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Subtitles for Alias 3x12 - Crossings.

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Alias 3x12 - Crossings

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Previously on "Alias."
Sydney can no longer be your primary concern.
What the hell is that supposed to mean?
If you care about my daughter as you claim to,
make her despise you,
because your kindness tortures her.
Dixon, it's me. I'm at the naval hospital.
There's a sniper. Lazarey's been shot!
The matter's taken care of.
[Key rattles in lock]
[Door opens]
[Shouting in Korean]
[Speaking Korean]
[Shouts in Korean]
[Shouts in Korean]
[Shouts in Korean]
[Machine-gun fire]
Three days ago, the S.E.C. flagged
an offshore brokerage account for a minor clerical violation.
An investigation revealed that the account
was not backed by any hard currency.
A phantom account?
Yes, and because of its offshore status,
it was turned over to Langley, run through channels.
Encoded in the names and values
of the fictitious stocks within the portfolio,
cryptography found a message.
Something the sender wanted us to find.
A Covenant official wants to defect.
What are the terms?
In exchange for his extraction and immunity, he's willing
to turn over everything he knows about The Covenant.
Considering the means through which he sent us this message,
we believe he has top-tier access
inside the organization.
Sydney, Vaughn.
I'm sending you to North Korea
posing as Swiss insurance auditors.
You'll meet with the defector in the Gai-Li marketplace,
1200 hours local.
The identifying marker will be three sugar cubes
placed on a napkin at the edge of the table.
We've only got a 15-minute window.
15 minutes?
Those were his terms.
And he offered no contingency.
If we don't show up at the meet,
there's no assurance that this opportunity
will present itself again.
If this defector can lead us
to the inner workings of The Covenant,
we'll finally have them on the ropes.
Wheels up in four hours.
I was wondering if you have any plans next Tuesday.
It's Michael's hockey night,
and I thought maybe we could go out,
get some dinner.
Yeah, sure, that'd be nice. Thanks.
See you next Tuesday.
So, The Covenant is in danger of being compromised.
This is of great concern to us.
We'll send one of our own in North Korea
to intercept the defector.
Do you know from which airfield
Agents Bristow and Vaughn will be departing?
No, it wasn't mentioned.
I need the name of the airfield
in order to eliminate Agents Vaughn and Bristow.
The Covenant cannot accept even the possibility
of the CIA getting their hands on a defector.
Explain your hesitation.
Give me 30 minutes.
I'll get you the information you need.
Do you have the number for Giorgio's?
I want to make a reservation.
What were you doing?
Asking Sydney to dinner?
Michael, you asked me to give her a chance.
I'll drive you to the plane. We can talk on the way.
Well, I have to go get my stuff.
Dover's five minutes from the house.
I'll drive myself.
I don't want to start socializing with Sydney.
We see her enough as it is.
Yeah, and for three months, it was awkward and uncomfortable.
At least if we get to know each other, we can be civil.
But I actually really like her.
Is that really such a big problem?
No. Of course not.
Number's in my Rolodex.
Be safe.
Did you get it?
In the next six hours, a CIA fuselage
carrying two operatives will be downed
at The Covenant's behest.
You are being deployed to North Korea
in order to procure a Covenant defector.
If I may ask, who is our source of intel at the CIA,
and how do we know he's reliable?
Mr. Sark, don't burden yourself with unnecessary details.
As my liaison to The Covenant, Mr. Zisman,
I must say you're a great disappointment to me.
You seem to be forgetting one rather large detail.
That would be the $800 million of my money
used to fund this organization.
An organization that's proven to be
ineffective, disorganized,
and if you'll allow me to be petty,
disrespectful to its benefactors.
Shall I convey your sentiments to my superiors?
If you wish.
You will go to North Korea.
Is that understood?
Yes, sir.
What are you reading?
Have you reviewed the file?
Of course I reviewed the file.
This isn't going to work.
- What isn't? - What have I done to you?
Nothing. I don't have a problem.
Have I offended you in some way?
By doing what, coming back?
Disrupting the perfect life you had going on?
I'm just sitting here reading a book.
I haven't said anything.
You haven't said anything in weeks.
We're supposed to be working together.
If you want to work with someone else,
we can make a switch.
I've done everything I can
to make this ridiculous situation work.
You, me, and Lauren working in the same office.
I have tried to walk around with this fake smile
pretending everything was fine just the way it used to be.
That's not working for me anymore.
This is it.
When we get back, one of us has to go.
He's dead.
So is he.
We're in North Korean airspace. We have to abort.
[Monitor beeping]
Vaughn, we have incoming!
It's still locked on. It's turning back.
There's another one!
They're both locked on! I'm gonna flame us out!
We need the engines to land!
They're heat-seekers. That's the only way.
I'm shutting off the engines.
Fire up the air start ignition.
A.S.I. on.
It's not working!
1,500 feet. 1,000 feet.
We don't have enough juice for a restart. Hang on!
[Plane crashes]
[Dog barking]
[Shouts in Korean]
[Telephone ringing]
Where the hell is the State Department?
