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Alias 3x21 - Legacy

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Previously on "Alias."
We're sisters.
How did you find me?
It wasn't just me.
It was your father.
He's waiting for you.
Why is The Passenger important?
What is your daughter's real value?
While I was searching for her,
I came across an old Rambaldi text.
In it, Rambaldi prophesied that there would be a person,
a Passenger, who would be capable
of serving as a direct conduit to him.
The text contained a formula for an elixir.
If injected, would bring about
an altered state of consciousness,
allowing The Passenger to channel a message
rumored to be the key... Rambaldi's endgame.
- [Electricity crackles] - Aah!
Sydney, The Passenger.
Did you find her?
But she's gone. She's missing.
Sloane took her.
At this moment, we have no leads on Sloane
or Nadia Santos, my sister.
Unverifiable reports suggest
that shortly after he betrayed us in Kamyshev,
Sloane boarded a plane at the airport in Grozny.
But this was 20 hours ago.
By now they could be anywhere.
Have you been in contact with Nadia's superiors
at Argentina's Intelligence Directorate?
Yes, but they could only provide us with background.
She was recruited six years ago.
She was educated in language and trade craft.
The mission to Chechnya was her first field assignment.
What about her life prior to becoming an agent?
She was confined to an orphanage
in the San Telmo district of Buenos Aires.
She had no known family until now.
According to Sloane, Nadia will be injected with an elixir,
some kind of fluid that will enable her
to deliver a message from Rambaldi himself.
SLOANE: That's good.
That's very good.
He's never divulged the specifics of this message,
but he was willing to risk everything,
his wealth, his legitimacy, even his life,
to acquire it.
This is his endgame.
We have to believe that he will kill Nadia in pursuit of it.
DIX ON: Sydney, I pray that we get to Nadia quickly,
but given Sloane's intentions,
we need to be prepared for all possible outcomes.
I know she's alive.
Please don't.
Nadia, my child.
I don't want to hurt you.
Then why are you doing this?
When Abraham was asked to take his only child,
and offer him up to God,
he didn't hesitate.
And he took in his hand the fire
and the knife.
And it was only then...
...that the angel came.
But Abraham had to be willing to make this...
...unbearable choice.
I understand.
You do?
You're a man of faith.
Oh, my child.
My child.
- How do you like it?! - Aah!
- Aah! - No!
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
My supply of Rambaldi fluid has been compromised.
I need you to break into a bunker.
Novgorod 21.
Secure more bottles.
You deliver within 24 hours,
I'll pay you $5 million.
I'll recruit a team immediately and get back to you.
SARK: Go ahead.
Arvin Sloane just made contact.
Tell me where he's sending you, and I'll double his offer.
S YDNE Y: The Echelon dictionary's been updated
with the relevant keywords.
We'll continue to monitor all intercepts.
Thank you very much. Hey.
I thought you were supposed to stay in the hospital.
Yeah, I checked myself out early.
Didn't they want to keep you for observation?
I'm fine, really.
Look, whatever Lauren did to me,
I want you to know that I take full responsibility
for what's happened.
I messed up.
And if you can't get past that, I understand,
but will you try?
I don't know.
Will you at least think about it?
Because it's all I can think about.
Yeah, I will think about it.
I need to see you both immediately.
Our SIGINT post in Manila just intercepted
an encrypted telephone call between Arvin Sloane
and a well-known underworld fixer.
- Did we run a trace back? - The route masking was too high.
Sloane requested the fluid be recovered
from this bunker facility called Novgorod 21.
I checked with my contacts at Project: Black Hole.
They said the facility has been inactive since the 1980s,
when it was the center for Soviet Rambaldi research.
If we penetrate the bunker, we can plant a tracking device
on one of the vials of fluid.
Maybe that could lead us to Sloane.
I'll have Marshall prep the op-tech
for the two of you to execute a tactical infiltration.
The facility could still be guarded.
Where do we stand on finding Lauren?
FBI counterintelligence is going over
all Lauren's files, phone records.
Have we brought our field offices into the investigation?
Have you gotten DCI to sign off on retasking Echelon satellites?
Vaughn, we're doing what we can,
but right now the priority for this office
is finding Sloane.
Sloane got here first.
He might still be here.
They've got the fluid.
There's nothing left to tag and no way to find Sloane.
We still have a secondary protocol.
To retrieve all available data.
I'll start the uplink.
I'll try to collect a sample.
Marshall, I'm hacking into the drives now.
Okay, picking up the signal, Boy Scout.
I've got interference on K-band.
Bump it up one more frequency.
Any better?
No, not much.
There seems to be a signal I can't account for.
Can you download the data?
Yeah, start sending now.
Are those video files?
Yeah. At least 100 hours worth.
Can you open one?
That's my sister.
No. No, no, no, no, no, no!
