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Subtitles for Alt Om Min Far (All About My Father).

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Alt Om Min Far (All About My Father)

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I had a recurring dream|when I was younger.
I am on the Titanic|and it is about to sink.
I am in a hallway -
- covered in red velvet.|Floor, walls and ceiling.
A red velvet wall|comes at me from behind.
I am unable to run away from it.
I realize I am doomed. The|onrushing water will overtake me.
I am going down with the ship|because I am a man.
Let me just put something on.|It's cold out.
I feel armed|when carrying a camera.
I have this weapon, with which|I document everything I do.
-Roll camera.|-Got your jacket?
I feel like I'm in Hollywood.|It feels good to get started.
I've been a little anxious|about this, actually.
The older you get,|the more nervous you get.
-About what?|-About performing.
We are documenting reality.|That is often very different from ...
Yes, but this is very important.
I often wonder why I get so anxious.
-This will be fun.|-I think so, too.
-I'm heading to work.|-Now?
Not really.|But I can pretend, for you.
This won't be easy.
I don't think dad wants me to|document how I perceive his world.
He will want|his version emphasized.
To prove that he was right,|in spite of everything.
There he is,|gone with the wind.
The door isn't even locked.
-Hope you don't mind the camera.|-No problem.
I'm hoping for|a new career in movies.
I can't read that.
L? No ... K?
-How do you see with glasses?|-I have them here.
You didn't see very well|without them.
-Does your license specify ...|-I wear driving glasses.
-Now I see a T and an L.|-That's better.
-Do you have any veins?|-I know I used to.
When you think about|how different people are ...
It's no wonder|we are different in other areas, too.
Feel its warmth|Reach out your arms
As it welcomes us again ...
We had the same circle of friends,|and ended up falling in love.
It was very exciting for me.|I thought he was very handsome.
A friend of mine|warned me against marrying him.
She felt|there was something about him.
I felt the same thing. There was|something I couldn't quite grasp.
I became pregnant|very shortly after our wedding.
That was not very appropriate.
I felt something had happened|that shouldn't have happened.
The first time I held her,|I was worried she would break.
My hands|seemed so huge and strong.
One twitch and I would|crush that tiny baby.
And I cursed the fact|that boys are not raised with dolls.
I think she tricked me.|I really do.
We had things to work out|in our relationship.
I was in medical school. We had|agreed to wait with children.
I asked Liv if she knew|when she was ovulating.
She said she was in full control.|There was nothing to worry about.
And then she immediately|became pregnant.
You were conceived over Christmas.
We forgot to bring condoms.
It's true.|But we agreed that it was all right.
In that sense you were|much more planned than Elisabeth.
I admired dad.
He could do anything.
He was a carpenter.
He wrote poems and plays|and acted them out for us.
He fixed things at home.|He could do so many things.
So I feel|I had an exciting childhood.
I knew nothing about it|before we got married.
But one day I forgot my work keys.|I didn't want to borrow any, -
- so I decided to go home|and get my own.
We had many locked doors.
When I got home, I discovered|the door was locked from inside.
I could not understand why.|He yelled for me to wait.
He unlocked the door|and rushed into the bathroom.
All the curtains were drawn.|I thought he had a mistress in there.
I had no clue|as to what it could be.
She may have cried.|I can't remember.
But it was not easy for her.|She struggled with it.
I told him we would talk about it|when I got back from work.
I had a lot to think about.|I didn't understand what this was.
I remember coming home from work|to talk about it.
I said something like, if you love me|you will change your ways.
And I asked him to stop doing it.
And he said that he could.
-I promised that I would stop.|-She cried?
Yes. She wouldn't take it.|She told me I had to stop.
I promised that I would.|I was humbled and humiliated.
But he continued doing it|behind my back, with my clothes.
It took a while for me to realize|that he had kept it up.
I told her that I had started again.|I couldn't help it.
We worked out an arrangement|where she would know when I did it.
But she did not want to see me.
I wouldn't have minded|her company. I missed that.
I showed her some pictures. Wanted|her to like them. But she didn't.
I didn't want to see him|as a woman. I didn't think ...
