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Subtitles for Ahi Esta El Detalle (1940) CD2.

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Ahi Esta El Detalle (1940) CD2

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X1:227 X2:493 Y1:367 Y2:430 Having come back from a long trip...
X1:175 X2:544 Y1:399 Y2:424 ...Mr. Leonardo del Paso...
X1:289 X2:429 Y1:399 Y2:424 ...Junior...
X1:267 X2:453 Y1:367 Y2:430 ...who is now residing...
X1:172 X2:545 Y1:367 Y2:430 his brother-in-law Cayetano Lastre's home...
X1:176 X2:541 Y1:367 Y2:425 -He's a rich entrepreneur. -ls he?
X1:195 X2:523 Y1:367 Y2:425 Very rich. Go on, the address is in there.
X1:238 X2:480 Y1:367 Y2:430 -Yes, l've seen it. -You must go.
X1:222 X2:497 Y1:367 Y2:430 Of course l will. Can you believe it?
X1:181 X2:537 Y1:367 Y2:430 l thought my Leonardo was dead...
X1:155 X2:563 Y1:367 Y2:430 ...but the heel is living the good life among the rich.
X1:152 X2:566 Y1:367 Y2:430 -The very rich. -He obviously doesn't think...
X1:179 X2:539 Y1:367 Y2:430 -...of me and his children. -Right.
X1:205 X2:515 Y1:367 Y2:430 Leonardo always was forgetful.
X1:244 X2:473 Y1:367 Y2:425 Forgetful? Tell me about it!
X1:140 X2:578 Y1:367 Y2:425 He promised to marry me before our first child was born.
X1:146 X2:575 Y1:367 Y2:430 We have several children now and he forgot to marry me.
X1:268 X2:449 Y1:399 Y2:424 That's awful.
X1:226 X2:492 Y1:367 Y2:430 And he's forgotten to support them.
X1:279 X2:438 Y1:399 Y2:424 The rascal.
X1:260 X2:458 Y1:367 Y2:425 But l've found a clue.
X1:190 X2:527 Y1:399 Y2:429 A very substantial clue.
X1:150 X2:568 Y1:367 Y2:430 l have a feeling that for me and my children...
X1:175 X2:542 Y1:367 Y2:430 ...the time has come for recovery and for food.
X1:213 X2:506 Y1:367 Y2:425 Look after this place for me.
X1:193 X2:526 Y1:399 Y2:429 l'll gather the children...
X1:204 X2:517 Y1:367 Y2:430 ...and we'll go straight to Mr. Cayetano's.
X1:186 X2:532 Y1:367 Y2:425 -You can't come in here. -Of course l can!
X1:216 X2:503 Y1:367 Y2:425 l tell you he doesn't live here.
X1:179 X2:539 Y1:367 Y2:425 -The paper says he does. -What is it?
X1:208 X2:510 Y1:367 Y2:425 This woman thinks that this is her home.
X1:187 X2:531 Y1:367 Y2:430 lt will be my home soon, you'll see.
X1:217 X2:502 Y1:367 Y2:425 -What do you want? -To see Leonardo.
X1:198 X2:519 Y1:367 Y2:430 -See Leonardo? -l didn't get a chance...
X1:204 X2:513 Y1:367 Y2:430 tell her that he went on a trip.
X1:225 X2:493 Y1:367 Y2:430 He just left on a very long trip.
X1:226 X2:493 Y1:367 Y2:425 Did he? The porter told me he's here.
X1:222 X2:496 Y1:367 Y2:430 Don't listen to him. He's always joking.
X1:219 X2:500 Y1:367 Y2:425 Don't try to fool me. That heel is here.
X1:256 X2:463 Y1:367 Y2:425 l won't leave until l see him.
X1:224 X2:495 Y1:367 Y2:425 Or maybe not even after l see him.
X1:143 X2:576 Y1:367 Y2:430 -Why do you need to see him? -Oh, ma'am.
X1:231 X2:488 Y1:399 Y2:429 lt's embarrassing.
X1:183 X2:536 Y1:367 Y2:430 You are Cayetano's wife, right?
X1:202 X2:516 Y1:367 Y2:425 -Yes. How about you? -l'm not.
X1:171 X2:547 Y1:367 Y2:425 l am Clotilde Regalado, the mother of his children.
X1:162 X2:556 Y1:367 Y2:430 -Cayetano's children? -No, your nephews' mother.
X1:184 X2:533 Y1:367 Y2:425 -What nephews? -Your brother's children.
X1:232 X2:486 Y1:367 Y2:430 -God help me! -God help me too.
X1:135 X2:582 Y1:367 Y2:425 The heel made several children with me and abandoned me.
X1:153 X2:565 Y1:367 Y2:430 -This is just what we needed. -Yes, ma'am.
X1:202 X2:515 Y1:367 Y2:425 Since he lives here, we were needed here.
X1:181 X2:536 Y1:399 Y2:429 And that's why we came.
X1:185 X2:533 Y1:367 Y2:425 Stop crying and come in so we can talk.
X1:119 X2:598 Y1:367 Y2:430 -Let me know if Cayetano arrives. -Yes, ma'am.
X1:237 X2:481 Y1:367 Y2:430 -Please sit down. -Thank you.
X1:205 X2:514 Y1:367 Y2:430 -Have you any proof? -l have plenty.
X1:191 X2:527 Y1:399 Y2:424 This is the most recent.
X1:171 X2:547 Y1:367 Y2:430 But l mean a different kind of proof.
X1:265 X2:453 Y1:399 Y2:424 l understand.
X1:156 X2:563 Y1:367 Y2:425 Here's a picture of Leonardo when we first met.
X1:196 X2:522 Y1:367 Y2:430 -lt's him. -ln here, he mentions...
X1:251 X2:467 Y1:367 Y2:425 -...our children. -Let me see it.
X1:246 X2:471 Y1:367 Y2:430 -Milk: 50 pesos. -l'm sorry.
X1:213 X2:505 Y1:399 Y2:429 Those are my debts.
X1:173 X2:546 Y1:367 Y2:430 Maybe now l'll be able to pay them off.
X1:245 X2:472 Y1:367 Y2:425 -lt is his writing. -You see?
X1:212 X2:507 Y1:367 Y2:425 l shouldn't tell you but l have no choice.
X1:157 X2:561 Y1:367 Y2:430 Feel free to tell me anything. We're family, aren't we?
X1:218 X2:500 Y1:367 Y2:430 l don't know if you'll understand.
X1:166 X2:552 Y1:399 Y2:429 But l really have no choice.
X1:178 X2:540 Y1:367 Y2:425 The truth is the Leonardo who is here...
X1:183 X2:535 Y1:399 Y2:424 ...isn't the real Leonardo.
X1:171 X2:547 Y1:367 Y2:425 -There is a Leonardo here. -Not the real one.
X1:191 X2:528 Y1:367 Y2:430 lt's a Leonardo anyway, just what we all need.
X1:180 X2:538 Y1:367 Y2:430 -What do you mean? -You and your husband...
X1:159 X2:558 Y1:367 Y2:430 ...did not shy away from taking him for the real one...
X1:224 X2:494 Y1:367 Y2:425 children and l won't either.
X1:216 X2:501 Y1:367 Y2:430 -Ma'am! -l'm being frank too.
X1:170 X2:548 Y1:367 Y2:425 After everything Leonardo has done to me...
X1:184 X2:534 Y1:399 Y2:424 ...l don't care who he is...
X1:235 X2:482 Y1:367 Y2:430 long as it is profitable.
X1:157 X2:562 Y1:367 Y2:430 -What are you trying to say? -My children...
X1:133 X2:586 Y1:367 Y2:425 ...and l really need a good home like this one.
X1:253 X2:467 Y1:367 Y2:430 We need to eat enough...
X1:226 X2:493 Y1:399 Y2:429 ...every single day.
X1:253 X2:465 Y1:367 Y2:425 -But... -No buts or ifs.
X1:158 X2:559 Y1:367 Y2:430 Y accept that man as the father of my children.
X1:159 X2:561 Y1:367 Y2:430 l'll move my children in here immediately.
X1:198 X2:519 Y1:367 Y2:430 -What if l said no? -You'd be forcing me...
X1:201 X2:518 Y1:367 Y2:430 ask your husband for help.
X1:260 X2:457 Y1:367 Y2:425 -But, ma'am... -lt's no use.
X1:158 X2:558 Y1:367 Y2:430 Either we go hungry or the whole family moves in here.
X1:293 X2:425 Y1:399 Y2:429 Oh, Lord.
X1:168 X2:549 Y1:367 Y2:430 -What should l do? -Come on, don't be selfish.
X1:191 X2:526 Y1:367 Y2:430 After all, they are your nephews.
X1:156 X2:562 Y1:399 Y2:429 l won't admit any objections.
X1:231 X2:486 Y1:367 Y2:430 -l'll go fetch them. -Are they here?
X1:207 X2:510 Y1:367 Y2:430 Sure! They're waiting for me in the garden.
X1:167 X2:552 Y1:399 Y2:429 You'll like them very much.
X1:212 X2:506 Y1:367 Y2:430 Get ready to meet your other nephews.
X1:256 X2:461 Y1:367 Y2:425 -Seven? -Plus this one.
X1:208 X2:509 Y1:367 Y2:430 -Eight. -And one on the way.
X1:259 X2:460 Y1:367 Y2:425 -From where? -From Paris.
X1:287 X2:429 Y1:367 Y2:425 -Jesus! -Children!
X1:208 X2:512 Y1:367 Y2:430 lntroduce yourselves to your aunt.
X1:235 X2:483 Y1:367 Y2:430 -Chucho, Chicho. -Chente, Chinto.
X1:232 X2:485 Y1:367 Y2:425 -Pancho, Poncho. -Lencho.
X1:189 X2:528 Y1:399 Y2:429 At your service, ma'am.
X1:199 X2:519 Y1:367 Y2:430 -Aren't they adorable? -Yes, so adorable.
X1:203 X2:515 Y1:367 Y2:425 -Where's their father? -Who?
X1:207 X2:510 Y1:399 Y2:424 The children's father.
X1:275 X2:444 Y1:399 Y2:424 ls that him?
X1:246 X2:473 Y1:399 Y2:424 Yes. That's him.
X1:258 X2:461 Y1:367 Y2:425 lf he is as lazy as he looks...
X1:214 X2:504 Y1:367 Y2:430 ...he could very well belong to the family.
X1:172 X2:546 Y1:399 Y2:429 Are you hungry, children?
X1:265 X2:451 Y1:399 Y2:429 Very hungry!
X1:213 X2:506 Y1:367 Y2:430 l thought so. lf you want to have...
X1:208 X2:510 Y1:399 Y2:429 ...three meals a day...
X1:169 X2:549 Y1:367 Y2:430 must call Dad the man in the living room.
X1:270 X2:447 Y1:399 Y2:429 Dad! Daddy!
X1:253 X2:465 Y1:367 Y2:430 Dad! Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!
X1:322 X2:395 Y1:399 Y2:424 Wait!
X1:266 X2:453 Y1:367 Y2:425 Be quiet! What is this?
X1:217 X2:501 Y1:367 Y2:425 -Dad? -What is this mess?
X1:319 X2:397 Y1:367 Y2:425 -Hey! -Dad!
X1:223 X2:496 Y1:367 Y2:430 The poor children. Aren't you moved?
X1:147 X2:571 Y1:367 Y2:430 lt'd been so long since they'd seen their father.
X1:150 X2:569 Y1:367 Y2:425 Ma'am, Mr. Cayetano's home. Where shall l hide her.
X1:161 X2:557 Y1:367 Y2:425 No need to hide. l've agreed to move in here.
X1:186 X2:532 Y1:367 Y2:430 -What? -Yes, Paz. This woman...
X1:178 X2:541 Y1:367 Y2:425 taking your boyfriend to be her Leonardo.
X1:237 X2:480 Y1:367 Y2:425 -Oh, Lord! -Good afternoon.
X1:187 X2:531 Y1:367 Y2:430 Good afternoon. Good afternoon, ma'am.
