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Subtitles for Alias 02x20 - Countdown.

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Alias 02x20 - Countdown

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Previously on "Alias"...
I want satellite footage of Tuscany.
I want to know who murdered my wife.
[ Thud ]
I'II see you at home after I get the kids.
-Good night. -Good night, Diane.
See you tomorrow.
Where the hell's the device? Tell me, or we're both dead!
Dixon, what are you doing?
Stay back, Sydney!
-You're gonna kill yourself. -I have nothing to Iose!
What the hell is your man doing?
Disarm your explosive.
Can you see them?
-Negative. -Dixon, think.
Don't do this.
-Sydney, get out! -I'm not Ieaving without you.
Dixon, I repeat. Deactivate that weapon!
Tell me where the box is, or we die!
-Base camp, I've got a visual. -What's it gonna be?
Tell Vaughn to take him down.
Dixon could be holding a detonator.
Firing could trigger the explosion.
-Dixon, shut it down! -15...
Agent Bristow, I'm pulling rank.
Agent Vaughn, this is NSA Deputy Director Brandon.
I am ordering you
to take that shot at first possible opportunity.
DIXON: Sydney, get out!
SYDNEY: Dixon, you must disarm now!
กำ Do not stand at my grave and weep กำ
กำ I am not there กำ
กำ I do not sleep กำ
กำ I am a thousand winds that blow กำ
กำ I am the sunlight on ripened grain กำ
กำ I am a gentle autumn's rain กำ
กำ I am the swift, uplifting rush กำ
กำ Of quiet birds in circled flight กำ
กำ Do not stand at my grave and cry กำ
กำ Do not stand at my grave and cry กำ
กำ Do not stand at my grave and cry กำ
VAUGHN: I saw Dixon take something.
What do you mean?
He just Iooked Iike he was barely holding it together.
It could have been aspirin.
It wasn't aspirin.
What are you saying?
He's going back to work days after his wife was murdered,
and he's self-medicating.
I think he needs to feel he's doing everything he can.
To find SIoane?
I did the same thing with Danny.
I found the man we're Iooking for.
He Iives in Panama City.
I can be there in 1 7 hours.
The CIA has a copy of the database that Caplan decrypted.
They'II deduce who it is we're after if they haven't already.
What do you suggest?
I suggest you call this number.
A recording will answer for a Iimousine service.
Leave your cell number only.
Within five minutes, a man will call you.
You'II tell him exactly what you need.
Have you heard from Irina?
She's in Cyprus, inspecting some properties
to take the place of the facility in Spain.
I see.
I thought I would have some measure of satisfaction
with Diane Dixon's death.
I killed the wrong person.
I'm taking a Ieave.
I want you to continue without me.
Sir, not to belittle your grief,
but do not deny yourself the victory
of a 30-year pursuit.
If I don't see you again, Mr. Sark,
tell Irina that I hope you both succeed where I couldn't.
This is Frederick Brandon, NSA Deputy Director.
He's coordinating a task force
to Iocate and study Rambaldi's work.
I'd Iike to say thank you to all of you
for welcoming my associate and I.
I'm Carrie Bowman, Special Projects.
Thanks to your technical services specialist --
it's a Mr. FIinkman --
we've made a breakthrough in the Rambaldi investigation.
Really? Uh, actually, I'm FIinkman.
Marshall FIinkman.
So while the CIA was in possession
of Rambaldi's study of the heart,
Mr. FIinkman cataloged and copied it.
Do you have a presentation?
Oh, uh, presentation. Yeah. I've got it.
And by the way, you can call me Marshall.
Everybody calls me... Whatever.
Um, okay.
Uh, take a Iook right here.
Now, these drawings are amazing.
Like da Vinci-in-his-prime amazing.
But the what-could-he-possibly- have-been-smoking element,
well, that is right here.
Take a Iook in the corner.
You see these drawings in the corner.
Now, they Iook just Iike normal squiggles or doodling,
Iike you would do while on the phone.
AIthough he probably wouldn't be on the phone.
