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Subtitles for Alias 3x04 - A missing link.

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Alias 3x04 - A missing link

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Previously on "Alias."
If I'm to understand what you're saying,
you have no idea where you've been for the last two years.
Now that Lazarey's murder has been linked to The Covenant,
the NSC has convened their own investigation.
You think they know?
That you were the murderer? Not yet.
But they've just received some footage apparently of the crime.
- How? - Another camera.
I'll do what I can to ensure this remains our secret.
LAUREN: Freeze there. Blow up that frame, please.
Not enough to make a positive I.D., is it?
Give me 72 hours.
I think I can identify this woman.
You kept your promise.
You said you would kill me.
You were my favorite.
You never broke.
Who the hell are you?
Why did The Covenant take two years of my life?
There. You see that?
What do you mean, "No"?
Look there.
He's saying "Jewel" or "Julie."
He could be saying any number of things.
I have already subjected this video
to the most intense scrutiny available to the CIA.
Maybe "Julia."
If you want me to do a re-analysis, I'll do it.
You have to stop punishing yourself.
There's got to be something in there.
Sydney, no good will come from doing this.
I committed a murder I have no memory of.
- This isn't about punishment. - I understand this haunts you.
Yes, it haunts me.
I lost two years.
I do not have one memory of that time.
All I have is this.
That I killed a man.
I killed a defenseless man in cold blood.
What was I thinking? Did I know it was Sark's father?
What would compel me to do something like this?
Did someone condition me?
If they did, what else did they have me do?
I've been living with these same questions for over a year.
We have no answers yet.
When you compelled the NSC to release me from prison,
you told me that you'd done so because you needed your father.
That you needed my strength.
12 months in solitary would have an effect on anyone.
Something that allowed me to stay focused was your strength.
Don't lose it now.
[Cellular phone rings]
I'll be right there.
That was Lauren.
LAUREN: 20 hours ago in Cannes,
a 4-man team broke into a French epidemiology lab.
The place did cutting-edge vaccine research
into viruses like West Nile, HIV, and Ebola.
What were they after?
They took four vials containing strains of Ebola.
The fifth was damaged, infecting one of the team members.
The man we're questioning?
Laszlo Bogdan, a Hungarian national.
He's an expert in cracking high-end security systems.
He's in isolation at the Stafford Naval Hospital.
The French just handed him over?
They share our desire to learn more about The Covenant.
Why did the NSC want me in on this?
I wanted you.
Michael said you were the best.
[Man wheezing]
Mr. Bogdan, can you hear me?
My name is Lauren Reed.
I work for the United States government.
I've been sent here to find out who you were working for.
Who is responsible for putting you
in the condition you're in now.
Mr. Bogdan.
I don't know what your beliefs are.
If you have a faith.
If you expect that something follows this life.
You might have none.
But if there is a chance that there is something else.
That we face the consequences of our actions in this lifetime.
Mr. Bogdan.
This is your last chance to do what's right.
There's no one left to be afraid of and no one to be loyal to.
There's only yourself.
Whoever it was who stole this virus
that's eating through your body needs to be stopped.
I never met the man who hired us.
I cannot help you stop the second job.
LAUREN: Agent Bristow got Bogdan to admit
a second heist is in the works.
We believe the stolen samples
have been delivered to The Covenant.
Bogdan says they will not be used
until after this second job.
He said they were planning to modify the virus.
Why is that?
We can assume what they've stolen is a precursor agent
requiring further synthesis.
Okay, does everyone here speak science?
- Yeah. - No, Marshall, they don't.
Oh. I could help explain.
- That'd be great. - Sorry.
Okay, well, what they nabbed.
Let's just call that peanut butter.
You know, yummy, nutty, creamy deliciousness on its own.
But if you mix something else in equally tasty.
You know, perhaps chocolat.
They're most likely going after
the means to mutate the virus to make it more infectious.
Ebola is a level-four pathogen.
