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Subtitles for All That Heaven Allows.

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All That Heaven Allows

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- Hi, Cary. - Hello, Sara.
As usual, Cary, you're way ahead of me.
I haven't even had time to think of my trees, much less get them pruned.
Oh! I can't take credit for that.
Martin always made the arrangements with the nursery.
After his death, the service just automatically continued.
Not that I haven't the time. With the children away except for weekends,
- I've got nothing but time. - Yes, I know.
That's enough about that. Let's have our lunch. It's all ready.
- Darling, I can't have lunch. - Oh?
I would have phoned, but I wanted to bring back the dishes I borrowed.
Sometimes I think you're smart not to be a club woman.
Sometimes I wonder, but it's just not for me.
- I hope you didn't go to trouble. - I didn't.
It's George. He just phoned. He's bringing out a weekend guest.
Last-minute notice, as usual.
What with a hundred other things to do, I've got to dig up a date tonight...
- For this Mr. Allenby. - A date?
Look, he's 40, which means he'll consider any female over 18 too old.
We might as well face it. I've got to be off.
Oh, how about joining us tonight at the club for dinner?
Well, no, Sara, I don't think I'd better.
Don't be silly. I'll phone Harvey. Pick you up around 7:30.
- Harvey? - Oh, well, at least he's available.
- Bye, darling. - Good-bye.
- Could I help you, Mrs. Scott? - Well, yes, thank you.
- Just put it right there. - All right.
- Would you like some hot coffee? - Yeah, thanks.
Perhaps you'd like to share my lunch with me.
My friend couldn't stay. I have plenty of food. Chicken, salad and rolls.
- Just a roll and some coffee will do. - All right.
- Won't you sit down? - Mm-hmm.
I was just wondering if there's much to be done.
- Everything looks so wonderful. - Not much.
Do you think you'll finish today or will you have to come back?
Well, probably will.
I often wish I knew more about gardening.
Do you think I ought to take it up?
Only if you think you'd like it.
- I'm Mrs. Scott. - Yes, I know.
- I'm Ron Kirby. - Oh, you're Mr. Kirby's son.
Mm-hmm. I took over the nursery three years ago when my father died.
Have you been coming here ever since?
Mm-hmm. Every spring and every autumn.
This may be my last year.
At agricultural school, I got interested in trees. So I started growing them.
- What kind of trees? - All kinds.
White fir, Douglas fir, silver tip spruce.
- Do I have any? - No.
But you have some just as interesting.
Like this Koelreuteria.
In china where it comes from, they call it the Golden Rain tree.
Beautiful, isn't it?
They say it can only thrive near a home where there's love.
- It's a beautiful legend. - Mm-hmm.
Well, I'd better get back to work.
Thank you for the coffee.
- Mother? - Hey, Mother!
Here I am!
Hello, darling! - Hi!
- Ned - Hi, mom.
I didn't expect you home until tomorrow.
I didn't have a class today so I phoned Kay from Princeton...
I was catching up on some case histories... bane of the social worker...
- So I brought them along. - When's dinner?
I've been invited out for dinner.
- Where are you going? - Sarah's giving a party at the club.
I'll have to get dressed. Harvey's going to pick me up in a little while.
Oh, that's all right. I'll go fix the cocktails.
- Harvey likes my martinis. - Ned, the martini wizard.
- Have you been seeing much of Harvey? - No, dear, he's been out of town.
- Florida, I think. - I like Harvey.
He's pleasant, amusing, and he acts his age.
If there's anything I can't stand, it's an old goat.
As Freud says, when we reach a certain age, sex becomes incongruous.
I think Harvey understands that.
All in all, he's remarkably civilized.
And the only bachelor around here.
I'll admit, he does have his drawbacks.
He talks too much about his health,
but when you get to be his age, it's understandable.
Of course, it's normal to fall apart as one grows older.
But I can see it might be hard to accept.
Although naturally it doesn't matter as much with men as it does with women.
But, I guess Harvey's intelligent enough anyway to...
Are you reading this?
What, dear?
It's about time you wore something besides that old black velvet.
- Is it? - Of course.
Personally, I never subscribed to that old Egyptian custom.
- At least I think it was Egypt. - What egyptian custom?
Of walling up the widow alive in the funeral chamber of her dead husband...
along with his other possessions.
The theory being that she was a possession too.
She was supposed to journey into death with him. The community saw to it.
- Of course, that doesn't happen anymore. - Doesn't it?
Well, perhaps not in Egypt.
- What do you mean? - Oh, nothing. Let's go downstairs.
Holy cats, Mother.
I've had it for quite a while. I just haven't worn it.
- Do you like it? - I guess it's all right.
But isn't it cut kind of low?
Hope it doesn't scare Harvey off.
- A typical Oedipus reaction. - A what?
A son subconsciously resents his mother being attractive to other men.
We call it an Oedipus complex.
Happens all the time.
- Good evening, Harvey. - Cary, my dear! Well!
- And Kay! - Hi, Harvey.
- You'll have a cocktail before you go? - We have time.
- He's mixed it especially for you. - Thank you.
- We've missed you. - I'm glad.
- Did you enjoy Florida? - Perfect, Kay, perfect. Cary!
I discovered one of the most wonderful doctors down there.
Cured one of my eternal colds, like that!
- Mom, Harvey, the Scott special. - Thank you, Ned.
- Thank you. - Mmm!
Excellent, my boy! Excellent!
I'm not sure the gin is as good as the brand I usually use,
but the vermouth is fair.
You mean those two little drops you put in?
Kay, I hope for the sake of my liver you've miscounted.
Cary, you're looking lovely tonight.
- That color becomes you. Well, thank you, Harvey.
Ned was afraid the dress might frighten you.
It would take more... perhaps I should say, less to scare me.
No, thank you, Ned. One cocktail is my limit.