- What? - There's a silent alarm!
They know you're there.
[Shouts in Russian]
Sydney Bristow.
We meet at last.
A tranq gun? How considerate.
Hurry. Take their uniform and their I.D.
Who are you?
Your mother's sister.
Let me take care of this.
[Telephone rings]
This is just a sedative, Nadia.
So you can rest.
What you did yesterday,
destroying all the fluid like that.
I want you to know I was not angry with you.
I was proud of your courage.
Every Sunday at the orphanage in San Telmo...
...they made us dress up in our finest clothes.
They would have us stand in line for hours
waiting to be chosen by families.
I wouldn't do it.
I'd make myself filthy and always frown.
I didn't want to be chosen.
Because I knew.
I knew that somewhere my dad was looking for me.
And one day he'd come... take me away from that place.
If I had known it was you I was waiting for...
...I would have cleaned up.
Katya saw Lauren and Sark on a surveillance feed.
They acquired a canister of Rambaldi fluid.
Eric, we need to get that satellite retasked.
I understand, but I want them found.
That's not good enough, Weiss!
I spoke to my father.
He's arranged for us to be picked up by helicopter.
What were you doing at the laboratory?
Like you, we received intelligence
that Sloane had sent a team there,
but by the time we arrived, it was too late.
If Sloane is after the fluid,
he must be very close from finding Nadia.
In the videotape, when Nadia was a child,
she was drawing something.
What I assume was Rambaldi's message.
If the message was already relayed,
why is she valuable?
Your sister was taken away from the laboratory
before she could complete the message.
My father took her.
He hid her away to keep her safe
from people who were trying to use her.
Are you trying to imply something, Mr. Vaughn?
I'm just curious why you're so eager
to find your long-lost niece.
I understand your wariness.
Try to remember that I've risked my life,
that I compromised my position with the S VR,
to save you from certain execution.
My father told me you were working with my mother.
I am.
When your mother returned to Russia,
she was immediately apprehended.
Her loyalties were questionable.
After a few months in jail, she gave birth to a little girl.
That girl was one day old
when she was taken away from your mother.
The only reason I joined the Russian Secret Service
was to help Irina find her younger daughter.
For years we heard nothing about her.
Every lead went cold.
But then recently we found out that her father,
Arvin Sloane, was also looking for her.
What is it, Sydney?
Sloane has her.
This is unexpected.
And unacceptable.
Nice to see you, too, Arvin.
We've recovered three canisters of Rambaldi's fluid.
They're yours...
in exchange for a partnership.
I believe we've already made that mistake.
You have The Passenger.
We now have the fluid.
What we are after is big enough for all of us to share.
So what do you say? For old times' sake.
What are your terms?
We've brought enough for one dose.
The rest is safely in storage.
Once we know you do indeed have the girl,
the rest of the canisters will be delivered.
And of course we will need to see a demonstration first.
We need to be certain that the fluid actually works.
I see.
MARSHALL: Now, I believe the fluid contains
a stored memory.
A muscle memory.
This fluid you brought back contains protein strains,
and when injected, the protein moves into the cerebral cortex.
Theoretically, it could trigger an individual
to execute a prerecorded series of noncognitive actions,
like touch typing or playing a musical instrument.
How dangerous is that process?
Well, the toxicity level of that much protein
being forced into the cerebrum would have harmful side effects.
Brain damage, maybe even death.
Have you been able to identify the doctor?
How'd the voiceprint analysis turn out?
Not great, but I'll run it again if you want.
VAUGHN: I wish we could see the doctor's face.
In the corner, someone's reflection.
Can you enhance it?
Oh, my God.
DIX ON: We believe this man to be Dr. Jong Lee.
According to files recovered from Novgorod,
he was the lead scientist in charge of conducting
Russia's Passenger experiments.
The NSA was able to use electronic intercepts
to track Lee's recent communication.
It appears he met with Sloane in Zurich at least twice
in the past four months,
most likely to help him procure Rambaldi fluid.
What about Lauren and Sark?
As of now, we have no evidence linking them to Dr. Lee.
Their whereabouts remain unknown.
If the satellites had been tasked,
that might not be the case.
They were tied up over a nuclear test site.
The D.O.D. wouldn't budge.
Because you didn't apply enough pressure.
Vaughn, this is not the time.
Where is Dr. Lee now?
A Cuban bioweapons facility.
You and Vaughn will head to Cienfuegos.
Find out everything you can about The Passenger experiments
and where to find Sloane.
In the meantime, Jack, you will work with Katya Derevko.
She's been investigating Sloane's financials
in the hopes of getting a lead on Nadia.
Could be something there to tip off Sloane's location.
Vaughn, do you have a minute?
I know why you checked yourself out of medical services early.
