of the world.
I've been on this case for months.
You blunder in and almost blow the whole thing...
in a matter of days!
"Covert Operations Officer"?
Do you like Chinese food?
A rickshaw in London?
Safe and economical.
What did you expect...
Mary Poppins pulling a horse and cart?
Careful, it's spicy.'d a nice girl like you end up in Scotland Yard?
I have an extensive martial arts background...
and I speak six languages, including Japanese.
How 'bout you?
I have an extensive baseball card collection...
and I speak one language, including English.
No, I'm serious.
I filled out a form for an X-Men secret agent kit...
and two weeks later, I was sworn in as a ClA operative.
Oh, right! So... why are you actually here?
Why are you here?
I asked first.
You're fishing.
I don't fish.
Well, we know Kenworth's up to something.
Tell me something I don't know.
I guess that would be difficult.
Oh! Touché!
Look, if you need my help on this--
Hey, I don't--
Hey! Don't get your knickers in a twist!
You gonna help or not?
I'll think about it.
And my knickers are not in a twist.
Excuse me. Can you stop here, please?
Would you like a coffee?
Oh, no. I don't do coffee.
But I'll take a soda.
Our patient's awake.
Shall I begin?
Please. I'm looking forward to this.
Poor, poor Mr. Banks.
If only you'd stayed at home where you belong.
First...he's got a small cavity I would like to take care of.
I want you to implant him with the microchip, you idiot...
not fix his cavities.
Of course. Sorry.
I'm sorry.
Put him under.
Good evening.
Don't you mean morning?
Oh. Yeah. Morning.
He's not responding quite correctly.
For crying out loud, just get him to make the call!
I am!
You get this thing working now, understand?
This will help, sir. 5-5--
Where the heck were you last night?
Yeah. You can say that again.
Lady Kenworth was so worried, she nearly called the police.
I need to call the Director.
The Director?
Uh, I think he meant to say...
Isn't that right, Mr. Banks?
So why did he say...
Look, Frankenstein, even a genius gets confused, OK?
But he definitely said Director.
-Banks, is that you? -Affirmative.
We're in.
I need to meet with you, sir.
Look, I just arrived in London for a summit at the palace.
I know. The palace. The President.
Top security.
Piccadilly Circus. One hour.
OK. Piccadilly Circus. One hour.
And don't be late, OK, pal?
Are you OK? we're in complete control.
Who are you meeting at Piccadilly?
For a tutti fluti player...
you sure do ask a lot of questions.
And for a Compton pastry chef...
you seem to know a lot of answers.
Mr. Banks...
I have that vegetarian recipe cookbook that I promised you...
in the kitchen. Now!
Beans on toast. Weird.
He's gone mad.
You can say that again.
Beans on toast.
What's he doing? Stop!
What are you doing? Stop it!
Maybe I'm not so hungry.
That's disgusting!
What the heck was all that about?
I think Cody's gone bonkers.
Cody, what on earth happened to you last night?
Good evening.
He means morning.
Right this way, sir.
Are you sure this is safe?
Oh, yeah. This is the safest place in town.
Ola. Have a nice trip.
Oh, my gosh!
I know, it's fantastic, isn't it?
Let's go. What the--
Man, are you trying to scare me to death?
Let's go!
What did the Director say?
Nothing. Hit the gas!
Hit the gas--please.
OK, let's go!
What the heck is wrong with you people?
I know who you really are.
I don't know what you're talking about, Miss Tutti Fluti.
Listen, I'm British intelligence.
No, she's not.
No wonder all the malls are empty.
They got all you kids workin' undercover!
I'm not a kid.
Hit the gas, Kumar.
Gotcha, Governor.
She's lying!
Look, we don't have much time.
They implanted Cody with a mind-control device...
and they just did the same to your ClA Director.
-What?! -Not true!
Well, take a look at this.
I don't believe it.
Stop the car, now!
We have to get that microchip out of him.
No problem!
There it is.
OK, we need to get a dentist or a--
We don't have time for that!
Fire in the hole!
Good thinking.
What, are you nuts?!
A whole Mentos can blow his head off!
OK, a thousand nanograms equals one microgram.
Do you know what you're doing?
Hey! Never interrupt a brother...
when he's breaking down the apothecaries' table.
The molecular weight is relative to...
I got it!
I got it! Open his mouth!
Open it!
Oh, I can't look!
How'd you know how to do that?
A great pastry chef knows his measurements, baby.
Oh, he's coming through.
You all right?
You OK?
My brain hurts.
That's not gonna be the only thing that hurts...
if we don't get to the Director in time.
Wait a minute.
The meeting at the palace tonight.
Twelve leaders from twelve countries all in the same place.
You don't think--
Diaz is a psycho warmonger.
If he gets control of any of the world's leaders...
who knows what he'll have them do?
We need to call the FBl, the Ml-5, the Men in Black.
Diaz has the Director of the ClA under his control.
We may be already on the most-wanted list.
