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Subtitles for Alias 3x02 - Succession.

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Alias 3x02 - Succession

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Previously on "Alias."
- Freeze! - Freeze!
Where the hell is my father?
Not a problem. My loyalties are flexible.
You got married.
I did.
You want to know how I am? I am horrible!
Not because I lost you,
but because if it had been me, I would have waited.
I chose to give information to the CIA,
with which they were able to dismantle
over two dozen terrorist cells.
I don't know how you convinced the CIA that you're trustworthy.
Andrian Lazarey, Russian diplomat.
I've never seen him before.
This was from a hidden camera that I placed.
This is how I knew you were alive.
[Gasps] No!
[Speaking German]
[Speaking German]
[Men screaming]
Okay, Sydney, the test is over.
If you were under the influence
of any valid brainwashing technique, I'd know it.
As for your memory loss, some forms of torture,
electroconvulsive shock therapy, for example, can cause amnesia.
He was unarmed.
Dad, I slit that man's throat.
Your remorse is premature.
Without knowing the circumstances,
you can't be sure you didn't have just cause.
I know you don't want the CIA to see this tape
to protect me, but maybe they should.
They'll detain you indefinitely.
If they learn you murdered Lazarey,
you won't be able to participate in finding what happened to you,
which I need you for.
I don't trust myself right now, Dad.
Maybe the CIA shouldn't, either.
Well, I trust you.
I'll keep looking into Lazarey.
Your mother may be helpful, assuming she's still alive.
I haven't spoken to her for a year,
but we established a protocol for making contact.
I'll try and reach her.
For now, you deserve to get on with your life.
Why does lifting heavy objects mean I need one of those beers?
Maybe because you're a slave to advertising.
[Laughs] Thank you.
Hey, was that a smile?
It's nice to see that again.
You sure you're okay with this?
I mean, you gonna be all right living by yourself?
I just can't wrap my head around it.
Francie's been dead for two years,
but I feel like I saw her a few days ago.
And now that Will is in witness protection,
I can't even contact him.
All my friends are just gone.
Not all your friends.
This place isn't so bad.
[Scoffs] Oh, come on.
Two blocks from the beach. Are you kidding me?
And you got me as a neighbor. Trust me, you're set.
Can I ask you something?
Vaughn's wife.
What's she like?
I don't know if you really want to hear this.
When Vaughn heard that you were dead, Syd, he...
he dropped off the face of the Earth.
I mean, literally, Syd.
He was out of the country
for, like, six months, and you need to know
that he wasn't cavalier about moving on.
I could barely even convince him to consider coming back.
He's thinking about coming back?
Well, don't worry about that, 'cause it's not gonna happen.
Because of me, because I came back, right?
[Cellphone rings]
Weiss. Yeah.
Got it. We'll be right there.
MAN: At 1300 U.T.C.,
two agents of the Central Intelligence Agency
were abducted in Berlin.
We claim responsibility for this act of aggression
against the world's remaining superpower.
[Muffled screaming]
Who we are is unimportant.
What we represent is unimportant.
What we want is to be heard.
Within this audio file are coordinates
leading to a designated location.
Go there. Retrieve the package.
Follow our demands.
JACK: The two agents, Klein and Rotter,
were working undercover for us at Leipzig Aerospace.
We believe they were abducted by a group known as The Covenant,
a loose affiliation of Russian nationalists
comprised of former Central Committee members
and retired KGB.
Though we know little about them,
The Covenant seems to function like an organized crime family.
MARSHALL: Now, the pickup location
The Covenant specified is a theater in Munich
in the red light district.
Actually, it's an adult theater.
I checked, and today's feature...
A rough translation, I don't speak German.
It's "Penile Code Part Deux."
If anybody cares, I have the times.
I don't like sending someone in alone to pick up the package.
It's doubtful they'd betray us.
Breaking their own rules before we even know their demands
would result in a loss of negotiating credibility.
I'll go.
I want to.