I had married Esben, not Esther.|I found it difficult.
I tried to bring her to meetings|with other wives of transvestites.
I wanted us to be in this together.
She joined me to Oslo once,|but never made it to the meeting.
-You went with him on trips, right?|-What do you mean?
-Trips with other transvestites.|-Yes, I did, actually.
Once, I think.
It was a very good experience.
I felt that dad and I really bonded.
It was a nice experience.
I cannot remember Liv|ever expressing -
- any appreciation|for this side of me.
She accepted that we have visitors,|and things like that ...
But progress was as sluggish|as in that hallway on the Titanic.
I felt that I was drowning.
I've never believed|in easy solutions.
We were married. We had|chosen this. We had two children.
I didn't want the family to break up.|Divorce was not an option.
I wanted to keep the family together|and work it out.
But it became very complicated.|It just got worse and worse.
The story of me and my predilection|is not a happy one.
My female side was miserable|during this period.
If it had happened today,|I would have told Liv -
- that we were wasting our time.
It may have been good for you kids|that we stayed together, -
- but not for us.|At least not for me.
We had so very little in common.
I feel ...|This is not easy for me.
I feel a great deal of sorrow.
I feel sad about the life I have had.
About the bad choices I have made.
I made wrong choices|the entire way.
I hoped everything would work out,|but it didn't.
In a sense ...
I believed|that somewhere deep inside ...
I believed|that life could be wonderful.
I saw the contours.
I believed that.|Believed, believed, believed ...
Then I fell in love with another|woman. And I was shocked.
I tried desperately to go back to that|which I was supposed to believe.
But then I met Elsa,|and realized it was possible.
If you ignore your emotions,|ignore some pain you feel, -
- you begin living|a non-authentic life.
That's what Esben was doing.
He could not present|his true self to the world.
After he met me,|he was more able to be himself.
We realized|there would be consequences.
You, Elisabeth and Liv|would be hurt -
- by his decision to leave Liv.
The advice, or demand,|we received was:
We had to make sure|it would be worth all that pain.
I was an irritant, especially to Elsa.
She went nuts|when I borrowed her hair dryer.
It was the only one we had,|and suddenly I couldn't use it.
Nothing was good enough.
She may be right.|She could only do wrong.
She and I are very different.
I had trouble relating to|Elisabeth as a person.
Even today, Elisabeth and I|live in separate worlds.
As a parent, you bond with|those children you can relate to.
But I could not relate to Elisabeth.
Dad was a passive partner.
He did not participate at all.
I think he reacted to|the hair dryer incident.
I think he said something.
I seem to remember|that he supported me.
But that almost made it worse.|It was nice that he supported me.
But that's when I realized|this was hopeless.
Because that was when she yelled:
I'll never let you get between|your father and me!
-This gets published on July 22.|-Fine.
You've answered these|questions a thousand times before.
-Probably.|-Can you handle one more time?
The first time I put on a dress,|I was around eight years old.
-I can draw that dress for you.|-Where was this?
-At home.|-In the attic?
In the attic of a big, empty house.
I tried the dress on,|and it felt right.
My parents and siblings would|go out. I would choose to stay home.
I always chose to stay home.
Because I knew when I was alone|at home, I could be a woman.
And I was.|I tried on all my mother's clothes.
-And hung them all back?|-Yes. ''I'm a master of disguise.''
No one ever caught on.|Then something dramatic happened.
Over time the cross-dressing|became erotic in nature.
Something which had merely been|exciting, had now become erotic.
I had my first orgasm|in such a situation.
And had trouble|getting mom's underwear clean.
-What did you do?|-Washed it!
Used the iron to dry it,|and put it back in place.
And they didn't find out? Why|don't parents notice such things?
Because it is so inconceivable.
Another day dawns ...
-Haven't you brushed your teeth?|-No.
I can tell.
Don't say things like that.|That just upsets me.
What is going to happen now?
I am going to change|my gender appearance.
My boobs have grown. It happens|to men my age. Fine by me.
Here is the process:
No one ever appears naked|in public, with a few exceptions.
