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Subtitles for Alias 02x12 - The Getaway.

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Alias 02x12 - The Getaway

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Prevlously on "Alias"...
I have a crush on a guy at work.
Really? Who is he?
Someone in my department.
We've worked together for about a year now.
You're kidding me. What's his name?
What are you doing?
Downgrading your network privileges.
Pending my investigatlon, your security clearance
has been revoked.
We have a Sltuatlon.
Ariana Kane, head of Alliance counterintelligence
is investigating me in the murder of Emily Sloane.
I did not kill Emily Sloane.
But I do have secrets.
The Iast thing I can afford, Sydney can afford,
is someone discovering that my loyalty does not Ile with SD-6.
Kane needs someone to blame.
Slnce she can't find who murdered Emily,
she's decided to blame me.
I did not murder your wife.
If I don't find who did, Kane will frame me for it.
I have some leads.
I need you to pursue them for me.
Can I trust you to do that?
Of course.
This will stay between us.
[ Telephone rings ]
SLOANE: Agent Kane. Arvin Sloane.
Jack Bristow just left my house.
-I want to report a murder. -Slt down.
Where was this murder committed?
San Francisco. Last night.
Who was murdered?
I have five names. Alliance partners.
I need their whereabouts and phone records
for the dates Iisted.
I've included dead drop instructlons.
Assume the usual protocols have been compromised.
Are you quite sure this is as important as you make it appear?
Take it easy.
[ Sllenced gunshot ]
Dad, get in!
[ Tires screeching ]
-What are you doing? -Kendall contacted me
because you hadn't Slgnaled in.
Alliance is after me.
Alliance? Dad, what the hell is going on?
Someone extorted $100 milllon. They think that person is me.
MAN ON RADlo: Mountaineer, you've got company.
Outrider paralleling you one block west
and a pursuit vehicle 100 feet behind.
How long have you known?
It didn't concern you.
If The Alliance thinks you're Iying, they'll kill you.
What concerns me is having them suspect you're my accomplice.
Take your next left.
Take your next right.
Your ride's a half a block ahead.
Several months ago,
The Alliance offered Sloane a partnership.
In exchange, he had to kill his wife.
Because Emily had learned the truth about SD-6?
He poisoned her.
Or so he thought.
Soon after the funeral, Sloane began receiving odd messages.
Messages deSlgned to indicate that his efforts had failed.
Followed soon after by a terrifying delivery.
Proof she was still alive.
In exchange, they demanded money.
$1 00 milllon. Which The Alliance paid.
And the blackmailer killed her anyway.
The Alliance has to find someone to blame.
So, why focus on you?
I was no more a suspect than anyone.
But as they examined my conduct, they realized I had secrets.
Elements of my alibi that, because of our work for CIA,
I can't fully justify.
Sloane. Does he think you did this?
I'm not certain.
What are you gonna do? Stay here?
-For the moment. -[ Pager beeping ]
The man at the theater had informatlon about The Alliance,
intel I'm not sure the CIA can access.
It's SD-6.
-You have to go. -I'm calling in Slck.
No, Sydney, you can't.
The agent heading up the investigatlon
is not interested in you. Not yet.
But if you don't show up, it will arouse her suspiclons.
We can't allow that to happen.
Okay, let's be honest.
Among Iife experlences to be avoided,
getting kidnapped definitely ranks near the top.
Except, actually, third grade kind of sucked.
There was this whole Iunch money thing with...
That's all right. I kind of overdid it, but...
you saved my bacon.
Thank you.
Marshall, thank you.
Don't worry about it. It's -- oh, um...
Mr. Dixon, I really never have an occaSlon
to buy another man a present, uh,
except my father at Father's Day. Um, but...
Anyway, it's cologne.
Thank you.
It's a nice scent. It's gonna be nice on you.
Not that you need a new scent. Your natural scent's really...
You know, I'll be qulet now.
I'd appreciate that.
Actually, um, Mr. Sloane,
I notice you're not wearing the tle I gave you.
That's okay.
You're looking at a prototype
of the Triad's most startling achlevement to date.
Quantum gyroscope misSlle guidance system.
According to the partial specificatlons
we were able to intercept,
not only is this device cheap and easy to manufacture,
but it is far more accurate
than anything in our current arsenal.
It is capable of transforming a '70s-era scud
into a preciSlon-guided munitlon
with range and lethality equivalent to a cruise misSlle.