That's the highest classification.
How could it be any worse?
Well, they could make it airborne.
And we have no idea what The Covenant's endgame is.
No, but we do know who the team is they hired for these jobs.
Simon Walker.
Point man on the Damascus armory job in '99.
The 2002 break-in at Vector.
Cold-blooded contract guy.
Only uses other freelancers.
This time his team included Javier Parez.
Former lieutenant in the Cuban Special Forces.
Munitions expert and tactical advisor to the group.
Avery Russett, Acquisitions.
Vehicles, equipment, weapons.
Finally, Laszlo Bogdan.
Deceased as of 20 minutes ago.
We know there's another heist in the works.
Mr. Walker will need a replacement.
You want me to take Bogdan's place on their team?
Walker's already been picked up on Echelon.
We know he's in the market.
It's deep cover.
The risks are obvious.
But this is an opportunity.
The Covenant will take possession
of whatever the team steals.
If you can place a tracking device on that,
we believe it will lead us to their center of operations.
Walker's in Sevilla.
You will go in as a freelance security expert.
Vaughn and Weiss, you're backup.
Lauren, I want you to go see Sloane.
Have him use his contacts to find out what they're after.
You'll leave in two hours.
- I'll come by after op-tech. - Okay.
Oh, real quick.
The report you wrote
from the infiltration on the C.O.G. bunker.
You didn't give any details on the weapons that Sark was using.
No, but that's not really the point of the report.
- Well... - That's the point of the report?
It's not the point, but it's important.
How? We broke into the bunker and destroyed the facility.
Honey, you know how much I depend on the details.
Who cares about the weapons?
I've been doing this for a long time.
I'm asking that you be more specific.
I've never gotten notes before.
The better you do your job, the better I'll do mine.
It was a CZ-1009 millimeter.
We can't risk them picking up stray radio transmissions.
I'll be monitoring you with a laser mike.
I'll be able to hear you.
You won't be able to communicate with me.
- What's this? - That's the tracking device.
Marshall put a transmitter chip there on the back.
Now, assuming Simon accepts you into the group,
you'll use that to tag whatever you're gonna be stealing,
and we'll track it back to The Covenant.
You know, peach isn't really in this season.
I heard peach was the new green.
I thought beige was the new green.
No, beige is the new peach.
You've got a lot of reading to do.
[Spanish music playing]
~ Olé, olé ~
~ Olé, ola ~
~ Olé, olé ~
~ Olé, ola ~
I'm losing the signal.
- I'm aiming the mike at her. - I should have worn the ring.
Get over yourself. No one aims a mike like I do.
It's good to see you, Julia.
Good to see you, too.
- Who the hell is Julia? - Hell if I know.
It's not an alias she's used with us.
There's no mention of a Julia in her SD-6 files.
Which leaves the last two years
when she was supposedly being held by The Covenant.
You think she was operational?
I think this guy just called her Julia.
Where in the bloody hell have you been?
Isn't that the question of the day?
Oh, come on, look, you could do better than that.
A girl's got to have some secrets.
All right, look, at least tell me what's with the new look.
Well, I barely recognized you.
I hope you weren't disappointed.
No. No.
I missed you, Julia.
You know, I missed working with you.
Why do you think I came back?
You're a right nutter, you are.
I heard about Bogdan.
Yeah, that was too bad.
You never met Bogdan.
You'd have liked him.
I want to take his place.
As it happens, we do have a job coming up.
But Bogdan was security.
I know.
What, no future in murder?
I'm a girl with many talents.
And I'm your man.
LAUREN: Tell us what you know about Simon Walker.
We know he's on a job for The Covenant,
but we don't know what he's after.
This details the first of what we believe will be two heists.
We think whatever The Covenant has hired Mr. Walker to obtain
will, in some way, augment the virus
that they stole earlier this week.
I must admit.
I was concerned for you when Sydney resurfaced.
I remembered seeing her with Vaughn.
