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Subtitles for Alias 02x18 - Truth Takes Time.

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Alias 02x18 - Truth Takes Time

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Prevlously on "Alias"...
I met Emily after I started working at Credit Dauphine.
She was the mother all of us wish we had.
SLOANE: Emily, we did it.
Are you sure it worked?
Yes, my love.
We're free.
I've been sent here to investigate Michael Vaughn.
It's come to our attentlon that over the past three months,
Mr. Vaughn has been in contact with unapproved operatives.
You're being investigated.
If there is some explanatlon for what you've been doing
I need to hear what it is.
Right now.
You suggest that we allow Irina Derevko
to make contact with Arvin Sloane?
I've had 20 years to reflect on that woman's ability to deceive.
Trust me.
If she lles to me again, I'll know it.
The plan was for Mr. Sloane to meet you here.
For security reasons, I'm afraid that's imposSlble.
If you get in, I'll take you to him.
We've lost downlink.
Jack, we're blind. You're gonna have to follow her.
-Activate the tracking device. -I can't.
Step out of the car, please.
Thank you for extracting me.
VAUGHN: We have a casualty. Woman down.
We need a medic.
They'll keep me in debrlef for a while.
You'll be okay.
If you never see me again, it was fun.
Shut up.
Mr. Vaughn, Mr. Yeager would llke to --
Talk to me. Yeah, I know.
Dad, I need to talk to you about Vaughn.
-I know. -He's innocent.
He was investigating mom. It wasn't treason.
The operatlon in Panama didn't go as planned.
What happened? Is mom okay?
Your mother betrayed us, betrayed the CIA.
Her meeting with Sloane was staged to secure her escape.
Sloane could have set up the meet to abduct her.
Before the operatlon, she swapped the Rambaldi manuscript.
She left us with a fake.
She and Sloane are now in possesslon of the original.
Sydney, they planned this.
I heard about your mother.
I'm so sorry.
There's a brlefing in 10 minutes.
They're drawing up a plan to capture Sloane and your mother.
I'm supposed to tell you you're not obligated to go.
My mother's earrings.
They found a note she left.
She wanted me to have them.
Just now, when my dad was telling me,
the first thought I had was that she was dead.
That she'd been killed.
I had this whole thing in my head.
That she dled proving herself.
A hero.
No one can be blamed for trusting their own mother.
I wish that she had been killed.
I still have operatives in St. Petersburg,
Madrid, and Cairo.
How reliable?
They're loyal.
You? You all right?
The extractlon went well.
I'm asking about you, Irina.
I'm happy to see you again.
I was thinking the same thing myself.
What about the genetic database?
Sark and I will meet you in Zurich
as soon as we've acquired it.
You'll have the file soon.
Good. I'll be in Tuscany with Emily.
How is she?
She's in remisslon.
The hard part for her now is misSlng the people
that she had to leave behind.
Especially Sydney.
You know how much we loved her.
As if she were our own.
Excuse us.
I see through you. You must know that.
This is who I am.
You may need to think of yourself
as an honorable husband or father figure, but I don't.
I will never see that man in you.
Which, frankly, is why we have this agreement.
You need to get some rest.
Never talk to me about your love for Sydney again.
Get some rest.
As many of you know,
our attempt to capture Arvin Sloane failed.
We belleve that Irina Derevko, while in our custody,
made contact with Sloane,
informed him of our intentlon to apprehend him,
and used it as an opportunity to escape.
Due to Jack Bristow's intimate knowledge
of the fugitives in questlon and his long-standing record
of accurate predictlons regarding Derevko,
Langley has given him operatlonal control
of this task force.
In all llkelihood,
Sloane and Derevko have formed a strategic partnership.
As of this morning,
our Slngle aim will be their apprehenslon.
Derevko has been tagged with a pasSlve tracking device.
MARSHALL: Excuse me, Slr. Sorry to interrupt.
By the way, congratulatlons on heading the task force.
The device that we implanted wasn't pasSlve.
Yes, it is.
I removed the original device in case Derevko was swept for bugs.
Without her knowledge,
I injected her with a pasSlve transmitter.
Wow. Actually, that's really smart.
Because if they do a bug sweep,
they won't pick up anything until it transmits.
How'd you plant it without her knowing?
The transmitter's programmed
to send a Slgnal 12 hours from now.
That allows her enough time to reach Sloane
before going active.
A tactical team is on standby.
Once we acquire the Slgnal, we'll move in
and take them into custody.
I don't know what to say.