How did we get these photos?
Last month, SD-5 tasked a team of agents
to perform a recon op
on the Triad's R&D Iab in Nice, France.
Your task is acquiSltlon.
Here we have Karl Schatz.
He's a courler for Triad,
and he's transporting the prototype to Berlin
for mass productlon.
You will intercept it en route.
There is no room for failure on this one.
Imagine the consequences
if enemles of the United States acquire this technology.
There are so many things I hate about Arvin Sloane.
The thing that I hate the most
is the way he wraps his criminal activity in the flag.
We won't let him get away with it.
We'll make a defective copy of that gyroscope
to give to SD-6.
-We'll need photographs. -Dixon has them.
-He's on his way to Nice. -We'll get a team to France.
When you're through, make sure you're holding the gyroscope.
We'll duplicate it on-Slte.
Syd, you should know that
we've been doing everything we can to help your father.
You've been helping my father?
You knew The Alliance was investigating my father?
-Yes. -For how long?
Two weeks.
-I understand you're upset. -I am.
Your father explained why we hadn't told you.
It was a questlon of your safety.
He was almost killed. I saved him.
I didn't want you to have more on your mind.
It was a judgment call.
That you've been making for months.
Involving you had no upSlde.
You didn't tell me about Manolo or discusSlons with my mother.
You didn't even tell me you were seeing Allce again.
Wait. What is this about?
Me being too old to be coddled.
Your Iife is complicated.
Forgive me for trying to make it eaSler.
I don't need you for that.
I'm sending this through a secure server. I'm sorry.
I informed Ariana Kane
that you viSlted my house last night.
Not because I belleve you're guilty. I don't.
But because I had to.
This past summer,
when I was initiated into The Alliance,
a device was implanted into my neck.
It was a means of ensuring loyalty
among Alliance partners.
Among other things, this device tracks
my whereabouts as well as my vital Slgns.
It also transmits my conversatlons
back to The Alliance.
So, you see, they already knew you'd been to see me.
You offered many suspects,
but all your leads were dead ends.
Now I offer one of my own.
Last year, I murdered a member of The Alliance, Jack.
Jean Briault.
You can understand why I was reluctant to reveal this.
It is quite posSlble
that the blackmailer was stirred by revenge,
that he, or she,
was close to Briault.
Stay safe, Jack.
Good luck.
Briault has a wife and an adult son,
but neither would have had the inSlght
to blackmail The Alliance.
And the other partners conSldered Briault soft.
No one was sad to see him go.
So you have nothing.
Are you conSldering witness protectlon?
That would leave Sydney exposed.
You'd take her.
Have her spend her Iife looking over her shoulder?
If you're not here to say goodbye, why did you bring this?
I need someone to brainstorm with.
Surely the CIA has teams who specialize in these matters.
ForenSlcs, profilers.
Yes, they do.
Have informatlon resources pull everything on Briault.
I understand that you requested Sydney Bristow's computer.
Well, three months ago, Agent Dixon reported evidence
suggesting she was a double agent.
That was a misunderstanding.
She was executing an operatlon that Jack had authorized.
Yes, I read your report.
I think either she was an accomplice to his blackmail.
Or else the two of them have been up to something
more long-term.
Bristow frequently asSlgns his daughter
to operatlons of his own deSlgn.
Sydney Bristow is an excellent agent.
All the more reason he would enlist her help.
Once you recover the gyroscope, you and Dixon will separate.
Our team will be in this room,
where they'll duplicate the gyroscope.
Any questlons?
You should go over it again.
It's pretty complicated. Maybe you could make it eaSler.
-I don't want to be here. -Hey!
Look who's joining you in France.
"Hey"? Three months in the hospital, I get "hey"?
-How about a Iittle sugar? -I'm glad you're back.
Thank you.
Thank you for the plant.
Amazingly, I've been able to keep it alive.
Bring me up to speed. What's our plan?
I should get to my plane.
I'll see you in France.
Excusez-moi, monSleur.
Une contributlon?
-MonSleur. [ Laughs ] -[ Coin clinks ]
Merci beaucoup.
Nothing yet, Syd.
-No Slgn of the courler. -Copy that.
Just let me know when to move.
You know what?
I've already made 47 Euros.
[ Coins clinking ]
-Sure you don't want to talk? -Nothing to talk about.
