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Agent Cody Banks

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I deliver perfection...|and don't brag about it! :D
- Morning.|- Morning.
Hey, Dad, we have to discuss|my allowance. I need a raise.
Buying a girl gummi bears|won't close the deal.
- Like you'd know.|- Alex.
But, Mom, Cody's almost 16|and I've had twice as many dates as him.
- Sitting in a tree house isn't a date.|- It is when you're playing doctor.
You smell good. Did you shave?
- Do your chores.|- I'll do them later.
Those poor guinea pigs have been|sitting in excrement for days.
Alex, you play with them more than I do.|Let's trade. I'll mow the lawn three times.
No way. Just cos I'm ten doesn't mean I'm|an idiot. I know what "excrement" means.
Alex! We're eating here.
Sweetie, Mommy will be right back.
Stop! My baby!
My baby's in that car!|Somebody stop that car!
Oh, my God! Stop the car!
Unlock the door!
Next time, please stick with a tricycle.
Sweetie, it's OK.
- What happened?|- Some kid stopped it.
Dr Connors, we've given you|a great deal of money. We expect results.
If you gentlemen would|step this way, please. Gather round.
Imagine we're somewhere in Alaska|and a huge oil tanker runs aground.
What do we get? An oil spill,|one of the most serious threats to nature.
A calamity that could take generations|for sea life to recover.
But wait. What's this?
Look who's coming. The nanobots.
Very impressive.
Baby seals everywhere|will praise your name, Doctor.
So, is that real oil, Connors?
Oh, yeah. Yes, here's a sample.|You can test it if you want.
Can they be programmed|to eat other things?
They can be programmed to break down|any silicone or carbon-based compound.
- You have ten days.|- What?
- That's impossible.|- He said you have ten days.
We have our own agenda, Doctor.
- That's impossible.|- Goodbye, Dr Connors.
- He has no idea what we hope to achieve.|- Let's keep it that way, Franšois.
- I told you no ice. Here.|- I'm sorry, sir.
You never know how long it's been|in the freezer. It could be filled with crap.
This is Dr Albert Connors, the world's|foremost expert in nanotechnology.
Microscopic robots.
These robots could be programmed
to destroy our most vital communication|and military infrastructure.
I'm talking missile-guidance systems,|boats, tanks, planes, biological...
We get the point. Before we lost contact,
Agent Bolivar confirmed that|Connors is working with ERIS.
This is probably my last transmission.|I think they're on to me.
Don't send any more agents.|Everyone has been compromised.
I'm gonna transmit images now. This is|yesterday at the ERIS Covert Conference,
where Dr Connors demonstrated|his latest advancements.
And this is Dr Brinkman, head of ERIS.
And this, Franšois Molay, his henchman.
As far as I understand it, they plan to...
We need to know what they're planning.|But Connors is very reclusive, secretive.
After his wife died two years ago,|Connors dropped out of public view.
His only contact with the outside world|is through his daughter Natalie.
I want to get close to this girl.
McAIlister, brief the staff|on the Agent Development Program.
Under the guise of a summer camp for the|brightest and best, we began to recruit.
Welcome to the|Agent Development Program.
Since 1987, under secrecy, the CIA has|recruited juvenile agents the nation over.
As soon as we received word|that a candidate had been spotted,
we brought them into our facilities|under the guise of summer camps.
And their parents had no idea|of their real activities.
There they were trained in defence,|navigation and explosives diffusion.
Our juvenile agents|are stationed all over the nation.
They meticulously maintain|the fašades of normal childhoods
as they await their call for duty.
Wait. You're telling me|we're training children to become agents?
Teenagers! Let's be clear. The clock is|ticking. This may be our last, best chance.
- These kids operate alone?|- Of course not. That'd be irresponsible.
One of our most impressive agents|lives not far from Natalie Connors.
Smart, resourceful,
and, according to my reports,
he's quite a lady-killer.
Do you...
Hi, Cody.
Are you in special ed?
Hi, Cody.
So you think, Amy,|that Friday night we...
Cody, I need to study.|So why don't you jump off a cliff?
- Cody Banks?|- Yeah.
You want "him"?
She wants Cody.
Quiet! Or you'll all be in trouble.
- You, come with me.|- Why?
I wanna be in trouble.
Well, since you're on the business|of taking towels, take mine too.
Could you hold this, please? Thank you.
I really hate it...
when people talk back!