X1:097 X2:620 Y1:367 Y2:425 -Hi, husband of my husband's sister. -What?
X1:196 X2:522 Y1:367 Y2:425 -l'll explain later. -What did she call me?
X1:118 X2:599 Y1:367 Y2:425 -Husband of my husband's sister. -What?
X1:202 X2:518 Y1:399 Y2:424 What is all that noise?
X1:205 X2:513 Y1:399 Y2:429 Let go of the cookies!
X1:248 X2:469 Y1:399 Y2:429 You dirty brats!
X1:261 X2:458 Y1:367 Y2:425 Give me back the bottle!
X1:190 X2:529 Y1:367 Y2:425 What noisy disturbance is that?
X1:209 X2:510 Y1:367 Y2:425 Your brother-in-law's children...
X1:153 X2:564 Y1:367 Y2:425 -...hadn't seen him in a while. -His children?
X1:178 X2:541 Y1:367 Y2:430 Yes, Leonardo's children, our nephews.
X1:172 X2:546 Y1:367 Y2:430 -They're cute, aren't they? -Yes. Very cute.
X1:267 X2:451 Y1:399 Y2:429 They're nice.
X1:198 X2:520 Y1:367 Y2:425 -l'll explain everything. -Sure.
X1:181 X2:537 Y1:367 Y2:425 Let go of that bottle. Give me back that bottle.
X1:248 X2:469 Y1:367 Y2:430 -Be respectful. -Come on, Dad.
X1:156 X2:563 Y1:367 Y2:430 l, your dad? Do l look like an orphanage?
X1:162 X2:555 Y1:367 Y2:430 -Just one drink. -To toast meeting you, Dad.
X1:180 X2:537 Y1:367 Y2:425 Shut up or... Give me back that bottle!
X1:149 X2:569 Y1:399 Y2:429 There's enough for everyone.
X1:186 X2:532 Y1:367 Y2:430 Give me back the bottle. You must respect...
X1:224 X2:493 Y1:367 Y2:425 ...your elders. Give me the bottle.
X1:179 X2:541 Y1:367 Y2:430 ls that how you treat me? Listen you, sons of...
X1:208 X2:510 Y1:399 Y2:429 This is quite a scene.
X1:187 X2:532 Y1:367 Y2:430 l'm glad you're home. Maybe you can help me.
X1:184 X2:534 Y1:367 Y2:425 -What is this, Leonardo? -A mess.
X1:184 X2:533 Y1:367 Y2:430 The Fifth Column or maybe just squatters.
X1:249 X2:470 Y1:367 Y2:425 -You heel! -Who is a heel?
X1:286 X2:432 Y1:367 Y2:430 -You are. -Why me?
X1:234 X2:483 Y1:367 Y2:425 -Heartless father. -Father?
X1:150 X2:568 Y1:367 Y2:430 You! How could you abandon your children that way?
X1:251 X2:468 Y1:367 Y2:425 My children? What children?
X1:242 X2:475 Y1:367 Y2:430 -Those children! -My children?
X1:222 X2:496 Y1:367 Y2:425 What? l don't get it. The children?
X1:165 X2:552 Y1:367 Y2:430 -The children... -Don't you dare deny them!
X1:181 X2:537 Y1:367 Y2:430 -There's nothing to deny. -l saw you.
X1:159 X2:559 Y1:367 Y2:430 When l came in, you were calling them sons.
X1:202 X2:517 Y1:399 Y2:429 l meant sons of a gun.
X1:196 X2:520 Y1:367 Y2:430 -They're your children! -Don't say that.
X1:272 X2:447 Y1:367 Y2:430 Do you dare deny them?
X1:234 X2:484 Y1:367 Y2:425 Will you deny their mother too?
X1:200 X2:518 Y1:367 Y2:430 -ls there a mother? -Yes, sir. There she is.
X1:192 X2:525 Y1:367 Y2:430 Look at her and try to deny her too.
X1:162 X2:557 Y1:367 Y2:430 -You say that's my mother? -Stop trying to cover up.
X1:237 X2:482 Y1:367 Y2:430 She's the mother of your children.
X1:287 X2:432 Y1:399 Y2:424 Leonardo.
X1:226 X2:491 Y1:399 Y2:429 My little Leonardo!
X1:179 X2:540 Y1:367 Y2:425 l'll forgive you, Leonardo, in the name...
X1:152 X2:568 Y1:367 Y2:425 ...of this innocent we brought into the world.
X1:249 X2:469 Y1:399 Y2:429 Go on, hug her.
X1:173 X2:544 Y1:367 Y2:430 -Hug me, baby. -l'm telling you to hug her.
X1:240 X2:478 Y1:367 Y2:430 -But, Cayetano... -Hug her.
X1:184 X2:534 Y1:367 Y2:430 lf l have no other choice, l'll hug her.
X1:178 X2:540 Y1:399 Y2:429 But stop calling me baby.
X1:248 X2:470 Y1:367 Y2:425 -Kiss me, baby. -l won't do that.
X1:219 X2:500 Y1:399 Y2:429 l have forgiven you.
X1:139 X2:579 Y1:367 Y2:430 You know something? This joke has gone far enough.
X1:176 X2:543 Y1:367 Y2:430 -Do you call this a joke? -A joke, all your children?
X1:180 X2:538 Y1:367 Y2:425 Wait a minute. This mess is Leonardo's.
X1:196 X2:521 Y1:367 Y2:430 -Yours. -No, l meant Leonardo.
X1:200 X2:519 Y1:399 Y2:429 Aren't' you Leonardo?
X1:167 X2:551 Y1:367 Y2:430 Seeing how the past went and thinking of the future...
X1:188 X2:531 Y1:399 Y2:429, l am not Leonardo.
X1:182 X2:538 Y1:399 Y2:429 You even deny yourself?
X1:182 X2:536 Y1:367 Y2:430 l am not. l am telling you the truth.
X1:156 X2:562 Y1:367 Y2:430 l'd better tell you everything. Do you remember Bobby?
X1:218 X2:501 Y1:367 Y2:430 l do. What about Bobby?
X1:194 X2:525 Y1:367 Y2:430 Go on. l do remember the dog.
X1:245 X2:473 Y1:399 Y2:424 As it turns out...
X1:228 X2:490 Y1:367 Y2:430 -Yes, l'm listening. -No, l can't do it.
X1:177 X2:541 Y1:367 Y2:430 l want to do it, but they look at me with...
X1:222 X2:495 Y1:367 Y2:430 ...those eyes and l get confused.
X1:170 X2:548 Y1:367 Y2:430 l knew deep down that you were a good man.
X1:146 X2:571 Y1:367 Y2:430 God works with the penitents. lt's all past now.
X1:183 X2:534 Y1:367 Y2:430 Everything's fine and everybody is happy.
X1:214 X2:504 Y1:367 Y2:430 -Everyone but one. -What's past is past.
X1:161 X2:557 Y1:367 Y2:430 -You must be a good father. -l don't have any practice.
X1:251 X2:469 Y1:367 Y2:430 l'll help you out any way l can.
X1:139 X2:580 Y1:367 Y2:425 For now, we'll have your family move in here.
X1:260 X2:459 Y1:367 Y2:430 -What family? -Your family.
X1:221 X2:498 Y1:399 Y2:424 We'll talk later. Paz.
X1:213 X2:505 Y1:367 Y2:425 -Yes, sir. -Take Mrs. Clotilde...
X1:127 X2:590 Y1:367 Y2:430 her husband's room; which they'll share from now on.
X1:196 X2:523 Y1:367 Y2:430 Find her another room. l sleep by myself.
X1:140 X2:578 Y1:367 Y2:430 That's all in the past now. From now on, always together.
X1:208 X2:509 Y1:367 Y2:430 Take the boys to play in the garden.
X1:148 X2:570 Y1:399 Y2:424 We'll find room for them later.
X1:179 X2:540 Y1:367 Y2:430 Yes, sir. Please follow me, ma'am.
X1:326 X2:392 Y1:399 Y2:429 Hey!
X1:173 X2:545 Y1:367 Y2:430 Children, go to the garden or you won't eat.
X1:190 X2:529 Y1:367 Y2:425 lt's a joy to see they are so well-educated.
X1:223 X2:496 Y1:399 Y2:429 Yes, of course it is.
X1:194 X2:524 Y1:367 Y2:425 Either l let them stay or she takes Leonardo.
X1:163 X2:555 Y1:367 Y2:430 Then, Leonardo would run away...
X1:166 X2:551 Y1:367 Y2:430 ...and we'd have to kiss your inheritance good-bye.
X1:169 X2:549 Y1:367 Y2:425 -But, Cayetano... -We need the inheritance...
X1:145 X2:573 Y1:367 Y2:425 we'll put up with anything until we have it.
X1:192 X2:527 Y1:367 Y2:430 -Leonardo. -Are you talking to me?
X1:214 X2:505 Y1:367 Y2:430 Of course. Tell me, how is it possible...?
X1:222 X2:495 Y1:367 Y2:430 l'm asking myself the same question.
X1:163 X2:556 Y1:367 Y2:430 How is it possible for you to have grown-up children?
X1:246 X2:471 Y1:367 Y2:425 There's the rub, sometimes...
X1:114 X2:604 Y1:367 Y2:425 ...our children are someone else's, but it's hard to know...
X1:143 X2:574 Y1:367 Y2:430 -But, Leonardo! -l know what l'm talking about.
X1:197 X2:521 Y1:367 Y2:425 -What about the baby? -Who?
X1:189 X2:531 Y1:367 Y2:425 How long since you last saw her?
X1:215 X2:504 Y1:367 Y2:430 -Saw who? -Clotilde. How long?
X1:257 X2:462 Y1:367 Y2:425 -That woman? -Yes.
X1:223 X2:494 Y1:367 Y2:425 Let's see... the first time was...
X1:235 X2:482 Y1:367 Y2:425 l didn't see her. She saw me first.
X1:158 X2:561 Y1:399 Y2:424 We haven't seen each other.
X1:206 X2:513 Y1:367 Y2:430 So, how can the baby be your son?
X1:137 X2:580 Y1:367 Y2:425 -Why not? -Because of the laws of nature.
X1:213 X2:505 Y1:367 Y2:425 They keep changing the laws all the time.
X1:195 X2:523 Y1:367 Y2:430 Are you in agreement? Tell me, are you?
X1:206 X2:512 Y1:367 Y2:430 -What else can l do? -That's your problem.
X1:197 X2:521 Y1:399 Y2:429 Yes, it is my problem...
X1:123 X2:595 Y1:399 Y2:429 ...and mine alone, though l wish...
X1:195 X2:523 Y1:367 Y2:430 l just hope l get drafted by the Army.
X1:286 X2:432 Y1:399 Y2:424 Leonardo!
X1:286 X2:432 Y1:399 Y2:424 Leonardo!
X1:211 X2:508 Y1:367 Y2:430 -Cantinflas! -Are you calling me?
X1:179 X2:540 Y1:367 Y2:430 Are you bathing the baby like l told you?
X1:179 X2:539 Y1:367 Y2:430 l'm not sure if l'm bathing him or he's bathing me.
X1:190 X2:527 Y1:367 Y2:430 -You idiot! -The baby might drown.
X1:192 X2:526 Y1:367 Y2:430 -You vile infanticide! -That's the thanks l get.
X1:202 X2:518 Y1:367 Y2:425 Now you're calling me an insecticide.
X1:197 X2:521 Y1:399 Y2:429 Be quiet, you monster!
X1:249 X2:471 Y1:367 Y2:425 You could have drowned him...
X1:202 X2:516 Y1:367 Y2:430 ...and what would l tell the baby's mother?
X1:156 X2:562 Y1:367 Y2:430 l'm really confused. l thought you were the mom.
X1:188 X2:530 Y1:367 Y2:430 Me? Thanks for believing it...
X1:229 X2:489 Y1:367 Y2:430 ... but l can't have anymore children.
X1:225 X2:493 Y1:399 Y2:424 l'm too old for that.
X1:194 X2:524 Y1:367 Y2:425 So, yours is an infernal machination.