Run the op-tech with Marshall.
That's it.
Syd, stay a minute.
I'd rather send Weiss.
You're allowed time before you jump back in with both feet.
The best way I can start feeling normal is to act that way.
Dixon, I need this.
I'm allowing you to go, but you should know
you're not the only CIA operative
who's experienced lost time.
There's a group.
Their next meeting's at the end of the week.
[Actors moaning, giggling]
[Speaking German]
I'm in the theater.
We got you on fly-by, Mountaineer.
Perimeter's clear. No suspect signals.
We're on standby.
[Moaning, giggling continue]
It's a box. I'm sweeping it for explosives.
It's clean. I'm gonna open it up.
Proceed with caution, Mountaineer.
Oh, God.
[Breathing heavily]
What is it?
One of the agents.
It's his head.
There's a piece of paper wedged in his mouth.
Give me a sec.
It's written in Russian.
I have their list of demands.
The death of Peter Klein is a great loss to this agency.
But keep in mind his colleague is still alive,
and it's our job to bring him home.
National Security Council Director Robert Lindsey
will be coordinating with us.
As some of you already know,
The Covenant has agreed to return our remaining agent
in exchange for the release of Mr. Sark.
And I'm here to inform you trading Sark for your asset
has been authorized by the NSC.
Wait a minute. We can't just let him go.
To the best of our knowledge, Sark's been bled dry
of every piece of intel he knows.
The burden of criminal justice notwithstanding,
he now has a value only as a commodity in trade.
Without knowing why they want Sark, how can we consider this?
We think we know why they want him, so they can kill him.
Intelligence provided by Arvin Sloane
indicates Sark may be responsible for the death
of a high-ranking member within The Covenant.
They may want revenge.
If your revenge theory is wrong, we're setting a terrorist free.
To say nothing of the fact
that taking Arvin Sloane's intel at face value is insane.
I'm aware of your history with Sloane,
but if Director Dixon can trust him, I think you can, too.
For the record, I don't.
I never will.
But I can't deny that despite my feelings for Sloane,
he has provided us with accurate intelligence
for over a year now.
I'm authorizing the trade.
You and Weiss will escort Sark to the exchange point in Mexico.
You'll leave in four hours.
Welcome back.
S YDNE Y: Since when did the NSC become eager
to negotiate with terrorists?
Bob Lindsey has the White House spin machine ready
to cover him if his actions prove ill-advised.
- He's untouchable. - I'd love to prove that wrong.
You've come close enough in forcing my release.
While you're in Mexico making the exchange,
I'm going to Zurich to see Sloane.
He'll be expecting me, and we should appear predictable.
I'll have that adjusted.
Where was I buried?
You were cremated.
Vaughn spread your ashes at sea.
[Speaking French]
So, if you guys didn't understand what I said,
good luck on the quiz.
[Students chuckle]
[Door closes]
You're a French teacher, huh?
I know that you're thinking about coming back to the agency.
On the off chance that your hesitation
is out of some courtesy to me, I...
You can forget about it.
I mean, I can handle you being there, so don't worry about me.
The other day you said I gave up because I didn't have faith.
That somehow you didn't mean enough to me.
- When I said that, I was... - No, let me finish.
After you died,
I used to talk to you like you were still around.
Literally out loud, whole conversations about nothing.
The weather.
Should I get a new car?
Should I have another drink?
Then, one day, you started answering.
I mean, I could hear you in my head
like you were right next to me, Sydney.
And although I knew I was a guy
who stayed up nights drinking, talking to his dead girlfriend,
still I couldn't stop.
So before you tell me
you can handle my coming back to the CIA,
there are two things you need to know.
First is that I was so in love with you, it nearly killed me.
And second...
...that I don't regret moving on with my life.
The president of the World Bank
asked that you stop by his table.
We received word that he's willing to make
a sizable contribution to our cancer research.
His wife is a vegetarian,
so make sure that she's attended to.