I know you're under the impression you're fine,
that all you need to do is hold yourself together
and bury yourself in work.
Get to the point, Jack.
My point is...
your rage is seething under the surface.
I know because I've been there, and I promise you
if you don't resolve this
as quickly and expediently as you can,
it will spill over into every aspect of your life,
including your professional and personal relationship
with my daughter,
and I do not want you endangering her.
I am doing my job the best I can.
Do you have a better suggestion?
I suggest you focus your energy
into achieving closure on this matter.
No one wants Lauren in custody more than I do.
That's not the kind of closure I'm referring to.
What's this?
This is the key to my storage facility.
In it, you'll find false identification,
unmarked and untraceable weapons, contact sheets,
as well as disposal facilities
capable of dealing with her remains.
That might be your way of dealing with things.
It's not mine.
Keep it.
Sloane transferred 900,000 out of his Caymans account
five days ago.
Are the routing numbers traceable?
To Scotland, then Luxembourg.
Not after.
When Irina and Sloane were having their affair,
did you know about it?
It was one of her many secrets.
Hearing Irina talk about you...
it was impossible not to be intrigued.
I find you sexy, Jack. Deal with it.
What is Dayton Electrical?
I have no idea.
Sloane's made a large payment to a Dayton Electrical.
The company subcontracted
to do work in Beijing, Lyon, and Gambia.
And Chamonix.
That mean something to you?
Recently we arrested a woman
who did significant electronics work
to secure a villa in Chamonix.
If this payment is for designing
some sort of security system for Sloane,
she might know where he is.
This is Agent Jack Bristow.
Inform the detention facility I will be there by 1400
to conduct an interview with Toni Cummings.
If this works and you find Sloane,
you will also find Sydney's sister.
Oh, this will be a great victory.
But it will be hard on you, knowing what she represents.
If it was me, I wouldn't want to go through that alone.
[Speaking Spanish]
[Shouting in Spanish]
[Shouting in Spanish]
[Shouting in Spanish]
[Floor creaks]
I said no disturbances.
[Gun cocks]
I'm sure you can make an exception for an old friend.
Remember me from Taipei?
Red hair.
You liked my teeth.
We know about your experiments in Novgorod.
How much information did you get from my sister?
Numbers? What kinds of numbers?
What kinds of numbers?!
She drew an equation.
Coordinates that would lead to a place.
What place?
What are we supposed to find there?
His body, his gravesite, what?
His consciousness?
Where's Arvin Sloane?
How should I know where he could be?
Now, I know you can't feel that, but you can see it,
and you can imagine what it's gonna feel like
when I pour the rest of this on you.
You met with Sloane in Zurich.
It was only a charity function.
Don't lie to me.
He asked me...
about inoculations.
About The Passenger.
Where is he?
I don't know.
Tell me where he is.
Vaughn, you can't do this.
Why not? He would.
You're not him!
Tell me where he is.
If I knew...
I would tell you!
Wrong answer.
You designed
a lethal response security system for Arvin Sloane.
You take everything away from me,
and now you expect a freebie in return?
I don't make promises.
Do you know how much being here cuts into my market share?
Can't even get a lipstick in this place.
Sloane is a fugitive.
Assist in his capture,
and a reduction in your sentence may be considered.
I know what a player Sloane is.
Capturing him must be a high priority.
If I help you get him, I want out with time served.
So you know where he is?
I designed a killer system for him.
But that was two years ago.
Where is it?
I only drew up the specs. I didn't contract the job.
And I don't know where it was built.
But you can find out.
I probably could.
Time served.
I'll have it put in writing.
Within the hour?
Within the hour.
Now, what do you need?
VAUGHN: I spoke to Dixon.
He said Jack and Katya might have a lead on Sloane
from Toni Cummings.
We may have their location by the time we get back.
What you did to Dr. Lee was unacceptable.
You wouldn't say that if I had gotten something out of him.
What he knew or didn't know is beside the point.
The point is, we're trying to find your sister.
And if you had gotten the answer,
it still wouldn't have been okay.
Wouldn't you do anything to get her back?
- You knew we had other options. - Sydney, the man tortured you.
He tortured Marshall. He tortured your sister.
This is about you. And what I saw scared me.
Yeah, well, it scared me, too.
What I'm willing to do to find her.
When I was with Dr. Lee, all I could think about was,
if we get to Sloane, we'll get to her.
Now, I want to find your sister.
But I need to find my wife.
Lauren cannot be allowed to get away with what she's done.
Well, Lauren might.
And you have to be prepared to deal with that.
MARSHALL: So, you're trying to tell me
you got a gigajoule from a gas generator?
Had to.
Can't have lasers without power.
Ah, you're very bad, yes.
Yeah, I've computed a list of the equipment
that you specified.
Everything necessary to build the security system
you designed for Mr. Sloane.
