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All The Kings Men

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Hey, Jack Burden!
The boss wants to see you.
Jack, ever hear of a fellow called Willie Stark?
No, who'd he shoot?
lt'll be the other way around if he keeps it up.
He's got the boys in the Kanoma County courthouse worried.
Politician? What's he running for?
County treasurer or something like that.
What's so special about him?
They say he's an honest man.
-l want you to hop into your car. -You promised me a vacation.
That can wait.
But there's a girl l know.
She can wait too.
The question is, can l?
And the answer is, get up there.
What did you say his name was?
The fellow's name.
Stark. Willie Stark.
I found him in Kanoma City.
A typicaI, hot, dusty, backwoods county seat.
--lie in order to line their own dirty pockets with taxpayers' money.
When have Kanoma citizens ever witnessed a campaign like this?
Why is the opposition so anxious to defeat me?
Why have they used every dirty method to make sure l'm not elected treasurer?
l'll tell you why. They're afraid of the truth.
And the truth is this:
They're trying to steal your money.
Yeah, l said ''steal.''
The commissioners rejected the low bid on the schoolhouse.
They'll say that the job will be done better.
They would have you believe they're interested in public welfare.
They're interested in welfare, sure.
But it's their own.
Let's look at their reason in the light of the facts.
That factory's owned by a brother-in-law of a commissioner.
That same brick factory uses convict labor.
Sorry, Willie, you'll have to move on.
City Ordinance Number 1 05.
More than five people congregating is disturbing the peace.
lf you folks will read these handbills... boy will pass them out among you.
There's an ordinance against that too.
Pass them out, Tom.
-Let him alone. -Get that camera!
Willie, you're under arrest.
Where can l find Tiny Duffy?
Right over there, mister.
They told me l could get my camera back here.
Who told you that?
People. Can l?
You the reporter that's been snooping around town?
Are you Tiny Duffy?
What paper?
You come a long way to stick your nose into other people's business.
True, only my boss on the paper can't see that.
lt ain't any of his business either.
-Whose business is it? -Them as that's tending to it.
County commissioners the voters of Kanoma elected... tend their business and not take no butting in.
You a commissioner?
Name's Pillsbury. Dolph Pillsbury.
Me too. l'm a commissioner too.
Who isn't a commissioner?
He's the head man.
You're in a position to know--
ln a position to know nothing and to say nothing.
l thought you said he was head man?
He uses my head.
Tiny, you're a card!
Ain't he a card?
He's a card.
Who thought up ordinances about arresting someone for making a speech?
Who's arrested?
Ain't nobody arrested.
Hi, Willie.
Did you apologize to Willie?
l apologized to Willie.
-Did you give him his handbills? -l gave them back.
And give him back his flag and his bag.
And give this man his camera.
l'll be on that street tomorrow, Mr. Duffy.
You go right ahead.
We all believe in free speech.
We got to.
lt's in the Constitution.
My boy is distributing those handbills now.
lt's a free country, Willie.
lf you can convince people to vote for you... go right ahead.
What did you want to see me about?
l wanted you to meet a fella...
...that came all the way up from the state capital to meet you.
A reporter.
Wants to write you up.
Maybe put your picture in the paper.
l'm happy to know you.
Burden's my name. Jack Burden.
Can we go somewhere and talk?
That ain't polite.
Don't you want to hear both sides of the story?
l know your side.
Where's the slate your men took from my camera?
Must have dropped out.
Come on, fellas, let's relax.
lt's a hot day.
Hey, Sugar Boy!
Bring some cold beer for the boys.
None for me. Thank you kindly.
You know Willie don't drink, Tiny. His wife don't favor drinking.
And Willie's the teacher's pet, ain't you?
l'll have orange pop, if you don't mind.
Orange pop?
All right, Sugar Boy. Bring him some orange pop.
The pop, sir, is sold out.
Did you hear that, boys? ''The p-p-pop is sold out.''
Now ain't he a card?
He stutters, Mr. Duffy.
But you don't say anything.
Let's go, mister.
This is my wife, Lucy, Mr. Burden.
-How do you do? -That's my pa.
Now we'll talk.
You've been talking for a long time.
Willie's got a lot to say.
You sleepy, Pappy? You want a nap?
l want to hear it.
l'm worried about Tom.
lt's getting dark. He should have been home.
He's a strong boy. He can take care of himself.
-How old is the boy? -Fifteen.
How long have you been married?
Nine years.
He was a neighbor's boy.
They were poor folks. Both died.
l couldn't have any children so....
-He's a good boy. -He's the best.
l couldn't love him more if he was my own flesh and blood.
And now you, Mrs. Stark.
There isn't very much to tell about me.
How did you meet?
l was teaching school. One day, a pupil walked in.
lt was Willie.
l couldn't have a man in class, and Willie wanted to learn badly... l married him.
ls that the only reason?
Except that l loved him.
Get the coffee, Lucy.
When did they fire you, Mrs. Stark?
A couple of weeks ago.
l've been teaching a long time. Nobody ever said l wasn't all right.
But l don't care.
l won't teach in a schoolhouse built so somebody can steal some money.
Willie doesn't want to be treasurer either...
...if he has to associate with those dishonest people.
l'm going to run. They can't keep me from running.
lf you want the truth, you haven't much of a chance.
l'm going to run. They won't kick me around.
l don't care if Willie loses...
...just so he gets the truth to the people.
lsn't that true, Willie?
lsn't it?
Sure, that's right.
lf you lose, you can study your law books more.
Are you studying law too?
By myself, at night.
Willie's a smart boy.
lf l find time, l'll take a university course.
What happened, Tommy boy? What's the matter?
-l gave out the handbills, Pa. -Speak up! Speak up!
Let him tell it in his own way.
Go on, Tommy.
They were waiting for me.
They took them, threw them in the dirt and beat me up.
l brought some of them back.
Good boy!
Have you eaten?
Let him wash up first. Why don't you lie down, Pappy?
l'm going to run.
You're not going to stop me.
l'm going to run even if l don't get a single vote.
Here you are.
The last of the Willie Stark articles.
Can l go?
Yes, you've earned your vacation.
You've been writing these like you really mean them.
l do.
I hadn't been home in a Iong time.
Home was Burden's Landing.
OnIy 130 miIes from Kanoma City.
It was separated from the mainIand by a body of water.
For the first time, I wondered if it wasn't separated by more.
Hello, Mother.
Floyd, Jack's home.
He looks fine. Doesn't he look fine?
How do l look, Jackie boy?
You look beautiful, Mother.
l've got so many things planned for you.
Parties and-- lt'll be like old times.
Let's have a drink.
Can't that wait till evening?
Floyd, my son's home.
How long are you staying?
Two or three weeks, if that's all right.
