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Subtitles for Alias 3x08 - Breaking point.

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Alias 3x08 - Breaking point

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Previously on "Alias."
Oh, my God.
I recently learned that Sydney Bristow
murdered a father I never had a chance to know.
I'm confident that you'll relay this information
to the appropriate parties.
I have a plane waiting at the Dover Airfield.
It'll take you anywhere, but tell me where you want to go.
I'm going to Rome.
And even though everything's changed, some things don't.
I'm not gonna lose you twice.
[Shouting in Italian]
[Speaking Italian]
MAN: 23-10 requesting landing.
Confirm that.
[Man crying]
[Buzzer, doors slamming]
You find anything, you let me know.
I'll call you back.
- Dixon spoken with the D.C.I.? - Yes.
Good. Now, make sure we have access to all computer accounts,
e-mails, memos, and correspondence
seen in this office in the last two years.
I put a request in through Langley.
- Who'd you talk to over there? - Brandon. I'm on it.
I understand the director of Central Intelligence
has already conveyed his desire to transfer authority
over this task force from your agency to mine.
I expect you to cooperate fully.
Not exactly.
I explained to my superiors the decision was mine
to withhold information from the NSC
regarding Sydney Bristow's involvement
in the Lazarey murder.
And that the members of my staff in question
were acting under direct orders from me.
I see.
My staff will remain on active duty and cooperate...
They're not your staff, Mr. Dixon, not anymore.
I'm pulling your clearance until further notice.
Mr. Lindsey, I would expect nothing less from you.
One of my men will escort you to a facility for questioning.
In the meantime, surrender all credentials and access cards.
Well, of course, you'll be questioned as well.
Let's not make this any harder than it has to be.
It's too late for that.
I need to talk to you right now.
Before you start, know that I did what I thought was right.
Sydney is in Lindsey's custody because of you.
The Lazarey murder was my assignment.
Sydney murdered a Russian diplomat!
Don't act like this is your first day on the job.
- Sydney is in NSC custody. - She is in Lindsey's custody.
Do you think Lindsey's unaccountable?
His operation is funded by black money.
What the White House expects from him is results.
What you're suggesting is that I participate in a cover-up.
No, but I hoped you'd be a person about this.
While you clearly underestimate not only my ability
to do my job, but also my humanity,
you should know that not only do I believe I did the right thing,
but the more you talk, the more suspicious I get.
You're the one who got her out of the country, aren't you?
[Sighs] Do you know what would happen to you
if it becomes known you helped a fugitive evade the government?
I'm not concerned about myself right now.
If what you're suggesting is right,
that to learn what happened to Sydney the past two years,
Robert Lindsey intends on having surgery performed on her
which will render her brain-dead,
why would he have me write the White House brief?
He's asked me to go with him
as an observer of Sydney's interrogation.
Clearly, he has nothing to hide.
Michael, for whatever reason, you're overreacting to this.
I don't know how long I'll be gone, so I guess I'll see you.
Jack, I want to be a part of it.
If I knew what you were talking about, I'd refuse.
I've thought of a half-dozen scenarios to help Sydney.
Lindsey has to be shut down.
Did your scenarios take into account
the fact that helping Sydney at this point
will require breaking at least a dozen federal laws?
Just you telling me this means you have something planned.
Damn it, let me help.
If something happens to Sydney...
Meet me in the parking garage in three minutes.
What you doin'?
You looking for something?
Hey, if you find any, I'll have some.
If it's candy.
God, I love candy.
I'm Campbell.
Hey, hey, don't leave, okay?
Been a long time without someone to talk to.
So, this contact we're meeting, former NSC?
How are they going to help us locate Sydney?
We're waiting for Sloane.
You called Sloane on this?
You and I will be prime suspects behind any attempt
to free Sydney from NSC custody.
Sloane has agreed to help us make it seem
as if it were the work of The Covenant.
Do I trust him on this?
Not necessarily.
Gentlemen, according to my sources,
Sydney is being held at Camp Williams.
Camp Williams is a naval training facility.
Why would Lindsey take her there?
It's home to an unacknowledged NSC detention center
used for the interrogation of suspected terrorists
whose captivity the government won't admit to.
So to help her, we'll need a tactical team, at least 8 men.
Transportation, weapons, specialized backup.
- I would suggest Brill. - I thought he was in Freetown.
Not since the government fell.
If he's available, Dormier would know.
We'll need blueprints to Camp Williams.
The FEMA central office downtown.
They should have blueprints on file.
Good. We'll prep infiltration into the FEMA building.
Meet back here in three hours.