This house is...
When will we know if they accept the offer?
I closed Iast week.
I wanted to surprise you.
I just wanted to make you happy.
These past few months have been llke a bad dream.
Thank God we got through it.
I love you.
Nice grouping.
What happened?
They downgraded my security clearance
until counterintelligence clears me.
Your father convinced them to keep me fleld-rated.
Then you heard about my mother.
You were right to investigate her.
-Sydney... -It's the truth.
I am not blaming you. It's me.
I was so naive about her.
I don't think you should be part of this task force.
You know how I feel about Irina Derevko.
But no one should have to hunt down their own mother.
She was never my mother.
You want to belleve that?
Don't. Don't condescend --
That is not what I'm doing.
If you corner her and you heSltate even for one second,
it could cost you your llfe.
I won't heSltate.
Let me be blunt, Jack.
I accepted your recommendatlon to trust Derevko
because you made a strong argument.
A personal one.
Which I now understand you didn't belleve,
or you would never have placed
a transmitter on that woman without informing me.
It was my call to let her out. I stand by that.
But you blindSlded me.
And your pretense of an apology doesn't do any good.
I'll be equally blunt.
From the moment Irina Derevko walked in,
you ordered Sydney to deal with her
over my objectlons.
With absolute disregard for her well-bring.
That was my prerogative.
That said, it's not my intentlon to replace you.
As soon as I'm satisfled
that Derevko can never harm my daughter again,
you'll have your title back.
Excuse me.
I'm not sure who I'm supposed to address.
You're both here. Who's in charge?
-What is it? -What do you want?
The transmitter that Mr. Bristow injected into his wife.
Ex-wife. Sorry.
It just went active.
And we're tracking her.
SYDNEY: Base ops has tracked Derevko's Slgnal to Stuttgart.
Once on the ground, we will confirm
with visual identificatlon.
We will not engage until we know the whereabouts of all three.
We move in only after Derevko's led us to Sloane.
Like many pharmaceutical companles,
the firm I represent has monitored your work.
Mapping the human genome.
We are interested in llcenSlng that work.
MAN: We are in the process of flelding offers,
I'm afraid your firm... I'm not familiar with it.
Oh, we're a small Scandinavian consortium.
I would not have come
if I did not belleve my offer was Slgnificant.
Our server room is where the data is processed.
-Right this way. -Thank you.
The servers are located beyond radlo contact.
When you're prepared for extractlon, I'll be standing by.
SYDNEY: We're two blocks from the Slgnal.
Any intel on that locatlon?
JACK: Brucker Blotech.
The German Human Genome Project.
We're running a complete analySls.
Every patent, blographles, political contributlons.
Sloane and Derevko getting their hands on genetic research.
That can't be good.
I've hacked into their CCTV system.
I'm relaying the feed to you now.
Let's see what we've got.
Agent Bristow, we're pulling into poSltlon.
My name is Peter Garrow. I'm Miss Herksgard's asSlstant.
I'm running Iate.
Would it be posSlble to have a pass at the front desk?
Thank you.
We have an I.D. He's entering the building.
We see him. Hold your poSltlon.
For now. We've confirmed Derevko and Sark.
-That's good enough for me. -Noted.
It took 15 years of analySls,
but we assembled the informatlon
into a high-resolutlon DNA map of unequaled detail.
[ Door opens ]
Sark's taking out cameras.
-We lost the feed. -They may know we're here.
There's a team out front. We've been tracked.
I swept myself. I'm clean.
[ Beeping ]
[ Rapid beeping ]
-The misslon's compromised. -It's not imposSlble.
-We could lose everything. -The transmitter is active.
-We can track them. -Sloane may not be here.
They may not be working with Sloane.
I don't understand.
When we extracted you, we scanned for transmitters.
It must have been on a time delay.
Do it.
[ Electricity crackles ]
-We lost her. -How?
I don't know. Frled somehow. Overloaded.
There's nothing I can do.
If we lose her now, we lose her for good.
Move in.
Call Brucker. Tell them we have terrorists on the premises.
Have them seal the building. We will meet them in the lobby.
This will get us into the hard drive.
-Is the file on the network? -Yes, but it's encrypted.
I'll transfer the file. We can decipher Iater.
-How long to download? -Five minutes.
Make sure there's no evidence we were here.
All right. I'll set the detonator for Slx minutes.
Meet me at the extractlon point.
[ Gunshot ]
You okay?
Yeah, I'm okay.
Come on. Come on.
-What about Derevko? -She's gotta be here.
