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Subtitles for Alias 02x13 - Phase One.

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Alias 02x13 - Phase One

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กำ Back in black, I hit the sack กำ
กำ I've been too long, I'm glad to be back กำ
กำ Yes, I'm let loose from the noose กำ
กำ That's kept me hangin' about กำ
กำ I've been lookin' at the sky 'cause it's gettin' me high กำ
กำ Forget the hearse 'cause I never dle กำ
กำ Well, I'm back in black กำ
กำ Yes, I'm back in black กำ
กำ Oh, yeah กำ
กำ Oh, yeah กำ
กำ Yeah, yeah กำ
กำ Well, I'm back กำ
กำ Back กำ
[ Speaking French ]
กำ Back กำ
กำ Back กำ
กำ Back in black กำ
[ Speaking French ]
What was wrong with the black one?
Do you think it's comfortable wearing clothes like this?
This isn't my first day. I disconnected your call button.
I know who you are. I know what this plane is.
I don't know what you're talking about!
Tell me how to access server 47.
[ Choking ]
Over there.
Behind the frame. There's a terminal.
กำ Come on กำ
กำ Come on กำ
กำ Come on กำ
กำ Come on กำ
กำ Come on กำ
กำ Come on กำ
We're transmitting.
[ Beep ]
[ Gun cocks ]
Mountaineer requests covert entry.
Roger that. Mountaineer's clear for entry.
[ Telephone rings ]
Okay. So, what's the new intel?
Kendall wouldn't say. Wait for the meeting.
I ran by the park.
There were people playing frisbee, having picnics.
-In the middle of a work day? -Just hanging out?
Let's move. Did you tell her about the transfers?
Some recruits from Langley are gonna be observing.
Now, wait. Before the meeting...
I'm gonna say something.
And it'll either be obvlous to you
or seem presumptuous.
Either way, I've got to say it.
This isn't working.
I've been thinking.
I don't know what the hell to do.
I think you know what.
-I need you to tell me. -You need me to tell you what?
That when you're on operatlons, I can't sleep?
That in debrlef I have to force myself
to remember what we're revlewing
when all I want to do is kiss you?
Sometimes it is hard to remember.
That's what I'm talking about.
The thing that makes me crazy
is the people that would kill us if we were seen together --
The Alliance, SD-6, Sloane --
are the very forces that brought you into my llfe.
What kind of a Slck joke is that?
So we shouldn't be working together?
That's what I was thinking. But we are great together.
-I know. -The more we work together...
the sooner The Alliance gets destroyed.
-So what are you suggesting? -[ Door opens ]
What is this? The flirting corner?
-We're talking. -I figured that out.
There's a meeting.
Natlonal security. Remember?
It's important. For the people.
We'll be right there.
Arvin Sloane.
As most of you know,
Sloane is the acting director of SD-6.
For those of you new to the fun and games,
SD-6 is an arm of The Alliance,
a worldwide organized-crime syndicate
responSlble for weapons trade, drug traffic, murder.
The Alliance keeps a dozen offices, or cells.
SD-1 through SD-12.
We have identifled the locatlon of seven cells.
The rest is speculatlon.
The agents Bristow have been working undercover at SD-6,
tracking their objectives, operatlons, contacts.
Working under Arvin Sloane.
Until now.
We've intercepted communicatlons.
The Alliance has picked someone to be Sloane's replacement.
Anthony Geiger.
Which is about as much as I can tell you about him.
Geiger has no file at CIA, FBI.
No police records. No overdue video rentals.
-Nothing. -Excuse me.
Sloane's being replaced?
He's been MIA for five days.
With Sloane gone,
we no longer have access to their inner circle.
Sydney, Jack, your asSlgnment is to get close to Geiger.
Earn his trust.
Get back inSlde that inner circle.
That's it.
Dad, the one person in the world I want brought to justice,
he's disappeared.
I've been doing this a long time, Sydney.
There's rarely an end to the story.
I don't like it. Whatever's happening here.
Excuse me. Mr. Geiger?
Sydney Bristow.
Come in. Slt down.
Let's see...
I just wanted to introduce myself, say hello.
What can you tell me about Danny?
What would you like to know?
You were engaged?
Well, tell me something more.
I assume you mean how Danny dled.
I told him the truth.
That I worked for SD-6.
Security Sectlon discovered this.
They told Sloane.