Our gender is determined|by our outer appearance.
That appearance dictates|how the world relates to us.
If the world sees someone wearing|a multicolored leather outfit, -
- they know there's a motorcycle|around the corner.
The appearance tells a story.
Male and female appearance|differs greatly.
A female appearance tells us|there is a female body underneath.
But with 99.999 % of those women,|you never see the body.
You only assume it is there.
So one should be able|to live in this world as a woman, -
- without necessarily having|a woman's body.
Is this some Michelangelo statue?
Let's do this step by step.
Take your time, but keep it snappy.
Do you know what he|has done with his crotch, Even?
He just told us.
I was just wondering|if you had ever asked him.
Other transvestites have asked me.|I have a good method.
Is it so you can sit and pee?
Yes, and so that I don't have a bulge.
And if I get aroused,|my dress won't look like a tent.
Do you wish you could be naked|as a woman?
Yes, if I could just snap my fingers.
But I'd have to be able to snap back|to being a man again, also.
Because I need to be able|to express myself both ways.
You may dress as a woman, but|you will never be a woman to me.
No matter how you are dressed.
If you are going to relate to me, -
- you can't only use|your own personal experiences.
Then you'd only tell your side of|the story. That would be sad for me.
-Why?|-I'm not a man in women's clothing!
-What are you?|-A woman in women's clothing.
Where is the man then?
He is not perceivable|in that situation.
Why isn't he?|I still call you ''dad''.
And you can feel free to do that.|Even when we're out in public.
That is no longer a problem.
I have nothing to hide.|I am your father.
But your father is also a woman.
That does not make me|any less of a man.
This seems logical to you, -
- because you have followed|your own development.
-Should I view you as a 15-year-old?|-No. View me as I am today, at 26.
Then you should view me|as I view myself at 52.
You don't understand me, either,|but you have made up an opinion.
I would appreciate it -
- if you could see that|having a father who is a man, -
- is not necessarily opposed|to him also being a woman.
-But a ''dad'' cannot be a woman.|-No. Your dad is your dad.
But dads are nothing but|a delivery system for sperm cells.
-That's all dads are.|-Biologically speaking, sure.
That's all they are.
We run around spreading our seed.|That's all dads are.
But to children|the ''dad'' is an institution.
''Dad'' is more|than just sperm cells.
To continue this discussion, you|must define ''man'' and ''woman''.
That could take weeks.
A family member who perceives you,|does not only do so intellectually.
There is also an emotional aspect.
Your son is documenting|his life with his dad.
He is using his own experiences|as a reference point.
Maybe your predilection can only|be understood intellectually.
But that will most likely|take some time.
You are always|ahead of everyone else, -
- because you live|inside your own body.
I can understand|that you consider me -
- something more|than a sperm donor.
I understand that the term ''dad''|embodies more than that.
I understand|that it is a challenge -
- to have a dad who|expresses himself as a woman.
But I would also hope,|as you grow older, -
- that you are able|to understand this better -
- than when you were ten.
My father was also a ''dad''.
For better or for worse.
He was a doctor, which|isn't necessarily a predilection.
Although it could be in his case.|But he was a doctor.
I was privileged enough|to be able to enter into his space.
I found out, understood, what it was.
I was privileged, in that sense.
I was able to enter into|my father's space, -
- and thereby grew|to understand him better.
But it's easier to be son of a doctor|than son of a transvestite.
That's a key point.
We all have an idea of what|it is like to be a man or a woman.
That has to do|with our subjective history.
You may say you are a woman,|but you are not a woman like me.
You are not a woman.
But I cannot deny that|you experience yourself as a woman.
I do not consider you a woman,|based on my reference points.
And Even does not consider you|a woman, based on his definition.
There are many ways of defining|what a woman is.
That is a theoretical debate|which only leads me into loneliness.
I wonder what it must be like|for children of transsexuals.
Growing up with a father|who suddenly changes sex.
I don't think dad would do that.|That would be tragic.
Yes, it would.
Because then|the male side dies, in a sense.
And that, I feel, would be very sad.
Many, many years ago|we went on Easter vacation.