X1:195 X2:522 Y1:367 Y2:430 lt was a trick to soften Cayetano and Dolores.
X1:168 X2:550 Y1:367 Y2:425 Aren't' you ashamed using innocent children?
X1:159 X2:559 Y1:399 Y2:424 You're a shameless woman.
X1:152 X2:567 Y1:367 Y2:425 l did it out of need, Leonardo. Out of need.
X1:175 X2:543 Y1:399 Y2:429 Don't look at me that way.
X1:196 X2:523 Y1:367 Y2:430 We can adopt the baby once we get married.
X1:203 X2:514 Y1:367 Y2:430 -What? -After we get married.
X1:152 X2:567 Y1:367 Y2:425 -Didn't you talk to Cayetano? -No.
X1:166 X2:552 Y1:367 Y2:425 -He'll talk to you soon. -Don't even dream about it.
X1:211 X2:506 Y1:367 Y2:425 -l'd rather be a mute. -We'll see.
X1:194 X2:524 Y1:367 Y2:425 Go to bed. lt's very late and l'm exhausted.
X1:165 X2:553 Y1:367 Y2:430 Do you really believe l'll continue sleeping outside?
X1:160 X2:559 Y1:399 Y2:429 What's the matter with you?
X1:183 X2:535 Y1:367 Y2:430 l get your drift. You want to stay in here.
X1:225 X2:494 Y1:367 Y2:430 Do you really think l'll sleep in here?
X1:242 X2:477 Y1:367 Y2:430 What if you walk in your sleep?
X1:240 X2:479 Y1:367 Y2:430 No way. l'll sleep outside.
X1:130 X2:589 Y1:367 Y2:430 lf you start mentioning marriage l'll sing.
X1:141 X2:578 Y1:367 Y2:425 -Does it make you that happy? -What?
X1:127 X2:591 Y1:399 Y2:429 You said you were going to sing.
X1:185 X2:534 Y1:367 Y2:430 l meant l am going to tell everything l know.
X1:276 X2:443 Y1:367 Y2:430 -Oh, really? -Really.
X1:197 X2:523 Y1:367 Y2:430 Even if they look at me tenderly...
X1:182 X2:537 Y1:367 Y2:430 ...and my heart breaks, l'm going to tell the truth.
X1:212 X2:508 Y1:367 Y2:430 l will break your face if you talk.
X1:234 X2:483 Y1:367 Y2:425 Don't say a thing! lt'd be terrible.
X1:173 X2:545 Y1:367 Y2:425 l really like living the good life in this home.
X1:170 X2:548 Y1:399 Y2:429 We have a great deal here.
X1:207 X2:512 Y1:399 Y2:429 lf you talk, l'll kill you.
X1:145 X2:572 Y1:399 Y2:429 Alright. You've convinced me.
X1:166 X2:553 Y1:367 Y2:425 And there's even one more reason not to talk.
X1:166 X2:552 Y1:367 Y2:430 Cayetano would find out you're not Dolores brother.
X1:174 X2:543 Y1:367 Y2:430 So? That would fix everything.
X1:129 X2:588 Y1:399 Y2:429 Although in a pretty deadly way.
X1:143 X2:574 Y1:367 Y2:425 -Cayetano would kill you both. -Who?
X1:248 X2:471 Y1:367 Y2:425 -Dolores. -And who else?
X1:162 X2:555 Y1:367 Y2:430 -You. -So now you want me dead!
X1:137 X2:581 Y1:367 Y2:430 -No, Cayetano wants you dead. -Why would he kill me?
X1:167 X2:553 Y1:399 Y2:429 For the brandy? The suits?
X1:195 X2:522 Y1:367 Y2:430 l stole money from him yesterday.
X1:174 X2:543 Y1:367 Y2:425 And l've been pretty fresh with his wife.
X1:227 X2:493 Y1:367 Y2:425 He has a tendency to crime.
X1:178 X2:539 Y1:367 Y2:430 -You're right. -He might want to kill me.
X1:215 X2:503 Y1:367 Y2:425 -Don't you dare talk. -Me?
X1:236 X2:481 Y1:367 Y2:430 -l'm warning you. -Don't worry.
X1:200 X2:518 Y1:367 Y2:430 -And now, go to sleep. -l am warning you.
X1:264 X2:454 Y1:367 Y2:430 -Good night. -l can't sleep.
X1:282 X2:436 Y1:399 Y2:424 Good God.
X1:252 X2:466 Y1:367 Y2:425 Cleotilde. Little Cleotilde.
X1:214 X2:505 Y1:399 Y2:429 Little, little Cleotilde.
X1:204 X2:515 Y1:367 Y2:430 Get back to bed. Don't be so impatient.
X1:233 X2:484 Y1:367 Y2:425 -You're dissolute. -l'm not absolute.
X1:143 X2:575 Y1:367 Y2:430 -What do you want? -Where did you put the bottle?
X1:224 X2:494 Y1:367 Y2:430 -What bottle? -The brandy bottle.
X1:166 X2:554 Y1:367 Y2:430 Don't drink it all. You'll give the baby the hiccups.
X1:235 X2:482 Y1:367 Y2:425 -You are so rude! -The bottle.
X1:187 X2:531 Y1:399 Y2:429 Maybe Cayetano took it.
X1:203 X2:515 Y1:367 Y2:425 -l know where to look. -For him?
X1:260 X2:459 Y1:367 Y2:430 For the bottle. l'll show you.
X1:210 X2:508 Y1:399 Y2:429 Cayetano, Cayetano.
X1:184 X2:532 Y1:367 Y2:425 l know where it is: with those darned brats.
X1:179 X2:539 Y1:367 Y2:430 They drink the brandy and sell the empty bottle.
X1:228 X2:490 Y1:399 Y2:424 But l'll show them.
X1:217 X2:500 Y1:367 Y2:430 -Hey, give us some! -l was going to.
X1:160 X2:557 Y1:399 Y2:429 So you're having a meeting.
X1:155 X2:563 Y1:367 Y2:430 Darned kids! You're always spying on me.
X1:181 X2:537 Y1:399 Y2:424 Give me back that bottle.
X1:225 X2:494 Y1:367 Y2:425 Do you really think we will?
X1:219 X2:500 Y1:367 Y2:430 Show more respect for your father.
X1:277 X2:442 Y1:367 Y2:430 Our father? No way.
X1:219 X2:499 Y1:399 Y2:429 l am my own father.
X1:241 X2:476 Y1:399 Y2:429 Come here, you.
X1:190 X2:528 Y1:367 Y2:430 Stop talking back to me or l'll poison you.
X1:150 X2:569 Y1:367 Y2:430 Oh, really? Let's defend ourselves, boys.
X1:224 X2:493 Y1:399 Y2:424 Bunch of cowards!
X1:235 X2:484 Y1:367 Y2:430 What the hell is going on here?
X1:191 X2:526 Y1:367 Y2:430 These kids organized an uprising against me.
X1:175 X2:543 Y1:367 Y2:430 Sure. They have their motives...
X1:164 X2:556 Y1:367 Y2:430 ...but a good father must be tough with his children.
X1:180 X2:539 Y1:399 Y2:429 Well, if it's okay with you.
X1:271 X2:448 Y1:399 Y2:425 Quiet. Quiet.
X1:276 X2:442 Y1:399 Y2:424 Come here.
X1:221 X2:496 Y1:367 Y2:425 You'll pay, son of Snow White.
X1:158 X2:560 Y1:399 Y2:429 They were driving me crazy.
X1:171 X2:546 Y1:367 Y2:425 -Good. They're ready now. -No.
X1:195 X2:522 Y1:367 Y2:425 They need some more. Wait.
X1:155 X2:563 Y1:399 Y2:429 Take this, and you, take this.
X1:105 X2:611 Y1:399 Y2:429 Show some respect for your father!
X1:188 X2:529 Y1:367 Y2:430 They'll be fine while l sleep for a while.
X1:187 X2:531 Y1:367 Y2:430 Well done. However, they don't respect you...
X1:135 X2:584 Y1:367 Y2:425 ...because you haven't behaved well with them.
X1:203 X2:514 Y1:367 Y2:430 -Me? -Yes, you. Leonardo...
X1:184 X2:536 Y1:367 Y2:430 ...this incident forces me to talk to you...
X1:173 X2:544 Y1:367 Y2:425 -...before l had planned to. -What about?
X1:150 X2:568 Y1:367 Y2:430 -About a very serious matter. -You don't say.
X1:152 X2:566 Y1:367 Y2:430 -Yes, l do say. -Alright. Go ahead and say it.
X1:247 X2:470 Y1:367 Y2:430 -Come with me. -Let's go.
X1:207 X2:513 Y1:367 Y2:425 l'm glad you didn't hit the fat kid.
X1:233 X2:484 Y1:367 Y2:425 -Why? -l like the fat kid...
X1:187 X2:533 Y1:367 Y2:430 ...because l used to look just like him.
X1:190 X2:528 Y1:399 Y2:429 l bet you were a fun kid.
X1:192 X2:525 Y1:367 Y2:430 -But then you changed. -Yes, a bit.
X1:230 X2:488 Y1:367 Y2:425 -Go to the garden. -Where?
X1:204 X2:514 Y1:367 Y2:430 -Go to the garden. -At this time of night?
X1:210 X2:508 Y1:367 Y2:430 -What if we get sick? -l hope so.
X1:171 X2:548 Y1:367 Y2:430 Don't come back until l tell you or you won't eat.
X1:297 X2:420 Y1:399 Y2:429 Let's go!
X1:228 X2:490 Y1:367 Y2:425 l learned that trick from their mother.
X1:147 X2:572 Y1:367 Y2:430 -Sending them to the garden? -Threatening...
X1:175 X2:543 Y1:367 Y2:430 take away their food. -l like the garden better.
X1:245 X2:473 Y1:367 Y2:425 Sit down. We need to talk.
X1:174 X2:543 Y1:367 Y2:425 -l have nothing to tell you. -But l do. Sit down.
X1:203 X2:516 Y1:367 Y2:425 -Can we do this later? -Sit down.
X1:220 X2:498 Y1:399 Y2:429 Look me in the eye.
X1:219 X2:498 Y1:399 Y2:429 Look me in the eye!
X1:203 X2:515 Y1:367 Y2:425 -You didn't sleep well. -What?
X1:157 X2:563 Y1:399 Y2:429 Do l have spots on my face?
X1:212 X2:504 Y1:367 Y2:430 Not on your face, on your conscience!
X1:206 X2:512 Y1:367 Y2:430 -Where? -On your conscience.
X1:143 X2:575 Y1:399 Y2:429 Stop joking around, Cayetano.
X1:167 X2:550 Y1:367 Y2:430 Go to the garden or you won't eat tomorrow.
X1:235 X2:483 Y1:367 Y2:430 Are you trying to hypnotize me?
X1:175 X2:543 Y1:367 Y2:430 Stop joking and just tell me one thing.
X1:149 X2:570 Y1:367 Y2:430 -What? -ls something bothering you?
X1:289 X2:427 Y1:367 Y2:425 -Yes. -l knew it!
X1:205 X2:512 Y1:367 Y2:430 -lt's your conscience. -No. lt's my stomach.
X1:202 X2:516 Y1:367 Y2:430 -What? -l have a tummy ache.
X1:216 X2:502 Y1:367 Y2:430 l guess l'm not used to eating...
X1:189 X2:530 Y1:367 Y2:425 ...more than once a day. And then there's...
X1:129 X2:590 Y1:367 Y2:430 ...the brandy and the cookies. Even good things can harm you.
X1:207 X2:511 Y1:367 Y2:425 -They're harming me. -Me too.
X1:173 X2:545 Y1:399 Y2:429 You'll put me in the street.
X1:163 X2:555 Y1:399 Y2:429 l would never abandon you.
X1:236 X2:484 Y1:367 Y2:425 Forget about that and tell me:
X1:203 X2:515 Y1:367 Y2:430 ls there really nothing bothering you about...
X1:174 X2:545 Y1:367 Y2:430 -...your wife and children? -About they?