Sir, I've got D.O.D. on line one.
What can you tell me?
Marshall, what's happening?
There's been...
Agent Bristow?
What's going on?
Sydney and Vaughn's jet was intercepted
by surface-to-air missiles over North Korea.
Their condition is unknown.
Who was responsible?
Early Echelon reports indicate the North Korean government
was not responsible.
Therefore, we suspect The Covenant.
If they survived, the North Korean military
will be hunting them.
We're attempting to monitor through satellite.
When information comes in, you'll be the first to know.
Thank you.
What Vaughn and Sydney need now is our strength.
Jack, Lauren, my office.
I've just been informed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff
that we've been ordered to stand down.
Given our tenuous relations with North Korea,
their official position on Sydney and Vaughn
is to disavow.
Unofficially, I say screw them.
Pool your resources.
We don't rest until Sydney and Vaughn are back in our hands.
Base Ops, this is Mountaineer.
Do you copy?
Base Ops, do you copy?
- Anything? - Comms are dead. You?
No. Can't get to the artillery. Their cargo door's jammed.
What's your best guess on our coordinates?
We can't be more than 40 minutes southwest of our L.Z.
What happened?
I'm fine.
We have eight hours until our meet,
which means on foot, we're gonna miss our window.
[Distant engines]
That's military.
[Electricity crackling]
[Vehicles approaching]
They're 100 meters out. We got to move.
[Cellular phone rings]
This is Jack.
I heard about Sydney.
Has there been any word?
Nothing yet.
Well, then let me help.
Omnifam has strong ties to the premier of China.
Thank you.
If I need your help, I'll let you know.
I think we're clear.
Yeah, for now.
Let me see.
- [Tape snaps] - Ow.
That's for being a jerk on the plane.
We've got seven hours to get to the Gai-Li marketplace.
We need to find transportation.
[Knock on door]
Jack Bristow.
Your daughter is alive.
So is Agent Vaughn.
Do you mind if I ask who you are?
What you should ask is what I need you to do
in return for my assistance.
I was going to get to that.
I will do everything in my power
to guarantee the safe return of your daughter
and her associate.
But I need something from you.
I need you to kill Arvin Sloane.
Jack just called.
Vaughn and Sydney are alive.
Where are they?
He didn't say, but he's orchestrating an exit strategy.
Well, that... Thank you!
We'll have a better chance once we get to Gai-Li.
The tires still have air.
Still some gas.
- How's it look? - I don't know.
Pull me some wiring out of the dashboard.
It could still take a charge.
Spin the generator pulley.
We've got a heartbeat. Keep it spinning.
We have to generate enough charge to spark the engine.
Listen, earlier, on the plane.
It's okay.
It's the only thing I could ever count on.
The way it felt to be with you. How easy it was.
That's all gone now.
How are we supposed to get along and be friends?
You're right. It's ridiculous.
I slept with Will.
In Warsaw.
We got drunk.
And we slept together.
How am I supposed to react to that?
However you want to.
Bad enough being a fugitive in North Korea.
Now I have to find out you slept with Will?
I want you to know that I'm moving on.
Not with Will.
Just generally.
If it helps.
All right, that should be enough.
Yeah, you're probably right.
[Engine turns over]
Your operative in North Korea should be advised
that Agents Bristow and Vaughn are still in play.
- How is that possible? - That's what I'd like to know.
Particularly as I jeopardize my standing within the CIA
for an offensive which failed.
I'll pass the news along.
Mr. Cho, please.
We're closed.
The black sparrow seeks an audience with Mr. Cho.
Yes. I'll let him know.
I prefer to remain unannounced.
We shall not be disturbed.
Mr. Cho, I apologize for disturbing your meal.
An unexpected delight.
I was under the impression that you were never returning
to the United States.
[Speaking Korean]
This is not a social call.
You have a debt to pay.
I'm aware.
I need an extraction.
From Q-Gong province.
Two Americans.
No, I'm sorry.
That's more than even I can do.
This is not a negotiation.
The repercussions. They're too dangerous for me.
I am not concerned of the repercussions.
Yes, I'll call Kwan.
Mr. Kwan can help us.
Everything you need to know.
Don't fail me.
JACK: We'll be in touch.
I've never been this on time in my life.
There he is.
Let's go.
[American accent] Mister...
I'm sorry.
You forgot to give us your name.
You first.
I'm Agent Hollier.
I'm with the CIA.
We have to get in there now.
Any move we make, Sark kills him.
Not necessarily.
Which field office of the CIA
did you say you were from, Mr. Hollier?
Portland office.
I have a car waiting,
and a plane fueled up ready to go.
You are on your way to becoming a God-blessed American citizen.
Gloria Estefan.
What about her?
I like her.
Four years, The Covenant has had me here in North Korea.
This culture has no...
America, though.
Lots of pep.
Well, I assure you,
the United States will be happy to have you.
The Covenant must be stopped.
What they are planning keeps me awake at night,
not sleeping.