-I share my fights with you. -No, you don't.
When AIan pissed in the Iiving room?
-That was your dog. -I let you know how upset I was.
I appreciate you trying to cheer me up.
Here's a thought. Tell her how you feel.
I know.
I said this is a Iine you don't cross.
That was before I nearly dled.
You know what they say about the white Iight?
They're wrong.
It's darkness.
I understand.
DIXON: Game time, Syd. Here comes our guy.
Gyroscope is in a harness under his left pec.
You can use the Artful Dodger.
If it's not in his brlefcase and it's in his pocket,
here is a goody every pickpocket can use.
I call this baby the Artful Dodger.
After that movle, um...
-"OIiver!" -Right.
"Please, Slr, can I have some more?"
I love that movle.
So, you just turn this guy Iike that,
slip it on, turn it around, and this Iittle guy
-will cut through anything. -[ Fabric rips ]
Damn it. I Iiked this tle.
Excusez-moi, monSleur.
Une contributlon pour les enfants?
-Non, merci. -Pour les enfants, monSleur.
Better hurry, Syd.
DIXON: Syd, move.
กำ The waves keep on crashin' on me for some reason กำ
[ Brooklyn accent ] How you doin'?
-[ Beeping ] -Oh, oh, oh. Whoa.
[ Speaking French ]
It wasn't me.
This damn machine. That happens every time I go through these.
Et vous.
At JFK, I went through five times.
They Iiterally had me take off my shirt.
กำ You hold me like you should กำ
กำ So I'm gonna keep on dancin' กำ
[ Beeping ]
Oh, my God.
Watch the hand. Hey. It's not a date.
I see. You want to get your thrills?
กำ So don't wake me if I'm dreamin' กำ
Merci, mademoiselle.
Thank you.
Good work. I'll see you in L.A.
กำ Let's just keep on dancin' กำ
Good work.
Base ops, this is Boy Scout.
Mountaineer's delivered. We're proceeding with the copy.
They're estimating two hours till the duplicate's ready.
Listen, do you want to go to dinner?
When we were driving in, I saw this place. Rousseau, I think.
Vaughn, we...
We can't do that.
Why not?
for a milllon reasons.
If Alliance sees us together, they'll kill us.
The nearest cell is in Zurich.
CIA tracks SD-6 security. There haven't been Slgnals.
-You're serlous. -We've been to restaurants.
We've met in parks, convenlence stores in L.A.,
where we are much more Iikely to be seen.
Two things. One, I think it's not that great a risk.
Two, I am hungry. I'm starving.
We're gonna be together anyway. Why can't we be eating?
Aren't you hungry?
Yeah, I'm hungry.
-Let's do it. -Yeah?
I'm gonna change.
That's a good idea.
We're going to dinner.
I'm gonna keep my comm open. Monitor the R.F. frequency.
Got it. In exchange, I'll take an eclair.
No, I'm serlous.
Any suspect Slgnal, I want to know.
If they're small, bring at least two.
How we doing over here?
[ Knock on door ]
Sydney Bristow just left the airport
accompanled by a man.
Not Dixon.
Find out who he is.
[ Man speaking French ]
[ Vaughn speaking French ]
Well, you speak French almost as well as I do.
Thank you.
See what you Iike. I'll be right back.
-I think wine would help. -I was thinking the same.
S'il vous plait.
There must be a dozen ways to blackmail The Alliance.
All of them far less elaborate than this one.
So we can assume a secondary objective
was to make Arvin suffer.
Someone harboring an acute hatred.
Meaning it could be anyone.
Does The Alliance have
any permanent operatlons in Peru?
Peru? No. Why?
Jean Briault.
Whenever he traveled, he would use his credit card.
Except here.
Slx times this past year he went to Lima
and not a Slngle transactlon.
I think there's a customs statement.
Slx arrivals into Chavez Airport.
Each time, he declared $70,000 in cash.
What's he doing with all that money?
No investments. He's not buying art.
He was running his own syndicate?
One The Alliance wasn't aware of.
He can't wire his agents operatlonal money.
The Alliance will spot that. So he bankrolls them in Peru.
Assume we're right.
Why would they want revenge for his murder?
I'll have customs send over
all arrivals and departures into Peru
for one week on either Slde of BriauIt's viSlts.
When I was your wife...
...I would meet my case officer in his hotel room.