-Your father-- -Stepfather.
Now, Jackie.
Here we are. Floyd.
To the best time we've ever had together.
Yes, Mother.
Excuse me, l--
Dr. Stanton, l presume.
ls my shingle showing?
-Good to see you, boy. -Good to see you, Judge.
How've you been? What've you been doing?
Just sitting here, waiting for all of you to come home.
When a man starts to get old, his eyes play funny tricks on him.
As l watched you in that boat...
...l saw a boy of 1 2 with a fishing rod.
And l was sure the first thing he'd say would be--
Mind if l kiss your niece?
To all the good times we've had at Burden's Landing.
And especially this one, because my son's home.
Thank you, Mother. Thank you very much.
Monty, we've been discussing Jack's career.
Monty, we've been discussing Jack's career.
What do you think he should be? A lawyer?
-We were discussing whether-- -l like what l do.
You do very well at it.
l read your articles about Willie Stark.
Very convincing. Too convincing for my tastes.
People like them.
People are fools.
Articles like that shouldn't be permitted.
They incite people.
Why are you afraid?
l thought they were very good. l was proud of you.
l was interested in Stark's ideas on health and medicine.
You know hospital conditions. They're intolerable.
l'd like to meet him. He sounds like an honest man.
Honest man?
This state is full of log-cabin Abe Lincolns with price tags on them.
The louder he yells, the higher his price.
You think you can buy anything.
Yes, don't you?
What do you think, Judge?
-This state could stand a few changes. -l'll tell you what l think.
Please. Let's not talk politics.
Anne is right. l absolutely forbid any more of it.
l know what we need. We need another toast.
You propose it, Monty. You're so good at it.
To the young people.
To Anne, to Jack, to Adam. To what lies before them.
To the world they'll make, in spite of the mistakes we've made.
The mistakes you've made, not me.
You're all still pretty high and mighty, aren't you?
You think this state needs a change. You don't like how it's run.
Who's going to run it? Willie Stark, the Judge, you?
You can be bought too. ln fact, you have been.
And with my money.
That's a waste of good liquor, boy.
Your mother wouldn't approve.
-You go back and apologize. -l'd rather die.
-l've got to live with him. -You don't love him.
Don't spoil anything. He can help.
You need this house and the parties...
...the cars, the clothes, the lies. l don't.
lt's the truth, face it. For once in your life, face it.
Anne, please.
Make him understand.
Burden's Landing is a place on the moon.
lt isn't real. lt doesn't exist.
lt's me, pretending l live on what l earn.
lt's my mother, trying to keep herself young...
...and drinking herself old doing it.
lt's you and Adam living here as if your father were still alive.
lt's an old man like the Judge, dreaming of the past.
Anne, come away with me.
And do what?
Live in a shack and eat red beans. What do you want me to do?
You haven't been sure. You've gone from one thing to the other.
A year at law school, this job as a reporter.
-Are you afraid l can't make a living? -No, it isn't that.
l don't care about the money.
lt's just that l want you to be something.
-What is it you want me to be? -l don't know.
l want you to be, to do something important.
Like your father?
All right, l'll run for governor.
Anne, l'm sorry. l'm sorry l said that.
All right, Jack.
l'll go away with you.
l'll do anything you want me to.
l've wanted you to say that more than anything in the world.
And now that you have said it--
l guess you were right.
l'm not sure of anything, including myself.
l'm not sure l could live up to the--
Wait for me.
Please wait for me.
l'll wait for you.
Hello, Jack. Cut your vacation short, didn't you?
By the way, Jack...
...the fellow you wrote the articles about, Stark.
He lost.
l guess that's the end of Willie Stark.
The measure of the damages is caused by--
A breach.
-A breach. -Of an agreement.
-To sell personal property. -To sell....
-Two years of this! -Go on, Willie.
''Willie Stark.
Bachelor of Law.''
lf you'll let me take your case...
...l'll wait for my fee just as long as you want me to.
They won't kick me around.
If you Iose, you can study your Iaw books more.
I'II be on that street tomorrow!
By aII means. Free speech, free country.
That factory's owned by a brother-in-Iaw of a commissioner.
The commissioners rejected the Iow bid on the schooIhouse.
All right, children, this is a fire drill.
Remember now, walk.
''Verily l say unto you...
...except ye turn and become as little children... shall in no wise enter the kingdom of heaven.''
Let us pray.
''The grace of our Lord, Jesus Christ and the love of God...
...and the Holy Spirit be with us all evermore.''
Lord, l'm punished for voting against an honest man.
God bless you.
-lf we'd only listened. -We'll never forget.
You were right.
-Let me shake your hand. -We should have listened.
You were right all the time.
''Voice in the wilderness.
A man named Willie Stark.''
How about that, Lucy? That's me.
Get up there fast. Willie's hotter than a firecracker.
And stay with him.
Before this Kanoma City business, we had this whole area tied up.
Before this Kanoma City business, we had this whole area tied up.
Now we're losing the hick vote.
Let's find a way to split that vote.
All l know is, the way it is now, it looks like l'm not going to win.
l know a way. Find a dummy.
Find a dummy.
That's what we got.
A guy from the sticks, strong enough to grab votes...
...and dumb enough not to ask questions.
lf you want to listen to a boy from the sticks...
...l know just the guy.
So it's no more politics?
l've worked too hard in my time to get there.
l'll just go on practicing law and making more money.
l'd like to ask...
...why all the speeches you're making around the countryside?
l wonder who that is.
l brought some people up from the capital just to meet you.
Folks, l want you to meet Willie Stark...
...the next governor of our state.
Bear patiently with me for a few minutes.
l'd like to tell you what this state needs.
lt needs a balanced tax program.
l'd like to give you the facts and the figures.
How did it sound?
Fine, fine.
l forgot to send a telegram to Lucy.
l'd like to add something about last year's taxes.
l wouldn't add a thing. Just give them the facts.
-And the figures. -Great speech!
What this state needs is a balanced tax program.
Last year...
...the state claimed to have spent on roads....
We know figures don't lie, and facts are easy to understand.
-Do you mind if l sit with you? -Stand, sit, whatever.
What are you on this merry-go-round for?
l take notes.
-For whom? -For those ''whom'' pay me.
-Which is? -People.
Smart people?
Anybody that pays me is smart.
You don't have to be smart to frame Willie Stark.
No, you don't.
lsn't it a frame?
Why don't you give me a cigarette?
To split the vote, so Harrison can win.
lf you know, why you ask?
l just want to make sure.
Why don't you tell the boys to save their money?
Willie couldn't steal a vote...
...from Abe Lincoln in the cradle of the Confederacy.
l wish the poor had enough sense to have somebody give him...
...a greasing for the beating he's going to get.
All he gets out of it is the ride.
