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Akira - Limited Special Edition

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Groups of unemployed workers, who have grown in number due to the tax reforms...
...enacted by the former Prime Minister, are rioting all across the country.
And with the confusion among members of Parliament sparked by the comments of...
...Finance Minister Takanashi during a recent Parliament inquiry,
there seems to be no compromise in sight between the government and opposition.
Hey. What'll it be?
Give me three peanuts.
Let's see here...
We've herded those Clown bastards onto Route 5.
Damn it, don't scare me like that! Open the damn door quietly!
You wouldn't be so jumpy if you didn't have something to hide!
Try selling some normal drinks sometime, huh?
How about buying something for once?! This ain't a hangout!
And drink that dog piss you sell?!
Twin ceramic rotor drives on each wheel...
And these are... Computer controlled anti-lock brakes...
200 horsepower at 12,000 rpm...
You wanna ride it, Tetsuo?
All right, let's go!
That bike's been customized just for me. It's too wild. You couldn't handle it.
I don't see how you can ride something like that, man.
I could!
If you want one so bad, steal a big one for yourself.
School kids these days...
Wait! Hey, waiter!
They ran into the alley! After 'em!
This isn't a game, you idiot!
This is car 375.
We've got reports of biker gangs fighting near the intersection of Highway 14 south!
Request immediate assistance! Car 375, en route to the scene!
It's the cops! What should we do?
Damn, and my motor coils were just getting warmed up...
Let's go, Tetsuo!
A skirmish has broken out between student protesters...
...and riot police assigned as security. There appear to be some casualties.
What the--?
What the hell's going on?!
Move it, jerk! I'm in a hurry!
What was that?!
Call the police!
Repeal the tax reforms!
This area is off-limits! Go back! It's dangerous!
Something's strange here...
Let me through! I'm sorry, let me through!
What's the big idea?
Look! Blood!
Who are they?
- Excuse me. - Hey! Don't push!
Excuse me.
Hey! Watch it, jerk!
Pardon me. I'm sorry.
Hey! He ran away!
He's got a gun!
Hold your fire! There's a kid with him!
Go to Ryu...
Ryu will help you now...
Hurry... Get out of here...
What are you doing? Hurry!
He vanished...!
He's to the west.
The west? He's in the old city, then.
Eat this!
Ryu! Ryu, where are you?
No, that's--!
How you like that?!
Well? Who is it?
It's not him! It's not Tetsuo!
Okay! Let's go!
You little... What did you do...?
Tetsuo! Hang on! Hey!
Huh? What did you say?
That kid...
He's hurt bad!
Hey! Wait!
We gotta get him to a hospital!
- He needs an ambulance! - We can't move him!
W-What the hell?!
There's no escape.
We've come for you.
We can't survive on the outside. Come on, let's go home.
It's the army! Those are army helicopters!
Move out!
Down on your stomachs! Spread your arms and legs!
Um... We're just, uh...
Down on your stomachs! Spread your arms and legs!
Ow... Damn it, that hurts!
Who are they?
They seem to be an ordinary bike gang, sir.
We're going back.
Ow! Hey, wait a minute!
My arms don't bend that way, damn it!
Load the wounded onto the helicopter!
Wait! Where are you taking him?
What the hell? We didn't do anything!
He's heavy...!
So you and your friends went out at night on your bikes to visit your dying mother,
and a group of hooligans called the Clowns picked a fight with you.
They hurt your friend, so you lost your temper,
which is why eight Clown members are now in the hospital.
That's your story?
She's cute!
Hey! You can't look at this!
And how's your mother doing?!
Huh? Oh.
Luckily, she made it through the worst of it last night.
And I suppose she's made it over the mountains on a bike by now?
It couldn't be these bozos.
You can tell that just by looking.
Wait on that bench. Understand?
How much longer are we gonna have to wait?
Okay! The next five, come get in here!
So the army's working with the police... hunt down anti-government groups now, huh?
- Wanna put up a fight, huh? - He's holding something!
Long live the freedom revolution!
He's got a grenade!
Crazy son of a bitch!
All right, that's enough! Take him away!
We'll really teach him a lesson later.
You dumb bastard! If you wanna die, just hang yourself or something!
Hey! You people can go. We've contacted your school.
What? You son of a--
Hey, hold on a minute, pops!
There was one more of us.
Pardon me.
What're you--
This is her. Can she leave with us?
Who are you calling "Pops," you punk?
Look here, kid! I'm only 25! I'm not even married!
So watch your mouth! She can go with you!
Call a doctor!
So I think the army was chasing that weird kid Kaneda saw...
I think I saw him, too.
And what about Tetsuo?
Why the hell wouldn't they tell us what hospital he's in?
What did you say?!
