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Subtitles for Alias 3x17 - The frame.

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Alias 3x17 - The frame

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Previously on "Alias."
Bomani's become the largest arms dealer in Africa,
with strong ties to The Covenant.
I could help you become more powerful than ever.
You know about The Passenger?
Excuse me?
The Passenger.
- [Gunshots] - Ugh!
Dixon, it's me. I'm at the Naval Hospital.
There's a sniper. Lazarey's been shot!
Our superiors would like to know
how your efforts in securing a scapegoat are progressing.
I've already taken care of it.
To what do I owe this pleasure?
I take no pleasure in this, Arvin.
[Handcuffs locking]
I've got the artifact.
I'll meet you at the rendezvous point.
I know you removed an artifact from Project: Black Hole
to trade with The Covenant.
Based on recently acquired intelligence,
we know Sark was promoted to co-command
The Covenant's North American operations.
Senator Reed, it's imperative
we learn the identity of his associate.
I enhanced the audio.
It turns out our friend Mr. Sark made a phone call.
SARK: Notify the extraction team.
Not if I see you first, love.
See you later?
Not if I see you first, love.
VAUGHN: Lauren's parents have been married for 34 years,
and they still love being together.
I had one day off this month, and I spent it playing hockey
at the rink with high school kids.
WEISS: That must be fun.
~ I worry ~
~ I throw my fear around ~
If I need it, can I crash on your couch?
You just have to wipe off the Cheese Nips.
Hey, I'm sorry, man.
[Cellular phone ringing]
I may have a lead on the box from Lot 45.
Not where it is,
but a map that'll lead us to the key that opens it.
Project: Black Hole has had the Rambaldi box for two years,
and hasn't been able to do that.
Without the key, The Covenant won't be able to, either.
That's why we have to get it.
I'm getting the intel from Mexico City.
Plane's waiting on you at Dover.
- I'd like to go with him. - Is that a good idea?
Sloane was clear.
Whatever is in the box presents a significant threat to you.
Sloane could be lying.
Even if he's not, the box has one inscription on it.
I need to find out why.
You'll report to me as soon as you get back from Mexico City.
Your father has ordered an official inquiry
into the disappearance of the box
from Project: Black Hole.
I've already been questioned about what I know.
Which is nothing.
I appreciate that.
Not at all.
You know where my loyalties lie.
The box you lost has not been opened
since the time of Rambaldi,
though there is a legend Joseph Stalin
made the greatest effort.
Stalin knew about Rambaldi?
He, too, was a believer.
The Rambaldi box is of particular interest,
because it was rumored to contain the strain
of a plague-like bioweapon capable of killing millions.
Stalin obtained the box.
But the key to opening it eluded him.
He sent teams of archaeologists
around the globe in search of the key.
As legend has it, in 1941,
a discovery was made in the Karoo desert.
What they found was a map made of crystal.
The etchings in the crystal
were a guide to the key that opened the box.
obsessed with gaining sole credit for the discovery,
the archaeologists turned on one another.
And the map, along with the two men,
were reclaimed by the desert,
never to be heard from again.
Until now.
I received this two days ago
from a contact in South Africa.
Where are they?
The Karoo desert.
My contact surveilled Mr. Bomani with a hidden camera
as he discovered the bodies of the men and the map.
That's the map?
There are etchings in the crystal.
A root of some kind.
This bioweapon. What do you know about it?
Only that The Covenant refers to it as The Passenger.
Where is your contact now?
Can we speak with him?
I am afraid not.
Bomani discovered he was being surveilled.
Son of a bitch.
You see those trucks?
S YDNE Y: Omnifam.
Explain this to me.
Kazari Bomani using your trucks to do The Covenant's work.
I entered into a relationship with Bomani
at the insistence of the CIA,
who forced me to partner with him
so I could stay close to The Covenant.
Your job was to provide us with intel,
not offer material assistance to The Covenant
in their search for The Passenger.
In order to maintain my cover,
I had to grant Bomani access to certain Omnifam resources.
Check the report, Sydney.
I detailed all of this.
You committed treason by spying on your country.
I won't put much stock in your reports.
I'm not the mole you're looking for.
You know what will happen
if your pardon agreement is revoked.
The death penalty that was commuted
when you entered into it will be reinstated.
Then I will die knowing
that I have honored my agreement to the letter.
Where is Bomani?
I have no idea.
But in exchange for certain creature comforts...
When I was falsely accused,
I was reading "The Iliad" in the original Greek.
I'm listening.
All Omnifam trucks are equipped
with global positioning transponders.
If I give you the corresponding codes,
you can track Bomani's movements via satellite.
You have such a beautiful smile, Sydney.
I miss it.
If you're executed, I'll be a witness.
I'll smile then.
So, how was your trip?
It was good.
Well, what happened?
You know, we...