Those speeches. Ain't they awful?
Ain't they just plain awful?
Question to you:
lf somebody told him he was a sucker... think he'd quit?
l don't know, Sadie.
l really don't know.
-Did it sound all right? -Fine.
Now if you'll bear with me for a few minutes...
Now if you'll bear with me for a few minutes...
...l'll give you the figures.
What we need is a balanced tax program.
l need sleep!
-Shut up. -Shut up yourself!
Try it on your feet.
My feet are killing me. Let me stay here.
Look, you tell them too much.
Tell them you'll soak the fat boys, and forget the tax stuff.
That's what l say.
But it's the way you say it. Make them cry or laugh.
Make them mad. Stir them up and they'll come back for more.
But for heaven's sakes, don't try to improve their minds.
A man don't have to be governor.
A man don't have to be governor.
-They haven't counted the votes yet. -l'll lose, l know that.
Don't try and fool me.
l won't lie to you. l wanted it.
l wanted it so badly, l stayed up nights thinking about it.
A man wants something so badly, he gets mixed up.
lt's something inside of you.
l'd have made a good governor. Better than those others.
-Come in. -A great governor.
Give me a drink.
Build them highways....
Help yourself.
-l'd build them schools. -What's up?
Nothing, except he says he's not going to be governor.
So you told him?
l don't tell anyone anything. l just listen.
Who told you?
Told me what?
Told me what?
That you won't be governor.
Jack, told me what?
That you've been framed, you poor sap.
-Framed? -And how!
Oh, you decoy.
You woodenhead decoy.
And you let them.
You know what you are?
You're the goat.
The sacrificial goat. You are a sap because you let them.
-That's enough! -Enough?
He didn't even get anything out of it.
They'd have paid you to take a rap like that.
But they didn't have to pay a sap like you.
You were full of yourself.
All you wanted was to stand up on your hind legs and make a speech.
''My friends....
My friends, this state needs a good five-cent cigar.
What this state needs is a--''
-ls it true? -He wants to know if it's true.
ls it true?
That's what they tell me.
-You're not used to it. -He's not used to a lot of things.
Why don't you lay off him?
Are you? Are you?
Things seem to have quieted down.
Yep, l quieted him down.
How was he? Noisy?
He reared some.
He's been telling me the things he'll do.
He's going to do big things. He's going to be president.
He's going to kill people with his bare hands.
l quieted him down.
Hey, who's Lucy?
His wife.
He talks like she's his mammy. She'll blow his nose for him.
l'll take him from here. They're waiting at the barbecue.
Give me a receipt for the body. l'll be on my way.
Come on, wake up.
Where is he?
There he is.
ls he drunk?
Never touches the stuff. Lucy doesn't favor drinking.
How'd you get him here? He was out stiff.
Hair of the dog that bit him.
He must have swallowed the dog.
Ladies and gentlemen.
lt gives me pleasure to introduce that true man of the people...
...the next governor of the state...
...Willie Stark.
My friends....
My friends, l have a speech here.
lt's a speech...
...about what this state needs.
There's no need in my telling you what this state needs.
You are the state and you know what you need.
You over there.
Look at your pants. Have they got holes in the knees?
Listen to your stomach.
Did you ever hear it rumble for hunger?
And you. Do your crops ever rot...
...because the road was too bad to get to market?
And you.
What about your kids?
Are they ignorant as dirt, like you, because there's no school?
l'm not going to read you any speech.
But l will tell you a story.
lt's a funny story.
-What's he up to? -Shut up.
Get ready to bust your sides laughing because it's funny.
lt's about a hick.
A hick like you, if you please.
He grew up on the dirt roads in the gully washes of a farm.
He knew how to get up before dawn, get feed, slop and milk...
...then walk six miles to a one-room, slab-sided schoolhouse.
This hick knew what it was to be a hick.
He figured that to get anything done, he had to do it himself.
So he sat up nights and studied.
He studied law because he thought he could change things...
...for himself and for folks like him.
l'm not going to lie to you.
He didn't start off thinking about the hicks...
...and the things he'd do for them.
He started off thinking of number one.
But something came to him on the way.
He could do nothing for himself without the help of the people.
lt came with the force of God's lightning...
...when the school building collapsed because of politics' rotten brick.
lt killed and mangled a dozen kids. But you know that story.
The people were his friends because he fought it.
The politicians in the city knew that.
So they rode up to his house...
...and said they wanted him to run for governor.
He's wonderful!
And he swallowed it.
He thought in all humility how he'd like to try and change things.
He was a country boy who thought even a poor man can be governor...
...if his fellow citizens find he's got the stuff for the job.
Those fellows in the striped pants saw that hick and took him in.
-What are you doing? -There's your Judas lscariot!
Lickspittle, nose-wiper!
Play! Play!
-Play anything! -Harrison's dummy!
-Look at him! -That's a lie!
Go get him, boys!
Now shut up! Shut up, all of you.
Listen to me.
They fooled you 1 000 times, just like they fooled me.
But this time, l'll fool somebody. l'll stay in this race.
l'm on my own and out for blood.
Listen to me, you hicks!
Lift up your eyes and look at God's blessed and unfly-blown truth.
This is the truth!
You're a hick.
Nobody ever helped a hick but a hick himself.
Listen to me, listen to me!
They were going to use me to split the vote.
But l'm standing here now on my hind legs.
Even a dog can learn to do that.
Are you standing on your hind legs? Have you learned that yet?
Here it is, you hicks!
Nail up anybody who stands in your way.
Nail up Joe Harrison!
Nail up McMurphy!
lf they don't deliver, give me the hammer and l'll do it.
l want his throat cut from ear to ear.
No use going any further. We're not printing them anymore.
-l thought the ChronicIe line was-- -Divide and conquer.
Stark's getting big for his britches. The hicks are getting too smart.
We're now supporting Harrison.
How do you square that?
l work here.
l don't, not anymore.
You fool.
-lf you had guts, you'd print this. -l take orders.
You've got a wife and three kids, and your boy goes to Princeton.
You won't find it easy to get another job.
l'm too rich to work.
We didn't do so good.
-Double bourbon. -Same for me.
And a beer.
l hear you got fired from the paper.
You heard wrong. l quit.
You're smart.
Before l'm through, they won't have money... pay the boy that cleans the spittoons.
How do you feel?
l feel fine.
You see, Jack, l learned something.
How to win.
I didn't see WiIIie again untiI his second campaign...
...four years Iater.
I drifted from job to job.
That is, whenever I couId find one.
But aIways further and further away from Anne...
...and the Iife at Burden's Landing.
But WiIIie wasn't drifting. He knew where he was going.
He had his foot in the door and kept right on pushing.
He'd Iost the eIection but he'd won the state.
And he knew it. And the peopIe knew it.