[Telephone rings]
Send him in.
I need you to excuse me.
A world relief organization.
The sheer audacity of your alleged turnaround
would be laughable if you weren't so dangerous.
I was wondering when you'd come to see me, Jack.
You don't really expect me to believe you've changed.
I expect you to trust in the consistency of my obsessions.
Jack, I pursued the Rambaldi puzzle
across the world for over 30 years.
It never occurred to me once the artifacts were assembled,
that they would produce nothing more than a message of peace.
Personally, I would have found it anticlimactic.
That after expecting to assemble a weapon of ultimate power,
you ended up with a revelation
you could have acquired from a fortune cookie.
Always the atheist, Jack.
Hmm. I've missed you.
I'll come to the point.
I believe you're responsible for Sydney's disappearance.
Tell me why right now
and give her the peace of mind she deserves.
In exchange, I'll halt my efforts
to invalidate your pardon agreement.
Jack, don't go digging. You won't find anything.
I know you were imprisoned for making contact
with your ex-wife.
You went to Irina Derevko for help to find Sydney.
I wouldn't have believed that you would ally yourself
with a woman whom you vowed never to trust again.
So, if you're capable of having such a change of heart,
why is it so hard to believe that I am as well?
Because every morally questionable thing
I've ever done has been to protect Sydney.
You don't have the same excuse.
I investigated Sydney's death, too.
This file contains all the leads I pursued.
Mostly dead ends.
I'm hoping you will find something in it that's useful.
I trust that you will look at it before you dismiss it outright.
Should I take this as your denial of involvement
in Sydney's disappearance?
Then you've made the worst mistake of your life,
because I'm going to bury you.
Mr. Sark, I wanted a word before you get traded.
Dear God.
It can't possibly be you.
Don't start this conversation by acting surprised I'm alive.
Sydney, you know how highly I regard your abilities
as an operative, but even I didn't think
you were capable of cheating death
once your remains had been identified.
Which begs the question.
If it wasn't your body they removed from the ashes,
whose was it?
I read the transcripts of your confessions.
Including the fact that you and a woman named Allison Doren
killed my friend Francie.
If you read my transcript, you know how cooperative I've been.
I'll be glad to pay you the same courtesy
if you simply tell me what you're getting at.
That explosion in my apartment
was a cover-up to make the CIA believe I was dead.
What I believe is that Sloane abducted me.
I think you know why,
but you failed to mention that in your confession.
If I am to understand what you're saying,
you have no idea where you've been for the last two years.
I'm sorry. I don't mean to laugh.
I'm just... I'm speechless.
Sydney, if Sloane had intended to abduct you,
I wasn't privy to it.
What if I said I still don't believe you?
I'd say it'd make no difference.
In 24 hours, I'll be free, and you'll remain in the dark.
See you in Mexico.
We've agreed to a location in the Sonora Desert
as the point of exchange.
Each side is allowed no more than a 5-man cover team.
Once the exchange is initiated,
Sark and Rotter will be released simultaneously.
I assure you, this organization, The Covenant,
is as much a mystery to me as it is to the CIA.
I can't imagine why they'd want to trade.
You're about to find out.
My life's in danger, isn't it?
Base Ops, we received a call signal.
- Should I confirm? - You're authorized, Mountaineer.
Let's go.
We have a visual on Agent Rotter.
Roger, Mountaineer. Release the prisoner.
You're up.
We have incoming vehicles. I'll need an ident immediately.
They're not ours, Mountaineer. We're trying to get a visual.
If we don't finish this by the time those vehicles get here,
The Covenant will think it's a double cross.
[Helicopter blades whirring]
There's a chopper inbound. It's one of ours.
CIA operatives, this is Sergeant Trask of Delta Force.
Put down your weapons.
This operation has been countermanded
by order of the National Security Council.
Take cover!
Sydney, report.
Delta Force showed up out of nowhere!
Lindsey ambushed us!
Get me Bob Lindsey now!