We got what we needed to get,
and we're just waiting to see how it pans out.
I got you something while you were gone.
Open it.
I realized I forgot the anniversary
of your father's death.
I felt terribly,
and I wanted to do something special to make up for it.
It's the watch he gave you.
I had it fixed.
This isn't working.
It's not?
Not the watch. Us.
This isn't working for me.
I'm not happy.
I see.
I don't know.
I guess for a while, I thought I could be again.
But I don't think that's gonna happen.
I think we should separate.
This is about Sydney, isn't it?
No, it isn't.
Did she give you an ultimatum?
This is about us, our problem.
She is our problem.
Michael, if you're going to destroy my life,
the least you can do is be honest about why.
We have a problem.
Have you been made?
Of course not.
If he knew I was Covenant, he would arrest me,
not break up with me.
Well, he's obviously grown tired of you.
Perhaps because of another woman?
My access extends beyond my husband.
But Vaughn is central
to the CIA's efforts regarding The Passenger.
So you must do everything possible to keep him close.
What are you proposing?
The last time Sydney Bristow induced your husband
to stray from a committed relationship,
he was dating Alice Williams.
When her father died...
Vaughn recommitted.
I am not going to kill my father.
Need I remind you that you expressed
no such compunction about killing my father?
You asked me to kill Lazarey.
And now I'm asking you to kill Senator Reed.
The answer is no.
[Doorbell rings]
Mrs. Reed, my name is Jack Bristow.
I'm here to see your husband.
Please, come in.
George tells me you work with Lauren.
Yes, I do.
What you all do is so important.
Forgive me for saying so,
but I think the country's lucky to have her, don't you?
The omnibus reconciliation bill is snagged on the intel budget.
Can you believe that? In this day and age.
Well, I'm off to give a speech at the central library.
Olivia chairs the largest literacy program
in the country.
Does more good in a year than I do in a 6-year term.
I'll be back after dinner.
Remember to take your pill.
It was very nice to meet you.
Let's see it.
What I have is a paper trail.
Not definitive proof,
but the beginning of what Director Dixon and I
believe to be a strong case for the existence of a mole.
Other than Sloane?
Or instead of him.
At this point, that is unclear.
Is it that hard to identify a traitor?
Honestly, sometimes I think you people just get too close.
I don't understand.
Unauthorized by either NSC or Central Intelligence.
Covert ops often go unrecorded.
60% of the flights listed
coincide with dates and locations
where verifiable Covenant activity occurred.
My daughter is a committed public servant
who, despite my objections, insisted on government service
because she felt the responsibility
to give back to her country.
I understand this is difficult.
No, it's not. Because there is nothing here.
Lauren is a patriot.
And I will not allow you to ruin her reputation
based on innuendo and supposition.
As I said... findings are preliminary.
These are duplicates.
If, after reviewing them more thoroughly,
you have any questions, call me.
Based on the transponder codes Sloane gave us,
Marshall tracked the Omnifam trucks
to the Russian consulate at Gaborone.
The consulate general, Petr Berezovsky,
has strong ties to The Covenant.
Upon your arrival, there'll be a state event in progress.
You will proceed to the second floor,
where we believe Sark and Bomani may be analyzing the map.
The second floor of the consulate
is like a vault.
Satellite-resistant shielding. Copper-lined walls.
Electrically conductive concrete.
This is where you think the map is located?
How do we gain access?
Sydney will be going in as a Russian couture designer
interested in the local diamond trade.
Vaughn, you and Weiss will run backup.
Marshall's analyzing the security system and passwords.
He will brief you on countermeasures and op-tech.
You leave in one hour.
VAUGHN: Okay, Mountaineer. Comms are hot.
S YDNE Y: I'm entering the party.
Copy. Now locate Berezovsky.
[Classical music playing]
I see him.
Firing up the microphone.
MARSHALL: This choker you're wearing will get you
to the second floor,
because the elevator controls are password-operated by voice,
so you're gonna have to talk like Berezovsky.
I designed a high-resolution miniature microphone
that I placed inside of the choker.
The password is "mockingbird." In Russian.
That will be easy to get him to say.
You won't have to.
I designed a voice-construction software program
that will allow you to reconstruct the password
once Sydney gets Berezovsky to say enough phonemes.
Piece of cake, right?
I'm Paulina Alexandrova.
Yes, Madison Avenue.
This guy sounds like a frog. Is this thing gonna work?
I don't know. We'll find out.
VAUGHN: On my way in, Syd.
I'll reconstruct the password and have it uplinked
by the time you reach the elevator.
Okay, stay sharp.
Sark and Bomani could be upstairs.
BOMANI: With our computer scan of the map,
we have narrowed our search to a radius of 100 square miles.
The rendering should pinpoint the location
by this time tomorrow.
Well done. Thank you.
The guards are doing a 2-minute sweep.
