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Subtitles for Akibiyori (Late Autumn 1960) CD2.

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Akibiyori (Late Autumn 1960) CD2

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Your young people have a good sense.
Though some alternative.
-But it could be understood, too. -What?
Divide love from marriage.
So it become less and less kind.
And what's more? Have Ayako come to like that man?
I think so.
Though she said it was their first meet again and again.
Let they be.
Then, it's nothing to do with the man named Sugiyama.
-The problem concern on her mother. -Yes.
-What about it -What?
-Marry her mother first. -Marry again?
Yes, then marry her daughter.
Would it be Ok? It depends on the persuade.
Maybe a good idea.
If success.
There must be no problem. Akiko is so beautiful, whoever want marry her.
Then you go to ask her about it.
-I... -Of course, it's your idea.
You're the best.
Then, have a try.
-Alright. -Yes.
-But, where's the man? -Hmm.
How about Hirayama?
Yes, maybe a good idea, too.
Don't joke any more. It's immoral.
Anyway, She's the wife of my good friend Miwa.
Nothing serious.
No, no way, it's immoral.
It's natural, you are bereft of your wife, and she her husband.
Though it's the fact, but I don't want to do like this. What are you saying!
Well, that'a difficulty.
Pay attention to it.
Don't mention me, do you hear?
What a pity.
What are you thinking, still a bachelor now.
We are consider for you.
Yes, we're good-will.
-You are back. I'm back
-Back. -You are here, too.
-Have you had dinner, sir? -Ah, yes.
And you?
Me too.
What about the score?
What's the matter?
-You seem downhearted. -Ah?
-What happened? -Nothing serious.
-What do you think? -What?
I have declined a betrothal.
-For me? -No, for papa.
-Oh... -Hmm.
Who's that?
What do you think?
You must tell me who's that first, before I tell my feeling. Do I know her?
-Hmm. -Who? Tell me. Don't disguise any more.
I haven't disguise. -Then tell me.
You know auntie Miwa?
Ah, it's her. It's would be Ok. You are great.
-Er...Could I? -Why not? Have you declined it?
-Hmm. -What a pity.
-Really? -Sure.
-Do you agree? -Of course.
Papa, I...hoped papa marry again long before.
Since I will marry one day, then you would be alone.
Then you have to came to my house...My wife would feel poor.
And you also won't like to live like that.
So, you'd better marry auntie Miwa.
-Isn't it a good chance? -Is it?
-But, how about her will? -Don't know yet.
Oh? don't know yet? You need some confidence, confidence.
-Are you agree?... -Yes, I agree.
Papa looks spry now.
Please come in.
What's the matter?
Er...I...The weather is fine today.
It's continual fine.
Ah, I remeber, there was a earthquake last night.
Really? I didn't feel it. -Yes, it has, but very slightly.
What's the matter today?
-About the matter last time. -What?
-About the obtain employment of the students?
No, in the club.
-What's it? -About the deuterogamy of Miwa.
Do you find any good man?
I considered carefully.
-What? -I...
What you suggestted then, my son agreed, too.
-What's that? -Don't opossum any more.
-I really don't know. -Don't pretend.
Have Taguti said this to her?
I don't know.
But did you have absolutely no will about this then?
Yes, but...
There're many trouble alone.
Trouble? There's nurserymaid.
Do you mean loneness in emotion?
Do you feel lonely suddenly?
Then...What can we do?
I mean you show my colors to her.
Isn't it better that let Taguti do it?
That guy is mouthy.
-Would you like do this for me? -Me?
-Yes, sorry to bother you... -Well...
Could I speak to Mr.Taguti of NITTO ELECTRIC ? -Is him suitable?
Never mind, we agreed that he manage it last time.
-But I'm afraid he make it... -Make it a trouble?
Hmm, what? he's away?
-He's away. -Ah.
-I'll tell him. -Please be quick.
-Are you so agog? -Ah?
What a shame-making.
-Where would you go? -TO the toilet.
Where's Hirayama?
-He hasn't come yet. Have you managed it? -Er...
-What's the matter? -It became complex.
Give me a cup of whiskey, water added.
-Give me one more this. OK.
What's the matter?
She has no will to marry again.
She talked about her dead husband from soup to nuts.