My friend, tonight you'll sleep very soundly.
Stay calm.
Nobody move.
What is this?
Listen very closely. This man is not CIA.
He's Covenant.
We're CIA.
This was huge mistake.
You have to trust us.
[Normal voice] I believe their Army
is in search of fugitives from a downed airplane.
Suspected CIA.
Look, let's make this easy for each other.
Leonid and I are going to walk out of here.
Sydney is going to keep the knife where it is
until we are clear.
Once we are, she will follow us.
If you stick to that plan,
you might still have children one day.
Except the execution of your threat
would tip off our friends over there.
It seems everyone has something to lose.
Everyone, except for me.
[People screaming]
[Rifles cocking]
It's not deep.
- But the liver... - I know.
I'll need you to check if the tissue's intact.
Tell me.
Which of Irina's sisters are you?
Yelena or Yekaterina?
I haven't been Yekaterina since I was a child.
My sisters call me Katya,
which means Irina wasn't the one who told you about me.
Learning that your wife is actually a Russian spy
drives you to learn all you can about her true identity.
The tissue is stable.
As observant as you are,
you were married to my sister for five years
without suspecting who she really was.
Her love must have been intoxicating.
Mr. Kwan will see that Sydney will return home safely.
Now you have something to do for me.
And what do you possibly have to gain
from my executing Arvin Sloane?
And why me?
I consider the assassination a preventative measure.
And why you?
It's not for you to ask.
We had an agreement.
You choose not to deliver, I call off Mr. Kwan.
[Men speaking Korean]
[Key rattles in lock]
[Speaking Korean]
[Speaking Korean]
[Speaking Korean]
[Shouting in Korean]
They're CIA.
I will talk.
Thank you.
[Speaking Korean]
[Door closes]
Sydney, come here.
Come here, Sydney.
Jack Bristow. I have a 3:00 with Arvin Sloane.
Sir, Jack Bristow's here to see you.
[Cellular phone dialing]
Arvin Sloane, please.
WOMAN: You have a call on line one.
I assume you know who this is.
I do.
I have a message for you.
Back off Irina.
I'm not sure how I'm supposed to take that.
Listen to me carefully.
No matter how protected you think you are,
you are not.
Even from your friends.
Even the one you are about to see.
Your continuing life is a favor...
from me.
[Cellular phone rings]
This is Jack.
Change of plan. I need you to abort.
I'll explain later.
Mr. Bristow, he'll see you now.
Tell me, Jack.
Did you reconsider my offer to help Sydney?
I just wanted to let you know I think we're making progress.
That's good.
So you've extracted Sydney from North Korea?
I'm working on it.
I was able to contact someone on the inside
who could help us.
And you came all the way to Zurich to tell me this?
I had a meeting locally,
but I wanted to drop in, tell you in person.
You've done a lot for Sydney lately.
I felt I owed you the courtesy.
I see.
Thank you.
I remember years ago,
I was working at SD-6.
I was on my way to a meeting in Berlin.
It was a typical day,
except K-Directorate made an attempt on my life.
As I opened the car door,
a sniper shot came out of nowhere.
Bullet grazed my neck.
Actually left a burn mark.
You never forget what that feels like.
To barely escape with your life.
I have a plane waiting.
Then you should go.
We're not going to make it out of here.
There's something I need you to know.
In my life...
...there is only one person.
Don't do this.
Look at me.
The only reason I pushed you away...
The only reason is I didn't know how to be around you.
They're coming.
I know, Vaughn.
I know.
We'll find each other.
We always find each other.
[Key rattles in lock]
[Door opens]
[Shouting in Korean]
[Shouts in Korean]
[Shouts in Korean]
[Shouts in Korean]
I'm Mr. Kwan. I'm here to help you.
LEONID: What is happening?
I'm sorry for the things I have...
Thank you.
Before, I hope you did not think I was betraying you in any way.
What I was trying to do was...
Thank you.
~ We might kiss ~
~ When we are alone ~
~ When nobody's watching ~
~ I might take you home ~
~ We might make out ~
~ When nobody's there ~
~ It's not that we're scared ~
~ It's just that it's delicate ~
~ So why'd you fill my sorrow ~
~ With the words you borrow ~
~ From the only place ~
~ You've known? ~
- So sorry. Excuse me. - That's okay.
~ And why'd you sing hallelujah? ~
How did you find me?
Your mother found you.
~ Why'd you sing ~
~ With me ~
~ At all? ~
You warned him, didn't you?
Whatever trust I'd established with him
over the last three months has been compromised.
What I can't figure out is,
how will this play to Irina's advantage?
Or your own?
One day when you least expect it,
Irina's intentions will present themselves to you.
And when that day comes, I promise you,
it will be unmistakable.
Thank you for helping Sydney.
Isn't that what family's for?
That was from Irina.
~ So why'd you fill my sorrow ~
~ With the words you borrow... ~
And who was that from?
Too many questions.
~... that you've known? ~
~ And why'd you sing hallelujah? ~
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