You know, my reform started...
the night your father won this trophy.
He filled it with champagne and made us drink it.
I can still remember it.
- How many of you were there? - Not enough.
- I think we better start, don't you? - Yes, Harvey.
- Cary! Hi, Harvey. - Hello, Bill.
- We never see you anymore. - Cary, dear, it's been ages.
Ann and I were laughing the other night about the time Martin...
Here you are. You can have her later. Come on, darling.
Cary! My favorite woman. What'll it be?
- We had a martini at the house... - Never switch the pitch.
- Same for you? - Nothing for me. I've had my quota.
You'll need more than one to see you through this party, all my fault too.
- And I've got him for the whole weekend. - George! Hush.
Tom, Cary. I want you to meet Miss Frisbee, Mr. Allenby, Mrs. Scott.
- Mrs. Scott. - How do you do?
Hello. I've been telling your Mr. Allenby...
He's awfully hard to resist.
Seems to be mutual.
- Sara! - Hello, Sara, Cary.
Did you see? The Nortons are here together. After all the talk...
- What talk? - You know what everyone said.
No, but i'm sure you do.
Cary, oh, darling! How wonderful to see you. I hardly recognized her.
It's indecent to have two grown children and look as young as you do.
There's nothing like red for attracting attention, is there?
I suppose that's why so few widows wear it. They'd have to be so careful.
- Hello, Howard. - Hi!
- How about a dance? - Go ahead, Cary.
All right. I'd like to.
That was a horrid thing to say, Mona.
What do you mean?
I was only trying to cheer her up by telling her how lovely she looked.
- But she didn't seem to need it. - Shall we have a drink?
- How are mary and the children? - Everybody's down with the flu.
- I'm sorry. - House is like a hospital.
Now i'm glad I did.
You're beautiful, Cary. Too beautiful to be lonely.
I can never decide whether Howard's wife is a saint or just not very bright.
She stays at home alone night after night.
- Yes, but she has the children. - Even if she hasn't got Howard?
- What does that mean? - Don't bristle. Did I mention cary?
I'm beginning to think you have an evil mind.
Now, really.
- It's much nicer out here, isn't it? - Yes.
That's where they're going to build a new swimming pool.
- Oh?
That's a wonderful place for it.
When do you think they'll...
Why don't we meet in new york? I know a place.
Howard, let's forget you said that.
I'm sorry, Cary. I don't know what got into me.
I know you're not like that. I apologize for what I said.
That's all right, Howard.
But I don't apologize for wanting you.
Why didn't Ned tell me about you before?
Think of all the time we've wasted.
You're off on a tangent. Your values are confused.
I don't get it.
The basic values of the sex attraction between man and woman are...
Oh, Mother and Harvey.
Well, i'll try to explain, but not here.
Here you are.
- Would you like a nightcap? - No, thank you, Cary.
It's way past my bedtime. It's been a wild night for me.
I've enjoyed every minute of it. I always enjoy being with you.
Thank you. I feel the same.
- Have your key? - Yes.
Now do you understand that much?
Frankly, no. But...
All right, I'll... I'll try again.
I don't know whether you're ready to think about marrying again.
Well, no, l... I don't think I'm ready.
Of course I realize I'm not very romantic or impetuous...
But then, you'd hardly want that sort of thing.
I'm sure you feel as I do.
That companionship and affection are the important things.
I could give you those, Cary.
Well, I won't press you for a decision now.
- Good night, dear. - Good night, Harvey.
You really didn't want to be a football captain. You wanted love.
- Yes. - No, not the romantic nonsense.
I mean, basic love, the desire to be liked.
Football was merely a means to the end.
Of course, you do have the build for it.
How can anyone so little be so smart?
And yet so pretty?
- I'll see you Tuesday. - Well, how long does this go on?
Oh, you mean the pruning.
He was supposed to come back a couple of weeks ago and finish up.
- I almost gave him up for lost. - The independent type, huh?
- Good-bye, darling. - Good-bye, Sara.
Hello there.
I thought you deserted us.
- I've had a busy week. - Busy two weeks.
- Have you been buying more trees? - How did you guess?
Well, l... I was just going to make some fresh coffee.
- Would you like some? - No, thank you. I'm all finished.
That means we're not going to see you again until next spring.
I won't be coming back next spring.
I'm giving up my maintenance work.
Growing trees is a full-time job.
At least the way I want to do it.
Don't worry. I'll find you someone.
Thank you.
Well, I guess this is good-bye. I wish you luck with your trees.
- Remember the silver tip spruce? - Yes?
I was wondering, if you're not too busy,
you might like to come over to my place and see them.
Well, I'm sorry, but I'm afraid I can't today.
Oh, well, of course, if you can't.
- Oh, Mr. Kirby. - Yes, Mrs. Scott?
Well, I was just thinking that maybe if...
You've changed your mind?
All right! Let's go!
It certainly is out in the woods.
- Not what you expected? - I thought you lived here.
I do.
I can see that a woman might not like it, but it does very well for me.
If one likes to live in a glass house.
At night when I'm in bed I can see the stars in the sky.
- And you have your plants. - Mm-hmm.
- What a lovely color. - That's a coleus.
The one on the other side is a dracaena.
Grows into sort of a tree.
- Oh, where are the trees? - Right outside.
After you.
Of course, they're only five year olds, but...
Five years to grow that? Don't you ever get impatient?
If you're impatient, you have no business growing trees.
Someday I'm gonna tear down the old mill and put in more silver tip spruce there.
- What's in the old mill? - Oh, nothing.
Could we go in? I love to poke around old buildings.
That's the old millstone. Grandpa used to grind his flour here.
Watch the cobwebs.
That's the loft where he used to store his grain.
Oh, look.
Oh! Wedgwood. If we could only find the pieces.