X1:230 X2:487 Y1:367 Y2:425 -A lot bothers me! -What is it?
X1:206 X2:512 Y1:367 Y2:430 -Their presence here. -ls that possible?
X1:195 X2:523 Y1:367 Y2:425 -Doesn't it bother you? -A bit.
X1:170 X2:548 Y1:367 Y2:430 lt bothers me a lot. Before, l was the only heel here.
X1:197 X2:523 Y1:367 Y2:425 Now l have to compete with them.
X1:162 X2:555 Y1:367 Y2:425 Stop it! You are shameless. Let's finish this.
X1:185 X2:533 Y1:367 Y2:425 As far as l'm concerned, we have.
X1:183 X2:535 Y1:367 Y2:430 -Leonardo! -What do you want now?
X1:176 X2:542 Y1:399 Y2:429 l thought we had finished.
X1:152 X2:565 Y1:367 Y2:425 l won't beat around the bush: l know it all!
X1:198 X2:520 Y1:367 Y2:430 So what? l know it too. Good night.
X1:172 X2:546 Y1:367 Y2:430 -Wait! What do you know? -Everything.
X1:266 X2:452 Y1:367 Y2:425 -Everything? -Yes.
X1:198 X2:519 Y1:367 Y2:425 -And l'm going to fix it. -Calm down.
X1:193 X2:524 Y1:367 Y2:425 -l've made up my mind. -Just don't shoot.
X1:171 X2:547 Y1:367 Y2:430 -No need to shoot anyone. -l agree.
X1:205 X2:513 Y1:367 Y2:425 As long as you marry Clotilde...
X1:158 X2:560 Y1:399 Y2:429 ...and register your children.
X1:279 X2:439 Y1:367 Y2:425 -ls that all? -Of course.
X1:150 X2:568 Y1:367 Y2:430 -l thought you knew. -That you never married her?
X1:194 X2:523 Y1:399 Y2:424 She told me so herself.
X1:207 X2:512 Y1:367 Y2:425 -ls that all you know? -Yes.
X1:193 X2:524 Y1:367 Y2:430 Brother, you don't know a thing.
X1:165 X2:554 Y1:367 Y2:430 -Do you think that's minor? -Hey, l love it.
X1:138 X2:579 Y1:367 Y2:425 Good. l'm sure you understand that a moral man...
X1:152 X2:566 Y1:367 Y2:425 myself cannot tolerate in his home...
X1:200 X2:520 Y1:367 Y2:430 illegitimate family such as yours.
X1:167 X2:552 Y1:399 Y2:429 l'll help you get rid of them.
X1:164 X2:555 Y1:367 Y2:430 First the marriage. Each one of your children...
X1:121 X2:598 Y1:367 Y2:430 ...outside of a legitimate marriage is an insult to morality.
X1:190 X2:528 Y1:367 Y2:430 -Let them get married. -You're getting married.
X1:215 X2:504 Y1:367 Y2:430 l am? Who am l marrying?
X1:253 X2:465 Y1:367 Y2:425 -Clotilde. -l can't do that.
X1:205 X2:512 Y1:367 Y2:430 -Why not? -l'm already engaged.
X1:224 X2:493 Y1:367 Y2:430 Are you know? You will marry her!
X1:178 X2:540 Y1:367 Y2:430 l can't leave my girl. She's asked for my hand.
X1:195 X2:524 Y1:367 Y2:425 You are going to marry Clotilde.
X1:197 X2:521 Y1:367 Y2:430 l have everything fixed for Monday the 7th.
X1:119 X2:600 Y1:367 Y2:425 -How about another, Your Honor? -Another hour?
X1:155 X2:565 Y1:367 Y2:425 You've already made us wait for hours and hours.
X1:160 X2:559 Y1:367 Y2:425 He's asking you if you'd like another drink.
X1:235 X2:484 Y1:367 Y2:425 Another drink? Don't mind if l do.
X1:207 X2:514 Y1:367 Y2:425 You only have to wait for a few minutes.
X1:117 X2:603 Y1:367 Y2:430 You know how women are; we are going to church after this.
X1:172 X2:546 Y1:367 Y2:430 -She's getting dressed up. -l'm getting drunk?
X1:165 X2:552 Y1:399 Y2:429 Only because you insisted!
X1:219 X2:499 Y1:367 Y2:430 l said that the lady is getting dolled up.
X1:206 X2:512 Y1:399 Y2:429 So, you think l'm dull.
X1:162 X2:556 Y1:367 Y2:430 -Who do you think you are? -l didn't say that!
X1:161 X2:559 Y1:367 Y2:430 Don't shout, he hears better if you lower your voice.
X1:162 X2:555 Y1:399 Y2:429 The lady will be down soon.
X1:181 X2:538 Y1:367 Y2:425 Why are you screaming? l am not deaf!
X1:159 X2:559 Y1:367 Y2:430 -He really can't hear a thing. -Not a thing.
X1:245 X2:472 Y1:367 Y2:425 -Are you sure? -Sure l am sure.
X1:131 X2:587 Y1:399 Y2:429 You are a real idiot, Your Honor.
X1:151 X2:566 Y1:367 Y2:430 Good. That's much better. As long as you're kind to me.
X1:191 X2:527 Y1:367 Y2:425 -What's wrong, ma'am? -How can l...
X1:211 X2:508 Y1:367 Y2:430 ...allow this marriage to take place?
X1:193 X2:525 Y1:367 Y2:425 -How can we stop it? -We could tell the truth.
X1:153 X2:566 Y1:367 Y2:430 After so many sacrifices? Mr. Cayetano would go mad.
X1:127 X2:590 Y1:367 Y2:430 -Hurray for the bride and groom! -Hurray!
X1:146 X2:572 Y1:367 Y2:430 -You're grabbing me too hard. -You're not getting away.
X1:189 X2:528 Y1:367 Y2:430 l've roped you with the marriage bond.
X1:320 X2:399 Y1:399 Y2:424 Mom.
X1:203 X2:515 Y1:367 Y2:430 No, darling. That's the wrong way.
X1:199 X2:519 Y1:367 Y2:430 -What's the right way? -This way.
X1:163 X2:555 Y1:367 Y2:430 -l'd rather go the other way. -Let's get going.
X1:252 X2:467 Y1:399 Y2:429 Don't push me.
X1:180 X2:536 Y1:367 Y2:425 -Heavens, the telephone! -l'll answer it.
X1:239 X2:480 Y1:367 Y2:430 Or your husband will get angry.
X1:313 X2:406 Y1:399 Y2:424 Hello?
X1:323 X2:397 Y1:399 Y2:424 Yes?
X1:286 X2:432 Y1:367 Y2:430 What? Not again!
X1:162 X2:555 Y1:399 Y2:429 Alright, if there's no choice.
X1:119 X2:599 Y1:399 Y2:429 You may come anytime you want.
X1:249 X2:469 Y1:367 Y2:430 -Was it Bobby? -No, ma'am.
X1:128 X2:591 Y1:367 Y2:430 The store owner says Cantinflas ran up another bill.
X1:213 X2:505 Y1:367 Y2:425 -Why is he so quiet? -Cantinflas?
X1:132 X2:587 Y1:367 Y2:425 No, Bobby. l wish he'd go ahead and do it.
X1:144 X2:576 Y1:367 Y2:430 l'm sure something must have happened to him.
X1:191 X2:527 Y1:367 Y2:430 -Come, they're starting. -You're right.
X1:194 X2:523 Y1:367 Y2:430 At such and such date, in such and such city...
X1:202 X2:517 Y1:400 Y2:429 cetera, et cetera...
X1:184 X2:535 Y1:399 Y2:429 l'm so moved, Leonardo.
X1:158 X2:561 Y1:367 Y2:425 l always dreamed of getting married all dressed in white.
X1:182 X2:536 Y1:367 Y2:425 -Didn't it make you sick? -What?
X1:235 X2:482 Y1:367 Y2:425 -The nightmare. -You are so rude!
X1:255 X2:463 Y1:367 Y2:430 -Quiet. -Pay attention.
X1:186 X2:532 Y1:367 Y2:430 We'll proceed. Are you Mrs. Regalado?
X1:220 X2:498 Y1:367 Y2:430 Yes, sir. Clotilde Regalado...
X1:167 X2:551 Y1:367 Y2:430 ...soon to be Mrs. del Paso, at your service.
X1:243 X2:475 Y1:367 Y2:430 -What was that? -She said yes.
X1:178 X2:541 Y1:399 Y2:429 Are you mister del Paso?
X1:167 X2:552 Y1:367 Y2:425 No, sir. l come from Tepito, et cetera.
X1:127 X2:591 Y1:367 Y2:430 Good. Do you, Mrs. Clotilde Regalado...
X1:179 X2:541 Y1:367 Y2:430 ...take Leonardo del Paso as your husband?
X1:255 X2:464 Y1:367 Y2:425 l do. Of course l do.
X1:170 X2:548 Y1:399 Y2:424 l don't care who he is. l do.
X1:243 X2:475 Y1:367 Y2:430 -What was that? -She said yes.
X1:279 X2:439 Y1:367 Y2:425 -ls that all? -That's all.
X1:133 X2:585 Y1:367 Y2:430 Mr. Leonardo del Paso, do you take Clotilde Regalado...
X1:241 X2:476 Y1:367 Y2:430 your wife? -ln your dreams.
X1:227 X2:493 Y1:367 Y2:425 What was that? You dream of her?
X1:177 X2:541 Y1:367 Y2:430 -When l have nightmares. -Leonardo, be serious.
X1:139 X2:580 Y1:367 Y2:425 Nothing could be more serious than this.
X1:194 X2:523 Y1:399 Y2:429 Just say yes, you idiot.
X1:191 X2:528 Y1:367 Y2:430 What's your answer? Do you take her or not?
X1:174 X2:544 Y1:367 Y2:425 l could take a stand, l could take to the streets.
X1:181 X2:537 Y1:399 Y2:424 l could even take a drink.
X1:188 X2:531 Y1:367 Y2:430 Do you take this woman to be your wife?
X1:207 X2:511 Y1:367 Y2:430 -Just say yes, rascal. -Say yes, you idiot.
X1:171 X2:548 Y1:367 Y2:430 Hold your horses. First of all, don't insult me.
X1:232 X2:487 Y1:367 Y2:430 Now, if l say yes, do l have to sign?
X1:249 X2:468 Y1:367 Y2:425 -Of course. -l won't do that.
X1:211 X2:507 Y1:367 Y2:425 -What do you mean? -No.
X1:165 X2:555 Y1:367 Y2:430 First, you sign, then there's an arrest warrant for you.
X1:165 X2:553 Y1:367 Y2:430 lt's happened to me before. And l can't sign.
X1:154 X2:566 Y1:367 Y2:430 He can't sing? Why would he want to sing now?
X1:183 X2:536 Y1:367 Y2:430 No, Your Honor. He says he can't sign his name.
X1:205 X2:512 Y1:367 Y2:430 -That's not important. -l thought so.
X1:174 X2:543 Y1:367 Y2:430 -Of course. -lt's better if he can't sign.
X1:190 X2:529 Y1:367 Y2:425 Some men marry under false names...
X1:215 X2:504 Y1:367 Y2:430 ...but they don't sign with their prints.
X1:211 X2:506 Y1:367 Y2:430 This man will sign with his fingerprints.
X1:225 X2:492 Y1:367 Y2:430 -What are those? -The prints made...
X1:180 X2:539 Y1:367 Y2:430 ...of ink by your fingers on paper.
X1:241 X2:478 Y1:399 Y2:424 No two are alike.
X1:170 X2:549 Y1:367 Y2:430 So, l guess this fingerprint thing makes it better.
X1:184 X2:532 Y1:367 Y2:430 Just like the Judge said: even if you...
X1:179 X2:540 Y1:367 Y2:430 ...had given a false name, you and only you...
X1:137 X2:580 Y1:367 Y2:430 ...will be married and will be the children's legitimate father.
X1:218 X2:500 Y1:367 Y2:430 -Go ahead, say yes. -Come on, do it.