I was just wondering if you wanted to grab some tea or something over there.
I figured we could have a nice, long talk about that "revolution" deal.
Skirt-chasers will try anything these days...
You'll help anyone so long as it's a girl, won't you?
No way! I have high standards!
No way! I have high standards!
It's not their looks that count.
It's their... I dunno, their sensitivity that makes me do it.
I suppose I owe you one. Thank you very much, uh...
I'm Kaneda. Nice to meet you.
See you around, Kaneda.
You're leaving already? Don't be like that!
Hey, come on! I did save you and all!
At least tell me your name, you bitch!
I'll try talking with them for the time being, but it's risky.
If they think you're trying to avoid taking responsibility, it'll blow up in your face.
I can't believe that there's a mole on the executive council.
Even if that's true...
That isn't important.
What's important is diplomacy and political maneuvering, which you seem to despise.
I never studied them in school, you see.
In any case, at the next executive council meeting,
your poor management of this last incident will be called into question.
There's a phone call for the Colonel.
You should put your affairs in order.
It's me.
This way, Colonel.
I'm terribly sorry to call you here,
but there's something you really must see.
Please observe.
It's the special pattern from that young boy.
It doesn't resemble any I've seen so far,
and I've never seen a developmental speed or configuration like this.
It may have begun with the shock of contact with Number 26, or possibly...
Have you finished running a comparison with Akira's pattern?
I'll superimpose it over this one.
This projection was constructed using mixed data, so a comparison is difficult,
but I believe this boy's pattern is the key to solving...
...the riddle of Akira's pattern growth process.
All right. Continue.
Very well, sir. Thank you.
I'm sure he'll turn out to be a worthy addition to the Numbers.
It may be rough on him,
but I thought we might try starting him off with level 7 capsules.
Is it safe?
Leave everything to me.
That's not what I meant!
I'm asking that if he turns out to have power like Akira's like you said,
will we be able to control it?
Well, that's--
Can I leave this to you?
Well, if we use the latest examination equipment to collect even more data...
...and do a multifaceted analysis, then surely...
Maybe we shouldn't touch that power.
The power of God?
A... ki... ra...
But we have to. We have to touch it and control it.
If it looks like it's too much for us to handle, terminate him at once!
There can be no hesitation!
Very well, Colonel.
This school is your last chance!
If trash like you that can't keep up with the academic ability of regular students...
If trash like you that can't keep up with the academic ability of regular students...
...and can't adapt to living in a group screw up here, it's the end of the road!
Even if you're under 15, if you get more than 50 penalty points on your record,
you're sent to the regular courts!
Bite me! Don't mess with us, you bald goat!
Aren't any of you listening?
You lost me halfway through!
- Discipline! - OW!
Thank you very much, sir!
You bastard! You and me are gonna go at it someday, jack!
We're gonna remember this!
I hope you rot and die!
You sick bastard!
What happened to your cheek?
Shut the hell up.
Let me guess, Jaws from P.E.?
They say you fought the Clowns on a highway in the old city!
Why don't you just wipe 'em out? Those guys are so gross!
And last night...
There were demonstrators, cops, and even the damn army!
And that idiot Tetsuo had an accident, too.
What happened to Tetsuo?
He's in the hospital, I guess, but we don't know where.
The idiot was trying to show off.
That idiot...
What, you mean Tetsuo?
Shut up! I've had enough of your damn flirting!
What's gotten into you?!
Tetsuo? It's time for your medication.
Doctor! There's a problem!
I can't. The dorm mother throws a fit if you go out before 10.
Yeah, the one with the face like a goat.
That old bag's such a pain... She's always yammering on and on and on.
Tomorrow at three? Sure, that'd be okay.
Hey, what happened to that girl a while back?
I don't like her much. Her personality just gets on my nerves.
Everyone's been worried about you! They thought you might be dead.
When I woke up, I was on an operating table or something.
And that examination...
It's like... they were messing around inside my head.
I don't want to go back there.
Let's run away...
Someplace. Someplace far away.
- What's your problem? - That's mine!
I wanna get laid!
Hey! Today's independent study!
Hey! Today's independent study!
Say what? What about my burning desire to study?!
Say what? What about my burning desire to study?!
Drag his butt in here!
Kaneda! Your bike!
My bike?
Are you sure this is okay?
Shut up! Just keep quiet and hang on!
What's wrong?
Oh, no...
We're stopping... We stopped.
Oh, okay. The engine can't drop below 5,000 even when you're changing gears.
Oh, okay. The engine can't drop below 5,000 even when you're changing gears.
- My butt hurts. - Okay, I get it...
Look, bikes!
Is that Kaneda and...?
It's not them!
Any sign of him?
