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Subtitles for Alien Resurrection 1997 CD1.

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Alien Resurrection 1997 CD1

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My mommy always said there were no monsters.
No real ones.
But there are.
She's perfect.
Two centimetres.
Yeah. Ready with that amnio.
there it is.
But be careful.
What about her? Can we keep her alive?
How's the host?
Doing well.
Sew her back up.
Excellent work. Everybody.
- How is our Number Eight today? - Appears to be in good health.
- How good? - Excellent.
As in completely off our projected charts.
Look at the scar tissue.
See the recession?
- This is from three days ago? - Exactly.
Well, this is good.
This is very good.
You're gonna make us all very proud.
Don't! I'm all right!
Now try this.
- Hand. - Close.
Number Eight?
- Fruit. - Good. Cherries.
- It's unprecedented. - Totally.
She's operating at a completely adult capacity.
- What about her memories? - There are gaps.
Some degree of synaptic dissonance.
She's freaked.
It has difficulties, caused by a biochemical imbalance, causing emotional autism...
Wait a second. It has memories!
Why does it have memories?
I'm guessing, but inherited memories,
passed down generationally by the aliens, like its strength.
Plus a highly evolved form of instinct.
Of course.
An unexpected benefit of the genetic process! I didn't even think of that!
Let's try this one.
Ripley, what is it?
Ripley? Ripley?
- You're not thinking termination? - Oh, boy, am I!
General, this is not a problem.
Ellen Ripley died trying to wipe this species out.
For all intents and purposes, she succeeded.
I don't want her taking up old hobbies.
- That won't happen. - We won't tell her.
Oh, I see. And that's supposed to comfort me.
Identification, please.
Please try again.
Thank you, General Perez.
The bottom line is, she looks at me funny one time, I'm putting her down.
OK, as far as I'm concerned Number Eight is a meat by-product.
Her Majesty here is the real payoff.
- When does she start producing? - Days.
Less, maybe.
- We need the cargo. - I told you, it's on its way.
- Fuck. - It's a fork.
How did you...
How did we get you?
Hard work. We used blood samples, from Fiori 16, on ice.
Where you died.
We've remade you. We cloned you.
Fiori 16.
Does that ring a bell?
Are you remembering something?
Does it grow?
Yeah. Very rapidly.
- It's a queen. - How did you know that?
She'll breed.
You'll die.
Everyone in the company will die.
In the company?
Weyland-Yutani. Ripley Eight's former employers.
A terran growth conglomerate. They had defence contracts under the military.
They went under decades ago, Gediman. Way before your time.
Bought out by Wal-Mart.
Fortunes of war.
I think you will find that things have changed a great deal since your time.
I doubt that.
We're not flying blind. This is United Systems Military, not some greedy corporation.
Well, it won't make any difference.
You're still gonna die.
How do you feel about that?
I wish you understood what we're trying to do.
The potential for this species goes beyond urban pacification: New alloys, new vaccines.
Nothing like this we've ever seen on any world.
You should be very proud.
I am.
And the animal itself,
The potential, unbelievable. Once we've tamed him.
Roll over? Play dead?
You can't teach it tricks.
Why not? We're teaching you.
Hey, son, I'll give you my authorisation code.
It's E-A-T-M-E.
Could you repeat that?
Little prick.
You know, no matter how many times you see it,
the sight of a woman all strapped up in a chair like thatjust...
Just bring us in on a 3-0 descent. And ride the parallel.
- Darling, it is done. - Good girl.
You want anything?
Hm, yeah. How about a cup of coffee?
Anything else while your mouth's warm?
A little milk.
Hey, don't cut thrust till about 600 metres. We'll give 'em a little scare.
Vriess! Call!
Goddamn, we're gonna die!
- Hey, Call? - Yeah?
What has two thumbs, one eye,
a pink tongue,
and screws like a god?
Two thumbs, one eye, a pink tongue,
and screws like a god?
Time to enjoy some of the general's hospitality, Christie.
Great. Army food.
Yeah, it'll do till we get the family wagon up to spec.
That is, if the natives are friendly.
- How's that? - Good.
Are we expecting any trouble?
From Perez, I doubt it. But you never know - we've been there before.
What is wrong with you?
Just a little target practice.
Vriess isn't complaining.
- Johner, you son of a bitch! - Come on, man, you didn't feel a thing.
You are an inbred motherfucker, you know that?
I'll take the knife back now.
Call, forget it.
He's been sucking down too much home-brew.
The knife.
Son of a bitch!
Don't push me. You hang with us for a while,
you'll find out I am not the man with whom to fuck.
It's about time we started associating with a better class of people.
I am Father.
Welcome to the USM Auriga.