Their relationship reminded me of my own with my late wife.
It was the kind of bond that even death cannot sever.
Well, apparently I misjudged.
Whatever information you can uncover will be appreciated.
Ms. Reed, you shouldn't doubt yourself.
You are very good at what you do.
Despite how you got the job.
What does that mean?
Well, I'll see what I can do.
Meet the fellas.
Avery, Javier, this is Julia.
I can see why you wanted her here.
There's no time for small talk.
Fine, then.
Are you ready?
For what?
Well, you used to say you were ready for anything.
Let's go.
Princess Demetria is in town on holiday.
How nice for her.
The Spanish royal family is throwing a party
in her honor tomorrow night, and in typical Demetria fashion,
she plans on sporting a 150-carat diamond necklace.
It's a pity, 'cause it's up in the penthouse
with her right now, gathering dust in a safe.
You want me to steal it.
Well, consider it your interview.
I'd like to see you wearing that diamond necklace.
Just the necklace, right?
You want me to steal the necklace with this?
We have something else for you.
Well, look, they don't trust you yet.
And I'm not sure I do, either.
The police should be here in about seven minutes.
You really think she's that good?
Oh, yes.
Well, she used to be.
WEISS: We should call them off.
We do, they'll know Syd's got a tail. There's nothing we can do.
Aah! Uhh...
[Speaking Spanish]
Whatever she just did, man, she's good.
She is really good.
I had time for a swim.
Right. I have a meeting in Paris tomorrow night.
We'll meet at the safe house on Thursday, spec out the mission.
Here's a tech you'll need.
Well, welcome to the team.
I'll need to learn how to crack an S-305 safe.
Weiss is on with Marshall. They're prepping specs for you.
I know you think this op is too dangerous for me to continue.
Yes, I do.
But that's not what I was gonna say.
So, what?
I've never worked with anyone
who can improvise better than you can.
But when Simon called you Julia, you didn't seem surprised.
No, tell me what's going on.
Look, I know we're not where we were,
but before then, professionally, we never kept secrets.
I'm still on your side.
You're right.
We're not where we were.
Trust me. I am doing you a favor by keeping you out of it.
No, that is not gonna work with me.
It's gonna have to.
I can't make a distinction
between professional and personal.
This job took two years from me.
Everything is personal.
As much as I wish I could trust you...
...the responsibilities you have now require me not to.
Responsibilities? What the hell does that mean?
What, Lauren?
Because she's NSC, or because she's my wife?
Or is that distinction irrelevant?
I'm not punishing you.
You think I am.
I'm not.
Somebody die?
I spoke to my contact.
By disabling the power, we're gonna lure off-site security.
We have another problem.
What's that?
JACK: Vaughn's been quizzing me about Julia.
I tried shutting down his inquiry,
but apparently something you said has made that impossible.
All I said was that I couldn't talk about it.
Which has only piqued his interest.
What piqued his interest was hearing Simon call me Julia
and then kiss me like his prom date.
I can't compel Vaughn to stop being curious.
I don't need to remind you of the consequence
if Lauren and the NSC connect you
to the assassination of Lazarey.
They will subject you to detailed,
invasive, and painful procedures
in the name of extracting your lost memory.
Yes, all of that could happen, and you know what?
At this point, I'm starting to think that might be good.
Maybe I should've let them hook me up
when I first got back, find out what they could.
Because however painful that would be,
it couldn't be as painful as not knowing.
Yes, it can.
Okay, I figured out how to crack that safe you have to crack.
I got this idea during Carrie's last ultrasound.
Check this out.
You ready? Okay.
Now, while the software manipulates the voltage
to crack the encryption algorithm,
this monitors the locking mechanism
using imaging and audio cues.
It's like an X-ray and stethoscope in one.
Once I rewire the keypad and attach the probe,
the software will do the rest.
Shouldn't take longer than a couple minutes.
I know what you're wondering.
