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Subtitles for Alias 02x22 - The Telling.

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Alias 02x22 - The Telling

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-Syd, you can't blame yourself. -Sure, I can.
-She was playing you. -Maybe.
-What were you supposed to do? -Listened.
You're talking as though you can trust a word she says.
We know we can't. We could have played her.
If you second-guess, you'II drive yourself crazy.
I keep checking my voice mail, just hoping Will's called.
Told us where he is.
So Carrie and I went out. It was great. We got sushi.
And when we got there, the guy behind the counter,
Iike, the Iittle sushi -- They were Iike, "He-e-e-e-y!"
You know, Iike they knew us.
They do that at sushi places.
Really? Oh.
Anyway, it was great. We had a fantastic meal.
So what's the problem?
Post-fish, when I went to drop her off,
this is traditionally, classically,
the time where I would -- or a man would -- kiss her.
And, well, I just started sweating.
-How bad? -Bad. Weird bad.
Freak-show bad.
Did she notice?
It was Iike I just got out of the Iap pool.
-Okay. You need help. -With the Iadies.
-It's sort of a Catch-22. -[ Beeping ]
Go ahead. Keep going. I'm Iistening.
See, to feel comfortable, you have to have experience.
And to have experience, you have to not be you.
I was almost killed,
and the doctors didn't think I was gonna make it.
And the thing that I Iearned from that experience...
Syd, we're receiving intel on a Iocal top-secret server
from outside the building.
-Who's sending the signal? -Your mother.
We just got an upload.
It's the DNA string of the person who was doubled.
As soon as Will is Iocated,
bring him in to compare this to his DNA.
We're verifying the data now. It Iooks Iegit. Legitimate.
Yeah. I know what "Iegit" means.
FRANCIE: What else do they know?
Did Sydney tell you what the CIA knows, or Jack?
I didn't say Jack was involved.
Of course you did.
In the car, you mentioned his name.
God. I'm Iosing my mind.
The CIA doesn't know anything.
That's the problem.
It doesn't make any sense, does it?
The entire CIA, and they have no idea who the double is.
WILL: It just shows how wrong they can be.
Now they think I'm a killer.
Which I am, by the way. I've killed people.
FRANCIE: People who were trying to kill you.
So what? Does that make it easy, or...
Francie, I ended someone's Iife.
Two people's Iives. I'm a killer.
I shouldn't be yelling this.
You're warm.
[ Door opens ]
Hold it! Hands where I can see them!
Yeah, it's him. It's Tippin.
Tell me.
We received the DNA string of the person who was doubled.
Your DNA didn't match.
There was no Provacillium in your blood.
You've been cleared.
[ Sighs ]
Thank God for you.
You're okay.
What about Francie?
Francie's been questioned. She's at home. She's fine.
Thank you.
Oh, what I said about not trusting you...
-Will, don't worry about it. -I was scared to death.
I didn't mean those things. You know that.
I trust you more than I trust anyone.
I'm sorry about the cell.
They're gonna need you to stay. They've got a Iot of questions.
And there's a therapist who's gonna work with you
to try to reverse your memory conditioning.
That file, the DNA string, was there a name attached to it?
There was. We don't have any Ieads.
What was the name?
A.G. Doren.
I'm just so relieved for him. It's Iike I can breathe again.
You know where it's fun? Santa Barbara. You ever been?
Yeah. I Iove it. The zoo.
That giraffe with the crooked neck.
I mean the beach. The Biltmore. The food.
La Superica. You ever been there?
Okay. We're going this weekend.
Yeah. Come on. As if we can go.
-There will be some emergency. -[ Cellular phone rings ]
Yeah? Yeah, practice is over. Why?
No, that wasn't gonna be me.
What do you mean, Marky's sick?
Weiss, come on, man.
Okay. Okay.
I have to go in.
I'm gonna stay and practice so I can kick your ass next time.
-Don't forget. Santa Barbara. -Yeah. Someday.
กำ Ohhh กำ
กำ I would bleed to love her กำ
กำ And once again she calls to me กำ
กำ Then she vanishes in thin air กำ
กำ And how she takes my breath away... กำ
You received my intel.
Your friend was cleared.
I told you I'd want a favor.
This is it.
266 Kroner Strasse.
In Zurich.
I've given you the address of SIoane's warehouse
where he's hiding the Rambaldi artifacts.
That's not why you're here.
It's the only reason.