And I decided: If anyone is going to|present themselves to the world -
- as a transvestite,|it's going to be me.
I knew I could take it.
And I knew that every human|expression needs a figurehead.
You introduce yourself|to the world.
Then it's up to the world to accept|what you have introduced.
Did those gay jackets|come in yet, Odd?
That's everything.|And the car keys.
I didn't know he could move about|so freely on the streets of Grimstad.
Is my hair all right?
-Try that one.|-Better.
Not like that. Over your shoulders.
And get all the tangles out.
-A stole.|-It should be on the side, like this.
-I think he looks nice.|-She.
-You think I look like a man?|-No.
-Then don't say ''he''.|-Did I say that?
It can be either an evening dress|or a cocktail dress.
Take this.
-I can't get this one on.|-Can't you get it on?
I like it, but it doesn't fit.|I'd love to have one like that.
Let me just comb my hair ...
-You're quite conceited, dad.|-Yes, I'm vain.
I like looking good.
You look yourself in the mirror|every minute.
After being Pirelli for a while,|he likes being Esben.
And vice versa.|It works both ways.
But quantitatively, -
- he seems to be|more woman than man now.
It's so ...
Much more complicated.|Make-up, clothing ...
Such a hassle.
All that female stuff.|It can get quite tiring.
Pantyhose, dresses,|belts, jewelry, hair, make-up ...
Sometimes it's nice|not to care how you look.
It feels good to be outside.
Esben dreams of being accepted|and loved as Pirelli.
Yet, as you say, you can only|view him as a father and a man.
That is a very powerful conflict.
Esben wants me|to consider him the same, -
- even though he expresses himself|in different ways.
I happen to be heterosexual.
I am attracted to|the masculine in men.
I like Esben's strength,|masculinity, intelligence ...
His willpower and determination.|I am very fond of Esben.
-Here he comes.|-Hello.
That was a quick boat cleaning!
-Is your mascara running?|-Watch out for that.
We're talking about you, dad.|Are you surprised?
-Do you mind us talking about you?|-I am glad I wasn't here.
This has become|quite emotional for me.
It is interesting that Elisabeth's|experience is so different.
She feels stepped on.
Does she not accept|some responsibility herself?
-She has also been an agent.|-In what sense?
She was a fairly bitchy teenager.
You were also|a fairly bitchy stepmother.
Maybe.|But I wasn't the only bitchy one.
There are two sides to this.|I am not a bitchy person in general.
Elisabeth brought out|the bitchiness in me.
As a therapist,|we work with such issues.
But we cannot analyze our own lives.
We all have blind spots.
I can keep my feet planted|and sway back and forth.
Could someone|bring me that table?
-Hello?|-I have drawn some sketches.
Let me see!
-From your dream.|-The Titanic. Here is the hallway.
This red drapery in the foreground|has swallowed your leg.
In my dream everything is red|and my legs sink into that red.
I chose to leave this part gray,|and paint the shadow red instead.
I hadn't seen that one.|The bodies in the water.
-I drew three of them.|-Yes, all the dead men!
Turn it this way, and it gets lighter.
Have you done|anything like this before?
No, not quite like this.
Powerful.|Have you shown them to Elsa?
It's exciting how you have|entered into my dream.
Very touching.
You have found something in there|that I recognize.
Let's continue.
I am a merry sailor|Who loves the sound of the sea ...
-Would you like to sail?|-I'll be the crew, you be the skipper.
-Look how fast they sail!|-Look at the sailboard!
Ready to come about, Elsa?|Let go of the jib.
Pull hard.
Well done!|That's the right direction.
It's all about|interacting with nature.
Do it wrong,|and it will snap back at you.
Do it right, and you will|experience smooth sailing.
I called Even.|I was concerned.
I don't want this to be a film|about the trauma of divorce.
Don't get me wrong,|divorces are serious business.
They are painful,|but they are not uncommon.
This is supposed to be|an uncommon family saga.
Let's talk about|the 16 years after the divorce.
I think we need to figure out ...
We need to discuss|Even and Elisabeth's sense -
- of not being important in my life.
