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Subtitles for Alias 01x17 - Q and A.

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Alias 01x17 - Q and A

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VAUGHN: You're being investigated by the DSR.
They want to know why your picture's in the Rambaldi book.
They've decoded some of the text.
And? What did it say?
They're calling it "The Prophecy."
Pursuant to national security directive 8 1 A,
you are in the custody of the government.
They broke the Rambaldi code correctly.
So what does the prophecy say?
"This woman here depicted will possess unseen marks,
signs that she will be the one to bring forth my works.
Bind them with fury.
A burning anger, unless prevented.
At vulgar cost, this woman will render the greatest power
unto utter desolation."
[Sirens wailing]
It's vanilla.
Milk shake.
Will you do me a favor?
Will you remind them that I cooperated?
That I didn't resist?
I don't need these restraints.
I'll tell them.
[Door closes]
The DSR met with the FBI.
The DSR didn't tell me anything.
You're interagency liaison.
Interagency liaison doesn't put me in the inner circle.
You and I don't work well together historically.
We've got this juvenile animosity thing going,
and that's got to change.
Let's just start over.
Hi. I don't know what they're planning to do to Bristow.
If I were you, I'd let it go.
This buddy of mine at Princeton knows Haladki.
She used to see him eating lunch at the Webster rotunda.
That guy's got the table manners of a 6-month-old.
I'm gonna ask you a question. I need you to be honest.
Do you believe this thing, this prophecy?
You do, don't you?
No. No, it's ridiculous.
But that picture looks just like her.
Sydney's gonna take down the world?
But the DNA sequence, the heart size.
They both match what Rambaldi wrote.
I mean, either this thing is completely insane...
Or it isn't.
Okay, what happened? The FBI's involved?
There's an FBI tribunal flying in from D.C.
They're gonna question her
and decide what the next move is.
Ms. Bristow, I'm Special Officer Kendall, FBI.
Ms. Baker, Mr. Dunn.
You're being held under national security directive 8 1 A.
Per the directive, we can legally file
formal charges against you based on current evidence.
We would appreciate cooperation in answering questions.
If you choose legal counsel, this meeting is canceled.
We'll determine the charges based on current evidence.
It's your decision.
I have nothing to hide.
Please state your name and occupation.
Sydney Bristow.
I'm an intelligence officer for the United States government.
- Under which agency? - CIA.
How did you come to work with the CIA?
Don't you already have a file on me?
We would like this in your words.
I came to work with the CIA
through my involvement with SD-6.
And how did you get involved with SD-6?
I was a student. A freshman at college.
One day, a man came to me.
He said he worked with U.S. Intelligence
and that they wanted to interview me.
And you agreed.
No. No, not at first.
It was the last thing that I was interested in,
working for the U.S. Government.
Despite that, I found myself wondering
if I could actually become a spy.
You believed that you could?
Sort of, which is crazy.
I didn't even realize what being a spy meant.
The truth is,
I didn't love any of the subjects I was studying.
My father and I weren't speaking. My mother had died.
The highlight of my social life was my dorm's salad bar.
So I called them.
They didn't use that name.
These men led me to believe they were CIA.
They were very convincing... are very convincing.
So you met with an organization that you believed was the CIA?
They had me sign about 500 nondisclosure agreements,
and they offered me a job.
Just like that?
They had me take a job as an office assistant
on the 20th floor of a corporate bank downtown.
I just assumed that the bank
was somehow affiliated with the CIA.
They told me they would be watching me.
This was the evaluation phase. That lasted for six months.
The transition?
Eight months of training, tests, and propaganda.
Before that, I had never fired a gun.
I had never thrown a punch.
It was during the transition I first heard the term SD-6.
And at this time,
you believed that SD-6 was affiliated with the CIA?
Yes, that it was a black-ops division of the CIA.
You mean, what is black ops?
A division that is funded by the CIA's black budget.
Operations that are highly classified.
Even hidden from congressional oversight.
They led me to believe SD-6 was one of these divisions
and that was why they didn't operate through Langley.
You never questioned that logic?
As I said before, Mr. Kendall, they were very convincing.
Now, I might not have been a genius at 1 9 years old,
but I was smart enough to know what questions to ask.
They had all the right answers.
Says here you were a genius.
And how did the transition end?
They made reference to the SD-6 headquarters.
They told me they'd take me there.
What I didn't realize was that getting there
would only require a ride in the elevator.