- What would you do with it? - I'd steal it. I love wedgwood.
It was probably thrown there because the pieces were missing.
Better leave it.
Seen enough?
No, I haven't even started.
I suppose these old beams are rotted.
No, they're oak. They're good for another hundred years.
And the stairs? What's up there?
I don't know. I haven't been there since I was a kid.
- It's pretty dirty... full of cobwebs. - Oh, I don't mind.
Did the bird frighten you, Mrs. Scott?
Well, it... it would frighten anyone.
A fireplace. Why, that makes it perfect.
Perfect? For what?
Why, a perfect place for you to live.
It would take a lot of work, but it'd be worth it.
- I've got a place to live. - Oh.
You don't intend to live in that room all your life.
- I hadn't thought about it. - You'll have to one of these days.
- You'll meet a nice girl... - I've met plenty of girls.
Nice and otherwise.
Well, not the right one.
And when you do... Or do you think you're not susceptible?
No. I don't think that.
Well, it's getting a little late.
I'm sorry. I wasn't trying to arrange your life.
After all, it's none of my business.
I'm going upstate to buy some trees for some friends of mine.
I'll be gone a couple of weeks. I'll see you when I get back.
- No, l... - I'll see you.
- Hello, Cary! - Hello, Sara.
I dropped by to invite you for dinner tonight. Mona and Mark are coming.
- Mona? - I know, but I owe them a dinner.
Besides, Mona can be amusing unless you happen to be her target.
I suppose I should say yes. I haven't been out since harvey left town.
But mona... I didn't mean that the way it sounded.
You can't sit around here with nothing to do.
You should at least get a television set.
- Oh, no! - Why?
Because it's supposed to be the last refuge for lonely women?
That's very sweet of you, but I don't want a television.
All right, but I've already spoken to the local television man about you.
That charming Mr. Weeks.
- You really should get one... - Excuse me.
- Hello. - Hello.
I was just going to drop in on some friends of mine.
I thought you might like to come along.
Well... won't you come in?
Thank you.
They'll probably ask us to stay for dinner.
I have a guest right this minute. Could you wait?
- Cary? - Yes, Sara?
- Mrs. Warren, this is Mr... - Kirby.
How do you do? I can't stay. I'll see you tonight.
Would you be terribly disappointed if I didn't come tonight?
Of course not! I understand if you're not in the mood for Mona's gossip.
- We'll make it next week. Bye. - Good-bye, Mrs. Warren.
You are coming.
Well... Yes.
It'll be cold by the time we get back. Better take a warm coat.
Hey, Mick!
I'll be right back. Hey, Mick!
- Hi, Ron. - Hi.
- Hi! - Hi!
- I'd like you to meet Mick and Alida. - How do you do?
- Hello. - Hello, Cary.
What a nice surprise. Come on upstairs.
- You're just in time for the clambake. - Good!
- Come on in. - Thank you.
- It's a little chilly in here. - I'll have a fire in a moment.
I'll take your coat.
- Say, Ron, why don't you start it? - Okay.
I'll make an anderson special, a talent I developed on the ulcer circuit.
Freely translated, the advertising business.
You wouldn't believe it, but he was once a v.i.p. In New York.
No, you're the one that taught him to be a very independent person.
The only thing he ever taught me was how to open a wine bottle with my teeth.
To hear them tell it, you'd think they spent the war...
crawling from wine cellar to wine cellar.
- We did! - Make cary comfortable, will you, Ron?
All right. Sit down, Cary.
- What did you say about me outside? - When?
When he looked at me and laughed.
I told him you had the prettiest legs I'd ever seen.
- Here is the Anderson special. - Oh, it's heavy!
Put the cauldron on the fire, will you, old man?
- You're in for a shore dinner. - Hope you like it.
- I do. - Good!
- Here you are, Cary. Alida. - Thank you.
Here's to those who wish us well, and those that don't can go to hackensack.
- How do you like it? - Marvelous. What's in them?
First you get some ice, two jiggers of clements, a little twist of...
Mick, stop it!
- You can help me bring up some wine. - We'll be right back.
- How many are coming tonight? - You never can tell.
That's so true. You never know with that boy.
Which means I better get busy.
- Can I help you? - Oh, no, make yourself comfortable.
"The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.
"Why should we be in such desperate haste to succeed?
"If a man does not keep pace with his companions,
"perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer.
"Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured...
or far away."
- Why, that's beautiful. - That's mick's bible.
He quotes from it constantly.
- Please let me help. - All right. Come on.
Kind of heavy.
- Is it Ron's bible too? - Hmm?
I don't think Ron's ever read it. He just lives it.
- Put it in the middle. - All right.
Thank you.
- Alida? - Hmm?
What did you mean when you said that ron taught Mick?
Well, it's kind of hard to explain.
I guess all of us are looking for security these days.
You see, Mick thought... Well, like a lot of other people...
that if he had money and an important position it would make him secure.
Then when he met Ron who didn't have either one and didn't seem to need them,
He was completely baffled.
The answer was so simple it took Mick a long time to figure it out.
What was the answer?
To thine own self be true. That's Ron.
You see, Ron's security comes from inside himself.
Nothing can ever take it away.
Ron absolutely refuses to let unimportant things become important.
That's what Mick and I were doing. We were.
In fact, things got so bad between us that...
right before he went to Korea we were thinking of a separation.
Oh, no. You seem so happy.
Not then. We weren't happy then.
Our whole life was devoted to keeping up with theJoneses.
But when Mick was wounded and had a lot of time to think,
He decided to get off that merry-go-round.
When he came back, he put it right up to me.
- Alida! - Yeah?
My room's a mess, but don't bother. I'm off!
- Wait! - I can't, I'm late. See you tomorrow.
- Mary Ann! What time? - I don't know. In the afternoon.
- Ron! - Mary Ann!