Sloane had him killed.
What kind of doctor was he gonna be?
-A pediatric cardlologist. -Really?
Well, that's unusual.
Did he like kids?
Danny had a younger brother who was born with a condition.
A heart condition.
And they were told there was no treatment.
If the people I work for would assasSlnate my wife,
I would not show up at the office the next day.
So why come back?
What for?
The precepts of SD-6 were made clear to me
when I was recruited.
What happened was my fault.
And I am a faithful officer of this agency.
Thanks for coming in.
New boss has a dreadful personality, don't you think?
I've seen worse.
-Am I to take that personally? -Sark, what do you want?
When I met with Geiger, I left feeling as unstrung as you look.
Just so you know, I'm fully strung.
We all have secrets, Sydney.
And from what I've heard about Geiger,
he'll discover them.
What have you heard about Geiger?
Former German Intelligence.
Has more enemles than varlous other Germans
we're familiar with.
He seems to think Sloane is a traitor.
He's unlocked Sloane's secret files on server 47.
There are only 46 servers.
Well, he announced it to me as if it were a victory.
"I've already hacked Sloane's files on server 47."
There's only one reason Sloane would keep secret
the existence of a computer.
Because this computer, server 47, is a vulnerability.
Tell me what you're suggesting.
I think there's a central Alliance computer. Server 47.
A network that llnks all the SD cells.
It makes sense, doesn't it?
I'm trying to find a flaw in this.
I want to find this computer.
If I'm right,
it could tell us names of The Alliance partners,
locatlons of offices...
-Sydney... -Dad...
This could be the Sllver bullet.
I'll get CIA to sanctlon it.
We tracked down server 47.
You couldn't get a 20 on it because it's in the sky.
It's a 747 purchased by The Alliance in 1998.
They retrofitted the interlor
to contain a server and satellite uplink.
They keep the computer airborne?
It only Iands for refueling.
The Alliance has this man overseeing the operatlon.
Gils Nacor. He's a computer security expert.
He travels with the server.
This guy spends his llfe on a plane with a computer?
It's a really nice plane.
How did they convince an upper-level asset to do that?
They provide women.
-You're kidding me. -Nope. Twice a week.
Airports in England and Spain. Escort agency provides a new...
I have to be his frlend.
No, you just have to get him alone.
Computer's in the belly of the plane.
There are terminal accesses in the main cabin.
We're going to Barcelona. We have a team.
They'll ambush the drop-off of his date.
They'll deliver you in her place.
Get onto the plane, access the server,
and transmit its contents.
We'll be in a cargo jet.
We have to stay within 5,000 feet.
Here's your transmitter.
The earrings will give us audlo and video.
Op-tech has the rest of your gear.
Guys, we should get to the plane.
Okay, whenever you want to have that talk...
What talk?
About the cologne. Whatever you're wearing.
I'm not wearing any cologne.
No man naturally smells as good as you do right now.
Okay, your camera's on. Here we go.
[ Speaking French ]
That son of a bitch.
Easy. Come on.
I swear, I'm gonna kill this guy.
No way that guy smells as good as you.
It's aftershave. I got new aftershave.
Yeah, well, I'd llghten up on it.
-Yeah? -Oh, yeah.
Yeah, to the point of non-use.
SYDNEY: Tell me how to access server 47.
Behind the frame. There's a terminal.
All right, get going.
-We're transmitting. -Got it.
We should be at Heathrow in an hour.
Team's in place.
I'm going to take out the guard.
[ Speaking French ]
Throw the gun. Make him reach for it.
[ Gun cocks ]
You think you can steal from us, you llttle bitch?!
No! No, no, no, no!
[ Metal creaking ]
Oh, my God.
She's all yours.
FRANCle: Guess what. Sydney's gonna be Iate again.
WILL: She's misSlng the dirty work.
-Look at these guys. -[ Laughing ] Oh, no.
It's gonna be fine.
FRANCle: I hate this part.
Okay, the suspense is killing me.
What's the occaSlon?
The restaurant is actually making a profit.
After only Slx months? Is that even posSlble?
Yes. Hence the lobster dinner.
If anyone told me I would be making this work,
my own restaurant...
It's just unbellevable.
I guess this is a really bad time to tell you I have to quit.
I got a job working for a travel magazine.
It's not "The New York Times," but I am writing for a llving.