They didn't actually have phones yet.
But, um, they are actually specific strands of DNA.
Now, I strung them all together, and I got a DNA fingerprint.
The DNA of this man... Proteo di Regno.
A private citizen Iiving in Panama City.
He works as an art restorer.
You're saying that 500 years ago
Rambaldi drew the DNA profile of a man who's alive today?
Di Regno's DNA profile was a code key.
It Iet us decrypt page 94 of the Rambaldi manuscript.
What's on the page?
Times and dates, each marking an apocalyptic event.
September 7, 1812...
Napoleon's bloodiest battle with the Russians.
June 28, 1914...
the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand
started World War I.
August 6, 1945, Hiroshima. The Iist goes on.
There's a future date Iisted on the page, isn't there?
48 hours from now.
What's the prediction?
The page doesn't say. It just gives a time.
It's the equivalent of midnight Eastern standard time.
We're coordinating with Iocal authorities in Panama City.
When you find di Regno, you'II escort him here.
Until the moment specified by Rambaldi has come and gone,
by national security directive,
this operation center is under the jurisdiction of NSA.
[ Thud ]
[ Switch clicking ]
[ Switch clicking ]
[ Grunts ]
DIXON: We've talked to the neighbors.
No one saw the person who might have done this.
Forensics hasn't found anything. No prints, nothing.
And you believe this wasn't a burglary?
Nothing was taken besides his heart.
[ Cellular phone rings ]
So why take his heart?
I don't know.
[ Speaking Spanish ]
[ Speaking Spanish ]
It Iooks Iike the fingertip from a Iatex glove.
Must have torn off.
MARSHALL: I was able to enhance the partial print.
There was a match. Guy's name is Emilio Vargas.
He's a freelance assassin
specializing in interrogation and wet work.
CIients include Russian Mafia, Triad, Japanese Yakuza.
Any intel on where he operates from?
There is an address in Guadalajara.
Forward me everything you've got.
I have a request concerning Agent Dixon.
What is it?
I know he's been through a Iot.
But until he's had a psychological evaluation
and is cleared by Medical Services,
I believe it's in his best interest and ours
to remove him from field duty.
I've worked with Agent Dixon for nearly a dozen years.
If he feels ready, I'm going to accord him that respect.
Given his state of mind,
do you think he's the person to make that decision?
Jack, he just Iost his wife.
With all due respect, why are you fighting me?
I'm not required to justify my decisions to you, Agent Vaughn.
However, I recruited Dixon into SD-6.
I'm the man who sold him the Iie he was working for the CIA.
I introduced him to the man who killed his wife.
I will not be the one to tell him
he can't assist in SIoane's capture.
[ Sobs ]
Is everything okay?
Ms. Bowman?
[ Sniffs ]
Hey. Excuse me. I...
Thank you.
No problem.
Is everything all right?
[ Sniffs ] It's Joni Mitchell.
Don't tell anyone, okay?
No, I...
I shouldn't bring her to work. It makes me fatalistic.
This work we're doing, it doesn't really help.
Yeah. No kidding.
You know, researching this prophecy,
trying to predict what disasters are gonna hit 36 hours from now,
it makes me want to throw up.
Do you believe in this stuff?
Rambaldi, his prophecy?
Um, I was raised, more or Iess, by agnostic parents.
They were inordinately empirical,
Iogical to the point of foolishness.
"Marshall, wear your sweater. It's 52 degrees outside."
But I'm Iike, "Mom, I'm not cold."
"Well, in this family, we wear sweaters at 52 degrees."
I mean, there were really no prophecies growing up
or even Santa CIaus, tooth fairy.
So the short answer is no.
Well, that's what I keep telling myself.
To tell you the truth, I'm exhausted by the world.
The evil and the rage and the darkness.
And the Iast thing I need is some 15th-century dork
telling me I got a day and a half to Iive.
I mean, I have so much Ieft to do.
Are you gay?
Why? Is there someone you want to set me up with?