They feel that I was willing|to sacrifice anything -
- to get my way, in a sense.
Who was that?
Careful, I have a backache.|Had to see a chiropractor today.
Mind if I make a salad?|I just came home, and I'm starving.
-Let's go into the living room.|-That might be the best place.
I know Even has talked|a great deal about the divorce.
At the time I was inadequate.
Unable to get to the root of it.
And I am very sorry about that.
-But I cannot change that.|-Nope.
I find that very sad.|That particularly affected you.
But I couldn't help it.|I hope you can forgive me.
This isn't something we discuss.|I don't think about it daily.
But I often come back to it|when these things are brought up.
We were wondering|if there was a specific stimuli ...
One stimulus.
Whatever. When a certain nerve|is touched, it gets very explosive.
That is something I would like|to discuss at some point.
I have never received|any sort of an apology for that.
That might make things better.|I know Even seems to think so.
I'm not sure, but he may be right.
I don't think|any of us know for sure.
You have worked through everything|from your own childhood.
Don't talk with salad in your mouth.
You have worked through that.
-What do you mean?|-My ear just popped!
That reminds me of a story:|Two men were sitting on a bench.
One said, ''What do you think|about the world situation?''
The other answered: ''I don't know.|I have something in my eye.''
My ear is better now.
-What do you need, Even?|-What do you mean?
You have been preoccupied|with all the painful things.
-What do you mean, painful?|-What we were just talking about.
Sure, but ...
It's a part of our history|that's never been discussed before.
What do you mean?
You just say ''I couldn't help it.''|Case closed.
Then you go back out|in pursuit of your mission.
While you, Elisabeth and I know|that you won't talk about this again.
Tell me what you think.|Not what Elisabeth or I think.
That is what I think.
I don't think|this conflict will go away, -
- until you have worked it through|to the same extent -
- that you have worked through|the other issues in your life.
-What are you feeling right now?|-This is a ...
A sacred moment for me, in a sense.|I feel elated.
I find this moment very ... beautiful.
Few, if anyone, is more suited|to write about, talk about, -
- to raise our gender awareness,|than Elsa and Esben/Esther.
It has been a joy and an inspiration|to work with you!
Uncommon people should see|themselves in that which is common.
But common people should also|see themselves in the uncommon.
But we are divided.|We live in separate worlds.
That is wrong, it causes isolation.
Regular people become isolated|from irregular impulses.
All bodies are different.
It has to do|with how we manage our lives.
Mankind has been, and is still,|classified by gender.
We can easily say that|both men and women are all right.
Those two groups|represent the vast majority.
No problem.
But we cannot ignore those|who are both man and woman.
Or who are neither man nor woman.
-We could go on forever.|-Yes, we could.
We have asked someone else to|share their impressions of the book:
Tone Marie Hansen, head of|the National Transsexual Union.
This has been a good book for me,|as a transsexual, to read.
It is not every day|that professionals -
- understand, accept and love you|for the gender you are.
I would have more trouble|being married to a football fan.
The day of my christening.
Before, dad used to be ... dad.|But that is less the case now.
He has changed.|Gone through a process.
I can understand|that it is important -
- for him to live this out.
He can do that as much as he wants.
As long as he doesn't end up|as a woman, and nothing else.
I am very fond of Esben.|We have a wonderful life together.
It would take a great deal|for me to turn my back on that.
But there are limits to|how rewarding it can be for me.
How so?
If it becomes existentially|impossible for me -
- to live with a woman, and not|a man, I may have to move on.
In all its skinless entirety
The nerve is a part of me
It does not count as a part ...
You feel skinless because everything|you say can be used against you?
I don't mean it in self defense.|I just mean I feel vulnerable.
-I have no protective layer.|-Can you explain that?
''In all my skinless entirety ...''|That's what I wrote.
I cannot explain it.|That's just the way it is.
-It's painful.|-What?
To exist, I guess.
So I gave birth to this poem, -
- which is both angry and sad.
In some strange way|you have to answer for what you are.
And that makes you feel skinless.
Do you feel much guilt?
Long ago|I stopped defending my choices, -
- and started doing|what felt right for me.