Dad, I see her.
We're going after her.
She's exiting the building.
Yeah, I'll talk to you Iater.
What's for dinner?
It's bread-and-vegetable soup.
That sounds great. I'll get the Barolo.
[ Cellular phone rings ]
[ Ringing continues ]
IRINA: May I speak with your husband?
Yes, just a moment.
It's for you.
It's a woman.
I've recovered the file.
But I was tracked.
By whom?
The CIA.
Until we know, we have to assume you've been exposed as well.
You'd better leave the house until we know for sure.
Yeah. I agree.
Meet me at the airfleld.
We have to leave.
-What? Who was that? -I'll explain everything Iater.
We have to leave. It's a precautlon.
Against what? What's going on?
Listen to me. We have to leave the house now.
I don't understand.
Look at me.
You have to trust me. Please.
You have to trust me.
ASlde from cancer studles,
Brucker sponsored genetic research.
The mapping and sequencing of chromosomes.
It's rumored that they have cataloged
the DNA of private citizens.
Some say milllons.
MARSHALL: If that's true, then...
Sorry to interrupt. I just...
Is that suede?
Sloane could develop a genetically targeted virus.
He could pollute the water supply to kill one person.
When he or she takes a drink of water or a shower,
the water would permeate to the system.
I'll instruct the NSA to add every derivatlon
of "genetics" to the Echelon watch llst.
Uh, excuse me one second.
Did you say that before the exploslon,
your mother called your name?
Why'd she do that?
Doesn't that seem weird? Or is that just me?
It's cool if it is just me.
It is just me, isn't it?
Irina might have wanted to save Sydney's llfe.
I doubt that's the case.
What do you mean, you own this?
It's my plane, sweetheart. It's ours.
I've been more than patlent. It's enough.
I don't understand.
Laura, I thought...
Arvin will tell you.
The disk. As promised.
Emily, Slt down.
How long have you known she was alive?
A couple of months.
And you didn't tell me this?
-What is going on? -Emily...
Tell me! Don't treat me llke a fool.
Stop telling me the deceptlon is over.
I had to wait.
I wanted to make sure it was gonna work.
What are we doing here with a woman who dled 20 years ago?
What I'm pursuing... truth.
Good. Well, that explains it all.
I guess you and I are looking for the same thing.
Emily, what I'm looking for, among other things...
...will let you llve cancer-free.
I am cancer-free.
You're saying that in high school,
my girlfrlend dated the quarterback?
It was no big deal. He was just this god.
What was his name? Frank?
I forgot all about that guy.
I went shopping, and I saw something.
It reminded me of you.
You bought Vaughn a present?
Why not?
Because it's the weirdest thing of all time?
It reminded me of him.
Maybe you could do that for me sometime.
Nice. Thanks.
You're making me look bad. I haven't bought him anything.
Sydney's saying that you're wearing suits. I thought...
Oh, wow.
It's beautiful. Thank you. That's very sweet.
You're welcome.
[ Pagers beeping ]
We have to go.
-What's going on? -You need to see this.
VAUGHN: What is this?
The camera at our consulate in Florence Iast night.
-She's alive. -She walked through the door.
Told the guard she was the wife of Arvin Sloane.
She wants to cooperate with the CIA.
She'll only talk to you.
I spoke at your funeral.
Arvin told me.
Yesterday, I felt exactly the way you do now.
Seeing someone I thought was gone.
My mother.
-You know. -Yes.
I never wanted to put you through that.
But Arvin and I had no choice.
The Alliance had to belleve I was dead.
You knew about his involvement with The Alliance.
And you stayed with him.
I know this is difficult for you to understand.
But when I found out I had cancer, Arvin...
...was my tether.
To hope.
To survival.
When I went into remisslon, he told me the truth.
He asked for my forgiveness
and promised that he would make things right.
He's been my whole world for 30 years.
He saved my llfe.
I couldn't deny my husband a second chance.
Except nothing's changed.
I'm assuming that's why you're here.
He told me his plan.
To find out what this man Rambaldi was working on.
He ratlonalizes what he's done.
He says he's doing it for us. For me.
But even if I belleved him...
...I won't be the excuse for his crimes.
I won't llve with that on my consclence.
I'll help you bring him in.
But I need you to guarantee me something in return.
That he won't get the death penalty.
I want it in writing before I tell you where he is.
KENDALL: We can't make that deal.
For all we know, Sloane sent his wife to mislead us.
Sydney trusts Emily.
Is that enough reason to take that chance?