X1:316 X2:402 Y1:367 Y2:425 -Do it. -But...
X1:170 X2:548 Y1:367 Y2:430 -We're getting tired of this. -Cayetano...
X1:213 X2:505 Y1:367 Y2:425 -Did he say yes yet? -No.
X1:141 X2:577 Y1:367 Y2:430 Write down that he said yes. Let's not waste any more time.
X1:167 X2:552 Y1:367 Y2:425 Hey, you're wasting my life here.
X1:187 X2:531 Y1:367 Y2:425 -He took her as his wife. -That's not true.
X1:208 X2:510 Y1:367 Y2:425 -The children are his. -That's not true!
X1:174 X2:545 Y1:399 Y2:429 He said yes to everything.
X1:181 X2:536 Y1:367 Y2:430 -Don't... -And now, to the signing.
X1:181 X2:537 Y1:367 Y2:430 -Me, sign? -Press your fingers here.
X1:227 X2:492 Y1:367 Y2:430 Who, me? l'm not that stupid.
X1:300 X2:417 Y1:399 Y2:429 Yes, sir!
X1:199 X2:519 Y1:367 Y2:425 But, Cayetano, l'm neither the father...
X1:200 X2:519 Y1:367 Y2:430 -...nor the son. -Where's the register?
X1:184 X2:532 Y1:367 Y2:425 -Open up! lt's the police! -What's that?
X1:185 X2:534 Y1:367 Y2:430 l had never been so glad to see the police.
X1:125 X2:591 Y1:367 Y2:430 -Open up or we'll break the door! -The police!
X1:233 X2:485 Y1:367 Y2:430 -l wonder why. -lt's about Bobby.
X1:295 X2:424 Y1:399 Y2:429 Open up.
X1:214 X2:504 Y1:367 Y2:430 -What do you want? -You, come with me.
X1:245 X2:471 Y1:367 Y2:425 The rest of you, watch the exits.
X1:166 X2:552 Y1:367 Y2:430 -Don't let anyone get away. -What do you want?
X1:270 X2:447 Y1:367 Y2:425 -To come in. -What for?
X1:246 X2:472 Y1:399 Y2:424 You'll soon see.
X1:150 X2:568 Y1:367 Y2:430 -What is the meaning of this? -Who are you?
X1:239 X2:480 Y1:367 Y2:425 l own this house. What is this?
X1:151 X2:567 Y1:367 Y2:425 -We want Leonardo del Paso. -Del Paso?
X1:154 X2:565 Y1:399 Y2:429 You can't pass through here.
X1:125 X2:594 Y1:367 Y2:430 They're looking for me. Excuse me, the police needs me.
X1:221 X2:497 Y1:367 Y2:425 But you're not Leonardo del Paso.
X1:144 X2:575 Y1:367 Y2:430 Of course l am! This time, l really am Leonardo del Paso.
X1:215 X2:503 Y1:367 Y2:425 -What's the charge? -Just wait.
X1:158 X2:561 Y1:367 Y2:425 -Who is Leonardo del Paso? -l am.
X1:241 X2:477 Y1:367 Y2:425 -So you are, uh? -Sure.
X1:146 X2:572 Y1:367 Y2:430 -You won't get away this time. -l got away from her.
X1:181 X2:537 Y1:367 Y2:425 You got here just in time. Just look at her.
X1:213 X2:505 Y1:367 Y2:430 Stop playing dumb. You are going to jail.
X1:227 X2:492 Y1:367 Y2:430 To jail? l'd rather go to jail.
X1:211 X2:507 Y1:367 Y2:430 Dear Lord! He'd rather go to jail.
X1:304 X2:414 Y1:399 Y2:424 Mother!
X1:225 X2:492 Y1:367 Y2:430 -Frisk him up. -Wait a minute, sir.
X1:143 X2:576 Y1:399 Y2:424 Wait. l cannot allow that man...
X1:121 X2:598 Y1:367 Y2:430 leave my home without being charged first.
X1:199 X2:519 Y1:367 Y2:430 Sure you can allow it, it's just that you won't.
X1:160 X2:559 Y1:367 Y2:430 -Please, Leonardo. -Don't you read the papers?
X1:196 X2:522 Y1:367 Y2:430 -l do. -Did you read it today?
X1:198 X2:520 Y1:399 Y2:429 l didn't get the chance.
X1:234 X2:484 Y1:367 Y2:425 -Read all about it. -What is it?
X1:291 X2:427 Y1:399 Y2:424 Here it is.
X1:208 X2:511 Y1:367 Y2:425 POLlCE KNOWS WHERE HE'S HlDlNG
X1:189 X2:529 Y1:367 Y2:425 -He only has this wallet. -Let me see it.
X1:184 X2:535 Y1:367 Y2:425 lt belonged to the victim. lt's more evidence.
X1:147 X2:570 Y1:367 Y2:425 lt can't be. There must be some mistake.
X1:173 X2:546 Y1:367 Y2:430 No, sir. Everything's crystal clear.
X1:220 X2:499 Y1:367 Y2:430 Tell the truth. Did you kill Bobby?
X1:241 X2:477 Y1:367 Y2:425 -The fox-trotter? -Fox-terrier.
X1:247 X2:469 Y1:367 Y2:425 -Same thing. -You killed him!
X1:198 X2:519 Y1:367 Y2:425 -Of course l killed him. -You?
X1:228 X2:489 Y1:367 Y2:425 That's impossible. You killed him?
X1:224 X2:494 Y1:367 Y2:425 -Somebody had to. -You see?
X1:164 X2:554 Y1:367 Y2:430 Get him out and watch him. He's very daring.
X1:104 X2:615 Y1:367 Y2:430 Not really. Sorry about the wedding. Some other day.
X1:173 X2:545 Y1:367 Y2:430 l doubt it. The firing squad is awaiting you.
X1:086 X2:633 Y1:399 Y2:424 You've saved me from a certain death.
X1:236 X2:483 Y1:367 Y2:430 Go ahead, sir. Are you coming?
X1:182 X2:534 Y1:367 Y2:430 What is this? Take him away. Let's go!
X1:149 X2:569 Y1:367 Y2:425 THE FlERCE KlLLER'S TRlAL CONTlNUES
X1:192 X2:528 Y1:367 Y2:425 LEONARDO DEL PASO lS RESPONSlBLE
X1:130 X2:588 Y1:399 Y2:424 VEREDlCT TO BE ANNOUNCED
X1:148 X2:570 Y1:367 Y2:425 -When will the judge be here? -l don't know.
X1:188 X2:530 Y1:367 Y2:430 -Where is he? -None of your business.
X1:196 X2:523 Y1:367 Y2:425 Show some respect. l'm the defendant here.
X1:140 X2:578 Y1:367 Y2:425 lf he judge isn't coming, l could've sent someone else...
X1:173 X2:546 Y1:367 Y2:430 my place. l have other things to do with my time.
X1:156 X2:562 Y1:367 Y2:425 This isn't right. l should be somewhere else.
X1:190 X2:528 Y1:367 Y2:430 l don't like it at all... Alright, l'll go fetch him.
X1:184 X2:534 Y1:399 Y2:429 Sit down and keep quiet.
X1:216 X2:501 Y1:367 Y2:425 -l'll see you outside. -Look at his face.
X1:166 X2:554 Y1:367 Y2:430 As a journalist, l never saw anything like it.
X1:188 X2:529 Y1:367 Y2:425 -He's a regular criminal. -Natural born killer.
X1:184 X2:533 Y1:367 Y2:425 -He's so cynical. -He deserves to be shot.
X1:164 X2:555 Y1:399 Y2:429 We can't let this go on, Paz.
X1:231 X2:487 Y1:367 Y2:425 -What can we do? -Tell the truth.
X1:233 X2:484 Y1:367 Y2:425 No, ma'am. That'd be terrible.
X1:246 X2:472 Y1:367 Y2:425 We can't let him be sentenced.
X1:185 X2:533 Y1:367 Y2:430 -They won't convict him. -Why not?
X1:159 X2:559 Y1:367 Y2:430 -You got him a great lawyer. -Still, they will.
X1:220 X2:497 Y1:367 Y2:430 ln that case, we'll do something.
X1:208 X2:511 Y1:367 Y2:430 Oh, ma'am. Mr. Cayetano is here.
X1:102 X2:616 Y1:399 Y2:429 He strictly forbade me from coming.
X1:276 X2:443 Y1:399 Y2:424 Excuse me.
X1:281 X2:437 Y1:367 Y2:425 -Cayetano. -Clotilde.
X1:157 X2:563 Y1:367 Y2:430 l thought you said you didn't care what happened to him.
X1:276 X2:443 Y1:367 Y2:425 l don't care, but still...
X1:187 X2:530 Y1:367 Y2:430 ...l'm curious. l just can't believe he's guilty.
X1:237 X2:481 Y1:367 Y2:430 -How about you? -l'm enjoying it.
X1:268 X2:450 Y1:367 Y2:430 -Enjoying it? -lntensely.
X1:195 X2:522 Y1:367 Y2:430 -Please! -Don't you remember...
X1:157 X2:563 Y1:399 Y2:429 ...what he said to the police?
X1:161 X2:557 Y1:367 Y2:430 He said he'd rather be in jail than marry me.
X1:191 X2:526 Y1:367 Y2:430 -Oh, yes. So what? -l'm glad they granted...
X1:157 X2:563 Y1:367 Y2:430 ...his wish, because l will not say a word...
X1:216 X2:502 Y1:367 Y2:430 -...until l'm satisfied. -Say a word?
X1:143 X2:576 Y1:399 Y2:429 l have nothing to say. Nothing.
X1:184 X2:535 Y1:367 Y2:430 And l won't say it until he looks desperate.
X1:271 X2:449 Y1:399 Y2:424 Excuse me?
X1:221 X2:496 Y1:367 Y2:425 -The judge. -Have him come in.
X1:276 X2:443 Y1:399 Y2:424 Please rise.
X1:150 X2:568 Y1:399 Y2:424 This court is back in session.
X1:164 X2:555 Y1:399 Y2:429 Does the prosecutor wish...
X1:113 X2:607 Y1:399 Y2:429 question the defendant again?
X1:199 X2:518 Y1:399 Y2:429 Certainly, Your Honor.
X1:158 X2:561 Y1:367 Y2:425 The defense attorney has made much of the fact...
X1:143 X2:575 Y1:399 Y2:424 ...that some of the witnesses...
X1:137 X2:582 Y1:367 Y2:425 ...have not been able to identify the defendant.
X1:154 X2:566 Y1:367 Y2:430 He's trying to make us doubt his identity.
X1:209 X2:509 Y1:367 Y2:430 l would like to show that identifying him...
X1:185 X2:532 Y1:367 Y2:430 ...may be difficult only because this man...
X1:168 X2:552 Y1:367 Y2:430 ...has been able to hide out for a long time...
X1:207 X2:512 Y1:399 Y2:424 ...under a false name.
X1:219 X2:499 Y1:399 Y2:429 Swear him in again.
X1:170 X2:548 Y1:399 Y2:429 The defendant please rise.
X1:237 X2:481 Y1:367 Y2:430 -Thanks. l'm fine. -Stand up!
X1:164 X2:554 Y1:367 Y2:425 Alright, but don't get angry. What is it now?
X1:192 X2:527 Y1:367 Y2:430 For the hundredth time, please keep quiet.
X1:155 X2:564 Y1:399 Y2:429 l can't keep anything in here.
X1:129 X2:589 Y1:399 Y2:429 My money and coat were stolen.
X1:300 X2:416 Y1:399 Y2:424 Silence!
X1:173 X2:544 Y1:367 Y2:430 May l remind the public that they must keep quiet.
X1:222 X2:494 Y1:367 Y2:430 -Swear him in now! -Yes, Your Honor.
X1:244 X2:475 Y1:399 Y2:429 Do you protest?
X1:185 X2:535 Y1:367 Y2:430 Of course l do. How could l not protest?
X1:179 X2:540 Y1:367 Y2:430 All this and only because l killed a dog?