Kuwata and the others went to look around Kisarazu.
All that's left now is the industrial area!
Okay, let's go!
We owe you for the other night!
Shut up!
Kaori! What did they do, Kaori?!
Don't! If you so much as scratch that bike, I'm gonna kill you!
Don't let 'em get away!
That's enough, Tetsuo! Are you trying to kill him?
Yes! I'm gonna kill him! I'll split his damn head open!
Knock it off!.
This happened because you took my bike for a joyride.
Enough, already!
Shut up! Don't order me around!
We were worried about you.
Why do you always have to come and save me?
I could've handled it myself!. I admit I got beat up that one time,
but I won't always be on the receiving end!
Shut up! Stay away from me!
Hey, wait! Where are you going?
Leave me alone!
What's wrong?
I don't know who that is!
Tetsuo, are you...
This is strange.
I'm getting a blue pattern on scope #3!
Oh, no! Retrieve the subject! Hurry!
What're you doing to my friend?!
What's with you? You just come back from a funeral?
Hey, Kaneda...
I see we have some youngsters doing their thing in spite of the tight checkpoints.
That just means that they're stupid, don't it?
This is boring. Hey, let's go home.
But it's still early!
Yeah, but without their bikes they're just skirt-chasers out of water.
You mean "fish"!
Come on, let's go. Let's toss these fish back!
Hey, Kaneda, what're we gonna do?
What the--?
Here we go again... Let's get out of here before we get involved again.
This area is being cordoned off due to a terrorist bombing.
Those who wish to get through, line up in single file,
present your ID and go through the checkpoint.
Get in.
What's wrong? Hurry. I'll be right behind you.
You know the rendezvous point, right?
- Be careful. - You too, Ryu.
Stop! Stop, damn it!
She's got a gun!
Okay, that's far enough!
Drop the gun!
Drop it now!
I think it came from over here!
- There were two shots! - No, three!
It's just up ahead!
Hey. Let's get out of here.
Come on!
So, what's the matter? Try telling me about it.
I had a dream.
A dream?
The city will be covered by a dark shadow and start to crumble.
Lots of people died...
...and we met Akira again.
The city will crumble, and so many people will die...
When?! When will it happen, Kiyoko?!
You mustn't let that boy go.
His power, it...
What did she mean?!
Well, there's nothing physically wrong with her.
Her medication is normal, too.
There's no sign of any abnormalities in her ECG or EEG, either.
I think what Number 25 said was her precognitive power at work.
This must be presented to the supreme executive council for inquiry, but...
Do you believe her?
I have no doubts regarding Number 25's abilities.
We have all sorts of data that substantiate her abilities.
What about you, Colonel?
My job isn't to believe or disbelieve. It's to act or not to act.
Here, sir.
Cold gear, Colonel. Please put it on. You, too, Doctor.
The other day, a young researcher asked me something.
He wondered if their power was the form the next stage of human evolution was taking,
and perhaps that we'll all be able to control it some day.
Scientists are a bunch of romantics.
Military men always consider the risks first.
It's taken thirty long years.
We've come so far from the rubble.
We can't just trade one for the other.
I've always thought that you hated this city, Colonel.
The passion to build has cooled and the joy of reconstruction forgotten,
and now it's just a garbage heap made up of hedonistic fools.
So you're trying to save the city, then.
It's how a soldier thinks. A scientist wouldn't understand.
Colonel, we're here.
This way, sir.
Room 10, 148 degrees Kelvin.
Fluctuation tolerance range, check.
Room 9, 118 degrees Kelvin. Fluctuation tolerance, check.
Emergency power generator, check.
Open it.
Yes, sir.
Go to the Control Room!
Yes, sir!
Room 1 is at 0.0005 degrees Kelvin. It's within tolerances.
No abnormalities detected in any of the rooms'...
...Dewar Walls or in the defense system.
No abnormal atmospheric concentrations or reactions recorded.
All systems nominal, then?
Look at what they abandoned in their panic. They were afraid!
They were too scared, so they hid it away from the public.
They forgot all shame and honor...
...and cast off the civilization and science we had created,
and shut the lid of the Pandora's Box they themselves had opened.
Hey, we're still young.
I think we can start over.
I'll go with you to the police.
Come on, turn yourself in!
That was the first time you ever killed somebody, right?
Anyway, once you've purified your body and soul,
let's go out for tea or something.
Don't kick yourself over it, okay?
What's done is done. The guy's dead.
Who're you?!
Ryu! You're okay!
- Kei, is that you? - Ryu!
Who's this?
Who, me?
Well, I guess saying I'm Kei's boyfriend might be stretching it a bit.
But we haven't gotten physical or anything yet, understand?
- Are you a spy?! - No!