- I didn't know you were coming. - Why, sure.
- Now I'm disappointed. - Why?
I thought it was just another of Mick and Alida's get-togethers.
- If i'd known... I want a rain check. - Name it.
- To go swimming with you again. - It's too cold.
- How about sailing then? - Fine.
- Before it gets too cold for that too. - I have a windbreaker.
- What about me? - You'll be warm enough.
You never take me seriously.
Drive carefully, Mary Ann!
My young cousin. She's spending the winter with us.
She thought our party sounded dull, so she arranged to stay with a girlfriend.
- Think this will be enough? - Yes.
Mick, would you give me a hand, darling?
What have you been doing? I thought you'd have the heavy work done.
- Put the bottles down. - Think 16 will be enough?
- With this crowd? Thanks. - You betcha.
Oh, no, thanks, honey, but there's some tablecloths in the right-hand drawer.
- Lobsters have arrived! - Look, I got 'em!
Hey, Manuel! Thank you!
I caught myself this morning!
- This is Manuel, the lobster king. - Hello!
My pleasure. She's beautiful! My wife Rozanne.
¡Que bonita! ¡Tanto gusto!
- Mi hija, Marguerita. - How do you do?
Marguerita is a very good cook. She makes this corn bread...
Hey, hey, hey! Get your paws off!
- Alida! - It's so good seeing you.
You will love the lobsters. Mick, let me help you.
Well, Grandpa! How are ya? Let me take your coat.
Cary, this is Grandpa Adams. He's a beekeeper and artist.
- You must see his one-man show. - Why, I hope to.
Of course, Miss Cary, I'm not an abstractionist. Strictly primitive.
- You know everybody here. - Come on in, Grandpa!
Edna, what a beautiful cake!
Meet Miss Pidway, head of the Audubon Society and an outstanding bird-watcher.
- How do you do? - How do you do?
- Glass of wine, Manuel? - Two glasses of wine for Manuel!
- A dollar says you can't. - Why, put it on your bill.
I've never seen this done before.
- I wouldn't try that with my new teeth! - Oh, no.
# My, my, my I have rovey eye #
# How he fly all around the town #
# Eye, eye, eye every passerby #
# He look-a her up he look-a her down ooh-hoo #
# Ooh-hoo #
- #Lady, what a pleasant view # - Thank you.
# Ooh-hoo #
# I make the flirty eye at you #
#My, my, my, no more rovey eye No more fly #
#All around the town #
# Not since I find a passerby #
# She look-a me up Me look-a her down #
# She and me we go to town #
Hey, Mick, take over.
# Da-da, da-da, da #
# Da, da, da #
# ah, ha, ha #
Faster, mick!
Hey! Hey! Hey!
Hey, everybody! The lobsters!
Get 'em out of the way. There!
- Mrs. Scott? - Yes?
I'm Mr. Week. Mrs. Warren told me you might be interested in television.
Most of my ladies tell me tv gives them something to do.
Mrs. Warren has made a mistake. I'm not interested in television.
I'm in a terrible hurry. Will you excuse me?
May I call again, Mrs. Scott...
When you called me to hurry, I hurried.
Did you have anything better to do of a Saturday afternoon?
No, as a matter of fact, the children aren't coming up this weekend.
After you.
What you've done to it!
And the fireplace! Oh, it's so friendly.
And you put in this big window.
What a beautiful view of the pond.
- Why, you can see for miles! - Mm-hmm.
- The sun comes up right over that hill. - Oh!
- Do you like it? - Why, it's unbelievable.
Let's take your boots off, huh?
Of course, there's a lot of work to be done yet, but it'll be worth it.
- Your feet are cold. - I know. They're frozen.
- The teapot. You found all the pieces. - Mm-hmm.
It took days and days.
These stairs are moving to the loft.
I'll add the bedroom up there.
The old millstone I'm trying to make into a table.
You know why I've started to fix the place?
I didn't want to say anything until I knew I could make it livable...
for us.
Do you understand What I'm saying, Cary?
I'm asking you to marry me.
I love you, Cary.
L... I just hadn't thought about marriage.
Why do you think I've been seeing you?
I didn't think.
- Can't you see it's impossible? - No.
This is the only thing that matters.
No. There are other things that matter.
The children... How could I ask them to give up their home?
Home is where you are, Cary.
But the kind of life you lead, l... I don't know that life.
How could I make sure it would work out?
You can't, Cary. You can't!
Don't you see I'd be turning my back on everything I've ever known?
- Isn't it enough we love each other? - No, cary.
It isn't. It isn't enough for either of us.
You're running away from something important because you're afraid.
- Afraid? - Mm-hmm.
- Of what? - Many things.
Perhaps you're right.
It's absurd to think of marriage.
- It's out of the question. - Cary!
The hours you've spent mending it.
Doesn't matter.
Don't forget your boots.
I'll help you. You mustn't catch cold.
Darling, don't cry.
Oh, Ron, I love you so much.
What are you thinking about?
That I love you.
It won't be easy.
There will be a lot of things that...
You'll have to help me.
I'll help all I can.
- It's getting late. - Mm-hmm.
Does it matter?
I'll take you home.
I sent the boy up with the roast twice on saturday.
I kept phoning up till 9:00 in the evening.
I'm sorry, but I completely forget.
- Hello, Mrs. Plash. - Hello. I was just thinking about you.
- Pleasantly, I hope. - Of course.
I was telling Mrs. Scott I couldn't figure out where she was.
- I even phoned the club. - Oh?
The children weren't coming up so I decided to go away for the weekend.
- I'll take my roast now. - Glad you had a chance to get away.
- Where did you go, darling? - Upstate.
Good-bye. Good-bye, Mona.
It's comforting to know she's not lonely, Mr. Gow.
Mona Plash is such a gossip.