Then what about Ayako and Goto?
-I've said it. -What's the result?
-She always said "Really?", with smiling. -Then what about Hirayama?
Could I say that? I seemed like came to listen the story of Miwa.
Like a class.
-You didn't say anything about Hirayama? -Yes...
Sorry to kept you waiting.
But, Hirayama is serious.
It would be a pity to marry her to Hirayama, so beautiful.
You didn't see her face.
It's so charming that...
She husked an apple for me, use her white and tender hands...
-Did you eat? -Hmm, it's really a good taste.
And bring this back.
-What did you go for? -What?
-Then how about Hirayama? -I have no way, either.
-But he's very agog. -But what can I do?
We have no means to help him...
-Then lay it aside. -Yes, we could only do this.
-Welcome. He's coming.
I'm late.
Something to Drink?
-Anything would be ok. -Well.
-And here. -Hmm.
-Taguti, have you gone? -Er, yes.
-Did you say? -Er, yes.
-How about? -Be patient.
It's no use to be agog.
Mr.Hirayama is so poor.
Yes...They envy him.
You are better. Mine are always asking.
"Would you marry again if I died."
I said no. But he said "If it was me, I will..."
I asked who is that. He said "Of course Akiko"...
-Really? Mine are the same. -How beautiful she is.
Akiko was asked about deuterogamy suddenly.
She couldn't answer it immediately. I couldn't either, if it was me.
I'm the same. Even though I have some will...
-Right, they are foolish. -Yes.
-Mum, I' going out. -Is it a date, Miss.Mitiko?
Yes, from evening to midnight.
-I'm going. -Be care.
-Youngers now are worrying. -And mine too.
Our time is better, we even long for a maiden opera...
Yes, and "when lilac bloom"
Now there're some crazy rockmusic, jamboree.
It's fashion to dress motley.
-Good afternoon. -Welcome.
We are talking about the marriage of Madam Miwa's daughter.
It's better to introduce a good man to Ayako.
I think there's no need to worry about Akiko's deuterogamy.
It's your husband's suggest.
Really? But he said it was Mr.Mamiya you.
No, it's Taguti.
-Who's it on earth?... -It's Taguti, of course.
But it's said Akiko is beautiful.
He said like this? Fulsome, unexpected.
Then I'll eat the apple.
-It is said a delicious. -Bagar.
Anyway, first to solve Ayako¨s matter. I obay you all.
!Of course. !Right.
I can't persuade you.
Is there a sir named Mr.Mamiya...
He's waiting for you.
Ah, here, Ayako.
Come up.
I'm late.
-Did you find here soon? -Yes.
Have the seat, please.
Talk freely.
There's no much time left, I'll say about the major topic.
About you marriage, what about Goto?
Are you like him, or dislike? Tell me.
No distaste.
Then you like him, he said so, too.
Well, go on with him, will you?
-But, uncle... -What?
I haven't considered the marriage.
You said so last time.
So, I can't answer you now.
It's nice, isn't it? Even marry to him is OK.
But, what about my mother, if I married?
!Your mother... !Hum.
We're worrying about this, we won't let her feel trouble.
What's the meaning?
For example, your mother marry again, what do you think about it?
Marry again, have you talk about it with my mother?
What about it?
Sorry to kept you waiting.
What's wrong? Suddenly became sorrow.
Have it decided?
!What, your mother's marriage? !Who's that?
-Him -Hum.
You and your mother both know him before. How do you think about Hirayama...
How about?
Haven't decided yet.
What do you think about?
Back, are you hungry?
There's nothing to eat today.
I planned to buy something back, but I'm late, too.
What happened?
What's the matter?
Today I met a friend which haven't seen long before, in the trolley.
Did you remember?
The auntie always came to us for rice, after the war.
She's wearing so neat, even like a rich madam.
!Have mum ever disguise something from me? -What?
Uncle Mamiya has told me the whole thing today.
What did you hear.
!Mun, do you want marry again? !What? Marry again?
Don't disguise any more. !What's your meaning?
-I know! !What do you know? What's up?
What are you saying on earth?
Don't disguise any more. Don't you feel sorry to papa?
Isn't Hirayama papa's friend?
Then what
You are still disguise, why do you keep it from me?
Disguise what?