Thank you. Let's go.
Who are you? What did I do?
Mary had a little lamb,|its fleece as white as snow.
Peter Piper picked a peck|of pickled peppers?
- Bubble gum, bubble gum, in a dish.|- How many pieces do you wish?
This is what happens when you design|a code book in summer camp.
So, I'm being called up?|My country needs me?
- Yep.|- Where are we going? The Middle East?
Russia? China?
Downtown Seattle.
I'm in. My first mission!
- Didn't think it would happen this soon?|- Plus I didn't think my partner would...
Let's get one thing straight.|I am not your partner.
I'm your handler.
Like in the zoo.
You will speak only when spoken to.|You will follow orders without question.
If you're lucky, you might get to...
Hey. How did you get in here?|There's no school tour today.
I'm not on a school tour.|Look, I'm an agent.
- I probably left my ID in my other clothes.|- Right.
- I'm with Ronica Miles.|- You wish.
Here he is.
Sir, I just apprehended a trespasser.|It was a bit of a struggle.
- What's your name?|- Rosychuk.
Come here, Rosychuk.
You know, you've just apprehended|the most important kid in America!
Mr Banks, this way. This way.
What was he thinkin'?
You got "agent" written all over you.|I mean, it's in the eyes.
You got it, kid. Come on.
Welcome to the CIA.
You like the Sonics? What about|front-row seats for the play-offs?
We've prepared a briefing|to explain nanobots to you.
I'm familiar with them.|Tiny weapons, giant potential.
Micro-devices, built up of compounds|of polymer cobalt and gold,
other times constructed with|fullerene complexes called buckysomes -
assemblers that can bond|atoms and computer circuits.
The most impressive tests|on microsurgery were conducted
at Sweden's Link÷ping University.
Well, I guess we can move on, huh?
OK, let's turn to Natalie Connors.
Natalie Connors, 15 years old.|Hair blonde, eyes brown.
Likes horses, preferably Arabians,
pistachio ice cream,|turquoise jewellery, and TS Eliot.
Learn everything you can about this girl.|Get close to her.
That's my mission?|I have to get close to "her"?
Yes. Insinuate yourself into her life.
It is imperative you find out|what her father and ERIS are planning.
And we'll help.|We've placed you in all her classes.
All of them? Isn't that a little creepy?
We're the CIA.|That's what we do. Right?
you want me to become her boyfriend?
Cody, the plan is simple.
She has a birthday coming up.|Her father's throwing her a party.
The first step is to get yourself|invited to that party.
And be careful. This is not|secret agent Little League any more.
This is the show, Mr Banks.|And this is showtime.
Now, if you can't handle it,|you just tell me now.
You can count on me.
Oh, yes.
Attention. Rocket launch test.
Don't touch anything.
Five, four, three,
two, one.
Mr Banks. Come see me, son.
I've prepared a number of dope items|which I think you're gonna be down with.
This item here is equipped with a virtual|telephoto lens and low penetration x-ray.
Gimme that!
This is your cellphone. It's|a state-of-the-art mobile command centre
with a holographic audiovisual display|and a personal GPS transceiver.
Now, this is a CIA get-outta-trouble watch.|See this silver button?
Be very careful with this little silver|button, cos it'll just make people go...
What was that?
One more time. I didn't get it.
I don't even want to know.
All right, let's wrap this up.
$5,000 cash.
What for?
I think they buy things with it,|I believe.
OK. That's it. Thanks for comin'.
- Wait. I think we're forgetting something.|- Oh, no. I'm not forgettin' anything.
- What about those wheels?|- No, Cody, you don't need to drive.
- I need to impress the girls.|- OK. Well, then we got you fixed up.
Look at this. Hm?|This thing is really full of surprises.
- Fine.|- I think you're gonna impress the girls.
Oh, yeah.
- Good luck.|- Thanks!
- You're transferring to a prep school?|- Yep.
I got a scholarship|to Donovan Prep Academy.
A scholarship? Hold on.
When did you apply?|Did I sign something?
Yeah. A few months ago.|It's always been my dream to go there.
It has? But what about your friends?
- I'll make new ones.|- With all those spoiled brats?
And why would they want "you"?
Diversity. At least five per cent|of the students have to be normal.
I don't know about this. In fact,|I wanna make something very clear.
I am not agreeing to anything|until I meet a school administrator.
- Mr Banks?|- Yes.