Who has the right to attack me|for how I choose to live my life?
Not even my own son. But you have|the right to your own opinion.
I most certainly do.|And I have the right to a reaction.
It is my right as your child, -
- that when I tell you something,|you owe me a response.
Of course. But you are too young|to govern my life.
I can't govern your life, but ...
At some point, Even,|you will grow past me.
And you have every right|to voice your discontent.
You can say that I have made|choices you would never make.
Don't I have the right|to an opinion, to a response now?
-Of course, but ...|-If not, that would be absurd.
If I couldn't ask my dad|not to do something.
I agree.|But the difference for me ...
Yes, we are father and son.|But we are also two adults.
That makes for|a different type of exchange.
I shouldn't have to defend myself, -
- but simply tell you who I am.
I have no problem understanding|you being a transvestite.
I understand that you are much more|than a man in women's clothing.
I understand|that is your predilection.
And that is completely separate from|the divorce and all those issues.
But still ...
I also have the right to believe|that you are -
- simply a man who likes|to wear women's clothing.
-Because you're still my dad, right?|-Yes.
I could never accept Esther Pirelli|as my father.
So I have to try to look|beyond that facade.
That is becoming ever more difficult.|Even your voice changes.
I understand that you find|that difficult. I can see that.
And if you think I am indifferent,|you are wrong.
I am not.
-Couldn't you have waited?|-How long?
Until we could follow your thinking.
Understand you.
First you were here, then there.
Taken it a little slower.|Not bang the big drum.
That's so naive.
You seem to have|plenty of time, Even.
-I do.|-Yes. But I don't.
-I have all the time in the world.|-I don't.
I have 2/3 of my life behind me.|I'm running out of time.
I am at an age where people|have started dying around me.
I am not ready for that.|I have things I want to accomplish.
What is it you want to accomplish?|What's the big hurry?
I have a mission in life to complete.
Something dear to my heart.|Something I am passionate about.
I wish to speak for|the uncommon people.
Not only to the tyranny|of conservative thought, -
- but to the tyranny of the majority.
I wish to eradicate diagnoses|which label small children, -
- simply because they express|their gender in an unusual way.
I want more people to be proud|of who they are.
Even though their surroundings|label them sinful, sick or criminal.
So I don't have much time.
We all do things that hurt others.
If we do it in order to hurt them,|we are simply evil.
But if we do it not to hurt them,|but for some other purpose ...
It can still be interpreted|as a deliberate act.
I am aware of that.|And that can be quite painful.
I hear what Elsa says. That she|is afraid of losing her husband.
And you are afraid|of losing your father.
And I have no guarantee to offer|either one of you.
Do you want Even to stop|considering you a father figure?
To a certain extent. But I don't|want him to ... I hope he has ...
I hope part of me lives on in him.
That he carries a part of me.
Just like I feel a part of|my father in me.
But I also want him to be|independent of me.
Because some day|I will no longer be around.
Hopefully long before him.
-Want to do something else now?|-Sure. How about a time-lapse?
-Are you going out?|-Yes. Out on the town.
Oh, my God.
-I'm going to throw this away.|-That was a good interview.
I thought so, too.|I was honest.
Are you all right?