It'll be all over town by tomorrow, I'm afraid.
I hate to have the children learn about us before I tell them.
Then you'd better tell them.
It should be so simple.
Two people who are in love with each other, want to be married.
Why is it so difficult all of a sudden?
It isn't, if you're not afraid.
That's what Mick learned from you, isn't it?
No. You can't learn that from anybody.
Mick discovered for himself that he had to make his own decisions,
that he had to be a man.
And you want me to be a man.
Only in that one way.
Mona certainly didn't waste any time, did she?
I suppose the whole town's talking about it.
Well, she phoned me. That's why I rushed over.
Of course, I didn't believe a word.
You should.
You can't be serious. Your gardener?
He isn't my gardener.
He did work on the trees. You met him.
And even if he was, I'm in love with him.
And I'm going to marry him.
Well, all right, maybe I'm a snob.
But it isn't just a question of whether he's a gardener.
The talk won't stop at that.
They'll say he's younger than you are.
- And the fact that you're a widow. - What does that got to do with it?
- With money. - Ron isn't interested in my money.
And that he worked at your place while Martin was still alive.
People will say that all this started before your husband died.
- But that's not true. You... - I don't!
But Mona? Ha! Mona will have a field day.
Before she gets through, the whole town will believe it.
You know, Cary, as well as I do that situations like this...
bring out the hateful side of human nature.
Remember you have Ned and Kay to think about.
At their age, what people say matters terribly.
Have you stopped to think what all these rumors will do to them?
You're asking me to give up Ron because of something in people that's mean?
- I didn't say that. - Do you think it would be good...
if I were to let myself be beaten by such hatefulness?
Well, I'm not gonna do it.
Let them say what they want to.
And that goes for you too, Sara.
I must say, Cary, you've got stubbornness.
And courage.
If you want to throw me out, I won't blame you.
I apologize. At least I can do that much.
You don't have to apologize, Sara, just...
just go on being my friend.
I'd be a fool not to do that.
I've got to give a cocktail party this weekend for that moron Jo-Ann.
She bagged Tom Allenby.
You bring Ron. Maybe if people see him,
maybe if they get to know him, they'll accept him.
Well, I'll call him.
Good evening, Mrs. Plash.
- Hello, ned. You home for the weekend? - Yes, I am.
Just wait until you see your mother. She's never looked so radiant.
- I wish I knew her secret. - Thank you, Mrs. Plash.
- Lf you'll excuse me, I've got to hurry. - Mm-hmm.
Yoo-hoo, Mildred! How was New York?
I'm home! Where are ya?
I'm in the basement, dear. I'll be up in a minute.
- Ned? - Yeah.
- How are you, dear? - What were you doing in the cellar?
I was putting some things away in the storage closet.
Everything was getting so cluttered.
Where's Kay? She and Freddie were supposed to drive up together.
She's upstairs. We've been waiting for you.
Why all the mystery when you phoned? Who's coming?
Oh, mother, I hope you don't mind my borrowing your manicure set.
Which is better? Crimson snow or traffic light?
Oh, dig you. Since when have you joined the female ranks?
- All right! - Now, Kay, Ned.
I want to discuss something with you that concerns you as much as me.
You're going to get married.
Why, yes. How did you know?
Oh, it had to happen.
Anyone as attractive as you.
Besides, you know what I think of widows being walled up alive.
Egyptian fashion.
I knew you felt that way in theory.
Theory and action should be one.
Don't worry, Mother. We're all for it.
Oh, darlings.
Hey, save that for Harvey.
Well, it isn't Harvey. It... It's Ron Kirby.
You know him. At least you've met him.
The only Kirby I know is old Kirby the gardener.
- Last I heard, he was dead. - Ron is his son.
Mother, is this a joke or something?
- No, it isn't a joke, Ned. - But, Mother, you can't...
There's no point in approaching this emotionally. Let's try to be objective.
This isn't one of your case histories. This is us!
Just the same. Now, Mother, have you introduced him to any of your friends?
Yeah, what does Sara think?
Well, Sara's invited us to a cocktail party tonight.
I wanted you to know him first, so I asked Ron to come early...
for a drink, one of your special martinis.
This is no time for martinis.
Mother, why did you keep this whole affair such a secret?
Because subconsciously you were afraid he wouldn't fit in?
Why, Ron has no intentions of fitting in, Kay.
He's quite content with his life the way it is.
- Mother, the whole thing is impossible. - You don't know him.
- We know the type. - And we know you, Mother.
Suppose that's him now.
You must realize how important this is to me.
I'm relying on both of you to be fair and... give Ron a chance.
All right. I'll make the martinis.
Won't you come in, Ron?
- You know Ned and Kay? - Yes, of course. Hello.
- It's nice to see you again. - Thank you.
Shall we go into the living room?
Kay, as I told you, Ron, is doing social work in New York.
- You like it, I understand. - You learn to deal with all sorts.
- NNed, you make a very good martini. - Not too strong for you?
- You still have the nursery, Mr. Kirby? - Oh, yes.
He's going in more for tree farming now.
- Is there any money in growing trees? - There can be.
The only thing I know about trees is they make good logs.
- Now's your chance to learn. - Mother?
- What happened to dad's trophy? - Why, nothing happened to it.
Is the trophy part of the clutter you were putting away?
I suppose from now on, there'll be lots of changes around here.
Ned, if you mean because of my marriage to your mother, you needn't worry.
I have no intention of living here. We'll be leading quite a different life.
But this has been the family house for I don't know how long.
This is the place we were born!
Ned, I wish you'd treat this matter in a more detached fashion.
You don't know Mother as we know her. She's really much more conventional...
than you seem to think she is.
She has the innate desire for group approval, which most women have.
Never mind the $10 words.
And where, if I may ask, do you expect our mother...
and, I suppose, us too to live?