I told you, Jack.
We'd work together again.
23-10 requesting landing.
Just so we're clear, it's in all our best interests to make sure
that no one on the Hill questions our ethics, Lauren.
That's why I'm counting on you to write a report
chronicling our investigation to date
and our fair treatment of Sydney Bristow.
No! Hey!
Get her arm!
Get her down! Tie it. Tie it!
But Sydney's made it clear she doesn't remember anything.
But when we searched her flat in Rome, we found a coded message
taped under her desk.
Now, if she can decode that message,
it may help us infiltrate
or possibly even take down The Covenant.
What if she doesn't recognize the code?
As long as she demonstrates a willingness to cooperate,
that surgery will be nothing more than a threat.
[Sydney grunting]
- Aah! - [Electricity crackling]
Miss Bristow, we know you know how to read this code.
Do you recognize your handwriting?
I draw little hearts over my I's.
Smiley faces sometimes.
What you're feeling now, the pain from shock therapy,
it's nothing.
There's another procedure, neurostimulation.
We can use it to find out where you've been the last two years.
Decipher the text, and we won't have to.
Don't bother negotiating with me!
You better make sure I'm a vegetable when you're done.
Try a higher setting.
The human body is an amazing machine.
A couple of hours, you'll almost feel human again.
You have a strong heart, though.
You could survive another five, six sessions.
That would be a new record for both of us.
I thought I was supposed to be observing.
And you will, as much as possible.
But my interrogation of Agent Bristow
includes a discussion of classified material.
How could I report on an investigation I'm not part of?
We can talk about it. Come on.
- I'll brief you on what I can. - No, I'm sorry.
If I'm going to chronicle our treatment of Sydney Bristow,
I need to see how she's being treated.
How do you suppose Sydney Bristow knew
to flee the country before she was aware
the NSC wanted to take her into custody?
With plane tickets? Fake passport?
I doubt you want me looking into who it was
that aided and abetted the escape of a wanted fugitive.
That's why you asked for me.
Legally, you needed a witness.
Get to your office.
You have a report to write.
They didn't give you one.
It's cold at night.
Thank you.
This is not the best place.
They wanted to know about Iran.
When I was there. Assigned.
What do they want to know about you?
Don't give it to them.
That's checkmate in three moves.
You want to give me my 50 bucks now,
or do we go through the motions?
I got all day.
That's not tuition money, is it?
I'll put you in checkmate in 10 moves.
Yeah, if I play with my eyes closed.
Long time.
Chile, '73.
Should have never helped overthrow Allende.
Thomas Brill, Michael Vaughn.
You Bill Vaughn's kid?
Yeah, he was my father.
No kidding.
He was a good man.
Thank you.
Any interest in a high-risk extraction?
Always. Paint me a picture.
Camp Williams. It's a detention center.
- Blind? - Blueprints.
Sloane's designing the op.
Man, look who's putting the band back together.
Rules of engagement?
The facility's protected by two dozen D.O.D. personnel.
Lethal force is not an option.
If we're gonna use tranqs, I'm gonna need 5 freelancers.
It's not gonna be cheap, Jack. $250K per hire.
Another 9 for the chopper.
And for the nonlethal gunmetal add another 6.
Meet me at this address in two hours.
You just agreed to pay him $2 million.
What the hell is this?
The fact that you're letting me see this place
means it's not your only one, is it?
You're smarter than you look.
Miss Bristow.
You look better.
Yeah, I feel great. Thanks.
I hear you're making friends with your cellmate.
He was a journalist, you know, in the Middle East.
Story is he died in a car accident.
Truth is he was protecting his source.
He thought the first amendment would protect him.
He was strong, though, like you.
- [Dart shoots] - Aah!
MAN: Code red. Prisoner loose in corridor R33.
Initiate lockdown procedure.
Copy that. I'm on it.
Hold her!
- [Electricity crackles] - Aah!
I found the junction box and planted the video scrambler.
When you activate this, it will lock down the security system
for as long as it takes to copy the blueprints.
Any word from Brill?
He should have the team hired and equipped tonight,
as long as we're successful and get the blueprints.
Here we go.
Okay, I got us into the trunk exchange.
Now every incoming and outgoing call to the FEMA building
will be rerouted through this number.
Get ready.
~ What do I have to do ~
- Sir, we lost picture. - ~ To prove my love for you? ~
[Cellular phone rings]
Weller Security. Can you hold?
No, I can't. This is the L.A. EOC.
All my screens went blank.
- Did you reboot? - We're doing it now.
I've got a man in the area. I'll send him over.