I'm from the William Donovan|Preparatory Academy.
I'm an administrator from the school.
"Agent"... Banks.
I heard you really "closed the deal" with|Amy. Maybe you should try gummi bears.
- How do you know about that?|- Everybody knows.
- She thinks I'm a loser.|- Duh.
Amy, I...
Cody is a wonderful student with|extraordinary math and science abilities.
- And what is it exactly that you do?|- Dean of admissions.
Donovan Academy feels he isn't being|challenged in his current environment.
Do you have some paperwork|we might see?
Of course.
- Nervous?|- Nope.
Got your schedule?
"Honours English. Trig. Chemistry."|Hey, I don't think I need all of this.
- Can't I just meet her between classes?|- You will attend every class as instructed.
You might even learn something.
This isn't what I had in mind|when I joined the CIA.
Join the club. I didn't think|I'd be chaperoning teenagers.
You know, maybe you should try decaf.
It's my job to make sure you do your job.|If you screw up, I take the heat.
So, I guess she grows on you.
Admission papers. Hat.
Hat? What hat?
Seattle Seahawks.|They're her favourite football team.
You know, it's an icebreaker.|A conversation starter.
Look. That guy has a bird on his head.
- Guys!|- No, it looks good.
I'm not wearing this. I look like an idiot.
Guys, it's two minutes till first period.|You don't want to be tardy.
- What if she doesn't like me?|- What's not to like?
Hi, Natalie.
Target acquired.
New kid. You're the scholarship case|from the other side of town, right?
Pleased to meet you.|My name's Cody. Banks.
Banks? Hey, we got somethin'|in common, Cody. My dad "owns" banks.
Very funny. I gotta go.
Not so fast.
Check it out.
- Come on, give it back.|- What are you gonna do about it?
If you're gonna keep my watch, promise|me you won't touch that silver button.
- That silver button?|- Yeah, don't touch it.
I won't touch the silver but...
Told ya not to touch it.
- Are those books?|- Yeah.
I love books.|I could read all day. Love 'em.
Great. Then you're in the right place.
I especially love TS Eliot.
- You do?|- I think she's amazing.
You know, the way she captures the|female perspective. It's just so female-like.
It's great.
TS Eliot is a man.
If you want to get all technical, of course.|But you never know these days.
Do you by any chance|happen to be in special ed?
I love horses.
I think their hair thing is really cool.
What a freak.
Natalie Connors.
Way out of your league.
Driver's ed.
Oh, my God, it was so cute.|Are you gonna go?
Yeah. It's gonna be great.
Uh-oh, here comes horse guy.
Good luck.
You got driver's ed too.
What's the deal?|You're in every single one of my classes.
I guess great minds think alike.
Great. We got Mr Yip.|He doesn't pass anybody.
I'm sure if you don't pass,|your dad can drive you around.
It's because of my dad|that I need to get my licence.
- So you can drive "him" around?|- No. So I can drive "me" around.
- Why? Is he busy with something?|- Yeah.
He's always doing some experiment.
- Like a scientific experiment?|- Yeah, he's a scientist.
Cool. With microscopes?
You're getting weird again.
Good afternoon, children.
Driving is a privilege, not a right.
I'll be delighted to instruct you|in the operation of motor vehicle.
But I have a larger responsibility|to protect society at large
from the idiots|and the drug-addled delinquents
who call themselves the youth of today.
Your name Miss Connors? Yeah?
You're first! Go, go, go, go, go, go, go!
Wait! Look left. Look right.
You didn't turn on your blink.|I've never seen...
This is your left. That is right.
No. No, no, no. Get out of the driver's seat.
OK, but I...
One grandma. Multiple cones, three kerbs.
- Who can drive with you screaming?|- You fail, fail, fail!
- No. I need to get my licence!|- Next!
Damn. The floor mat isn't straight.
- All ready.|- Good.
Why are you doing that? Don't...
What are you doing now?
Stop the car! Stop the car right now!
- Did I pass?|- Nat, are you OK?
He almost rolled over!
- Come on.|- Actually, I don't feel so good.
- He totally could have killed you.|- Natalie!
Just stay away from her.
Are you OK?
I will personally go to DMV.
You will not receive a driver's licence!
- Mr Yip.|- What?
We'd like to have a word with you|about Mr Banks' driver's licence.
Immigrations paper OK!
My fellow agents.
- Good luck.|- Good luck.