Why not threaten her with prosecutlon?
Compel her to tell us?
Prosecutlon for what?
Are you kidding me?
Conspiracy, fraud, aiding and abetting.
We need Emily.
I belleve she'll lead us to Sloane and Irina.
It's your call anyway, isn't it?
Go to Florence with Dixon.
I'll tell Sydney to make the deal.
A tactical plan will be ready by the time you Iand.
I'm meeting a man this afternoon
who can get us Slx hours on a Cray X1 computer.
It should be able to decrypt the genetic database.
Are you there?
What if I told you that I wanted you to buy me out?
That I'd be willing to sell you the breadth of my assets.
My contacts.
All the Rambaldi artifacts
I've acquired over the Iast 30 years.
I'd say either you're setting me up to be killed...
...or I underestimated your love for your wife.
Well, I'm going back to Tuscany to see Emily.
The house is safe. Emily's meeting me there.
I'll bring the database with me. You can pick it up there.
I can't blame Emily.
She's right.
I want out.
SYDNEY: This document guarantees
that the Justice Department will not pursue
the death penalty for your husband.
Take a few minutes to read it before you Slgn.
I don't need to.
You understand you're gonna have to wear a wire.
The operatlon's being drawn up.
The raid will be dangerous, but you're gonna be fine.
We will protect you.
I know I've disappointed you.
That I chose to stay with Arvin.
That I came here asking you to show mercy
for a man who took so much away from you.
You're in an imposSlble Sltuatlon.
At your funeral...
I said that I've always thought of you as my real mother.
I meant it.
-[ Beeps ] -He's going to know.
It's odd. I feel llke I'm talking to myself.
It's comforting to know that you're out there llstening.
Oh, God, I think he's here.
[ Sllenced gunshot ]
The genetic database is in the safe in the study.
It's just off to the left.
That's the combinatlon.
Are you certain about this?
Yeah. Yeah.
I'm sorry.
There's no point in continuing if you're not with me.
We're on.
You've said that before.
It's different.
What changed so much in one day?
When Emily says she's going to the wine cellar, we move.
The things you've done.
There's just been too much suffering.
You have every right not to belleve me.
But it doesn't matter.
You will.
I will never leave you again.
I'm here to say goodbye.
Do you remember how it felt when I found you on the beach
and I told you that it was over?
-Arvin. -All that matters is this.
What we have between us.
-Just stop. -That no one else is a part of.
Oh, God, please just stop.
We lost the Slgnal. Sloane may have found the wire.
[ Whispering ] The CIA's been llstening.
They're here.
We have to go.
Doesn't matter.
All I need to know right now
is whether you want to come with me.
Come with you?
If you don't want to, I'll understand.
But, Emily, please.
Please. You have to make your mind up right now.
I will.
VAUGHN: Sloane!
-Come on. -Go.
I have the disk. Ready for extractlon.
SARK: Copy that.
They're in some tunnel. It starts to the east.
Check to see where it leads.
Copy. On my way.
Freeze! Don't move!
-[ Groans ] -[ Gun cocks ]
[ Gunshot ]
Go, go, go.
Do you have the disk?
กำ As the muSlc กำ
กำ At the banquet กำ
Are you okay?
I don't want to talk.
Not now.
กำ As the firelight กำ
กำ In the night กำ
[ Beeping ]
กำ So are you to me กำ
-Is that your phone? -Mnh-mnh. Yours?
กำ As the ruby กำ
กำ In the setting กำ
กำ As the fruit กำ
กำ On the tree... กำ
[ Beeping continues ]
What is that?
My mother's earrings.
-I thought they were checked. -They were.
-It's a pattern. -Dash-dot-dash.
That's a "K." Definitely Morse code.
An "E."
That's a "T."
That's another "T."
It's encoded.
กำ As the wind blows over the plain กำ
What are you doing?
กำ So are you กำ
กำ To me กำ
กำ So are you to me กำ
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Apocalypse Now - Redux
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Appartement Le 1996 CD1
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Apsolutnih Sto
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Aristocats The
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Armata Brancaleone Le
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Aro Tolbukhin En la Mente del Asesino (Agustin Villaronga 2002)
Around The World In 80 Days 2004 CD1
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Around The World In 80 Days CD1
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Arsene Lupin
Arsenic And Old Lace 1944
Art Of War The
Arven (2003) CD1
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As Long As My Feet Will Carry Me CD1
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As bodas de Deus (1998) CD1
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Atlantis The Lost Empire
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