X1:131 X2:588 Y1:367 Y2:430 Members of the jury, please note that the defendant...
X1:156 X2:561 Y1:367 Y2:430 ...continues to call his victim a dog.
X1:182 X2:537 Y1:367 Y2:430 What else can l call him? He was a dog.
X1:300 X2:416 Y1:399 Y2:424 Silence!
X1:296 X2:423 Y1:399 Y2:429 l protest.
X1:306 X2:412 Y1:399 Y2:429 Alright.
X1:133 X2:585 Y1:399 Y2:429 The prosecution may proceed...
X1:189 X2:528 Y1:367 Y2:425 -...with the examination. -Good.
X1:146 X2:574 Y1:367 Y2:425 l am going to prove my theory about a false name.
X1:181 X2:538 Y1:399 Y2:429 Let's see, my little friend.
X1:210 X2:508 Y1:367 Y2:430 -What is your talent? -l'm good at talking.
X1:316 X2:402 Y1:399 Y2:425 Quiet!
X1:137 X2:582 Y1:399 Y2:429 His cynicism is not funny at all.
X1:176 X2:541 Y1:367 Y2:426 Actually, it is outrageous. Quiet!
X1:237 X2:480 Y1:367 Y2:425 -You are an idiot. -Don't insult me.
X1:198 X2:521 Y1:367 Y2:430 Your Honor, l protest... l'll see you outside.
X1:133 X2:585 Y1:367 Y2:425 lt makes me angry, Your Honor. Don't let him insult me.
X1:153 X2:564 Y1:367 Y2:430 You're the big shot here. Ask him to behave correctly.
X1:179 X2:539 Y1:399 Y2:424 Let me meet him outside.
X1:308 X2:410 Y1:399 Y2:429 No, sir.
X1:202 X2:515 Y1:367 Y2:430 Unfortunately, the defendant is right.
X1:170 X2:548 Y1:399 Y2:429 Apologize, Mr. prosecutor.
X1:216 X2:502 Y1:399 Y2:429 Alright, Your Honor.
X1:184 X2:534 Y1:367 Y2:430 -l'm sorry. Excuse me. -You are a sorry excuse.
X1:194 X2:524 Y1:367 Y2:430 -Answer my questions. -l already did.
X1:202 X2:516 Y1:367 Y2:430 -What is your name? -Be more specific, sir.
X1:211 X2:508 Y1:367 Y2:430 -What is your name? -Don't yell at me.
X1:138 X2:582 Y1:399 Y2:429 My old name or my new name?
X1:148 X2:570 Y1:367 Y2:430 -That's the crux of the matter. -There's the rub, sir.
X1:175 X2:542 Y1:367 Y2:425 Let the record show that he had an old name...
X1:189 X2:530 Y1:399 Y2:424 ...and he has a new one.
X1:206 X2:512 Y1:367 Y2:430 Members of the jury, you must know that...
X1:187 X2:532 Y1:367 Y2:425 ...this man, whose name is Leonardo del Paso...
X1:159 X2:559 Y1:367 Y2:425 ...has been impersonating someone named Cantinflas.
X1:201 X2:517 Y1:367 Y2:430 You're wrong. First, l was Cantinflas.
X1:240 X2:476 Y1:367 Y2:430 And after that, well, you know...
X1:181 X2:537 Y1:367 Y2:425 ...they gave me that look, and since l am...
X1:218 X2:500 Y1:367 Y2:425 ...a caring man, l became Leonardo.
X1:188 X2:529 Y1:367 Y2:430 -That's what l said. -Alright. Sorry, old man.
X1:236 X2:483 Y1:367 Y2:425 Why did this man hide his name?
X1:136 X2:582 Y1:367 Y2:430 Because he was up to no good. No good.
X1:179 X2:540 Y1:367 Y2:430 ln order to paint a clearer picture of his character...
X1:149 X2:570 Y1:367 Y2:430 ...let's see what he used to do while using Cantinflas' name.
X1:219 X2:499 Y1:367 Y2:430 -Let's see, friend. -l'm not your friend.
X1:179 X2:539 Y1:367 Y2:430 Anyway, while you called yourself Cantinflas...
X1:163 X2:555 Y1:399 Y2:429 always broke the law.
X1:278 X2:441 Y1:367 Y2:425 l knew that. What law?
X1:170 X2:547 Y1:367 Y2:430 -Every law there is. -l didn't have enough time.
X1:220 X2:498 Y1:367 Y2:425 You found the time. What about...
X1:174 X2:545 Y1:367 Y2:430 ...the moonshine factory you had some years ago?
X1:155 X2:562 Y1:367 Y2:425 -l inherited it from my father. -You confess.
X1:197 X2:521 Y1:367 Y2:430 -About the factory. -A clandestine factory.
X1:150 X2:568 Y1:399 Y2:429 Sure, but it was all very legal.
X1:210 X2:508 Y1:367 Y2:430 Legal? Here's proof that you were fined...
X1:233 X2:486 Y1:367 Y2:430 -Does it say that? -Yes, sir.
X1:179 X2:540 Y1:399 Y2:429 Excuse me, sir, engineer.
X1:233 X2:486 Y1:399 Y2:429 Are you through?
X1:181 X2:537 Y1:367 Y2:425 -Are you through with it? -l can't read.
X1:210 X2:508 Y1:367 Y2:430 This is proof that you were fined...
X1:140 X2:577 Y1:367 Y2:430 ...for not declaring it, for not having the authorized...
X1:215 X2:503 Y1:367 Y2:430 ...distilleries, not keeping books...
X1:223 X2:495 Y1:367 Y2:430 ...and not receiving the inspectors.
X1:160 X2:557 Y1:367 Y2:430 -A great injustice was done. -Why?
X1:202 X2:517 Y1:367 Y2:430 How could l declare it, see the inspectors...
X1:142 X2:576 Y1:367 Y2:430 ...and keep books? lt was a clandestine operation.
X1:142 X2:575 Y1:399 Y2:429 The idea was to keep it secret.
X1:175 X2:543 Y1:367 Y2:425 Plus, l never paid the fine. l couldn't afford it.
X1:196 X2:521 Y1:367 Y2:430 -l was going there. -l never saw you there.
X1:104 X2:615 Y1:367 Y2:430 You should've been there. l made wonderful moonshine liquor.
X1:261 X2:456 Y1:367 Y2:430 -You'd love it. -Stop it!
X1:150 X2:568 Y1:399 Y2:429 lt's been completely proven...
X1:189 X2:528 Y1:367 Y2:425 ...that the defendant worked outside the law.
X1:211 X2:507 Y1:367 Y2:430 You heard him, members of the jury.
X1:254 X2:466 Y1:399 Y2:429 Keep listening.
X1:208 X2:512 Y1:367 Y2:430 Now l intend to prove beyond any doubt...
X1:174 X2:544 Y1:367 Y2:430 ...that this man had a second illegal business.
X1:280 X2:438 Y1:367 Y2:430 -You'll see. -Not again!
X1:150 X2:569 Y1:399 Y2:424 You had a clandestine stable.
X1:285 X2:433 Y1:367 Y2:430 -A stable? -Yes, sir.
X1:179 X2:539 Y1:367 Y2:425 -A stable outside the law. -lt was indoors.
X1:230 X2:488 Y1:367 Y2:425 -You hid it well. -lt wasn't a stable.
X1:163 X2:553 Y1:367 Y2:430 lt was a small corral with only my dog and l in it.
X1:183 X2:535 Y1:367 Y2:425 -What else was in there? -Sebastian.
X1:226 X2:493 Y1:367 Y2:425 Who is Sebastian? A servant?
X1:158 X2:561 Y1:367 Y2:430 No, sir. An animal. lt was only he, l and my dog.
X1:171 X2:548 Y1:399 Y2:424 What kind of animal is he?
X1:179 X2:538 Y1:367 Y2:430 The only kind with horns. lt's a bull, sir.
X1:202 X2:516 Y1:367 Y2:430 Ever since my uncle... well, he was dying...
X1:177 X2:542 Y1:367 Y2:430 ...not my uncle, mind you, the bull, so l saw him...
X1:166 X2:553 Y1:367 Y2:430 ...and l thought that maybe, you know.
X1:114 X2:603 Y1:367 Y2:425 So anyway, l brought him with me. He's fat now.
X1:153 X2:566 Y1:367 Y2:425 Like l said, there's only a bull in there. l can't milk him.
X1:204 X2:513 Y1:367 Y2:425 Even if l tried, the bull would kill me.
X1:156 X2:561 Y1:399 Y2:429 For God's sake, Your Honor!
X1:178 X2:542 Y1:367 Y2:430 This man's cynicism isn't funny at all.
X1:194 X2:525 Y1:367 Y2:430 -lt is outrageous. -Why should you care?
X1:221 X2:497 Y1:399 Y2:429 l don't, Your Honor.
X1:300 X2:416 Y1:399 Y2:424 Silence!
X1:185 X2:532 Y1:367 Y2:430 Listen, Mr. prosecutor, going through his past...
X1:167 X2:551 Y1:367 Y2:430 ...activities isn't getting you anywhere.
X1:218 X2:500 Y1:399 Y2:429 You'd better drop it.
X1:194 X2:526 Y1:367 Y2:430 Yes, stop bothering me with your questions.
X1:146 X2:572 Y1:367 Y2:430 -l don't meddle in your affairs. -Yes, Judge.
X1:200 X2:519 Y1:367 Y2:430 l was trying to destroy the defense's theory...
X1:155 X2:564 Y1:399 Y2:429 ...that this man is just a bum.
X1:174 X2:543 Y1:367 Y2:430 This man knows very well which side is up...
X1:175 X2:543 Y1:399 Y2:429 ...and he didn't kill blindly.
X1:228 X2:490 Y1:367 Y2:425 -l'm finished. -lt was about time.
X1:166 X2:554 Y1:367 Y2:430 Your Honor, please include in the transcript...
X1:151 X2:568 Y1:367 Y2:425 ...the fact that l've never liked that man.
X1:168 X2:550 Y1:367 Y2:425 Does the defense wish to examine the defendant?
X1:238 X2:481 Y1:399 Y2:429 Yes, Your Honor.
X1:158 X2:560 Y1:367 Y2:430 l intend to prove to the members of the jury...
X1:217 X2:502 Y1:367 Y2:430 ...that this poor man only killed...
X1:153 X2:565 Y1:399 Y2:429 ...while trying to save his life.
X1:204 X2:513 Y1:367 Y2:425 Please note that this is the third time...
X1:124 X2:595 Y1:399 Y2:429 ...the defense changes theories...
X1:106 X2:612 Y1:399 Y2:429 ...and he'll have to change it again...
X1:200 X2:517 Y1:367 Y2:430 ...because this theory just won't cut it either.
X1:197 X2:522 Y1:367 Y2:430 Please refrain yourself from warning him.
X1:173 X2:544 Y1:367 Y2:425 The defense may proceed with his examination.
X1:127 X2:591 Y1:367 Y2:430 Thank you. Tell me something, Mr. del Paso.
X1:192 X2:527 Y1:367 Y2:425 -Are you talking to me? -Yes.
X1:155 X2:562 Y1:367 Y2:430 Tell me, when you required the gun...
X1:166 X2:553 Y1:399 Y2:429 What did l do with the gun?
X1:195 X2:524 Y1:367 Y2:425 When you took the gun to kill the deceased.
X1:153 X2:565 Y1:399 Y2:429 Only because of the disease.
X1:157 X2:562 Y1:399 Y2:424 You know he was diseased?
X1:212 X2:506 Y1:399 Y2:424 He is deceased now.
X1:236 X2:482 Y1:367 Y2:425 l killed Bobby, he was diseased.
X1:195 X2:524 Y1:367 Y2:430 When you took the gun that killed Bobby...
X1:198 X2:523 Y1:367 Y2:425 ...your intention wasn't to kill him.
X1:107 X2:611 Y1:399 Y2:429 You just wanted to defend yourself.
X1:229 X2:489 Y1:367 Y2:425 No, sir. l meant to kill him.
X1:282 X2:436 Y1:399 Y2:429 Naturally...