Is he really okay?
All I know for sure is that he's not a spy.
Sneak into their lab?!
Are you serious? Don't you remember the fiasco with that kid?!
Last-minute orders. Besides, the plan's already in place.
The lab passes they issue once a week...
They're from Mr. Nezu?
What's the objective?
Detailed data on the new subject.
New subject?
Yes. Last week, on the night we tried to abduct the subject called Number 26,
a boy who was in an accident on an old city highway was brought to the lab.
Looks like he's a student at a vocational training school,
but he's now their new subject for human experimentation.
OW! What's the big idea?!
He heard us! Let's kill him!
W-Wait a minute! Listen to me! Listen to what I have to say!
He saved me!
Maybe it was just to get close to us.
The guy who was in that accident in the old city is a friend of mine!
I know it's hard to believe, but it's the truth!
I was there when it happened!
Don't they say the only foolish questions are unasked ones?
Huh? They don't?
That's an intriguing story.
Will you be taking the boy with you?
He knows the subject, and I think we can use him as a decoy if necessary.
Neo Tokyo is going to change.
In all respects, this city is saturated. It's like an overripe fruit.
And within it is a new seed.
We only need to wait for the wind which will make it fall.
The wind called Akira!
Ryu, look!
What is it?
We aren't the ones who will change it,
but rather, those citizens who hope for Akira will.
That which is called science perverts providence!
That which is called progress encourages extravagance!
That which is called civilization devastates the spirit of man!
That which is called civilization devastates the spirit of man!
The time of atonement is upon us!
The time of his awakening is nigh!
The time of Lord Akira's awakening draws near!
Are your hearts prepared?!
Are your hearts prepared?!
Holding meetings here is prohibited!
Break up this illegal gathering!
Terrorist activities carried out by...
...anti-government elements have skyrocketed this month.
The army, riot police, and even traffic police have been fully mobilized.
The overtime costs alone have used up the public safety budget.
And then there's the abduction of Number 26!
Isn't their existence supposed to be highest of state secrets?
No one's ever heard of "Peace and Order" here in Neo Tokyo, then?
And then there's this request of yours...
...for further funding because of subject Number 25's prediction.
You must be joking!
We Parliament members have been begging the public to bear with us...
...while we straighten out the former Prime Minister's historic tax reform blunders,
so where, exactly, are we supposed to get that kind of money?!
You've spent a fortune, and all we have to show for it is that grotesque kindergarten!
The Olympics are next year. The postwar period is over.
How much longer will you keep spending money on some ghost?!
I always said that we should've put that money into the welfare program!
Shut up, old man!
That power is starting to walk around free as we speak.
Unless we control it now, we'll lose everything!
Who do you think you're talking to, youngster?
It was your lack of policy that started this mess in the first place!
There's still no proof that the last World War was caused by Akira!
Won't you even try to understand anything at all...
...unless an Akira disaster actually happens?!
Has anyone actually seen this "Akira"?
Wasn't Akira Number 25?
No, I think he was Number 21...
The Colonel has lost sight of his duty as a soldier.
I've had reports that anti-government elements are using...
...this "Akira" madness of yours as an excuse to whip up their terrorist fervor!
No! That's untrue!
Then what about that Akira world renewal movement?
Wouldn't you say that information's being leaked?
World renewal movement? End of the world, more like!
Aren't you just using Akira as camouflage to cover up your misconduct?
What are you getting at?
Colonel, we can no longer leave the peace...
...of Neo Tokyo to your sole discretion.
You are to be put before an inquiry committee.
I agree!
Excuse me!
Colonel! Colonel, where are you--
Wait! This discussion isn't over yet!
Explain yourself!.
Are you trying to insult the supreme executive council?!
Wait, Colonel!
Hey, wait a minute...
Isn't that cable replacement scheduled for next week?
The cable they ordered came in early.
Besides, I'm going on vacation at the end of the week.
Besides, I'm going on vacation at the end of the week.
I've brought some workers with me, too.
I could take it back, but the work's gonna be done sooner or later.
Okay, let's go.
What the--?
Stay away!
I'm scared!
W-Who the hell are they?
Room 887, Tetsuo Shima...
A problem with the automatic lock?
Hey! You can't just walk off from your room!
Come on, let's go back.
What the hell happened? What a mess!
There are 58 blocks with circuits that the computer won't display.
Of those, nearly 40 are concentrated on underground levels 7 and 8.
That's probably the place.
The central wiring shaft should be up ahead.
We should be able to use it to go straight to the sublevels.
Be careful, it's deeper in the middle.
What a stink!
What? I said it stinks because it stinks!
- Is your nose busted? - Hurry up and stay quiet!
Damn! Hide!
Huh? Where?