Don't tell me to calm down. You used my agents as bait.
I'm trying to reacquire your agent without releasing Sark.
I'm sorry I didn't fill you in,
but I don't trust the CIA to maintain secrecy.
You son of a bitch!
Yeah, can I get back to you? I'm a little busy.
MAN: We're hit! Loss in pressure!
Both of you! Get in!
WEISS: San'ko's getting away with both of them!
[Door opens, closes]
[Gasps] Son of a bitch!
We should have gotten that last hostage back.
Who the hell do you think you are?
I'm gonna hold you accountable if they kill him!
You're going to hold me accountable?
What exactly is the purpose of this?
To let you know I will take you to the mat
every time you pull something like this.
I am not impressed by the fact you golf with the President.
What you did was moronic and borderline criminal.
I am the director of the National Security Council.
I can have you thrown in the same cell your father vacated!
- Hell, it's still warm. - Do it.
Give me an object lesson in the abuse of power.
Show me how it's done.
If you're finished, this is the men's room.
Who let you in?
Chateau Petrus. 1982.
Your favorite, no?
Have we met?
No, but you knew my brother, Antony San'ko.
And I suppose this is to be my last drink.
Not necessarily.
I know the bomb you placed in that vehicle
was not meant for him.
On the other hand, it does seem that you owe me.
And what would that price be?
$800 million.
$800 million?
I have nowhere near that amount in my nest egg.
In fact, Mr. Sark, you do.
Sydney, Vaughn's qualified for reinstatement.
Until his field rating's updated, he'll be on analysis,
but he's back, effective immediately.
If there are special considerations
either of you would like me to take into account,
now's the time to speak up.
Welcome back.
Hello, Jack.
I found out why The Covenant is interested in Sark.
At 10:00 this morning,
Sark walked into the Thornton Bank and Trust
in the Cayman Islands accompanied by Ushek San'ko,
a known operative of The Covenant.
He was then led downstairs, where he used his thumbprint
to access an executive vault.
Inside the vault was a little over $800 million
in gold bullion.
More surprising is that Sark had no idea
he was entitled to that money.
DIX ON: Entitled?
Eight months ago,
an interagency memorandum reported the murder
of a Russian diplomat by the name of Andrian Lazarey.
His murderer has never been found.
However, a source of mine has provided evidence
indicating he was a descendant
of the Romanov royal family in Russia.
The money was in his trust when he died.
It went to Mr. Sark, Lazarey's son.
Hey, Vaughn.
We tasked the satellite to track the sedan
once it left the desert.
They were tracked to a Frankfurt nightclub
known for selling synthetic drugs.
Analysis thinks it's a front for The Covenant.
Do we have reason to believe the last hostage is still alive?
Yes, they're aware he's the team leader
and has the highest security clearance.
The information they could extract
would be priceless to our enemies.
His name is Otto Edel, drug dealer.
He runs the club.
He'll know where our agent's being held.
I want you to accompany the hostage rescue team.
MARSHALL: Actually, I had an idea.
Syd should go in as a biochem major.
Harvard dropout, totally spoiled.
Maybe she got kicked out because she was synthesizing ecstasy
in her dorm room, or maybe crystal, crank...
Fine. Marshall, run the op-tech.
The CIA would have discovered Lazarey's connection to Sark.
There was no added risk to you in breaking the news myself.
Without that tape, the CIA can't link you to his death.
This can't be a coincidence.
I'm responsible for Lazarey's death,
and nine months later The Covenant gets Sark released
in exchange for his $800 million inheritance?
It's looking more likely they're responsible for your absence.
Be it under duress or by some other unknown means,
they compelled you to carry out the assassination.
I'm scheduled to contact your mother tonight.
Hopefully, she'll be some help.
That's for him.
You are very attractive for a chemist.
Thank you for meeting with me.
I like to keep my options open,
although I doubt you can improve on my little cocktail.
I can triple your sales.
Really? How?
By making your drug more addictive.