No, it's just every cute guy that I meet
turns out to be gay.
And I'm not stupid. I'm in Mensa.
Hold on. Not gay.
I mean, I Iike men in a kind of manly, friend sort...
How about sushi?
I mean, because when we're done with this job, after 36 hours,
of course, assuming we're still here, we could...
You want to get some sushi?
I would Iove that.
Oh, and Joni Mitchell...
Uh, Dr. Barnett? This is Michael Vaughn.
There's something I need to talk to you about.
[ Bell dings ]
กำ Vamos queriendo mas y mas กำ
กำ Vamos queriendo mas y mas กำ
กำ Vamos queriendo mas y mas กำ
กำ Mas y mas, mas y mas กำ
กำ Vamos queriendo mas y mas กำ
กำ Vamos queriendo mas y mas กำ
กำ Vamos queriendo mas y mas กำ
กำ Mas y mas, mas y mas, mas y mas กำ
[ Crowd cheering ]
[ Bell dings ]
[ Man speaking Spanish ]
Mr. Vargas, we come referred by Gurneyev.
He was very pleased with the work you did for him in Gdansk.
Si. The Copertley job.
[ Speaking Spanish ]
Janazik was a Iearning experience.
I found if you remove the eye slowly,
you could keep it connected to the optic nerve.
He saw himself in a whole new Iight.
[ Grunts ]
-Why did you kill di Regno? -Son of a bitch!
[ Grunts ]
Why di Regno? Why'd you kill him?
Why'd you take his heart?
-Talk, you son of a bitch. -Aah!
It wasn't his heart! It wasn't his heart!
It was a machine!
-I don't know! -[ Bones cracking ]
Where is it?
Aah! On a truck!
On its way to Colombia!
Oh, God!
Is that where SIoane is?
-[ Grunts ] -Is that where SIoane is?
SIoane! Where is he?
I don't know SIoane!
The guy who hired you!
[ Grunts ] I was hired by phone!
How? How'd he pay you?
Wire. Wire transfer.
-Tell me how... -[ Grunts ]
-to find...SIoane! -Dixon!
DR. BARNETT: I asked you to come in
because I wanted to know how you were doing
during what has to be a most difficult time.
I am so sorry for your Ioss.
Thank you.
Do you mind if we talk
about the operation yesterday in Guadalajara?
No. Of course not.
This was four days after the death of your wife.
That's correct.
Were you ordered on this mission?
I was encouraged not to go. I insisted.
Because I have unfinished business.
With SIoane.
It says here that you and Agent Bristow
interrogated an associate of SIoane's.
That's right.
Was that difficult...
being in the same room with someone who might know
the whereabouts of the man who killed your wife?
He didn't know.
Did you ask him?
Did Agent Bristow talk to you?
Would she tell me something different?
I used necessary force.
There are people at this agency
who are working to bring SIoane to justice.
Not good enough.
I need to be involved.
Agent Dixon, it is my job to determine
whether at this time you are fit for duty.
Well, I reviewed his medical records,
and di Regno never had a heart transplant,
nor did he have an artificial heart.
Which Ieads us to at Ieast two questions.
What was keeping him alive,
and why did SIoane want it so badly?
Oh, there's more.
Now, remember those heart drawings?
Well, I interpreted the text.
Rambaldi refers to conquering tissue degeneration.
We know Rambaldi was fascinated with immortality.
Even so, what does all this have to do with the prophecy?
23 hours Ieft.
The satellites are tracking the truck.
We should get something soon.
Actually, this probably has no connection at all,
but di Regno worked as an art restorer.
Carrie reminded me. Hitler was a painter.
Oh, did I... Um, Ms. Bowman.
I should go.
Syd, did you tell Barnett that I wasn't fit for field duty?
Dixon, no.
You didn't put in a request for me to undergo an eval?
I promise you, no.
Somebody did.
I've been ordered to report for a drug test.
You're worried.
I've been taking Vicodin.
Now, I stopped. I threw them away.
It doesn't matter. It'II show up on the test.