I suggest you find out where Briault stayed
and pull the hotel security footage.
I heard you on the phone with base ops.
Your code name is Boy Scout.
It goes back to CST. CIandestine Service Training.
-You don't want to hear this. -Vaughn.
-The Boy Scouts have a motto. -AIways be prepared.
On my first day, I had forgotten my fleld manual.
The instructor said, "That is your one screwup.
-Be prepared." -This story is a disaster.
Tell her she's pretty. Are you an idlot?
I'm gonna turn you off now. Goodbye.
MAN: He's not SD-6.
MAN: What makes you think he's American?
SECOND MAN: What makes you think he isn't?
So, who's our mystery man?
Tell me about your pets.
I want to know about every pet you've ever had.
MAN: Look at that.
Michael Vaughn.
U.S. Department of State.
SECOND MAN: Son of a bitch.
He's CIA.
PIaying pool.
I can see it.
We should play sometime.
So, you Iiked everything?
C'etait tres bon. Merci.
So, uh, it is too Iate for you to set out for Avignon.
And, uh, you had much to drink.
Upstairs, I have an inn.
And tonight, you are my guests.
Take your time.
Did you ask him to do that?
There are so many issues, I don't know where to begin.
I think we should have an open mind about this.
An open mind.
It'd be rude to overlook such a generous offer
without proper conSlderatlon.
I wouldn't dream of it.
-But there are clearly issues. -Yes.
I don't disagree.
Okay, right on time.
[ Telephone rings ]
Go ahead, base ops.
Infosec just called.
Interpol reported a network intruSlon.
Someone hacked into U.S. DMV and downloaded Vaughn's info.
Both attacks originated from Nice.
Boy Scout, do you copy?
Boy Scout, this is fleld statlon.
Do you respond?
What's the name of that restaurant?
What's the name?
MonSleur, vous avec un telephone.
-Hello? -Get out of there now!
Syd, behind you!
Go! Go!
Gun. Toss it over.
On your knees! Hands behind your head!
-Down! -Get down!
Potesh, Jonathan.
I.D. 6-Tango-5, Charlle David.
Patch me through to Los Angeles. Ariana Kane.
[ Slashes ]
MAN: Mrs. Kane.
KANE: Hello?
Hello? Hello?
[ Hangs up ]
Take the car. I'll have Weiss pick me up.
I'll pick up the copy of the gyroscope.
We're aborting. SD-6 is gonna investigate.
They can't prove anything, but we can't deceive them.
We have to give SD-6 what they want,
as dangerous as that is. You know that.
We were so stupid.
It's my fault.
That's not true.
[ Slren wailing in distance ]
You have to go.
I'll see you back in L.A.
-Hey. -Hey.
This your debrlef for Kendall?
Okay, you can't show him this.
No, I'm serlous.
He needs to know why SD-6 has the real gyroscope.
I agree.
But this requires a Iittle creativity.
Tell him it was my fault, okay?
Tell him that, um,
grinding the lenses took a Iittle longer than expected.
I won't let you cover for me.
I'm not. It's partially my fault.
I told you to take her on a date.
You told me to tell her how I feel.
I'm three months past a near-death experlence.
What were you Iistening to my advice for?
I'm recommending that I be replaced as her case officer.
Okay, now you're just being stupid.
I'm sorry, but --
I nearly blew our operatlon inSlde SD-6,
not to mentlon putting Sydney's Iife in danger.
She wanted to go to dinner. She knew the risks.
My judgment was compromised.
Not to mentlon the damage
that you and Sydney have done to SD-6.
Maybe all that work was done
because of the way you guys feel about each other.
How's that for spin?
That's not bad.
Whatever you decide,
make sure you discuss this with Sydney first.
I mean, this affects her, too.
Whenever Briault went to Peru,
he stayed at Hotel Cerocontidad.
We're scanning everyone who passes through the lobby.
If he met with any assets,
they'll show up on the federal database.
This is Briault?
That's him Iast February.
That's him 2001, November.
-[ Beeps ] -2001, September.
Stop. Who's that with him?
Can we enhance this?
The shadows are pretty severe.
-I can boost the gamma. -Are they together?
Let me try something here.
This won't be perfect.
Jack, I just saw McCarthy.
Did he tell you about Kane?
She and Briault were having an affair.
I can't stand that I didn't put that together.