What're you doing, you idiot?!
They left?
Looks like they've beefed up security.
Must be that siren we heard.
What should we do? Scout around some?
- Are you okay? - Let's keep going.
I want to check out their security at the very least.
All right.
We've been spotted! Run!
Don't! Don't shoot!
Shimazaki! Shit!
Forget about him! Run!
What the hell is that?
Here it comes!
Forget it! You can't do any good!
This is Unit 304, Shaft H!
Have encountered intruders and am engaging! Request backup!
Here it comes!
Where's that gun?!
Damn it...!
Kei, this way!
Kaneda, hurry!
The brakes! Where are the brakes?!
That's not it?
This is the central wiring shaft!
It's gotta be this one, then!
Okay, I'm getting the hang of this!
Ask the Colonel for clearance to fire!
Turn that up!
There must be some mistake.
That boy looks like the patient they admitted to the lab.
The boy, the subject named Tetsuo Shima, broke out of his room.
I think he's headed for the Baby Room.
He is an extremely dangerous state! Don't let him through!
I repeat, do not let him through!
What the--?
It's no use hiding.
We have no choice, then. Use your guns!
We can't let him go any farther, no matter what it takes!
So, here you are...
Stop it!
How long are you gonna keep playing around?!
Where'd the other one go?
Why, you...
What the hell is going on? Am I dreaming or something?
I never knew I had powers like this!
Damn it, which way should I go?!
Straight. Straight ahead...
There's a freight elevator.
We can take it to sublevel 8.
Good, you're all together.
You thought you could kill me?
You tried to mess with me... I'm gonna kill you!
That was you--
Attack him together!
You little twerps!
That's enough! All of you!
Who the hell are you?!
What's the matter? Does your head hurt, Tetsuo Shima?
Your power isn't fully matured.
If you push yourself, you might do irreparable damage.
Just do as we tell you.
What the hell did you people do to my head?!
Calm yourself, Tetsuo Shima!
He can't control it.
She said that big people like you should never use the power like that.
She says something horrible will happen.
Mind your own business.
What? More powerful than me?
He's the one! He's been popping in and out of my head lately!
Where is he?! Where's this "Akira"?!
Kiyoko said that you'll awaken Akira.
If that happens, no one will be able to stop him.
So before that can happen, we have to stop you.
Impossible! Akira's already--
Stop it!
Shut up!
Threat level to facility integrity has passed level 7.
Enacting disaster protocols.
Threat level to facility integrity has passed level 7.
Enacting disaster protocols.
What the--?!
Hands up!
Where the hell is the "Baby Room"?!
Oh, no! Run!
Gangway, coming through! Coming through!
Damn it, move!
Damn, that hurt...
Kaneda? What're you doing here?
Tetsuo! Are you okay? I'm here to rescue you!
Hurry up, you moron! If we don't get out of here, those guys outside are gonna--
There he is! Catch him!
Stay away from me!
Oh, right. I forgot you were there, Kaneda.
That's okay, Kaneda.
I won't be needing you to save me anymore.
From now on, I'll be saving you.
All you have to do is ask, Kanny.
Say what? Who the hell do you think you're talking to?!
You don't like the way I talk?
Does it make you mad?
Well, what're you gonna do about it?!
Huh, Kaneda?! What're you gonna do about it?!
That's enough! Don't hurt anyone else!
Where's this "Akira" guy?!
The Olympic stadium...? In an underground facility?
No! You're wrong! Akira is--
What the hell? I can do this, too?!
Kiyoko, are you okay?
It doesn't look like she's hurt.
What about you, Masaru? You're bleeding.
What happened to him?
He flew away.
How can he have so much power...?
How could this have happened? Is anyone here?
He's developed so much power in such a short time...
Find him! Find Tetsuo!
- Find him! Go after him! - Kaneda! Hang on, Kaneda!
Hurry up! Get that rubble cleared!
He went to where Akira is.
What? You're all safe!
He's heading for the facility below the Olympic construction site.
How did Tetsuo find out about that?!
You mean he's gone outside?
Damn it! We'll follow him! Prepare for pursuit!
- Yes, sir! - He's heading west!
He's heading for the Olympic construction site!
Tell them to beef up their security!
- You...! - Set up checkpoints on all...
According to the defense team, intruders were encountered in the wiring shaft.
Two disguised as workers resisted and were shot, and the rest are at large.
He has to be stopped before his powers mature...
Your objective is the boy Tetsuo Shima.
If we are unable to capture him, you will lure him out to the old city and attack.
Request assistance from the Eastern District Battalion.
Yes, sir!
Tell them there isn't a moment to lose!
I've been waiting for you, Colonel.
Who the hell are you?!
I'm here to inform you of the supreme executive council's decision.