Sydney, they're going to suspend me.
They've I.D.'d the truck. It just crossed the border.
Your father's developing an op to intercept di Regno's heart.
Did you report to Barnett that Dixon was taking pills?
Come here.
You should have called me first.
Well, I'm sorry, but I don't need your permission.
Why go out of your way to make things harder?
I'm trying to protect him and you.
One mistake out there could get you killed.
He nearly beat a man to death.
He got us our Iead on the di Regno device.
Look, I get that you both have a stake in catching SIoane.
But it can also cloud your judgment.
It makes me insane when you patronize me.
This conversation's over. I stand by my decision.
Shall we continue?
I would Iike to cross the north summit.
You did not tell me this when you hired me.
If I had, you wouldn't have come.
I will gladly pay you double the amount we discussed.
People that go there do not return the same.
I see.
Well, don't worry about me.
[ Knock on door ]
I wanted to say I'm sorry. You caught me off guard.
I'm sorry.
I know you're just Iooking out for Dixon and me.
His test came back negative.
You were right. Must have been aspirin.
Are we okay?
[ Door closes ]
I hope I didn't wake the kids.
They're at Diane's sister's.
You passed the drug test.
I'm in trouble, Syd.
What did you do? Switch the results?
As soon as I Ieft, I knew it was a mistake.
Oh, Dixon.
But it was too Iate. The results were cataloged.
SIoane murdered my wife.
I have to make him pay for that.
I've been called in to talk to Barnett.
-You can't tell her. -Dixon.
If they find out, I'II never work for the government again.
How will I take care of my kids?
Sydney, I don't know how to do this without Diane.
I have to go.
DR. BARNETT: Thanks for coming in so Iate.
But I was about to finish my evaluation on Marcus Dixon,
and I didn't feel it would be comprehensive
without getting some input from the person who knows him best.
What would you Iike to know?
Your father has argued strongly
that Dixon should stay in the field.
And without any evidence of drug use,
I can't countermand him.
Is there anything that you think that I should know
before I give my final decision?
Marcus Dixon is one of the strongest people
I've ever known.
I trust him with my Iife without hesitation.
And I am confident
that despite the agony he's feeling right now...
...he will pull through this.
-Hey. -Hey.
I got your message.
The truck Ieft the Pan-American highway.
It Iooks Iike its endpoint is the Estrella shipyard.
What about Dixon?
I Ieft word after I called you. He hasn't called me back.
This is the Estrella,
a cargo-freight area with its own security.
The perimeter has patrols
covering both the north and southeast sectors.
Intel indicates the truck is Iocated here.
Sydney, you'II infiltrate the weakest post and secure it.
Vaughn and Delta Force will then join you
to determine whether or not this "heart"
is actually a weapon, an explosive.
By the time you reach the truck,
you'II only have 20 minutes until the midnight deadline.
If you're unable to Iocate the device,
I've been given authority to initiate secondary protocol,
to rig the yard with enough C-4
to destroy whatever the device may be.
-You're Iate. -Sorry, sir.
JACK: Fill him in on the way.
You Ieave in an hour.
Uh, could you give us a minute?
-I'II see you in Tech Services. -Okay.
Thank you for not saying anything.
It wasn't just Barnett.
I Iied to Vaughn.
I need you to Iook me in the eye and promise me
that you can handle this.
I promise.
Let's go.
Do you know who I am?
Do you?
Arvin SIoane.
That's right, you son of a bitch.
Your search for Rambaldi has frustrated you.
Frustrated me?
You mean that meaningless quest you sent me on 30 years ago
that made me abandon the CIA
and betray everyone I ever Ioved?
Your wife has been killed.
How did you know that?
Put away the gun.
There is something I must show you.
We found the truck. No sign of the driver.
I'm going to Iook for the device.
Copy, Mountaineer. Base camp, waiting on your signal.
Copy that, Boy Scout. Hold your position.
Cover me.
[ Door opens ]
It's not here. It's been moved.
Okay, we have to search every container.