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Adventures of Felix
Adventures of Ford Fairlane The
Adventures of Pluto Nash
Adversaire La (Nicole Garcia 2002)
Affair of the Necklace
Affair to Remember An 1957
Afraid to Die (Yasuzo Masumura 1960)
African Queen The
Afrika (2002)
After Hours 1985
Against All Odds 1984 CD1
Against All Odds 1984 CD2
Against The Ropes CD1
Against The Ropes CD2
Age of Innocence The CD1
Age of Innocence The CD2
Agent Cody Bank 2
Agent Cody Banks
Agoniya (1981) Agony CD1
Agoniya (1981) Agony CD2
Aguirre der Zorn Gottes (1973)
Aguirre the Wrath of God
Ahi Esta El Detalle (1940) CD1
Ahi Esta El Detalle (1940) CD2
Ahobsal insaeng
Ai no corrida 1976
Aimee and Jaguar
Air Bud
Airplane! (1980)
Airplane 2 - The Sequel
Akibiyori (Late Autumn 1960) CD1
Akibiyori (Late Autumn 1960) CD2
Akira - Limited Special Edition
Akira 1988
Akumulator 1
Aladdin 1992
Aladdin and The King Of Thiefs
Alarmist The 1997
Albino Alligator
Alex and Emma
Alexander CD1
Alexander CD2
Alexander CD3
Alexander Nevsky
Ali G Aiii (2000)
Ali G In Tha House
Ali Zaoua
Alias 01x01 - Truth Be Told (Pilot)
Alias 01x02 - So It Begins
Alias 01x03 - Parity
Alias 01x04 - A Broken Heart
Alias 01x05 - Doppelganger
Alias 01x06 - Reckoning
Alias 01x07 - Color Blind
Alias 01x08 - Time Will Tell
Alias 01x09 - Mea Culpa
Alias 01x10 - Spirit
Alias 01x11 - The Confession
Alias 01x12 - The Box Part 1
Alias 01x13 - The Box Conclusion
Alias 01x14 - The Coup
Alias 01x15 - Page 47
Alias 01x16 - The Prophecy
Alias 01x17 - Q and A
Alias 01x18 - Masquerade
Alias 01x19 - Snowman
Alias 01x20 - The Solution
Alias 01x21 - Rendezvous
Alias 01x22 - Almost Thirty Years
Alias 02x01 - The Enemy Walks In
Alias 02x02 - Trust Me
Alias 02x11 - A Higher Echelon
Alias 02x12 - The Getaway
Alias 02x13 - Phase One
Alias 02x14 - Double Agent
Alias 02x15 - A Free Agent
Alias 02x16 - Firebomb
Alias 02x17 - A Dark Turn
Alias 02x18 - Truth Takes Time
Alias 02x19 - Endgame
Alias 02x20 - Countdown
Alias 02x21 - Second Double
Alias 02x22 - The Telling
Alias 3x01 - The two
Alias 3x02 - Succession
Alias 3x03 - Reunion
Alias 3x04 - A missing link
Alias 3x05 - Repercussions
Alias 3x06 - The nemesis
Alias 3x07 - Prelude
Alias 3x08 - Breaking point
Alias 3x09 - Conscious
Alias 3x10 - Remnants
Alias 3x11 - Full disclosure
Alias 3x12 - Crossings
Alias 3x13 - After six
Alias 3x14 - Blowback
Alias 3x15 - Facade
Alias 3x16 - Taken
Alias 3x17 - The frame
Alias 3x18 - Unveiled
Alias 3x19 - Hourglass
Alias 3x20 - Blood ties
Alias 3x21 - Legacy
Alias 3x22 - Resurrection
Alice Doesnt Live Here Anymore 1974 CD1
Alice Doesnt Live Here Anymore 1974 CD2
Alice et Martin 1998 CD1
Alice et Martin 1998 CD2
Alice in Wonderland
Alices Adventures in Wonderland
Alien 2
Alien 3
Alien Directors Cut
Alien Resurrection 1997 CD1
Alien Resurrection 1997 CD2
Alien Vs Predator
Aliens (special edition) 1986 CD1
Aliens (special edition) 1986 CD2
Alive 2003
All About Eve
All About Lily Chou-Chou CD1
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All About My Father (Alt Om Min Far)
All I Want for Christmas 1991
All Night Long
All That Heaven Allows
All The Kings Men
All The Pretty Horses 23.976fps
All the Little Animals 1998
Alladin and the Wonderful Lamp
Allegro non troppo
Alliance Cookout
Alliance garden state
Almost Famous
Along Came Polly
Along came a spider
Alphaville 1965
Alt Om Min Far (All About My Father)
Altered States
Alvarez Kelly CD1
Alvarez Kelly CD2
Alzheimer Case The (2003) CD1
Alzheimer Case The (2003) CD2
Amantes del Circulo Polar Los (1998)
Amants Criminels Les
Amar Akbar Anthony - Manmohan Desai 1977 CD1
Amar Akbar Anthony - Manmohan Desai 1977 CD2
Amarcord CD1
Amarcord CD2
Amator 1979
Amelie From Montmartre CD1
Amelie From Montmartre CD2