At 2400 hours today, the Colonel is hereby stripped of his command and rank,
and will be placed under arrest.
Please come with us.
You expect me to hand Neo Tokyo over to those fools at a time like this?
- Shoot him. - Yes, sir!
Enough! Open your eyes and look at the big picture!
We can't dance to the tune of corrupt politicians and capitalists!
Don't you understand?! It's pointless to fight anymore!
Announce a state of emergency, arrest all members of the executive council...
...and remove them from the chain of command!
We're going after Tetsuo!
Urgent message to all district battalion commanders!
Hey, what's up? You by yourself?
Weren't you in an accident or something?
Everybody's been worried. So, you feeling better?
Gimme some... capsules.
Hey, are you sure about that? You don't look so hot.
Just hand 'em over!
All right, if you say so.
But with all those demonstrations and terrorist attacks lately, things are rough.
They're hard to come by, so they're pretty expensive.
Tetsuo's run off, Kaneda's disappeared... I guess the team's finished.
And the checkpoints are so strict, even the Clowns are staying put.
What's wrong?
What's wrong?
He's dead!
What the--?
What are you doing here?
You want some, too?
What are you talking about, damn it?! What the hell happened here?!
The barkeep's dead!
A fish out of water dies, huh?
You are Tetsuo... Aren't you?
Kaneda sends his regards.
You saw Kaneda?!
He's probably dead by now...
You did this, Tetsuo?
So anyway... Where's Kaneda's bike?
I don't need a piece of junk like that anymore...
You son of a...
He went to where Akira is?
That's what that girl said.
The army, you, and Ryu are all looking for this "Akira" guy,
so that's why you're chasing after Tetsuo.
It has something to do with that power of Tetsuo's, right?
What the hell is this "Akira" thing you keep talking about?
Ryu told me about it once. He said that Akira is absolute energy.
Absolute energy?
Humans do all kinds of things during their lifetime, right?
Discovering things, building things...
Things like houses, motorcycles, bridges, cities, and rockets...
All that knowledge and energy... Where do you suppose it comes from?
Humans were like monkeys once, right?
And before that, like reptiles and fish.
And before that, plankton and amoebas.
Even creatures like those have incredible energy inside them.
Because of genes, I guess.
And even before that, maybe there were genes in the water and air.
Even in space dust, too, I bet.
If that's true, what memories are hidden in it?
The beginning of the universe, maybe. Or maybe even before that.
Hey, what's the matter? Are you okay?
Did you get hit on the head back there?
Maybe everyone has those memories.
What if there were some mistake and the progression went wrong,
and something like an amoeba were given power like a human's?
That's what Akira is?
Amoebas don't build houses and bridges.
They just devour all the food around them.
That's what Tetsuo's doing? You're saying he has that kind of energy?!
A long time ago, there were people who tried to control that power.
At the government's request, you see.
They failed, and it triggered the Fall of Tokyo.
That power is still too much for--
The door's unlocked.
This has got to be a trap.
Go back, then.
No, we ought to find out how much of it is a trap...
By the way, what's with you and that Ryu guy?
- What do you mean? - You're always together.
That's none of your business!
What I'm saying is, he doesn't know about us, does he?
Hey, wait a minute! What's that supposed to mean?
Do you think this will work?
It can't be helped. At this point, our only option is to use her.
The fact that she turned up right under our noses says as much, I think.
I guess...
Have arrived at Ward 13, East Ginza intersection. Over.
Northern District battalion has not responded to mobilization request.
Special search team to HQ! Special search team to HQ!
We're at the Haruki-ya snack bar near the highway interchange in Ward 8.
It doesn't look like a bomb explosion, so we think it was him.
It was almost certainly the work of the subject that escaped from the lab.
Yes, sir! Yes, sir! Understood!
What?! Yamagata's dead?!
Something seemed strange about him from the second I saw him.
He was wearing what looked like a white hospital gown.
It was like he was a different person.
Yamagata asked him if he was really Tetsuo.
And then... Yamagata, he...
We've always been together.
I've known everything about him since we were in the children's home.
He was a klutz, and everybody made him cry.
Oh, right... He wanted to know where your bike was.
My bike...?
What're you gonna do?
I'm gonna send Yamagata his bike.
You dumb bastard!
What's wrong?
You! You were there that night...
They disappeared!
You were the ones who changed Tetsuo too, weren't you?
Akira's power exists within everyone.
Who's there?!
But when that power is awakened, you must choose how to use it,
even if you weren't prepared for it.
And he has made his choice.
Tetsuo is our newest companion.
We're partly to blame for his actions.
Why did you take Kei, then?!
We want her to help us.
You can't just use people like that! Bring Kei back!