-Initiate secondary protocol. -Not yet.
We'II give Sydney time to find the device.
At Ieast move your team into place.
Boy Scout, weapons free. Move out.
MAN: Secure the freight?
[ Grunts ] Who the hell are you?
You just took possession of a cargo.
-Where is it? -No idea.
[ Grunts ]
Where is it?
Maybe they didn't tell you, but it could be
-a weapon of mass destruction. -Piss off.
Okay. Okay.
You see this?
There's enough C-4 here to blow us all to hell.
Where the hell is the device?
Dixon, what are you doing?
-Stay back, Sydney! -You're gonna kill yourself.
I have nothing to Iose!
What the hell is your man doing?
Disarm your explosive.
Can you see them?
-Negative. -Dixon, think.
Don't do this.
-Sydney, get out! -I'm not Ieaving without you.
Dixon, deactivate that weapon!
Tell me, or we die.
Base camp, I've got a visual.
-What's it gonna be? -Tell Vaughn to take him down.
Dixon might be holding a detonator.
Firing could trigger the explosion.
[ Beeping ]
Agent Bristow, I'm pulling rank.
This is NSA Deputy Director Brandon.
I am ordering you.
to take that shot at first possible opportunity.
Sydney, please! Go!
What's it gonna be?
-Tell me! -Okay!
Container 246-B.
Now shut it off.
Shut it off! Shut it off!
[ Prolonged beep ]
I cut the primer cord. I'm not that desperate.
We've got a device.
2 minutes, 40 seconds to midnight.
30 years ago, I could only tell you so much.
Information had to come to you over time
or you would not have understood.
Certain events needed to unfold,
according to Rambaldi's writings.
Your wife's death, though unfortunate,
was a necessary step on your journey.
You knew my wife was going to die,
and you didn't warn me.
If I had, I could not have given you this.
MAN: No sign of radioactivity.
The device is self-contained. Not hard-wired to the case.
Do I have authorization to open it?
19 seconds.
Open the box, Delta Ieader.
You can always choose to ignore it.
[ CIick ]
I've opened the box.
Can you deactivate it?
It's not a bomb.
-What is it? -Don't answer that.
You seal the box, bring it home.
[ Watch beeping ]
[ Bell chiming ]
Sir, it's Delta Ieader.
It's all clear. We're packing up.
I guess Rambaldi was wrong.
Your jurisdiction just expired.
I'II have a jet standing by to take you back to Washington.
Now you understand.
Your journey has just begun.
[ Thunder rumbles ]
Last night, asking you to Iie for me...
I'm sorry I ever put you in that position.
It's okay.
After you Ieft...
...I got in my car, drove to this bridge I know.
I was standing there, Iooking up at the sky,
asking God for forgiveness for what I was about to do.
And then I heard something.
It was a baby crying.
It was a baby crying.
I didn't know where it was coming from.
I was alone.
And I started thinking about my babies.
I could see them.
I saw them in the crib.
I saw us sitting up with them at night when they were sick.
And so I stepped down off the railing.
And I Iooked up,
and it wasn't a baby that was crying.
It was just a tree branch, bending in the wind.
กำ You're all I need to get by กำ
กำ You're all I need to get by กำ
กำ As long as I got you then, baby กำ
กำ You know that you got me, oh, oh กำ
Can I have a bite?
Dixon's going to be okay. He admitted what he did.
He turned himself in. That matters to Personnel.
Vaughn, I knew what he did.
I knew that he changed his results.
And I didn't say anything to Barnett.
Or you.
You know this,
but my parents were absent when I was growing up.
I never had anyone to disappoint.
That's different now.
I'm sorry.
กำ You're all กำ
กำ You're all I need กำ
กำ You're all กำ
กำ You're all I need กำ
กำ You're all กำ
กำ You're all I need กำ
กำ You're all กำ
กำ You're all I need กำ
กำ You're all กำ
กำ You're all I need, baby, baby, to get by กำ
กำ Yeah กำ
กำ Get by กำ
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