I know you're Iying. But I don't know why.
I'm here to help you.
Stop being as stubborn as I am!
I knew I'd turn myself in, that I would betray the CIA.
But not you.
I had to be careful.
I needed you to trust me.
But I also couldn't tell you my plan.
SIoane had 23 Rambaldi artifacts.
The CIA had 24.
In order to assemble the device, they had to be brought together.
Those are in SIoane's warehouse.
You stole Rambaldi pieces from the U.S. government?
By winning your trust, the CIA's trust.
And then, as planned,
I had a proposal delivered to SIoane.
A proposal that we work together to take down The AIIiance
and raid the CIA all at once.
I came up with a scenario
where the CIA needed to Iet me use their computers.
I used the opportunity to Iearn
where the U.S. government kept its stash of Rambaldi artifacts.
They were being held at a secret NSA Iab in Nevada.
One month Iater, SIoane had a team raid the Iab.
I never heard of an NSA raid.
Of course not.
When the time came for my escape, it was painful.
Because my Iove for you, for your father,
was not a contrivance.
Suddenly you want us to have SIoane's artifacts?
I know our relationship is complicated.
But I'm your mother.
I have to believe that would be the case under any circumstance.
Go to Zurich.
-You're insane. -One more thing I need to do.
And I'm sorry for this, too.
[ Door opens ]
Provacillium to the rescue.
Thanks. The fever's bad.
So what are we doing with Tippin?
Nothing. For the moment.
Then when am I getting extracted?
I don't know what new evidence the CIA has.
-But it's gonna Iead to me. -Not necessarily.
If you disappear now, you'II be a suspect for sure.
What is it?
AIIison, we can't reverse the process.
Markovic's Iab was destroyed.
But we're doing everything we can to retrieve the data.
And I'm hopeful
that we will find a way to reverse the procedure.
-I may have to stay this way? -No.
No. We'II get you back.
Look at me.
We'II get you back.
You don't fancy him, do you?
Don't be stupid.
And it didn't occur to you that a raid...
I'm not at Iiberty to discuss the details of the raid.
And I'm not at Iiberty to respect the way you do business.
How many Rambaldi pieces were stolen?
That's what my mother said.
And we have to find out from Irina Derevko?
The question is, what is the next step?
She's Iying. She has to be. It's a setup.
Then why show up in person?
From what I know of Derevko, she's Ioyal to only one person.
SYDNEY: Dixon's right, obviously.
I don't know. Maybe this is a valid play.
-But why would she need us? -Guilt.
Her motives may be insidious, her methods Ioathsome,
but she is not unfeeling.
I say we send a team.
Proceed with caution, but proceed.
We'II prep to have whatever we find brought back to the States.
A neutral Iocation.
I propose Evans Naval Base in Ventura.
-I'II call my director. -You do that.
SIoane may have most of the pieces to assemble this device.
But I don't think he has them all.
The di Regno heart.
If the NSA's still got it.
You know, that's enough of your crap.
Jack, go along with the NSA, transfer the heart to the base,
and Iet Marshall know he's going.
I want him to confirm what we've got, or not, ASAP.
Weiss, I need you to tell Tippin we're done with him.
-Escort him to the safe house. -Yes, sir.
Marshall, we're sending you to Zurich.
It's a research mission.
We may have gained access to SIoane's Rambaldi artifacts.
That's fantastic. I mean...
Hey, you know who should go with us on this mission?
Carrie -- Ms. Bowman -- because she's NSA,
she works under Brandon, and she would be very helpful
in the field.
In the field.
Ms. Bowman.
Yes, sir?
You're going to Zurich. PIane Ieaves in an hour.
Mr. Tippin, I'm Agent Weiss. We're all through here.
I'm supposed to take you to where you'II be staying.
Is there a computer I can use here?
The name on this DNA file, I know that from somewhere.
-I want to check it out. -Sure.
Thanks. I'm Will.
Oh. Weiss. Eric Weiss.
Like Houdini.
Yeah. Yeah, actually.
He was a great-great-uncle of mine.
Can you do magic tricks?
Okay, check this out. Okay, you ready?
A.G. Doren doesn't ring a bell?
No. Still doesn't.
Hey, can I access my Tradeworks file?
Yeah. What's your password?
There was a time I was considering becoming a magician.
Then I thought, "What the hell am I thinking?"
Oh, my God.
-What's that Iist? -Project: Christmas.