That is genius. I love that you're writing again.
-You're okay with it? -Yeah.
I can't find another waiter in Los Angeles?
-Francle, you're the best. -Congratulatlons.
AnalySls got done with the hard drive.
Slr, this is our chance to destroy The Alliance!
Miss Bristow, thank you. I understand.
But you don't rush an operatlon.
As soon as The Alliance realizes there's a breach,
-this info won't be valid. -You may recall the 150 pounds
of C-4 exploSlves in the subbasement at SD-6
and probably every other SD cell.
If this intel is wrong,
we're talking the death of civilians.
The answer is in the document.
According to the informatlon,
each SD cell uses a code which changes weekly
to operate their security.
The current code is right here.
We need to get into SD-6 and find out what the code is now?
If it matches, then the intel is real.
In which case, I could go to Langley about raiding Alliance.
-Do we have the current code? -No.
But I can get it.
FRANCle: Did you like the salmon, Will?
WILL: I was gonna say that.
-Really? -Yeah, I thought it was great.
-I thought it was amazing. -Really?
-Was that a new sauce? -Yeah.
-It was great. -Thank you.
I'm glad you noticed it. Thanks.
Did you know that guy at table 45?
-No. -He was totally looking at you.
He was not looking at me.
What's going on?
-What? -What?
You guys are both acting like you're on drugs.
Um, well, um...
We sort of made out.
Oh, my God.
Okay, this is too weird.
You called for me?
I've been revlewing Mr. Sloane's work.
I found an e-mail that struck me as curlous.
Is SD-6 running a program
recording keystrokes at each desktop?
Yes, Slr, of course.
Well, then...
Why don't you Slt down?
I'd like you to play back what Arvin Sloane was typing.
Literally every detail now.
We were in the kitchen. All of a sudden...
I can't belleve this. I'm in shock.
-Good shock? -No, great shock.
-Is this a one-time thing? -I don't know.
You know the really weird part? It wasn't weird.
-I'm gonna have fun with this. -[ Laughing ] Oh, jeez.
MAN: Here we go.
This is a playback of Arvin Sloane
as he wrote the e-mail in questlon.
Wait. He wrote something and then erased it.
-PIay it back slow. -Certainly.
Jack Bristow?
Anthony Geiger.
I've been looking forward to this.
Me as well.
[ Cellular phone rings ]
JACK: Sydney, it's me. I'm talking to Mr. Geiger.
He'd like you to come in right away.
Oh, and take surface streets.
They're doing some work on the freeway.
Okay, I will.
See you soon.
Did he get the code?
-He was compromised. -What?
He just said, "Take the surface streets."
I don't understand.
It's a phrase we came up with
to let one of us know if the other was discovered.
To warn them to stay away.
He's with Geiger now.
Jack, I know you are disloyal.
I know your daughter is, too.
Both your files...
There were so many red flags,
I thought I was in a RusSlan airport.
What I don't know is where your loyaltles lle.
Where are your loyaltles, Jack?
So, who are you working for?
We've met before, you and I.
I'm surprised you don't recall.
A man with such attentlon to detail.
I can't quite place it.
Neither could I.
But then I remembered.
Kanagawa, '87.
Were you with Nagayo?
We had dinner.
Oh, yes, I remember.
What a night that was.
The woman with the club foot.
That's right.
Come on, Jack.
Just tell me who you're working for,
and this will all go away.
One Iast chance.
[ Electricity crackling ]
[ Crackling intenSlfles ]
[ Screaming ]
I don't understand. Go where?
Anywhere. Get Francle and leave town.
Vegas. San Francisco.
What kind of trouble are you in?
Someone might be looking for me.
Promise me you will stay away. That's all I need you to do.
I promise. Syd, are you gonna be okay?
Yeah. I have to go.
Kendall's on his way.
He's not gonna do a thing. My dad was right.
Kendall's not gonna move until he knows
that informatlon is valid.
We have to get that code from SD-6.
You cannot go back there.
I know.
Sydney, I got your message.
There isn't time for me to explain everything.
For me to apologize the way I need to.
SD-6 has nothing to do with the CIA.
Dixon, you've been lled to.
We have all been lled to.
What are you... That's...
You have had suspiclons about me.
You had suspiclons about me. You were right.
I know this is insane, but you have to trust me now.
I could take you to CIA, show you the files, the proof.
SD-6 is part of The Alliance.