Well, well, I have assumed you too better.
!I hate this! !What are you saying, Ayako?
Filthy, I hate people like this.
Ayako, where are you going?
Let me go! I dislike you.
You are waiting for so long time.
!Hum, give me some cuttlefish. -How about the miss?
-I want this. -OK.
I come to see Yuriko... !Ah, she's in.
-Miss Miwa is coming! -I'm coming.
Please wait, she's upstairs.
Come up, but it's disordered.
Sorry to let you wait.
-Anything else you want, sir? -Give me the soy.
You are so fond of calm, sir.
Calm is delicious.
Calm is the worm's poison.
How about some octopus?
-Have the octopus born up? -Hum?
I want some clam, the softest part, it's necessary...
- And red shellfish. - OK.
And what did you say for that?
I hate it, especially he's my father's friend. So awkward.
Hum, and that's why you come out? But, is it awkward?
Hmm, then this is your reason?
I have always been troubled by the matter of Father's.
While Mama seems to have forgotten all about it.
I won't forgive that.
I understand that, but don't you think you're a little selfish?
-You need to think for Mama. -What do you mean?
She is also a woman like you are.
You have your own lover,
then why can't she?
Aren't you selfish? If it was me, I would keep silent.
How can I?
Nothing serious. She's still you mother.
Anyway, it is not your business.
No, it is not the case. I didn't act like you when my stepmother came.
That didn't mean that I had forgotten my dead mother.
Even now, I will think of Mother when I close my eyes.
My father is trashy, but why should I care about this?
He is still my father.
-But I don't think so. -You haven't another way.
You can't expect everything to be perfect in this world.
What are you saying? Acting like a kid.
-Yuri, this... -Thank you.
Then what about you? Why not have a little?
Come on, come here.
I gonna go home.
Go home? Didn't you plan to stay here tonight?
No, I'm going home.
Ok, then take this before leaving.
No, thanks.
Are you really going home?
Then go as you like. Just like a kid.
Nothing serious.
Ah? Where is she?
Just leave without a word, so worrying a girl.
Where have you been?
What are you annoyed for? You must have made a mistake.
What did you learn from Mr. Mamiya?
What do you think I am keeping from you?
No need to do that, isn't it?
It is you who is doing this.
What didn't I tell you?
About Goto, you are keeping it from me.
You've already got a lover,
and I have been waiting for you to tell me.
Seems a good man. I have been happy about this.
Why didn't you tell me?
-Good moring. -Good moring.
-Good moring. -Good moring.
Good moring.
-Good moring. -Good moring.
-Good moring. -Good moring.
-Good moring. -Good moring.
-Good moring. -Good moring.
-Good moring. -Good moring.
And what about that? Did you talk with your mother last night?
Are you still in anger? Ok, go on, to death!
Keep on like that, today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow...
Thank you.
-Welcome. -Welcome.
You can't be like this. How can you quarrel with her?
I lost my mother in my early years, maybe it is the reason.
Sometimes I think about those moments,
why should I quarrel with her then?
I feel so sorry when I think about this.
In my home Hushimi, we have a kind of cloth doll made of clay.
We put them in the cabinet of the kitchen. Then what?
It was when I was a third grade student in the middle school.
I was losing temper now and then.
I broke all those dolls that time.
I still remember how Mother looked like at that moment.
It was just nothing serious,
but I found she didn't prepare the dinner that day when I got home.
She died that autumn.
So you'd better not quarell, it doesn't sound good.
You mean it.
Good evning.
Ah, it's you, welcome.
-Where's Ayako? -Hasn't been back yet.
-Come on. -Ok.
-Make that. -Ok.
-Aunty, where do you think Ayako has been? -I don't know...
I heard something last night.
So she has been to your place last night?
Yeah, and it is said that you are going to get married?
Ah? Why ask about this?
I told her that,
It is silly to get annoyed on this.
You should have your own choice.
It is true.
She has been so silly.
She just thinks about herself but blames you of that.
I have been talking so much to her about this that she even didn't talk to me in the company.
I came here.
Tell us the truth, Aunty, I think she is wrong.
I would hope that you marry somebody if I was her.
Then, why?
You won't be lonely after you get married, though I am not sure about it.
-Maybe you are right. -So it is, it is natural to think this way.