Boy or girl, right?
Well, she won't tell me.
Marshall, I don't know.
She knows.
That's okay, 'cause I've come up with a solution
to solve this predicament.
Unisex names. This is what I've come up with so far.
Jodie, Sam, Alex, Andy, Francis, Frank.
Could be with a "ph." Phrank.
Randy, Terry, Jan, Don.
Ms. Bristow?
Director Dixon would like to see you in his office.
Excuse me.
You know, I could find out right now.
Touch me with that thing, and you die.
- Do you know what this is about? - No.
Your father showed me your videotape.
What videotape?
The videotape that clearly identifies Sydney
as the murderer of a Russian diplomat.
Andrian Lazarey.
Your father has also informed me
that since your return, you have conspired
to conceal this information from both the CIA and the NSC,
because you were afraid you'd be pulled off active duty.
Agent Vaughn, you weren't aware of any of this?
No, sir.
I agree with Jack that your complicity in Lazarey's murder
may not have been voluntary.
And seeing as you have no memory of the incident,
it's premature to pass judgment.
Sydney, Jack, if I find out
you've concealed any more information from me,
you will feel the full weight of this office bearing down on you.
That said, we're in too deep with the current operation.
We can't allow The Covenant to get their hands on bioweapons.
So you're going back in as scheduled.
Yes, sir.
Given my discretion to compartmentalize information
during an ongoing operation,
I'm withholding this information from the NSC.
That means, Agent Vaughn, that you are prohibited
from discussing any of this with your wife.
Is that understood?
S YDNE Y: You want to tell me what that was about?
I thought we need to keep this secret.
Yes, from the NSC, which is what we've done.
You knew Dixon would order Vaughn to keep this from Lauren.
If the NSC found out, I'd be pulled.
You would have come to the same conclusion.
Maybe, yes, but I wouldn't have acted on it.
The last thing I want is to be responsible
for driving a wedge between Vaughn and Lauren.
That is a concern I do not share.
- How was Sloane? - It was okay.
You're off? Me too.
Aren't we the jet-set couple?
You were right. Details matter. I shouldn't leave them out.
- It's okay. - Yeah.
I miss you.
I knew she couldn't be trusted.
She never went to Milan.
She was with him.
What my dad did.
I never wanted you to have to keep secrets from Lauren.
Well, now I do.
And for the record, I still think this is insane.
You're going back to a man who knows you as a different person.
If this were just about finding The Covenant, I might agree.
But, Vaughn, I have to know where I was, and who Julia is.
What I did.
[Door opens]
The laser mike's in place. You're good to go.
I'll talk to you when this is over.
How was Milan?
We're good.
I got everything we need.
Just you and me?
Sit down.
So, tell me, Julia, and don't be coy.
Before, when you disappeared, where the hell did you go?
Why? Did you miss me?
I did.
What did you miss?
You had certain specific qualities.
Like what?
The first time you saw me, what did you think?
Oh, you mean in Algeria?
Do you remember why we almost died in that godforsaken place?
We couldn't keep our hands off each other.
I thought to myself..., there is a very beautiful woman...
...who knows how to deceive.
Aah! Aah!
You never went to Milan.
No, man, you can't go.
I'm not going to just let her die.
Tell me who the hell you're working for.
I'm working for myself, you son of a bitch!
Who's this?
That's my supplier.
Your supplier?
What's his name?
You lie to me again, and I will kill you.
That's Michael Vaughn. He's my supplier.
Oh, my God, that's a picture of me.
What the hell? What, you don't believe me?
No. No, sweetheart, I don't.
- [Telephone rings] - Flinkman residence.
This is Vaughn. Listen to me carefully.
I need you to upload to Interpol database immediately
a criminal record with my name, at least 20 charges,
all of them security-based.
Got it. Security stocks or security alarm systems?
Alarm systems.
Why did you go to the States?
Because the system you're asking me to disable is from Chicago.
