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Subtitles for Alien Resurrection 1997 CD2.

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Alien Resurrection 1997 CD2

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Don't do what?
What's the big deal, man?
Fuckin' waste of ammo.
Let's go.
Must be a chick thing.
Am I dreaming, or is this not the shit we brought with us?
Yeah. It's the same shit.
It stinks in here, man. Let's keep moving.
Get away from me!
Get away!
Get away from me!
- Drop the rod. - Get away from me!
- Do it! - Get away from me.
Get away from me.
Who are you people?
- What's happening here? - Calm down.
What's happening here is that we're getting the fuck off this ghost ship, OK?
Ship? What ship?
Where am I?
I was in cryo, right? On my way to Xarem, right?
Work crew for the nickel refinery, right?
I wake up... I know I don't understand.
Oh, God. I...
I saw... I saw horrible things.
Look, you're coming with us. It's too dangerous for you here.
Leave him.
Fuck you! We're not leaving him here.
He's got one inside of him. I can smell it.
Inside me?
Inside me? What's inside me?
I don't want one of those things birthing anywhere near my ass.
- It's a bad risk. - What's inside me?
- We can'tjust leave him here. - You came here to stop 'em spreading.
- What's inside me? - Can't you stop it?
- We've got no time. - We can't do it here. The lab's out of order.
I could do him.
What's inside me?
What's in-fucking-side me?
A parasite!
A foreign element.
There's a monster in your chest.
These guys hijacked your ship,
and they sold your cryotube to this human.
And he put an alien inside of you.
It's a really nasty one.
And in a few hours, it will burst its way through your ribcage,
and you're gonna die.
Any questions?
Who are you?
I'm the monster's mother.
If we freeze him on the Betty, the doctor can remove it later.
- Fine by me. - Since when were you in goddamn charge?
Since you were born without balls!
Ease off, people!
All right, you come with us. You might even live.
Get twitchy on me, you'll be shot.
Let's move out.
It's a mess down there. Is this the only way?
Vriess! We gotta lose the chair.
I know.
- Kawlang manoeuvre, right? - Yeah. Just like old times.
Must be the cooling tanks.
Somebody must have opened the valves.
The nasties couldn't do that, could they?
We're at the bottom of the ship.
We have to go through the kitchen. Maybe 90ft.
To the elevator on the other side.
- I don't like it. - What's to like?
- This sucks! - Wren, are you sure about the distance?
- You ready to get wet, partner? - Yeah.
Hey, will your weapons fly underwater?
They're disposables. They can take it.
Hey, I heard about those.
- How many rounds? - 20.
Split points give you a good hole, even if it's smaller calibre.
That's cool!
They're big with hitters cos you throw 'em away after the job.
I wouldn't like to throw away a weapon I'm attached to.
Guess I don't have to tell everyone to take a deep breath.
When we hit the surface, no backstroke, OK?
Jesus Christ!
They set a goddamn trap. It's a goddamn ambush!
It won't break. Give me your weapon.
You really are way too trusting.
You killed her! You bastard!
I'll get you!
Father, lock the door!
Christie! Climb!
Climb! Come on!
Come on!
It's jammed! Move it!
It's jammed!
Get off my foot, bitch!
Get off me!
Die, motherfucker!
Do it, man!
Real nice party, ain't it?
What are you doing? Don't do it!
We can make it!
This way.
Come on!
Baby, am I glad to see you!
I was sure that asshole got you. Are you hurt?
I'm fine.
- You got body armour on? - Yeah. Come on.
You took it in the chest. I saw it.
You're a robot?
Son of a bitch! Our little Call is just full of surprises.
I should've known. No human being is that humane.
I thought synthetics were logical.
You just a big old psycho, girl!
- You're a robot? - You're a Second Gen, aren't you?
You're an Auton.
Robots designed by robots, right?
- Ha! - That's right, I remember.
They were meant to revitalise the synthetic industry.
Instead they buried it.
They don't like being told what to do.
The government ordered a recall.
Now, I heard...
I heard that only a few had gotten out in time.
Man, I never thought that I would see one!
Great. She's a toaster oven.
Can we leave now?
- How long before we land? - Two hours.
Vriess, you got a wrench? Maybe she just needs an oil change.
Sorry. Access denied.
- And I almost fucked it. - Like you never fucked a robot!
If Wren gets in the computer, he could screw us.
- We gotta find a terminal. - There's no console on this level.
- We'd have to go back. - We can't go back.
- And I don't know Wren's access codes. - Help me.
No. I can't.
Right. You're the new model droid. You can access the mainframe by remote.
No, I can't. I burned my modem. We all did.
Call, you can still patch in manually. You know that.
There's ports in the chapel, up there.
- You're programmed for that? - Don't make me do this.
Don't make me make you.
I don't wanna go in there.
It's like my insides are liquid. It's not real.
Get over it. You can blow this ship, before it reaches Earth,
and kill them all.
Just give us time to get out first.
- Damn it! - Anything?
Hold on.
Breach in sector seven, sector three.
Sector nine unstable.
Engines operating at 41%.
86 minutes until Earth dock.
We burned too much energy.
I can't make critical mass. I can't blow it.
Then crash it.
I'm OK. I'm OK.
I feel good.
Ground level recalibrated.