No one but she would be like this, so silly.
And, have I troubled you?
Of course not, just a little surprise.
I am sorry, but does Aunty feel lonely sometimes? I can't do anything even it is the case.
I'll do anything if she could be happy.
I am deeply moved. But, Aunty, you must get married.
Or, Ayako won't do it either.
-Is it true? -Yeah, she said so.
If you get married, I think she will also do that.
-She's bothersome. -So she is.
But what is she unsatisfied for? Isn't it perfect?
Mr. Hirayama is a college professor,
moreover, he is Uncle's old friend, he knows you better. Isn't it good?
-But, Yuri, didn't you make a mistake? -No, that sounds good.
What's good? You're wrong either.
Doesn't Aunty know the matter about Mr. Hirayama.
Don't pretend, Aunty needn't be so shy.
What? I know nothing about that.
How could this happen? So, you didn't know this?
I definitely never heard about that.
So, it is too silly.
-So, you didn't know anything about it? -Yeah.
If it is the case, she's so annoying.
You're back, and where have you been?
Are you still angery? It is so ridiculous, since I am worrying about you.
You're having a finger in my pie! It is time you went back.
Ok, I'm going.
What if she stay here tonight.
No, Mama, I won't sleep together with her.
-Ayako. -It's enough. She have to go.
I'm going back. And good night, Aunty.
-So? I'm sorry. -Never mind it.
Nothing serious.
-Bye. -Bye.
-Sorry. -It doesn't matter. She's so self-will.
Come in.
Ah, it's Mr.Hirayama.
What's wrong?
Yeah, it is strange.
-What's strange? -How can I explain it to you?
-Anyway, can you help me to meet somebody? -Who?
She's waiting for you in the meeting room. And Taguti has also come.
Who is it?
Who on earth?
-What's on earth is the matter? -Eh.
This one, she's a friend of Ayako.
-My name is Sasaki Yuriko. -I'm Mamiya, please sit down.
Why should you say something that doesn't exist at all?
-What? -The words about Aunty Miwa's marriage.
Ah, yeah, it's that.
How can you be surprised? Even Aunty herself doesn't know this.
But you just said it to Ayako.
Why should you do this?
Ayako has been suffering from this.
Why should you bother such a peaceful family?
I have come for this, please give me an answer.
Can't you? What's interesting about that?
-I didn't mean that. -Then why?
Then you're Ms.Yuriko? Sit down first.
-No need, thanks, it's more relaxed to stand. -But...
-Sit down please. -No.
It's good that you've got a meeting room.
Or I would have thought that I am in a college.
-But, Ms.Yuri. -Please call me Yuriko.
I am sorry.
-I have explained this matter. -I am not asking you.
But Ms.Yuriko, do you have some negative points of view on Aunty Miwa's marrige?
No, I don't. But it doesn't get in involved with your matter.
Yes, it surely does. Ayako has always been like this.
It seems that she won't get married until her mother does.
Then why not say it clearly?
Aunty knows the matter about this uncle, doesn't she?
I just heard this from the lady.
Then what on earth is the whole matter? Didn't you explain it for me?
You keep silent first.
-But... -Don't speak.
You've made a mistake on the person you need to talk to.
But for the bliss of Ayako,
Aunty must get married first.
Can you understand this? Yeah, but why should you choose this way?
I'm so sorry for what has happened. I apologize.
I apologize to you, too.
-Please sit down. -Please.
Now we must firstly make sure if Aunty herself wants to marry somebody.
Sure she does, I've asked her about this.
-Does she? -Yeah.
Oh, that's quite good.
Ms.Yuriko has helped a lot.
Firstly, we will solve Aunty's problem, then Ayako's, ok?
-That's ok. -Ok, good.
-Just take a look at yourself, you're full of energy now. -Then what?
But are you sure this uncle is the one Aunty loves?
No, it isn't absolutely.
Why, any problem?
-Nothing, I don't think there's any problem. -Don't you?
-It is good. -Is it?
So, Hirayama, you're so appreciated.
-Then you owe us a big meal. -It's fine, it's fine.
-Where are you going? -W.C..
Thanks for coming.
A bit far, is your home here?
-Yeah, please serve us hot ones. -Ok.