It's a CIA black ops program from the '70s.
Train kids as sleeper agents to be used as future spies.
It's a summer camp. There were 20 kids.
AIIison Doren was supposed to have died in a car accident.
[ Telephone rings ]
This is Kendall.
JACK: We've got the heart. We're en route to the base.
E.T.A. -- three hours.
KENDALL: Roger that.
MAN: Let's go.
MAN: Okay. We're free of explosives. You can move in.
-These could be real. -Let's get Marshall in here.
How is it Iooking?
I don't know, sir.
It's not consistent with any of the artifacts I've seen.
I was thinking the same thing.
KENDALL: Well, what the hell is it?
Looks Iike a waffle iron?
[ Drill humming ]
It's a setup.
There's nothing here.
Give me Jack Bristow.
[ Tires screeching ]
Drop the weapon or you're dead.
KENDALL: Irina Derevko has struck again.
Based on her intel, we sent in some of our finest agents.
We took control of a storage facility.
With the help of a bomb squad, we are in control
of two dozen rusted kitchen appliances.
Simultaneously, an enemy team ambushed our caravan,
killed two of our men.
And along with the di Regno heart, Jack Bristow is missing.
What's our next move?
We scour every source of intel, anything halfway concrete,
and we move on it.
[ Door opens, closes ]
SLOANE: He had so many brilliant creations.
But there was one in particular.
A machine.
He called it il dire. "The telling."
The construction consists of 47 pieces.
CIassic Rambaldi.
As you know, it took me a Iong time.
Longer than I thought.
But I've acquired them all...
including the di Regno heart.
With your help.
They're in the next room, Jack.
I have a team assembling il dire right now.
They say it shouldn't be more than a day.
And then what?
I've seen things recently.
I've seen what's possible.
There's a change coming, Jack.
Something even I couldn't imagine.
I used to feel sorry for you.
Could you sense it?
That you'd been abandoned, Ieft for dead, disgraced?
I pitied you.
That you needed Rambaldi to fill the void in your Iife.
It was Iike a religion for you.
I didn't expect you to understand.
Then why keep me alive?
Because we're friends, Jack.
[ Speaking French ]
[ Speaking German ]
Any anomalies?
Were you close to him? Brandon?
I hated him.
Which is why I feel so bad, if that makes any sense.
I'm sorry.
You're sweet.
WILL: I see.
I see. No. Actually, that helps a Iot.
I'm so sorry. I'm sorry.
What's up?
This is A.G. Doren.
AIIison Doren.
I just talked with her parents, told them I was with NTSB.
-Asked about the accident. -And?
There was a bus crash and a fire.
But the coroner told them
that their daughter's burns were severe.
So they never identified the body?
[ Cellular phone rings ]
I didn't know SIoane was gonna switch crates.
Where the hell are you?
He must have known I was going to double-cross him.
He knew.
I am gonna find you.
I don't know where SIoane's gone, but Sark does.
It doesn't have to be you.
Just make sure someone from the CIA goes to Vel Smokander.
Vel Smokander. It's a club in Stockholm.
Sark's gonna be there at 10:00 tomorrow night.
How stupid are you to think I would believe you again?
UItimately you will do whatever you want.
That's what free will's all about.
I've got nothing.
We're going to Sweden.
Everyone's blond. I keep thinking I see him.
Sark's not here.
As expected.
Your dad's gonna be okay.
I know.
So, when this is over, how do we go on vacation?
Well, I was thinking.
And I was thinking that we have to stop talking about it
and just book the hotel.
-Just do it. -You're right.
We have to start thinking more positively.
-We're going to Santa Barbara. -We're going.
There he is.
I don't get it.
My mother.
Nothing. Let's move.
-Freeze! -Freeze!
[ Woman gasps ]
See? When I have a gun on you, I don't just pull the trigger.
Thank you.
-[ Woman gasps ] -You're welcome.
Where the hell is my father?
Not a problem.
My Ioyalties are flexible.
SIoane and your father are in Mexico City.
[ Machinery clanking ]
SYDNEY: [Panting] Base camp, we're at sublevel 2.
They're in the basement. Now what?
The alarm system is Iocated 20 yards down on the north wall.
A gray box with a yellow stripe.
The deactivation code is 1 1 566.
If this intel turns out to be wrong,
I will personally escort you to Camp Harris.
And I won't Ieave until you're dead and buried.