They aII were hopping on his bandwagon, even Tiny Duffy.
WiIIie came back Iike he said he wouId.
You want to know what my platform is?
l'm going to soak the fat boys and spread it out thin.
WiIIie was right. He'd Iearned how to win.
He spent a Iot of money doing it. An awfuI Iot of money.
I was beginning to wonder where he got it from.
There were rumors...
...that WiIIie was making deaIs with aII kinds of peopIe.
Strange deaIs.
For WiIIie Stark.
The second time wasn't a campaign. It was a sIaughter.
It was Saturday night in a mining town.
WiIIie came back Iike he said he wouId.
He came back and he took me with him.
This is a friend of mine. He's going to live here.
Let these boys through, officers.
-Duffy works for me. -Everybody does.
Not yet. l want him around.
He reminds me of something l never want to forget.
Come on.
-These the boys? -The boys that can get the boys.
-How many can you get? -Fifty.
-How much? -Five dollars a head.
What do you think? They look like good boys?
They better be.
Get 1 00.
Go on, all of you. Blow. You too, Duffy, go on.
Handbill distributors.
lf they all look like them, l'd take one.
That's the object. Not like when they beat up my boy.
-How is Tom? -He's fine.
-He starts college in the fall. -And Lucy?
l need a boy. Where's a boy?
Take that downstairs right away, on the double.
Double-space all of this. He can't read it.
-Hi, how are you? -Sadie is my secretary now.
Fix your tie, Willie.
Hey, Sugar.
Keep everybody out. l want to talk to Jack and Sadie.
Now you'll work for me.
Doing what?
l don't know. Something will turn up.
We need a college man around.
For research.
How much they pay you on that newspaper?
Three hundred dollars a month.
l could buy you cheap, couldn't l?
For a bag of salt.
l don't play that way. l like you. l always have.
l tell you what l'll do.
l'll give you $400 a month and traveling expenses.
You throw money around like it was money.
l don't need money.
People give me things.
Because they believe in me.
I was going home again. But this time, it was different.
I had a feeIing that maybe the waiting was over.
For me and for Anne.
lt's a far cry from where l come from to this house.
lt's a far cry from where l come from to this house.
Standing under the portrait of one of the greatest governors...
...and talking to you...'s an honor l never thought l'd have.
Are there any questions?
Mr. McAvoy?
l have no questions.
-A few, but it will hold. -l have a question.
A lot of people in this state say that you've been making deals.
Some of them with the groups you claim you're against.
ls that true?
-You know how rumors start-- -Yes, that's true.
l have nothing to hide.
l'll deal with the devil if it'll help with my program.
But believe me...
...there are no strings attached.
You're sure about that?
Jack has been telling me how you feel about things.
You'd like the sick people given a break.
You'd like to see a new hospital built...
...a hospital that's the best that money can buy.
You want those things because you're a man who wants to do good.
l'd like to ask a question.
-Do you know what good comes out of? -You tell me.
Out of bad, that's what.
Because you can't make it out of anything else.
Did you know that?
No, l didn't.
There's another question l'd like to ask you.
You say there's only bad to start with...
...and the good must come from the bad.
Who's to determine what's good and what's bad?
Why not?
Why, that's easy.
Make it up as you go along.
There's a time to talk and there's a time to act.
l think the time to act is now.
With your support, l will win and do all of the things l promised.
l need your help. l need it badly.
But l won't beg for it.
ln the name of this state which we love...
...and the governor in whose house we meet, l demand it.
-What do you say, sir? -You've got to say yes.
-l'm an old bird. -But a game one.
l'll give you complete power as attorney general.
You can do anything you see fit. l'll clear your way.
-ls that a deal? -lt's a deal.
We have to get back to town. A lot to do.
Good night.
l'm glad to have met you.
We want Willie! We want Willie!
This is not a time for speechmaking.
l should ask God for strength to carry out your will.
This much l swear to you.
These things you shall have:
l'm going to build a hospital.
The biggest that money can buy.
And it will belong to you.
That anyone who is sick or in pain can go through those doors...
...and know that everything will be done for them... heal sickness, to ease pain.
Free. Not as a charity...
...but as a right.
And it is your right. Do you hear me?
lt's your right that every child have an education.
That all who produce can take things to market without paying toll.
And no poor man's land can be taxed or taken away from him.
lt is the right of the people that they shall not be deprived of hope.
Does he mean it, Jack?
That's his bribe.
What if it is his bribe?
He swept the oId gang out of office. They hoIIered Iike stuck pigs.
He jammed through biIIs, and the peopIe got what they wanted.
l demand that this bill be passed.
Nobody tells me how to run this state.
He started to buiId roads...
...schooIs, power dams... change the state from one end to the other.
His methods? PoIitics is a dirty game.
And he pIayed it rough and dirty.
WiIIie's IittIe bIack book was a record of corruption.
And me, Jack Burden, I kept the book and added up the accounts.
''CIown, show-off, pIayboy,'' they yeIIed out.
BuiIding stadiums.
FierceIy proud of his son who pIayed in them.
They said he was buiIding a private army.
But he was aIways buiIding.
PIaying up to the crowd, Ietting them trampIe on tradition.
WeII, tradition needed trampIing on.
The crowds Ioved it.
WiIIie Ioved it...
...and so did I.
You low-down, no-good redneck!
-What goes on? -That's what Sadie wants to know.
The boss poses for too many pictures.
l'll kill him!
Why, Sadie!
l'm surprised at you.
l'll kill him!
l hate all women!
Was she pretty?
Was she pretty?
lf l met her on the street, l'd never recognize her.
l wasn't looking at her face.
lf it'll cause this grief, let him go.
Let him go? l'll kill him!
l'll drive him out of this state.
A guy sits with girls on his knees in public--
Public or private, l know him.
How about Chicago? That girl on skates.
And the time you both went to St. Louis?
There's a new invention, you know. Photography and newsreels.
Willie Stark in a nightclub. Willie with a blonde.
-You could always bleach your hair. -l could also break his neck.
After all l've done for him, now he's two-timing me.
He's two-timing Lucy, so there's another kind of arithmetic for you.
Lucy's a fool.
lf she had her way, he'd be back slopping the hogs.
He knows what she'd do for him. She had her chance.
You think Lucy's out?
-He'll ditch her. Give him time. -You ought to know.
You got the wrong guy. l'm not the hero of this piece.
Come on, both of you. Let's go, hurry it up.
Pillsbury got caught. l never did trust that guy.
-Later, boys. -What about these charges?
Go get the Judge.
Get him over to my hotel as soon as you can.
l waited for you.
You promised we'd discuss my charity project, children's home.
l'm very sorry. Something very important came up.
-You'll call me later, won't you? -Certainly.
We're late.