So what are you saying?
I'm saying I hope you brought your tuxedo.
Oh, I got better than that.
take me to the crib.
Nice dress, Derek.
Hey! In Nigeria this is not a dress.
it's called a bobo.
That's right, player.
Hey, let me tell you something--
the ladies go loco for a brother in a bobo.
Check that out.
Do they do that in Russia?
Thank you very much.
It's very good, yes.
Gordon Brown and l had this marvelous idea...
Oh, Prime Minister.
...of exporting sand to Jordan.
This is gonna be like taking candy from a baby.
What next, Mr. Kenworth?
Let me see.
How about making me Director of the Royal Mint?
Consider it done.
English, you idiot.
Oopsy daisy.
Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to propose a toast.
To Lord Duncan Kenworth...
the new Director of the Royal Mint.
It's all working perfectly, Diaz.
Looks like the Prime Minister has given Kenworth...
the keys to the Royal piggy bank.
He's obviously under their control.
Don't worry, Prime Minister, the money's safe with me.
Jolly good.
Now, about this sand business...
Darling, you're going to run the Royal Mint.
Thank you.
I'll soon be one of the richest men in England...
which is why I'm leaving you.
Leaving me?
This is turning out to be a marvelous evening.
We have to stop them.
-Come on. -Let's go.
Oopsy daisy!
Move over.
And now for my ultimate prize.
The President of the United States.
Soon you'll be under my complete control.
All the world's most powerful men at my fingertips.
President to gift room.
Ah, good evening.
The President wants to see the Queen's gift room.
Ah, I'm afraid that is not protocol, sir.
Now you listen to me--
All right, all right, keep your hair on.
Come on, follow me.
John, good to see you.
Sir...we thought it might be a good idea...
for you to see the Queen's gift room.
Relax, Guys. Just the President.
I've arranged for a Presidential appointment.
There you are.
What is the pastry chef doing here...
and why is he wearing a dress?
It's not a dress. It's a bobo.
Thank you.
Now then, everybody, l--
I'm sorry. Who are you?
I, uh...
I'm Habu's uncle...Compton.
-What? -No.
I mean--yes.
My favorite uncle--Compton.
Well, children, pay attention.
I have just been informed that this evening's performance...
must finish promptly at eight o'clock.
-What? -Why?
Something about a 7-eleven summit.
You mean G7?
Well, whatever.
It's a very important meeting, and it has to start at 8:00... dilly-dallying, all right?
We can't let that meeting happen.
Kenworth and Diaz are gonna use that meeting...
to take over the world.
We have something to tell you.
Cody, yo, yo.
Need to know.
They need to know.
we're secret agents.
There you go.
And I'm Spider-man.
And I'm Lara Croft.
And I'm Waheed Murad.
Famous lndian actor.
Guys, I'm being serious.
You're funny, Cody Banks.
Now, if you don't mind, we have a concert to perform.
I believe you.
But what can we do?
Look, we can't let those leaders...
get out of that room until we say it's safe.
Keep playing all night if you have to.
Here, play this.
I can't play clarinet.
You can play this one, Sabeen.
Come on, let's go.
See you later, Uncle Compton.
Don't forget, just keep on playing.
Each year Her Majesty receives...
thousands of freebies from around the globe.
Anything from a stuffed gazelle to a rare croquet mallet...
presented by the last Nawab of Pataudi...
could end up in here.
Mr. President...
the Queen's gift room!
I can't see the President.
I can't see him either.
Something tells me he's been checked in...
for a microchip root canal.
You guys check out back, I'll go upstairs.
Let's go.
Your Royal Highnesses,
my Lords, ladies and gentlemen...
Lady Josephine Kenworth!
Your Majesty...
esteemed guests...
I'd like to introduce you...
to a very special international youth orchestra
Ied by our distinguished conductor...
Sir lsambard Jerkalot.
-Good luck. -Thank you.
Mr. President?
Mr. President?
Where on earth is Cody Banks?
And Emily Sommers?
Yes, where are they?
Derek? Where are you?
Mr. President?
Bring it on, baldie.
I am not bald.
Yes, you is!
Wait! Don't be so rash.
We can implant him and set him on to his little pal Banks.
Better get back to the ballroom.
Dude, I've been looking all over for you.
Oh, come on, Derek, what-- What are you doing?
And, in the girlie golden dress, Agent Bowman.
Terminate Cody Banks.
Quit foolin' around.
We have to find the President.
Right hook. Left hook.
Come on, Derek.
-Spinny kick. -Spinny kick?
You can't do a spinny kick.
Up you go.
Bear hug!
Double kick. Hit.
Duck, you idiot.
Hit it!
A little old for video games, aren't we?
And you are too young...
to be snooping around past your bedtime.
You know what I hate about dentists?
They always say something's not gonna hurt...
and it does.
Me, I'm honest.
Now this is gonna hurt.
What's happening?
You're back.
Come on!
They had you under mind control.
You thought you were the Rock.