The office of SD-6 is located
on sublevel 6 of the Credit Dauphine building.
The first time I walked through there,
surrounded by strangers
who I thought were working for the good of the country,
I felt wildly patriotic.
And then I met Arvin Sloane.
So you're Sydney Bristow.
Yes, sir.
Nice to meet you. I'm Arvin Sloane.
Welcome to SD-6.
What happens if I need to go to the bathroom?
I think we can arrange that.
My FBI contacts don't have access to Sydney's case.
What about Devlin?
They're not giving him clearance.
All we know is that Sydney's being held locally,
and we've got to find out where she is.
It's how long she's in custody that concerns me.
Sloane wants a meeting with Sydney Tuesday morning.
Maybe the FBI won't put as much credence
in Rambaldi's prophecy as DSR.
That's a miscalculation.
In the current climate, the FBI's being wildly vigilant.
If another government agency red-flags someone
as a potential security threat,
the FBI won't be so quick to let them go.
Sydney could be held long enough to blow her cover at SD-6?
Under directive 8 1 A,
they could conceivably hold her without trial or charges
for the rest of her life.
KENDALL: Describe your role within SD-6.
Desk work at first, but I advanced quickly.
The first year, I was being sent out on reconnaissance missions.
The whole time, believing that you were working for the CIA?
With the exception of a half dozen high-level officers,
the entire office believes they work for the CIA.
And you remained in school during all of this. Why?
Did SD-6 want you to?
Actually, they didn't want me to.
It was something I wanted to do.
Become a teacher.
I didn't want to give that up.
Who is Daniel Hecht?
Danny was my fiancé.
Could you tell us what happened to him, please?
D ANN Y: [Shouting] Build me up
Buttercup, baby
Then you bring me down
And mess me around, and then, worst of all
You never call, baby, when you say you will
We had been together two years when Danny proposed.
Don't break my heart
I had never told anyone about my involvement with SD-6.
But I knew that if I was gonna marry Danny...
he had to know the truth.
So I told him that I was a spy.
While I was in Taipei on an operation,
SD-6 had him killed.
So, SD-6 murdered your fiancé?
Yes, they did.
And that didn't seem extreme to you?
I don't understand your question.
We're trying to determine how a girl as brilliant as yourself
could believe an agency that could order the assassination
of an innocent civilian
could actually be affiliated with the U.S. Government.
You're suggesting that I knew what SD-6 really was all along.
You claim to have learned the truth about SD-6 when?
It wasn't a claim. It was the truth.
After Danny...
I refused to return to SD-6, which they saw as a betrayal.
That's when they came after me.
It was that night that I learned that my father...
who I was never very close to...
was also an officer with SD-6.
Get in.
And I learned who I was really working for.
About a decade ago, a pool of agents went freelance.
The Alliance of 12.
They're an enemy of the United States.
I'm one of them.
SD-6 is not a black-ops division of the CIA.
SD-6 is a branch of The Alliance.
You work for the enemy you thought you were fighting.
That's impossible.
SYDNEY: That was the first time I heard the truth about SD-6.
The first time.
Make sure Susan gets Donaldson's briefing.
Call Josh. Tell him I'm gonna have to cancel lunch.
What'd you say before about Haladki?
- I don't think he showers. - About your friend.
She used to see him at lunch.
- At the Webster rotunda. - Yeah.
- At the Adams Federal Building? - Yeah. Why?
You're not allowed in the rotunda
unless you're a ranking FBI officer.
No way.
Hey, you know what? Excuse me.
Before you joined the Agency, you were with the Bureau.
My history with the FBI is right on my résumé.
You know exactly what FBI protocol is,
and you know where Sydney's being held.
You have lost your mind.
You're the one on the witch hunt.
Look, we decoded
47 distinct and verifiable Rambaldi predictions.
The guy hasn't been wrong once.
Where is she?
What if he's not wrong about this one?
What if Sydney Bristow is a threat?
What if Rambaldi got it right?
What did they tell you was the objective of SD-6?
The retrieval and study of intelligence,
both military and industrial, throughout the world,
that is critical to the superiority
and survival of the United States of America.
It's the company line.
Well, what does "SD" stand for?
Section Desparu.
The section that doesn't exist.
Alain Christophe, one of The Alliance founders.
The term was his.
Explain to us about The Alliance of 12.
The Alliance is like a board of directors.
Some are from the private sector.
Most are former intelligence officers. All wealthy.