The most fleshy and fresh mackerel pike is in a shop at the parking lot.
It is not as good as you say. Isn't the boss in today?
-He happened to go out. -Yeah, and what about miss?
The daughter here is most pretty. How I hope you guys could see her.
Yuri, is it proper for you to come here but not go home?
Take it easy, I can go home myself. And it is you who have to take care.
What would you like to have?
-Where's wine, I want to drin. -Just a moment.
And what would you two like to eat? Which is better here?
Everything is good. Is it? Then serve us all of them.
-Ok. -We can't eat up all of them.
Yes we can. They are delicious. So do as I told you.
Hirayama, I will try my best to persuade Aunty Miwa.
And, can you really treat her with your heart?
Yeah, I will.
-From now on? I mean forever. -Yeah, I can.
-You look so happy. -It is destined.
Sorry for the delay, here is the hot ones.
However, Hirayama, it is so exciting, is isn't?
Thank you so much. I am so grateful for our friendship.
The final decision hasn't been made yet.
-Don's say that again. -Sorry, I am late.
But, will you love Aunty forever, I mean it.
Yes I will.
-Really, I mean forver. -Yeah.
This uncle is so wonderful, please leave him here.
Such a happy guy.
-Welcome. -Ah, you are back.
-It is so late. -Yeah.
-Yuri, it seems that you often come here. -Yeah.
-Now and then? -Yeah, everyday.
-Yuri, do you still need to go to work today? -Yeah, from this afternoon.
-Mr. Sugiyama just called. -What did he say?
He didn't say anything since you were not here.
Is this your home?
Yeah, the woman was my mother. And I am the daughter.
It is so amazing.
Help yourself, Uncle, but you still have to pay for what you ate.
Of course I will.
-Serve everything as you can, as well as wine. -Ok.
The ladies now are so elusory.
-They are so canny. Please serve me sashimi. -Ok.
-I'd like clam too. -Ok.
-But Uncle, I am not joking. -I also mean it, I will love her.
Not this matter, I mean that you have to pay.
I will. Sure I will.
-Please give me red shellfish. -Ok.
-So it is why Miwa asked for a holiday. -It is said that he has gone travelling.
It is so good that they are together again.
At the first, Ayako was troubled by this matter, but now she seems to recover from this.
This has made me think of the kindness of one's own mother.
Isn't your family beatific? She is a qualified mother.
So she is. But there's still something different.
I haven't been frankly to her till now.
Is it the case?
Can't you find this? That means I have behaved properly.
-I am throwing it to you. -Thank you.
Where has Ayako gone today? I am a little envy of her.
Well, I remember it, we must go to the hill to have a send-off party. Let's ask Goto to go together.
Ok, let's go.
It is so exciting to climb hill under such a beautiful weather, so don't stay in the company.
You are right.
Ayako, are you sleepy?
Not yet.
It is crowded here, isn't it noisy?
But wherever to go, you will see travelling scholars and no places left in the hotels.
There's always someone running into the wrong room with slippers.
Is it? Then you can't have a good sleep.
-But it is exiting. -Is it? Then it is good.
Excuse me.
Sir, the travelling scholars are waiting for you in the counting room.
Is is true? Ok, I am coming.
However, it is so cheering.
Ayako finally found a good husband who you like too.
Besides the marriage of Ayako,
I am worrying about you.
-I am sorry for troubling you. -No at all. It is wonderful.
It is time you had a rest.
I am leaving.
-Good night. -Good night.
What about him, has he gone to bed?
-Ayako, will you please come here? -Ok.
It is quiet now. Have the travelling scholars gone to sleep?
It is joyful to travel for learning, but it is really troublesome the night before going back.
And it is also disappointed, thinking that it is the last day.
Has Mama any experiences like this?
What's the matter?
Did you say that the re-marriage of Mama is filthy?
No, never mention that again.
I am sorry for those words.
No, it is not the case. I myself have the same opinion.
-I decide to live on by myself. -But, Mum...
I am satisied for having your father.
And from now on, live on with Papa.
How can you be satisfied?
It is difficult to climb the hill from the very beginning.
But, Mama...
It doesn't matter.
You needn't worry about Mama anymore. Please take it easy, and marry Goto.
You will marry the man you love and be happy.