Look at you, Pillsbury. Fifty years old.
Gut sprung, teeth gone. Never had a dime.
lf the Almighty wanted you rich, He'd have done that long ago.
The idea of you being rich. That's blasphemy.
Ain't that a fact?
Answer me.
Don't mumble. Speak up! Say, ''lt's a blasphemous fact.''
lt's a blasphemous fact.
l see.
Dumond can't come. His wife is sick.
l don't care if she's dying. Get him and bring him over here.
You know what you're supposed to do?
You stay poor and take orders.
There'll be sweetening sometimes. Duffy'll take care of that.
Don't set up on your own again, understand?
Say ''l understand that.''
l understand that.
Give him a pen and paper.
See who that is.
Hello, Judge, sit down. l'll be with you soon.
Write what l tell you to write.
Dear Governor Stark:
l wish to resign as auditor due to ill health... take effect as soon as you can relieve me.
Respectfully yours.
Did you sign it?
Well, sign it!
Don't date it. l'll fill it in.
Bring it to me.
Now get out.
-The papers have the story. -l know.
They're talking about impeachment proceedings.
-Against who? -This time, Pillsbury.
l got that ''this time.''
-How true is it? -lt's too true.
This is it. Jeff Hopkins on the wire.
What have we got on Hopkins?
Hello, Jeff. About that Pillsbury business.
Here's what you do in the legislature.
Wait a minute. You listen to me.
You got a mortgage due on your place in five weeks.
You'd like to get it renewed, wouldn't you?
Tiny will talk to you in the morning.
Get going.
You haven't answered my question. Why are you saving Pillsbury?
Not Pillsbury. lt's something much more important than that.
lf McMurphy gets away with this, no telling where he'll stop.
Or where you will.
Pillsbury's guilty.
As attorney general, it's my job to prosecute.
Judge, you talks like Pillsbury was human.
He isn't. He's a thing.
You don't prosecute a machine that makes a mistake.
You fix it.
Well, l fixed him.
l'm not interested in Pillsbury. lt's something much bigger.
Yes, it is.
He's right. Can't you see that he's right?
Because you want him to be right.
You're afraid to admit you made a mistake.
Do it now, before it's too late.
l'm offering my resignation as attorney general.
You'll have it in writing in the morning.
lt took you a long time to make up your mind.
What made you take so long?
l wasn't sure.
Now you are?
l'll tell you what you are. You're scared.
You sat for 30 years and played at being a judge.
Then l put a bat in your hand and said, ''Start swinging!''
You had a good time, but now you're scared.
You don't want to get your hands dirty.
You want to pick up the marbles but not get dirty.
Look at my program. How do you think l put that across?
l knew how but l never knew why.
You're not thinking of going over to McMurphy, are you?
l'm through with politics.
l'm happy to hear that.
No hard feelings.
Goodbye, governor.
You coming with me?
You're making a mistake.
You think he means it when he says he's through with politics?
No, l don't.
What about you?
l've known the judge all my life.
He's always meant everything he's said.
All right, take it easy.
l'll take your word for it.
Sugar, take Miss Stanton home.
When am l going to see you again?
What's the matter?
Please take me home now.
-You've got to understand me. -l understand you.
lt's myself l don't understand.
Do you think l like sneaking around?
But with the Pillsbury business and your uncle quitting, a divorce--
Maybe we'd better stop seeing each other.
We won't stop seeing each other, will we?
Because you believe what l tell you.
Because l believe what you tell me.
Good evening, Governor Stark.
You might like to know that Judge Stanton kept his promise.
He gave the story to every paper in town.
Sugar, meet me at the hotel as soon as you can.
These are serious charges...
...that Judge Stanton has given to the press.
This legislature is entitled to a complete and full report...
...on the Pillsbury affair.
Let the truth be known. Let it come out.
-l move we adjourn. -l second it.
All those in favor say ''aye.''
Motion carried.
House is adjourned.
You let Stark get away with the graft, there's no telling--
We beat the Pillsbury rap. lt's over.
These things are never over.
Tell you what l want you to do.
l want you to start a new page in your book.
Under the name of Judge Stanton.
-There's nothing on him. -Why?
Because his name is Stanton?
What if l won't do it?
You know, some of this has rubbed off on you.
What will you do? Have me shot?
No, but l'll have to get myself a new boy.
There's nothing on the judge.
There's something on everybody.
Man is conceived in sin and born in corruption.
lt's a waste of time.
What's the matter?
You afraid you might find something out?
I kept saying to myseIf that WiIIie was wrong about the judge.
If there was anything Ieft at Burden's Landing, it was honor.
I had to beIieve that.
l want to ask you a question.
Was the judge ever broke?
Really broke?
Why do you want to know?
l don't.
But l've got to.
-Did he tell you-- -Did who tell me?
l don't know.
How should l know if he was ever broke?
Come on, take this food and start cooking.
-l'm hungry. -l'm thirsty.
Bring some glasses quick.
lt's been a long time since l've played this thing.
-Let's wake up the ghost. -Another glass, Anne, for a ghost.
Remember the last time l played this? You and Anne were dancing.
Shall we dance?
Let's have a drink first.
Keep playing.
Anne and l want to hear this.
Don't we?
And me.
What shall we drink to?
To Ghost?
To Adam.
To the director of the new medical center.
Don't you ever stop working for him?
-l'm sorry. -Well, l'm not.
What's wrong with being director of the center?
Nothing, except l'm not going to take it.
Why? Because your uncle resigned?
That's partly it.
-There are other things. -What other things?
You too?
Me too.
lf Adam doesn't want to discuss it, let's not.
-Let's discuss it. -But calmly.
Go ahead. Why do you think he wants me?
You're the best man for the job.
lt has nothing to do with my name?
lt could. Let's grant that.
-That's your answer. -No, it's not.
lf that were the only answer, l wouldn't be with him.
There's another side of it. l learned something from him.
You can't make an omelet without cracking eggs.
Or heads?
A hospital will be built and the sick cared for.
At what price?
At any price.
Do you really believe that?
l really believe that Stark wants to do good.
You do too. lt's a matter of method.
Many times, out of evil comes good.
Pain is evil. As a doctor, you know that.
Pain is an evil, it is not evil. lt is not evil in itself.
Stark is evil.
The people of this state don't think so.
How would they know?
Stark took over the newspapers and radio stations.
Why be so afraid of criticism?
lf Stark does good, he should be interested in truth.
l don't see how you can separate the two.
-Stark is not for me. -No, Stark is not for you.
Well, what's for you?
Pride. That's all it is. Foolish, stupid pride.
You've talked about what you could do if somebody would build.
Somebody has, and he's given it to you.
But he's not for you. No, he's not for you.
WiII I find anything, Judge?