New destination: 7-6-0-4-0-3. Uninhabited quadrant.
Braking system's offline. Deceleration increase.
Time until impact now 43 minutes, 8 seconds.
Try to clear us a path to the Betty.
And start her up.
Please wait.
Emergency override in console 45V, level one.
It's Wren. He's almost at the Betty.
Father, locate the power drain. Report.
Father's dead, asshole.
Intruder on level one. All aliens, please proceed to level one.
You got a mean streak.
Damn it!
- Let me see. - Don't touch me.
Come on.
You must think this is pretty funny.
I'm finding a lot of things funny lately.
But I don't think they are.
Why do you go on living?
How can you stand being what you are?
Not much choice.
At least there's a part of you that's human.
I'm just...
Look at me.
I'm disgusting.
Why did you come here?
To kill you. Remember?
Before the recall,
I accessed the mainframe.
Every dirty little covert op the government ever dreamed up is in there.
And this, you, the aliens, even the crew from the Betty.
I knew if they succeeded it'd be the end of them.
Why do you care what happens to them?
Because I'm programmed to.
You're the new asshole model?
I couldn't watch 'em do it.
I couldn't let 'em annihilate themselves.
Do you understand that?
I did once.
I tried to save people.
It didn't work out.
There was this girl.
She had bad dreams.
I tried to help her.
She died.
Now I can't even remember her name.
I guess we're almost there.
- Do you dream? - I... We have neural processors. Yes.
When I sleep I dream about them. It.
Every night.
All around me. In me.
I used to be afraid to dream, but I'm not any more.
Because, no matter how bad the dreams get, when I wake up it's always worse.
- It's not so far now! - God, I'm so tired!
Oh, no. This is bad, right?
I think we're near the nest.
- We'll go another way. - We don't have time.
- We got 90 minutes. - Not any more.
- What did you do, robot? - Let's go. Come on.
Hey! You wanna die here with your brothers and sisters, that's cool.
But I plan to live past today.
If this hunk of plastic is pullin' any shit,
I'm gonna kill her!
Kill you!
Does that compute? Or do I have to draw you a schematic?
You want another souvenir?
- How far are the docks? - 100 yards.
Come on!
Ripley, we have to go.
I hear them. I hear them. They're so close.
- Ripley... - It's the queen.
She's in pain.
Oh, my God.
We gotta be moving. The best thing we can do is pray for a quick death.
Come on. Come on.
- It's not right. - I've been saying that all day.
Call, I need you to patch into the ship again, and open the hatch.
Johner, we should put Purvis in the freezer now.
All right, little buddy.
Nap time.
Nobody moves, or I put a cap right where this little droid's brain is.
- Distephano, take the weapons. - Begging your pardon, sir, but fuck you!
Fine. Then I kill her,
and you kill me, and we all die,
and nobody goes home!
Now drop the weapon!
Then this little synthetic bitch is gonna plug into the Auriga
and she is gonna take us back to home base, according to standard emergency procedures.
- No, she's not! - Are you crazy?
You still wanna bring those things back to Earth?
- Haven't you been paying attention? - The intellectual speaks!
- Listen, if... - Don't you ever shut up?
Why does nobody listen to me?
I told you, at first everything was normal. The queen laid her eggs.
But then she started to change. She added a second cycle, so...
this time there is no host.
There are no eggs.
There is only her womb
and the creature inside.
That is Ripley's gift to her: A human reproductive system.
She is giving birth for you, Ripley.
And now she is perfect!
You are...
a beautiful butterfly.
No! No...
Your beautiful, beautiful little baby.
Look, it thinks you're its mother.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Civilian vessel online. Emergency departure authorised.
All right, she's hot. I'll open the Auriga's air locks. Pull the holding clamps.
Right, I just need to find the vertical thrust lock.
- Are you sure you can fly this thing? - Yes!
Launch status is go.
- Hey. - I thought you were dead.
I get that a lot.
- Why are we still here? - I'm just finding the manual override.
- For Christ's sake! - Hey, Ripley.
Good memory. Excuse me.
- Ripley's back. - Is that it?
You can't fly one of these things?
Are you kidding? This piece of shit is older than I am.
Goddammit! We still got breach. The hatch.
- I closed it. - I've fixed it a hundred times!
I'll get it. I'll get it.
Approaching Earth's atmosphere. Window of departure now 46 seconds.
Call? We have to go.
We've gotta get out of here.
Window of departure now 20 seconds.
Grab on to something, Call. We're outta here.
Come on, baby.
This thing is gonna fall apart!
Pressure's unstable!
Go help Call turn on the auxiliary pump!
Come on! Step on it!
Hey! I'm not the mechanic here, Ironside!
I mostly just hurt people!
Call, get back up here!
Call! Call!
Hey, Ripley!
Johner, where are you, you son of a bitch? Get on it, bastard!
- What am I supposed to do? - Grab the sticks!
Put her down.
I'm sorry.
USM Auriga will impact in five seconds. Four.
Thank you.
- What's burning? - Us!
Shit! You're right!
So this is Earth, huh?
This is Earth.
It's my first time here.
I suppose the military'll be sniffing around here pretty soon.
Bet you're not too anxious to see them.
Not really.
You know, a person could get pretty lost around here if they wanted to.
What do you think?
What shall we do?
I don't know.
I'm a stranger here myself.
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