~ If you want to ~
~ You know I'll give you the rest ~
Yeah, I got a call. You guys down?
- Where's Stuart? - Sick.
Got a nasal infection. Freakin' nightmare.
~ What do I have to do ~
I've been doing this longer than you.
Jack could have taken a camera in there.
If they sweep him and find a camera, this is over.
Federal security requires we make a thorough search.
I'm new, but I'm not new, all right?
I know the protocol.
Then you know I got to stay with you at all times.
Right. Give me the tools. Show me the way.
~ Now, tell me, what do I have to do ~
~ To prove my love for you? ~
- Right over here. - ~ What do I have to say ~
~ To make you come back and stay? ~
This shouldn't take long.
In the meantime, make sure your data files are backed up.
I already did.
SLOANE: Having spent a significant amount of time
with your wife over the last year,
I think it's safe to say that you're a lucky man.
Yes, I am.
I imagine that all of this
is something of a strain on your relationship, hmm?
Terminal 12 will take us up.
- Make the call. - [Telephone rings]
- Federal Emergency Management. - This is Director Blackman.
I've been pulled from a meeting
with the Secretary of Defense to find out that your branch
has been dark for the past 30 minutes.
Yes, we're working on it.
My supervisor's in with the technician.
Whoa, son, son.
Now, I'm sure you're aware that the chances
of a terrorist attack on Los Angeles are high,
and if, God forbid, something like that should befall us,
I would expect the central office tasked
with the management of such an emergency would be prepared.
So why don't you get your supervisor on the line now?
Sir, Director Blackman's on blue.
You need to speak with him now.
On my way. Wait here.
~ What do I have to do ~
~ To prove my love for you? ~
~ What do I have to do ~
~ To prove my love for you? ~
~ I give you my love, I give you the best ~
~ If you want to, you know I'll give you the rest ~
~ Now, tell me, what do I have to do ~
~ To prove my love for you? ~
There he is.
Go check on the alarm guy.
Yes, sir.
Director Blackman.
~ Oh, what do I have to do ~
~ To prove my love for you? ~
SLOANE: As I'm sure you're aware,
the people of Los Angeles face a myriad of potential disaster.
~ Now, tell me, what do I have to do ~
We're not just talking about terrorism.
In case you haven't noticed, we're due for an earthquake.
Plus, because of the recent forest fire,
we're susceptible to mudslide,
not to mention the fact there seems to be a riot
every time the Lakers win.
Just make sure you get it done.
That'll do it.
You should be back online.
~ Tell me, what do I have to prove? ~
- Take it easy. - Get Blackman.
He'll want to know we're back online right away.
Director Blackman, please.
Out of the country?
I just spoke with him. He said he was in Washington.
Stop where you are!
- Stop where you are! - Hands in the air!
[Tires screeching]
Get him down on the table.
[Sloane groaning]
Get some 4x4s.
Just breathe. Just breathe.
Okay, keep pressure applied to the wound.
- What is that? - Morphine.
No morphine. I'll go into anaphylactic shock.
Arvin, we have to dig the bullet out.
If you give me morphine,
I'll be dead before you get to the bullet.
And don't get any ideas.
I have to do this to keep you from thrashing.
- Okay. Okay. Okay. - Give him your belt to bite on.
- Oh, I don't need a belt. - Just do it.
I need some light.
[Sloane groaning]
He passed out.
CAMPBELL: Morning.
Think about the ocean.
When I don't feel good, that's what I do.
My son liked boats.
he's still 6.
I think he's older... now.
What is your son's name?
His name was Benjamin.
I can't believe I'm gonna ask, but is he gonna be all right?
He'll recover.
The bullet nearly pierced his axillary artery.
I didn't know you wore glasses.
Only during surgery.
I'm gonna download the blueprints from the camera,
but we're gonna need security codes to get into Camp Williams.
Try Marshall.
He should be able to log on to the NSC archive
from his station at the Rotunda.
That's gonna be tricky with NSC agents crawling everywhere.
Yes. If only Marshall had a well-trained CIA operative
to assist him.
You're starting to like me again.
Vaughn, with or without those codes,
we'll be infiltrating Camp Williams in five hours.
MAN: Transfer team to cellblock 8.
Transfer team to cellblock 8.
Here's your draft.
I think you'll like it.
If I was tough on you before, I apologize.
I'm not naive.
I understand under certain circumstances,
unorthodox methods may be required.
That doesn't excuse your blackmailing me
by threatening to arrest my husband.
Yeah, don't mention Vasson. His reputation precedes him.
And nothing about Campbell or the other prisoners.