I didn't find it aII at once.
Takes a Iong time to go through oId records and musty deeds.
A very Iong time.
But it wasn't too hard for me.
I was weII-trained in research.
EspeciaIIy this kind.
I found what I didn't want to find.
Have some photostat copies made of these.
l'll be back tomorrow for them.
-Who is it? -lt's me, Sadie Burke.
Wait a minute.
All right, come in.
Awful lot of smoke.
Awful lot of whiskey.
You sober?
l'll have one with you.
What are you hiding out for?
-l've been sleeping. -For four days?
You've been back in town for four days.
-Willie knows everything. -Willie's worried about his boy.
Willie's boy is worried about Willie's boy.
Why don't you put a mean blues on the phonograph?
Play it until you get sick of it, then go back to work.
-l do it. -That's not my problem.
No, it isn't your problem.
l'll wait for you if you want to powder your nose.
l'll be with you in a minute.
l can see it.
l've got to look in the mirror to see it.
Soft, white skin.
Not like mine.
l had smallpox when l was a kid.
Where l lived, it seemed nearly all the kids had smallpox.
lt leaves your face hard.
And she's got poise.
Look at the way she holds her head at just the right angle.
That takes training. That takes years of training.
l see what Willie sees.
-Willie's got big ideas. -What?
A girl like that could be a governor's wife or a president's.
-What are you saying? -He ditched me and he'll ditch you.
He'll ditch everybody because that's what he wants.
-Nobody in the world but him. -What?
You and your high-toned friends.
What do they know about anything? Why did you have to mix her in?
-You're out of your mind. -Am l?
Why don't you go ask her?
-Or ask him, ask Willie. -Shut up!
Nice catch.
All the ends over here.
All the ends over this way. Come on.
He's off today.
lt's only practice. He'll be all right.
You've been gone a long time.
l figured if you needed me, you'd yell.
Why'd you lay around that hotel?
-Thinking. -About what?
What did you find on the judge?
You sure?
-Yeah, l'm sure. -You'll keep trying?
-lf you want me to. -l want you to.
-There's something else. -What? Bucket boy? Towel swinger?
-What's eating you? -What else do you want?
lf you've got something on your mind, spit it out.
What do you want?
Your pal Adam Stanton turned down the hospital director job.
That's bad. Especially at a time like this.
-How did you hear it? -What difference does it make?
-l just wanted to know. -l heard it around.
How did you hear he turned it down?
l'll be back. Something's happening.
-You'll practice the way l say. -l'll do it my way.
What's going on?
l don't care if he is your son. No special rules for him.
lt makes no difference if l play or not.
lt does to me. What should he do?
Behave himself like the other boys.
Four times, he's broken training. He comes to practice half-potted.
You're going to have to obey the rules.
Every Saturday, l put them across, don't l?
l do it drunk or sober. That's all you want.
So you can big-shot it around. lsn't that all you want?
He's a little high-strung. Tom, come here.
Come on, let's go faster. Come on.
lt's the governor's son.
Mr. Hale's here to see you.
Go upstairs. l have some business with Mr. Hale.
What l've got to say anybody can listen to.
-Where's your boy? -Now don't get excited.
-Get me another drink. -My daughter may die.
She won't die. She'll get the best medical attention there is.
-Where is he? -l'll get him.
Wait a minute.
He's asleep. He'll be all right.
He won't be all right unless you make him all right.
l'll get him.
-Care for a drink? -No, thanks.
-Accidents will happen, you know. -Accidents?
Your boy was drunk.
l saw the police report. There was nothing about drunkenness on it.
Whose police and whose report?
l say the boy was drunk, and l know it.
Here before your father, l want--
The doctor says you need rest.
l don't want you to try to cover up for me.
l was wrong and that's it.
You don't know. l saw the report.
l don't care what the police report says.
l was driving and l was drunk. lt's all my fault.
Anything you want to do to me, you can do.
Whatever you want me to do, l'll do.
Nobody has to do anything. l'll take care of it.
l don't want you to take care of it.
Go on upstairs and get some rest.
Sugar, help him.
Come on over and sit down.
Sure you wouldn't care for a drink?
Tiny, go home, will you? Go on, out of here.
What business did you say you're in?
l didn't say.
-What business are you in? -Trucking business.
Trucking business.
Trucks run on state roads.
lf a man in the trucking business had a contract with the state...
...that'd be pretty good, wouldn't it?
Tell him what would happen. Go on.
Trying to bribe me, aren't you?
No, l'm not trying to bribe you.
l'm only talking things over with you.
You're pretty good at talking.
l remember when you first started talking.
A place called Upton.
You did a lot of talking then. The things you said made sense.
To me and a lot of other people.
l believed in you, l followed you, and l fought for you.
Well, the words are still good.
But you're not.
And l don't believe you ever were.
Follow him. Keep calling in.
l'd like Anne to see you now.
l'd like Anne to see you now, you drunken sot!
Come on.
All right, l'll give you a statement.
This is a mess of lies.
Have the man that made that statement repeat it to my face.
You can't. He's vanished.
Let me ask you some questions.
Why has he gone? Where is he?
Maybe you could answer those too?
-l won't dignify that with an answer. -One more question.
Where's your son?
At the stadium, where he should be.
He'll play for the university, which my administration is responsible for.
He's not hiding.
He'll be there in full view of 70,000 cheering fans.
One of which will be me.
See you, men.
Where's Stark?
How about Tommy Stark?
Send your boy in!
Why don't they put him in?
Come on, Willie. Send your boy in.
What's the matter? ls your boy ashamed to show his face?
-Shut up! -Get him out of here!
-Go on, get him out of here! -What's the idea?
They're booing you.
-My head-- -The doctor said it's nothing.
-l get dizzy, can't see. -You're scared.
-Get out! -They're booing me too.
l built this for those dirty--
Thattaboy, show some spirit! Tell him what his playing means.
You can't tell about a head injury. Maybe he's hurt.
He's hurt. l'm hurt. l didn't crash the car or get drunk.
But l'm taking the rap.
Get out there and play. Show them what a Stark is made of.
l wouldn't know.
Come on. Cut it out!
All right, l'll play. Now get out of here!
Stark's going in.
One, two, three, four, five....
Boss, you got to eat.
You got to.
l'm the one that made him play.
l sent him in.
Sit down. Please sit down.
-l sent him in. -What difference does that make now?
What goes on?
-There isn't a plane flying. -They got to. My son's got to live.
l got a call from Dr. Birnham.
The earliest he can get here is tomorrow morning.
There's nobody else?
-Dr. Stanton should operate. -That's up to Stark.
He wanted another doctor, a specialist. l sent for one.
How bad is it really, doc?
He's unconscious and paralyzed.
-Has he got a chance? -To live, yes.