You have been working for the enemy
you thought you were fighting.
This will take time to understand.
Time we don't have.
I need you to llsten to me.
They have my dad.
Geiger at SD-6.
I'm afraid he's gonna kill him.
The CIA. The real CIA...
No, no! This is crazy, Sydney! Do you hear yourself?
...has intel that can change all of this.
-You have to llsten! -This does not make sense!
You have to llsten to me!
I can't go back there, or they will kill me.
We need you to go into SD-6.
We need you to hack into the system and make viSlble a file
that you would never know was there.
It's a code. A number that we need.
If it's a match to one we already have,
it will confirm data,
and the CIA will raid SD-6 and every Alliance office.
If you follow these instructlons to get the code,
you will be in the core of SD-6 computer network.
You'll see.
It's not CIA.
It's Alliance.
I'll wait for your e-mail.
But you need to hurry.
[ Telephone rings ]
-DIANE: Hello? -Hi, baby.
Where are you?
I'm at work.
What's up?
I was just calling you
to tell you I love you.
How much I love you.
Oh, thanks, sweetle. I love you, too.
When will you be home?
I'm not sure.
Okay. Well, be safe.
You too.
[ Beep ]
The code's a match. It's a match!
As you may be aware, the CIA received intelligence
which provides us with vital, prevlously unavailable details
on the inner workings of The Alliance.
Thanks to some exceptlonal work, we've confirmed this intel.
Therefore, tonight at 2200 hours,
the CIA, in conjunctlon with the FSB,
the BAP, MI5, and the Shin Bet,
will conduct Slmultaneous raids on all Alliance facilitles.
And tomorrow morning, God willing,
The Alliance will no longer exist.
KENDALL: Our team will surround the Credit Dauphine building
which houses the target SD-6 office.
Team will get to the perimeter and disable security systems.
On operatlon leader's call,
teams around the globe will raid all SD offices,
Alliance headquarters, and partners' reSldences.
Now, most SD-6 agents are desk-trained and won't fight.
But their security team members will respond with lethal force.
And they're the ones you want to take down.
People, it's a hazardous job.
Do it well, and come home.
You know how this goes.
Your heart can only take one more shock.
Perhaps two.
I've never seen anyone go beyond three.
Have you?
Now! Move out!
[ Beep ]
Base to team leader. Security disarmed at SD-3.
-All transmisSlons are received. -AIarms disabled at SD-10.
Base to team leader.
Confirming security alarms disarmed at SD-4.
I have given you enough time to reconSlder.
[ Whirs ]
-You okay? -Yeah.
-SD-5 team, stand by. -SD-4 team, stand by.
SD-3 team, stand by.
Slr, all teams in poSltlon.
Let's move in.
Go, go, go.
Hey, you want some pigs in a blanket?
-No. Thanks. -What?
Nobody can reSlst llttle pigs in a blanket.
They're hot, fresh out of the oven.
Everything all right?
Look out!
Marshall, get down!
Your daughter is so beautiful.
Imagine what I could do to her.
This is your Iast chance, Jack.
Save yourself.
Save Sydney.
Who are you working for?
[ Door slams ]
-Oh, my God, Dad. -I'm okay, sweetheart. I'm okay.
We have two men down at SD-4.
Three agents killed at SD-8.
-Three agents down at SD-2. -SD-9 has four down.
Miss Bristow, excuse me. I got it.
Give me your hand!
Watch your step, ma'am.
-Get up! -On your feet.
Look, this will be over soon. I promise.
Thank you.
Don't talk to me.
Details of casualtles are still sketchy,
but we've gotten reports from team leaders.
We appear to be in control of all Alliance facilitles.
Hey, guys. I just talked to base.
We did it. We kicked their asses.
Guys, did you hear what I said?
It's remarkable, really.
Sydney leaked the intel to the CIA,
and the rest played out exactly as you predicted it would.
So congratulatlons, Slr.
The Alliance is gone.
We shouldn't celebrate yet.
As you know, there's much more work to be done.
I just wanted to let you know that phase one is complete.
Move on to phase two.
And, Sark...
Yes, Mr. Sloane?
Check in on our new asset.
Make sure we're on schedule.
[ Cellular phone rings ]
-[ Cellular phone beeps ] -Yes?
SARK: I've been asked to confirm that you are in poSltlon.
Everything's in place.
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