Amelie or The Time To Love CD1
Amelie or The Time To Love CD2
American Beauty
American College
American Movie
American Movie - The Making Of Northwestern CD1
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American Outlaws
American Pie (UK)
American Pie - Rated Version
American Pie 2
American Pop
American Psycho
American Wedding
American Wedding (Unrated)
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American in Paris An
Americas Sweethearts (2001)
Amerikanische Soldat Der (1970)
Amic-Amat (Beloved-Friend 1999)
Amiche Le 1955
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Amistad CD2
Amityville 2 - The Possession 1982
Amityville 3 - The Demon 1983
Amityville 4 - The Evil Escapes 1989
Amityville Horror 5 - The Curse 1990
Amityville Horror 6 - Its About Time (1992)
Amityville Horror The CD1
Amityville Horror The CD2
Amor Brujo El (Carlos Saura 1986)
Amour en Fuite L
Amour en fuite Le 1979
An American Werewolf in Paris
An Autumn Afternoon 1962
Anacondas - The Hunt For The Blood Orchid
Analyze That (2002)
Analyze This (1999)
Anastasia 1956
Anatomie 2 2003
Anatomy of a Murder 1959 CD1
Anatomy of a Murder 1959 CD2
And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself
And God Created Woman
And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself
Andaz Apna Apna
Andrei Rublev 1969 Directors Cut CD1
Andrei Rublev 1969 Directors Cut CD2
Angel Eyes
Angel Heart Devil Face
Angels In America - Chapter 1
Angels In America - Chapter 2
Angels In America - Chapter 3
Angels In America - Chapter 4
Angels In America - Chapter 5
Angels In America - Chapter 6
Angels With Dirty Faces 1938
Angels of the Universe
Anger management
Anglaise et le duc La (Rohmer Eric 2001)
Angry Dogs
Animals Are Beautiful People
Anjaam Hindi
Anna In Kungfu Land 2003
Anne Frank - The Whole Story CD1
Anne Frank - The Whole Story CD2
Annie Get Your Gun
Annie Hall 1977
Anniversary Party The
Another 48 Hours
Another Heaven CD1
Another Heaven CD2
Antwone Fisher
Any Given Sunday
Anywhere But Here
Aoi Haru
Apartment The CD1
Apartment The CD2
Apocalypse Now - Redux
Apollo 13 CD1
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Apollo 13 CD3
Appartement Le 1996 CD1
Appartement Le 1996 CD2
Appleseed 2004
April Fools Day
Apsolutnih Sto
Aragami (2003)
Arahan 2004
Architekten Die 1990
Ariel 1988
Aristocats The
Arizona Dream CD1
Arizona Dream CD2
Arlington Road
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Armata Brancaleone Le
Arme des ombres Le (Jean-Pierre Melville 1969) CD1
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Army in the Shadows 1969 CD1
Army in the Shadows 1969 CD2
Aro Tolbukhin En la Mente del Asesino (Agustin Villaronga 2002)
Around The World In 80 Days 2004 CD1
Around The World In 80 Days 2004 CD2
Around The World In 80 Days CD1
Around The World In 80 Days CD2
Arsene Lupin
Arsenic And Old Lace 1944
Art Of War The
Arven (2003) CD1
Arven (2003) CD2
As Long As My Feet Will Carry Me CD1
As Long As My Feet Will Carry Me CD2
As bodas de Deus (1998) CD1
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Ascent The
Asphalt Jungle The
Asterix In Britain 1986
Asterix and Obelix Mission Cleopatra 2002
Astonishing (2004)
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Atlantis - The Lost Empire
Atlantis Milos Return 2003
Atlantis The Lost Empire
Attack The Gas Station
Au Hasard Balthazar
Audition The (1999 Japanese)
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Austin Powers - The Spy Who Shagged Me
Austin Powers I
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Autumn Sonata 1978
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Avanti (1972)
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Avenging Fist The
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