I guess you're not back.
What's the password?
Mind control.
Yes, I know that already, thank you very much.
Now tell me the password!
Let's see if you can fly!
No, Derek! Pull me back in!
I'll ask you one last time.
Mind control!
Oh! Mind control.
Destroy Banks!
Please, please.
It's me, Cody.
Hey, little buddy.
Your Majesty, put your clothes back on!
Now we're even.
Let's go find the President.
What the heck you do that for?
Mind control.
That's your secret password.
I--I needed something I could remember.
Pathetic little man.
Sir, wake up!
What? What's going on?
Emily Sommers, Special Agent, Scotland Yard.
Sir, we stopped them controlling your mind.
Great. Terrific.
Great job, Agent Sommers.
Banks! Bowman!
I've been looking for you.
We've been looking for you, too, sir.
What happened here?!
They've taken the President.
Where are my prototypes?
Not there.
Where are they?
I'm not telling you till you let me go.
Where are my...
It's where everybody hides their backup disks.
Where are you going?
I'm leaving.
Without me?
Yeah. Without you.
I think l--
Oh, I got it!
Sorry, sir. Welcome back.
You guys make sure the President's OK.
I'm gonna get Diaz.
What happened?
He hit you.
Bravo. Excellent.
Excellent! Well done, everybody.
It's eight o'clock.
They're getting up to leave.
Play something.
Hey, Berkhamp...
we can't let them start their G7 meeting.
Hey, what are we doing?
Hey, Berkhamp, go for it, mate.
War! Hunh!
What is it good for?
Absolutely nothing! Say it again now!
War! Hunh!
What is it good for?
Absolutely nothing! Good God now!
Shout it!
Huh! War!
Have you implanted the President yet?
What the devil's going on?
Go take a hike, Kenworth.
Turn yourself in, Diaz.
That's a good idea.
I've got an even better one--
first I'll kill you, then I escape...
then I rule the world.
So aggressive.
Wait! Don't!
That instrument is priceless!
Come on, Liz, let's get up.
Leaving so soon, sir?
Move, you idiot.
Very well, sir.
Where are your friends now, huh, Cody?
Good student like you should take note.
You trusted. What a mistake!
Your friends are nowhere when you're about to die!
Go and write that on your lunch box.
Danke. Danke very much.
And they said I was too old to be a handler.
I'm fit as a fiddle, don't you know?
Thank you, Agent Jenkins.
You haven't got a key to the piggy bank after all...
have you, Mr. Kenworth?
Bog off.
Is that my husband they're leading away?
Yes, I do believe it is, ma'am.
How absolutely marvelous.
Once again, excellent work, Banks.
I couldn't have done it without my partners, sir.
They were all vital to the operation.
Thank you all.
so long, Agent Banks.
I hope I have the pleasure...
of working with you again one day.
Yeah. It was cool.
If you're ever in Seattle, give me a call.
See you guys later.
See you on das flip side, Cody.
Good-bye, woodwind buddy.
See you, woodwind buddy.
Good-bye, Cody.
Cheerio, Dude.
-Bye. -Tally-ho, Banks.
Bye, Habu.
Good-bye, Uncle Compton.
-Bowman... -Sir.
I'm impressed.
All in a day's work.
Tell me, uh...
did you like working with Banks?
Are you kidding?
I love those mini agents, man.
They're so cute.
You can just put 'em in your pocket.
Bowman, you ever thought of relocating?
Well, actually, I thought about it, sir.
The food here in London's real weird.
You! Stop running!
You! Run faster!
Yes, sir!
Sorreson! Get here, front and center!
Go up in there and get me a chocolate surprise.
-Yes, sir. -Hut, Hut, Hut!
Knees to elbows! Knees to elbows!
Hey, man, what can I do to thank you for this?
Oh, you don't have to thank me.
Sir, I will see you next summer, sir.
Thanks, big man. All right.
Isn't that your camp counselor?
I was dorm captain.
Oh, dorm--
We're always so proud of you.
Oh, honey, we missed you so much.
Were you homesick?
Of course. Yeah.
Come on, losers, get into gear.
What's this?
Just a little something for our little man.
This is cool.
It's got tweezers. I know.
Well, your dad and l finally decided...
that you were old enough.
Thanks, guys. It's great.
No fair!
Why does Cody get a knife?
I want a knife. Mom!
Relax. I'll share it with you.
Yeah. What's mine is yours.
Wow. Did you hear that?
Cody has to share everything with me.
No take-backs.
Well, he's a good brother.
I always tell you that, Alex.
Does that mean I can eat...
half this whole pack of Mentos?
Don't just take stuff out of my pocket.
You've been in the car for ten seconds.
Why you always gotta fight?
I'm gonna eat three.
No, Alex. Don't lick the Mentos.
There is a lot of candy talk in here.
He dropped it! Oh, I got it!
Open the window!
What are you doing, Cody?
Don't play with the window.
I don't like that.
Hey, did you see that?
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