It is the most important thing for me. I am so happy about that.
It doesn't matter.
I am not lonely at all.
But how can I leave you alone in that house?
Never mind.
To keep you in the old house
is improper.
I am old, but you are blooming.
There is so much happiness waiting for you.
Marry Mr.Goto.
Mama is still Mama, I will lead on the life myself.
Please do this.
I am not lieing.
Can you see? Can you understand me?
The travelling was so exiting.
Do you remember the stories here during the war?
Papa would come back every Sunday. We were penniless at that time.
But he would bring back gifts for you everytime.
He was a qualified father.
Maybe it is our last time to travel together, so let's cherish it.
You are beginning a new life, so am I.
I will never forget the days here.
Well, are you ready? Bridegroom, please move a little toward her.
Quite good. One more.
Please, wine.
It is so wonderful today, as well as the weather.
Sure it is.
It was all of a mess in the end, but it was funny.
Yeah, it is exiciting. Let's cheers for Ayako.
And also for Miwa and Akiko.
-Cheers. -Cheers.
But, I don't think it interesting.
Isn't it good? The most important matter of Ayako is solved.
She attain her blessedness.
Sure it is. But I have been a victim.
You two are gloating.
Is it the case? Didn't you have a good dream?
What can you get from a dream?
But different people have different wishes in this world, it sounds complicated.
-And there's also something not complicated. -That's you.
But I was really scared, it was the daughter in the Sushi shop.
You mean her. But she is funny, maybe the feeling won't be bad if you sometimes meet such a girl.
-She is too lively. -But you will be upset if she is too tedious.
My daughter is just at the beginning. It is so tied to be a father.
But what on earth is she thinking about?
-What, are you still keeping hope? -No, I haven't thinking about this for a long time.
And have you recovered from that?
No, it is still a torture.
But, don't you think it interesting?
Just a little upset but nothing else.
So... And what about your daughter? It is time.
She is too young, I won't trouble you any more.
Go on drinking.
-Is there any whiskey? -It is enough.
So funny.
-Have you gone sleep, Aunty? -Ah, Yuri?
I am worrying about you, so I came to have a look.
We went to Ginza after that. Here you are.
Thank you.
Ayako is so beautiful today in a Japanese-style hair.
Is she? She herself doesn't like it.
Not at all, it is suitable. Aunty, can I come here often from now on.
Of course. I mean it.
It is so good that you're healthy.
Yeah, I am too excited today.
Thanks for all of you, Ayako is blessed.
Yeah, she's so lucky to have such a mother like you.
-And then I am leaving, Aunty. -It is kind of you to come here.
-Good night. -Good night.
-Bye. -Bye.
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Adventures Of Priscilla Queen Of The Desert The CD1
Adventures Of Priscilla Queen Of The Desert The CD2
Adventures Of Robin Hood The
Adventures in Babysitting
Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai across the 8th dimension
Adventures of Felix
Adventures of Ford Fairlane The
Adventures of Pluto Nash
Adversaire La (Nicole Garcia 2002)
Affair of the Necklace
Affair to Remember An 1957
Afraid to Die (Yasuzo Masumura 1960)
African Queen The
Afrika (2002)
After Hours 1985
Against All Odds 1984 CD1
Against All Odds 1984 CD2
Against The Ropes CD1
Against The Ropes CD2
Age of Innocence The CD1