Tetsuo's our friend! If anyone's gonna kill him, it should be us!
Damn it!
Mr. Omi and the other executives have been arrested by the coup...?
Y-Yes, that's right.
The house guards are fighting them right now.
I'd like to have a helicopter waiting at West Haneda.
That damned Colonel... I can't believe he's taken up arms.
I underestimated him.
Hold them here! Damn!
Mr. Nezu...
R-Ryu?! Is that you?
I'm sorry, sir...
The mission was a failure.
What are you doing here?!
I've told you, you can't be seen here!
All of my men...
They've all been killed.
Y-You sold me out, didn't you, you bastard?!
What? You can't be--
I got fresh fish in here, buddy! I'm gonna get compensated for 'em, right?
Please, I have to catch a flight at noon!
7th Avenue is just ahead!
It intersects this road 100 meters from here!
Prepare for battle!
Right, we've spotted the subject.
What? Attack?!
But he's just a... We're attacking a boy?!
Look! There he is!
Is this for real?
Firing preparations complete.
Damn it! Fire!
- Akira! - It's Lord Akira!
It's the advent of Lord Akira!
That's not him! Don't be fooled!
That's not Lord Akira!
Shut up!
Long live Lord Akira!
What's wrong?
Neo Tokyo Broadcasting is exclusively covering the news... spite of martial law in the name of freedom of the press! spite of martial law in the name of freedom of the press!
What in the world is happening here in Neo Tokyo?
What you see here seems to be fires caused by tank cannons.
But who is this young boy?
Is he fighting the coup forces all by himself?.
Viewers, the army has just illegally ordered us to land!
Freedom of the press is now in jeopardy!
What happened? Were they cut off?
The bridge! He's heading for the bridge!
Let's go see!
Are you really going alone?
He wants this, doesn't he?
We should call the gang together.
I wouldn't want to keep him waiting.
Hey, Kaneda! Wait!
Half seem to be anti-government demonstrators.
The rest are... Well, they're more like some crazy cult than onlookers.
They're following after the subject, and more and more keep coming.
Oh, flames of purity,
raze this corrupt city!
Consume our unclean hearts!
Fear not!
Your bodies will be purified in the flames!
Set the switch to hold for three seconds and converge your beams!
Watch this!
Look out! Let's get out of here!
Help me!
Ground forces! Ground forces, come in!
Report! What is the subject's status?!
Ground forces!
Call the Doctor.
We have confirmation of his recent movements and are in pursuit.
His present position is... Let's see...
Coordinates 99871 by 4332.
That's about 2 km south of the Olympics construction site in the old city.
What was that?
That's near the toll booth that's being guarded by the 2nd platoon.
Please turn around! This area's off limits to civilians!
What? That's the subject?!
Stop, damn it!
Nice place you have here.
Wait, you were with Kaneda.
You shouldn't use your power this way.
In the end, you won't be able to control it.
The kids...
You're those brats, aren't you?!
Okay, then...!
What the--?
It's not safe here, Colonel!
Well, what're you gonna do?
Open up!
What the hell?
That's Akira, Tetsuo!
That's the "Akira" you wanted to meet.
There's your Messiah!
After his transcendental awakening,
his body was subjected to every test known to science.
And that's what was left of it.
The scientists back then were unable to solve the mystery,
so they decided to entrust their collected data and test samples... future generations by preserving them in a frozen capsule.
SOL... We'll use SOL!
Akira is already dead!
Well? Are you satisfied now, Tetsuo?
So come back with us!
Like hell!
Contact the central defense center...
...and tell them to patch us through to SOL's control circuits!
Yes, sir!
Hey, watch it!
Damn it, move! Get out of the way!
What is this, science class?
What's wrong? Have some trouble?
Yeah, but I already took care of it.
If you were here earlier, you could've watched the show.
You had me worried again.
I figured you'd be standing here, sobbing like a little baby.
Kaneda, you've always been a pain in the ass.
You've been telling me what to do ever since we were kids.
You always treat me like a kid.
You always show up and start bossing me around!
And now you're a boss, too...
Of this pile of rubble.
That's Mister Kaneda to you, punk!
Son of a...
Oh, hell!
Let's do it!
Got him!
The battery?!
What's the matter, Kaneda?
God damn it! This ain't fair, Tetsuo!
Fight with your bare hands!
Oh, this is funny...
Feeling frustrated, Kaneda?
Now do you understand how it feels?
What's this light?
Well, did you hit him?
We're too close to the impact point. There's too much electrical interference.
Prepare a second volley!
Hey! Kaneda!
What the--?
Correcting for tracking system error.
T-minus-20 to energy alteration.
- Fire extinguishers! - Are you okay?
Hurry! Hurry!