- My place. - In a greenhouse?
Oh, no, no. He's going to remodel the old mill.
Mother, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to a lecture. I'd better get ready.
Good-bye, Mr. Kirby.
Mother, I've got some studying to catch up on.
What happened? I've never seen them act like that before.
It's natural, Cary. I'm not like their father.
What does that got to do with it?
It would be different if you were marrying the same kind of man.
Successful businessman, pillar of the community.
I can understand it.
Perhaps you're right.
But once I make them see that... Shall we get started?
Cary, do we really have to go?
Well, Sara said that... And anyway, I want to show you off.
- We can take my car. - Mine's right here.
- Does it matter that much? - It shouldn't.
Jim, get me another one, will you? I don't want to miss the arrival.
- How about you, Mrs. Taylor? - Well, I really shouldn't, but...
Excuse me.
If you see cary before I do, let me know.
It'll be easier for her if I took them around.
- Count on it, Sara. Got a light? - I may need to.
Hold my drink, dear. A gardener?
Why doesn't he find himself a decent money-making vocation?
You think material success is the only end worthy of pursuit of man?
- What's wrong with money? - You have to have it to have contempt.
Excuse me.
Thank you. Do you really think she'll have the nerve to come?
- Oh, there they are now! - They're here!
- Just look at that car. - Just look at that man.
It's always the quiet ones, isn't it?
But she's certainly the last person you'd expect to...
Always pretending to be so prim and proper.
Why, Howard, did she turn you down?
I'm so glad you could come. I'm Cary's best friend.
- I'd like to be your friend too. - Thank you.
Come on, darling. George.
- Cary, my favorite woman. - George, I want you to know Ron Kirby.
- Used to know your father. Fine man. - Thank you.
Shall we say hello to Romeo and his Juliet? Come on, darling.
So that's Cary's nature boy.
- You know the doctor, Dan. - Hello, Cary.
You know Miss Frisbee, Mr. Allenby. Mr. Kirby.
- How do you do? - How do you do?
This was kind of supposed to be my party,
but looks like Mrs. Scott's getting the attention.
I guess it is more unusual when someone your age gets married.
But I think your friend's awfully lucky.
You see, no one in my family's had a dime since the civil war.
So, Tom won't get anything but poor little me.
- Don't bother, Cary... - My dear. What's this I hear about...
Oh. Haven't I seen you somewhere before?
Well, Mrs. Humphrey, probably in your garden.
I've been pruning your trees for the last three years.
Oh, yes, of course.
- Ah, sara, I really must be going. - I'll be right back.
Come into the bar. You've earned yourself a good strong drink.
- Go ahead, Ron. - I'll be right back.
All right.
- Howard. - Hi.
How are you?
- Mona, Mark. - Oh, my dear, he's fascinating.
And that tan! I suppose from working outdoors.
Of course, i'm sure he's handy indoors too.
Mona's sure got your number, Cary.
So have I.
Well, excuse me, Howard.
Guess you played me for a prize sucker that night at the club, huh?
Goin' into that perfect lady routine. Makin' me apologize.
If I'd known then what I know now,
- would have had a different ending. - Oh, Howard.
Never too late, huh, Cary? Line forms to the right.
- Howard, you're drunk! - Why, Cary!
Isn't one man enough for you?
Maybe you'd better stay right where you are.
What is it, Cary?
- I never would have believed it. Believed what?
That Howard was the earthy type. You seem to attract that, Cary.
- Shall we go? - Yes.
- Excuse us. - Oh, george!
Why, that man was positively murderous.
- Did you see that, Fred? - What's the commotion?
He might have killed poor Howard.
- And in Sara's lovely house too! - Well!
Nothing's important except us.
Will you remember that?
- I'll take you to the door. - No, Ron.
Thank you, but... good night.
Good night.
Ned, you're still up?
Don't forget to put the screen around the fireplace before you come up.
I've got a few things to say to you, Mother.
All right, Ned.
I just want to tell you, meeting him hasn't changed my mind one darn bit.
We did what you asked.
I asked you to give Ron a fair chance. I don't think you did.
Just because we didn't agree with your choice?
Listen, Mother, somebody in this family's gotta think straight.
And you don't think I can?
I think all you see is a good-looking set of muscles.
Why, Ned!
That's the way it looks, doesn't it?
You're planning to give up a home that's been in the family for I don't know...
There's a certain tradition.
Aand for what?
Don't you realize what people are gonna say?
Haven't you any sense of obligation to father's memory?
What does that got to do with it?
How can you think of marrying Kirby when you've been Father's wife?
- It's against everything. - Nonsense, Ned.
Mother... are you really intending to go through with this?
Yes, I am.
Well, don't expect me to come visit ya.
How could I bring my friends? I'd be ashamed.
Ned, we mustn't let this come between us.
If you mean Kirby, he already has!
And then Ned on top of everything else.
No, I haven't heard a word. I've got a call in for him.
Well, Kay stayed over.
I didn't sleep a wink either.
Do you really think the talk will die down?
Sara, I'll have to call you back later. All right.
Kay, darling, what is it?
What's the matter? Well, tell me.
Nothing. It...
It's about me, isn't it?
Freddie and I were at the library.
One of the kids made a crack about you.
What did they say?
That you and Mr. Kirby were... even before Daddy...
Now, you stop that, Kay. You know that's a lie.
Of course I do, and I told them so!
They went on and on and I got mad and...
We were asked to leave.
Oh, darling.
And on the way home Freddie and I had a fight.
I told him that I didn't care what people said.
But, Mama, I do care! I care terribly!
Oh, Kay, l... I don't know what to do.
I can't bear to see you and ned so unhappy.
But, you see, Kay, I love Ron.
You love him so much you're willing to ruin all our lives?
- You can't really think that. - What else can I think?