Age of Innocence The CD2
Agent Cody Bank 2
Agent Cody Banks
Agoniya (1981) Agony CD1
Agoniya (1981) Agony CD2
Aguirre der Zorn Gottes (1973)
Aguirre the Wrath of God
Ahi Esta El Detalle (1940) CD1
Ahi Esta El Detalle (1940) CD2
Ahobsal insaeng
Ai no corrida 1976
Aimee and Jaguar
Air Bud
Airplane! (1980)
Airplane 2 - The Sequel
Akibiyori (Late Autumn 1960) CD1
Akibiyori (Late Autumn 1960) CD2
Akira - Limited Special Edition
Akira 1988
Akumulator 1
Aladdin 1992
Aladdin and The King Of Thiefs
Alarmist The 1997
Albino Alligator
Alex and Emma
Alexander CD1
Alexander CD2
Alexander CD3
Alexander Nevsky
Ali G Aiii (2000)
Ali G In Tha House
Ali Zaoua
Alias 01x01 - Truth Be Told (Pilot)
Alias 01x02 - So It Begins
Alias 01x03 - Parity
Alias 01x04 - A Broken Heart
Alias 01x05 - Doppelganger
Alias 01x06 - Reckoning
Alias 01x07 - Color Blind
Alias 01x08 - Time Will Tell
Alias 01x09 - Mea Culpa
Alias 01x10 - Spirit
Alias 01x11 - The Confession
Alias 01x12 - The Box Part 1
Alias 01x13 - The Box Conclusion
Alias 01x14 - The Coup
Alias 01x15 - Page 47
Alias 01x16 - The Prophecy
Alias 01x17 - Q and A
Alias 01x18 - Masquerade
Alias 01x19 - Snowman
Alias 01x20 - The Solution
Alias 01x21 - Rendezvous
Alias 01x22 - Almost Thirty Years
Alias 02x01 - The Enemy Walks In
Alias 02x02 - Trust Me
Alias 02x11 - A Higher Echelon
Alias 02x12 - The Getaway
Alias 02x13 - Phase One
Alias 02x14 - Double Agent
Alias 02x15 - A Free Agent
Alias 02x16 - Firebomb
Alias 02x17 - A Dark Turn
Alias 02x18 - Truth Takes Time
Alias 02x19 - Endgame
Alias 02x20 - Countdown
Alias 02x21 - Second Double
Alias 02x22 - The Telling
Alias 3x01 - The two
Alias 3x02 - Succession
Alias 3x03 - Reunion
Alias 3x04 - A missing link
Alias 3x05 - Repercussions
Alias 3x06 - The nemesis
Alias 3x07 - Prelude
Alias 3x08 - Breaking point
Alias 3x09 - Conscious
Alias 3x10 - Remnants
Alias 3x11 - Full disclosure
Alias 3x12 - Crossings
Alias 3x13 - After six
Alias 3x14 - Blowback
Alias 3x15 - Facade
Alias 3x16 - Taken
Alias 3x17 - The frame
Alias 3x18 - Unveiled
Alias 3x19 - Hourglass
Alias 3x20 - Blood ties
Alias 3x21 - Legacy
Alias 3x22 - Resurrection
Alice Doesnt Live Here Anymore 1974 CD1
Alice Doesnt Live Here Anymore 1974 CD2
Alice et Martin 1998 CD1
Alice et Martin 1998 CD2
Alice in Wonderland
Alices Adventures in Wonderland
Alien 2
Alien 3
Alien Directors Cut
Alien Resurrection 1997 CD1
Alien Resurrection 1997 CD2
Alien Vs Predator
Aliens (special edition) 1986 CD1
Aliens (special edition) 1986 CD2
Alive 2003
All About Eve
All About Lily Chou-Chou CD1
All About Lily Chou-Chou CD2
All About My Father (Alt Om Min Far)
All I Want for Christmas 1991
All Night Long
All That Heaven Allows
All The Kings Men
All The Pretty Horses 23.976fps
All the Little Animals 1998
Alladin and the Wonderful Lamp
Allegro non troppo
Alliance Cookout
Alliance garden state
Almost Famous
Along Came Polly
Along came a spider
Alphaville 1965
Alt Om Min Far (All About My Father)
Altered States
Alvarez Kelly CD1
Alvarez Kelly CD2
Alzheimer Case The (2003) CD1
Alzheimer Case The (2003) CD2
Amantes del Circulo Polar Los (1998)
Amants Criminels Les
Amar Akbar Anthony - Manmohan Desai 1977 CD1
Amar Akbar Anthony - Manmohan Desai 1977 CD2
Amarcord CD1
Amarcord CD2
Amator 1979
Amelie From Montmartre CD1
Amelie From Montmartre CD2
Amelie or The Time To Love CD1
Amelie or The Time To Love CD2
American Beauty
American College
American Movie
American Movie - The Making Of Northwestern CD1