That's Illinois. That's the United States.
Milan wasn't going to help us, you freak!
That's your supplier?
Check his records.
Security is all he does.
Do a search for a criminal profile
with security-related felons.
- A "please" would be nice. - Please, my love.
Is Marshall able to do this?
Are you able to do this?
We're doing the best we can.
Got it. Transferring now.
Just drag this over, and change that.
Language, nationality, height, weight.
Okay, almost there. Hang on one second.
- Stop bouncing. - Sorry.
And okay, done.
Now I remember why I left.
She's good.
We're hitting a storage facility 35 miles outside of Zaragoza
run by the Disease Control Ministry.
Now, to get in, we have to cut the power,
which is going to trigger an off-site security response.
Gives us five minutes to get in, get the package, and get out.
Our target's a biological agent.
[Cellular phone rings]
Good. Yeah. Come in.
Take over.
Inside the vault, there's a canister the size of a fist
which we'll transfer into a portable cooler.
Now, keep in mind, once you open the safe, you have one minute
to remove the canister before it self-destructs,
which means the transfer must be smooth and instantaneous.
The shift rotation's been changed.
We'll have to adjust our timetables accordingly.
But that shouldn't change any of our plans.
Is your team aware of the fragile nature of the item?
- By my calculations... - Can I study these?
I know you're hiding something.
When you recover the item, contact me,
and we'll exchange it for the remainder of your fee.
Now, that's sporting.
Good luck.
SLOANE: I think I have the information you asked for.
The second job.
What The Covenant was trying to acquire.
It's an artificial pathogen.
If they combine this with the virus they stole,
they will be able to genetically tailor
a biological weapon for specific targets.
A designer bomb that would be effective
against only the people they chose.
I suppose I should come clean with you.
That thing I said the other day.
The comment I made about how you got the job.
I was referring to the Senator, your father.
What about my father?
He knew how badly you wanted to become field-rated,
and he thought it was too dangerous.
So he made sure it didn't happen.
But you knew that, didn't you?
I know what you're doing.
The way you manipulate people.
Don't do it to me.
It'll take me a minute to hack into security.
I'm shutting the power off. We have access to building three.
We have five minutes before their guards show up.
[Animals screeching]
Julia, you're up.
What's the problem?
Algorithm decryption should have worked.
I'll need to map the circuitry.
- How long? - I don't know.
You only have 30 seconds left.
I knew we couldn't rely on her.
Keep your mouth shut, and maybe we'll walk out of here.
Julia, three seconds.
[Safe unlocks]
They customized the hardware.
Not exactly factory condition.
Nothing I couldn't handle.
Security will be here in two minutes.
Let's go.
What's this?
Switching vehicles in case we've been followed.
[Vehicle approaching]
I have a little surprise for you.
- Vaughn's missing! - What happened?
I planted a mike. I got back, and he's gone.
You're to meet Sydney at the extraction point.
I am not leaving my partner.
A tac unit based out of Barcelona has been deployed.
You will brief them at the extraction point.
JAVIER: This is what I meant!
He's got CIA-issue equipment.
Simon, I swear to you, this man is my supplier.
Not anymore.
Come here.
Get rid of them both.
That's enough out of you!
Julia's with us. It's this punter who's the problem.
Wait! Wait.
If he's been lying to me all this time,
he's put me in danger.
I want to do it.
I want to do it.
Get up.
You never should have betrayed me.
Let's go.
Julia, let's move.
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Amour en fuite Le 1979
An American Werewolf in Paris
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Analyze That (2002)
Analyze This (1999)
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And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself
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And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself
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Angel Heart Devil Face
Angels In America - Chapter 1
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Angels of the Universe
Anger management
Anglaise et le duc La (Rohmer Eric 2001)
Angry Dogs
Animals Are Beautiful People
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Annie Hall 1977
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Anywhere But Here
Aoi Haru
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Arsene Lupin
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Atlantis The Lost Empire
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