- He's dead.|- So dead.
Hey, Cody.
- How'd it go today?|- Great. I've got her eating outta my hand.
- So she invited you to the party?|- No, but the vibes are right.
- Have you asked her out yet?|- Not yet. But don't rush me.
The clock's ticking.|Now, what's wrong with tonight?
It's a school night. I got homework.
- Cody, what's the problem?|- Nothing. But Natalie's a brain.
You got me in all those AP classes.|My workload's insane.
- This mission depends on you.|- I know, but...
Come on. Tonight I have to do|two chapters of trigonometry.
Plus I have to write an essay on "Henry V".|Not to mention my chores.
- Of course, if I had a little help...|- I can't believe what we're talking about.
All right. The Agency will take care|of your chores and your homework.
You focus on the girl.
Teams A and B,|commence domestic sanitation.
Team three, I need a new sponge.|Repeat: Need a new sponge. Over.
You missed a spot.
Negative. Negative.|Flammable. Flammable.
Which one would you prefer? This one,|or this one? I like this one myself.
- Good choice.|- Dust bunnies on the second floor. develop a secret weapon.|I'm gonna transmit images now.
This is Dr Brinkman, head of ERIS.|And this, Franšois Molay, his henchman.
Get outta the house.
What? They're not supposed|to be here for another hour.
They're here!
Move! Move!
Move, move! Get out, get out! Go, go, go!
Come on, move it. Get outta there.
Right there. Let's go!
- Get in!|- Get on with it.
Wait. Wait, wait. Wait!|You will wait for me!
Wow! What are they teaching the kid|at that new school?
Oh, my God. Look at this!
I know it's your dream|to play for the Sonics,
but if that falls through|you'd make somebody a good janitor.
Well, you told me to do my chores.
Honey, we are very impressed.|Here's five bucks.
- Thanks, Mom.|- Yeah.
Hey, I'm gonna go|take Marvin for a walk.
- Your homework to your satisfaction?|- Yeah.
Your room is nice and tidy?
- Guinea pig cage is clean?|- Yeah.
Well, I think we've done our part.
Now you do yours. Call Natalie.
- In here?|- Yeah.
I'll do it in my room.
He pooped twice.
- That wasn't me.|- I don't smell anything.
Get out! Everybody out!
Hello, Natalie. Guess who.
Hey, pretty lady. What's goin' on?
Dude. Natalie, how are you doin'?
Hi, Natalie. It's Cody. I was just wondering|what you were doing this Saturday.
Hello? Who is this?
This mission is screwed.
We spent $10 million training this kid, and|we did not teach him how to talk to a girl?
Sir, I assure you, we had no idea.
- You're shy?|- Cody's a little delicate.
My mother's ceramic cat collection|is delicate. This is national security!
I'm sorry.
I've got reports from the training camp.|You bragged about having lots of girls!
It was camp! I exaggerated.|Everyone does.
OK. So...
What is the truth?
Well, when it comes to girls,
I suck.
Ronica, you met my dad.
Well, I'm his son.
Ladies and gentlemen, somebody has|gotta teach this kid how to talk to a girl!
I understand you're havin'|a problem with women,
so I've assembled a team of experts here|to sorta help you along
from the point of contact to the point|of closure. You gotta close, Cody.
Any species is predicated upon mating.
The males and the females must couple,|or the animal will die off.
- I'm just tryin' to get a first date.|- Let me tell you how the hyena does it.
- You see this thing here?|- There's a lot of laughing involved.
It makes you want to give the Good Lord|a standing ovation. You wanna go...
Let her know she looks fresh. Pay her|compliments about her hair and her dress.
You gotta be smart. Get some dirt on her.
They can think out of both sides of|their brain at once. Emotion and intellect.
- Check out her previous boyfriends.|- Don't be late. It's a bad start to a date.
My grandfather used to say|"Oh, son, women are like cow chips."
"The older they get,|the easier they are to pick up."
Let's take a few deep breaths|as we turn to the relationship pyramid.
You gotta be straightforward,|stern, commanding.
- He's dead now.|- Shower before seeing the girl.
No, no, no, no. You wanna be dank and|dusky and musky. She's gotta smell ya.
My father was married 100 years or so.
You gotta smell like a man. Like a beast!
He's got a ring in his neck.|You pull it, he goes "My fault."
- Like a wild animal. Like the cheetah...|- Excuse me!