Bomani and Sark might be in the building.
WEISS: The elevator will take you to the second floor.
You might run into Sark and Bomani.
[Berezovsky speaking Russian]
It's no good.
Got it. Let me try something.
[Berezovsky speaking Russian]
Try it now.
No, it's still red.
Watch it. Got a guard approaching from the south.
I think I got it. Try again.
[Berezovsky speaking Russian]
[Elevator bell dings]
VAUGHN: We're on our way up.
You will go to Vienna and get everything ready.
I will meet you there, and we'll retrieve the key.
Very well.
Well, that was extravagant.
I trust no one, Mr. Sark.
And it is best you remember that.
There it is.
We're in. Whoa, whoa!
It looks like you triggered a silent alarm.
Get the crystal and get out.
[Telephone rings]
Somebody's here.
Got it.
Take my gun.
We're going over.
- Ready? - Ready.
They have the crystal.
I'll get them.
The Covenant may have discovered how to read this.
Even if we figure out where it leads,
Bomani may get there first.
Dixon forwarded the picture of the crystal
on to Project: Black Hole.
I'll call and ask if they have the device that can read it.
[Door opens]
[Door closes]
Lauren and I are separating.
When we get home, I'm on Weiss' couch.
Are you sure that's what you really want?
It is.
Can I help you, Ms. Reed?
Run a check against a user account.
Number D Y692.
I'm sorry. Those records are sealed.
I have S.C.I. level-nine clearance.
You can check with the office of security.
- Protocol. - I understand.
Here we go.
Jack Bristow accessed my files.
My intrusion-detection program logged his user account.
What information was he interested in specifically?
My travel itinerary for the last five months.
Expense reports, rental car receipts.
My phone logs.
I can't risk being exposed.
Well, then I strongly suggest you reconsider
eliminating your father.
How will that help this situation?
We can associate him with the breaches.
If you have another suggestion, now is the time to make it.
Then we're agreed.
MARSHALL: It operates under
the same principles as a kaleidoscope.
It contains loose pieces of colored glass
reflected by mirrors set at certain angles
that create patterns when viewed through the end of the tube.
In this case, the pattern is a map.
Made up of three crystals.
All of which are required to properly read the map.
Sloane had collected only two.
Now that we have all three, what does the map look like?
Check it out.
S YDNE Y: Do we know where that is?
I ran the image through every known land chart.
I adjusted for erosion, acid rain, natural disaster.
I couldn't find a match.
The map revealed nothing?
Not to me, sir. Sorry.
Based on your intel, we were able to acquire
what we were looking for from Bomani.
I'm happy I could help.
The problem is,
we can't interpret the data it generated.
"The Iliad."
So, how may I be of service?
You found the third crystal.
S YDNE Y: Thank you.
Tell us what you see.
Rambaldi encrypted many of his discoveries.
Or divided them into pieces
so that if the authorities discovered any single piece,
the true meaning of his work would not be revealed.
That's true of the crystals.
And the keys they lead to.
- Keys? - Disks, to be precise.
There are four disks that fit perfectly into the slots
carved into the Rambaldi box.
We know the crystals are a map. We don't know to where.
What you've been looking at doesn't sync up
to any known topography.
You know better than anyone, Sydney.
There isn't anywhere on Earth
that Rambaldi or his followers wouldn't go
to hide one of his creations.
We've looked everywhere on Earth.
Really, Marcus? Have you?
Or is it simply that you've looked everywhere on land?
MARSHALL: Okay, now this is what I was looking at.
It's your basic land mass.
But then...
if I compare the topography with oceanic mapping...
Sloane is a genius.
I mean, an evil, horrible genius.
Bad man.
But still a genius.
The Yonaguni rock formation off the coast of Okinawa.
I want you two in flight immediately.
There's time to spec out the mission en route.
Op-tech will be waiting for you when you land.
Senator Reed called.
He's reviewed the documents and wants to meet.
We owed him the courtesy of informing him in advance.
As soon as your conversation is complete,
we need to inform the FBI and have her taken into custody.
Hello, Father.
I didn't hear you come in.
I've been here a while talking to Mom.
Shut the door.
There's something we need to discuss
that I don't want your mom to hear.
She's a great woman, your mom.
Put up with a lot.
Me being away.
Congress all these years.
It's a burden.
Don't think I don't know it.
On you, too.
It'd break your mother's heart
if she ever found out about this.
I know because it broke mine.
If it's any consolation,
I believe the cause I am working for is just.
I feel like I let you down.
Like it's my fault,
and that if I help you get out of it,
we could start over somehow.
Get out of it?
I could tell the Agency
I had learned there was a mole in the Rotunda six months ago,
and that I've been conducting my own investigation.
I'm a Senator on the Intelligence Committee.
No one would say a word.
You would do that for me?