They started a company together,
except this company, The Alliance, trades intelligence.
So you're saying they're after...
Weapons, military secrets, industrial intel,
medical tech, computer advances, political agendas.
- Anything the other guy wants. - The other guy being?
Governments, corporations, wealthy citizens, families.
It's all black market. It's organized crime.
Could you give me an example?
Do you remember the carbon proxy disaster in '92?
An accidental methyl isocyanate leak
at the manufacturing plant in Bangalore, India.
Killed 3,000 people. Another 1,000 disabled.
1 996, near Kyoto, Japan.
Bullet train accidentally switched tracks and derailed.
1 50 people were killed.
Last year in Germany.
A transport plane suffered mechanical failure
outside Munich.
12 lives were lost.
None of them were accidents.
Some were acts of revenge.
Others were personal favors
to those who helped to fund The Alliance.
Some were distractions, so local resources were occupied
so that SD-4 or SD-7 could infiltrate a building somewhere
and retrieve sensitive data.
Go on.
After what they did to Danny, what they tried to do to me,
I swore I'd destroy them.
But first, I had to win back their confidence,
so I stole something that I knew Arvin Sloane wanted.
A device based on the design by Milo Rambaldi.
I'm back.
Then I went to the people
that I thought I'd been working for all along.
That's where I met my handler, Michael Vaughn.
I thought the job would be over by Christmas.
It was Vaughn who made it clear to me
what I was really up against.
So that's how I became a double agent.
And a few days later, your father came to see you
and revealed that he was a double agent
working for the CIA.
That his job at SD-6 was cover, too.
Yes, that's right.
Father and daughter double agents.
Why would he recruit his daughter into that environment?
He wouldn't.
He didn't.
Arvin Sloane was a friend of my parents.
It was Sloane's idea to bring me in.
He didn't tell my father until after I was active.
Why did Sloane go after you?
I don't know.
You're sure Sloane brought you into SD-6, not your father?
Why do you ask?
Your father's allegiance has always been with the CIA.
Now, listen to me. I have been very patient.
I've put up with implications that I'm not to be trusted.
But I will not accept you insulting my father.
That is unacceptable.
- It was just a question. - It was an accusation.
You are questioning my honor, my loyalty.
Based on a prophecy written in a book
that you wouldn't have if it weren't for me.
- I think we should take a break. - I want to finish this.
I want to get out of here.
No, sit down! Listen to me!
I want to go home!
- Wait a minute! - [Door opens]
[Door closes]
Okay, here we go. Look at this.
Rocking the cradle. Yes.
"Unless prevented at vulgar cost,
this woman will render the greatest power
unto utter desolation."
You gotta stop reading that.
What's "vulgar cost"?
Michael, I don't know.
"This woman without pretense will have had her effect,
never having seen the beauty of my sky
behind Mt. Subasio.
Perhaps a single glance would have quelled her fire."
"Never having seen the beauty of my sky behind Mt. Subasio."
That's where Rambaldi was born.
Why don't we all go to Mt. Subasio, huh?
All right, here we go. Around the world.
What? What just happened?
Thanks for coming.
I checked out Security Section. They have nothing on Sydney.
Look at this.
"This woman will have had her effect
never having seen the beauty of Mt. Subasio."
If the FBI is gonna take this so literally,
then every phrase must have equal veracity.
According to Rambaldi, the subject of this prophecy
will have never seen Mt. Subasio.
Meaning if Sydney were to go there and see it...
She couldn't be the woman Rambaldi was talking about.
It's good, it's good.
Devlin put three calls in to the FBI director.
He was stonewalled.
The FBI's not in the most cooperative mood.
We'll have to extract her. Get her to Italy ourselves.
I know Devlin would sanction transit.
We can have a jet in an hour.
The question is how to find her.
Steven Haladki. He works in the L.A. Office.
Former FBI. He still has ties.
Haladki. I'll talk to him.
He's not talking.
He'll talk to me.
When we left off, we were chatting about your father.
What can you tell me about your mother?
For most of my life,
I thought that she was a Literature professor at UCLA.
I thought that she was a loving mother
and an adoring wife.
Apparently, I couldn't have been more wrong.
Could you elaborate?
A few months ago, I noticed something unusual.
I found Cyrillic codes
in old books that my father had purchased.
I began to suspect him
of having collaborated with the KGB.
But that wasn't the case, was it?
Those Cyrillic codes you found in those books.