If you find yourself in a difficult position,|hang on, fight it out!
Hole up. Get your energy back|for the final push!
Think like a hyena. Be a hyena.
In the fog of war, it's the one who wants it|the most that comes out on top!
And I don't think you want it the most!|I think you are a pathetic loser.
You're a disgrace to these|honourable men and women.
How are you gonna hold your head high|when you walk down the street, Banks?
- Straighten up when I talk to you!|- Thank you, General.
Get off. I'm sorry this had to happen.
OK, this one's gonna be good.
Cody, don't say I never did nothin' for you,|brother. Look at that.
Hey, Cody.
Come over here.
I'm free tonight. What shall we do?
Kid can't even talk to a simulated woman.
Maybe I should've started him out|at a more intermediate level.
Wait. No. It's a little uneven.
Up more on the right.
Yeah, that looks good. Just higher.
Are you OK?
Where did you come from?
I transferred from Jefferson High.
This'll help.
- Nurse Hatchett to the football field.|- Could you just hold this, please?
That's good. I'll be right back, OK?
You think it's broken?
- Definitely not.|- So, you're a doctor now?
Just experienced. I've broken my leg,|wrist, a couple of fingers...
- Let me guess. Driving accident.|- Summer camp.
One of those "go and try to survive|in the wilderness" places. It's crazy.
I've only been to camp once -|for gymnastics.
They never told me you took gymnastics.
Who's "they"?
OK. That's it. I have to do something.
So, you do gymnastics.|That's awesome.
Thank you for your help...?
- Cody.|- Cody.
You know, Cody,|you make a really bad first impression.
And a terrible second impression.
But the third time, it's really good.
- You gotta see my fourth.|- I'd like that.
It's kind of short notice, but I'm having|a birthday party this weekend, and...
- I'd love to!|- Great.
- Hello. Are you all right?|- Yes. I just need to get back to class.
- Glad this young man saved you, huh?|- We're OK here, Nurse.
- We don't need any help.|- I see here your birthday is coming up.
You know, that's none|of your business, "Nurse".
I'm gonna go.
Are you having a party? Invite Cody.|It's the least you could do. Did you?
- Yes, I did.|- You did?
Cody, I'll see you on Sunday.|Oh, the theme is Las Vegas.
All right. See you there.
Not a word. Not a word.
Be friendly. But keep a low profile.|You're not there to socialise.
ERIS may have inserted their own agents.|Casino dealers, caterers.
Anyone is suspect.
And remember, these are dangerous men.|They'll think nothing of harming you.
So use caution.
First floor of the house is a public area.|The second floor is living space.
On the beach is Connors' personal lab.|The floor plan is stored in your phone.
We'll be watching. We're only|a couple of blocks away. Hold still.
That really freaks me out.
Sorry. Ready?
Let's go.
Why don't "you" take it?
- You did get him his licence?|- Yeah.
Here he comes.
Wait. Wait a minute.
He's at the gate.
- Name?|- Banks. Cody Banks.
You got some ID, Banks?
- You mean my driver's licence?|- Yeah.
There were no guns at "my" birthday party.
- What's this?|- My cellphone.
My MP3 player. You know these|stuffy parties. They get boring.
Yeah. You have fun.
He's in.
Oh, yeah!
That's what I'm talkin' about.
Guys, I'm 15, you know.
I'll see you guys later.
- Hey, Cody.|- Hey, Natalie. How's your ankle?
It's much better, but I think I'll hold off|on the cartwheels for a while.
- You don't wanna have too much fun.|- No.
Do you want something|to drink or anything?
Happy birthday.
Thank you.
Wow. I love it. It's beautiful.
- Can you help me?|- Sure.
I'm kinda new at this.
- Turquoise is my favourite.|- I know.
- You're not supposed to know that.|- I know!
- What?|- Sorry. Just this stupid voice in my head.
I have to go play hostess. Fenster! Why|am I not surprised you're the first person...
Don't ever interrupt me again!
Watch it, or you're going in.
- It won't happen again, I promise.|- Yeah, right.
Place your bets.|{y:i}Faites vos jeux.
10,000, red seven.
10,000, black 13.
No more bets.|{y:i}Rien ne va plus.
Red seven.
Thank you.
Sir, it's just play money.
This way, Mr Brinkman.
- Let's see what they're up to.|- Wait till it's clear.
No, I'll be OK. I'm going down.