But, Kay, you've talked so much about people...
and why they do the things they do.
- You say you understand. - But I don't!
I don't! I thought I did.
I don't understand anything.
- Oh, Ron, l... - What's the matter?
Well, Ned's left home and l...
I left Kay in tears. Some of her friends have been dreadful to her.
Because of me?
Ron, we're gonna have to wait to get married.
- Why? - Well...
To give the children a chance to get used to the idea.
They'll feel differently when they know you better.
- You don't want to marry me? - I'm not saying that.
I'm asking you to be patient. It's only a question of time.
Only of time?
Right now everybody's talking about us. We're a local sensation.
Like Sara said, if the people get used to seeing us together,
then maybe they'll accept us.
You mean, we'll be invited to all the cocktail parties.
And, of course, Sara will see to it I get into the country club.
Dear Howard and I will shake hands and forget.
- And Mona won't be malicious. - That isn't what I mean.
And ned and kay won't mind so much...
because we'll be living just as you always have.
- Probably in your house. - What's wrong with that?
It's only for a little while. It would make things so much easier.
It wouldn't change you. You couldn't be changed.
Yes, I could.
I'm learning right now how easy it would be to let myself be changed.
- By whom? - By you.
I'm sorry, Cary. But it wouldn't work.
I can't live that way. You knew that from the beginning.
But I can't ruin my children's lives.
I have a responsibility to them.
Are you sure it's just that?
Well, what do you mean?
- You don't think I care what people say. - Yes, I do.
You're not even trying to understand.
- How can you say you love me... - God knows I love you.
But I won't let Ned nor Kay nor anyone else run our lives.
Don't you see we could never be happy if we did?
I can see that you don't want to listen to anybody's ideas but your own.
I can see that you're trying to make me choose between you and the children!
No, Cary, you're the one that made it a question of choosing.
So you're the one that'll have to choose.
All right.
It's all over.
I admit, after meeting him, he's a darn nice guy, but l...
But I still say you did the right thing.
Oh... I suppose so.
Everyone will welcome you back to the fold. I'll see to that.
I don't know what i'd do without you, Sara.
I know what you've been going through.
I know it hasn't been easy. But at least you have the children.
You don't have to fill your life with club work and parties.
Oh, Sara.
That must be Ned. I have a call in for him.
- You've told Kay? - Yes, she's very happy.
- Hello? - Mrs. Scott?
- Yes. - I have your party now.
- Mother, you called me? - Yes, Ned, I did.
I wanted to talk to you. I, um... I've decided that...
Well, I'm not going to be married.
- Oh, great. - You will be up this weekend?
You bet, Mom. I got a class now, so good-bye, huh?
Well, Ned... Ned?
Was he pleased?
Yes, he... He seemed to be.
- Hello, dear! - Bill! I thought you'd never get here.
- What's for dinner? - Good night. Say hello to the children.
- Hello, Cary. Nice to see you. - Hello, Doctor. Nice to see you.
I've been meaning to call you about a checkup.
I don't think it's serious, but I've been having miserable headaches.
- Any time. Can I give you a lift? - I'm waiting for the children.
- Let me hear from you now. - All right.
Oh, Mrs. Scott.
Seems the kids couldn't make it.
Guess they're pretty busy with the holidays coming on.
Something in a christmas tree, ma'am? Oh, hiya, Mrs. Scott.
- Merry christmas! - Merry christmas, Tom.
- Like this one? - I need one bigger than this.
- How about this? - That's not very pretty.
I'll show ya another one.
Hello, Cary.
Well, hello.
I, uh... I have to get a tree for the children, and I saw these.
How are you?
- How about this pine, Mrs. Scott? - Oh, I'm fine.
No, not that one. L...
I didn't know they were your trees.
No, they're Mick's.
I'm helping him unload.
- How are Mick and Alida? - Fine.
Will you say hello to them for me?
They'll be right back. They're doing some christmas shopping.
Here's a medium-sized fir, Mrs. Scott.
Or maybe you'd rather have a spruce?
- A silver tip spruce? - Oh, I've got a beauty!
You remembered. Oh, Cary...
Ron! Ron?
Mick and Alida sent me to get you.
Oh, I didn't know you had a customer.
How about this one, Mrs. Scott?
No. Send this one to me.
Ron? Shall we go?
#Let heaven and nature sing #
#Let heaven and heaven #
#And nature sing #
#Joy to the world #
#The Lord is come #
# Let earth receive her king #
#Let every heart prepare Him room #
#And heaven and nature sing #
#And heaven and nature sing #
#And heaven and heaven #
#And nature sing #
#Joy to the world the Lord is come #
#Let earth receive her king ##
- Hello, Mama! Merry Christmas! - Merry Christmas!
- Thought we'd never get here. - I'm so happy to see you.
- Oh, it looks gorgeous! - Hey, look at all that loot!
- Is that for me? - Where's our present for you?
Nothing's come. But don't worry about it.
- Just having the two of you is enough. - I better phone.
Not here. It's a secret!
- Don't open anything until I get back. - All right.
Why, that's lovely, Kay.
Freddie and I are going to be married.
In february, after he graduates.
Well, aren't you a little young?
You were 17 when you got married.
But... it's so soon.
Soon? Oh, it seems like forever.
Oh, Mama!
Remember the afternoon that Freddie and I had the big fight?
That's when we found out we loved each other. Mama, he's so wonderful.
Yes, I remember.
That was the day you told me your life would be ruined if I married Ron.
I was being childish. You shouldn't have let me get away with it.
Of course, that was different.
You didn't really love him, did you?
Your present's on the way.
Hey, this is Christmas. Let's enjoy it.
After all, it'll probably be the last one we spend in this house.
What do you mean?
Kay's getting married. And if I'm not called up right away,
I'm in line for the Walker Scholarship which means a year in Paris.