Stick with Bristow.
Yeah, the rest is fine. Deliver this to Miller.
He has operational control of the Rotunda while I'm here.
We'll want you back in six hours to report on the final results.
- Marshall, if I needed you to... - Check it out. Look.
Telephoto lenses based on an owl's eye.
Let's say you're out in the field, and you need to get in...
You just press this button. Whoa. Nice pores. You exfoliate?
If I need you to access classified documents
on the NSC's computer network, can you do it?
- I don't have access. - I know.
Forensic guys are monitoring the network.
Isn't there a way to bypass that?
Of course. It's me. But...
I give you the codes, you're gonna bust her out.
Kick some NSC booty.
Can I just say, love.
I've been trying to think of a reason why you saved my life.
The conclusion I've come to
is that it would incur some feeling of debt on my part.
As usual, Jack, you're in danger of outsmarting yourself.
The U.S. government has pardoned me for my crimes.
The international community regards me as a humanitarian.
Yet you and Sydney still believe I'm pursuing some hidden agenda.
Now, whatever you may perceive that agenda to be,
clearly it would be easier to obtain if you were both dead.
Given that you're my most vocal detractors,
my most capable antagonists.
Or you need us for something.
Something you believe only we can provide.
Well, you're right about that.
No humanitarian endeavor can ever fill the void
left by my past crimes.
With the death of my wife,
you and Sydney are my absolution, my penance.
You're all I have left.
- Anything? - Just about.
Should be...
The file that would have the access codes has been deleted.
All records pertaining to Camp Williams have been removed.
[Door opens]
Actually, I'm gonna take off,
'cause this is definitely something I should not...
Pardon me.
You were right about Lindsey.
I thought I could exercise some control over the interrogation,
but he just wanted a report whitewashing the whole thing.
I know you're working on something.
I want to help.
[Keys jingling]
[Lock unlocks]
On your feet. Let's go.
On your feet!
Wait. Hey!
Ohh! Ow!
- What are you doing to him? - LINDSE Y: That depends on you.
Help me out, Syd.
- Wait. - There's no time to wait.
You son of a bitch! Leave him alone!
You can stop this by deciphering the code.
I will kill you for this!
Oh, my God! Stop!
Stop. I'll tell you what it says.
They're coordinates.
To what?
I don't know.
For the 100th time,
I don't remember anything about those two years.
All I can tell you is what they are.
All right, tell me.
North 34 degrees, 0-9 minutes, 55.9 seconds,
west 118 degrees, 17 minutes, 15.3 seconds.
Get a team prepped.
Well done.
Oh, my God.
Oh, God.
I'm not Campbell. I'm Schapker.
Your personality profile revealed your major weakness.
Empathetic suffering is harder for you to sustain
than physical torture.
So, thanks for caring.
There's one procedure left, Agent Bristow.
We'll have the neurostimulation prepped in about an hour.
We'll finally know what happened to you in the last two years.
This is a cranial shunt.
After I drill a hole in your skull,
I'll use it to drain the water from your brainpan.
Once you're unconscious, we'll remove your skullcap
and begin the neurostimulation.
We have an operative inside
who will gain access to the security room
and initiate a reverse lockdown protocol,
thereby containing the bulk of the MPs in their patrol areas.
Once entry is made, we'll proceed to the cellblock
where Agent Bristow's being held.
I hope your man inside knows what he's doing.
She does.
I have Lauren Reed here to see Director Lindsey.
Wait here. I'll let him know you're on base.
MAN: Locking down common area.
BRILL: I hate to ask the obvious.
What's taking so long?
The override program has to be placed within 5 inches
of the central control station.
Once that happens, it'll lock the internal doors
and open that main gate.
Then we move.
I'm gonna need a chopper to Fort Lewis.
I'll check with the duty officer.
Lauren Reed.
Director Lindsey's told me all about you.
He says you're going to write a stellar report for us.
- [Alarm blaring] - Here we go.
Move, move, move!
What is it?
Something's overriding the system.
MAN: All the doors are sealed.
What did you do?
Secure the perimeter.
We can't afford to have any hostiles on this floor.
I got it.
[Dart shoots]
She's not here!
[Air hissing]
[Alarm blaring in distance]
[Breathing heavily]
JACK: Sydney!
- Sydney. - Dad!
You're all right, sweetheart. You're all right.
Go, go, go!
He's with us. Get in.
They wanted a code deciphered.
That's what all this was about.
A code.
What was it?
I gave Lindsey the wrong coordinates.
I didn't know what to do.
You made it, Sydney.
You made it.
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