- I'm on the roof of the lab.|- Be careful. It's full of motion sensors.
I hope you haven't spent|all our money on real estate.
Please don't touch anything. I'll give you|a demonstration in just a minute.
Dr Connors,|are you prepared to mass-produce?
Yes, but without freezing temperatures,|I can't control the nanobots.
No problem. We'll supply you|with all the ice you'll ever need.
Hey! No!
In this one cube,|how many nanobots are there?
About 40,000. And as soon as it starts to|melt, they destroy everything in their path.
Let's find out.
See if they can eat this.
Temperature's rising. Turning to liquid.
- Thermocontainment disabled.|- Entering the chamber.
As you can see,|the nanobots are ignoring the glass.
They're programmed|to destroy only the metal.
But if you stick your finger in, your body|temperature confuses it and you'll lose it.
Look at those buggers go.
They're like little Pac-Men.
Now, say, what is that thing, by the way?
Just the guidance system to a Russian|SS-18 intercontinental ballistic missile.
- Are you getting this?|- The Americans use similar components.
You just gave us the power to neutralise|America's entire strategic arsenal.
And leave it defenceless.
You'll never get the nanobots|into a military facility.
Yes, we will.
Wait a second. That wasn't the deal.
The deal was: You finance the project,|I decide what we do with the technology.
No, no, no, no, no.
You are going to program them|to march in like a column of ants.
shall we join your daughter?
Thermocontainment engaged.
System activated.
- I think they're leaving.|- Get a sample of those nanobots.
Goin' in.
Bravo, Agent Banks.
I've got one thing to say:|Mission accomplished.
The ice is melting|and they're eating my shoe!
System alert, zone two.
What's that?
- Seems to be some activity in the lab.|- What sort of activity?
Get him back. Get him back!
The detectors are sensitive.|It's probably an insect.
Or not. Franšois.
- Code, Doctor. Hurry up!|- I'm going as fast as I can.
Hurry up! Come on!
- Come on!|- OK, OK.
False alarm. All clear.
Horse boy! Where'd you steal|that car from? Can't be yours.
- You can only afford one shoe.|- Not right now. I'm really fried.
Well, maybe we should|cool you off with a swim.
- Yeah!|- Let's do it!
- You guys, come on.|- Pick him up!
- Goin' in!|- Hold on. Let me fix his tie.
You're really starting to annoy me.
He's in every single one of my classes.
His moves are straight|outta the CIA handbook.
I thought we got rid|of the CIA with Bolivar.
Now they've sent a kid. Very impressive.
Commence ERIS|child recruitment immediately.
I've never been so good with kids.
I've noticed. We've gotta get out of here|immediately. Grab Connors.
But I did a really good job! Ronica,|they can't pull me off this mission!
Secret Agent Cody Banks.
You've made the school newspaper.
I think it's safe to say|you've blown your cover.
We'll take it from here. You'll stay|at Donovan for another two weeks.
And you will stay away|from Natalie Connors.
I can't. I can't do that. She trusts me.
You can and you will. It's your job. You|knew that when you picked this career.
I didn't pick this career! It picked "me".
I subscribed to a few spy magazines|and surfed the Net for some cool sites.
The next thing I know, I'm going|to a CIA summer camp. I was 13!
And now you're old enough|to know the rules.
This is for good luck.
You might still be in danger.|And we'll keep an eye on you.
To keep me safe|or to keep me from Natalie?
Dr Connors, why is there a slowdown?
We gave you every piece|of equipment you've asked for.
You have absolutely, unequivocally,|run out of excuses. What's the problem?
I will not use science to destroy the world.
You pompous, know-all little nerd!
Franšois, I think he needs|a little motivation.
I'll get it.
- Hey, Cody.|- Natalie!
Hi, Mr and Mrs Banks.|Hi. Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you too.
That was a girl.
A hot girl.
- Here you go. Two pistachios.|- Thanks.
I cannot believe that|you like pistachio ice cream.
We have so much in common, Cody.
So, tell me again why|we had to sneak out the back door.
Natalie, there's something|I have to tell you.
You don't have to say anything. I know.
You do?
Yeah. And...
I think I feel the same way too.
Oh, man! Natalie, I'm not the person you...
Eat your burger.
Come on!
What is going on here?
Get outta the way!
Your dad got involved with|some nasty people.
- Cody!|- Take care of him!
Get in...
Get in that car!
Wake up.