After that, onto Iran with the Dayton Company.
I didn't want to tell you till I had it pretty well cinched.
Hey, Mother.
Thank you.
Yes, with Kay and I away, I think we should sell the house.
The house?
It's too big for one person. What with taxes...
There's your present now.
Don't you see, Kay? The whole thing's been so pointless.
Oh, mama, I'm... I'm terribly sorry.
I didn't mean to hurt you.
Mama, it still isn't too late, if he loves you.
- Please, Kay, it... - Mother?
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas, Mrs. Scott, and Happy New Year.
Kay and I couldn't afford anything but a table model.
It's got a nice-sized screen and it's easy to operate.
All you have to do is turn that dial and you have all the company you want...
right there on the screen.
Drama, comedy, life's parade at your fingertips.
Fetch, go on! Fetch, old boy!
Ha, ha! Boy, are you slippin'.
Why don't you try using shells in that gun?
- Doesn't seem to help. - Ha, ha!
Can't shoot straight anymore, I guess.
I don't seem to be good for anything lately.
You haven't been good for anything since you and Cary broke up.
- What's that got to do with it? - Everything, and you know it.
You're not the same anymore.
You're no good to me, yourself or anyone.
All right, so what do I do about it?
- Call her up. Go see her. Apologize. - Apologize for what?
I don't know for what. For anything. Make up something.
But do something.
That's a boy. Good boy. Hey, nice, huh?
Look, Mick, I told her that I love her.
I asked her to marry me. I can't force her. She has to make up her own mind.
She doesn't want to make up her own mind. No girl does.
She wants you to make it up for her.
- Come on, let's go. - No, I'll be along later.
Gotta catch one pheasant at least.
Hey, uh... Well, uh... You know.
Well, Dan, what's the verdict?
I was just going over the findings.
There's nothing organically wrong with you, Cary.
Why do I have these headaches?
It's not my imagination. And they're getting worse all the time.
- You're punishing yourself. - For what?
For running away from life. Headaches are nature's way of making a protest.
Will you give me something for them?
Do you expect me to give you a prescription to cure life?
Sit down. I want to talk to you.
Forget for a moment that I'm your doctor.
Let me give you some advice as a friend. Marry him.
Well, there's no point in discussing that.
- It's all over. - Apparently it isn't.
- You still have the headaches. - But that's silly.
And anyway, how could I marry him?
The whole thing was impossible from the beginning.
You know, Dan, in a place like Stoningham, you can't ignore convention.
So you gave up a man you were in love with because of others?
And you had the great satisfaction of being taken back into the fold.
I was thinking of my children.
You're just as lonely as you were before. Lonelier, in fact,
with kay married and ned abroad.
Sso what good was your noble sacrifice?
Cary, marry him.
Oh, it... it's too late.
And maybe he's found someone else.
Anyway, if he'd really loved me, he would have come to me.
No! If you'd loved him, you'd have gone to him!
In spite of the town, the children, everything.
Let's face it. You were ready for a love affair, but not for love.
Good-bye, Dan.
- Cary! - Hello, Alida!
- It's so good to see you! - It's so good to see you!
What were you doing in the doctor's office? Nothing wrong, is there?
Oh, no. Just a checkup. He couldn't find a thing wrong with me.
- Would you have a cup of tea? - I'd love to, but I'm late.
- I have to pick up Mary Ann. - Mary ann?
- She's getting married, you know. - Married?
Very nice boy from new jersey. They've been going together for a year now.
- I thought... - I don't think you've met this one.
I have to dash. Come by and see us, We miss you!
- I appreciate that. Good-bye, Alida. - Bye!
- Alida? - Hello, Cary.
- Come on in. - I thought I should come over.
- There's been an accident, Cary. - It's ron.
- You better come with me. - How bad is he?
Don't know yet. Dr. Hennessy and Mick are with him now.
- Oh, alida. - Get your coat first.
I'll tell you on the way.
Mrs. Scott. Please, Mrs. Scott.
- How is he? - We don't know anything yet.
- Where's Mr. Anderson? - He took the doctor back to town.
- Well, didn't he... - Nothing that he could have done.
He'll be back in the morning.
I'm sorry, Mrs. Scott. I have strict orders.
He can't be disturbed. He must be kept quiet.
Let me take your coat.
Why don't you sit down? I'll get some coffee.
Wish Mick had waited.
But I'm sure the doctor wouldn't have gone if he thought there were...
This room.
The beauty that Ron's put into it.
And the love.
He never gave up hope that you'd come back, Cary.
You told me once that Ron was so secure within himself.
Because he refused to give importance to unimportant things.
Why did it take me so long to understand it?
Remember I told you it took us a long time to find the right answer?
It doesn't happen overnight.
I feel like such a coward.
I was so frightened. I let others make my decisions.
Alida, I've let so many people come between us.
Friends, neighbors, children.
And the strangest one of all, myself.
Don't worry about things in the past.
Isn't that unimportant too, hmm?
If only I haven't waited too long.
Mrs. Scott? Your coffee.
Thank you, but I really don't care for any.
Why don't you go upstairs and rest a while? Try to sleep.
I couldn't sleep. I want to stay here in case he wakes up.
May I sit over there?
Well, all right.
- Well, Dan? - He's got a concussion.
- Of course not. - Otherwise, I'd get him to the hospital.
It's gonna take time for him to recover.
Dan, what can I do?
You plan to stay?
Yes. No more running away.
He'll need rest and care. And he'll need you, CCary.
Yes, Ron.
You've come home.
Yes, darling, I've... I've come home.
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Alices Adventures in Wonderland
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Along came a spider
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Alt Om Min Far (All About My Father)
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And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself
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And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself
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Arsene Lupin
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Atlantis Milos Return 2003
Atlantis The Lost Empire
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Avenging Fist The
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