Yes, they were orders from the KGB.
And, yes, they were orders to kill.
An agent received those orders and carried them out.
But, Sydney, I was not that agent.
Your mother was.
Your mother was a traitor.
A woman who appeared to be one thing, but actually was another.
Your mother.
Tell me how she died.
I... [Clears throat]
I used to think my mother and father
were driving together.
I was wrong. My mother was actually alone.
She was being pursued
by an FBI counterintelligence officer.
The roads were slippery. There was an accident.
The cars went into the river.
After she died, your father raised you. Is that right?
He hired a nanny.
Like I said,
he and I didn't have much of a relationship until recently.
So, like your father, you're a double agent.
Tell us how that works.
It always begins with something that SD-6 wants.
Information, technology, classified data.
Typically, Sloane outlines the mission objective,
then Marshall reviews the tech.
He's our tech guy.
This looks like just a normal phone.
"Hi, I'm gonna be late for dinner, Dad.
Don't wait up for me."
Biometric sensor. What it does is...
Barely touch it, and you are knocked out cold.
Like freebasing Thorazine. Boom, you're out.
Now, this looks just like a normal purse
that you would wear at the beach
putting in your...
but it is a parabolic microphone.
Not only do they take pictures silently,
but they're super-swank.
Once I have the mission laid out, I contact the CIA.
I detail the SD-6 operation on a brown paper bag
and wait for the CIA to contact me.
After the CIA reviews the mission, what happens then?
I meet Vaughn to get my countermission.
And could you give us an example of a countermission?
SD-6 sends me to Moscow to get computer disks.
The CIA wants copies.
I'm in the bar.
I can see you.
Are those the files?
If they are, cough.
Get ready to make a switch.
- [Man speaking Russian] - [Speaking Russian]
After I get back to Los Angeles, I have to complete a brush pass.
I give the stolen disks to Vaughn
so that the CIA can make copies.
Before I leave the airport, Vaughn passes the originals back
so I can deliver them to Sloane...
...all without my SD-6 partner knowing.
- Your SD-6 partner? - Dixon.
Dixon believes that SD-6 is affiliated with the CIA.
He doesn't know you're a double?
That's right.
Does that ever cause problems?
SD-6 sent us to retrieve a vaccine
from a plant in Badenweiler and destroy the empty building.
[Alarm blaring]
While I was in the laboratory,
Dixon was setting the explosive charge.
What Dixon didn't know, what I couldn't tell him,
was that the CIA also had a team in that building.
I've got a bomb to disengage.
We'd appreciate it.
My CIA countermission included disarming Dixon's bomb.
- Did you get the inhalers? - We're good.
I knew Dixon's detonator wouldn't work.
That was the plan.
Come on. We gotta go.
I brought a secondary detonator
in case there was a frequency jam.
Let's go.
Can we take a break, please? Just for a minute?
I have no desire to blow your head off,
but I will unless you tell me where Sydney Bristow is.
The federal building on Moorpark.
What's the plan?
There's a safe house half a mile away.
- When are they transferring her? - What time? 5:30.
That was the plan.
Just so we're clear.
You report this conversation,
and you'll never wear a hat again.
I got it.
No worries. I got it.
We need a list of people
who are aware of your double-agent status.
It's a short list.
Besides the CIA, only my father knows.
You've never told anyone else?
No. After what happened to Danny,
I thought it might be a good idea to keep my mouth shut.
I'm gonna call the bank. I'm gonna quit for you.
My job might seem pointless and stupid, but it's not.
And if you even knew what I dealt with every day,
you might thank me for doing my job so well.
What the hell are you talking about?
I'm going to work.
KENDALL: You have a hard time keeping secrets?
No, I don't have a hard time keeping a secret.
What I don't enjoy is lying to my friends
or being in a constant state of jet lag
from flying to far corners of the world
for a man that I wish were dead.
Yes, Sloane.
How often does SD-6 send you on operations?
Tell me why we're all gluttons for pain
The girl is totally insane
She doesn't know the meaning of tame
Still, I can't put out the flame
Hey, hey, I wanna play
On the team that you despise
Every day, a new disguise
Every night, a Halloween
She says, "Keep the motor runnin', man"
Like I was some machine
And you can talk, talk, but I'm keeping her stock
I wouldn't even change a thing
Why fight?
You've got me roped and tied
I hit your baited line, I'm so diggin' your scene
I said you're playin' with my head
I could split instead, I'm so diggin' your scene
I keep busy.