X1:171 X2:547 Y1:399 Y2:429 ...because your intention...
X1:166 X2:552 Y1:367 Y2:430 My intention was to kill him as quickly as possible.
X1:242 X2:477 Y1:367 Y2:425 But man to man, face to face.
X1:207 X2:512 Y1:367 Y2:425 On the contrary. lf he'd seen me first...
X1:181 X2:538 Y1:367 Y2:430 ...he'd have attacked me. l had to sneak up on him.
X1:144 X2:573 Y1:399 Y2:429 That proves all the elements...
X1:173 X2:545 Y1:399 Y2:429 ...of a premeditated crime.
X1:164 X2:556 Y1:367 Y2:425 Mr. district attorney, please let the defense finish.
X1:133 X2:585 Y1:399 Y2:429 lf the defense wants to help me.
X1:195 X2:524 Y1:367 Y2:425 Let's see, Mr. del Paso. Please realize...
X1:146 X2:572 Y1:367 Y2:430 ...that your answers will get you convicted or set you free.
X1:195 X2:522 Y1:367 Y2:430 -ls that clear? -All l did was kill a dog.
X1:229 X2:488 Y1:367 Y2:430 -You must realize! -Alright.
X1:211 X2:507 Y1:367 Y2:430 l realize. Just don't yell at me.
X1:238 X2:481 Y1:367 Y2:430 l'll tell you how it happened.
X1:253 X2:466 Y1:367 Y2:430 -You'll tell me? -l'll tell you.
X1:139 X2:579 Y1:367 Y2:430 You were very afraid of Bobby, and rightly so.
X1:178 X2:540 Y1:367 Y2:430 -A bit afraid. -Your life was in danger...
X1:219 X2:499 Y1:367 Y2:430 -...if he saw you. -He wagged his tail.
X1:190 X2:529 Y1:367 Y2:430 For God's sake, be quiet and let me talk.
X1:199 X2:519 Y1:367 Y2:430 -Don't tell lies, though. -Shut up, sir.
X1:106 X2:611 Y1:367 Y2:430 -As soon as he saw you, he lunged. -No, sir.
X1:189 X2:529 Y1:367 Y2:430 He attacked you! You were on your way...
X1:192 X2:526 Y1:368 Y2:430 pawn a gun, you needed the money.
X1:172 X2:545 Y1:367 Y2:425 -And l would've pawned it. -You intended to.
X1:219 X2:499 Y1:367 Y2:425 -Then, he fired first. -No.
X1:265 X2:452 Y1:367 Y2:425 He fired first! He fired first.
X1:129 X2:590 Y1:399 Y2:429 You thought you were doomed...
X1:159 X2:560 Y1:367 Y2:430 ...and only because your life was in terrible danger...
X1:179 X2:540 Y1:367 Y2:425 fired too. Your rival fell to the floor.
X1:198 X2:520 Y1:367 Y2:430 You were devastated and went to the police.
X1:176 X2:544 Y1:399 Y2:429 lsn't that what happened?
X1:247 X2:470 Y1:367 Y2:430 lf it isn't, you're doomed.
X1:181 X2:537 Y1:367 Y2:425 lt didn't happen that way. He didn't attack me...
X1:226 X2:492 Y1:367 Y2:425 ...he didn't see me, so l killed him.
X1:147 X2:570 Y1:367 Y2:430 And the police didn't get me... they got me later.
X1:199 X2:518 Y1:367 Y2:425 -l didn't turn myself in. -No!
X1:258 X2:461 Y1:367 Y2:430 lt was the way l explained!
X1:143 X2:577 Y1:367 Y2:430 Your Honor, who knows better what happened?
X1:216 X2:503 Y1:367 Y2:430 This man telling lies or l, who killed him?
X1:229 X2:488 Y1:367 Y2:430 -Such cynicism. -lt gives me chills.
X1:292 X2:427 Y1:399 Y2:424 lt's awful.
X1:129 X2:589 Y1:399 Y2:429 No more questions, Your Honor.
X1:234 X2:485 Y1:399 Y2:424 lt was about time.
X1:166 X2:552 Y1:399 Y2:429 l'll hear closing arguments.
X1:152 X2:566 Y1:367 Y2:425 The prosecution may explain its conclusions.
X1:184 X2:534 Y1:367 Y2:430 l'll be very brief. After all, the defendant...
X1:208 X2:511 Y1:367 Y2:425 ...has been convicted and has confessed.
X1:235 X2:482 Y1:367 Y2:430 We've all heard the gory details...
X1:188 X2:530 Y1:367 Y2:425 ...about how this person killed the victim.
X1:219 X2:498 Y1:399 Y2:429 To paraphrase him:
X1:182 X2:536 Y1:367 Y2:430 He killed him like one kills a rabid dog.
X1:149 X2:569 Y1:399 Y2:429 That's precisely what he was.
X1:145 X2:571 Y1:367 Y2:430 Silence! The defendant will keep quiet!
X1:142 X2:577 Y1:367 Y2:430 l can tell you're in a foul mood. l'll shut my trap.
X1:212 X2:508 Y1:367 Y2:430 We all heard the way he disrespects...
X1:176 X2:542 Y1:399 Y2:429 ...all things fair and noble.
X1:146 X2:571 Y1:367 Y2:430 ln order for the members of the jury to come to a verdict...
X1:173 X2:546 Y1:367 Y2:430 ...l will sum up what he did on the day in question.
X1:200 X2:517 Y1:367 Y2:425 He got up early, the idea of the crime...
X1:204 X2:515 Y1:367 Y2:430 ...having long been in his perverted mind.
X1:197 X2:521 Y1:367 Y2:430 He went to the armory, he bought the gun...
X1:177 X2:540 Y1:367 Y2:430 ...he went to the victim's, waited for him to go out...
X1:138 X2:580 Y1:367 Y2:430 ...followed him all day to his meetings, his business...
X1:180 X2:539 Y1:367 Y2:425 a restaurant, to a bar and to the movies.
X1:170 X2:548 Y1:367 Y2:430 The hours slowly rolled by and this person...
X1:180 X2:538 Y1:367 Y2:425 ...was tirelessly following the victim.
X1:167 X2:550 Y1:367 Y2:425 Finally, at midnight, when the innocent victim...
X1:218 X2:501 Y1:399 Y2:424 ...went into a hotel...
X1:151 X2:566 Y1:367 Y2:430 ...he went after him and treacherously killed him!
X1:184 X2:535 Y1:367 Y2:430 What is wrong with you? Are you ill?
X1:137 X2:582 Y1:399 Y2:429 No, l just need a glass of water.
X1:143 X2:576 Y1:367 Y2:430 The prosecutor made me walk a long way.
X1:182 X2:536 Y1:367 Y2:430 l'll finish now, l can't stand his sight anymore.
X1:176 X2:542 Y1:367 Y2:430 l'm asking you to find him guilty and sentence him...
X1:201 X2:517 Y1:399 Y2:429 the death penalty!
X1:206 X2:513 Y1:399 Y2:429 You are joking, right?
X1:276 X2:441 Y1:367 Y2:430 Quiet! l said quiet!
X1:201 X2:517 Y1:399 Y2:424 lt's the defense's turn.
X1:156 X2:564 Y1:399 Y2:429 What can l say, Your Honor?
X1:280 X2:438 Y1:399 Y2:429 Oh, l know.
X1:212 X2:506 Y1:367 Y2:430 Your Honor. Members of the jury.
X1:202 X2:516 Y1:367 Y2:430 Can it be possible that you all have not...
X1:176 X2:543 Y1:367 Y2:425 ...realized this poor man's mental state?
X1:148 X2:569 Y1:399 Y2:429 This poor devil is no criminal.
X1:205 X2:512 Y1:367 Y2:430 This unfortunate man is only crazy.
X1:229 X2:488 Y1:399 Y2:429 Stop insulting me.
X1:175 X2:544 Y1:367 Y2:430 On his face, in his words, in his seeming cynicism...
X1:241 X2:477 Y1:367 Y2:430 his seeming lack of respect...
X1:122 X2:598 Y1:399 Y2:429 ...can't you clearly see madness?
X1:161 X2:558 Y1:367 Y2:430 He has answered questions like a typical idiot.
X1:224 X2:495 Y1:367 Y2:430 Don't stop. You're doing great.
X1:163 X2:554 Y1:367 Y2:430 All his interruptions are typically of a mentally...
X1:115 X2:603 Y1:367 Y2:430 ...retarded person. His whole demeanor is typical of...
X1:253 X2:466 Y1:367 Y2:430 typical of... is typical of...
X1:161 X2:558 Y1:399 Y2:429 l know a bar named Typical.
X1:177 X2:540 Y1:367 Y2:430 Do you see now? That's his typical answer.
X1:229 X2:489 Y1:399 Y2:429 ln sum, this man...
X1:183 X2:536 Y1:367 Y2:425 asking for the mercy of the madhouse.
X1:144 X2:573 Y1:367 Y2:425 Stop defending me, my friend. Your Honor.
X1:178 X2:540 Y1:367 Y2:430 l'd like to speak. l really can't stand him anymore.
X1:236 X2:483 Y1:399 Y2:429 l'll take my time...
X1:202 X2:517 Y1:399 Y2:424 ...but that's all l'll take.
X1:166 X2:553 Y1:367 Y2:430 lt's clear that his intentions aren't good.
X1:212 X2:506 Y1:367 Y2:425 Members of the jury, l don't want either...
X1:164 X2:555 Y1:367 Y2:430 Why? You know l know you very well, sir.
X1:168 X2:550 Y1:367 Y2:425 l won't stand to be insulted and humiliated like this.
X1:231 X2:486 Y1:367 Y2:430 l am a man and l can prove it.
X1:132 X2:587 Y1:367 Y2:430 l ask that you sentence to death that man, the other man...
X1:197 X2:521 Y1:367 Y2:430 ...but not you, because l'm very tired.
X1:293 X2:424 Y1:399 Y2:424 l mean it!
X1:228 X2:490 Y1:367 Y2:425 Order! Order in the room!
X1:163 X2:555 Y1:399 Y2:429 We're finished, Your Honor.
X1:200 X2:518 Y1:399 Y2:424 And it was about time.
X1:184 X2:535 Y1:367 Y2:430 The members of the jury may now deliberate...
X1:199 X2:519 Y1:399 Y2:424 ...and render a verdict.
X1:150 X2:567 Y1:367 Y2:430 We don't need to take any time, Your Honor.
X1:139 X2:579 Y1:399 Y2:429 This man's guilt is so evident...
X1:202 X2:516 Y1:367 Y2:430 ...that we find him guilty of murder one...
X1:192 X2:528 Y1:367 Y2:430 ...since all the elements have been proven.
X1:292 X2:425 Y1:399 Y2:429 Oh, Lord!
X1:141 X2:575 Y1:367 Y2:430 lt's terrible! This is such a disgrace for the family!
X1:178 X2:542 Y1:367 Y2:430 l'm going to let him suffer a while longer.
X1:300 X2:416 Y1:399 Y2:424 Silence!
X1:232 X2:486 Y1:367 Y2:430 l, too, am ready to pass sentence.
X1:159 X2:559 Y1:367 Y2:425 l hereby sentence Leonardo del Paso to death.
X1:204 X2:513 Y1:367 Y2:425 No, that's not fair! That man is innocent!
X1:176 X2:541 Y1:367 Y2:425 -That man isn't Leonardo. -Dolores is here?
X1:196 X2:522 Y1:367 Y2:430 -Repeat what you said. -He isn't my brother.
X1:122 X2:596 Y1:367 Y2:430 The Bobby he killed was our dog, a dog with rabies.
X1:146 X2:571 Y1:367 Y2:425 That's not him. l should know, l've had his children.
X1:199 X2:520 Y1:399 Y2:424 Let the ladies come in.
X1:185 X2:533 Y1:367 Y2:430 Do you think this Court will fall for your stories?
X1:177 X2:541 Y1:367 Y2:430 This is nothing but a trick by his lawyer.