Then I certainly hope Mr. SIoane hasn't changed the code.
Mountaineer, there's a gray control box
with a yellow stripe 20 yards down on the north wall.
You will enter 1 1566.
AIpha team, we've neutralized the alarm.
You're go to enter the building.
MAN: Move! Move!
Move! Move!
Jack, it's been assembled.
Sir, there's a tactical team heading up the stairs.
Pack everything and go. Go!
We'II see each other again, Jack.
Tell Agent Bristow I've got her father.
The equipment is being Ioaded onto the truck?
Yes, sir.
Go after SIoane!
You get SIoane.
I've shot you before. I will do it again.
Keep your hands in the air!
I'm on the roof. I've got Derevko.
MAN: Roger that.
Get off the Iedge.
I'II tell you what you need to know.
Get off the Iedge.
SIoane believes he's been chosen
to realize the word of Rambaldi.
But you, too, have been chosen.
If you think I'm bluffing...
It's you in the prophecy, Sydney, not me.
Only you can stop him.
Good Iuck, sweetheart.
Get down now.
I Iove you.
She jumped!
[ Grunts ]
Any available agents, get to street Ievel!
I'm on my way.
She just climbed into a floor in the middle of the building.
-Which floor? -I have no idea!
18th, maybe 19th! I can't tell from here!
-It's been almost two hours. -Shh!
MAN: Home base, we just found
an elevator shaft pried open on the 19th floor.
We think Derevko has Ieft the building.
Uh, sir, you're not supposed to throw these Iike that.
You'II break them.
[ Door opens, closes ]
Any news?
Just trying to figure it all out.
You're the best.
I'm gonna get an aspirin.
I'II be right back.
You've reached Sydney's cellphone.
-Leave a message after the beep. -Sydney, it's me. Listen.
This is gonna sound insane,
but I just found Provacillium in the bathroom.
And I think that... [ Exhales sharply ]
I think that, uh... Okay. Just think about it.
I think the double is Franc--
[ Creak, door opens ]
[ Gasping ]
It was always you?
It sucks it turned out this way.
That's it. Get on the ground.
Get on the ground!
-[ Gasps ] -[ Knife plunges ]
[ Sobs ]
[ Gasps, Thud ]
[ Sobs ]
SIoane's got the device.
[ Sighs ] And my mother, she...
Another day.
-So I did it. -Did what?
Booked the hotel.
-No, you didn't. -Yes, I did.
-Santa Barbara? -Three nights.
It was probably the greatest phone call I ever made.
-You're a genius. -Thank you.
So after the debrief, I'II pick you up.
You okay?
Relatively speaking.
What's up?
[ Sighs ] I am so burnt.
I understand.
[ Cellular phone beeps ]
[ Dialing ]
[ Rings ]
WOMAN: You have two messages.
Where's Will?
I don't know.
Hi. It's Mary Beth from Director Kendall's office.
Will said he had something to do.
WILL: Sydney, it's me. Listen.
This is gonna sound insane,
but I just found Provacillium in the bathroom.
And I think that... [ Exhales sharply ]
I think that, uh... Okay. Just think about it.
I think the double is Franc--
[ Beeps ]
WOMAN: End of messages.
Want some?
I just have to change out of these clothes.
I just remembered.
Francie doesn't Iike coffee ice cream.
No, she doesn't.
Drop the gun.
Drop it!
[ Gun cocks ]
[ Indistinct talking in distance ]
[ Cat meows ]
[ Telephone ringing ]
WOMAN: Dispatch.
This is officer 2300844 calling for connection.
Confirmation. Looking glass.
WOMAN: Stand by.
This is Kendall.
I just woke up in Hong Kong.
I don't know how Iong I've been here or how I got here.
KENDALL: Get to our safe house in Tsimshatsui.
You remember how to get there?
Of course I do.
KENDALL: I'II make sure they're expecting you.
[ Woman crying in distance ]
Have they said... [ CIears throat ]
Have they said anything about how I got here?
They've asked you to wait for information
until your contact arrives.
[ Door opens ]
They doubled Francie.
I know.
What happened to Will? To Francie? Are they dead?
Will's okay.
What? How?
Sit down.
We thought you were dead.
They asked me to come back to...
To explain.
Come back from what?
What are you talking about?
Why are you wearing that ring?
Since that night... were missing.
[ Inhales sharply ]
You've been missing for almost two years.
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