~ What are you on? ~
~ What are you on? ~
Take a look.
~ What are you on? ~
~ What are you on? ~
Very impressive.
Where did you learn your trade?
I was a biochem major at Harvard,
not that they'll be asking me to make
any commencement speeches in the near future.
Their loss, my gain.
I need one liter of your product.
Oh, just like that, hmm?
I'll chemically alter it according to the specs you saw
and have it to you within the week.
If you don't see demand go up, you owe me nothing.
Somehow I would not mind being indebted to you.
Please, make yourself comfortable.
I will only be a moment.
This has a street value of $50,000.
- Mind if I try it? - Be my guest.
Of course, if I am going to let you walk out of here with that,
I will need some sort of collateral.
You understand.
I didn't bring any money.
I do accept other forms of payment.
You've got an air bubble in there.
Do exactly as I say, or I push the plunger.
Where's the alarm terminal that protects the subbasement?
Tell me where it is, or you get an aneurysm.
Okay, down the hall. First door.
But I only manage the facility.
I do not know the codes. I swear.
Mountaineer to Base Ops, I found the alarm terminal.
I'll need a minute to hack.
Copy that, Mountaineer. Blue team.
Do not breach until advised. Alarm is active.
Copy, Base Ops. We're holding outside rear entrance.
Once Mountaineer disables the alarm, we'll proceed inside.
Copy that.
Mountaineer, your entrance to the sublevel
will be through the last door down on the north hallway.
Marshall, why does this cabling run to the control room?
Looks like some sort of filtration system.
I've got the code. I'm entering it now.
What could it be used for?
Could be a halon-based fire-suppression system.
Sydney, stop! You've got the wrong code.
The alarm will be triggered by that sequence.
Remember the security system in Nepal?
It's the same system.
Those numbers can be converted into a password.
Read me the sequence. Give me a pen.
746F 70686174.
- DIX ON: Blue team, stand by. - Copy that.
Okay, "top hat." Try "top hat."
Okay, it worked. The alarm's deactivated.
Blue team, the system is disarmed. Move in.
WEISS: Copy that.
Blue team, I read two guards at your 3:00.
Base Ops, guards down.
CIA! Freeze!
Base Ops, I have the prisoner. He's okay.
You kept your promise.
You said you would kill me.
You were my favorite.
You never broke.
Who the hell are you? What are you talking about?
Why did The Covenant take two years of my life?
MAN: The last thing I remember seeing
was the missile-threat warning on my cockpit display.
Next thing I know, I'm being lifted
by a special-forces team out of an Iraqi hospital.
I still don't know what happened in those 18 months between.
WOMAN: The hardest thing is what I do remember.
My life before...
I can't seem to let go of it.
MAN: Even worse than not remembering are the dreams.
I can't tell if they're part of something that really happened,
or my mind trying to fill in the blanks so I can get answers.
Thank you, Tom.
Well, we have a new member today.
If you have anything to say, we'll be happy to hear it.
Right now it helps just to listen, thanks.
How long you been back?
A little over a week.
The dreams start yet, nightmares?
They will.
I appreciate that you think it's good for me to know
that there are other people who have experienced what I have,
but you cannot put me into that group.
Look, I'm not gonna pretend that it isn't hard losing Vaughn.
Do I still have feelings for him?
Of course I do.
- But finding out that... - Sydney.
This is Lauren Reed.
She's going to be our liaison to the National Security Council.
I didn't mean to interrupt.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
You had a conversation with Bob Lindsey in the men's room
of the Federal Building in which you made your distaste for him
abundantly clear.
I guess I did.
Well, he got the message,
because he decided to return to Washington.
He's assigned Agent Reed here in his place
to assist our efforts against The Covenant.
She'll also be looking into the murder of Andrian Lazarey
as part of a joint investigation with the Kremlin.
If there's anything I can do to help...
You should know, in addition to being the new NSC liaison,
I'm also Michael Vaughn's wife.
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