Now, my program here will scan multiple databases
for any shipments of that gear.
Hopefully we can come up with a delivery nexus.
How long did it take you to come up with that?
My lunch break.
We get 45 minutes.
I want you.
Come again?
To work for me.
How much do they pay you?
How much? A lot.
A lot a lot.
Work with me, and your base will be $ 1 million a year.
That's a nice base.
The thing is, I get really good medical.
And my little guy, Mitch.
Have I told you about him?
Well, he's also covered under the CIA extension plan.
Aw, cute. Mm-hmm.
And to be honest with you,
I kind of like working for the good guys.
No offense.
None taken.
Well, okay.
Looks like Mr. Sloane built your system in Japan,
just outside of Kyoto.
When do we go?
Go? No, no.
You were supposed to tell me how to bypass the system from here.
Sloane had me give him seven variables.
Now, I won't know which one he used
until I have access to the on-site junction box.
Okay, I totally understand, but you're in jail.
We're five minutes out. Switching to whisper mode.
I need to know that you will stay on mission
to protect Nadia, no matter what else happens.
SARK: What's wrong?
It's what I was afraid of.
She's building up a tolerance to the fluid.
She needs rest.
Or a stronger dose.
If we overload the cerebrum,
her brain won't be able to function properly.
She could die.
But we would have the equation, wouldn't we?
Don't push me, Julian.
You are wasting time we do not have.
We have all chosen this path.
We have all made sacrifices.
I trust you are willing to do the same.
This is Mountaineer. We're on the ground.
Copy, Mountaineer. Bravo is rollin' hot.
Bravo is in position.
Let's go! Move! Move!
Weiss, we're proceeding to the junction box.
You'll be okay.
I promise.
No, I won't.
I guess the angel isn't coming.
I'm so sorry.
[Footsteps approach]
I made a terrible mistake.
This will just take me a minute.
The deal's off.
If you go quietly...
you leave unharmed.
You remind me of my father.
When he learned the CIA was close
to identifying me as Covenant...
he was willing to do anything to protect me.
Even take the fall.
He loved me that much.
He's dead now,
because reaching this goal is far more important.
I'm into the system. It'll be down in 7 seconds.
- Bravo, stand by for go code. - WEISS: Copy, Mountaineer.
Get to the rendezvous point.
Got it.
Bravo Team, go.
You will regret this.
Vaughn, we got to secure Nadia!
I'm going after Lauren!
Get away from her.
Sydney, please.
We've got to go now! Go!
It's okay. You're safe.
I promise he will never hurt you again.
He protected me.
Your sister is listed in stable condition.
The drawings and text you recovered are in analysis.
We don't have every piece,
but I may have enough to extrapolate a location.
I should know in a day or two.
The only blemish on a job well done
is a debrief I received from the tac team leader
indicating that an initial failure to secure Nadia
provided Sloane an opportunity to escape.
Is there anything to that?
No, there isn't.
I won't cover for you like that again.
You violated mission protocol, and you left me behind.
- Nadia saved my life. - It was a judgment call.
I would never put your life in jeopardy.
You saw a chance to get Lauren, and you took it no matter what.
You didn't have my back.
We got Nadia. That's what counts.
I understand what you're going through,
what it feels like to be betrayed.
You saw how my hatred of Sloane consumed me.
You saved me from that.
From letting my anger turn me into a different person.
And now it is my turn to do that for you.
But you have to let me.
You have to listen to me.
You have to believe me when I tell you
the person you are right now is not the person you want to be.
I told you I didn't know
if we could figure things out between us.
I still don't.
But I do know that we can't even begin to try
until you deal with this.
Our concern with Nadia
has made Irina's affair with Sloane
common knowledge around here.
That can't be easy on you.
If you want to talk...
I'm good, thanks.
[Knock on door]
For the record...
I can go through this alone.
[Trigger clicks]
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Angels With Dirty Faces 1938
Angels of the Universe
Anger management
Anglaise et le duc La (Rohmer Eric 2001)
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Anne Frank - The Whole Story CD1
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Annie Hall 1977
Anniversary Party The
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Another Heaven CD1
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Antwone Fisher
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Anywhere But Here
Aoi Haru
Apartment The CD1
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Apocalypse Now - Redux
Apollo 13 CD1
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Appartement Le 1996 CD1
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April Fools Day
Apsolutnih Sto
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Architekten Die 1990
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Around The World In 80 Days 2004 CD1
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Around The World In 80 Days CD1
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Arsene Lupin
Arsenic And Old Lace 1944
Art Of War The
Arven (2003) CD1
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As Long As My Feet Will Carry Me CD1
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As bodas de Deus (1998) CD1
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Asterix In Britain 1986
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Astonishing (2004)
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Atlantis Milos Return 2003
Atlantis The Lost Empire
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