Step forward for contraband and weapons search.
Please report any infectious diseases to the medical officers.
Levels seven through twelve are off-limits to civilians.
Thank you for your cooperation.
- Hands up, please. - What?
Could you get your hands up, please?
No weapons allowed on board, sir.
My own recipe.
Way more dangerous.
Nice welcome, Perez. What the hell is this?
Are you afraid the six of us are gonna hijack your damn ship?
Just the concern that one of your asshole crew members
is gonna get drunk and put a bullet through the hull. We happen to be in space.
No shit.
How you been?
Wanna check the chair?
Elgyn, these were very, very hard to come by.
So was our cargo.
You're not about to plead poverty on me, are you, General?
No. I'm just saying, very few people deal in cash nowadays.
Just the ones don't like to keep business records. Yourself, for example.
- Drink, Elgyn? - Constantly.
I'm gonna take a wild guess here, General, but I'm thinking
whatever you got going on here, it ain't exactly approved by Congress.
Who's the new filly you got on board, Elgyn?
Little girl playing pirates?
She is severely fuckable, ain't she?
Mighty handy with a monkey wrench, too, I might add.
I think Vriess has got a bit of a light in his eye for her.
Fine little ass like that make a man walk, you know what I mean?
Mind you, I think she's just a tad curious about this transaction of ours.
I can't say as I blame her. It's awfully cloak-and-dagger stuff.
It's a military operation.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I was under the impression that
most army medical labs don't operate outside of regulated space.
What do you want? What can I do for you?
- Me? - Yeah.
Two days' bed and board.
Vriess might want to snag a part or two. I mean, if it's not imposing.
I don't see any problem.
- A couple of conditions, though. - Ah, conditions.
Not you, nor any of your formidable crew members,
will go anywhere near restricted areas.
Rule number two.
- No trouble. Good behaviour. - Good behaviour.
- No fights. - No fights?
- No fights. - No fights.
Mi casa es su casa.
Please direct cargo to medlab centre, area G.
Follow the lit path.
Do not deviate.
Cargo status stable.
Life forms intact.
Stasis uninterrupted.
Medlab centre is off-limits to civilians.
Thank you.
- Oh, please. - You know I can't lay off the tall ones.
How ya doin'?
How about a little one-on-one? Whaddaya say?
You got some moves on you, girl.
If you don't wanna play basketball, I know some other indoor sports.
Come on, now, give me the ball.
OK... I got a new game.
You've had enough fun.
What the hell are you?
Something of a predator, isn't she?
Yes, she continues to make us all very proud.
There's just one minute and 30 seconds left to order this collector's item.
Jesus Christ, Johner, what did you put in this shit? Battery acid?
Just for colour.
So, we're a fast learner.
This is a really good show, man.
Woman, that shit is not easy to come by!
Why don't you take a walk outside?
I'm so sorry.
If bitches can't handle this shit, they should stay away from this shit!
Identification, please.
Please try again.
Please try again.
Thank you, General Perez.
Are you gonna kill me, or what?
There's no point, is there?
They've taken it out of you.
Where is it? Is it on the ship?
You mean my "baby"?
I don't get it. If they took it out, why are they keeping you alive?
Well, they're curious. I'm the latest thing.
Look, I can make it all stop.
The pain, this nightmare. That's all I can offer you.
What makes you think I would let you do that?
Who are you?
Ripley, Ellen, Lieutenant First Class.
Number 36706.
Ellen Ripley died 200 years ago.
You're not her.
I'm not her?
- Who am I? - You're a thing, a construct.
They grew you in a fucking lab.
And now they brought it out of you.
Not all the way out.
I can feel it.
Behind my eyes.
I can hear it moving.
Help me stop this thing before it gets loose.
It's too late.
You can't stop it.
It's inevitable.
Not as long as I'm around.
You'll never get out of here alive.
I don't care.
I can make it stop.
Go on, get out of here.
They're looking for you.
I think you're gonna find that this was very ill-advised. Where are her friends?
- They're in the mess hall, sir. - Well, you find them, now. Quietly!
- What the hell is goin' on here? - Smells like a double-cross, boss.
Where's the other one? With the chair?
Don't ever touch me. Ever!
- Wanna tell us what this is? - Wanna tell me who you're working for?
- Wren, they got nothing to do with this. - To do with what?
Do you know the penalties for terrorist activity?
No terrorists in my crew. Call, got something to say?
I don't care whether you knew or not. You brought a terrorist on board.
And as far as I am concerned, you all die with her!
Do you understand?
I understand.
Stop! Drop your weapons!
And you, drop that piece of shit! Or I blow his head off!
- I can't do that, man. - Drop it now!
- They're attached. - I'm not fucking with you!