They took Natalie.|She's been kidnapped! She's gone!
You should've stayed away from her.
Don't worry. OK?
- We're gonna get her back.|- Let me help.
The director issued explicit orders.
- So, what happens to me?|- Just go to school.
Hang out with your friends.|Do your homework. Be a kid.
- See you later, man.|- It was good workin' with you, Cody.
See you later, kid.
{y:i}Buenas noches, Banks.
See ya.
Are you OK? Where have you been?|What happened?
Cody. Cody.
- Did that girl do this to you?|- No. The bullies we met. It's no big deal.
- And then you protected her.|- Kinda.
- What were you doing out so late?|- We just talked!
So you're OK? Are you sure?
Well, in that case, you are so grounded!|Do you have any idea what time it is?
OK, go to your room!
- I'm in the fire level. Where are you?|- I'm still on level two...
- Alex!|- I gotta go.
I told you not to touch my stuff.|Gimme that!
- It's a Game Boy. I know what I'm doing.|- This stuff is special.
So's the phone. Give it to me!
If you want to disable the surveillance|lock, press pound-one-five.
To return to the main menu...
- Who's he?|- A guy from the phone company.
- What guy from the phone company?|- What do you care?
You think I'm stupid?|What's going on here?
Fine. I'm a junior secret agent working|for the CIA. They gave me this stuff.
- Happy?|- Whatever.
- What's this?|- I don't know.
It's been doing that for a couple of hours.|I think the battery's low or something.
- Turquoise is my favourite.|- I know.
She still has the microsensor.
She's in the Cascade Mountains.
Please, the director has gotta talk to me!|This is important!
- What about Ronica Miles?|- She's not available.
- Can you track her down?|- I'm sorry, Mr Banks.
- Will anybody take my call?|- Sorry.
- I have to go.|- You can't leave. You're grounded.
how would you like to become|a junior "junior" agent?
What's in it for me?
Hey, Rosychuk. Open the doors.
- You don't need to see a badge?|- No. Not from you.
Didn't think so.
- I'm worried about Cody.|- What?
- We haven't heard a peep out of him.|- Who?
Maybe I was a little hard on him.
- I think I'm just gonna go check on him.|- Alex, go to bed.
- You all right?|- I guess.
- Are you gonna stay in here all night?|- I guess.
- All right, are you mad at me and Dad?|- I guess.
Well, I'm sorry to hear that. Are you gonna|disobey us again and stay out late?
I guess.
Just kidding.
All right, then.
Good night.
I need to get to Red Face.
- He stole the car?|- And a few other items, sir.
He's gone after Connors' daughter.
- You have to admire his perseverance.|- No, I don't!
Resisting orders.|Stealing government property.
My camp wasn't training operatives, it|was training hoodlums! This is your fault.
Now, you find that punk!
Or I'm gonna have your job!
- Who let him in here, anyway?|- Me. Rosychuk.
Stop. You have entered a restricted area.
You are inside a restricted area!
Stop, or you will be intercepted!
Oh, no.
- Need any help?|- No, I'm fine.
How'd you find me? I threw away|that transceiver you put on me.
It wasn't a transceiver. It was an 18-carat|gold pin that my mentor gave to me.
Don't you think the CIA has LoJack|on its stuff? Even that board has one.
- What are you doing?|- What do you think? Getting the board.
You can hop on with me instead.
Listen, I'm not going back with you.|I'm here to rescue Natalie.
Me too.
Warning. Portal closing.
Stand clear of the doors.
Warning. Portal closing.
Stand clear of the doors.
Warning. Portal closing.
Stand clear of the doors.
Everything's locked!
- Everything OK?|- Yes, sir.
So that's how they're doing it.|The ice cubes.
That's how they plan|to distribute the nanobots.
Everyone uses ice cubes.|No one would know what hit them.
It's so difficult to get good sushi|in the mountains, Franšois.
- How's the girl?|- She's trouble.
She's 15 years old.|How much trouble can she be?
Go. Go!
- Check.|- Check.
- Oh, my God. They got you too.|- No. I'm here on my own.
- What are you doing here?|- Let's discuss it over some ice cream.
- Not until I find out what's going on.|- I'll tell you later. Let's go.
No. Last time I went out with you,|it didn't go so well.
Take a look at this.
It's that kid again.
Go get him.
It must be love.
- You're not gonna propose, are you?|- No, I'm just hiding from the camera.