What happened? What's going on?
Kai! Kei!
- Kaneda! - Kaneda!
Get on!
Get on? Where?
Hurry! Hurry!
What's that?
They say it's SOL.
When Tetsuo's power reaches its peak?
That's when we do it.
But will it work?
The future doesn't proceed along a single course.
There ought to be a future we can choose.
What's Tetsuo's status?
Ah. Colonel...
We set up a camera in the stadium a while ago.
We have him under observation.
Colonel, you must take a look at this data!
We're still analyzing the energy given off by the subject, but...
It's magnificent. Absolutely magnificent.
This is clearly a proton collapse.
We're also detecting a fair number of what we believe to be unknown particles.
If we can put this into a theoretical framework, physics--
No, science...
Humanity itself could touch the fundamental truths of the universe!
Oh. That's...
We still haven't finished making our adjustments.
Uh, Colonel!
You bastard! What did I tell you?!
B-But, Colonel!
I couldn't throw away such a magnificent subject!
Shut up!
Shit! It's on fire!
The battery! The battery!
My bike! It's burning up!
Hey, what's a bike or two?
What? Then there's nothing wrong with using yours, right?
You heard that?
Yeah, I did!
Hey, your bike's still on fire.
Tetsuo, why does everyone call you "Akira"?
He never existed in the first place.
They didn't care who it was.
Just so long as he destroyed things.
Your arm!
It doesn't look like much, but it works pretty good.
What's wrong? Are you okay?
It's nothing!
Shut up! Just go away!
What's wrong, Tetsuo? Are you in pain?
Go back to the lab and get me some of that medicine!
Did you hear that, Doctor?
Yes, Colonel.
Well? Can you see any signs of it?
I'm not entirely certain,
but it seems that the power that had been held back by the drugs is breaking free.
He may not be able to control power that has awakened so suddenly.
At any rate, he's in an extremely dangerous condition!
If you don't go back to the lab and receive proper treatment, you may die.
You want me to enroll in that kindergarten and live happily ever after?
Take my medicine every day and shrivel up like those kids?!
Please... I need that medicine...
Son of a...
You kids... What are you doing here?
You never learn, do you?
Kaneda...? H-Help me...!
Help me...!
Help me!
Stop it!
Tetsuo? Is that you, Tetsuo?!
Kaori! Kaori's gonna die!
What?! What did you say?!
My body's not doing what I tell it to!
My power's acting on its own...!
Kaori's dying!
Kaneda, help me!
Stop, Tetsuo!
Stop it!
Kaori's pain is coming into me...!
Kaneda! Run away!
Kiyoko! Takashi! Masaru! Get away from here!
Come on!
I can't believe it. It's as if--
Kiyoko! Taka--
Hi, Akira.
Th-This is...
But that's-- Oh, no!
W-Where am I?
Hurry! Get into the tunnel!
You'll be safe in there.
Kiyoko! Where are you?
Hang on!
If you don't get out of here now, you'll--
Out of the way!
Don't go!
No, Takashi!
If you went in now, you'd be trapped, too.
But none of this is his fault!
If we went in, we wouldn't be strong enough to come back out.
But if the three of us worked together, maybe we could at least save that boy.
You're right.
Together, the three of us could...
Oh, man...!
We should get out of here. Hey!
Look, you're not revving your engine enough.
When you go into a corner, lean like you're trying to kill yourself. Watch!
What're you doing?
Cornering, man.
Got it, Tetsuo...?
Look, there's another one!
- Another transfer student? - He was abandoned.
You can see it in his face.
Are... Are these your dreams, Tetsuo?
This is Akira...?
Yes. We called him.
To have him take Tetsuo away.
Take him away? Take him where?
It's too much for Tetsuo.
And for us. And for Akira.
It's too big for us as we are now.
But someday, we'll also be able to....
You see, it's already begun.
Your friend's--
My friend?
Kei! You mean Kei, don't you?
This is yours, right?
They're always like that with the new kids. You came today, right?
They beat me up, too.
But the truth is, those guys are wimps.
I'm Tetsuo. Tetsuo Shima.
To tell you the truth, I just got here myself.
W-What's happening? What in the world is happening?
B-But this isn't...
If this is correct, it's almost as if... Is this the birth of a universe?!
What happened?
It's disappearing...! It's disappearing!
You called to me, right? I heard you.
Kaneda, don't tell me you're...
What about Tetsuo?
He left.
So did those three kids.
Akira, too.
Kaneda, back then, you...
Kaneda! You're alive?!
I thought you were in there for sure!
What happened to Tetsuo?
Is he dead?!
I'm not so sure. But he's probably...
But someday, we'll also be able to...
You see, it's already begun.
I am... Tetsuo.
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