What do you mean?
Even if the operation is successful, that is, if he lives...
...l think he'll be paralyzed for life.
You'll do everything you can, won't you?
Anything between us wouldn't count, would it?
Anything you want, just ask for it and you got it.
There are some things that even you can't buy.
Do you want me to operate or don't you?
l want you to operate.
May l see Tom now?
How much does he know?
-About what? -You know what l'm talking about.
-How much does he know? -About what?
About Anne and me.
He doesn't know a thing. Not a thing!
How is he?
The boy?
-He'll live. -Thank God.
-How is--? -Willie?
He blames himself, doesn't he?
He'll find someone else to blame in a few days.
l tried to call here at the hospital but l just--
Why did you do it?
He wasn't like anybody l ever knew before.
You mean he wasn't like me.
lt wasn't like anybody l ever knew before.
l love him. l guess that's the reason.
Everybody loves him.
He wants to marry me.
-Are you going to? -Not now. lt would hurt him.
A divorce would hurt his career.
His career!
What are you going to do?
You can't leave him now. He needs you more than ever.
What Willie needs, Willie's got.
You don't know him.
You've known him all these years and you don't know him.
What about Adam?
Don't worry about him.
lf he finds out, it'll prove a Stanton is no different than anyone else.
Just show him these.
Willie was right. ''A man is conceived in sin and born in corruption.''
Even Judge Stanton. Show them to him.
Change the picture of the world that Adam has in his head.
Just like our picture of it has been changed.
Wipe out everything he believes. lt'll be good for him.
There's no God but Willie Stark. l'm his prophet and you're his--
l'm sorry. l didn't mean--
What's going on here?
lt's all right, officer.
We both work for Willie Stark.
That'll be the main building. Fifteen stories high.
That's the laboratory. World's finest equipment.
What are you trying to do? l've taken the job.
My reasons are my own.
-Why are you building the hospital? -To do good for the people.
And get votes.
-There's lots of ways to get votes. -l know.
l won't stand for any interference.
l won't interfere.
l may fire you, but l won't interfere.
You're wasting your time with threats. You know what l think of you.
Yes, l know. l'll tell you what.
We'll each stay on our own side of the fence.
ls that a deal?
Now he had us aII.
Me, Anne and Adam.
Now we aII worked for him.
So the eyes of the entire nation are now focused upon Governor Stark... amazing phenomenon on the poIiticaI scene.
A whoIe state is fiIIed with his accompIishments.
Each one of them bearing his personaI signature... make sure no one wiII ever forget him.
This is the way the roads used to be.
But some cIaim that they were adequate...
...that you don't need a 4-Iane highway for a horse and buggy.
When Stark boasts of his great schooI system, his critics say:
''You can't go to schooI and work fieIds at the same time.''
They question the benefit of these projects...
...charging that need and poverty is as great as before.
WiIIie Stark has never forgotten the source of his power:
The peopIe who supported him.
He stiII keeps his touch with these peopIe of the backwoods...
...making periodic trips to such pIaces as Kanoma City... famous as his birthpIace.
For those who say Stark is a man of destiny...
...there are others who cIaim that he is eviI.
A man who cares neither for the peopIe or the state...
...but onIy for his own personaI power and ambition.
ObviousIy, these ambitions go far beyond the state's boundaries.
Just how far, onIy time wiII teII.
MeanwhiIe, he is here.
From the Iooks of things, he is here to stay.
WiIIie Stark.
Messiah or dictator?.
How do you like it?
-How many theaters will play this? -All over.
Hear that? All over the country.
There's one thing l didn't like. That ''messiah or the dictator.''
That's our view. That's the way it stands.
That's the way it stands as of now.
How are you making it, Pa?
How are you, Tom?
l made some refreshments.
-l'll get them. -l'll help.
No, thank you. Thank you kindly.
The boys have to get back to make the morning editions.
Set them up on the porch. We'll take pictures here first.
Mrs. Stark.
Take one down there. Shoot it up this way.
You're still a great cook.
l better be getting back to town.
Nice to have spent the day with the family.
Take care, Pappy.
How do you like the new radio l got you?
You can get police calls on it. l'll show you.
This one for police calls.
Car 62, proceed to 518 Oak Street.
Tom Jones is beating his wife again.
-Car 62, proceed to 518 Oak Street. -Now this one, go ahead.
We interrupt this for a speciaI announcement.
Today, the body of Richard HaIe, father of the girI who died... the governor's son's car, was found.
A medicaI examination reveaIed he was beaten to death.
The charge of murder...
...has been hurIed at the administration... Stark's opponents, Ied by Judge Stanton...
...IateIy an outspoken critic....
Your friend, the judge.
Thus an aImost forgotten incident provided the spark that might set off...
...the expIosion needed to rock WiIIie Stark out of power.
The Iatest report says impeachment proceedings may be institut--
How long will it take to pack? Come to the city with me.
-Why? -Because l need you.
-What for? -l'll explain later.
-l'll wait outside. -Stay. l want you to witness this.
She can bear witness too.
-l'm going back to get Duffy. -You stay right here.
Somebody's got to go back to the capital.
l'll go.
Tell Duffy not to do anything until l'm there.
Now that he's in trouble, he needs us.
He can lead us around like monkeys and say, ''Feel sorry for me...
...a family man with a wife and a crippled son!''
Shut up!
-Why don't you leave us alone? -Leave him alone?
How many scrapes have l gotten him out of?
lt's not him they're after. lt's me.
How many half-wits must l pay to square this?
What do you think this will cost me?
What do you think it cost him?
A man builds for his son. That's all he builds for.
Give me a drink.
She'll go.
No good.
No good.
Mr. Speaker!
I offer a house resoIution:
Whereas Willie Stark...
...governor of the state...
...has been guilty of incompetence...
...corruption and favoritism in office...
...and other high crimes.
And he is hereby impeached...
...and ordered to be tried.
-What's the score? -They're lined up against you solid.
Were you there?
-What would l be doing there? -Selling me out.
-How many votes have we got? -Eleven.
-We need 20. -We might dig up a few more.
-Do you know how? -No, do you?
Jack, come here.
What do you got on your friend?
-Who do you mean? -Your friend, the judge.
-lf you need it-- -l need it.
He's got four senators in his pocket. What do you got?
lf he can prove it isn't true, l won't spill it.
l ought to bust you.
-l promised two people l'd do this. -Who are they?
Myself and someone else. lt doesn't matter who.
-l'll give him a break. -But if you got facts, you got them.
-The truth is sufficient. -That's the way it's going to be.
All right, boy. l trust you.
Where you going?
l'll be around.
Who else do you think he promised?
He's smart. Play square with him.
You're going to need people like us around.
Are you sure?
The chips were down and WiIIie knew it.