What does SD-6 want?
What is their priority?
At the moment, it's Rambaldi.
What can you tell me about him?
Milo Rambaldi
was Pope Alexander VI's chief architect.
He was an artist and inventor.
His designs were so technologically advanced
that, at the time,
they thought he was a heretic, and he was executed.
Now, 500 years later, many believe he was a prophet.
And SD-6, CIA, GRU, K-Directorate.
The entire intelligence world is on a Rambaldi scavenger hunt.
They assume that Rambaldi had some sort of master plan,
which was recently confirmed following my trip to Argentina.
In that book,
Rambaldi refers to a single construction.
The agencies don't know what it is yet,
but they're all afraid the other guy's gonna get it first.
I just have one more question.
Do you believe Rambaldi was a prophet?
Do you?
You're not gonna let me go, are you?
We're done for today.
Don't move! Get down! Down! On the ground!
Don't move! You! Come with us!
Go, go!
Go, go!
We've got a silver van, California license plate 4...
You're gonna be okay.
What the hell are you doing?
Proving this prophecy is not about you.
We'll explain everything when we get there.
- Dad? - Hey, honey.
If the FBI takes this prophecy seriously,
the key to your innocence will be in the second paragraph.
Rambaldi wrote that the woman in that picture
will have never seen Mt. Subasio.
The FBI would have kept you in custody for months.
SD-6 would have investigated and found out the truth.
Going to Mt. Subasio should give them the proof they need.
The FBI might have let me go.
This makes them certain I'm guilty.
Escaping from federal custody and crossing the border
proves that I've acted in opposition to the government.
It was either do nothing and get killed by SD-6
or take a risk to protect your cover.
- I'm a fugitive from justice. - Not for long.
Once you get to Italy,
we'll alert all agencies of our actions and your location.
They'll extract you, and you'll no longer be a suspect.
You don't know that.
We will have protected a vital CIA asset. You.
FBI's not gonna want to make a big deal out of this.
They can't afford the press.
I'm gonna take you to the jet. You have to get in the trunk.
What if the FBI was right? What if Rambaldi was right?
What if he was talking about me?
Then everything's predetermined.
Nothing we do makes any difference.
If Rambaldi's right, there's nothing to lose.
Seriously, guys, cops are everywhere.
When you get to Italy, contact me.
So we can speak.
Alan, it's Steven.
I need to tell you something that happened today.
No, I'm not okay, actually.
I did a stupid thing,
and I'll take full responsibility for it.
Jack Bristow came to see me earlier.
I told him about Sydney's transfer time.
Are you all right?
You didn't think about it, not once,
the possibility that Rambaldi could be right about me.
No, I didn't.
Why not?
I believe in you.
Did you think I'd just throw anyone in my trunk?
I just checked with transportation.
Four vehicles were taken out.
I have their makes and license plates.
You're gonna take that car to Dozer Field.
There's a jet waiting to take you to Italy.
- Be careful. - You too.
MAN ON TV: The LAPD is in pursuit...
Every day there's another one of these.
They're so stupid.
Why doesn't the guy just give up?
- It's not like he can escape. - He's stupid.
Switch your engine off now!
Look at that guy.
This is the part where he gets out of his car and surrenders.
Turn off the engine and step away from the vehicle now!
Get your hands up!
Get your hands where we can see them!
- Oh, my God. - Wow.
[Telephone rings]
- Yeah. - It's me.
Sydney, where are you?
I need to see you now.
What happened to you?
That plane is ready to take you to Italy.
- You need to go now. - I know.
But I needed to see you first.
Dad, I just drove a car into the ocean.
I knew the police were waiting for me.
I used the air from the tires.
I was underwater for 1 0 minutes before I started to swim.
And as that car started to fill with water,
I knew what my mother had done in the same situation.
Dad, she could have planned that accident.
It makes sense.
She was deceitful.
She was cruel, ruthless.
And in Rambaldi's prophecy he uses details,
like that DNA sequencing.
Dad, I inherited that.
I mean, it's either Mom or me.
I know it's not me.
Mom's alive.
I know it.
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Alias 3x09 - Conscious
Alias 3x10 - Remnants
Alias 3x11 - Full disclosure
Alias 3x12 - Crossings
Alias 3x13 - After six
Alias 3x14 - Blowback
Alias 3x15 - Facade
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Alias 3x17 - The frame
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