American Movie - The Making Of Northwestern CD2
American Outlaws
American Pie (UK)
American Pie - Rated Version
American Pie 2
American Pop
American Psycho
American Wedding
American Wedding (Unrated)
American Werewolf in London CD1
American Werewolf in London CD2
American in Paris An
Americas Sweethearts (2001)
Amerikanische Soldat Der (1970)
Amic-Amat (Beloved-Friend 1999)
Amiche Le 1955
Amistad CD1
Amistad CD2
Amityville 2 - The Possession 1982
Amityville 3 - The Demon 1983
Amityville 4 - The Evil Escapes 1989
Amityville Horror 5 - The Curse 1990
Amityville Horror 6 - Its About Time (1992)
Amityville Horror The CD1
Amityville Horror The CD2
Amor Brujo El (Carlos Saura 1986)
Amour en Fuite L
Amour en fuite Le 1979
An American Werewolf in Paris
An Autumn Afternoon 1962
Anacondas - The Hunt For The Blood Orchid
Analyze That (2002)
Analyze This (1999)
Anastasia 1956
Anatomie 2 2003
Anatomy of a Murder 1959 CD1
Anatomy of a Murder 1959 CD2
And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself
And God Created Woman
And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself
Andaz Apna Apna
Andrei Rublev 1969 Directors Cut CD1
Andrei Rublev 1969 Directors Cut CD2
Angel Eyes
Angel Heart Devil Face
Angels In America - Chapter 1
Angels In America - Chapter 2
Angels In America - Chapter 3
Angels In America - Chapter 4
Angels In America - Chapter 5
Angels In America - Chapter 6
Angels With Dirty Faces 1938
Angels of the Universe
Anger management
Anglaise et le duc La (Rohmer Eric 2001)
Angry Dogs
Animals Are Beautiful People
Anjaam Hindi
Anna In Kungfu Land 2003
Anne Frank - The Whole Story CD1
Anne Frank - The Whole Story CD2
Annie Get Your Gun
Annie Hall 1977
Anniversary Party The
Another 48 Hours
Another Heaven CD1
Another Heaven CD2
Antwone Fisher
Any Given Sunday
Anywhere But Here
Aoi Haru
Apartment The CD1
Apartment The CD2
Apocalypse Now - Redux
Apollo 13 CD1
Apollo 13 CD2
Apollo 13 CD3
Appartement Le 1996 CD1
Appartement Le 1996 CD2
Appleseed 2004
April Fools Day
Apsolutnih Sto
Aragami (2003)
Arahan 2004
Architekten Die 1990
Ariel 1988
Aristocats The
Arizona Dream CD1
Arizona Dream CD2
Arlington Road
Armageddon CD1
Armageddon CD2
Armata Brancaleone Le
Arme des ombres Le (Jean-Pierre Melville 1969) CD1
Arme des ombres Le (Jean-Pierre Melville 1969) CD2
Army in the Shadows 1969 CD1
Army in the Shadows 1969 CD2
Aro Tolbukhin En la Mente del Asesino (Agustin Villaronga 2002)
Around The World In 80 Days 2004 CD1
Around The World In 80 Days 2004 CD2
Around The World In 80 Days CD1
Around The World In 80 Days CD2
Arsene Lupin
Arsenic And Old Lace 1944
Art Of War The
Arven (2003) CD1
Arven (2003) CD2
As Long As My Feet Will Carry Me CD1
As Long As My Feet Will Carry Me CD2
As bodas de Deus (1998) CD1
As bodas de Deus (1998) CD2
Ascent The
Asphalt Jungle The
Asterix In Britain 1986
Asterix and Obelix Mission Cleopatra 2002
Astonishing (2004)
At Close Range
At Kende Sanheden
Atlantis - The Lost Empire
Atlantis Milos Return 2003
Atlantis The Lost Empire
Attack The Gas Station
Au Hasard Balthazar
Audition The (1999 Japanese)
Austin Powers - International Man Of Mystery
Austin Powers - The Spy Who Shagged Me
Austin Powers I
Austin Powers in Goldmember
Autumn Sonata 1978
Avalon (2001)
Avanti (1972)
Avengers The
Avenging Fist The
Aventuras de Robinson Crusoe Las
Aviator The
Avventura La 1960 CD1
Avventura La 1960 CD2
Awaara CD1
Awaara CD2
Awara Paagal Deewana
Awful Truth The
Azul y Blanco
Azumi 2003 CD1
Azumi 2003 CD2