He was fighting for his Iife.
He roared across the state making speeches.
AII of them adding up to the same thing:
''It's not me they're after. It's you!''
WiIIie hoIIered ''fouI.''
He knew if you hoIIered hard and Ioud enough...
...peopIe begin to beIieve.
Just in case they didn't, he organized demonstrations.
Tell the boys to get the hicks out.
Bring them in from the sticks.
Turn the yokels out!
In case anyone hoIIered back, he organized spontaneous sIugging.
WiIIie puIIed every trick he ever knew and added a few more.
You won't live to be impeached.
Boy, l'll live to be president.
Step on it.
l've got 1 4 senators to vote against this impeachment.
lf l win, you're out of politics.
l'll do whatever the judge says.
And aIways the traiI Ied to one pIace... Burden's Landing and the judge.
You sure you don't want me to go in?
l'm sure.
Hurry it up, boy. We got places to go.
l beg you, as a favor to yourself, to me.
Call up, release your votes.
l made a mistake once. When l resigned.
lt was too easy then, just resigning and pulling out.
l've made my choice. l have nothing more to lose.
You know what Stark is capable of.
Think it over. You can give me your answer tomorrow.
l can't wait until tomorrow. l'm a very impatient man.
l told you not to come in here.
ls it true you're behind the impeachment?
lt's true.
-l wanted to hear you say it. -You've heard it.
lf that's all, you could have saved yourself a trip.
Mind if l pour myself a drink?
How about you? Will you have one?
You better. You're going to need it.
What'd he say?
You'll get your answer tomorrow.
Are you kidding? Did you show it to him or not?
Show me what?
That's what l figured.
Get down to cases.
You remember a man named Littlepaugh?
How did you find out?
You remember Littlepaugh?
Remember the Fortune Electric Company?
Of course. l was their counsel for over ten years.
-Remember how you got the job? -How did you find out?
Do you remember how you got the job?
You know, dirt's a funny thing.
Some of it rubs off on everybody.
How did you get the job? Blackmail?
l swear l never even remembered his name.
lsn't that remarkable?
l never even remembered his name.
lt's so long ago it's hard to realize it happened.
But it did.
Yes, it did.
Just difficult for me to realize it.
For me too.
Thanks for that much.
You know what the next move is, don't you?
Yes, l do.
Jack Burden.
Willie Stark's hatchet man.
How did you find out?
This would never stand at law.
lt happened over 25 years ago.
You could never get any testimony.
Everybody is dead.
Everybody except you. You're alive.
People think you're a certain kind of man.
You couldn't bear for them to think otherwise.
But ever since then, l've done my duty.
l'm responsible for many good things.
But l also did this.
-Yes, you did. -Judge, l beg of you.
Call and release your votes...
...for your sake.
You have tender sensibilities for a hatchet man.
Good night, gentlemen.
How about my answer?
-You'll have it in the morning. -l want it tonight.
ln the morning.
Good night, gentlemen.
How did you find out?
We got a lot to do. Let's get back.
-You know we're through, don't you? -You don't mean that.
-Why are you here? -lt's all right.
Just here to discuss politics.
l see.
Well, good night.
-Did you give him--? -Wait a minute.
Aren't you going back with him?
Why not? You belong with him.
How could you have done it?
Anne said you promised not to tell Stark--
Yeah, l know.
And l kept my promise.
From aII over, they're streaming in. From the hiIIs, farms, Iumber camps... boat or train, by horse and on foot. WiIIie Stark's army.
There are rumors that Stark is pIanning to seize power by force.
As commander of the state miIitia, he has--
Come in. The door's open.
What do you want?
l want to see you cry.
Stop it!
-l called you all day. -l know, l was here.
-You've got to tell Adam. -Tell him what?
-He knows about-- -About you and Willie?
l tried to explain to him that it wasn't the way he thought it was.
How was it? You tell me.
He hit me.
My own brother hit me.
Your brother's old-fashioned. He believes in a sister's honor.
l'm modern man, the 20th century type. l run.
l'm frightened!
For your brother or Willie?
We're through.
Who's through with who?
He called me this afternoon.
He's going back to Lucy.
He said it was better this way.
Better for who? Him?
Both of us.
Did he say that, too, when he asked you to betray the judge?
At least l walked out on him.
Help me, please. Adam's all l've got left now.
lf you ever loved me....
lf l ever loved you?
l'll go find Adam.
Where are you going? Sorry, l didn't recognize you.
Do you know who Dr. Stanton is?
-Did he come here today? -Haven't seen him.
Check the other entrances.
They're blocked off. Orders are to take no chances.
Come in and wait. We can find you a seat.
l'll wait here. lf he shows up, let me know.
Pass the word to the boys, will you?
AII right, now. Everybody!
That means everybody.
Let's Iet WiIIie know we're here. AII together!
WiIIie! WiIIie! We want WiIIie!
Willie! Willie! We want Willie!
We'll first take the judgment of the Senate...
...on the question of impeachment.
Mr. Speaker.
This is a farce... ask us to vote... the face of the kind of intimidation and pressure...
...that has been exerted in the past few weeks.
Even that crowd outside...
...yelling on cue... part of that pressure.
Attention, pIease.
Attention, pIease.
This is an announcement from WiIIie Stark to you peopIe out there.
He doesn't want any one of you to Ieave.
He wants you to stay in front of this capitoI untiI the fight is over.
If you want WiIIie Stark to win...
...stay where you are. Do you hear me?
Stay where you are. Don't go away.
Attention, pIease.
The baIIoting on the impeachment proceedings...
...against Governor Stark...
...has just ended.
This is the resuIt:
WiIIie Stark...
...has won!
They tried to ruin me.
But they are ruined.
They tried to ruin me because they didn't like what l've done.
Do you like what l have done?
lt's not l who have won...
...but you.
Your will is my strength.
And your need is my justice.
l shall live in your right and your will.
And if any man tries to stop me from fulfilling that...
...l'll break him.
l'll break him with my bare hands. For l have the strength of many.
l'm glad you're here.
Doctor, l'm glad--
Does it hurt much, boss?
Does it hurt much?
-Where are you going? -Leave me alone.
-To do what? -l don't care.
That's too easy.
-l don't know. -l do!
-Leave me alone, please. -No more.
-My brother's dead! -We're alive.
We've got to go on living... Adam's death has meaning. So it wasn't wasted.
Our life has to give his death meaning. Don't you see that?
Look at those people.
Look at them!
They still believe in him.
We must make them see Willie as Adam did...
...or there's no meaning in anything.
The governor's asking for you.
You'd better hurry. He's going fast.
Will you wait here?
Will you wait here?
lt could have been whole world, Willie Stark.
The whole world, Willie Stark.
Why does he do it to me, Willie Stark?
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