Of course I would.
I love you.
It's a clever plan, and I'll definitely use it.
However, it only solves one of my problems.
Lauren, what are you doing?
Get on your knees.
You can't do this.
Get on your knees.
Hands behind your head.
Do as I say!
Lauren, please, don't do this.
[Hammer releases]
God, what are you doing?
Give me the gun, Lauren.
Sark said you might back out.
Send them up.
I'm so sorry.
Tell me what happened.
I'd been out shopping, and I...
I came back, and...
...George was there.
He was just sitting, gazing out the window.
He started talking,
saying something about our country.
That our government was ineffectual.
He said he'd made certain choices.
That when they came out, no one would understand.
I told him whatever was going on...
...we could get through it.
He said Lauren would be implicated, too,
that he'd asked her to do things...
I don't know, access records on his behalf.
I went to the kitchen, and that's...
That's when I heard the shot.
I mean, I'm his wife.
I should have known.
These people he was talking about.
The Covenant.
He made it sound like they were terrorists.
[Door opens]
Oh, my God.
I'm sorry.
All right, Mountaineer, just course 6 degrees southwest.
Target acquired.
They'll be out of radio contact until they resurface.
What is this place?
Looks like it's been fortified over the years.
Probably by the followers of Rambaldi
to protect his artifacts from ever being removed.
Well, next time they'll have to do a better job.
DIX ON: What's that?
I'm not sure.
What is that?
Hold on a second. I'll enhance.
It's a helicopter.
With divers. Four of them, sir.
Syd, Vaughn. You've got four incoming bogeys.
I repeat, four bogeys. Do you copy?
As long as they're in that cave, the signal's down.
These never have to see the surface.
What do you mean?
If what's in the Rambaldi box is a danger to you,
and these keys are the only way to open it,
maybe they should be destroyed.
Thank you for saying that.
BOMANI: Put down your weapon.
I could never have found these without your help.
I thank you for that.
You remind me of your mother.
I'm sure she would be pleased to know
I got the keys from you.
After all, The Passenger is Irina's legacy.
Bring me the satchel.
Bomani's got the keys.
Vaughn, our hose has been cut.
The DPV's shot.
How long can you hold your breath?
A free swim?
No way. We'd never make it out of the tunnel.
It's too far.
We don't have a choice.
There's got to be something in here we can use.
The tank's full.
The regulator's broken.
It's compressed air.
If we could release it properly,
it can act as a propulsion device.
Hang on.
MARSHALL: There they are.
How can you be sure?
The tracker they're wearing emits a specific GPS frequency.
Nothing on the satellite feed or from Naval Intelligence.
It's like Bomani just disappeared.
And took the key to The Passenger with him.
I am sad for you.
For you and Lauren.
That you have to go through this.
But I'm also hopeful.
That's what scares me.
I understand.
When we get home... want to get a cup of coffee?
I want to extend my condolences
on behalf of the entire task force.
Thank you.
I have arranged to make grief counseling
available at your convenience.
And a leave of absence should you want one.
What's this?
My letter of resignation.
My actions violated the oath I took to this country
and your trust.
Agents were put at risk because of what I did.
Your behavior, while unacceptable,
is nevertheless understandable.
You were acting at your father's instruction
in accordance with what you believed
was approved government protocol.
He told you he was conducting an independent security check,
and you had no reason to believe otherwise.
[Knock on door]
Many of us have suffered tragedy on the job or at home.
When that happens, we pull together.
This time will be no exception.
Your resignation is not accepted.
Now, if you'll excuse me,
I'd like to go and find my husband.
Did the forensics check out?
The official cause of death was suicide.
Do you accept that?
At this point, I have no reason not to.
I assume this means we no longer have reason
to hold Sloane.
Not necessarily.
You are here because we believed you hacked into this office
and removed classified files.
We were wrong.
And those charges are being dropped.
So, am I to understand
that you have apprehended the mole?
Senator George Reed.
George Reed admitted to working for The Covenant?
He did.
And then he killed himself.
I wish to be released immediately,
with apologies,
and my pardon agreement intact.
I'm sure you would.
But in going through the senator's personal effects,
we discovered evidence that, for the past year,
he has been consulting with you regarding Rambaldi's work.
And, further, that in direct violation
of your pardon agreement,
you handed over certain Rambaldi artifacts
not to the DSR,
but directly to the senator himself.
As a result, we have been given authority
to officially revoke your pardon agreement.
Meaning the sentence you received
prior to the agreement is being reinstituted.
In two weeks...'ll be executed by lethal injection.
- Hello? - Hi.
I'm sorry about how I got pulled away earlier.
How is she?
It's hard, dealing with her father's death and betrayal.
Are you at Eric's?
I see.
Well, I guess we won't be getting that cup of coffee.
No, we're not.
Okay, I'm going to go.
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And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself
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