You're all under arrest for a Code 8, concealed weapons,
and a Code 12, which is murder!
- Kiss my ass. - Put down your weapons!
Everybody OK?
Real easy, soldier boy.
Security! There is a serious problem in the mess hall.
You lie to me now, little girl,
I will cut your throat.
- We do not read you. - Hello?
- We do not copy you. Please repeat. - Hello?
He's conducting illegal experiments, breeding...
- Ice the goddamn mole! - Listen! He is breeding an alien species.
If it gets loose, it'll make the Lacerta plague
- look like a fucking square dance. - Shut up!
Your attention, please. Security breach.
Medlab, level 15.
Let's get back to the Betty. The doctor and soldier boy can escort us.
What about Vriess?
Your attention, please.
Unauthorised opening of cage three.
Unauthorised opening of cages five,
seven, eight, ten.
- Move it! - Evacuation.
- Go! Go! Go! - Evacuation.
This is not a drill.
- Evacuation. - Get on board!
Your attention, please. Non-human presence detected.
Levels 21, 23.
Level 38.
Level 39.
Evacuation. Proceed to lifeboats.
This is not a drill.
Thank you for your cooperation.
I'll give you holes, you slimy bastard!
Move it! Go!
- Final lifeboat ready for launch. - Get aboard!
Complete evacuation now.
Evacuation incomplete.
Civilian presence detected in area H.
Warning: Main vessel declared uninhabitable.
- Elgyn, come on. Let's move, man. - Yeah.
Elgyn! Elgyn, where are you?
Easy, Hillard!
- Give me a hand here! - Get him up!
- Come on, let's get him up! - Move out of the way!
Aw, shit.
- What the fuck did this? - What's in this place?
- Call, get down! - What the fuck is that?
Don't shoot! It's in front of the hull!
- What is that? - Come on, man, time to go.
Get back!
Time to go!
Come on, Call!
Open the goddamn door!
We can't open it! We can't open the door!
- We gotta go back! - I'm not going back. You go back.
What the fuck...?
Was it everything you hoped for?
Leave him alone.
What do we do now, man?
Same thing we were doing. We get the hell outta here.
What if there's more?
I say we stay here, man. Let the army guys deal.
- Where the fuck are the army guys? - They're dead.
- Then we don't need this asshole. - Step back!
- You! - Stop!
You got no authority here!
Doctor, that thing that killed my partner.
- That's your pet science project? - Yes.
- Let me do him! - I should let him do you right now.
How many more are there?
How many more are there?
There'll be more.
So, who do I have to fuck to get off this boat?
I can get you off. Maybe not the boat, but...
Let's go.
No, wait a second. She was the host for these monsters.
Wren cloned her because she had one inside her.
She's not human.
She was part of his experiment. She will turn on us in a second.
- I don't give a shit what she is. - She's too much of a risk.
- We have to leave her. - She comes.
- We can't trust her. - I don't trust anyone.
If we're gonna survive this mess, we all stick together. Agreed?
Hillard, we gotta go.
It's not over. We gotta get to the Betty.
Make a nice souvenir.
- I can't believe you did that. - Did what?
Killed one. It's like killing your own kind.
It was in my way.
Oh, man!
Who were you expecting? Santa Claus?
I thought you were toast for certain, man.
Where's Elgyn?
- Shit. - What if they're all over the Betty?
All the activity was in the F sector. Why would they move?
They won't. If they send anyone out, it'll be here.
Where the meat is.
Yeah... If we wanna make any decent time, I say we ditch the cripple.
- No offence, man. - None taken.
Nobody is left behind.
Not even you, Johner.
- What's the quickest way out? - After the cooling tower, there's an elevator.
It runs from the top of the ship down to level one.
- Straight to the dock. - Sounds reasonable. Let's do it.
We're moving.
- What? - The ship is moving. I can feel it.
The ship has stealth-run. There's no way you can tell.
- She's right. - The ship's been go since the attack.
It's a standard emergency procedure.
That's right. Any serious problem, the ship autopilots to home base.
And you were planning on letting us know this?
Nobody asked.
What's home base?
- Great! - Bastard!
Earth? I'd rather stay here with the things, man.
- How long until we get to Earth? - Three hours almost.
We gotta blow the ship.
Call! You're not blowing this ship.
Not while we're on it, OK?
You get out of the ship you do as you please, all right?
Earth, man. What a shithole.
It's clear.
Hey, Ripley.
I heard you, like, ran into these things before.
- That's right. - Wow, man.
So, like, what did you do?
I died.
Not that way!
Ripley, come on.
Ripley, we got no time for sightseeing here.
Ripley, don't.
Kill me.
Don't do it, Ripley.
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