He says you're going to SD-6.
To prove Kane blackmailed The Alliance.
And you know this how?
The very day Sloane handed over $100 milllon in bearer bonds,
Kane opened an account in Monaco.
The contents are protected by privacy Iaws,
but SD-6 utilizes their cover as Credit Dauphine
to acquire access to that informatlon.
If I get on their network, I can verify her balance.
This is based on your assumptlon
that Kane parked $100 milllon in the bank.
My point is, if you're wrong, they'll kill you.
Let me contact the director. The CIA can verify the account.
He'd have to get counsel to Slgn off. That's minimum 48 hours.
I may be safe, but if they haven't already,
they'll soon begin to suspect Sydney.
But I appreciate the offer.
Jack Bristow's here. In the building.
Security log shows two minutes ago.
Seal the exits. No one leaves.
Who monitors closed-circuit?
-Jack. -Can I help you?
Yes. Come with us, please.
Hello, Jack.
There's a plane waiting to take us to London,
but I thought we should wait for your daughter
before we left.
I came here to investigate a blackmail, but...
you've proven far more compelling than a Slmple thlef.
I know what you did.
Do you?
I'm eager to hear what that may be.
Sodium pentothal.
Won't take more than a few minutes.
Then we'll talk about Sydney.
[ No audlo ]
JACK: Five minutes longer,
and I would have told everything.
Sydney and I would have been revealed as double agents
and killed.
Fortunately, Sloane saw the e-mail that I sent him,
detailing what I discovered.
Ariana Kane had, in fact, depoSlted the bearer bonds
into that Monaco account.
But only long enough to convert them into cash,
which she then transferred out.
IRINA: And have they recovered the cash?
Not yet.
Arvin never questloned why you ran?
No. He realizes Kane was on a witch hunt.
That running was a valid optlon.
In fact, he's taking a week off
and leaving me in charge while he's gone.
Thank you for everything.
There is one thing that strikes me as odd.
Yes. Me too.
You said Sloane requested Kane to investigate.
The one person who had
an apparent motive for blackmail.
Someone easy to frame.
Interesting theory.
Or not.
Hey. What did Kendall say?
He told me about your father.
He didn't mentlon anything about our date,
if that's what you mean.
-Have you written your debrlef? -No, not yet.
If I tell the truth, at the least,
they'll remove me as your case officer.
But despite what we did, how stupid we were,
I know we do good work.
We need to stay together.
I agree.
We do good work.
I don't understand.
When I got back to SD-6 and saw my father,
it was clear no one would ask questlons
about Kane's misSlng agents.
So I gave Sloane the counterfeit gyroscope.
This is the real one.
We win.
At the airport, you took them both.
AIways be prepared.
So, I had a blood test today. For the health insurance.
There was this guy there giving blood.
He was kind of cute, so I look over,
and I smile at him.
And guess what happens.
He fainted.
You just guessed that he...
It's a blood-sugar thing.
Okay, well, fine.
Before I realized that, I was pretty psyched.
I was thinking, "Wow, my smile
made a man go weak in the knees."
Hey, how was, uh...
Any news about that guy Michael from work?
And there's not gonna be.
I realized it's not worth fantaSlzing about.
Nothing's ever gonna come of it.
Get your coat. We're going for cocktails.
-Oh, no. -I'm serlous.
You need the biggest Cosmopolitan.
Up, up, up, girl.
We're gonna go out.
We're gonna paint this town.
Shake this off.
Damn, I'm good.
It's working?
What did I tell you?
You asked if this was posSlble. I said give me three months.
Look at that.
89 days Iater.
-They can't hear us? -Nope.
The hard part was cracking the spread spectrum algorithm.
The transmisSlon in here has to match their receivers exactly.
You see that?
That's the switch.
What are my associates hearing?
I programmed in amblent sounds.
Rain, TV chatter.
Now you're cruiSlng down the 405, Iistening to Miles Davis.
-And blorhythms? -Plece of cake.
EKG readings, breathing patterns...
you're as steady as Charlle Watts.
$10 mil.
Holy God.
Must feel good.
What's that?
Being able to speak freely. Nobody knowing your buSlness.
It does.
We did it.
Are you sure?
Are you sure it worked?
Yes, my love.
We're free.
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Alias 3x18 - Unveiled
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Along came a spider
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Alt Om Min Far (All About My Father)
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