Look, I work for the CIA.
- Yeah, right.|- No, really, I'm serious.
I'm in the Agent Development Program.|Getting to you was my first job.
- And why did you need to get to me?|- To get to your dad.
Great! So...
So you just used me?
I cannot believe what an idiot I am!|Cody, I thought you were different.
In the beginning,|it was just my assignment.
But towards the end, they...
They what?
They pulled me off the job.
They pulled me off the job because...
I was getting too emotionally|attached to the subject.
We gotta go - now.
Cody, what is|the school nurse doing here?
- Well, I was gonna tell you, but...|- Hello. Ronica Miles, CIA. Let's go.
- We gotta go.|- Let's go.
Hi, fellas. We were just leaving.
All right. Come on, let's go. Come on.
- Cody!|- Go get him!
Go! Go! Go!
Get him!
T minus three hours|until distribution sequence.
Don't tell me. CIA, right?
Love that suit.|No place for a gun in "there", eh?
Where is my dad?
I'm not going to tell you.
- Where's little lover-boy?|- He can't get out. We'll find him.
Bring Connors up.
Just in time.
- Dad!|- Dr Connors.
I'm going to place this ice cube|containing thousands of nanobots
- on your daughter's forehead.|- No!
Program the nanobots|to obey that remote control.
If you don't, her body temperature|will cause the ice to melt,
releasing the nanobots,|which will eat away indiscriminately.
Dad, don't do it!
I'll do it. Just let her go.
Program the remote,|that's exactly what I'll do.
Stay cold, Natalie.
Look at the water|on your daughter's forehead, Doctor.
I can't do it this quick.|This is a very complicated process.
- Ice is melting.|- Give it up, Brinkman!
Let her go!
- What are you gonna do about it?|- Blow this place up! Now let Natalie go!
- No!|- Cody!
Cody, do it!
Come on! Come on! Let's go!
Go! Go! Go!
Franšois! Get the remote!
Stop them, Franšois! Stop them!
It's not gonna work.
Do it! Do it!
I can't stop this!|I don't know what to do!
- Nice job.|- Thanks.
- You all right?|- Yeah.
Let's go. Come on.
- Let's go!|- Come on! Cody, come on!
Warning. Nanobot containment breach.
Please proceed to the nearest|evacuation tunnel.
Warning. Nanobot containment breach.
Please proceed to the nearest|evacuation tunnel.
Dad! Dad!
Natalie! Natalie!
- Meet us at the chopper!|- Be careful!
Come on. Come on! Come on!
Come on! Over here!
Get on!
- Get in!|- Nanobot containment breach.
Please proceed to the nearest|evacuation tunnel.
Warning. Nanobot containment breach.
Please proceed to the nearest|evacuation tunnel.
- I don't see 'em.|- They'll be here.
I do not see them. Where are they?
There they are! There they are!
- Thank God!|- Come on. We gotta go.
Get in. Get in.
They're jammed!
Come on! Come on!
Go! Lift off!
- What is he doing?|- He's gonna find a way to open the doors.
Why don't you land this thing|so we can run for it?
In case you haven't noticed,|there is no place to land.
Warning. Nanobot containment breach.
Please proceed to the nearest|evacuation tunnel.
Go! The doors! The doors! Go!
Here we go!
Yeah! Yeah!
You messed up my haircut. See?
Come here! Come here!
- Go, go, go!|- I know, I know!
- Sorry about your hair.|- Yeah?
Not as sorry as you're going to be.
- How's your family?|- A little worried.
They want me to go back to public school.|You know, it's safer.
Sorry. I know that freaks you out.
No, no. It's OK.
You're my handler.
- Congratulations.|- Good job.
Nicely done, Agent Banks.
Come here, you big lug!
Nicely done, kid!
You're the man!
Well done, Banks.
Your country's proud of you.
If there's ever anything|we can do for you, anything at all...
Well, there is one thing.
I cannot believe that|I got my driver's licence!
- And so fast, too.|- Yeah.
- It's kinda weird.|- So weird.
Hey, come on. Calm down.|The road. The road. We're going...
It's so beautiful out here.
Just like you.
- Little Boy Blue, come blow your horn.|- Ronica, not now.
Cody, do not turn me off!|I need to speak to you.
Cody, turn me around this instant. Argh!
- Now, what was my mission?|- I think you were about to kiss me.
Visiontext Subtitles: Kerrie Slavin
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