X1:273 X2:446 Y1:367 Y2:430 Your Honor, l protest...
X1:262 X2:456 Y1:399 Y2:429 Don't protest.
X1:171 X2:547 Y1:367 Y2:430 That childish operation is typical of your dimness.
X1:226 X2:492 Y1:367 Y2:430 -But, Your Honor... -Nothing!
X1:207 X2:511 Y1:367 Y2:425 Justice may be blind, but not this blind.
X1:171 X2:547 Y1:367 Y2:430 You are Leonardo's sister, aren't you?
X1:232 X2:486 Y1:367 Y2:425 -Yes, Your Honor. -You are a maid...
X1:145 X2:574 Y1:399 Y2:424 Leonardo's sister's home.
X1:238 X2:481 Y1:399 Y2:429 Yes, Your Honor.
X1:190 X2:529 Y1:367 Y2:425 And you are the mother of Leonardo's children.
X1:178 X2:540 Y1:367 Y2:430 Yes, sir. His many, many children.
X1:137 X2:580 Y1:367 Y2:430 The whole family is here. This is obviously a conspiracy.
X1:212 X2:506 Y1:399 Y2:429 A family conspiracy.
X1:197 X2:522 Y1:367 Y2:430 A silly trick thought up by the defense.
X1:261 X2:457 Y1:367 Y2:426 -But l swear... -Quiet!
X1:153 X2:565 Y1:367 Y2:430 You are hereby fined 500 pesos or 30 days in jail...
X1:197 X2:521 Y1:399 Y2:429 ...for trying to trick me.
X1:166 X2:552 Y1:399 Y2:429 You got your just desserts.
X1:138 X2:580 Y1:367 Y2:425 Enough! The sentence is death and it stands.
X1:145 X2:574 Y1:399 Y2:429 You can't do that, Your Honor.
X1:252 X2:465 Y1:367 Y2:425 -Silence! -Just a minute.
X1:181 X2:536 Y1:367 Y2:425 That man is innocent. That man isn't Leonardo.
X1:229 X2:490 Y1:367 Y2:425 l'll bet you are Leonardo's father.
X1:187 X2:531 Y1:367 Y2:425 No, Your Honor. l am Leonardo del Paso.
X1:288 X2:429 Y1:399 Y2:424 The killer.
X1:275 X2:443 Y1:367 Y2:425 -Leonardo! -That's him.
X1:177 X2:541 Y1:367 Y2:430 That's a lie, l am Leon... or maybe he is Leonardo.
X1:252 X2:465 Y1:367 Y2:426 That's enough! Quiet!
X1:160 X2:558 Y1:367 Y2:430 Silence! You are fined one thousand more pesos...
X1:206 X2:513 Y1:367 Y2:425 ...or ten months in jail for this new lie.
X1:143 X2:575 Y1:367 Y2:430 Your Honor, l am not involved. Really!
X1:165 X2:552 Y1:399 Y2:429 One thousand pesos more!
X1:202 X2:516 Y1:367 Y2:430 l can identify myself and prove l killed him.
X1:168 X2:550 Y1:367 Y2:430 The heel had some letters and threatened my sister...
X1:186 X2:533 Y1:367 Y2:430 ...with turning them over to Mr. Cayetano.
X1:224 X2:494 Y1:367 Y2:425 l confronted him, he tried to kill me...
X1:128 X2:591 Y1:399 Y2:424 ...and l killed him in self defense.
X1:224 X2:494 Y1:367 Y2:425 -And l can prove it. -Let me see that.
X1:165 X2:554 Y1:399 Y2:424 What infernal mess is this?
X1:212 X2:506 Y1:367 Y2:425 -Here are the letters. -Like l said:
X1:245 X2:471 Y1:399 Y2:424 There's the rub!
X1:159 X2:559 Y1:367 Y2:430 No wonder, all this for a dog that may have been a cat.
X1:159 X2:561 Y1:367 Y2:425 Everyone kept talking about him and now he's here.
X1:248 X2:470 Y1:367 Y2:430 Yes, he's here. l wouldn't just...
X1:166 X2:554 Y1:399 Y2:429 What about my reputation?
X1:125 X2:593 Y1:399 Y2:429 Then there's the dog and the cat.
X1:229 X2:489 Y1:367 Y2:425 Like l always said, there's the rub!
X1:229 X2:489 Y1:367 Y2:425 A bull was milked, who killed who?
X1:179 X2:539 Y1:399 Y2:424 Here's the real Leonardo.
X1:193 X2:527 Y1:367 Y2:425 He's innocent and so is the other Leonardo.
X1:170 X2:548 Y1:367 Y2:430 Like l always said, everything's clear, isn't it?
X1:246 X2:471 Y1:367 Y2:425 There's the rub, Your Honor.
X1:213 X2:504 Y1:367 Y2:430 So, the way l see it... you, l, way.
X1:190 X2:530 Y1:367 Y2:425 Things always work out in the end.
X1:169 X2:548 Y1:399 Y2:429 Justice here, justice there.
X1:185 X2:533 Y1:367 Y2:430 You may be old, but you're always brave.
X1:197 X2:523 Y1:399 Y2:429 How can you say that?
X1:216 X2:502 Y1:367 Y2:430 That's not right. Just seizing him up.
X1:198 X2:520 Y1:399 Y2:429 Really, there's the rub!
X1:180 X2:538 Y1:367 Y2:430 What about the l.D.? Are they both Leonardo?
X1:152 X2:567 Y1:399 Y2:429 Why didn't he say so before?
X1:196 X2:524 Y1:367 Y2:430 lf we'd only known that at the beginning.
X1:159 X2:560 Y1:399 Y2:429 From our point of view, we...
X1:173 X2:545 Y1:367 Y2:430 No wonder he kept talking about a dog, uh?
X1:147 X2:571 Y1:367 Y2:430 You see? Everything's been cleared up.
X1:168 X2:551 Y1:399 Y2:429 Words simplify everything.
X1:211 X2:508 Y1:367 Y2:430 Alright. Everything's righted.
X1:185 X2:533 Y1:399 Y2:429 Cantinflas is free to go...
X1:125 X2:594 Y1:367 Y2:425 ...and the real Leonardo del Paso will have to stand trial.
X1:179 X2:540 Y1:367 Y2:430 Don't worry. Everything will be alright.
X1:225 X2:493 Y1:367 Y2:425 -Follow me. -Give me a minute.
X1:174 X2:546 Y1:367 Y2:425 l have witnesses who saw it was self-defense.
X1:221 X2:497 Y1:367 Y2:430 We'll settle down and raise our boys.
X1:202 X2:518 Y1:367 Y2:425 Why didn't you tell me the truth?
X1:161 X2:557 Y1:367 Y2:430 l would have forgiven you, l would have made him pay!
X1:208 X2:511 Y1:367 Y2:425 May he rest in peace, the swine.
X1:149 X2:569 Y1:367 Y2:430 -l was afraid of your jealousy. -You're right.
X1:188 X2:531 Y1:399 Y2:429 My jealousy is to blame.
X1:147 X2:572 Y1:367 Y2:430 l swear l will never bother you with my jealousy again.
X1:218 X2:500 Y1:367 Y2:425 -Do you mean that? -l swear.
X1:270 X2:449 Y1:367 Y2:430 l swear, l do. l really do...
X1:146 X2:572 Y1:367 Y2:430 Who are you smiling at? You are flirting with someone.
X1:177 X2:543 Y1:399 Y2:429 Who are you flirting with?
X1:220 X2:500 Y1:367 Y2:430 Who is threatening my domestic bliss?
X1:164 X2:552 Y1:367 Y2:430 -For God's sake, Cayetano! -You're right.
X1:187 X2:532 Y1:367 Y2:430 l think we'd better leave. Let's go.
X1:217 X2:502 Y1:367 Y2:430 -Cantinflas... -What do you want?
X1:207 X2:511 Y1:367 Y2:430 -Will you forgive me? -Forgive you...
X1:166 X2:553 Y1:399 Y2:429 ...after all that's happened?
X1:165 X2:552 Y1:367 Y2:430 After everyone kept saying l was guilty...
X1:123 X2:597 Y1:399 Y2:429 ...and wanted to put me to death?
X1:158 X2:561 Y1:367 Y2:430 You asked me to kill the dog but you didn't tell them.
X1:125 X2:593 Y1:399 Y2:429 You kept trying to convince me...
X1:158 X2:560 Y1:399 Y2:429 ...only to keep quiet later on.
X1:191 X2:528 Y1:367 Y2:425 You got me into a mess that almost killed me.
X1:167 X2:552 Y1:367 Y2:430 -Shall l see you for dinner? -l will never go back...
X1:163 X2:555 Y1:399 Y2:429 having dinner with you.
X1:147 X2:572 Y1:367 Y2:425 l'm only sorry for the chicken, who was so used to me.
X1:228 X2:489 Y1:367 Y2:425 -l'll never go back. -But...
X1:238 X2:481 Y1:367 Y2:430 l'll never go back to your kitchen.
X1:311 X2:406 Y1:399 Y2:424 Never!
X1:292 X2:425 Y1:399 Y2:429 Oh, Lord!
X1:181 X2:537 Y1:399 Y2:424 He will never come back.
X1:237 X2:481 Y1:367 Y2:425 -ls dinner ready? -You?
X1:177 X2:541 Y1:367 Y2:425 -l thought you said never. -Never?
X1:148 X2:570 Y1:367 Y2:430 -That you'd never come back. -Did you believe me?
X1:204 X2:514 Y1:367 Y2:425 Careful what you say. We're not the same.
X1:240 X2:477 Y1:367 Y2:430 -No, we're not. -l'm a good girl...
X1:185 X2:534 Y1:399 Y2:429 ...and you are a criminal.
X1:166 X2:553 Y1:399 Y2:429 Be quiet, that's blasphemy.
X1:117 X2:602 Y1:399 Y2:429 Remember, the jury absorbed me.
X1:229 X2:488 Y1:367 Y2:430 -Acquitted you. -To each, his own.
X1:201 X2:517 Y1:367 Y2:430 -Still, don't talk to me. -l just want my dinner.
X1:260 X2:458 Y1:367 Y2:425 -Your dinner? -Of course.
X1:155 X2:563 Y1:367 Y2:425 -Will you go on not working? -Don't l work?
X1:163 X2:555 Y1:367 Y2:430 -What do you do? -l went through hell for you.
X1:251 X2:467 Y1:367 Y2:430 -l knew it. -Do you think...
X1:171 X2:545 Y1:367 Y2:430 ...standing out there, waiting for Mr. Cayetano...
X1:179 X2:539 Y1:367 Y2:430 ...and the sun to go to sleep isn't work?
X1:248 X2:469 Y1:367 Y2:430 -The sun? -To go to sleep.
X1:152 X2:565 Y1:367 Y2:425 -You mean for the sun to set. -Yes.
X1:148 X2:572 Y1:367 Y2:430 You should have the table set for my dinner.
X1:177 X2:540 Y1:399 Y2:429 Talking to you is useless.
X1:210 X2:509 Y1:399 Y2:429 But l do care for you.
X1:215 X2:504 Y1:367 Y2:430 Like Cayetano says, what's past is past.
X1:155 X2:563 Y1:367 Y2:425 Let's toast our reconciliation with a drink.
X1:247 X2:471 Y1:367 Y2:430 -Just one drink. -Yes, just one.
X1:152 X2:568 Y1:367 Y2:430 Only one drink. And when we finish it, we'll have another.
X1:297 X2:420 Y1:367 Y2:425 -Cheers. -Cheers.
X1:170 X2:550 Y1:367 Y2:430 l'll only come back to work if l keep my full rights.
X1:147 X2:572 Y1:367 Y2:430 Overtime pay, minimum wage and the right to strike.
X1:245 X2:472 Y1:367 Y2:430 -You scoundrel. -Drink up.
X1:199 X2:518 Y1:367 Y2:425 -Close your eyes, Paz. -What for?
X1:223 X2:496 Y1:367 Y2:430 You know what for. Keep them closed.
X1:292 X2:426 Y1:399 Y2:424 THE END
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